Three Bikini Catfights by kit
#1 The Job: Crissy Moran vs. Mindy Vega

When Crissy and Mindy found out that they'd both put in for the new job at work, tempers started to flare.

"I heard you put in for that new job, bitch," said Crissy, running into Mindy at the water cooler.

"That's right, bitch, I did," snapped Mindy.

"That's too bad, bitch," fired Crissy. "I guess you better get used to the idea of workin' for me."

"I hardly think so, slut," spat Mindy, squaring off with her brunette rival.

"Let's step in here (the bathroom) and discuss this, bitch," suggested Crissy. Mindy knew where this was going, and she was sure Crissy wanted to fight as much as she did. "Alright you fuckin' lil' cunt," snarled Crissy as they went nose-to-nose, "I think we should settle this with a catfight."

"I was hopin' it would come to this, you fuckin' slut," fired Mindy. "I've wanted to put my claws in you for a looong looong time."

"Good, bitch, cause I've been itchin' to get into a scratch match with your ugly ass too," said Crissy, pressing her breasts into Mindy's breast.

"Slut, you just name the time and place," said Mindy, running a hand inside of Crissy's hair.

Crissy winced, but grabbed a handful of Mindy's hair, "Eight o'clock, my place, bitch." The two grabbed another fist of hair and pulled their faces together.

"I'll be there, slut," agreed Mindy as they both twirled their fingers in the other's thick dark hair.

For a few brief moments, Crissy and Mindy firmly twisted each other's hair as they whispered promises of a nasty catfight.

"And bitch," said Crissy as they parted. "Bring your bikini."

Mindy nodded with a snarl, "I'll bring my skimpiest, slut."

Crissy and Mindy had hated each other from the start when they met two years ago. They were both extremely beautiful, and always dressed very sexy for work. Crissy was 5-2 and had shoulder length, thick chestnut tresses. Her body was hot and measured 34C-23-35. Mindy was 5-1 and had long, black hair. Her sexy little body measured 32B-21-35.

At eight o'clock Mindy showed up wearing a black micro bikini almost identical to Crissy's black micro bikini.

"You fuckin' bitch," said Crissy when Mindy removed her t-shirt and shorts.

"What the matter, slut? Jealous?" taunted Mindy, striking a pose.

"I won't be after tonight, bitch."

"Then let's get busy, slut," said Mindy, ready to claw it out.

Crissy led Mindy into her bedroom. "I thought we'd cat it out on the bed."

"Suits me, slut," said Mindy, crawling on. "I'd catfight you anywhere."

"You fuckin', cunt," snarled Crissy, crawling on.

"Fuckin' whore," spat Mindy as they went for each other like two cats in an alley on a hot summer night. They tore into each other, both grabbing the other's hair and pulled like hell. Crissy threw Mindy to the mattress and fell on top of her. Mindy swore and jerked Crissy off by the hair.

"Oouuch!" cried Crissy, yanked off hard by the hair.

"Cunt!" swore Mindy, rolling on top and straddling her. She landed a pair of quick, smart slaps to Crissy's pretty face, and then went for her tits. Tearing down the tiny top, Mindy squeezed Crissy's firm boobs and dug in with her nails. She'd always been extremely jealous of Crissy's larger breasts.

"Oooww! Mmmmy fuckin' tits!" screamed Crissy, bucking and tearing down Mindy's skimpy top.

"Ooooowwww!!" Mindy cried, falling backwards as Crissy squeezed her perky tits.

Crissy pounced on top and took her turn at slapping Mindy's face. Two stinging smacks, and then back to Mindy's tits. Grabbing Mindy's nipples, Crissy stretched.

"Fuuuuck!" screamed Mindy, jerking Crissy off by the hair. Quickly the two rolled up on their knees and started pulling hair. "Oooww! Bitch!" swore Mindy, throwing a slap across Crissy's face. Crissy slapped back as they both still pulled hair with one hand. "You cunt!" shouted Mindy, slapping Crissy to all-fours.

