Big Booty Battle #1: Beyonce Knowles vs. Jennifer Lopez (w/Britney Spears) by ASmotherFan

Her eyes began to sting sharply from the light in the bathroom and from the soap that had dried on her eyelids and cheeks. The floor she was on was cold and wet against her naked body and although she was still disoriented, the events of the past few hours flooded from her subconscious. In a vain act of self-defense, she quickly sat upright, supported by her shaking, exhausted arms behind while in front her bare breasts swayed back and forth from the quick movement. As her eyes adjusted to the bright lights, she made an attempt to assess her current peril. She rolled over and painfully sat up, leaning against an obviously expensive wooden cabinet. Realizing she was in no immediate danger, Britney's gaze turned to behold a second apparent victim, still unconscious on the wet tile floor. The girl's face was away from Britney, lying on her side, but she didn't need to see her face to identify her. She knew that ample backside pointed in her direction as one of two she'd spent too long getting to know "up close and personal" for the better part of the afternoon; her former tormentor, Jennifer Lopez, was laying out cold on Beyonce Knowles' bathroom floor.

"But how? Why?" Britney's aching head searched for an explanation to her former captor's sudden change of status. She questioned whether Beyonce had turned on J-Lo, or if one of Britney's friends come to save her, or did her adversary simply slip and fall? It didn't really matter to the young singer, because J-Lo no longer posed a threat to her. For the first time tonight... she saw a chance for escape. But not so fast...

As far back as she could remember, there had always been two sides to Britney Spears; the primary side... the one most people see... the confident, self-affirming Britney; the same girl who can get up and shake her nearly bare ass in front of 60,000 screaming fans and quietly say to herself, "Oh yeah... you know it's better than yours and any you've ever seen!"

And then there was the other side of Britney Spears... the instinctual coward who runs at the first sign that very same crowd she was shakin' it for, wanted to kick it. That Britney's side screamed, 'save your own hide!'

Usually, when one Britney had been dominated for most of a day... the other Britney is dying to come out and, by far... cowardly Britney had control of her body this day since she first woke up, leaning against that plaster wall. Now, it was time for the haughty, naughty, Britney to take her turn in the limelight!

With no audience save one unconscious Latina Booty Queen, Britney's innocent, puppy-eyed, scared-for-my-own-life melted away, changing into an evil half-smile, half-grimace of hate and revenge. Her eyes narrowed to slits and, had the National Geographic been filming this scene, you'd half expect to hear a prideful howl bellow forth from her canine-baring sneer. She slinked on all fours like a cat across the barren tundra of the cold bathroom floor, her extended arms and hands formed into claws, toward her peacefully slumbering prey. The once proud and domineering Latina lay hapless and dreaming, completely unaware she was about to suffer even more punishment. Only a woman who'd spent the day in the position Britney had could understand what she was about to do. In the back of her mind, the word "coward" echoed hollowly... but it was distant, almost a voice that wasn't her own; something detached that wasn't about to slow the mudslide of revenge sliding toward J-Lo in the curvaceous figure of a young pop star. Britney quickly wrapped her fingers in Jennifer's hair and roughly flopped her over onto her back. Straddling her smooth, slick stomach, she dug her talons onto the Latina's smaller, softer breasts and began to savagely maul them.

It began more as a massage, one that elicited low groans from the still-unconscious Latina, but slowly, the pop star increased the pressure, speed and intensity of her fingers until she was crushing the beaten brunette's mammaries with nearly all her might; intent on causing ungodly pain to the comatose combatant. Britney felt the soft flesh yielding, molding itself to her mashing hands and nails. She imagined the massive agony she was causing the constantly moaning Jennifer who was still out of it when Britney slid her young, firm ass forward, slamming it down onto J-Lo's now aching breasts. Britney began a slow grind on Jennifer's tits, feeling the soft mounds slipping and sliding under her, distorting with each successive rotation of her shapely ass. She bounced, crushing and smashing with increased fury until she was in a near-frenzy of destruction on the Booty Queen's trounced mammaries. Just as her world was about to give way to the dark flow of reckless hatred that had already fogged the edges of her vision, Britney caught sight of Jennifer's eyes fluttering, opening and closing rapidly, a sign of her impending consciousness. Immediately, Britney rose, abandoning her breast destroying attack for a more distant approach, considering her enemies returning consciousness!

J-Lo awoke gasping with a sharp pain in both breasts and a heavy weight on her chest making it nearly impossible to suck in the necessary air to scream! But almost immediately, the weight lifted off and the pain stopped. She strugled to roll onto her side to prevent a second occurrence, still barely aware of her surroundings. Her breasts throbbed, her lungs burned and her head and neck ached. She could feel cold water on her nude body and sensed the smooth ceramic tiles against her right side. What she couldn't figure out but what would've been far more beneficial had she been able to choose between the two, was the well-aimed kick heading for her ribs. Her eyes still closed, she felt a bare foot connect with her supple side, slamming hard into her ribs once... twice... three times before she was able to roll up and protect herself.

"You stupid spic whore! Who the hell do you think you are, rubbing your fat nasty ass in MY face?!?!" The pain pulsing in her bruised ribs was enough to keep her crumpled in a ball on the floor, barely able to open her eyes. But when she finally did open them, she saw the haughty, naked, smirking Britney Spears standing over her with her hands on her hips. "Fucking slut!" she saw, more than heard, the pop princess say as her small, innocent looking foot slammed into the Latina Booty Queen's jaw, snapping her head to the side and blurring her vision.

The next clear image J-Lo recalled was of Britney's naked ass, wagging like the tail of a satisfied pussycat as she swaggered out the bathroom door, leaving the aching, gasping J-Lo curled up all alone on the cold tile. She struggled to her feet, using the countertop for support as she stood, her legs trembling and her shaky arms nearly useless. She looked into an immaculately lit mirror, but the woman staring back wasn'thing like what she'd expected to see. The woman in the mirror had wet hair plastered to her skull looking something like a drowned rat... she'd smeared make-up fit for a circus clown... and there was a dark bruise and a little swelling on her left cheek - undoubtedly from one of the kicks she received from the bitchy little "Teen Queen" moments before.

"Ohhhh... if I ever get my hands on her again..."

But first things first! J-Lo could still smell the scent of the "bootylicious babe" who'd underhandedly betrayed her and knocked her out in the first place. She turned on the faucet and began to splash water on her face, trying to eliminate the persistent evidence of the smothering she'd received. When she felt something at the back of her mouth and spit, she splattered blood in the sink from a cut in her doubt a result of Britney's improvised tap dance on her face! The sight of the blood, and the thought of what had been done to her, sent her into a rage and she began to hyper-ventilate... trying to maintain her composure... too late! She grabbed a metal towel rack, ripped it from the wall and proceeded to smash anything in the bathroom she thought she could break.


BBAAAAMMMMM! "I'm gonna beat her black ass!"

