Jessica Biel vs. Ashley Scott by Interac

Wesley Snipes, Kris Kristofferson and David Goyer were talking about the latest Blade movie, there was one part left and two women to chose from.

"So we're doing the third movie and we need a female vampire hunter. Those two girls out there meet all the criteria so how do we chose?" David Goyer asked,

"Both girls are the same size and same build; Ashley has a little meaner look, but Jessica has better acting experience. It's a tough decision either way," Kris Kristofferson added

"Well, I think Jessica has just as mean a look if we darken her hair, so that's not really the issue. On Ashley's show she proved she can fight and word around Hollywood is she's done more than merely beat up someone smaller. She held her own very convincing during her fashion modeling career. What're they doing out there now anyway," David Goyer wondered.

He pressed a button on a remote that showed the two young in the reception area. There were two leather love seats and each was studiously looking around, trying to ignore the others prescence. When they finally did looked over at each other, a sinister smile was obvious on both faces.

"They could answer the question for us. That IS a two way mirror, want to go watch?"

The other two quickly said, "Hell yeah!"

In the reception area, both women were still sitting, making small talk only when necessary. "To be honest with you Jessica," Ashley said. "I don't much like you. In fact, I find you quite annoying and what you did to Sarah Michelle Gellar has always irked me. Fight her OK, but you maliciously hurt her and that wasn't right!"

Jessica stretched out her hands as if to say, 'why not' as she looked into Ashley's eyes, then she smiled, "Well Ashley, if I tried real hard, I guess I COULD care less what you think. Matter of fact, I don't much like you either. And if you think I went to far, so what? That's how I handle those I don't like!"

"You just said you didn't like me, you think you could do that to me?" Ashley said, sitting up a little straighter in her chair.

"Just because we're the same size, doesn't mean the result will be any different," Jessica purred, running her fingers though her dark hair.

"Oh I think it would be! For one, you'd lose and for two I'd beat you until they finally came running in to save your ass," Ashley said, tilting her head and grinning smugly.

Jessica slapped her hands on her knees as she stood up, "I'd sure like to see you try."

"Well then!" Ashley said as she stood up and grabbed Jessica by the shirt, lifted her a little bit and slammed her back in her seat. She tilted her head and smiled down at Jessica who nodded as if acknowledging Ashley's initiation of the fight.

"Oh well then," Jessica sighed. She got up, grabbed Ashley's shirt and threw the natural blonde back in her seat. "Then there you go!"

She let out a little giggle as Ashley mockingly nodded her head, getting up from her seat so they were standing in front of each other, Jessica in dark gray slacks and a light gray blouse with long sleeves that was cut off at the shoulders; her midriff showing two inches of flesh. She stood with her head tilted to one side not really looking at Ashley's eyes but sizing her up. Ashley was doing the same but she was in a pair of tight black tights with red blouse with plunging neck line.

"Well then," Ashley said looking straight at Jessica. "Well."

"I guess there's no more to say," Ashley smiled.

Jessica also smiled, "No there isn't, is there!"

Both women grabbed the other by the shirt and slammed their bodies together. Still looking into each other's eyes, each was trying to force the other back. Suddenly, Jessica shifted her hips and threw Ashley down onto the couch. Getting on top of her, Jessica closed her eyes and with all her strength ripped Ashley's shirt open down the front.

"You bitch!" Ashley screamed as she reached up, grabbed Jessica's hair and threw her to the floor. "I liked that shirt."

Falling on top of Jessica, Ashley pulled Jessica's top down, baring her breasts. Jessica arched her back as she bucked, pushing Ashley off of her. Ashley rolled over and got to her feet, pulling her own ripped blouse the rest of the way off and throwing it aside. Jessica rolled backward, hopped to her feet, then pulled her top off and threw it in Ashley's face. Jessica ran forward, driving her shoulder into Ashley's tight stomach, wrapping her arms around her thighs as she lifted, carrying her back and slamming her into the wall! Snapping straight up, Jessica lifted Ashley folded over her shoulder she dumped her headfirst to the floor. Ashley arched her back, letting out a groan as Jessica straddled her stomach and dropped down with her knee's pinning Ashley's arms to the carpet.

"Hey tough girl, open you're eyes," Jessica sneered as she slapped Ashley twice. "Now, do you still think it was wise to pick a fight?"

