Jessica Biel vs. Britney Spears (CFC title) by rutooold

The women wait in their respective corners for the bell. Britney is back in her ‘touring shape’ showing muscular legs and arms and tight, full, hips. In the prefight weigh-in she stunned the crowd when her weight was announced as 135 - and it's all solid muscle. She’s in a white bikini that shows off her tanned, toned, solid, body to perfection.

Taller than Spears by several inches, Biel came in lighter than her previous bulked up, ‘action star’ body; having cut down to her 'romantic leading actress' weight of a still firm and toned, 125 lbs.. Her body exudes athleticism and she appears confident in a tiny black bikini top and a white thong bottom.

Jessica Biel has held the “Celebrity Fight Championship” for over two years and some consider her ‘unbeatable.’ Spears, on the other hand, was thought to be a “has-been” - a once formidable young fighter relegated to the role of a clown. But her recent hard work in regaining her strength and stamina - while not losing most of her newly mature weight - has some thinking she's going to be a legit threat to Biel's title.

Jessica, on the other hand, said in a prefight interview, “I’m not worried.” Before the bell, poses with hands on hips and taunts Spears. “Hey Brit, are those legs or tree trunks you’ve got? No matter, I’m gonna kick your sad, pathetic, ass all over the ring!”

Unfazed by the slight, Brit slaps her thick, muscular, thighs and snarls, “Fuck you Biel. These ‘perfect pegs’ are gonna crush your skanky body!”

“You’re a mindless, no-talent, white-trash, slut,” Biel spits. “I’ll be doing the world a favor by retiring you today.”

“Me? Trash? Hell, you’ll sleep with anything that wears pants…” Britney shouts. “…even women! I know you suck up to ‘those girls’; the ones like Theron, Jolie, Heche and Degeneres!”

Enraged at being called on her ‘eclectic taste’ in lovers, Biel rushes forward, fists raised, face flushed with anger. Britney, equally ready for mayhem, surprises her with her own prowess and three quick, strong, jabs penetrate Biel’s defense to slam into her ear, belly and chin! As Biel tries to cover up, she turns away and Britney’s left foot flashes out to kicks her in the hip, sending Biel sprawling on all fours! She quickly scrambles back to her feet to face Britney who stands waiting, feet planted, her fingers beckoning, ‘come and get me.’

Biel approaches cautiously, her fists raised, and Britney lets her fists fly - punching rapid fire to Jessica’s body, but Biel blocks most with her arms, and her sturdy body absorbs the rest as she stands her ground. Biel then rocks Spears with a bruising punch to her left cheek that forces Britney to back off.

Britney attacks again, closing to grapple, then nailing Jessica with a knee to the belly nearly doubling her over. Spears follows with a huge uppercut to the brunette’s chin that straightens her right upright. Jessica is shaken, but the champ reacts quickly; grabbing the blonde’s hair, jerking her head back and smashing her right elbow down into Britney’s bulging bosom.

Jessica spins Britney around and slams a knee into Brit’s lower back, then grabs her hips and runs Britney into the corner facefirst where she pounds her fists and knees into Spear’s back until Britney’s knees buckle.

Jessica uses a handful of Britney’s hair to pull her head back, then slams her face into the top turnbuckle, dazing the blonde. Jessica hair mares Spears out to the center of the ring where she lands hard. Other than grabbing her head, Britney just lies motionless while Jessica runs over, leaps in the air and drops a knee into the singer’s gut. Britney’s body reacts violently, jackknifing up, then flopping back down.

Scrambling to her feet, Jessica hair-hauls Britney to her feet, hoists her up shoulder high, then body slams her back to the mat. Twice more, Biel displays impressive strength; each time lifting Britney into the air and driving her body to the mat. The third time Jessica hauls Spears to her feet, she twists the blonde’s wrist into an arm bar, wrenching the arm until Spears is forced to bend forward at the waist. Jessica holds Brit in place as she begins a kicking attack, smashing her foot up into the blonde’s belly and breasts. As Britney slowly collapses to her knees, Jessica moves behind her to hammerlock her arm; twisting it to near the breaking point. Levering Spears back up onto tip-toes, Biel marches the blonde around the ring to the delight of the crowd, then whips her into the ropes.

As Britney rebounds, Jessica nails her with a drop kick to the chest and the blonde singer crashes to the mat like she’d been shot! Jessica straddles Britney’s waist and rips off Britney’s bikini top, tossing it into the crowd. While the crowd scrambles for the souvenir, Biel forehand and backhands the humbled singer’s face, then grabs onto Britney’s bare boobs and digs her strong hands into the soft flesh with crushing force!

“Let’s see if these are real...” Biel snorts derisively. “...or fake like your singing!”