SLAP! Crissy came right back and slapped Mindy to all-fours.

SLAP! "You bitch," swore Mindy returning to grab Crissy's hair.

"Oouuch!" yelped Crissy, grabbing two fists of Mindy's hair.

The two brunettes nearly tore each other's head off before they fell together with an arm around the other's neck.

"You slut," gritted Crissy, grabbing Mindy's left nipple and turning it.

"Ooouuch!" wailed Mindy, but ripping five nails over Crissy's right tittie.

"Fuuuuuck!" screamed Crissy, letting go and falling to a sitting position.

The catfighting didn't stop as Mindy unleashed a left hook that split open Crissy's lower lip. Crissy's head snapped sharply, and she was then put to her back with a right fist that cut the flesh under her left eye.

"You cunt! I hate you!" yelled Mindy, pouncing and going in for the kill.

But Crissy brought up her knees and her left kneecap buried itself against Mindy's right tit.

"Uuuggghh!" grunted Mindy, falling to her ass.

Crissy leaned up and punched Mindy across the jaw. Mindy's went to all-fours on the bed as Crissy delivered a left that hammered along her ribs.

"You bitch...are you ready to give?" asked Crissy, standing on her knees as Mindy was on her knees and elbows. "Well, bitch?"

"Fuck you," muttered Mindy, suddenly throwing back an elbow that sank into Crissy's tummy.

"Uuummph!" Crissy gasped, joining Mindy on all-fours.

A few seconds passed before Mindy and Crissy stood up on their knees and looked at each other. Topless and tiring, the two brunette's still had a strong sense of hate and jealousy and looked to end the fight as they reached for each other's hair.

"Ouch, bitch," winced Mindy.

"Slut, uumm," moaned Crissy.

Taking each other all the way down to the mattress, Crissy and Mindy tied up their legs and shoved their sexy, little bodies together as they grabbed two big fists of hair and started pulling.

"Bitch," swore Crissy. "I hate you!"

"Fuck you, cunt," cussed Mindy.

Like two hot, young schoolgirls catfighting for the very first time, Crissy and Mindy went to 'hairpull city'. They traded hard, long, painful pulls and tugs as their legs flexed and their bodies grinded together. Back and forth the two sexy brunettes rolled and fought. They traded slaps across the ass and scratches up the spine as they struggled to pin the other down and tear out her hair. Around and around they battled in one spot in the bed, kicking off the pillows as their legs tangled to get around each other.

"Uuuuuuummmm...ssshhit," moaned Mindy, gritting her teeth as she felt a big wad of her nice long hair start to leave her scalp. "Ooooowww!!" The loss of her long tresses weakened her just long enough for Crissy to roll on her from the backside and mount her. "Oooooh…ggggaaawwdd," she grumbled in her throat as Crissy wrapped her hands high and deep into her hair and pulled.

"Better give, bitch," suggested Crissy, reigning back on all the hair she could get. "I'll tear it all out!"

"Uuuuunnnnn...oh, fuck...lee' ggoo," groaned Mindy, trying to scratch and pull Crissy's hands from her hair.

Crissy bounced her ass up and down on Mindy's ass while hanging on and pulling.

"Ooooooowwww!!" screamed Mindy, loosing a second wad of fine, silky locks.

"Better give it up, slut," growled Crissy, running a hand thru Mindy's hair until she grabbed it by the front. "I'll bald your ass."

"Oooww! Oooowww!" cried Mindy, bucking and beating her hands on the bed. "I GIVE!! I GIVE!! Ooooooowwwwww!!"

Crissy smiled as she continued to pull until she had pulled out that handful of hair from Mindy's bangs. It was a most satisfying victory for Crissy as she won the catfight, got the new job, and framed Mindy's hair as a trophy.
#2 Trashy Cats:
Mackenzie Mack vs Zdenka Podkapova

When Zdenka was told what Mackenzie had been saying about her and that she was going to steal Zdenka's boyfriend away from her, Zdenka knew it was time to challenge Mackenzie to a catfight and put an end to all their years of hate and jealousy.

