The Fitness Queen: Traci Bingham vs. Heidi Klum by Tank

Ravishing Supermodel, Heidi Klum, had been looking forward to the making of her fitness video for several months. She worked closely with the producer to make it a truly unique experience for the viewers. Not only would Heidi be doing the usual aerobics in skimpy attire but would also demonstrate her physical prowess to a worldwide audience by taking on other women in a boxing and wrestling match during the course of her 90 minute DVD.

"Tough, athletic women are in style like never before," she told a large group of reporters the morning of the filming. "Take two attractive women equal in beauty and have them engage in an all out catfight. Invariably, the winner of the fight will be perceived by the public as clearly the sexier of the two," she observed. "Obviously, I like to think of myself as tough and athletic as well as beautiful. Hopefully, my new video will manifest this to the public."

The title of the video was yet to be agreed upon and Heidi suggested, "A Celebration of Heidi Klum: The world's sexiest woman."

Of course, the two women scheduled to face the German Supermodel in the boxing and wrestling matches were carefully screened. The tall blond beauty had previously rehearsed carefully with her two upcoming opponents; a short, unathletic redhead to be her foe in boxing while an unattractive and slow moving brunette, barely 5'3” would make Heidi look quite dominant in an Olympic style wrestling match.

The filming began. There were to be three thirty minute sessions. After each session, Heidi would take a two hour break and return strong and fresh for the next segment. During the first 30 minutes she practiced aerobics. The second session featured her 3 round boxing match which Heidi dominated as she struck her opponent repeatedly while hardly receiving a blow herself. Her opponent threw in the towel after the 2nd round. The lovely superstar was jubilant as she began to gleefully strut around the ring in her pink bra and trunks with her hands raised as if she had just forced Mohammed Ali to quit on his stool.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the third and final session of the filming; Traci had just finished a photo shoot at the studio next door and decided to drop in to observe how Heidi's video was going. Traci had always considered Heidi to be overrated as an athlete. The 5'7” dusky beauty was quite athletic in her own right and had long wanted to do a similar video herself, but without the hype and pretension she believed Heidi was guilty of.

But Traci was lesser known and not the big name global superstar the lovely blond had become. She understood she would be lacking in support for such a project but still believed herself more worthy than Heidi of such an enterprise. As Tracy strolled into the producer's office during the second break, she spotted him seated with two of his cameramen. She knew the producer and had developed a friendly rapport with him.

"Traci, always nice to see you. Come sit with us!" the producer greeted her.

During the course of the conversation, she learned that the woman scheduled to wrestle Heidi in the last session had just called him and refused to go through with it, leaving the producer in a jam.

"I'll take her place!" Traci volunteered.

After a question and answer period in which Traci responded enthusiastically, insisting they would not regret it, the producer, after deliberating with his cameramen, finally agreed to it.

"Fine, Tracy. You can replace her. But I warn you, Heidi is in great shape and she will take this match very seriously!"

"Great!" exclaimed Traci. "So will I!"

With only ten minutes left before the final session, Traci was led into a dressing room. Since the final segment would begin with a previous and never before seen photo shoot of Heidi modeling swimwear in exotic locations, Traci was told to appear in the wrestling ring as soon as she finished undressing for the match.

"I'll tell Heidi she’ll look a lot sexier defeating you than that other slouch," the producer laughingly told Traci.

The ebony beauty smiled as she closed the dressing room door and prepared for her match.

Heidi was told of her new opponent and at first was reluctant to wrestle Traci, but the producer had a way with words and the tall, sleek, big breasted blond beauty finally agreed that she’d appear far sexier taming the dark, athletic, busty ex-Baywatch beauty than her scheduled opponent who, unlike Traci, lacked sex appeal. Besides, Heidi was in the best shape of her life and had spent many hard hours learning how to wrestle.

Loosening up in her corner wearing a lovely white string bikini spotted with little pink tulips, the German beauty, her blond hair long and shiny, awaited the arrival of her foe. The cameras were already rolling as Tracy wound her way into the ring wearing a skimpy and sensuous tiger striped bikini. Heidi frowned contemptuously at Traci as the two women met in the center of the small circled ring. Traci smiled at Heidi as the two women locked hands and awaited the sound of the bell. Despite the rules, both knew this match could only be settled by a submission. The bell rang and both women began to wrestle.

Heidi quickly got the jump on Traci. Pulling her forward she headlocked her opponent and tripped her to the carpet while retaining her headlock. But Traci was stronger than Heidi had anticipated. She unlocked Heidi's right arm from around her head without much trouble and lunged at the blond beauty as she bowled her over onto the mat. Heidi was able to maneuver Tracy off of her, the action becoming fast and furious!

Struggling to their knees, the two women again locked hands and began grappling. Traci soon earned an advantage as she stretched Heidi's arms horizontally to her side and thrust her breasts into Heidi's. The two beauties lifted their upper bodies from their crouching position with Traci overpowering Heidi. Her body now bending backward, Heidi found Traci's breasts on top of hers and pressing into them. The blond winced as she began to feel an increasing pain in her back. She tried to rip her hands free from Traci's iron grip but her efforts were in vain.