Ashley silently looked up, seething about how easily Jessica had gotten the better of her. "I'll tell you what;" Jessica went on, shaking a finger in Ashley's flushed face. "This could go nowhere else. Provided a few things..." Grabbing Ashley's hair, Jessica haule back on it, pulling her head up as she slapped her in the face! "Want to know what it is? First, you apologize for starting something you never had a chance of finishing. Second, tell me how much better looking and more talented I am." Slapping her face again, then sitting up and raising her arms and flexing, she added, "And tell me how much stronger I am..."

But before she could finish, Ashley swung her legs up and hooked her feet under Jessica's arms, then pulled her down. Jessica did a quick backward roll, popping back up to her feet, as Ashley rolled over on her side and got up rubbing her cheek. Jessica again tried for the shoulder block, but this time Ashley moved out of the way and the 'Seventh Heaven' star went sailing facefirst onto one of the love seats. Quickly jumping on Jessica's back, Ashley felt her tring to wriggle out but she fought hard to stay on top until she got Jessica's face on one armrest, then pulled it up by the hair and slammed it down, stunning her.

Sitting on Jessica's back, Ashley smiled for the first time, "Now what was all that stuff you were talking? First, why don't you scream for me little doggie." Rubbing her hands on the back of Jessica's neck, then grabbing her by the hair she hauled back, forcing Jessica to scream. "Good Doggie," Ashley laughed. "Now, should I apologize, oh, hmmmm, duh NO!" Ashley slapped Jessica in the back of the head. "Gee, that didn't work, let's try this!" Putting a hand on the back of Jessica's head, Ashley drew back and smacked her again, this time in the ear. "Better! Well, for me anyway. Now what was next? Oh yeah, your beauty! Well, honey you don't hold a candle to me...and you're not that great an actress as a matter of fact, either!"

Jessica put her palms on the armrest and tried to push up, bucking her body as she did, but Ashley kept a tight grip on Jessica's hair and started riding her like a mechanized bull "Whooeee! This is fun, but it's gotta stop," Ashley said as she brought her free hand down and punched Jessica in the side of the head. "Now, about the last thing you said about being stronger? I don't think so!"

Ashley grabbed two handfuls of blonde hair but just as she did, Jessica caught her wrists and twisted as she pushed her butt up. Both went tumbling off the couch; Ashley landng hard with Jessica on top of her. Jessica threw both elbows and hit Ashley three times before she scrambled away to catch her breath. Jessica's matted hair clung to her face so she slicked it back as she glared at Ashley who was crawling toward the other love seat Jessica leaped at Ashley but sheh moved at the last second and Jessica only hitt the couch.

Ashley rolled away laughing, "God you're dumb" got back on her feet and tried to kick Jessica who got her arms up, blocked the kick and caught Ashley's foot, tripping her.

"Don't call me dumb, you slut," Jessica hissed as she pounced, but Ashley knocked her away and both got to their knees and went for the other's hair. They stayed on their knees, shaking each other's heads until they finally toppled over to the floor. Jessica rolled on top of Ashley and slammed her head on the floor, screaming, "Say it! Say you give, bitch!"

Ashley rolled Jessica over and bounced HER head off the floor, yelling, "NEVER! You say it; admit I beat you!"

"Not a chance," Jessica said as she flipped Ashley over again and nailed her with a punch. Jessica rolled off of Ashley and tried to sit up, but Ashley still had her grip of her hair and pulled her back down. As Jessica drew her fist back to punch, Ashley got in a punch of her own, then pulled Jessica down on her side. But Ashley couldn't get on top of Jessica who held her at bay with one hand pushing up under her chin, eventually forcing Ashley onto her back where she planted a knee in her stomach as she rolled onto her with her hands wrapped around Ashley's neck!

Ashley continued to pull Jessica's hair trying to get her off her, but Jessica ground her knee into Ashley's stomach and Ashley had to let go. Jessica threw a leg over Ashley, settling her ass on Ashley's stomach as she tightened her grip. Ashley began waving her arms frantically, as she felt spit from Jessica's mouth dribbling on her forehead as Jessica shook like a dog with a bone, banging her head on the floor. Bringing her hands a little higher, Jessica pressed her thumbs under Ashley's jaw. "You are so done for! This is finished, sweetheart. I beat you!" Ashley's eyes started rolling to the back in her head as her arms dropped to her sides as her body jerked up, then collapsed back down. Jessica let go and sat up, looking down at Ashley's pale face. She brought her hands up to her breasts and wiped the sweat from them, flicking it down onto Ashley's face.

