Jessica Biel vs. Jennifer Lopez Title Match by The Walkin’ Dude

The Haddonfield Armory, earlier this evening...

Kaley Cuoco and Sofia Vergara floored one another with simultaneous Clotheslines and shortly thereafter joined their respective partners (and the hapless referee) on the light blue canvas of the squared circle. From her vantage point outside the ring, Mayra Veronica saw the opportunity Jennifer had told her to wait for and she was going to take it. With the briefest of glances in the glances toward her ally waiting on the other side ring, Mayra nodded once and burst into motion.

Snapping up a chair from beside the Timekeeper's Table, the Cuban Assassin rolled under the bottom rope and popped to her feet just as Shakira was doing the same. Focusing on the smaller of the Tag Team Champions, the brunette stalked over to Lacey Chabert and roughly pulled her to her knees. Handing the curvy beauty off to her partner, Mayra said, "Spike Piledriver, on my mark."

Acting swiftly, the blonde wrapped her arms around Chabert's waist and hoisted her up into position for the Piledriver. With Lacey in position, Veronica dropped to one knee and placed the folded chair directly under the inverted brunette's skull. Almost done, she got back to her feet, grabbed the Champ's ankles and…at this point there was a noticeable increase in crowd noise. Mayra paid it no mind, the idiots always cheered a Spike Piledriver no matter who was on the receiving end of it!

This lapse in judgment proved to be her downfall as a moment later someone called out, "HEY MAYRA, BEHIND YA!"

The Cuban Assassin whirled around and had only a split second to realize it was Sarah Michelle Gellar perched on the top turnbuckle before the Slayer HURLED something in her direction. Mayra’s first instinct was to put her hands up to catch the flying chair and, in an amazing display of reflexes, she plucked the missile from the air. Unfortunately, doing so left the chair right in front of her face although she wasn't conscious long enough to regret her mistake. The Slayer leaped out into the void and nailed a beautiful Thrust Kick to the chair which BWANG slammed back into Veronica's face! She went down like a puppet with cut strings and that meant it fell on Shakira to stop Gellar and ensure the LAS would bring home the Tag Team Titles tonight.

Tossing Lacey aside, the Columbian high flyer picked up the other chair and charged the recovering blonde. When her shadow fell long over Sarah's figure, she swung the chair in a vile downward arc that would have put the Slayer down and out for the night - if it had connected. The key word here was 'if' and unfortunately for Shakira, Sarah DID move and the LAS member's swing cut through empty air only to bounce off the top rope and go slamming back into her face. The ricocheted shot didn't drop Shakira, but it did put a noticeable quiver in her legs. She didn't go down until Sarah lined up her shot and THWAP connected with a Superkick to the point of the other blonde's chin.

With the other interlopers finally disposed of, Sarah picked up the chair, spun around on her heel and set her sights on Sofia. Licking her lips, the Slayer muttered, "Let's make sure you stay down..."

Breaking into a brisk run, the former World Champion headed towards the downed vixen and just when it looked as though she'd simply hop over her, Gellar left her feet in a high leap and pulled her legs straight out in front of her. In a brutal display of ingenuity, the Slayer tucked the chair she was holding under her butt and simply let herself fall to the mat. Following the dull THUD there was a howling cry from Sofia as the brunette's chest and ribs were mangled by the chair-augmented Senton Splash.

Really on a roll now, Sarah scrambled to her feet, grabbed the chair again and without any preamble brought it whistling down on the upturned backside of Vida Guerra. Flashing a malicious little smile as J-Lo's underling shuddered beneath the metal onslaught, Gellar finally tossed the weapon aside and snarled, "That's for sitting on my face last week bitch."

Prepared to give the Champions one final assist, the Slayer pulled Vida to her feet and marched her over to the nearest corner. With Guerra facing the buckles, Sarah wrapped her arms around the brunette's waist and lifted her up into a sitting position on the top buckle. Brushing off her hands, the vindictive blonde muttered, "Just in case..." She hopped up onto the second rope and used it as a springboard to deliver a Leaping Kick to the back of Vida's head. Leaving the diminutive grappler slumped on the top buckle, Sarah jogged back over to Kaley and hauled the woozy blonde to her feet. Shaking Cuoco's shoulder, Sarah said, "Would you wake the fuck up? I'm sure Lopez is waddling her ass out here as I speak and sorry to say, I'm officially all out of surprises."

Kaley's eyes cleared and she asked, "Where's Lacey?"

There was a groan from behind them and the brunette mumbled, "Right here."

Pointing to Vida, Sarah urged, "I left her in the position you like, now GO!"

Heeding the Slayer's order, Kaley slapped her partner’s shoulder, "C'mon shorty, let's get this done."

"Me high; you low?"

"That's the plan!"

Slipping into the silence of a well established rhythm, Cuoco and Chabert stalked over to the corner while Sarah busied herself nudging the battered LAS members out of ring. Reaching their destination, Kaley ducked low and then spun around, positioning her head between Vida's thighs even as she was wrapping her arms around the brunette's hips. Grimacing in distaste, Cuoco muttered, "You think you could hurry it up Lacey, I don't want this chick's crotch in my face for very long."

Scrambling onto the top buckle in front of her intended victim, Lacey maneuvered around so that she too was facing the audience. Reaching over her right shoulder with both hands, Chabert secured Vida's head in a loose Three-Quarters Facelock and called out, "That fast enough for ya blondie?"

"It'll do," came Kaley's muffled reply.

Tightening her grip on Guerra's head, Lacey called out, "T-minus 3…2…1…GO!"

The curvy brunette pushed up hard from her crouch and executed a perfect back flip while maintaining her grip on Vida's skull. At the same time, Kaley surged forward out of the corner and slammed Guerra towards the mat. The brilliance of it was, Kaley's downward toss came at the same time Lacey's flip was reaching it's apex, thusly the blonde added even more momentum to her partner's descent and the only meant bad things for Vida Guerra. Before the audience even had a chance to breathe, the trapped brunette was DRILLED into the mat, her back in shambles from Kaley's Powerbomb while her neck was nearly snapped compliments of Lacey's Sliced Bread # 2.

Pumping her fist in victory, Cuoco rushed towards the slowly recovering ref and dragged him towards Guerra and Chabert. Taking a second to make sure Sarah had slipped out of the ring, (she had) the blonde shook the official hard and demanded, "COUNT!"

While the zebra was regaining his senses, Chabert had slithered up Vida's curvaceous frame and spun around, planting her own impressive backside squarely on the Challenger's slack features. Hands on her thighs, Chabert bounced up and down on Vida's nose as she asked, "How do you like it asshole?"

Finally the ref started his count and because they knew he was hurt, the audience helped him out by cheering, "ONE.... TWO.... THREE!"


From her place on the floor, Sarah made one last search for Lopez before slipping back into the ring. Rolling to her feet, she offered a quick congrats to Cuoco and Chabert before commandeering the Announcer's mic.

Cutting the music, she turned toward the entryway and said, "You see that Jennifer!? That's only the FIRST mark I'm going to make on you tonight! Regardless of whether or not you beat Jessica Biel, and I seriously doubt you can, I GUARANTEE you won't leave Haddonfield with that glitzy piece of shit around your waist. You know why I can make that claim? Because I'm the Slayer..." she tossed the microphone down and let the crowd finish for her. "...AND YOU'RE HISTORY!"

Heading back over to Lacey and Kaley she said, "Keep an eye on those things; I may not be around next time."

Lacey smiled, "No worries Slayer. Next time we won't let the numbers be in their favor."

Kaley agreed, "Yeah, it's gonna take a lot more than five giant asses to take these from us!"

Taking the Champs by the wrists, Sarah stood between them and raised their arms high as the mob continued to roar. Basking in the applause, Sarah should have been thrilled but she wasn't. There was still a lot to do tonight and the easy part was over. Now things got tricky...

As the last bit of debris from the Hardcore match was swept from the squared circle, the Ring Announcer took his place in the center of thre Spotlight and exclaimed, "Ladies and Gentlemen it is time for tonight's Main Event! The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP! Introducing first, she is the Challenger, standing at 5’8” tall…I give you, JESSICA BIEL!"

‘Slither’ hits the speakers as Jessica makes her way through the curtain and stalks quickly toward the ring. For her first shot at the World Championship, Jessica’s chosen a camouflage bikini with matching pads, boots and wristbands. Her blonde mane hangs loose and wet on her toned shoulders and to say that she looks ready for battle would be an understatment. At the end of the ramp, Biel makes a quick circuit around the ring, slowing only when she passes by a block of four seats that have been cordoned off from the rest of the fans.

Occupying those four seats were four solemn looking brunettes all clad in black dresses that looked more appropriate for a mob funeral than a wrestling event. The image was only strengthed by their matching shades and wide fedoras. Regarding the visitors with a quizzical eye, Jess could identify Monica Bellucci for certain, andwas PRETTY sure the others were Cristina Scabbia, Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Carmella DeCesare. Remembering her past go rounds with the Amazonian brunette, Jessica expected some sort of snide remark, but Bellucci only smiled and murmured, "Good luck!"

Tearing her attention away from the silent foursome, Jessica hopped up on the apron and stood there a moment before slipping under the middle rope. Going to her corner, Biel climbed onto the middle rope and offered the crowd a confidant pose before settling down to await the arrival of the Champion. When the cacophony had lessened, the Announcer continued, "And her opponent, standing at 5’5” tall; she is the UNDEFEATED World Champion, the leader of the LAS and the Latina Supreme. Ladies and gentlemen, JENNIFER LOPEZ!"