"Hey, slut," said Zdenka over the phone, "I heard you've been talkin' shit about me and that you're gonna steal Ronnie away from me."

"Where'd you hear that, bitch?" asked Mackenzie, hoping this conversation would lead to a catfight.

"Never mind, bitch," said Zdenka. "I just called to see if you wanted to meet and have a catfight with me."

"Bitch, I'd love to have a down an' dirty bitchfight with ya," spat Mackenzie.

"Well, if you're not busy why don't you just slip into a bikini and come over here and catfight me."

"Bitch, I'm on the way."

"Bitch, I'm waitin'."

Both girls picked out their tiniest bikini and applied fresh makeup, lipstick and perfume. Since junior high, Mackenzie and Zdenka had been bitter rivals and had hated each other with a passion, but not until now, some two years out of high school, would they meet and catfight it out under the blazing summer sun. Facing off in Zdenka's backyard, the young lovelies took final inventory of each other as they prepared for the biggest catfight of their lives.

Mackenzie, 5-4, 34D-26-34, looked stunning in her tiny micro ice-blue bikini. Sexy Zdenka, 5-3, 34DD-23-32, was hot in her equally skimpy pink bikini. Both girls were blond with hair well past their shoulders. Mackenzie's hair was bit more on the auburn side as Zdenka's hair leaned towards bright-blonde. But both had nice, slutty black roots.

"Well, slut," said Zdenka, slowly approaching, "are you ready to get down an' dirty and catfight me?"

"Bitch," snapped Mackenzie, "I've been itchin' to get it on with you since junior high."

"Bitch, I'm ready," said Zdenka, advancing.

"Lez go, slut!" Mackenzie said, moving to meet her.

Reaching out for one another, Zdenka swiped her nails across Mackenzie's cheek as Mackenzie grabbed her by the hair. Both girls barked at the pain, and then latched on tight to each other's blonde tresses and started pulling.

"Uuuunnggg," grunted Zdenka as Mackenzie slung her head back and forth.

"Ooouuuch," Mackenzie winced as her head was whipped in a circle.

Dancing on their toes, Zdenka and Mackenzie got down with each other in classic girl/girl catfighting. For a couple of minutes the blonde hardbodies wildly yanked and jerked each other by the hair until their legs tangled and tripped them to the lawn.

"Uuunnggg!" belched Zdenka as Mackenzie fell on top of her. "Bitch," she swore, yanking Mackenzie off by the hair.

"You slut," mumbled Mackenzie as they went into a roll pulling hair and trying to get their legs around each other.

Mackenzie. Zdenka. Mackenzie. Zdenka. Mackenzie. Zdenka.

Their bikini tops slipped to the side, letting their bare breasts battle as they rolled back and forth trying to leg scissor each other and pull out hair.

"Uuumm...slut," bucked Zdenka, on bottom and trying to pull Mackenzie off.

"Ooooww!" wailed Mackenzie, forced off and over on her back with Zdenka now on top.

"You bitch," huffed Zdenka, trying to knot up her legs with Mackenzie's as she lay on top of her.

Mackenzie lurched her hips into Zdenka's, but Zdenka stayed on top as she got her legs around Mackenzie's and controlled them.

"How'do my tits feel, bitch?" asked Zdenka, mashing her DD's with Mackenzie's full D pair.

"Like shit, slut," puffed Mackenzie, trying to heave her breasts into battle.

With their hands still embedded in hair, the girls relaxed their hair pulling to concentrate on their nipple fight. Both girls had firm, round breasts and tight areolas with hard nipples.

"Uuummm," moaned Zdenka as Mackenzie's nipples pushed back her nipples.

Mackenzie breathed deep as her tits sank under the weight of Zdenka's tits. The two continued tit fighting for a little longer as Mackenzie won the nipple fight and Zdenka won the tit fight.