SSSSSLLLLLAAAAAAAAMMM! "Gonnaaa crush her fuckin' body!"

CRAAAAAAASH! "Then I'm gonna sit on her fuckin' face til..."

The last swing had smashed the huge mirror she'd been staring into and as she stared at the spider-cracked glass, she realized she didn't see what she expected to see, but this time she liked what she saw and she smiled.


A while later, Jennifer shuffled unsteadily into the front foyer of one of her many multi-million dollar mansions, dropped her coat and kicked the door shut behind her. Seemingly aimlessly, she wobbled forward, slowly tugging at the clothing she'd unfastened so hastily at the thought of sticking her ass in Britney's face; trying weakly to remove it as she slowly made her way up the stairs, removing her clothes and dropping them on the steps as she climbed. The muscles in her legs were like tight cords, her arms foam rubber and her jaw ached as did the bruise on her right cheek. It had been a long day, far longer than expected, and she wanted nothing more than to slip into her large (and rather costly, her mother and sister would say) Jacuzzi and allow the warm, sweet night air to flow in through the French doors from her balcony. Indeed, after lighting a few candles, that's just what she did! The water was hot and therapeutic; it eased every sore muscle and soothed each ache in turn. Her mind finally clear enough, and her face finally clean enough, she picked up a nearby phone and made a call.

"Yeah... John," she began. "Put me through to my publicist... no, not her... the 'other' one!" A moment of silence, then she resumed her conversation. "Yeah... it's me. Listen, I gottaa favor tuh ask... wait, I know we decided to lay off the public fights for a while... make 'em beg for it and all that crap, but you gotta make this happen! I want that bitch Beyonce one-on-one; no getting' out... no interference... no fuckin' running like the scared little cunt she is! Smother till one of us is out... catfight! Middle of Madison Fuckin' Square Garden if you can... and I want everydamnbody front and center... Mariah, Britney, Christina, Theron... anyone who's anyfukkinbody!" Another awkward moment of silence, then, "That's great...a month...main event? You promise? OK! Guess I'll see you there!"

She hung up and stepped out of the tub, standing naked in front of her mirror, body turned sideways, head over her shoulder examing the equisite speciment before her with a 'crictical eye'. She slid one hand softly over her smooth sexy ass and rubbed it sensuously the way she always did when she got in one of her 'moods'. "Mmmmmmmm... we're gonna get her hun... don't worry!" Then her face slipped smoothly into a narrow eyed smile, "Oh yeah... we're gonna get her!" she laughed as she strutted away from the mirror, studying her asses reflection; excited about the upcoming event.


When Beyonce returned found her bathroom destroyed she was irate! "Nobody does this to me. I'm Befuckingyonce Goddam Knowles! I don't care who the fuck that slut thinks SHE is; there's fiftyfuckingthousand dollars of damage here! I oughtta call the fucking cops!"

The young singers mind raced, fueled with anger and the adrenaline from her previous fight and the ass-smothering she'd given the owner and operator of the "self-proclaimed best booty in showbiz!" It was that thought that suddenly brought Beyonce's fury train to grinding halt. She'd just smothered out the 'Booty Queen' so, technically, she was now the champion 'Booty Girl', the finest of the facesitters! And, if she pissed J-Lo off enough to cause her to do THIS amount of damage to her bathroom, she knew she'd really gotten to her - and that was the greatest victory of all! Somewhere, deep down inside, she'd stripped J-Lo - not just of her clothes or her title, or even her dignity - but of her *identity*! She'd taken the *one* thing that made J-Lo who she is. She'd beat her famous ass! Beyonce smiled at the thought... then her phone rang.

"Miss Bootylicious," she purred as she answered. "How may I help you? Uh-huh... yeah... yes... mmm-hmmm..." her smile slowly began to turn upside down! "What? Excuse me? Wait jus' a goddam second... SHE doesn't have the authority to challenge anybody now! She just spent the evening with her nose up my a... What? Oh... I see... Mmmmmm... In that case, fine! Considere it done! One month it is! Oh, and do me a favor... when you call her back? ... ask her if she can still smell me!"

Beyonce laughed at her own malevolence as she slammed the phone back onto its cradle. In just one month, she'd get to sit on "her royal hiney's" face one more time...and this time, it would be in public, in front of everyONE!


Jennifer was confident she could win... there was no question in her mind. Beyonce had jumped her from behind; taken advantage of her trust. That wouldn't happen a second time. She didn't get where she was being stupid - no matter what the tabloids and that frikkin' Ben Afleck said! But J-Lo didn't merely want to win, she wanted to crush Beyonce; to pound her; to smash her; to humiliate her; to break her and take everything she was from her... just as Beyonce had done to her! Jennifer knew from the strength of the thighs that she'd felt clamped around her neck that night - if she really wanted to do that to Beyonce, she'd have to train and train hard! And train is precisely what she did! Morning, noon, and night she was in the gym. She pounded the bag; each thrust one step closer to defeating her rival. She worked her legs; each rep one step closer to grinding Beyonce's prized gams. She worked her arms; each curl one step close to breaking the Black girl's spirit. She especially worked her ass - not because it wasn't firm, or because it was too big, quite to the contrary... she wanted it BIGGER; more smothering, much as it had been when she first got into the 'booty business' in the first place. And with the right diet and training... she took one step closer to humiliating her hated foe!

By the end of the month J-Lo had toned her legs; had considerably defined her arms and she'd become proficient at the pugilistic arts! Not only that, she'd also added full three inches in her hips. She was now the epitome of J-Lo perfection - ready to kick ass!

But J-Lo didn't do all this in secret! Every day Beyonce got a sneak preview of the footage of J-Lo's training from the network that would be airing the tape that afternoon. The camerawomen following Beyonce's own training (she insisted they all be female in accordance with her personal predilition for feminine pulchritude!) were were more than happy to show her the network feed tape to get her reactions. There's no better entertainment than watching a woman's raw, natural, emotion and they knew it! Every smile, grimace, laugh or growl Beyonce made in response to the video made them richer!

Beyonce didn't take her "training" - if that's what you want to call it - nearly as seriously as J-Lo. She certainly worked those incredible legs, but that wasn't anything extrordinary; plus she never did it in front of the cameras. She knew if J-Lo thought she wasn't taking her seriously, it would infuriate her and that would, psychologically, be more damaging than any added strength she could build in her already stronger (or so she thought) thighs! As the bright lights beamed on her and the lenses focused on her each evening, Beyonce would lie naked on the floor and run through a rep of sit-ups before she returned to the couch where she munched different "fattening" snack foods to 'build my body.'.

"This bite's for you, Jennifer, honey!" she'd laugh. "Gettin' bigger by the minute, ready to crush that pretty face a yours!" Then she'd turn her butt toward the camera, poise herself on her knees and wiggle her big black ass as it filled the viewfinder on the camera's wide-angle lens....then "fade to black."