The jarring, raucous opening to Drowning Pool's 'Step Up' rocked the Haddonfield Armory and the crowd screamed its approval as the Champion sauntered through the curtain and made her presence felt. Standing on the top of the ramp, J-Lo fixed the mob with a smug little smile as she raised the gleaming, custom made World Title over her head. For the upcoming war with Jessica, Jennifer was clad in her usual gleaming white bikini that almost appeared to shimmer under the mellow house lights while also accentuating her tanned skin. The chromatic scheme was carried through to her boots, wrist tape and fingerless gloves as well, not to mention the ankle length ring robe that hung open just wide enough to offer the fans some details your narrator is too modest to point out himself.

Setting her gaze on the woman in the ring, J-Lo began to make her way down the aisle and if possible, the crowd energy went up another few levels. Even draped by the loose-fitting robe, it was impossible to completely obscure the sway of The Booty Queen's nearly flawless hips, and it was safe to say that even Lopez haters in the mob (and there were quite a lot of them to be honest) were waiting to see 'the weapon of ass destruction' unleashed against her blonde adversary. They didn't have to wait long; when J-Lo reached the apron, she slithered out of the coat and draped it over the steel steps. Not even bothering to look at her opponent or the quartet of silent brunettes, Jennifer wiggled her hips at the audience and proceeded to place an entire audience in the palm of her hand by swinging her right leg up onto the apron in an impressive display of flexibility.

After a few beats, she grabbed the middle rope in both hands and brought her other leg up, completing the splits on the apron before sinuously slithering under the bottom rope. Straightening her legs, she rose to her feet and regarded the audience with a 'You love to hate me' grin before she sauntered saucily to her corner. Handing her Title Belt to the official, the unbeaten brunette lounged in the corner waiting to add Jessica Biel's name to her growing list of victims.

When the bell rang and brought all the pre-match posturing to an end, there was none of the smirking hesitation or feigned indifference often found at the beginning of big name nights. No, Jessica Biel and Jennifer Lopez were champing at the bit to get at one another and with the bell no longer holding them back, they stormed out of their corners and stalked towards the center of the ring. Seconds passed, and then the audience was treated to another small but interesting difference. Most of the time, two rivals, even those embroiled in a bitter feud will stop a foot or two shy of their nemesis during the initial trash talk showdown. They might go nose-to-nose shortly thereafter, but USUALLY there was a little space between them to start. Not so with Biel and Lopez. The Champion and her Challenger didn't slow their pace for a second and even when their bodies collided with a soft, but somehow strong sounding THUMP they didn't stop moving, they just kept pushing ahead leaving much of the audience to think each woman was actually trying to walk through her rival.

Despite the rather irksome fact that she had to tilt her head up to meet the blonde's gaze, J-Lo's spoke to the statuesque blonde in a haughty tone often reserved for greener than grass rookies or chronically untalented curtain-jerkers. "I can't begin to tell you how fucking TIRED I am of all the hype surrounding you. Everywhere I go some moron is always wantin' to tell me how Jessica Biel is going to be the one to end my title reign. I'm going to tell you what I tell them. Jessica Biel isn't fit to carry my bags. She may be the nicest throne I've ever had, but in the end, that's all she is. A nice, comfortable place to rest my ass after I've beaten her up and down this ring. Whaddaya think about that, bitch?"

Unintimidated by the Latina Supreme's arrogant comments, Biel made a point of looking down her nose as she replied, "I think the same thing I've thought of you ever since ya had that wideload ass of yours forklifted in here last year. You're an overrated, overblown, broken down one-trick pony of a circus freak ass having skank that's not fit to adorn the cover of a cheapest booty magazine at the 7-11, let alone be a World Champion. You may have been able to take the title from Sarah but I'm a lot bigger than the Slayer and honestly, I'm a lot meaner too. You wanna call me your throne? Well baby, tonight the throne is gonna sit on the Queen!"

Infuriated by the blatant disrespect pouring off the challenger, Lopez surged forward even harder and purred, "If you're gonna sit on my face, you better earn it with more than talk slut."

Offering the Booty Queen a tight, clipped little smile, Biel sneered, "How about actions then?" Before the shorter woman could reply, Jessica brought her arms whipping up and captured her opponent in a rough Collar and Elbow Tie-Up. Putting her phenomenal strength to good use, the blonde PUSHED on the Champ's shoulders and sent her backpedaling towards her own corner. Caught off guard by the suddenness of Biel's attack, J-Lo planted her feet against the mat and tried to dig in but it was already too late. Once Jesse Biel got rolling it took more than just strength to stop her and Jennifer was finding that out firsthand. Much to her disgust, Lopez felt the buckles at her back and realized that Jessica had marched her halfway across the ring in almost the blink of an eye. Even more galling, she heard the ref step in and demand, "Let her out of the corner Jess!"

Absolutely loving the feeling of J-Lo squirming in her clutches, Jessica pressed forward a little harder on the Champ's shoulders and then released her grip. Pulling her hands away, she took a step back and then SLAP! Biel's right hand shot out with viper-speed and just CLAPPED Lopez across the cheek with an open-palmed shot that snapped the brunette's head around 90-degrees.

There was an incredulous 'ooohhhhh' from the audience followed almost immediately by a chant of 'YOU GOT BITCH-SLAPPED!'

Unable to hold back a smile, Jessica pointed to the mob as she told Jen, "I don't know if you can hear them over the ringing in your ears, but 1,500 people want you to know you just got Bitch-slapped."

Letting the fiery tingle in her cheek fade, J-Lo slowly turned her head to face the Challenger and said... well actually she didn't say anything. Instead the Champ exploded out of her corner and wrapped Jess up in the same Collar and Elbow Tie-Up she'd just been subjected to. With momentum on her side this time out, it wasn't that hard for Jennifer to force Jessica all the way back to her corner of the ring, and you can trust your humble narrator when he tells you that J-Lo didn't stop shoving even when she felt Biel's momentum stopped by the unyielding buckles. Only when the official stepped in and started nagging did she even consider letting the blonde go, and even then she waited until he'd reached 'FOUR' on his count. Breaking the clinch, Jen patted Jessica's shoulders and backed up a step. The instant the ref's eyes were off her, Lopez whirled around on her heel in a lightning-fast 180 and RAMMED her hips backward, smashing her ass into Jessica's belly with all the force of a thrown medicine ball.

Smiling happily as she felt the air rush out of the blonde's lungs, Lopez straightened up and strutted to the middle of the ring. Casting a pointed glance over her shoulder, the Latina Supreme made a small but enthralling show of snapping her bottoms back into place as she cooed, "Next time that'll be your nose, Jessie honey." Quickly regaining her breath, color flooded Jessica's face as she shoved the official aside and stalked towards her opponent. She was a few feet away from her quarry when Jen spun around to face her and held her right hand up over her head. Wiggling her fingers in Biel's direction, Jen asked, "Whaddaya say bitch? You REALLY wanna see if you're stronger than me?"

Unable to believe the easy in the Champ was offering her, Jess raised her left hand and placed it palm-first against Jennifer's. As their fingers locked she chided, "I guess one thing they say about you is true. You're all ass and no brain."

Choosing to remain silent for once, J-Lo just smirked at her challenger as she brought up her left arm and waited for Jessica to do the same. The moment their fingers locked both women pressed forward, each grinding against the other with the full force of her strength. For the first several seconds the contest was silent as hard, smooth shoulders joined with heaving chests and taunt bellies in a brutal offensive to subjugate the enemy. And while Jen and Jess's upper bodies were waging war on the front lines, their legs were rooted firmly to the canvas; the muscles of their thighs, calves and buttocks standing out beautifully as two sets of legs engaged in a more ranged, yet equally important skirmish. Breathing wetly into the Champ's ear, Jessica closed her eyes and for a moment, she didn't think of J-Lo or the title; she only thought about the simple mechanics of overcoming resistance and just like that, she felt herself moving forward. J-Lo muttered a low groan in her ear and Jessica opened her eyes to find that she'd pushed forward several inches and in doing so had cranked the brunette's arms back at nasty angle.

Squeezing her fingers even tighter around the Champ's, Jessica rose up on her toes and bore down hard, sending an unmistakable quiver through her rival's thick legs and hips. Feasting on the pleasant burn coursing through her arms and shoulders, Biel wrenched J-Lo’s wrists back hard and continued to push down, forcing her rival to drop to one knee. Knowing full well that this was the first time that ANYONE in the promotion had dominated Jennifer in a Test of Strength!

Jess smiled down into her opponent's pursed face and asked, "Whatcha doin down there Champ? You wanna make sure your size XXXL belt will fit around my svelte, normal size waist? Don't worry, I'm sure Fannin will get a belt that wasn't designed with farm animals in mind."

Burning at the mocking assurance she heard in the blonde's voice, Jen let out a low growl and suddenly surged upward, regaining her feet. Powered by her rage and an unmistakable urge to dominate her foe, the Latina Supreme regained her vertical base and sneered, "I was just wondering how a scrawny, no ass having twat like yourself thought she was doing in a wrestling ring."

Face growing cold as she focused her concentration on the Test, Biel replied, "Last time I checked I was kicking your UNNNGHHH!"

Jen stabbed her head forward, cracking Jessica across the bridge of the nose with a Headbutt. The blonde's legs gave a shimmy and she tried to staggered away, but Lopez kept her hands tightly locked and she immediately rose up on her toes to gain leverage. Employing a tactic different from her rival, J-Lo didn't bend Biel's wrists, she simply pressed down on them, forcing the Challenger's hands down toward the canvas. Within a few seconds, Jennifer had Jessica's hands hovering an inch over the mat and with a final short thrust, she forced them all the way down. Smiling serenely as Biel struggled to fight off the effects of the Headbutt, Jen quickly let go of her victim's hands and stood up fast. Before Jess could even start to move, Lopez left her feet in a short hop and STOMPED on Biel's hands.