"Ge' off me...bitch, uuummm," grunted Mackenzie, stretching out Zdenka's long, beautiful hair.

"Aaaaww...sshhit," moaned Zdenka, pulling back. She fell off and toward Mackenzie's feet, and as she did, she caught a knee in the jaw that stunned her momentarily.

"You fuckin' cunt," cussed Mackenzie, getting to her knees and reaching for Zdenka's hair.

"Oooww!" cried Zdenka as she was hauled to her knees.

SLAP! Mackenzie slapped snot bubbles out of Zdenka's nose, knocking her down to all-fours.

"Bitch, I'm gonna..." Mackenzie was saying when...

SLAP! Zdenka suddenly blistered her cheek with a full, open palm slap. Mackenzie went to all-fours as both girls stopped fighting and tried to catch their breathes.

"Uumm...damn," muttered Mackenzie a few seconds later.

From all-fours Zdenka looked over at her, "Finished, bitch?"

"Uumm, no! Are you, bitch?" answered Mackenzie from her hands and knees.

Zdenka shook her head 'no', and then both girls stood to their knees and reached for each other's hair.

"OW!" winced Mackenzie, pulled sideways by the hair.

"Aahh," gasped Zdenka, jerked sideways with her. The two blondes toppled over and rolled about ten feet before getting back to their knees and wrapping up in a duel headlock and pulling on a handful of hair.

"Oouuch, le' go, bitch," winced Mackenzie as her hair was pulled at the back.

"Uuuunnggg...never," Zdenka grunted as the top of her hair was pulled.

With their cheeks pressed together, Mackenzie and Zdenka continued to pull extremely hard on the handful of hair they had. Both girls were withering in pain and shedding a few tears, but refusing to give up.

"Uuunnngggg!" wailed Mackenzie, the first to crack.

Feeling like her head was about to burst into flames, Mackenzie let go of Zdenka's hair to give her a fist in the belly button. It was a nice, tight fist and a good sinking punch. Zdenka grunted deeply, but returned fire with a fist of her own that sank deep into Mackenzie's belly button. Now Mackenzie grunted harshly, but still had the presence of mind to latch on to Zdenka's right tit and squeeze it.

"Oooooowwwww!!" howled Zdenka, throwing back her head and prying Mackenzie's hand off her tit.

"Bitch!” swore Mackenzie, grabbing it again. "I'm gonna tear it off!"

Zdenka had lost her headlock, but Mackenzie hadn't. Squeezing Zdenka's head, Mackenzie ran her fingernails over the right tit and then took it by the nipple and pinched the living shit out of it.

"Yeeeooowweeeoowweee!!!" cried Zdenka, desperately trying to free her tit as Mackenzie put her fingernails back into the mound of flesh.

SLAP!!! A wide, looping slap to the face knocked Mackenzie to her back as Zdenka turned into her for the attack.

"Uuuuggggghhhh!!" grunted Mackenzie, her eyes popping as her snatch took a vicious knee to it.

Plopping across Mackenzie, Zdenka dropped her mouth over her left areola and took a bite as her right hand ran between her legs and grabbed her busted pussy.

"Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrggggggg!!!!" screamed Mackenzie, blind with pain as her nipple was caught between Zdenka's gnashing teeth.

Opening her mouth again, Zdenka gobbled up more creamy tit as her hand moved inside of Mackenzie's bikini thong and got her pussy bare.


Zdenka chomped and chewed as her sharp talons clawed and scratched at plump pussy lips and wet, pink walls.


Zdenka felt Mackenzie go limp and melt into the grass like a pad of butter thrown into a hot skillet. It was over, and she had won. She kept her man - and her honor - whipping a worthy rival whom she’d loathed for years.
#3 Bikini Battle:
Tylene Buck vs. Rita G

Rita was furious when the emcee announced Tylene as the winner of the bikini contest. She had danced hard and put on a good performance while Tylene had done little to deserve it.