... she struggled but it was useless. "So much for hot-tempered Latina's... you thought you were so tough... thought you had it all figured out didn't you? Well you're right back where we started this whole nasty feud...with your nose up my big sexy black butt!" Beyonce slowly ground away on Jennifer's face, laughing at the weak struggles of the now twice defeated Booty Queen.

BZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! Beyonce was rudely startled awake by her alarm clock sounding its morning ritual. The dream she'd been so blissfully immersed in came to a crashing halt...but it would come true *live* this very night. Besides... she had a lot to do and her attention was currently diverted by the stickiness on the pillow that she'd been grinding on in her dream. She rustled her bare body from the bed and strode proudly naked to the bathroom which had been remodeled thanks to J-Lo's temper tantrum a month ago. Glancing slyly sideways at the outfit she'd chosen for tonight's fight, she stepped into the stinging warmth of her shower.

Jennifer had already been awake for an hour before Beyonce opened her eyes. She was, in fact, just finishing her morning run when Beyonce's alarm clock rudely shook her from her moist dream of conquest. J-Lo walked, sweating heavily, into her house across town and began stripping off her sweaty clothing. Suddenly, her mind flashed back to that night one month before when she'd walked into the same foyer...beaten and broken, her jaw swollen and aching, her pride (and clothing) stripped and face red and "fragrant" with Beyonce's 'mark'. She snapped back to the present, shaking herself angrily. If she continued to let that night get the better of her, she'd never get her revenge for it!


It was a regular Friday night in the Celebrity Catfight Arena in sunny So. Cal. but the audience was a little more charged than usual; there was electricity in the air; the anticipation almost palpable. Between two fights on the undercard, a split screen live video feed flashed on the Jumbo-tron screen above the combatants entrance to the arena. It showed two limos pulling up at opposites sides of the arena. There was no question as to who hid behind the dark windows of the twin cars, but as the doors simultaneously opened and the two determined combatants stepped out, the arena erupted in cheers. Just as J-Lo's publicist promised, all of Hollywood's best and brightest were seated front row - those who weren't appearing on the undercard. One of the young stars was Britney Spears and her face flashed across the jumbo screen more than once that night, causing quite a stir. She was only the most visible of a whole host of back-stabbers and rising, out-to-make-a-name-for-themselves wannabe stars who added to the eagerness of the capacity crowd.

The list ranged from relative newcomers like Gabrielle Union to seasoned veterans like Mariah Carey and Salma Hayek. Each got their respective turn on the Jumbo-tron and each beaming smile... with uneasiness (imagined or not) peaking through like the dull finish under gold-plating... brought more aggravated excitement to the growing multitude of stars and fans gathered in anticipation of the main event.

Backstage, the P.R. battle had already begun. Beyonce insisted that league correspondents conduct WWE style backstage interviews with the combatants...while J-Lo wanted nothing to do with it; she just wanted to fight. But that's not what makes good television, so the producers sent their camera crew to Beyonce's dressing room first, trying to goad J-Lo into responding. They were about to accomplish their goal... BIG TIME!!! The image of a dressing room door with a sign that read: BEYONCE KNOWLES appeared on the Jumbo-tron. Then a small, well-manicured hand pecked on the door in an almost apprehensive fashion. Fear permeated the camera's lenses and spread to the closest members of the audience. A small muffled snivel came from within the chamber that lay before the interviewing team - and that got everybody's attention including J-Lo's. She'd been sitting silent, looking away while her friends and publicist watched from the edges of their seats the closed circuit TV in her dressing room.

"Oh... sorry! Come in! I must've lost track of the time," Beyonce purred silkily. "I wasn't really ready."

Her voice slithering out of the TV and raked J-Lo's brain like metal claws. Her face twisted in anger, her eyes widening with rash contempt for whatever she was about to see. A small girl in a sexy business suit stepped into the camera's goggled view as she shoved at the slightly (but only ever so slightly) hard-to-open, white door. The girl was red-haired beauty Alyson Hannigan and as she swung Beyonce's door back, her hair blazed against her pale ivory skin and the stark white background of the bland dressing room. But the sight of that gorgeousness was almost enough to distract one from the sight of utter horror that met it from across the room; almost... but not quite. For as the door swung wide, a smiling, mostly naked, Beyonce appeared. She was sitting on a high ottoman, her back to the camera, staring over her shoulder at the attractive interviewer. She was bottomless and trying (in vain it appeared) to fasten a top over her magnificent breasts. Her honey skin seemed to flow as she struggled with the tight top, wiggling a bit; her dark hair sweeping back and forth across her smooth, bare back. But she DIDN'T WIGGLE TO ADJUST HER TOP... she wiggled to adjust her wide, velvety hind quarters on the face of a moaning young girl who was being smothering under her behemoth ebony backside. A collective gasp whooshed from the audience like the wind that foretells a storm's arrival!

The girl's young face was barely visible, her nose wedged deep in its 'proper' place; but what was visible made it clear the crying, frightened girl was a Latina. In fact, she reminded J-Lo of her younger sister when she was a high school student. The girl couldn't have been more than 18, then minimum to gain access to the facility... but as the camera got closer, it was obvious she couldn't have been more than one day over the minimum....and she looked far younger! J-Lo's heart sank as her mind rolled back, turning her eyes into tunnels; the scene barely visible at the far end. The cameraman moved around to show the face of the naked black singer, more revealing and even more heart-wrenching surprise, the girl was wearing an, "I (heart) J-Lo" T-shirt she'd obviously bought from a vendor on entering the arena.

"Hey Jennifer!" The hated voice snapped J-Lo out of her semi-trance and she saw Beyonce's leering face as big as the TV screen accompanied by the sound of uncontrolled, muffled, sobs. J-Lo's jaw was fixed open like a snake about to strike, but her expression looked more like she was about to lose her lunch. "I found this lucky young fan wandering the halls looking for your dressing room. I think she wanted an autograph...silly huh?" Beyonce leaned forward, her face showing a little unexpected shock just before she wiggled back down. "Oh she's a feisty one Jen! Awwww... Jen... do you feel bad? Well don't! I'm doin' this little skank a favor honoring her face with my sexy ass. Now instead of just getting a glimpse of YOUR nasty butt, she gets to SNIFF my much nicer Derrrrrriiiiiiieeeeerrrree!" As Beyonce drew out the pronounciation of the word, she wiggled her ass on the poor Latina's face, laughing into the camera as she did.

Alyson stood open mouthed in front of the haughty singer; her wide eyes like the headlights of an abandoned car, carelessly left ON. She'd only been doing interviews in the federation for a few months; she was, after all, a fighter by nature and her first reaction, after total shock, was to see the injustice of the act she was witnessing. But that wasn't her job, she knew that. So instead of interfering, Alyson stood by watching with wide-eyed in amazement - and a touch of envy - the ferocity and coolness Beyonce displayed.