The strong blonde let out a pained yelp and she pulled her hands in towards her which was exactly what the Champ had wanted. With Jessica's head exposed, Lopez reached out, grabbed a handful of hair and tugged the challenger's skull between her thighs so she could clamp on a tight Standing Headscissors. Brushing her opponent's flailing hands away, Jen bore down on the hold, taking special care to grind her bronzed thighs against Biel's ears. Rubbing her along the back of the blonde's neck, J-Lo reached down and tagged her opponent's hips with several sharp, taunting slaps. Still righteously pissed about the way Biel had Bitch-slapped her a minute ago, Lopez treated her trapped victim to one of her favorite moves, a teeth gritting, ass-splitting Wedgie. Jiggling Jessica's camouflage togs back and forth, J-Lo taunted, "Whatcha doin' down there Jesse? You trying to kiss my ass already? I gotta tell ya, you've almost got it right but your head's turned the wrong way!"

Shifting her grip from Biel's briefs to her waist, Lopez dipped her knees and executed a short hop, jamming Jessica's neck with a uniquely modified Neckbreaker. Usually Lopez would usually release her grip on the scissors after a single bounce, but she wanted Jessica to suffer more. After all, the blonde had interrupted her last beatdown on Sarah and in Jen's eyes, that was an inexcusable act. Looking for equal parts pain and humiliation Jen went into a taunting, South Beach inspired rhythm, making sure that her thighs and ass never left Biel's head for too long. And as if that wasn't enough, every few seconds Latina Supreme would execute another stamping hop, sending one more quivering shudder through the captured blonde. After about half a dozen of these neck-destroying jumps, the champion came to a halt and sneered, "All right Jess, you ready to start your new career as my thrOOOAAAHHHH!"

The word 'throne' devolved into a surprised scream as Jessica straightened up without warning. The shift in momentum caught J-Lo flat-footed as she was tossed up into the lights only to come down on her back with a ring-shaking THWAP! Whirling to face the spot where the Champ had landed, Jess took a moment to rub the pain out of her neck, but it was a short moment because Lopez had shrugged off the Back Body Drop almost instantly.

Nostrils flaring with J-Lo hate, Biel sprinted forward and nearly ran through the brunette with a hard Shoulderblock. While the offense was simple, it knocked the Champ off her feet like she was nothing and that in itself was enough to get the crowd roaring support for the Challenger. Unwilling to acknowledge the burst of terrified surprise than ran down her spine when Jess bowled her over so easily, Jennifer scrambled to her feet and got right in the blonde's face. Blatantly chesting into the taller woman she asked, "You wanna see if you can do that again honey?"

Grinning from ear-to-ear, Biel replied, "I do actually."

Taking J-Lo up on her offer, Jessica spun on her heel and ran the ropes. Or at least, she was ATTEMPTING to run the ropes when Jen lashed out with both hands and buried them in her hair. With a single heartless tug, the brunette tore Biel off her feet and dropped her back-first onto the canvas with a Hair Slam. Standing triumphant over her flattened foe, J-Lo slipped into a tense crouch and then left her feet in gorgeous vertical leap. At the apex of her momentum, she pulled her feet in close and came straight down with the full weight of backside crashing down across Jessica's breasts. The statuesque Challenger let out a single gasp and thrashed frantically under Jennifer's crushing power. Wanting to put Biel away as quickly and emphatically as possible, Jen grabbed a double handful of her rival's blonde locks and tugged her to her feet.

Moving with a lack of theatrics that was unusual for her, Lopez dipped her shoulder, thrust it into Jessica's paunch and lifted the larger woman up across her shoulders in a Fireman's Carry. Strutting to the center of the ring, Jennifer smirked out at the audience and yelled, "TIME TO SEND THIS BITCH AROUND THE BLOC…ENNNGHHH!"

Before J-Lo could finish her proclamation, Jessica drove a knee into the side of her face, forcing the Champ to stagger forward a few steps. The shift in momentum was all the blonde needed to wriggle free of her opponent's grasp and land easily behind her. Raising her arms over her head, Jess brought her hands together to form the rough diamond shape that was always a precursor to the Biel Bomb. When Lopez staggered around to face her, Jess stepped forward and clamped both hands around the brunette's throat. With little more than a grunt, the blonde HOISTED her curvy opposition into the air and prepared to drive her through the mat with the Biel Bomb. But Jess waited a split-second too long and Lopez used the opportunity to pound several punches into the blonde's face. The grip around her throat eased up and Lopez landed on the mat in front of her Challenger.

Taking advantage of Biel's distraction, Jennifer sprinted towards the ropes, bounced off 'em and came back towards the blonde. Directing her right shoulder towards Jessica's sternum, J-Lo put on a final burst of speed and THUD! Jessica didn't go down. The blonde was knocked back a step, but that was about it. Masking her astonishment reasonably well, it didn't stop Lopez from fuming when Jessica smiled and said, "Awww, would you like another shot at me Jenny?"

Realizing that Biel was going to be dumb enough to give her just that, Lopez ran the ropes again and came charging back at her opposition. There was another THUD and again, Biel was staggered back another step or two, but she was vertical and that pissed Lopez off to no end. Openly smirking into the Latina Supreme's face now, Jess laughed, "Almost there baby! I'll give you one more shot. One for three isn't really good, but it least it shows your trying."

"One shot is all I'm going to need you cunt!" Sprinting away from the blonde, Jennifer bounced off the ropes and hurtled back towards her rival. Sorry that she wasn't going to be able to see the stupid look on Jessica's face when she knocked her over, Lopez left her feet in a short hop and executed another blindly fast 180 in midair, aiming the broad expanse of her ass at Biel's chest with the Thump that was guaranteed to WHUMP! Jess roared forward and SLAMMED her left arm across the back of Jen's neck, knocking the oblivious Champion out of the air and flat on her face with a brutal Lariat.

Laughing uproariously as Jennifer twitched at her feet, Biel snapped her briefs back into place and said, "WHO WANTS TO SEE THIS FATASS FLY!?"

The response was overwhelmingly positive, so Jessica dropped to one knee, buried her hands in Jen's hair and pulled her to her feet. Taking a position in front of her rival, Jessica reached around the left side of Jennifer's body and snaked her arms around J-Lo’s middle, completing the Waist Lock. Flexing her knees a bit, Jessica lifted up and then fell back, just TOSSING Jennifer across the ring like she weighed as much as a Kristen Bell or a Mila Kunis.

Getting to her feet as Lopez soaked up the hurt of the hurt of the Gutwrench Suplex, Jessica dusted off her hands and muttered, "That title is coming home with ME tonight bitch." Sauntering towards the flattened brunette, Biel peeled her opponent off the mat and stood her up. Threading an arm through J-Lo’s thighs and the other over her shoulder, Biel scooped her victim up onto her shoulder and started strutting around the ring. Patting Jen's squirming butt, Jessica glanced out at the crowd and said, "SOMETHING YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT WRESTLING, IT'S NOT FANCY MOVES THAT WIN MATCHES, IT'S HOW YOU USE THE BASICS! TAKE THIS FOR EXAMPLE..." Standing in the middle of the ring, she took two giant steps forward and hurled her opponent forward. If the ropes hadn't been there to stop her, J-Lo would have gone crashing to the mats outside the ring. As it was, she hit the cables with an audible TWANG and dropped head-first to the canvas where she landed in a groaning, stunned heap.

Positively radiant with joy as she dominated the champion, Jessica strutted around the ring and offered the cheering hordes a double-bixep flex that had every camera in the place lighting up. Nodding her head 'yes' in response to the 'FUCK ‘ER UP JESSE; FUCK ‘ER UP!' chants, Biel wanted to preen for her admirers a little bit longer but she wanted that World Championship even more.

Wheeling around to face the still grounded Lopez, the blonde pointed toward her decimated adversary and roared, "LET'S GET THAT PIECE OF TRASH OUTTA MY RING!"

Doing her best to ignore the thunderous ovation that went up at her announcement, Jessica bounced off the ropes behind her and sprinted towards the fallen brunette. As the distance between them dwindled to nothing, Biel dropped into a low slide that would have been a perfect imitation of a runner stealing home, that is of course assuming that Jennifer J-Lo’s abdomen was playing the role of home plate. The Baseball Slide Dropkick WHUMPED into the Latina's Supreme's midsection and she was forcibly ejected from the squared circle, sliding under the bottom rope to make the short but ignominious fall to the mats outside where she landed with a dull wet SPLAT.

Staying low, Jessica rolled under the bottom rope and came to her feet looming over the fallen Champion. Hands on her hips, Biel shook her head back and forth and said loudly, "Man I feel bad about just dumping my garbage right here where just anyone could stumble into it. Guess I'll have to clean it up." She followed this rather odd statement with a rather ominous act. Turning towards the fans in the front row, she grabbed hold of the steel guardrail and tugged it forward several inches. Looking over her shoulder, she checked the distance between the barrier and the edge of the ring apron, then pulled the guardrail forward several more inches. Finally convinced that her placement was correct, Jess turned away from the railing and stalked back to Jennifer. Sinking both hands into the Latina Supreme's sweaty mane, the blonde tugged her opponent to her feet only to immediately scoop J-Lo over her shoulder and into position for a traditional Body Slam. However, what followed was anything but traditional. Shifting her grip a little, Biel positioned Jen so that her shins were resting heavily against the guardrail. When she was sure the brunette wasn't going to slide loose, she turned her attention to the Champ's upper body and quickly thrust Lopez' head and chest under the bottom rope so that she could be held in place without Biel having to lay a finger on her.