After working as diligently as Heidi toward her highly anticipated video, the lovely blond felt all her labor as well as her reputation as an athletic sex goddess were collapsing as sure as her bent back. Heidi was suffering a rude awakening at the hands of the strong ebony beauty who continued to overpower her. She had to do something. Though it was understood by both combatants that this was strictly an Olympic style wrestling match, Heidi was faced with a grim alternative. She could either break the rules or suffer a humiliating defeat. The sultry blond decided to break the rules. Rearing her knee back, she struck her tormentor in her belly with all the force she could muster.

"OWWWWWW!" Traci squealed as Heidi finally ripped free of her clutches.

The blond then began to pummel Traci with a barrage of lefts and rights to her face as the two cameramen moved in for a closer view. Traci, caught completely off guard, absorbed a number of blows before returning fire with punches of her own which knocked Heidi backward onto her butt. The feisty blond kicked at Traci before rolling away and quickly getting to her feet. But she barely had time to take a deep breath before a furious Traci, also fast to her feet, began to stalk toward her.

Standing barefoot and facing each other from a few feet away, the lovely German princess stood two to three inches taller than the sensuous ebony tigress. Traci smirked at Heidi as she continued to stalk her.

"You call that wrestling, flower girl?" she sneered, referring to the little pink tulips decorating Heidi's white bikini.

"I call it MODEL wrestling, tiger whore! Can't you take it?" the sassy blond answered.

"Oh, we'll see who can take it and who can't! Now get ready for your beating, kitten!" Traci responded. She then rushed at Heidi but the supermodel displaying surprising agility, like a matador evading a charging bull, even managed to strike Traci with a light kick to her butt as her aggressive adversary rushed by her. Traci kept her balance, turned and again stalked toward Heidi with a contemptuous grin on her face. Her desire to wrap her strong, sensuous, well muscled body around the sleek, silky body of the elusive and sassy blond beauty and tearing into her skimpy tuliped bikini was becoming an obsession for the hot blooded young tigress.

Heidi lashed her feet out at Traci as she tried to score with quick kicks from her long legs while her formidable opponent advanced. The tall blond continued to retreat cautiously. She almost appeared mesmerized by the sensuous movement of Traci's strong, steely body and the fierce determination of the her dark aggressor as she continued to stalk her. Everything about Traci informed the sleek, lovely blond woman that she dare not make a mistake. Suddenly, Traci sprang toward Heidi and launched a powerful kick that stopped her in her tracks!

Though it found its mark it had little effect on Traci who grabbed hold of the renowned supermodel and violently threw her to the mat. Heidi punched, kicked and struggled frantically but the shapely and well muscled tigress had waited long enough to wrap herself around this wanna be fitness queen and she was not going to be denied her pleasure.

Traci straddled on top of Heidi as the struggling blond lay on her belly. Heidi reached up and behind her and began flashing her nails into Traci's eyes. But the sexy black woman quickly grabbed the blonde’s wrist with her right arm and twisted Heidi's arm behind her back in a half nelson. Heidi shrieked in pain as she continued to struggle. Off came her bra with a mighty yank from Traci's left hand. Then lifting her body in a pushup position, Traci slammed her knees down into Heidi's butt.

"OWWWWWW!" the blond screamed.

Lifting herself off her rival again, Traci grabbed hold of Heidi's panties and falling backward onto the mat, pulled the frightened blond beauty onto her lap. The tawny, well muscled tigress clamped her powerful thighs around Heidi's midsection and began to squeeze. Tears welled up in the blonde’s eyes. Soon they were streaming down her soft cheeks as Heidi squirmed and moaned.

The cameramen were now as close as possible to the action.

"Keep those cameras rolling, boys!" Traci shouted. Watching Heidi moan and squirm to free herself caused her to chuckle, "I THOUGHT YOU WERE A MIGHTY FITNESS QUEEN. SEEMS TO ME YOU'RE JUST A SKINNY BLOND PUSSYCAT!" With that, the sensuous tiger woman released her leg scissors and smiled for the cameras.

Finally able to get her breath, Heidi cried, "Stop! Stop filming!" But the cameramen continued to shoot. "I said, stop or I'll sue!" Heidi screamed.

"Keep quiet, kitten!" Traci told Heidi sternly as she slapped her face. Hair-hauling Heidi to her knees, the sensuous wildcat began lightly slapping Heidi's lovely face. "This is just too easy!" Traci exclaimed, looking into the camera and smirking.

Heidi burst out crying as Traci hauling her up by her long blond hair and folded her face down over her knee, then pulled her panties down below the crease of her butt cheeks. Grinning for the camera, Traci looked back at Heidi’s up-turned bottom, then began to slowly spank her jiggling cheeks.

"Stop! Please stop! I give…you win!"

Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap!

"A naughty girl like you deserves a good spanking!" Traci chuckled.

Heidi was bawling like a little school girl by the time the young tigress had her fill. She then lifted the beaten blond toward her, calmly tossed off her tiger skin bra and finished Heidi off with a mighty bearhug! Pushing in the blond beauty's breasts with her own large breasts, Traci finally released Heidi, backed up and allowed her vanquished prey to collapse on the mat; out cold!

"Hail the new fitness queen!" the cameramen shouted as Traci bent over to calmly retrieve her bra, then raised her arms victoriously and began to strut proudly back to her dressing room.

The next morning Traci received a call from the producer who asked if she’d like to star in her own fitness video!