"Aren't you gonna ask me any questions? Isn't that your job?" Beyonce snarled, a little agitation creeping into her otherwise cheerful tone. She wanted attention... and Alyson wasn't providing it.

"Oh... ummmm... yeah... So Beyonce, what are your thoughts on the match tonight?" It was the most puerile and childish question she could've asked at that particular moment, and she knew it, but her bewildered mind couldn't think of a better question. A more experienced journalist (a Diane Sawyer, Barbara Walters or probably even Katie Couric) would've kept her cool, but Alyson wasn't experienced...hell, she wasn't even a journalist, who are we kidding! She was simply an actress who fought in these matches who was exchanging her celebrity for a chance for greater exposure herself! But fortunately for Alyson, Beyonce really didn't care what question was asked, she just needed a prompt, any prompt, and Alyson gave it to her!

"WELL, honestly honey..." Beyonce drawled coyly. "This match is already over. I beat her once, and smothered her under this bootylicious ass then... and tonight she's gonna get her nose put right back between my sweet cheeks again...jus' like this little chica here!" As Beyonce stood up, she allowed the young Latina to slide off the seat to the floor where she lay gasping for air. Beyonce knelt at the girl's head, grabbed her curly black hair and lifted her head, turning her red, tear-streaked face toward the camera, "Take a good look Jenny baby; this is you... in less than an hour! Hey, maybe you two can cry together when this is over!" Then jerking the lovely young Latina's face around, Beyonce screamed at her, "You hear that you little slut? I'm gonna sit on your idol's face! 'Cept I'm not gonna be as nice to her as I was to you!"

The girl broke into the loudest, most disturbing wails J-Lo had ever heard and the sound chilled her to the bone. Without the girl actually saying anything, she could hear the moaning chant, "Why me? Oh God! Why? Why?" in her sobs.

Beyonce had crossed the line by abusing a fan... enough was enough. At that moment, the screen faded to black. The crowd sat stunned and silent...somewhere in the hushed hall an ice machine whirred and a vending machine dropped change in its coin-slot. Otherwise in the hall no audible voice was heard. Beyonce hadn't won the crowd over tonight, but that wasn't her intention; she didn't need have to fight the crowd, she'd come to fight - and beat - J-Lo and although she was fairly confident of victory a little added aggravation to Jennifer's already fragile psyche couldn't hurt.

The only view of Jennifer's room the arena camera's had was J-Lo'spublicist and she steadfastly refused to dignify Beyonce's "vile antics" (according to her) with a response. Inside her dressing room, J-Lo was about to explode; her mind boiled like a pressure cooker, but she refused to let it get the best of her. It was true she had a fierce "Latin temper" but she knew it would be best released during her battle rather than in pointless verbal pre-fight quarreling.

As the match on the final undercard bout took place in the arena, J-Lo sat in her dressing room, rocking back and forth, repeating her mantra, psyching herself up. Then a voice echoed through the silent dressing room over the closed circuit TV... she heard them introduce a mixed chorous of cheers and boos. J-Lo turned to watch as Beyonce slipped through the curtain into the spotlight grinning from ear to ear. It was impossible to tell the cheers from the jeers, but there was certainly a lot of noise - and Beyonce loved it! She wore a tight pink top and matching a bottom stretched so tight across her supple ebony ass it could have been a second layer of her dusky, flawless flesh. Naturally, they were frilly booty shorts that rode high up in her ass leaving at least the bottom fourth of her 'cheeks' bare. She raised her arms as she strode confidently down the aisle as cameras flashed and signs waved. She stopped on the ring apron, bent at the waist and shook her ass for the crowd, eliciting a pop of cheers and jeers before she slid between the ropes and bounced around inside the squared circle. Then she retrieved a microphone and began deriding J-Lo anew!

"Before that fat ass J-Lo Lopez comes out here to sample this milkshake," (shaking her ass playfully). "I want to clear a few things up about who is the REAL champ, and who's the challenger tonight!" Mutteres and whispers nearly drowned out the boos from J-Lo fans as confusion spread thru the capacity crowd. "If you would direct your attention to the 'Jumbo-tron' I'll explain. This first photo is your Latina Booty Queen in her rightful place, for the first time." (a photo of J-Lo's face, mostly covered by Beyonce's naked ass flashes onto the screen and a gasp sweeps like a wind across the multitude.) "This next photo is that same ex-Booty Queen, out cold following her dethronement." (a shot of the unconscious diva, lying naked on Beyonce's bathroom floor is shown.) "And finally, here's Ms. Lopez at her best; note her nose stuck right up that cowardly Britney Spears' stupid ass." (the photo shows Britney, totally out and unaware that J-Lo's face is being pushed into her ass appears.) "Now I ask you people... who is the REAL Booty Qu..."

Beyonce's gloating gets cut short as the lights suddenly go out in the arena and 'Waiting for Tonight' played over the arena speakers as J-Lo came bounding down the aisle, obviously the crowd favorite as the dome burst into enthusiastic applause. J-Lo tried her best to force a smile but there was little joy in her heart. She adored the fans ovation, but was too focused to let it distract her; her mind focused on one thing and one thing only; the destruction of Beyonce Knowles!

As J-Lo dove headfirst under the bottom rope, her ass strained against the confines of her shiny gold booty shorts, giving the crowd an exceptional view of her wide (and seemingly gold-plated) ass. Her tits jiggled in a matching shimmering gold top as she popped to her feet and stood in her corner of the ring, glaring... without saying a word... at Beyonce. Her eyes were like furnace vents that had been left open, revealing a blaze within to her opponent that nearly singed Beyonce with their laser-like heat. J-Lo ran her hand down her back and over the smooth, stretched-tight shorts that covered famously fabulous bottom, feeling it give to the pressure of her hand as she rubbed in a tiny circle before she dropped it to her side, waiting for Beyonce to make her move.

As the two fighters stepped to the middle of the ring, the size difference become quite apparent. Beyonce wasn much taller than the Latina, but with the current hatred blazing between them, she seemed to tower over her. Beyonce's real advantage seemed to be her legs, thick and muscular as tree trunks compared to J-Lo's wiry, dancer-muscled pair. Beyonce hadn't been concerned up to this point with J-Lo's hot nature...but as she stood toe-to-toe with her, her senses filled with J-Lo's anger and it scared... no... she couldn't be afraid! No matter her feelings on the inside, the Ebony beauty did her best to steel her outer appearance. Whether or not it was due to her acting experience, she was doing one hell of a job!

Suddenly, almost involuntarily, Beyonce's hand flashed out and she slapped J-Lo's shocked face. Then Beyonce quickly backed off to avoid the counter-attack, looking to the crowd for support. J-Lo's hand flew to her face, holding her jaw... her eyes watered. For some reason, the sting of a slap had always brought J-Lo to tears far easier than a punch. She knew now was the time to let all of her bottled up anger take over; so she stepped out of the fight - and let her temper step in!