Testing her experiment, Jess let go of her victim and when J-Lo didn't go slopping onto the ground she backed up several more steps. Smoothing her hair behind her ears, Jessica turned to the crowd and said quietly, "This is going to be SO cool." Intent on proving her statement, the blonde Challenger turned back to her adversary and sprung forward. Closing the gap between her and Jen like it was nothing, Biel waited until she was almost on top of the prone Champion before bringing her right leg up in a vicious, scything arc that ended with the top of her boot BURIED in Jennifer's paunch. The helpless brunette let out a pained 'OOFFH' as she was torn from her moorings and dropped unceremoniously onto the thin mats covering the concrete floor. Keeping her mind focused on the task at hand (and not the 1,500 hundred people chanting her name) Jesse grabbed the brunette by the scruff of her neck, pulled her to her knees and led her on a humiliating crawl towards the nearest corner of the ring.

Reaching the steel steps, Biel spun Lopez around and backed her up against the steel, forcing her into a sitting position against the side of the steps. Dropping to one knee, the blonde put her lips against Jen's ear and whispered, "You've finally run into someone you can't bully or intimidate Jennifer Lopez and that means you're all out of tricks. I'm not just going to beat you tonight. I'm going to BREAK you. And after I've put you to rest, I'm gonna do the same to Sarah and then EVERYONE will know that Jessica Biel's day has finally arrived."

She pulled her head back just in time to hear Jennifer mumble, "You haven't won anything yet bit...'CLANG!

Biel grabbed her foe by the sides of her head and RAMMED the back of the brunette's skull into the unforgiving metal. As Jen's eyes went glassy, the blonde got to her feet and snarled, "Maybe you didn't understand me bitch. I'm not here to win, I'm here to destroy. And the first thing I'm gonna destroy is the myth surrounding that nasty cellulite laded ass of yours." Speaking no more, she backed up until she was nearly at the other end of the aisle. Grinning to the fans, Jess slapped her hip and then blew a condescending kiss in J-Lo's direction, the 'kiss my ass' sentiment couldn't have been any more obvious. Looking to out race that blown kiss, Biel broke into a dead run that put her on a collision course with the oblivious Champion. When there was only a little more than a foot between her and Jen, Jessica spun around in a lighting fast 180, thrust her ass back and WHAM! smashed Jennifer's head between her glutes and the steel with a running Hip Check that had to be seen to be believed. Lopez let out a single groan and then sliiiiiid down the steel until she was puddled on the mat with nary a twitch to show she was still conscious.

Climbing onto the steel steps, Jessica hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her briefs and asked the crowd, "Who's got the deadliest ass in this business?"

'YOU DO!' came the yelled reply.

"Goddamned right." she confirmed. Taking the fight back to J-Lo, Jessica hopped down from the steps and helped herself to a handful of the brunette's white togs. Pulling the Champ to her feet, Jessica muscled Lopez under the bottom rope and rolled her back into the ring. More than ready to finish the decimated Booty Queen for good, Biel got up onto the apron and slipped between the top and middle rope. Up to now it would be hard to point out a single flaw in the blonde's gameplan. She'd come at the Champion hard and fast, worn her out with some slick power moves and even done some serious damage on the outside. But in coming through the ropes as she was doing now, Jessica had left herself open for the briefest of moments and that was all the time someone as ring savvy as Jennifer Lopez needed. Digging deep into her reserves, the cagey brunette pulled back her left leg and KICKED it out, clipping Jess right in the forehead as she was trying to enter the ring. The blonde let out a stunned grunt and sagged a little, but that wasn't enough for J-Lo so she pulled back and kicked her again. This time Biel definitely sagged and all her forward progress stopped.

Seeing the Challenger's upper body served up over the middle rope like a sumptuous banquet, Jennifer thrust aside her aches and pains and rolled to her feet. Grabbing a vicious handful of Jessica's hair, she yanked up on the blonde's locks and growled, "Bitch, I am really gonna hurt you!"

Tossing Jessica's head down, Lopez spun on her heel and bounded to the ropes at Jessica's left. Bouncing off the cables, she steamed back towards her victim only to whirl around and BWAM! nearly snap Biel's head off her shoulders with a running Hip Check of her own. Now a move like this would have dropped any normal woman like a bag of hammers, but Biel wasn't any ordinary female and while this was a good quality 99% of the time, in this case it actually worked against her as it just gave Jennifer an excuse to keep up the attack. Slowing only a bit as her ass smashed against the side of Jessica's face, J-Lo twirled back around and kept on going, heading towards the ropes on the other side of the ring. Picking up even more momentum for her return trip, Jennifer kept her eyes locked on Biel's drooping head, leading many to believe she was going to hit another Hip Check. But instead (no pun intended, I swear) as she approached Jess's exposed form she reached out with both hands and cupped them under the blonde's chin. Instantly, Lopez twisted her hips and dropped to the mat fast, wrenching Jessica off balance to slam the back of her head and shoulders into the canvas with a uniquely delivered Swinging Neckbreaker.

Laying on the canvas, Jennifer knew that those two moves delivered in rapid succession would be enough to keep most anyone down, but as much as she hated to admit it, Biel had proven remarkably tough thus far, so the brunette decided not to risk it. Scrambling to her feet, she sank her hands into Jessica's mane and dragged her towards the middle of the ring. Forcing the penitent girl's head between her thighs, J-Lo hooked the bottom of Biel's bikini briefs in both hands and pulled up as hard as she could. Using nothing but a wedgie to do the lifting guaranteed there wouldn’t be a lot of height on the Piledriver, but J-Lo’s variant made up for that by that fact that when she sat out all of Biel's weight would be landing on her head and that's exactly what happened. There was a dull THUD as the top of Jessica's skull connected with the mat and she shuddered once before Jennifer pushed her onto her back. Getting to her knees, Lopez pounced across the wounded girl's middle and hooked the far leg. Bearing down on the cover, she licked her lips in anticipation as the ref counted, 'ONE... TWO...' Biel shot a shoulder off the mat, breaking the pin.

Resting on her haunches, Jennifer slapped Jessica's face tauntingly and asked, "You think you saved yourself bitch? Every time you kick out just gives me another chance to humiliate and embarrass you. And trust me, I won't pass up a SINGLE opportunity to do either." Proving her latest statement, Jennifer hauled the stunned blonde to her feet, took possession of her wrist and sent her careening into the buckles with a stiff Irish Whip. As soon Jessica's spine made contact with the thinly padded steel, J-Lo went into a low crouch then sprinted forward, leaving her feet in a graceful leap that culminated with her completely and utterly MASHING Biel's sinewy body with a sternum-crushing Avalanche Splash.

Purring into onto Jessica's pain-crimped visage, Jen ground her body against her victim's as she said, "When I step back, you're either going to stay on your feet or fall flat on your ass. Just so you know, no matter what happens, I'm going to keep beating the shit out of you."

She peeled herself away from Jessica's devastated frame and waited to see what would happen. Much to her credit, the blonde stayed on her feet much longer than anyone thought she would, be even then it was only a few seconds. Her strong legs developed a noticeable tremble and suddenly she just plopped down into a sitting position with the back of her head resting neatly against the bottom buckle. Rubbing her hands up and down her backside, Jen smiled and whispered, "Perfect."

With the pro-Jennifer contingent urging her to 'BACK THAT ASS UP!' Jennifer jogged away on a diagonal, reached the other side of the ring and did a quick 180 before she spun around and ROARED back towards Jess' corner. When there was only a few steps between her and Biel, the Booty Queen whirled on her heel and SMASH slammed her ass into the blonde's face, obliterating the Challenger's features with another Booty Bomb. Jessica's head snapped back against the buckle and she twitched spasmodically, but even that wasn't enough to slake J-Lo's Biel Hate. Never missing a step, Lopez broke out of the corner and sprinted to mid-ring only to turn around and come charging back. On her third trip in, the Latina Supreme didn't use her trademark weapon, she simply brought her right knee crashing up into Jessica's chin with a sadistically undefendable Running Knee Lift. Finally pausing to breathe, Jennifer kept her knee planted loosely against Biel's quivering cheek as she took a moment to brush some errant strands of hair off her face. Smiling coyly to the darkened sea of faces, Jennifer asked her faithful, "Do you think she's had enough ass yet?"

Before the resounding group reply, a single voice answered, "HELL THE FUCK NO!"

Cocking her head to the side, Jennifer muttered, "Hell the fuck no? I like that..." Glancing down at Jessica, she ground her knee into the blonde's face and said, "You heard the people baby. Looks like there's a lot more booty in your future. And unfortunately for you, the future is now."

Stepping back, Jen reached down and buried her hands in Jessica's hair. Hauling the woozy girl to her knees, Jennifer proceeded to lead her victim into the center of the ring so that everyone in the club would get a perfect view of what she had in store for the Challenger. Removing her hand from Jessica's sweat-drenched locks, Lopez turned to her left, making sure that the point of her hip was perfectly level with the gut-shot blonde's face.

Smacking her rump with her free hand Jen cooed, "I've nearly broken Sarah's neck with this move on more than one occasion. After I'm done with you, the two of you pathetic losers can sit in the back and try to decide which one of you liked it more." WHAM!

With a sharp flick of her hips, Jennifer drove her ass into Jessica's face with the force of an undefended punch. Biel groaned and her head snapped back, but only as far as Jennifer's grasp allowed. Tugging her rival back into position, J-Lo continued, "What's the matter baby? Can't talk any trash with my ass on your lips?." BAM!

J-Lo snapped her hips again, watering Jessica's eyes with a second Gluteal Jab. Yanking Jessica's head back into place, Jennifer reached around behind her and pulled the glittery white briefs up in a self induced wedgie to make sure there would be the maximum amount of cheek to cheek contact. Grinding her hips in a slow circle, she treated her foe to an exaggerated wind-up before BAM! she gave Jessica to a third shot of her butt. Holding the blonde's face against her hip, J-Lo buffed Jessica's cheeks against her own and sneered, "I love the feel of a blonde's face on my ass and since you're not fighting anymore, I guess you love it too. Do you love it Jesse honey? It's OK if you do, I won't keep you waiting much longer."