Spears moans and groans as she bucks her hips and squirms her shoulders, trying to unseat her tormentor. Planting her feet, Britney heaves her body - and lifts her own and Biel’s combined weight - off the mat. As Biel starts to tumble forward, she lets go of Britney’s tits and reaches out to break her fall. Jessica tries to sit down on Britney’s face but she’s unbalanced and out of position and Britney gets her hands under Biel’s butt shoves her away. Both women scramble to their feet.

“How do you like the fight so far, Brit? Not fake like your singing, is it?” Biel jeers as she eyes Britney’s red breasts.

Jessica charges, but Britney surprises her and hip tosses Biel to the mat. Jessica scrambles to her feet but Spears hip tosses her to the mat again! Jess lands heavily, but is quickly up and stubbornly charges again. Brit tries for a third hip toss and Jessica tries to counter it. They struggle for a moment, their bodies locked together. Then with a grunt, Spears overpowers Jessica, sending her crashing to the mat flat on her back. But as Jessica hits the mat, Spears drops with both knees and all of her weight comes crashing down on the brunette’s firm abs!

All the air rushes from Jessica’s lungs and she writhes in pain, gasping and desperately trying to get air back into her, Britney stands quickly and repeats the double knee drop, then straddling the badly winded Biel, Britney grabs two handfuls of brunette hair and smashes Biel’s head on the mat a couple of times. Once Biel is dazed, Britney hauls back and punches her in the face. She repeats the combination over and over; head banging followed by a left or right to the face. The crowd takes up a loud raucous count, “ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR!”

“Are you enjoying this, you whore,” Brit hisses.

Britney stops when the count reaches twenty. Standing, she hair-hauls the gasping, groggy, Biel to her feet and goes chest-to-chest with her, wrapping her arms around her waist. Planting her feet, Spears easily lifts Biel up into a bear hug! Jessica writhes and moans as the stocky blonde threatens to break her back.

“How about THIS?” Britney hisses. “Are you enjoying THIS?” she grunts, shaking Beil’s body after each question. “Huh, you whore!”

Biel lets out a low, pathetic, moan as Britney releases her and Jessica flops limp to the mat. Britney walks around behind the gasping brunette, grabs her hair to jerks her into a sitting position, then drives a knee into the back of Biel’s head. Britney drags Biel to her feet, then punches the actress just below her belly button to double her over. Spears steps forward and clamps Biel’s head between thick, powerful, thighs. Jessica shrieks as Brit leans over her back, unhooks her bikini top, pulls it off and drops it at her feet. Biel desperately digs her fingers into the back of Brit’s thighs, wiggling her ass as she tries to pull free, but Britney responds with a double ax-handle that drives Biel to her knees. The blonde tightens her killer thighs, then bends forward, reaches around Biel’s torso and clamps her hands into Jessica’s freely swinging tits.

“YEOOOOOOWWWWWW....” Biel wails as Britney’s hands close into tight fists, her breast flesh oozing between the blonde’s splayed fingers.

“Payback’s a bitch, ain’t it?” Britney chuckles.

Jessica bounces her butt up and down; then rotates her hips; digging her fingers into the back of Britney’s thighs; trying everything to work her head free. Britney reaches one hand down Jessica’s back, grabs the brunette’s thong and jerks up - hard!

“OHHHHH SHIIIIIIIT!” Biel howls and Britney lets out a loud guffaw as she suddenly drops to her knees, dragging the trapped Jessica to the mat with her.

Rolling onto her side, Britney crosses her ankles and puts Jessica in a crushing neck scissors. With one hand still sawing Biel’s thong up and down, Britney works her other hand into the crack of Jessica’s perfect bubble butt, then forces it deeper and starts to claw Biel’s bulging nether lips. Pushing three fingers into Jessica’s pussy, Britney grins as she starts to finger-fuck the writhing brunette while Jess gulps her hips, squirms and then whimpers helplessly.

“Say you’ll be my bitch…” Britney offers with a toss of her wild blond hair. “…and maybe I’ll let you go...” She works her fingers more aggressively and squeezes her thighs still tighter. Then adds with a chuckle, “...while you can still walk.”

As Britney plays with her pussy, Biel’s resistance fades and Spears momentarily relaxes her thighs to ease the tension in her straining muscles. Biel suddenly rakes her nails into Britney’s thighs and as Spears reacts, Jessica jerks her head free.

In slow motion, the very shaky, oxygen deprived, Biel rolls over, rises to all fours, then starts to crawl toward the ropes. Spears grandstands for the crowd, taking her time to stand, then raises her hand to her face and sniffs her fingers.

Leering, she shouts to the crowd, “I smell chicken and that makes me hungry!” The jaded crowd cheers her on!

Jessica manages to get up on one knee, grabbing the ropes with one hand to steady herself while her other hand rubs her neck. Britney strides over behind Biel, then slams both hands down on the base of Jessica’s throbbing neck and digs ten fingers into her aching shoulder muscles. Jess shrieks as she reaches back to claw at Britney’s wrists, but Brit releases one hand, swings and SMACK, slaps the brunette on the side of the face!