Beyonce faced the crowd, her back half-turned to J-Lo as she tried to rally support - and secretly waiting for the Latina to approach as she tracked her from the corner of her eye. As J-Lo advanced, Beyonce suddenly whirled to meet her, but instead she met J-Lo's rock of a fist with her jaw. The Ebony Empresses head snapped right and her chin continued on past her neck's stopping point as she staggered back, her arms windmilling wildly, groping for the ropes and the support they offered, her mind instantly clouded. Before she could regain her composure, another fist slammed into her face, this time from the other side; spinning her in a complete circle and sending her careening headlong out of control toward her corner. She got her hands up to protect her precious face from further harm, entirely shocked and unable to organize her defenses. It proved to be a costly mistake as she took three more fists to the stomach and with each impact and sick SMACK of flesh, she uttered a pained "oooouuughhffff!" Beyonce ended up slumped against the turnbuckles, still standing, but with her battered body hunched into a protective ball to shield herself from further pain.

"You stupid cunt!" J-Lo spoke for the first time this match as she moved in, her warm body snuggling up against Beyonce's and feeling a slight tremble. She reached her hand around behind Beyonce's head, entwining her fingers in the diva's dark tresses and using them to tilt her head back so she could staring into her gorgeous eyes. "You thought you could psyche me out? Send me into a rage..." She sent a forearm across the black girl's breasts, flattening them against her breastbone as she raged, " I'd make a mistake and you'd capitalize..." She drove another forearm into those juicy jugs, making Beyonce cry out in pain as her breasts were pancaked for the second time. "... make an ass outta ME, Jennifer The Great" This time she swung her foot back and brought her knee slamming up into Beyonce's pubic mound, the impact lifting the tawny diva off her feet, then doubling her over in pain after Jennifer's kneecap CRACKED her pubic bone. J-Lo used her firm grip on the singer's hair to drag her back to her feet, her icy gaze locked on her opponent's tear-filled eyes.

"I dun... (cough, gag) hafff..." Beyonce tried to form words, but the air just wasn't in her lungs.

"What's that, mujerzuela?" J-Lo looked disdainfully at her opponent as she asked. "I don't hafta... what? Make an ass out of you? Course not, you do that so damn well on your own...." J-Lo stepped back and raised her leg, fully extending it, pressing her foot on Beyonce's throat, choking the girl against the turn buckle using the move Stacy Kiebler made famous in the WWE! Beyonce's trembling hands went to her throat, frantically trying to pry J-Lo's foot off her crushed windpipe. Beyonce's legs flailed uselessly in the air as her gullet was being crushed by J-Lo's petite foot. "Remember when you did this to Britney? Not so much fun now... is it?"

J-Lo smiled as the muscles in her thigh tensed, her newly built-up strength apparent in the proficient throttling of the young black bitch singer. She'd never before loved the sight of a girl suffering as much as she loved watching Beyonce's convulsive movements (and she had enjoyed the sight of another woman's suffering before; just as Charlize Theron, Angelina Jolie or Jessica Alba, to name only three!) Tiring of choking the Black vocalist, J-Lo relaxed her leg, pulled her foot back a bit, then snapped a lick to the side of her head! Beyonce's skull looked as though it were attached to her shoulders by spring as it rocked to the side, then pitched back, pulling the rest of her limp body with it to the canvas. She hit face-first, arms never lifting to slow her descent.

J-Lo looked at what she had wrought and was pleased! She turned to the audience and began waving her arms, calling for applause and her call was answered by the cheering of thousands of excited fans, eager to see more from this dynamic Latina. Beyonce's hands had finally moved from where they landed, reaching for her aching head as she was doing her best to clear the cobwebs after J-Lo's full frontal assault as her thick body writhed pitifully and painfully on the canvas at J-Lo's feet. Showing her no mercy, J-Lo moved quickly back o Beyonce's prostrate form, grabbed the injured girl by the hair and, yanking with the strength only a pissed off Latina can possess, she hair-hauled Beyonce yelping to her feet. She leaned Beyonce's all but limp body back into the ropes, lifting her face up under the chin. Quickly, she measured her bleary adversary and, securing one hand on the ropes, she viciously clothes-lined the singer backward over the top rope! Beyonce's nubile body somersaulted, bounced off the ring apron and crashed to the concrete floor in a heap where it lay unmoving.

J-Lo, paying the audience an unusually high amount of attention, grabbed her shiny top with both hands between her breasts and as she'd learned watching Hulk Hogan on TV in her youth, gave a primal scream and ripped it in two, exposing her firm tan breasts! She tossed the remnants of her breast protecting garment into the audience where a wild scramble ensued, then again turned her attention to the Black beauty lying sprawled in disarray on the floor outside of the ring. She knew she could finish both the match and Beyonce right then and there! Beyonce was laying hurt outside the ring, barely stirring, BUT... she wasn't hurting ENOUGH! J-Lo wanted more than a mere victory, she domination! She wanted Beyonce to suffer, not only for what she'd done to her, but also to that young Latina girl in her dressing room and for the disillusion she'd sowed among Jennifer's fans worldwide by her pre-fight picture show. Ending the match now would be too merciful for Beyonce, so instead, and much to the audience's approval, J-Lo leaned over the top rope, draping her golden goodies over the rope and goaded the injured fighter below, challenging Beyonce to return to the ring.

"C'mon baby... did big bad J-Lo beat your sorry ass? You don't look so tough now, chica! How can you be the Booty Queen if you can't even drag your big bad black ass back up into the ring?" J-Lo taunted as she rested her arms on the ropes and spit on her rival who was struggling just to regain her feet.

Once Beyonce finally struggled to her feet, aided by leaning on a grinning redhead in the front row, she couldn't believe the match had gone so wrong, so fast...and so soon! She rested her hands on the ring apron, barely able to hear J-Lo's words over the roar in her ears and the screams of the crowd. She knew she wasn't nearly clear-headed enough to mount an effective defense, let alone an offense, but her pride refused to let her rest outside the ring! If J-Lo wanted her back in the squared circle, so bad, that's what she was gonna get...and once she was there, Beyonce would make her sorry! She raised a weary hand to grab the bottom rope, hoping to use it to pull herself up onto the apron so she could roll back into the ring.