When Jessica only groaned and tried to pull away, Jen laughed and trapped her in a loose Front Facelock. Rising up on her toes, Lopez held the pose for a moment and then dropped back, spiking the crown of Biel's skull into the mat with a DDT. Keeping up the pressure on her captive, J-Lo straddled Jessica's lower back and grabbed hold of the weakened girl's shoulders. Leaning back, she scraped Jessica's upper body off the canvas and threaded the blonde's arms across the smooth, glowing expanse of her thighs. The hold almost complete, Jennifer shifted her hands, helping herself to a clawful of Biel's hair while she balled her other hand into a fist. Holding her free arm out at her side, Lopez waited just long enough to let Jess think about it and then brought the limb slamming back in to mash Jessica across the cheek with a wicked Crossface Forearm Smash. Repeating the pianful tactic several more times, Jennifer paused her assault long enough to lean in and taunt, "Got anything to say Biel? Or are you still recovering from the awe of having my ass so close to your face?"

Biel tried to respond but Lopez cut her off with another clapping trifecta of Forearms across the face. It may not be the fanciest move she'd ever used, but J-Lo knew it would be more than enough to soften up the big blonde for her date with The Smother. Hating the feel of the Latina Supreme's weight crushing down on her, Jessica bucked wildly against the Camel Clutch and was able to yank one arm free of Jen's painfully imposed contortion. Going with training instead of instinct, Biel reached for the ropes in hopes of reaching the break they promised. Despite all of Jennifer's machinations, the Challenger was able to draw to within inches of the cables but before she could ensure her freedom, J-Lo released the Camel Clutch and stood up. Biel's respite was a short one however as the Booty Queen immediately dropped back down again, driving the full weight of her ass into the small of Jessica's back. Bouncing her posterior up and down on Jess' spine, Jen chided, "Those aren't going to save you honey! They'll only prolong the inevitable. One way or another, you are going to kiss my ass tonight." Getting no response, Lopez sneered, "It's no fun when you don't talk back Jess. Guess I'll just have to finish you off."

Preparing to do just that, Jennifer yanked her victim off the mat with a handful of tights and hoisted her into another Fireman's Carry. Looking to complete the Once Around the Block this time, Jen was in the process of trying to hook Biel's head under her arm when the blonde started thrashing. Before the Champion could stop her, Jessica reached out with both hands and grabbed hold of the top rope. Using the extra leverage, Biel tried to wriggle her way out of her predicament, but Jennifer wasn't going to let her go just yet. Shaking her head in disbelief, Lopez taunted, "You've really got a thing for those ropes dontcha? Well if you want to run away so bad, who am I to tell you no?" Dipping her knees, the Latina Supreme pushed up fast and TOSSED Jessica over the top rope, sending her crashing face-and-chest first to the mat several feet below.

When the THWACK of her foe's landing had faded, Jennifer looked out at the mob and told them, "THIS TWAT WANTS TO PLAY GAMES ON THE OUTSIDE? FINE, WE'LL PLAY GAMES!" Sliding through the ropes, Lopez landed beside her victim and wasted no time in pulling Jessica to her feet. Taking hold of the blonde's wrist, Jen directed her opponent towards the steel guardrail at the far end of the aisle and whipped her towards it as hard as she could. There was another loud CLANG followed by a sob from Jessica as her already tender back was subjected to another brutal attack. Watching Biel slide to her butt with a sort of cruel fascination, the Champ settled into a crouch and muttered, "NO ONE smashes their ass into my face and walks out under their own power." Looking for some revenge, Jennifer rumbled forward and picked up speed at a seemingly exponential rate. When yards became feet, Jen pulled off that beautiful 180 again and leapt into the air, preparing to mash Biel's skull to jelly between her ass and the guardrail. This would have worked to perfection had the blonde not ducked aside at the last second.

There was a ear-splitting BWANG followed by an equally harsh scream from the Champion as she ran full force into the barricade. The force of the collision knocked the guardrail back several inches and left the brunette smeared and helpless only inches from the fans in the front row. Several feet away, Jessica Biel regained her vertical base and fixed a hateful, narrow eyed gaze on her tormentor. Breaking out in a chuckle that was almost a growl, the blonde spat, "I'm gonna kick that lumpy head straight up your massive ass." Falling silent the Challenger charged forward and brought up her left foot. WHAP! Her boot clapped off the side of Jennifer's face and the crowd went nuts as the power of Jessica Biel knocked the hapless Champion over the barricade and into the front row.

Roaring in triumph, Jessica hopped up onto corner of the barricade and exclaimed, "I HATE TO BORROW A LINE, BUT THE CHAMP IS HERE!" Climbing down into the clamoring hordes of fans, Jessica grabbed Jennifer by the hair and yanked her to her knees. With J-Lo doubled over and hurting, Jessica had little trouble trapping her in a Front Facelock. After she'd muscled J-Lo’s near arm over her shoulders, Biel maneuvered around until she felt the steel of the barricade bump up against her foe's back. Convinced she was in the right place, Jessica tightened her grip on J-Lo’s togs and called out, "Sorry you had to deal with that folks, but keep in mind that when you buy a front row seat, you run the risk of having a fatass poser skank tossed in your lap!"

As the fans in the vicinity cheered and moved away to give her some room, Biel took a half step back, bent her knees and then lifted straight up. Hoisting Jen off the mat, Jessica brought the brunette almost directly over her head before stepping forward and dropping her down gut-first across the steel barrier. Ignoring the mewling gasp that exploded from J-Lo's lungs, Jessica climbed back over the guardrail and treated the Champ's exposed butt to a condescending pat. Pinching the Latina Supreme's defenseless ass, Jessica smirked, "There's NO WAY I'm passing this up."

But knowing WHAT you were going to do was different than knowing HOW you were going to do it and Jessica didn't want to pass up this golden opportunity to humiliate the arrogant Champion with something so mundane as a 'spanking.' No, Jennifer's nasty ol' ass had caused a lot of nightmares for girls in this promotion and Biel had decided it would have to be punished accordingly. Now if only... her eyes fell across a spooling of loose electrical cable neatly placed beside the Time Keeper's table. Grinning wickedly, the blonde whispered, "Oh that's just TOO good." Wanting to make sure J-Lo stayed in position for what she had coming, Biel stood behind her and THUP THUP THUP just like that delivered three cudgeling Overhand Forearm Smashes to the brunette's exposed back. When Lopez just shuddered and stayed folded over the barricade, Biel just nodded and stalked over to the Time Keeper's domain.

Taking a handful of the electrical cable, she stretched out a good two three feet of it and then doubled it up on itself. Holding an end in both hands the blonde strutted back to her prey and 'snapped' the cable against itself letting everyone in the audience (and possibly Jennifer herself) what exactly was going to happen. Releasing one half of her grip on the cable, the Challenger grabbed a handful of the Latina Supreme's white briefs and said, "Here's the first taste of your own medicine fatass." She trailed off just as she YANKED up on the material, forcing J-Lo’s tights on a long painful hike up the crack of her rear. The Champ squirmed and kicked her feet against the barricade, but it was a weak showing; apparently the kick to the face and the trip into the stands had really taken the wind out of her sails.

Biting her bottom lip in a coy smile, Biel reared back with the thinly coated wire and roared, "I HOPE YOUR GRITTING YOUR TEETH bitch, 'CUZ I'M ABOUT TO WHIP ALL THAT EXTRA ASS RIGHT OFF YA!" The last part of her proclamation was still hanging in the air when Jessica brought her hand whipping forward and SNAP! The cable raised an instant welt across the brunette's formidable buns and tore a pained scream from her lips. Smile changing into a malicious predator's leer, Biel purred, "Yes Ma'am, you may have another."

She brought her arm back. held it for a moment and then whipped it forward again. SNAP! This time Jennifer's reaction was even more violent and to Jessica that was a sign to step up the pace. Working in grim, cruel silence, the Challenger brought her whipping hand back and forth over and over again and for several seconds the air was filled with nothing more than the crisp SNAP SNAP SNAP of the cable, the cheers of the audience oh, and J-Lo’s screams of course.

Jessica would have happily continued in this fashion until Jennifer just passed out or started begging for mercy, but right when she was passing two dozen lashes, she heard the ref's droning count and realized she'd been out here for a long time. Refusing to let this one end on a double count out, Jess tossed her weapon aside and quickly scooted under the bottom rope to restart the count. Heading back out to the floor the blonde placed herself belly-first against Jen's scorched bottom and quickly wrapped both arms around the brunette's gulping waist.

Locking her hands, Jessica glanced out at the audience and told them, "That's enough spanking for one night. Now the beating can resume." Showing them exactly what she meant, the Challenger lifted the Latina Supreme off the guardrail and took several steps back. When Jennifer's head was clear of the steel, Biel planted her feet and spun hard to her left in a motion that would have been a perfect circle had it not ended with her SLAMMING Jennifer's head and shoulders back into the guardrail.

Dropping the boneless brunette in a moaning heap at her feet, Jessica slid back into the ring for a second time and then rolled back out. Rewarding her supporters with a confident smile, Biel grabbed Lopez by the head and forced her into a sitting position against the guardrail. Taking hold of the Champ's wrists, Biel forced her arms backwards and roughly slipped J-Lo’s hands through the spaces between the bars. Looking over the barricade, Jess caught the gaze of a few mystified fans and said, "Welcome to the interactive portion of our show. If you're like me and want to see a new World Champion crowned tonight, please expedite the process by grabbing this bitch’s wrists for me."

Willing to do anything the blonde asked, the fans seized the brunette's hands and pulled them back; when they stopped pulling, the Booty Queen's arms were trapped up to the elbows. Nodding a thanks to the fans, Jessica dropped to one knee and leaned her face into Jennifer's. Speaking softly she said, "Hey Jenny guess what? I've already whipped your ass and now I'm going to embarrass it too."