"Bitch, you don't deserve it," said Rita, catching up to Tylene back in the dressing room.

"Aaahh, what's the matter, bitch; jealous?" taunted Tylene, shaking her boobs and tossing back her slutty, blond tresses.

"I've got nothin' to be jealous 'bout," snapped Rita, running her hands over her ripe melons. "You just won because you're a ditzy-blonde."

"No, I won because my body is much, much hotter and a lot sexier," said Tylene, leaning in towards her.

"Well you won't be so hot and sexy after I get done with you, bitch," glared Rita.

"Bitch, is that a challenge to catfight me?" asked Tylene raising an eyebrow.

"Bitch, for a dumb blonde you catch on quick," smirked Rita.

Tylene cast a catty smile. "Well, I haven't had a down and dirty catfight in I think it might be fun kickin' your fuckin' ass."

"Fun for you is the last thing it's gonna be," fired Rita. "Just wait'll I get my hands on that blond mop and tear out all those slut-black roots of your's."

Tylene went chest-to-chest with the raven hardbody. "I may be blonde and I may look sweet, but I've been in lots of nasty catfights and never lost my blond hair and slutty black roots, bitch."

Rita rolled her rock solid breasts against Tylene's hard, full breasts as she went nose-to-nose with her. "You will tonight, slut. I can promise you that."

Tylene pushed her pelvis up against Rita's pelvis, "And I can promise you the catfight of your life, cunt."

Pouting their lips and glaring with their eyes, Rita and Tylene pushed their bodies firmly together and had catty chat as they agreed to claw it out in a few minutes back at Rita's apartment. After helping Rita clear space in her living room, Tylene placed her hands on her hips and squared off the raven beauty. The two girls gave each other the 'look' and licked their lips at the thought of a long and nasty catfight with each other.

Tylene and Rita were almost perfectly matched to fight each other, and both looked dead-sexy in their tiny, micro bikinis. Tylene, a beautiful blond brick house, wore a bright pink bikini with ocean-blue trim, and racked out to hot 34D-24-35. She was 5‘ 6“, and every inch of her body was tanned and tone. Rita, wearing a slut-red bikini, looked just as equally hot as she measured a sexy 34C-26-38. Her shoulder long, jet black hair went well with her toned, dark brown body, as her 5’7” frame was every bit the hard body the blonde's was.

"Bitch, are ya sure ya wanna get into it with me?" asked Tylene, breaking the ice.

"Le' me tell ya somethin', slut," lectured Rita, pointing her finger, "you're not the only cat in the alley. I've had my share of scratch matches too."

"Well," said Tylene, reaching behind her back and untieing her top. "Let's get busy and do it."

Rita knew the blonde was trying to intimidate her, but she wasn't phased. "Suits me, bitch...but we don't have to stop there."

Tylene was impressed and a bit shocked. "Fine. Let's not have anything come between us then."

Stripping to the buff, the girls tossed their bikinis at each other and prepared to catfight in the nude. Neither had ever started a catfight naked, but then again, neither had ever catfought an opponent of such equally beauty and cattiness. Moving slowly forward, Rita and Tylene reached for each other's breasts and gently cupped them. Casting glances back and forth between their eyes and the other's firm, round breasts, the two hard bodies methodically, but carefully massaged and squeezed each other. Both seemed very impressed with the other's shape, size and texture but didn't let on.

"How do ya like my tits, bitch?" asked Tylene.

Rita shrugged, saying, "I think that's a better question for you, bitch."

Tylene looked into her eyes. "You've got nice tits but...they don't compare to mine."

"I beg to differ, bitch," said Rita, applying a bit more pressure.

Tylene moaned in her throat and squeezed Rita's tits a little harder.

"Uuummm...bitch," groaned Rita softly, and adding more squeeze.

Tylene winced and squeezed back just as hard. Rita winced, and they both then threw back their heads and really squeezed.