"Thought you were competition for me sweetie? Not in your lifetime," Jessica laughed as she got up and stood over Ashley who still hadn't moved. A smile creased Jessica's beautiful face and she purred, "Don't you come looking for me again because what you get will only be worse, you dumb bitch!" Jessica turned and walked away, picking up her torn blouse as she strode to the mirror to make herself presentable, not knowing that behind it there were people who had enjoyed watching her fight. Jessica flexed and posed in front of the mirror, her well-defined biceps and rock hard abs tensed. "Dumb bitch, she never had a chance," she muttered.

"I had more than a chance," Ashley growled as she rose and slammed Jessica into the mirror so hard her forehead cracked the glass as her boobs pancaked on the cold mirror. The three men on the other side could see how much pressure Ashley was putting on Jessica as her entire body was flat against the mirror to the point where her pink skin was turning white. "Ever hear of acting?" Ashley hissed in Jessica's ear. "Well that's what I was doing! You really think you could beat me THAT easy? No way, no how!"

Ashley started driving punches into Jessica's kidney's making the younger actress scream. Then she pulled Jessica off the wall, turned her around and slammed her back against the mirror and nailed her with a punch low to her belly that doubled her over. Jessica looked out of it, her eyes closed, her mouth gaping wide open as Ashley held her up by the throat.

"So how about it Jessica, do you give? Or shall I keep pounding you until you can't say a word? But before you answer, here, let me return a favor!" She pulled Jessica's face in between her small, perky breasts and rubbed it around, wiping the sweat off her using Jessica's face as a towel, then slammed her back against the mirror. "So, what's your answer?"

"Fuck you!" Jessica spit the words in Ashley's face with a spray of saliva.

Ashley spit right back in Jessica's face, then went for the old knee to the stomach but Jessica grabbed her under the knee and brought her own knee up, catching Ashley flush between the legs with her own kneelift. Ashley's face went pale as she crumpled to her knees gasping and clutching her pussy with both hands. Jessica leaned back against the mirror to catch her breath, feeling the burning in her body from the kidney punches. Anger gave Jessica the energy to pull Ashley up by the hair and slam her chest into the mirror, then she wrapped her arm around Ashley's throat from behind and started beating on her kidney with wild punches.

"You like that bitch? There's no way out for you now!" Jessica screamed, her cheek pressed to Ashley's as she leaned against her back.

Suddenly, Ashley turned her head and bit Jessica's cheek, hissing, "There's ALWAYS a way!"

As Jessica grabbed her cheek, Ashley spun and nailed her with an uppercut that put Jessica down on her back. There was trickle of blood from the corner of Jessica's mouth as she tried to get up, but she collapsed and her head lolled off to one side as Ashley got up and stood towering over her like the conquering heroine, shaking her fist and screaming down at her, "Hope you've learned your lesson about fighting women your own size." Ashley nudged one of Jessica's bare boobs with her foot, watching the soft flesh roll on her chest. She liked it so much, she did the same to the other boob before planting her foot firmly in the middle of Jessica's chest.

"When you do start that fight, you WILL lose," she said, putting her hands together and shaking, playing to an imaginary cheering section. Then she bent down and picked Jessica's head up by her limp neck, slapped her face to be sure she was alert enough to hear what she said. "And don't you ever forget that!"

Ashley dropped Jessica's head before going to retrieve what was left of her tattered shirt. As she bent down to get it she was tackled from behind and slammed facefirst onto the love seat.

"I'm an actress too, you dumb blonde slut," Jessica roared, holding Ashley's face in the cushion as she reached down and ripped her bra off. "And a better one than you!" she grumbled as she grabbed Ashley's boob and squeezed.

Ashley planted her hands on the love seat and pushed back, throwing Jessica off. She landed on her back, knocking the wind out of the younger actress. Turning around as fast as possible, Ashley's hands found Jessica's bra and ripped it clean off her, her fingers closing around Jessica's larger breasts. But Jessica fought back as she grabbed two handfuls of blonde locks and turned Ashley over onto her back, then lifting herself up, Jessica slammed down onto Ashley's chest, breast-to-breast and belly-to-belly!.