Breaking through her stupor, Lopez lifted her head and mumbled, "Go ahead and try bitch... you're.... you're still gonna... kiss... kiss my ass tonight."

Smirking, Biel cooed, "Aww Jenny, you're still sounding a little woozy. Hey I bet I know what would wake you up! A little Aroma Therapy!"

Those four words drove away the last vestiges of the haze in Jennifer's skull but even her twisting and struggling wasn't enough to free her from the barricade. Thusly she was helpless as Jessica stood up and turned around, her butt only inches from the brunette's straining face. Grabbing hold of the guardrail for extra leverage, Jess wiggled her hips back and forth and mused, "God this is sooo tacky! I can see why it would appeal to a no-talent bitch like you!"

Jen opened her mouth to respond but Biel cut her off by thrusting her ass right into the Champ's face. And for the next several seconds, the roof of the Haddonfield Armory threatened to come off as Jessica rubbed, ground, buffed, smacked and generally abused the Latina Supreme with a humiliating innovation on her own Aroma Therapy Stinkface.

And much like the spanking she'd indulged in a few minutes before, Jess could have kept her backside nuzzled against Jennifer's features all night long if it wasn't for that pesky ref and his damned 'TEN' count. Stepping away from the wreckage of Jennifer Lopez, Biel snapped her bottoms back into place and said, "You can let her go now. I'll finish this in the ring."

Once again taking possession of Jen's hair, Jessica pulled her out of the barricade and muscled her to her feet. Tossing Lopez under the bottom rope, Biel slid in after her and pushed to her feet. Truly believing that Jennifer was running on empty, Jess decided that it would only take a few more moves to put the Latina Supreme down for good. Choosing one of those aforementioned big moves, Biel pulled her victim off the mat and Whipped her into the ropes. Unable to command her body to do anything else, Jen stumbled off the ropes only to be scooped up by Jessica, the helpless brunette being held with her back parallel to the canvas a few feet below. With one arm wrapped around J-Lo's curvy middle and the other encircling her legs, Jessica took a moment to parade around the ring, proudly displaying her battered opponent to the howling audience.

Breaking into a knowing smile, she yelled, “Now that she knows I've got the better ass, it's time she learned I was the better wrestler!"

Receiving a raucous cheer for her slight, Biel's grin only grew more malevolent as she pulled off her next move. Still holding Lopez tight, she rose up on her toes and then dropped to one knee, bending Jennifer's back painfully over her knee. Not releasing her grip, she powered back up to both feet and held the brunette prone for another second before she dropped all the way to the canvas; landing easily on her butt while J-Lo was driven viciously into the canvas compliments of the Sidewalk Slam.

Keeping up her blitzkrieg assault on the Champion, Jess hoisted Jen to her feet and stood behind the limp-kneed brunette. Snuggling in close to her foe, Jessica looped an arm across J-Lo’s throat and tucked the other behind the Champ's skull. Squeezing down on the Sleeper, Jessica ground slowly against Jen’s thrashing body, forcing the Latina Supreme to bear every ounce of her weight. Getting her lips next to J-Lo’s ear, Jess purred, “It's okay to go to sleep Jenny. If you nap for long enough, by the time you wake up some of those welts I put on your ass will have started to go numb."

Running out of options, J-Lo refused to waste her breath on a verbal response and instead focused on trying to fight her way free.. Twisting to her right, Lopez managed to turn the Sleeper into a relatively harmless Side Headlock. Before Jessica could stand her back up, Jen placed a hand against the small of Biel's back and SHOVED as hard as she could. Surprisingly, the tactic worked and the Sleeper was broken as Jessica went bounding off the ropes.

Unfortunately for Lopez, this wasn't a problem for the blonde and as she came roaring back, Biel left her feet and aimed the point of her shoulder right into Jennifer's chest. There was a nastily dull WHUMP as the Flying Shoulderblock found its target and knocked J-Lo right back down to the mat. Feeling the Title only inches from her grasp, Biel scrambled to her feet, raised her right hand high overhead and shouted, "IT'S OVER!"

Stalking around behind her brunette quarry, Jessica kept her right arm out behind her as she waited impatiently for Jennifer to regain her feet.. As soon as Jessica saw the whites of J-Lo's eyes she pounced, shooting her hand forward to grip Lopez around the throat. Before she even understood what was happening, Jennifer was lifted high into the air, one hand around her neck, the other rudely grabbing at her hip to keep her in place. Too overcome with bloodlust to form a cogent statement Biel simply hurled Jennifer down to the mat where she landed with a cringe-inducing THUD! Unable to hear her own thoughts over the roar of the crowd, Jessica pounced across the brunette's gulping paunch and hooked the far leg. Leaning all her weight down on the Cradle, Jessica nodded in time with the ref's count of 'ONE... TWO... THR-NOOO!' Jennifer tore her leg free of the blonde's grasp, breaking the count and the cover simultaneously.

Not even close to deterred, the Challenger got to her feet and quickly hoisted the Champion to hers. Pointing J-Lo towards the most convenient corner, she stepped back, dipped her knees and sent the brunette careening into the steel. The echoing CLANG of the Latina Supreme's landing was still hanging in the air when Biel sprinted forward and left her feet, obviously meaning to repay the Avalanche Splash Jen had almost crushed her with earlier in the evening. And that was all well and good until Lopez got her feet up and shot them forward. The enthusiastic blonde caught the soles of Jen's boots flush across the mouth and just like that all her momentum was gone.

Lopez on the other hand felt a surge of adrenaline course through her system and that meant things were about to get bad for Jessica Biel. Moving faster than she had any right to, Lopez lashed out with both hands and grabbed Biel by the hair. Reeling her victim in, J-Lo stayed in the corner so she could climb up the ropes and take a seated position on the top turnbuckle. Threading her thighs around Jessica's head, Jennifer helped herself to a savage handful of the Challenger's hair. Cranking Jess' head back at a wicked angle, the brunette hissed, "YOU want to embarrass ME? Honey, you have no idea what you've started." Proving her point, Jennifer suddenly thrust herself out of the corner. The momentum of her shove carried both wrestlers almost to the center of the ring before the Champ's weight got to be too much for Biel to handle and she toppled backwards only to land with all of J-Lo's weight across her chest.

Normally Jen would just stay seated and wait for a count after the Seated Senton connected, but Biel had made this more than personal and that meant the presumptuous bitch would have to suffer. That thought brought a smile to her lips, not to mention a swing in her hips and she was more than happy to show those losers in the crowd that the Booty Queen was back in business. Peeling her ass off Jessica's heaving chest, Jen took Jessica by the shoulder straps and pulled her to her feet. Spinning around behind the breathless blonde, the Champ wrapped an arm around Biel’s waist while she used the other to grip Jessica behind the knees. Already back to her old, haughty self after less than a minute on offense, Lopez sneered "You thought you could put this WEAK SHIT in my face and get away with it? Babyluv, when I'm done with you you're going to wish you had a lot more padding on that bony ass of yours."

Through with her tirade, Jen powered Jessica off her feet and into the air, holding the tall blonde almost directly overhead. Paying close attention to the sluggish way Jessica's legs were kicking, not to mention the laughable view of her inferior ass, Jennifer twisted in a slow circle before violently dropping to one knee, driving the point of Jess' tailbone directly into the posted joint. The Spinning Atomic Drop sent a lightning bolt of agony down the Challenger's spine and she immediately pulled away... well, she WOULD have pulled away if Jennifer hadn't hoisted her back into the air and completed another revolution before delivering the second Spinning Atomic Drop in less than a minute. Again, Jessica wailed and tried to tear free of her tormentor's grasp but Jen held on tight and lifted her victim up one more time. But instead of drilling her knee into Jess' ass a third time, Lopez held her in place for several seconds and then dropped straight back to the canvas, bouncing the back of Biel's head and shoulders off the canvas with a stuff Belly-to-Back Suplex. Like it or not, the crisp execution of the moves proved once again that even though Jennifer was the most blatant kind of showboat, she was also an excellent wrestler and that combination made her a dangerous foe.

More than willing to keep proving her greatness to all the haters and doubters, J-Lo rolled to her feet and scraped Jessica off the canvas. Moving around behind her opponent, the Latina vixen stepped in close and sinuously slipped her arms under the limp limbs of the blonde, grabbed two massive handfuls of hair at the back of Biel's head and clamped down on the Full Nelson. Grinding her groin into the Challenger's quaking rump, Jen whispered, "Feelin' it yet bony? If not, here's another taste."

Jennifer lifted Jessica off her feet, sweeping the powerful grappler high into the air with her legs thrown helplessly out in front of her. Then J-Lo sat out and slammed the blonde's butt down on the mat with a ring-shaking WHUMP! Still holding the Full Nelson, Lopez wrapped her legs around Biel's waist and locked her ankles. Leaning back, she lifted Biel off the mat, exposing her trapped posterior.

Maintaining the lift for almost five seconds, the Latina Supreme simply shoved forward, dropping Jessica on her tenderized tailbone with a Keister Bounce. J-Lo wasn't lucky enough to see the agonized expression that crimped Jessica's face, but she most definitely felt the spasmodic jolt pass through the blonde's body and that was good enough for her. Crushing down on the Scissors and the Neslon, she repeated the move NINE more times, each impact sending a spine-tingling shock through the Challenger's limp body. Feeling Jess get progressively weaker after each impact, Lopez finally released her grip on the Full Nelson and rolled onto her belly in a motion that put Jessica's shoulders on the mat. Keeping both hands flat on the mat, Jen licked her lips as the ref swooped in and slapped the mat, 'ONE... TWO...' Jessica tore her way out of Jennifer's Scissors and flopped over onto her side.