"Uuuunnnn, ssshhhit," moaned Tylene as her tits oozed in Rita's fingers.

"Oooohh...aaahhh," Rita groaned as the blonde sank her nails in. The two hardbodies steered each other in a circle for a moment or two as their milking heated up and the pressure increased until they were leaning on each other and pinching areolas.

"Uuuuumm...ooouuuch," yelped Tylene as her pink nipples were tugged. Rita gritted her teeth as the blonde twisted her brown nipples. "Ooooh, oooh, oooh...uuummm," groaned Tylene, her knees trembling as her nipples were painfully being pulled off her areolas. "Oooww...le' go, le' go, le' go," she winced, dropping to her knees with her hands running down Rita's waist.

"Now who's tits are better, bitch?" asked Rita with a smirk as she kept on tormenting the blonde. Grabbing Rita around the hips, Tylene jerked her forward and bit into her pussy. "YIKES!!! OOOOWWWWW!" howled Rita, jumping quickly back before the bite was too bad, just more frightful than painful. Still, Tylene's teeth did leave their mark on Rita's fat vulva.

"You bitch!" shouted Rita in a rage. Grabbing Tylene's forearm, she pulled her arm up and bit her across the pinky finger and the one next to it.

"Oooooooww!" bawled Tylene, quick to her feet and yanking Rita off by the back of the hair. "Bitch!" she shouted, adding a crisp slap across the raven beauty's cheek with the hand that was just bit.

SLAP! Rita staggered sideways, but Tylene grabbed her by the back of the hair and yanked her into a bow. Rita howled as her head stretched back and her body bent into an arch.

"Fuckin' bitch," swore the blonde, twisting the black hair in her hands.

"Oooowww...mmmyyyy hair!" cried Rita, scratching at Tylene's hands and trying to turn herself around.

Letting go of a fist of hair, Tylene threw a pair of kidney punches into Rita's body. The dark-haired beauty grunted, but managed to turn around and wrap up with the blonde in a bearhug.

"Uunngg, bitch," cussed Tylene as Rita hugged her high around the ribs.

"You slut, uumm," huffed Rita as the blonde squeezed her around the waist.

Flexing their muscles on each other, Rita and Tylene threw back their heads and let their tits and nipples catfight each other. Both girls were very strong and solid thru the chest and neither pair of tits could crush the other as their hard, rigid nipples took turns poking each other around.

"Uuumm," moaned Tylene, laying her head on Rita's shoulders as her pink nubs turned over.

Rita grunted and lifted Tylene to her toes. The blonde squeezed back and turned her nipples into Rita's nipples. Rita called Tylene a slut and then slapped her across the ass. Tylene yelped out as Rita left her mark on her hot, tight ass. The two then broke apart, but Rita leaned forward and bit Tylene across the top of the left tit. Tylene cried in pain and doubed over, pushing Rita back a step. The raven-haired hard body clinched her fist and uppercut Tylene in the face. Tylene's head snapped back, and she sailed backward under the blow until she fell into the sofa.

"Bitch!" shouted Rita, pouncing on her and raking her fingernails down both of Tylene's proud breasts.

"Oooohhh mmmyyy fuuuckin' tits!" bawled Tylene, trying to pull Rita's fingers off her nipples as she twisted and turned them. Tylene shoved Rita backward, but Rita grabbed her by the hair and pulled her down to the floor with her. The two rolled once and Tylene tried to get on top but Rita jerked her off by the hair.

"Bitch, I'm the one gonna ride you," said Rita, catching Tylene's hands and lacing fingers with her. From her back, Tylene tried to get her legs around Rita, but Rita snaked up her legs with the blonde's legs and kept that from happening. "You slut," swore Rita, now laying fully on top and going into a body grind.

"' off me, you fat bitch," struggled Tylene as her sexy 35" hips were covered up by Rita's broad 38" hips.

"Are you ready to admit that my body is hotter and sexier, bitch?" asked Rita, rubbing her tits with the blonde's tits.