J-Lo grew impatient with Beyonce's stalling and she reached over the top rope with both hands, grasping the Ebony girl by her deep black mane and giving her 'a helping hand' back up onto the ring apron. Once she was standing outside of the ring, J-Lo plunged her hand down Beyonce's top, between her sweaty breasts and grasped the thin material. Believing this to be another attack on her already throbbing breasts, the singer quickly (and mistakenly) reached her hands up to stop it. J-Lo promptly capitalized, tugging on the top and yanking Beyonce into a mind-numbing headbutt, then she let her dazed opponent topple over backward off the ring apron, sending her crashing back down to the concrete floor. But J-Lo shrewdly kept her grip on the frilly top and as Beyonce's body tumbled over, J-Lo whisked her top off! For the second time, Beyonce lay stunned on the cold cement floor, rocking rocked from side to side as the chill stung her now bare back. Her writhing body left small, dark puddles of her sweat on the floor.

Above in the ring, the sight of the woman who had humiliated her (publicly and privately) squirming aimlessly and painfully on the smooth cement filled J-Lo with sheer... joy... excitement... elation... it was nearly orgasmic! This time she wasn't going to wait for Beyonce to get to her feet...she was a hunter, not a gatherer! She dropped Beyonce's top and slid smoothly out under the ropes, dropping nimbly to her feet next to Beyonce. The black diva saw Jennifer's bare feet standing in front of her as she rolled onto her stomach, but she didn't have the strength to lift her head to look up at the rest of her antagonist. Her reserve systems had taken over and she was driving hard to fulfill her most basic instinct....survival!

J-Lo put her hands on her hips as she smiled down at her struggling adversary, "You look real sexy now Ms. Bootyliscious, crawling around like the worm you are!" Beyonce quickened her crawling away from the sound of her tormentors annoying voice. "Hey, where're you goin' babe? We're just gettin' started!" J-Lo cackled as she made a hasty move forward, stepping on Beyonce's hair and putting and end to her flight.

As Beyonce squeezed her eyes shut, a single tear ran down the black singer's cheek; at once ashamed of her lowly crawling escape attempt and frightened by the possibility of losing to this 'unworthy bitch' if she were unable to mount some kind of counter-attack. J-Lo reached down and hauled Beyonce to her feet, one hand in her waistband (wedging her shorts even higher between her honey-colored cheeks), the other twined in her tresses. Beyonce yelped and a few more tears forced their way down the bridge of her nose as a small clump of hair that Jennifer 'accidentally' forgot to lift her foot off of was torn from her head. Using those points of purchase, J-Lo ran Beyonce forward several steps and heaved her up onto the ring apron, then rolled her challenger's limp carcass back into the ring.

J-Lo had beaten Beyonce...she was sure of it! The young girl was all about talk and opportunity, but when it came to fighting she was nowhere close to her level. She watched as Beyonce's nearly lifeless body rolled into the ring under the bottom rope; her thoughts already turning to Beyonce's ass...the one she'd pressed so tight against her face that she couldn't breathe... the one she'd been forced to smell, and feel, and smother under... the one now lying useless and beaten in the ring. Yeah... she knew she had Beyonce beaten... but did she really??

J-Lo slid back in under the ropes, taking her time, relishing seeing the beaten girl's throes and hearing her whines of pain and noticing, unbeknownst to Beyonce, the black girl's admirable, but failed, attempts to hide her tears. J-Lo knew she'd struck home in several ways, not the least of which had been the forceable removal of a lock of the hair the black singer was so proud of!

J-Lo turned to the audience and screamed, "Look at her bootyliscious ass NOW!! It's USELESS! It's NOTHING! She's NOTHING!"

Her face turned from a scowl of mockery to a big grin as the crowd responded to her verbal berating of her beaten opponent with chants of "USE-LESS! NOTH-ING!" Beyonce could hear J-Lo taunting her, although she couldn't make out the words... she could hear the crowd... but most of all, she could feel the burning in her scalp, and the pain throughout her body, and the humiliation of having landed exactly ZERO punches on her hated rival so far. That would be her last chance at regaining control, she knew. J-Lo wouldn't waste time putting her away now... she had to do something...anything!

While J-Lo was playing to the audience, Beyonce struggled to her feet then rapidly advanced across the ring, gaining speed with each graceful stride. As she approached J-Lo, who still had her back turned, Beyonce could hear the crowd screaming - some trying to warn the egotistical Latina, while other more oblivious (or devious) fans - still cheered her triumph. Beyonce launched her entire body off the mat and drove her knee into J-Lo's kidney! DIRECT HIT! J-Lo was taken totally off guard and her expression revealed that like a neon sign outside a strip club in the dead of night. In short order, J-Lo dropped to her knees clutching her back, then tipped over onto her face, her chin bouncing off the ropes as she timbered forward. She rolled onto her back, her legs kicking, her feet beating the mat as she made low whimpering noises, trying hard to hide her tears like the kid who's just been punched in the belly by the playground bully.

Beyonce smiled and stumbled to the ropes, grabbing them for support as she watched J-Lo kick wildly and aimlessly in the air, tears streaming down her distinctly Puerto Rican face. The dark diva listened to the sweet sound of J-Lo's cries as they increased in intensity until she was unable to hide the fact she was sobbing. Then Beyonce advanced on the lovely Latina diva and made quick work of driving a kick into the same area, closing her eyes as she enjoyed the newly inspired wails like a lost symphony written expressly for her. Beyonce was back...back where she was meant to be... back in control!

"Get up! Get up you stupid spic whore!" she screamed at J-Lo who continued to thrash and writhe in agony. "What's wrong? That hurts babe?" she laughed as the Latina's body convulsed in anguish, savoring the sight like a fine wine.

However, Beyonce did little more than look... she wanted J-Lo to try to get up... so she could pound her back to the mat in front of all her fans. She vowed to wait as long as it took... but it didn't take long! J-Lo had never felt such pain before; so white hot it took her breath away. It was as if a molten spear had been shoved between her ribs and was being twisted as it cooled inside her. Slowly, though, the pain began to subside and she blinked back her tears, knowing she must regain her footing and strike back at the black blaggard who'd ruined her moment of triumph! J-Lo rolled over onto her stomach to the delight of her fans, most thankful she wasn't permanently injured by the vicious attack. The Latina Booty Queen pulled her arms up under her body and with all her might began to shakily push herself up to her knees....just the moment her tormentress had been waiting for!

She was met with a cruel foot to the exact same spot as the previous two kidney attacks, eliciting a loud wailing scream from the proud diva as her body collapsed and she dropped back to the mat tits first. Beyonce beamed as she saw the look on J-Lo's fans faces as she was once again driven to the canvas. She could only imagine what they'd look like when she was perched on the Latina's ruddy countenance, bumping and grinding her way to a shattering was her right as the new Queen! An added bonus she'd not counted on until just now, but one which would make her victory sooooo much sweeter!

Before Beyonce even finished her thought, the Latina Booty Queen's iron will once more had her back to her knees. This time Beyonce measured up her carefully and waited for the just the right moment; her heavy foot catching J-Lo's stomach and ribs with a punt worthy of an NFL kicker. Her driving instep lifted the smaller latina off the mat and she made a pathetic "oooouuugghhghfff" sound as she went sprawling in the middle of the ring, ending up flat on her back and almost out of air.