Sighing her disdain, Jennifer brushed her hair behind her ears and muttered, "Should've known you'd be too blonde to take the easy way out." Getting to her feet, Lopez snagged the waistband of Jessica's briefs and hauled her back up. Spinning the wounded girl around to face her, J-Lo scooped her up over her shoulder and carried her upside down back to the corner where she slammed Biel's back against the turnbuckles, threading her victim's legs over the top ropes on either side of the turnbuckles, then folded them at the knees to secure the challenger to the untenable Tree of Woe. Jostling Jessica's gams to make sure she wasn't going anywhere J-Lo smiled and backed out to center ring. Letting her hands slowly rub her vaunted rump, Lopez glanced out at the crowd and roared, "THIS IS WHY I'M THE CHAMP!"

Ready to show the mob just why that was, Jennifer sprinted away from Biel and bounced off the ropes. Heading back towards her helpless adversary, the Latina Supreme increased her pace as she cut across the ring toward the corner where Jessica was strung up and waiting for the inevitable. When she got close, Jen left her feet and performed the blindingly-fast about face that left her backside to her victim. Timing her descent perfectly, J-Lo pulled her legs up and extended them in front of her, making sure there was nothing to get in the way the gluteal missile directed at Jessica's upside-down face. A split second later, J-Lo's cheeks THWAP rammed into the Challenger's face with all the subtlety and grace of Atomic Bomb going off.

The terrible momentum behind the Ass Smash was enough to rattle Biel loose from the Tree of Woe and leave her in a shuddering, blubbering heap in the corner. Not too far away, Jennifer Lopez got to her feet and said, "I'm done toying with you Jesse. My ass is getting tired and your face looks like a great place to rest." Preparing her seat, Lopez trudged over to the blonde and peeled her off the mat. With Jessica slumping against her, J-Lo steadied her nerves and began the process of finishing the Challenger once and for all. Holding her victim at arms length, Lopez hoisted Biel up onto her brawny shoulders with a Fireman's Carry. Holding the blonde close, she looped the arm nearest Jessica's head across the back of the Biel's neck and cinched down tight. Wasting no time on theatrics, the Champion took several loping steps forward then used her free arm to shove the blonde's legs up and off her shoulders, sending Biel's torso and legs sailing out behind her. With Jessica's head still nestled in the crook of her arm, The Latina Supreme sat out hard, driving the back of her rival's skull and neck into the canvas, with the Once Around the Block.

As Biel shivered underneath her, Lopez thought about going for the Smother right then and there but she held off. Why bother to apply it now when she could do it after the bell and have all the time she wanted. These thoughts went through her mind in less than a second and even as it passed she had pounced across Jessica's midsection and hooked the far leg. Leaning back across Biel's waist, Jen shot her free hand into the air and counted along with the ref, 'ONE... TWO... THRENOOOOO!

Perhaps it was the lackadaisical cover or perhaps it was just Biel's force of will, whatever it was the Challenger was able to roll a shoulder off the mat to save her World Title aspirations at the very last second. Regarding the official with stunned, furious eyes, the brunette nearly slapped the stupid look off his face before she turned her ire back to Biel. Not fully convinced that her foe's last escape had been anything more than a twitch, the Latina Supreme went for another cover, this time hooking both legs. Glad to know he wasn't going to be on the receiving end of J-Lo's wrath, the ref slapped off, 'ONE... TWO... THR-NO!' Jessica kicked out once again, a little more emphatically this time if you'll believe it.

Slamming her fist into the mat in frustration, the brunette scrambled to her feet and started to circle her adversary. Trying to figure out what she was going to need to put the blonde away, Jennifer made a few stalking circuits around her fallen rival and finally settled on her course of action. Keeping her eyes locked on the Challenger, Lopez backed into the nearest corner and slowly climbed to the top rope. Waiting impatiently, Jen laced her fingers together and raised her arms high overhead. Begging the blonde to get up, Jennifer snarled, "C'mon you mouthy slut, stand up. Stand up so I can knock you right the fuck back down."

As if the words were a summons, Biel let out a soft groan, rolled onto her belly and started to push to her hands and knees. Almost thrumming with anticipation, Lopez waited until Jessica started to turn towards her before she leapt into the void. A few feet below, Jessica saw Jennifer roaring into her field of vision and she could think of only one thing to do. Faster than the audience could believe, the blonde shot out both hands and literally plucked Jen out of the air to catch her in a Two-handed Chokelift. Holding the squirming brunette a few feet off the canvas, Jess paused just long enough to mutter, "Gotcha." then she sat out hard dropping to her butt with her legs spread at a 45-degree angle.

The Champion was MASHED into the canvas via the Biel Bomb. Releasing her hold on the Latina Supreme's throat, Jess wrapped her arms around J-Lo's thighs and leaned forward, trying to put as much weight on the makeshift Matchbook Pin. Stunned at the brutally swift turn of the tide, the ref dropped into place and counted the Champ's shoulders down, 'ONE... TWO... THRE…NO!' Despite the amazing velocity and impact of the Biel Bomb, Jen was able bring her legs SLAP together around Biel's head to break the count. Holding her head in her hands, Jess took several deep breaths and then forced her way to her feet.

Finally realizing that she was going to have to empty both barrels into Jen if she wanted to win the title, the blonde buried her hands in the brunette's hair and pulled her up. Standing beside her weary rival, Jessica sprang into action. Bending down, the blonde looped one hand between Jen's legs while the other snaked its way around her captive’s chin. Grunting with the effort, Jessica lifted Lopez off the mat leaving the curvy brunette draped parallel across her shoulders in the legendary Torture Rack.

Wrenching down on the hold as hard as she could, Jessica trudged around the ring with Lopez mewling on her shoulders. Doing her damnedest to break the Booty Queen into two screaming pieces, Biel glared out into audience and roared, “HEY SARAH! SIT! WATCH! LEARN!”

As the crowd urged her on, Jessica bent her knees slightly and then pushed up, twisting her torso hard to the right. In the same moment she released her grip on J-Lo's legs, letting the Champ's lower half go swinging out behind her. With J-Lo’s chin still in her grasp and the rest of the brunette stretched out behind her, Jessica dropped straight down, landing easily on the mat while Jen landed HARD on the back of her head and shoulders the latest victim of the blonde's diabolical Torture Rack Neckbreaker.

Jessica was more than pleased with Jen's weary sobbing but as much as she wanted to believe otherwise, she didn't think the Champ was done just yet. Thusly, Biel rolled to her feet and pulled Jen to hers. Forcing the crippled Booty Queen into a tight Front Facelock, Jessica threaded Jen's near arm over her shoulders and finished her prep by using her free hand to secure a hold on the brunette's waistband. In keeping with her theme of moves that started like one thing and became another, Jessica bent her knees and then lifted up, hauling Jennifer into the air for what appeared to be a Vertical Suplex. But as Lopez passed by the 45-degree angle mark, Biel sat out once again and drove J-Lo skull-first into the mat with an Implant DDT delivered from several feet higher than normal. The Latina Supreme let out a low groan and rolled onto her back into an unenviable starfish pose in the middle of the ring. Beginning to fire on all cylinders now, Biel popped to her feet and pointed towards the corner.

Limping towards her destination, the blonde called out, "NOW, LET'S KNOCK SOME LUMPS OUT OF THAT FAT ASS!"

Feeding on the mob's approval, Jess climbed to the top rope and spun around so that she was facing the ring. Foregoing any showy posing the Challenger leapt off the top and came CRASHING down on Jen's chest with a ring-shaking Splash.

Ignoring the explosion that went off in her ribs, Jessica pulled off of Jen's midsection and panted, "Time for another taste of your own medicine twat."

Speaking no more the blonde straddled her opponent's waist only to spin around and bring the full weight of her butt down across Jen's nose in a humbling Reverse Face Sit. Nuzzling Jen's nose deep between her cheeks, Biel flexed her arms in a weary double bicep flex as the crowd noise drowned out the ref's count of 'ONE... TWO... THRE-NOOOO!"

Unseen by everyone and only felt by Jessica Biel, Jennifer Lopez bit down on Biel's intruding buns and pushed up as hard as she could. The Chomp and Shove was enough (just barely) to break Jess' mount and she went sprawling onto her hands and knees in a furious tumble. Shrugging off the sharp pain in her butt, Biel got to her feet and stalked over to her fallen adversary. Yanking the Booty Queen up by the roots, Jessica gripped Jen by the neck while she reached her free hand down between the brunette's thighs and slowly J-Lo off her feet over her head in an awesome example of a Military Press.

Gritting her teeth as J-Lo’s weight started to bear down on her, Jessica found her voice and shouted, “JUST TO REMOVE ALL DOUBT!"

Holding the lift for another few seconds Biel suddenly pulled her hands away. In the split second that the Latina Supreme started to fall Jess executed a perfect 90-degree turn so that Jennifer landed belly-first on the point of her right shoulder. Just as fast, the Challenger wrapped her arms across J-Lo’s back and dropped herself forward and down, just FLATTENING the brunette against the mat with a picture perfect Over-the-Shoulder Powerslam. Hoping against hope that she'd finally used up the last of the Champ's reserves, Jessica threw herself across Jen's chest and hooked both legs. Moments later the ref counted off, 'ONE... TWO... THRE-NO!' Seemingly in defiance of all the people who wished otherwise, Jennifer shot her shoulder off the canvas, guaranteeing that her reign would continue for at least another three seconds.

Pounding her fists against the mat in mindless fury, Biel scrabbled to her feet and screamed "SHIT!"