"Uuunn...never...bitch," huffed Tylene, twisting beneath the raven hardbody.

"Well, you won't get up till ya do, slut," said Rita, grinding her hips into Tylene's hips. Laying her face in Tylene's slutty blond hair, Rita went to work rolling with her tits and grinding with her hips. She knew her body was tighter and harder and confident that she could roll and grind the blonde into a submission.

Tylene continued to struggle as her tits and crotch fought back the best they could. But Rita's hard tits and wide hips were quickly taking their toll as the blonde knew she was in a catfight with a real toughie.

"Um, um, uuumm," moaned Tylene as her tits were taking a beating and her crotch a real pounding.

"Had enough, slut," whispered Rita in her ear as her pussy started to peel open with Tylene's pussy.

"Fuck you...never," huffed Tylene, pushing her vagina into Rita's. Neither of them were lesbians, nor were they getting mentally aroused (even though their loins were growing slick). They were simply catfighting with their bodies and trying to wear down the other. Rita pushed down with her hips, but when Tylene felt the brunette's clit cross with her own, she wildly bucked out.

"Get your fuckin' cunt off me!" shouted Tylene as they both rolled to their knees and traded slaps across the face.

SLAP! SLAP! Rita slapped Tylene onto her back and then she pounced! Tylene threw her off by the hair as they went into a spurt of quick back and forth rolls, pulling hair and feeling the other's wet pussy on her thighs.

"Uuumm, you nasty skank," grunted Tylene as they wrestled and pulled hair.

"Fuckin' blond whore," Rita hissed as Tylene rolled on top and straddled her waist.

"You bitch. I'm gonna tear off your titties," said Tylene, sinking her claws into Rita's bare breasts.

"Ooooowww!" Rita cried as the blonde's nails dug in. But Rita bucked and she went for Tylene's tits. The blonde stung her with a slap across the cheek, and latched on to her nipples.

"Sssshhhhit!" screamed Rita, this time able to sink her nails in Tylene's dangling tits.

Tylene threw back her head and gritted her teeth. Rita dragged her nails thru the blonde's flesh and stopped at the nipples and pinched them. Both were now howling as they stretched out on each other and turned.

"Fuuuuuuuuck leee' gggooo!!" cried the busty blonde.

"Neeevvvver! You leee' gggoo!" demanded Rita, nearly in fits herself. Tylene fell off to the side, and Rita pushed her over on her back and slapped her across the face. "Fuckin' bitch! Fuckin' slut!" shouted the raven fox as she sat across the blonde's tan belly and slapped her again.

Now it was Rita's turn to be on top as they both went back for each other's tits and clawed. Twenty fingernails dug into four tits and scratched. Tylene laid open Rita's flesh as Rita speared her thumbnails in Tylene's areolas. Both women were seeing stars and had tears pouring out their eyes as they held their breathes and tried to keep from screaming their heads off.

"Fuuuuuuuuuuuck!!" cried Tylene.

"Aaaaaarrrrrgggggg!!" screamed Rita.

"Ooooooowwwww!! Mmmmmmyyy T-I-T-S!!! Mmmmyyyy T-I-T-S!!!"

"Fuuuuuuuck!! GIVE IT UP! GIVE IT UP!!"

Tylene and Rita poured it on as they dug in and bore with their nails. For what seemed like an eternity, the blonde brickhouse and raven hardbody held on to each other's tits with their nails as if their very lives depended on it. The end was near. One would win and one would lose, but both would be mauled and clawed.

"Oooooooooo!! STOP!! STOP!! STOP IT!!" screamed the loser although the winner dug in harder! "Aaaaaarrrrrrrgggggg!!! Please! Please! You're killin me!! MY T-I-T-S!!!" The winner let go, but only to bust the loser in the mouth with a fist. The punch split open her lips and soaked her teeth with blood.

"Now's who's got the better body, bitch?" asked Rita, standing over the bloody, beaten and busted-up blonde.