"Just like you'll be when I'm suffocating you under my sexy ass!" Beyonce thought, putting a smile on her full lips as she stalked towards her prey.

"Give her a chance to get up, you bitch!" a tiny, wavering, almost-on-the-verge-of-tears female voice cried from the audience.

Beyonce stopped, glared at Michelle Rodriguez, then resumed her trek toward her adversary. When she reached J-Lo, who'd already rolled onto her side, Beyonce helped her along with another well-placed, but much gentler, kick to the kidney, rolling her onto her belly. Then she straddled the injured girl's legs, hooked her thumbs in the waistband of J-Lo's golden booty shorts and as J-Lo lay still, panting hard, her palms and face flat on the mat almost unaware of what Beyonce was doing to her; the black singer paused, then slid the shorts down about an inch, looking around at the crowd for approval. She smiled when even J-Lo's avid fans roared support for her denuding J-Lo's infamous suffocating ass. So she obliged! The Latina's wide, tanned ass jiggling as Beyonce stripped off it's covering, then Beyonce gave J-Lo's caboose two quick spanks, WHACK! CRACK! She discarded the shorts, tossing them in the corner of the ring where excited fans had to be restrained by security as they tried to surge forward in quest of the shiny trophy!

"Now whose ass is beaten, you stupid fucking cow?" Beyonce screamed, revulsion dripping in her voice as she drew back her fist and drove it down square onto Jennifer's ass, flattening both cheeks before they rebounded back in an exaggerated jiggle. Beyonce was done hurting her rival; now it was time to humiliate her!!

Beyonce kicked Jennifer over onto her back where the diva lay staring blankly up at the lights, her mind swimming as it tried desperately to find its way back to reality through the fog enveloping it. She blinked and saw Beyonce towering over her, then she dropped to her knees, her pink clad ass wiggling just a few inches above her face. Jennifer was dimly aware if she didn't do something fast, it was over...she'd be put out cold once again by the butt of her arrogant rival. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to do something, in fact, she wasn't able to do anything...but then, she didn't have to! Jennifer's fans were booing Beyonce as she paused, kneeling with her beautiful booty hovering mere centimeters from the champion's face. She got that old familiar rush of power, the orgasmic feeling she'd gotten that night in her bathroom as she'd shoved her big smothering ass onto Jennifer's nearly unconscious face.

"Not just yet hun... but don't worry... I'll let you sniff it soon enough," Beyonce laughed out loud as she leaned forward much to J-Lo's (and J-Lo's fans') relief, flattening her body out on top of J-Lo's. Then Beyonce reached back and pulled J-Lo's head forward by her hair, wedging it between her famously strong thighs, locking her ankles in a reverse head scissors. The heavy muscles in her legs grew taut below her smooth skin and she grunted as she poured on the pressure, and then released it briefly; cycling J-Lo's oxygen intake from zero, to very little, back to zero... weakening her even further. J-Lo moaned whenever she could, as the pressure increased, then eased and then increased again... crushing her head in Beyonce's thick, smooth thighs like a pecan in a nutcracker! She could smell Beyonce's aromatic sweaty pussy only inches from her flushed, red face. She knew soon she'd also be smelling her ass as her nose was driven up between those cheeks in a match-ending facesit!

"You're real badddd... unggghhh (straining her legs) ...Now aren't you Jen? All that training and... UNNNNGGGHHHH (straining again) ...for what? So that you could end up right back here again, between my perfect thighs... getting ready to sniff my beautiful butt again!" J-Lo didn't respond... because she couldn't...but even if she could, she couldn't have said anything; she was too angry for words... she'd been winning...Beyonce had been all but beat... and now she was back in this familiar she had to suffer as she listened to Beyonce run her fuckin' smart mouth.


Beyonce screamed as her private parts were suddenly invaded by sharp foreign objects. In her excitement and inexperience, she'd forgotten to pin J-Lo's arms and now the breathless Latina had latched onto her pussy with both claws.

"Let GOOOO Let GOOOoooooolllllgghhh..." Beyonce wailed as her legs snapped open releasing her scissor, her legs spreading wide to allow her own hands to grab J-Lo's, trying to pry them away as she writhed on her back on the mat. J-Lo sat up, coughing and spitting, trying to gulp in as much air as she could, but she stubbornly held onto her crotch claw, causing Beyonce to squeal in agony as the black beauty beat her feet on the mat helplessly, her crotch on fire with pain. "Ohhhh GOD! LEGGGGOOO!"

Beyonce violently shook her head from side to side, her hair sweeping back and forth over her face as tears began to flow. Through all of her convulsions, J-Lo's grasp remained steadfast, refusing to remove her claws from Beyonce's crotch until she saw Beyonce's struggles weakening, the pain reaching overload on Beyonce's pain threshold. At that moment she released the hold, J-Lo whipped her smooth, tanned legs around the black beauty's neck and clamped on a neck scissors of her own, lying on her nude side.

"Now whose got perfect thighs?" J-Lo scoffed as she began to crush Beyonce's neck with all her might.

"Fuuccmmppp yuh...uh..ulgg..." Beyonce tried to say as she was slowly strangled by her tormentor's thighs, a particularly humiliating hold considering Beyonce thought her own legs were 'unbeatable.' J-Lo held Beyonce's right arm as far out from her body as she could, allowing her free left arm to claw and grasp ineffectually at the mat.

Now it was J-Lo'sturn to run her mouth, "So tell me now Knowles... tell me now what you're gonna do! Finish what you started to say...tough girl! C'mon, I wanna hear it now, wise-ass!"

Beyonce bucked her hips and thrashed her legs, beating them up and down...her toned, powerful limbs totally incapable of helping her now. She twisted her hips left and then right but slowly, inevitably, her struggles became less and less as she grew weaker until she stopped moving. Her head lolled to the side, her lidded eyes looking J-Lo squarely in the eyes...then her eyes began to roll back in her head! Instantly, J-Lo unlocked her ankles and released her grip on the beauty. She didn't want to put her out - not just yet!

J-Lo stood up and firmly planted her foot on Beyonce's right breast, then she leaned forward, putting increased pressure on the soft globe, mushrooming the flesh under her foot as she pancaked it, then twisted her heel cruelly, drawing a sharp scream from the anguished young singer. Now that J-Lo was sure she had her girl's attention, she hauled Beyonce to her feet, practically supporting the girl's entire weight when Beyonce's knees buckled. She held her prey weak and wobbling as she pulled the black girl's head down and pushed it between her thighs, bending her at the waist and giving half the audience a great view of the girl's pink-clad ass. Looking up, Lopez saw that the jumbo-tron was filled from side to side with a view of her wide ass, the flesh expanding as she was forced forward into the humiliating position.