Calming her nerves, the fuming blonde pulled her victim to her feet and directed her towards a corner on the far side of the ring. Not bothering with words, she hurled J-Lo into the corner, almost smashing her into the surprised referee. the Champ hit the turnbuckle, Jessica charged the brunette and extended an arm, dead-set on decapitating her battered opponent with a massive Lariat. The distance between the women was minimal but it was all the Champ needed to enact her plan.

As Jessica charged in, the Booty Queen shot a hand out and grabbed the ref's arm. With no time remaining, she pulled the official between her and Biel forcing the zebra to take the brunt of Jessica's assault, his head cracking painfully against the blonde's and shortly thereafter both ladies and the official went down in a groaning, devastated heap. All was quiet for several moments but then Jessica pushed to her feet and shambled towards the middle of the ring.

That's when the rest of the Latina Assault Squad made their presence known. Out of the corner of her eye, Jess watched a blur slide under the bottom rope and get to its feet. Acting on instinct more than anything else, the Challenger exploded forward and sent her right boat arcing forward, BAM! Sofia Vergara tasted Biel's Big Boot.

Calling on the same instincts Biel spun around on her heel and extended her left arm WHAM! Vida Guerra was turned inside out by the blonde's Clothesline.

Bellowing her fury, Jessica was about to address the crowd when she saw Shakira sliding a steel folding chair towards the slowly recovering J-Lo. Moving in a blur, Biel stepped forward, went into a tight roll and intercepted the weapon. Regaining her verticality the blonde spun around and swung for the fences. BWANG! The chair cracked down on the Latina Supreme's skull and her formerly strong legs turned to jell-o.

Pulling a 180 of her own, Biel watched Shakira charge in and she kabonged her with another massive chair shot. Tossing the dented implement aside, Biel drew a thumb across her throat and snarled, "THAT'S IT!"

Returning her attention to the helpless brunette she wrapped both hands around Jennifer's windpipe and pulled her to her feet. Going nose-to-nose with the glassy-eyed vixen, Jessica whispered, "The numbers don't mean SHIT to me Jenny." On the heels of that statement, Jessica lifted her foe into the air for a second Biel Bomb.

Unfortunately for Jessica, her usually keen instincts had missed the fifth and final member of Jennifer's roving gang of banditas. If she'd just held onto the chair for a little longer, she would have been fine but as it was, her back was completely exposed. BWANG! Mayra Veronica took the opportunity to pay Jessica back with a Chair Shot of her own. Completely unprepared, Biel let out a watery scream as she dropped to her knees with J-Lo landing in front of her. Sparing a glance at her leader, the Cuban Assassin asked, "You got this?"

Wiping blood off her forehead, the Champ nodded and panted, "Leave the chair."

Veronica did as she was told, leaving the chair directly behind the challenger. Finally alone with the blonde, Jennifer pulled Jessica to her feet and threaded a hand through her thighs while the other wrapped over the big blonde's shoulder. Smiling through the blood dripping down her face, J-Lo hoisted Jessica off the mat and inverted her, forcing the Challenger's head into her crotch with J-Lo’s face framed by Jessica’s thighs. Adjusting her grip so both arms were locked at Jessica's waist, Jennifer stumbled forward until Biel's head was directly over the steel chair. Unable to hold her any longer, J-Lo rose up on her toes and then dropped to her knees, spiking the crown of the blonde's skull into the chair with her Ridin' the Six Tombstone Piledriver.

Jessica shook for a moment, then went completely still. It didn't matter how tough you were, NO ONE survived the Ridin' the Six onto a Steel Chair. Pulling the chair out from under Jessica's head, J-Lo slid the weapon out of the ring and just collapsed on top of the blonde's chest. Every nerve in her was SCREAMING at her to humiliate the Challenger with the Smother, but her body just wouldn't listen. She'd been draped across Biel's body for a few seconds when the official got to his knees, crawled over to the decimated warriors and counted off, "ONE....... TWO...... THREE!"

The bell rang and the other four members of the LAS swarmed back into the ring to aid their wounded leader. As Vida and Sofia helped her to her feet, Jennifer glared murder at the fallen blonde and panted, "Get her on her knees!"

Shakira and Mayra took hold of the semi-conscious beauty, pulled her to her knees and held her arms out at her side. Shrugging off the help, J-Lo limped forward and stabbed out a hand. Mashing Biel's face in her claw, Jen shrieked, "YOU THOUGHT YOU COULD BEAT ME? YOU AREN'T GOOD ENOUGH TO KISS MY ASS!" Her voice dropped to a cruel purr as she added, "But I'm going to let you anyway."

Turning around slowly, Lopez hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her briefs and pulled them up in preparation for one of the Super Aroma Therapy's that Sarah had been forced to endure over the last several weeks. Knowing that Vida and Sofia would position Jessica's face perfectly, Jen was on the verge of 'backing it up' into her beaten opponent's nose when she pulled away. Turning around to face her followers, Jen said. "I changed my mind. She's NOT worth it. But that doesn't mean I'm not going to hurt her. Each one of you, take an arm or a leg and stretch her out flat on the mat.” Seconds later the LAS had complied; Vida and Sofia were holding Jessica's wrists while Mayra and Shakira had the blonde's ankles. Picking the chair up, Jennifer straddled Jessica's prone form and leaned down to say, "If you can still talk after tonight, I want you to tell Sarah what THIS was like."

Biel, bloody and bruised but not broken, found her voice long enough to say, "This.... isn't.... over."

Lopez just smiled, "It is for you bitch." She placed the chair on Jessica's face and backed away. Regarding her subordinates with a stern look, J-Lo instructed them, "Hold her tight!"

And as the LAS clamped down on their captive, J-Lo dug into her reserves and ran the ropes one more time. Picking up steam as she headed back to the center of the ring, the Latina Supreme left her feet in a high, arcing leap that ended with her coming down ass-first on the planted steel chair. There was a dull, sadistic THUD nearly lost in the howl of outrage that went up from the legions of Jessica fans in the audience.

Luckily Fannin had hired extra security tonight otherwise several of them might have charged the ring. Still seated on the chair, Jen bounced up and down a few times but when there was no reaction from the blonde beneath her the game lost its fun. Standing up, the Booty Queen raised her hands in victory before turning to Vergara. "Thanks for the help Sofia. Now gimme my title."

An uncertain look passed across her lieutenant’s face. "Uhh, I don't have the belt Jen."

Lopez glared at the other three and then to Timekeeper's table, but her Championship Belt was nowhere to be seen. Quickly losing her patience, Lopez ripped the microphone out of the hands of the Announcer and screamed, "GODAMMIT! WHERE THE HELL IS MY BELT?!"

She paused to breathe and that's when a familiar voice came over the speakers at the top of the ramp. "Yoo-hoo! Hey, Jen! Lumpty Dumpty; I'm up HERE!"

Jennifer and the LAS turned toward the screens at the front of the arena where they saw the image of a smiling Sarah Michelle Gellar watching them from somewhere outside. Once she had J-Lo’s attention, the Slayer continued, "I believe you had a valid question. Said question was God dammit where the hell’s my belt. Well, the answer is…right here!" The slender blonde held up one hand and revealed Jen's custom made World Title in all it's golden, diamond studded glory. Fully aware that there was no way for Lopez or her cohorts to interrupt her, Gellar said. "Now that I answered your question, I want you to answer mine. How many pieces can an industrial grade wood chipper chop this useless piece of shit into?" She paused. "No answer huh? That's OK, that's why I rented this from the nice people at Showalter Lawn Services." She stepped to her left and the camera moved to reveal a big ugly green wood chipper that looked like it had seen better days.

Back in the ring, Jennifer had gone dead pale. Bringing the mic to her lips, she said, "Sarah if you don't drop my title belt RIGHT NOW, I will fucking kill you!"

Sarah turned towards the screen and smiled, "Oh, awright Jen. I'll drop it in just a second. Lemme just flip this switch!" She pressed an ominous red button and the chipper chugged into whining, sputtering life. Never taking her eyes off the camera, the Slayer nonchalantly tossed the glittering piece of leather and gold into the wide mouth of the machine. An instant later, there was a terrible GRINDING noise followed by a small cloud of debris puffing out the spout at the other end.

Face going from pale to flushed in an instant, Lopez growled, "You're DEAD Slayer."

Sarah shook her head 'no.' "I don't think so Jenny. See, I finally learned how to play your game. And ya know what? I like it. Between now and July Fourth, I'm going to make your life a living hell and when I do finally settle up with you, it's going to be for the only REAL World Title this promotion has ever had, namely, THIS one."

Sarah reached down with one hand and pulled up the edge of her baggy hoody to reveal the original World Title strapped around her waist. Patting the gold affectionately, Sarah asked, "You don't really think Fannin would have let this thing get thrown away do ya? If you want to take this from around my waist all you gotta do is TAKE IT. You're tough enough to do that on your own aren't you Jen? Guess we'll find out. See you on the Fourth... honey." With that she blew a kiss at the screen right before the camera went dark.

Caught in the grip of a rage stronger than anything she'd ever known, J-Lo told the LAS, "She makes it to July, understand me? Not all of her - just enough to stand up and face me. Then Gellar ENDS on July Fourth!"

Disgusted, the Champion and her followers exited the ring and made their way towards the ramp. As she passed the front row, she saw Monica Bellucci and her Italian Mafia hangers-on sporting the tiniest hint of a smirk under their dark fedoras and sunglasses. Jen locked eyes with the big brunette and growled, "You got ANYthing to say?"

Monica tilted her head enough for Jennifer to see her eyes as, smiling, she replied, "Not tonight."

Sneering, Lopez snarled, "Well, keep it that way!"

Turning her back on the black-clad visitors, J-Lo rejoined the rest of her stable and vanished through the curtain. Despite all the aches, pains and blood, tonight was far from over. Before the sun came up tomorrow, she and the LAS would have finalized the plan that would spell the end of Sarah Michelle Gellar.