"How'd you like it?" Jessica cried. "You wanted to feel these beauties? Well, here they are in all their glory!"

Jessica was forcefully pressing her boobs down on Ashley's, getting grunts and groans until Ashley was again able to turn Jessica and put her on her back.

"I felt them, now it's my turn!" Ashley said, keeping a firm grip on Jessica's hair as she lifted her body up and slapped her bare breasts down on Jessica who gasped when Ashley did it a second time, then again as she moved up and down, her breasts rubbing and her hard nipples causing more annoyance to Jessica. While Ashley was doing this, she turned her head to one side and closed her eyes for the effects of the long fight had taken a toll on her. She very carefully aiming her boobs on top of Jessica's and pushing down on Jessica's chest, causing Jessica to scream in frustration. Ashley gritted her teeth as her attack was taking almost as much of a toll on her breasts as it was on Jessica's.

Letting one hand go from Jessica's hair, Ashley started slamming her fist into Jessica's side while Jessica was hitting punches to Ashley's sides as well. Jessica was rolling her body and landing punches until Ashley ended up being rolled and got her arm trapped under Jessica! Now Jessica began really laying into Ashley's sides who couldn't punch back; all she could was try and put her elbow in the way of Jessica's fist until she somehow got her arm free or trapped Jessica's arm

Jessica thrust her chest out into Ashley's and Ashley fired back with a boob-butt of her own. The two women were both on their sides so they let go of the arm trap and each locked their hands behind the others neck with their cheeks compressed into the others cheek as they tried to push the other back using only their boobs. Being better “armed” in this contest, Jessica started winning the battle, slowly forcing Ashley back down onto her back.

"I knew those pathetic boobs were no match for mine," Jessica said as she suddenly lunged upward, bringing her chest onto Ashley's face. But Ashley kneed Jessica in the ass and rolled over, ending up on top of Jessica. She grabbed her by the ears and nailed her with a head butt that crossed Jessica’s eyes and made her see double for a few seconds.

Ashley stood up shaking her head, then reached down and pulled Jessica up to her feet. Jessica slumped over so much, that Ashley had no problem nailing Jessica in her free-hanging breasts with her knee, then as soon as her foot touched the floor, she sprang into another kneelift with her other leg!

"You know something, you did prove your boobs were better than mine,” Ashley hissed. “Big freaking deal!" She stood Jessica up straight and nailed her with a spinning heel kick that send Jessica slamming into the wall face-first. "The deal at this is who wins the fight me or you, and not who has the best boobs. I guess what means it won't be you!"

Jessica suddenly pushed off the wall and tried a roundhouse kick, but Ashley ducked and as Jessica's leg swept over her head, she rose up into a punch that nailed Jessica square on the side of her jaw. Jessica crashed back into the wall and if it wasn't for the wall being there, she’d have been sprawled in the next room wondering if she’d ever get back up! As Jessica turned around in slo-motion, she was hit with a straight kick to the stomach and she doubled over forward with her ass against the wall, her head bowed gasping for air.

"Oh did that hurt? Bet you wish you could just curl up in a little ball don't you," Ashley teased as she pulled her foot ouit of Jessica's belly and then caught Jessica under the arms as she started to fall. "I promised you a beating and a beating you will get!” Ashley said as she started landing uppercut after uppercut to Jessica's unprotected face until she finally straightened her up and nailed a kneecap between Jessica's legs that almost flattened her ‘mound of Venus.” Jessica gurgled insane with pain as she started to crumple but Ashley still wouldn’t let her drop, driving two more needless punches to Jessica's already beaten and battered bloody face.

Finally, Ashley nailed a ‘heart punch’ right between Jessica's boobs, then stepped back and let her drop to the floor where she started kicking Jessica over her entire body as she stared at the mirror, then picked Ashley up and threw her backward, sending her crashing right through the two way mirror. Smiling, Ashley looked at the three stunned men who jumped up to keep her from continuing the beatdown, telling her she’d already won.

"You know,” Ashley hissed angrily. “You can take this part and shove it, I proved my point!"