Then J-Lo reached over and tore the beaten girl's panties completely off, leaving her naked while still holding the wobbling Beyonce's head trapped between her thighs. What J-Lo did next was a testament not only to her strength, but also her feelings of complete and utter hatred and rage toward her "bootyliscious" opponent. She wrapped her arms around the bigger girl's body, clasped her hands under her heaving belly and with a loud grunt, lifted her now naked opponent upside down, then slammed her to the mat on her back with a bone-jarring power bomb.

Beyonce's mind was awash in fog; unable to focus on anything except the lights above the ring shining down into her eyes and the awful pain in her back. She lay motionless on the canvas save for the steady rising and falling of her sweaty breasts as she breathed. She could hear the crowd chanting and raving something, but it was all unintelligible; a jumble of sound that made no sense.

J-Lo walked to the ringside camerawoman whose lens was poked between the ropes. Standing in front of her, she looked up and watched herself on the giant screen as she turned around, her naked ass filling the camera's lens as she bent at the waist and shook 'booby' for the capacity crowd, receiving a deafening cheer of approval from them. She smiled school-girlishly as she straightened up and sauntered back toward Beyonce...looking back over her shoulder sheepishly at the camerawoman, her ass wagging left and right, the sweat on her smooth flesh glistening in the harsh light.

"Hey my little bambino... I want this to happen right in the middle of the ring so nobody misses it!" J-Lo said, grinning evilly as she grabbed Beyonce's wrists and dragged her now naked opponent to the center of the ring, making sure her head was toward the camerawoman. J-Lo stood straddling Beyonce's head, facing her feet, slowly rubbing her hands over her smooth buttcheeks, wiggling her ass, working the audience into a frenzy of anticipation. Then she finally dropped to her knees, her infamous ass poised inches from the beaten and humbled tawny face beneath it. The blinding light shining in Beyonce's eyes was suddenly blotted out by a large, tanned object... almost immediately she recognized it and panic began to burn in the back of her mind like the primer of a defective bullet. She stared up into her conqueror's ass, her brain screaming at her body to MOVE, but it refused to accept the command. Her head made a few weak, turning motions as J-Lo peeked over her shoulder down into her soon-to-be victim's eyes.

"Nowhere to run baby, nowhere to hide! It's just you and my ass now, and you know what? You don't have a prayer! You ready to sniff the REAL queen's ass?"

J-Lo wiggled her ass side-to-side, her crack brushing over the trapped girl's nose and flipping it one way, then the other.

"Fuck yo....mmmmmmpppppppfffffff........" Beyonce didn't get to finish as J-Lo dropped her round, sweaty, suffocating derriere down and planted it firmly on her face, using a handful of Beyonce's stringy, sweat-slick hair to jerk her head up off the mat to adjust her nose angle as it slid smoothly up between her big cheeks. J-Lo clenched her muscles, pinching down on Beyonce's nose and mouth as the black diva's senses were flooded by J-Lo's ass aroma. The big bottom covered her entire field of vision, her nose, her mouth and both cheeks. What little she could inhale was the scent of J-Lo's musky, sweaty ass!

Jennifer pressed the weight of her notorious backside down on the beaten girl's face with ever-increasing power. Then the Booty Queen began her legendary face-grinding booty dance...and Beyonce sensed the end was near! J-Lo could feel Beyonce's nose, sliding between her cheeks as she moved across her features, first slowly and then with increasing vigor until she'd worked herself into a frenzy, bouncing up and down to smash her face under her ass. She grabbed Beyonce's hair, pulling her face to her ass with even greater force.

"I hate you Beyonce... I fucking hate you... you got that? You're nothing... not a Booty Queen, not a catfighter, not a singer, not even a fucking speck of dirt as far as I'm concerned," J-Lo ranted as she ground her wide, smelly butt down harder on the poor ebony empresses face.

J-Lo imagined the horror and humiliation her victim was feeling; the sensation of impending defeat when all the training, all the smart-ass remarks, all that big booty was made useless by her own smothering rear-end. She relentlessly pulverized Beyonce’s face with her ass, thrusting into it hard while watching it all on the "jumbo-tron" on the wall before her. Suddenly she realized that Beyonce had stopped moving. Quickly, she sat up about an inch, just enough to give Beyonce a breath of fresh air. The arena air felt chilly by comparison to the humid, musky hind-quarters air her face had been buried in and she gulped in what she could, although even that reeked strongly of the smell and taste her tormentor. Beyonce's spirit was broken... she had no will to fight left... she was clearly no match for the now admittedly superior ass that had been grinding on her countenance. Her only hope was to beg for mercy!

"Plea... pleasseee... Jenniifffmmmmmppffffff!" she whined just before her view of the world was again snuffed out under J-Lo's big beautiful butt.

"Don't waste your breath puta! You're gonna need it!" J-Lo said as she began a slow deliberate grind, intended to prolong Beyonce's humiliation as she slowly smothered her into oblivion.

She moved left and right, back and forth, and in slow... excruciatingly degrading circles. Beyonce began to cry, the tears running down her cheeks mixing with her conqueror's sweat as the realization began to sink in that J-Lo wasn't going to show her any mercy - just as she hadn't shown J-Lo any in their previous encounter!

"You thought you were so tough!" J-Lo hissed. "That your pathetic fat ass was better than MINE! Well, where's that bootyliscious booty now, huh? You're not tough and neither is your ass!" She screamed as she ground in another slow circle. "Not at all!"

Beyonce slid her hands up to J-Lo's hips, barely conscious. Her hands moved with J-Lo's hips as she slowly ground her into oblivion with her big round rear.

"Voy a sofocarle con mi calabazo grande!" J-Lo whispered quietly as she moved her hands onto Beyonce's breasts, giving them a quick tweak eliciting a weak response from the nearly out of it singer beneath her. "That's it... go out with your face in J-Lo's big Puerto Rican ass!" were the last words Beyonce heard; the words muffled and indistinct as if in some awful bad dream.

The black beauty's overwhelmed body spasmed once, then went limp; out cold, her nose stuck far up J-Lo's ass. J-Lo gave her booty a final shake, Beyonce's head rocking as her nose obediently followed its lead wedged firmly between her cheeks. Then J-Lo climbed off of Beyonce and stood up, her arms raised over her head in a triumphant pose. All of her training... her anger... her humiliation... had culminated with the final wagging of her tail. She'd decisively won the "battle of the booty" smothering her upstart challenger under her luscious backside. Jennifer Lopez was once again, the undisputed ass queen!

She leaned close to Beyonce's face, glistening with her own tears and J-Lo's ass sweat, recoiling as she caught the scent emanating from the lifeless girls countenance, and hissed, "I'm THE Queen you fat ass slut! Don't you ever fuckin' forget what I did to you and your big nasty booty today!"

J-Lo swaggered out of the ring shakin' her booty, grinning from ear to ear; leaving her beaten opponent motionless... smothered out in the middle of the ring!

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