“No scratching, bitch!” Britney spits as she hauls Biel to her feet. Gamely, Biel turns to grab Britney’s throat in both hands, but Britney easily pries her hands away and then ear claps her dazed foe, sending Biel reeling back holding her head.

Britney steps with her, sweeps one hand up between Jessica’s rubbery legs, scoops the brunette off her feet and heaves her up to hold her shoulder high as she parades around the ring, displaying the brunette like a trophy.

When she stops, Britney power slams Biel to the mat where she lays stunned, beaten and spread-eagled while Britney struts around her, sizing her up as she considers what to do next. Suddenly, Britney reaches down, grabs both of Jessica’s ankles and wishbones her legs wide apart.

Spears looks out into the crowd and asks, “Well, shall I? It may hurt.”

Then without waiting for the crowd’s approval, she stomps her foot down and grinds her left heel into the brunette’s sore crotch. She follows that with a knee drop that nearly splits Jessica in two. When Britney lets go of Jessica’s ankles, her legs drop limp, then she curls up in a ball writhing in pain, groaning and gently cradling her throbbing crotch with both hands.

“Now...” Britney says. “...about my legs. You remember you made some crack about them before we started...” She drags Jessica to her feet. “This is the part where I wrap my thighs around your waist and break that body you’re so proud of in two! Oh, and it will really, really, hurt,” she promises.

But Jessica grabs Britney’s hair and CRACK, head butts her! The loud, sickening impact quiets the stunned crowd and as Britney reels away hurt, Jessica slumps to one knee. Biel’s fans start to chant her name as encouragement and Biel struggles upright on wobbly legs and stumbles toward Spears who is leaning on the corner turnbuckle, holding her head and blinking to clear her vision.

Jessica makes her move, driving her right foot into Britney’s belly to double her over. Resetting herself, Biel’s foot snaps out again, this time sweeping upward into Britney’s chest, pancaking her left breast! Running on fumes, Biel knows she has to end the fight quickly. Almost moving in slow motion, Jessica hair-hauls Britney to her feet, lifts the blonde up to her chest, then slams her down over her knee in a backbreaker! Holding Britney bent over her thigh with one hand on her chest and the other on her crotch, Jessica digs her fingers into Britney’s pussy.

“This is it for you, slut!” Jessica spits as she closes her fist, crushing Spears labia, a small measure of revenge for the pain she’d felt earlier.

But Spears is far from finished and she clamps her legs onto Jessica’s invading hand and tightens her formidable abs. The crowd gasps as Britney slowly levers her body up, then elbows Jessica in the face, splitting her lip. Britney gets up and throws herself at Biel, crashing to the mat on top of her. They struggle on the mat, fingers locked, rolling over and over until the come to a stop with Britney on top. Raising her upper body, Britney grapevines Jessica’s legs and secures her, then pulls one hand free, wraps her arm around Jessica’s head and pulls her face into her tits.

As Biel struggles for air, Britney frees her other hand and adds a second arm to the breast smother. Biel bucks and bounces on her butt, trying to wriggle free but Spears is too strong and Biel has been too weakened by Spears attacks. Gasping, Jessica’s struggles lessen as her oxygen is rapidly depleted. When Britney finally unwraps her arms and slowly stands up, Biel is left red-faced and gasping on the mat between her spread legs.

Spears glares down at her. There’s no talking, no grandstanding; just business. The blonde half turns, then executes a text book elbow smash down onto Biel’s bare breasts; putting her full weight behind it. Sitting up beside her gasping adversary, Britney positions herself behind the brunette and puts Jessica in a waist scissors, adding a full nelson for good measure.

“This match ends NOW!” Britney pants as she tightens her thighs and locks in the full nelson. Britney’s thick thighs look even more formidable wrapped around Jessica’s thin waist. As Britney pulses the twin holds she grunts in concentration until Biel can take no more and whimpers her submission between tortured gulps of breath.

The crowd cheers, but Britney hears nothing; she continues bearing down with all her strength on both vice grip holds, waiting for the moment her body feels zero resistance from her foe. It happens soon as Biel gives a shriek, goes limp and passes out. Only when she feels Biel’s last resistance ebbing away can Britney smile and relax. She stands stiffly, flexes her burning legs, then struts slowly around the ring, both hands raised high, her breasts jiggling and bouncing on her chest as she takes deep, relieved breaths.

Looking down at the faces of the women ringside, Britney mentally makes a list of the names she will consider for her first title defense: Theron, Beckinsale and Neve Campbell are the first three names, but she has a special desire to add singer Jewel Kilcher’s pelt to her lodge pole too! So many choices, so little time...