Jennifer O’Dell vs. Traci Bingham by 2xifpkd

Her white bikini stretched to it’s limit, Jennifer O’Dell confidently surged forward and ripped a right uppercut into the chin of the nervous black woman. The yellow clad fighter reeled back in panic, hands shooting up to rub her stinging jaw. Jenn spun around with right leg sweeping upward to WHACK the front of her shocked foe’s right thigh, sending Traci stumbling back to a crash landing on the carpet.

Jenn rushed ahead and reached for hair as a desperate left hand swooped through the air to THUMP a white-garbed breast as the black girl scrambled frantically away from the assault. Jenn followed the scurrying woman until the yellow -clad woman spun around and threw herself at the startled blonde.

Jenn shrieked as Traci sank fingers into tender breast meat before Jenn was able to react to the counter. The white- suited fighter pushed her attacker away with a right knee which slammed into taut abs, driving the black battler back. Traci fiercely rushed back into the fray as her hands once again slipped through Jenn’s defenses to cup the full breasts behind. The yellow fighter lowered her waist and pushed upward as Jenn grabbed the invading wrists even as she was rocked back on her heels by the belligerent black beauty.

Jenn’s body turned as she stumbled away from the force of two strong hands shoving her treasured titties up and pushing them back into her pectorals. Traci kept up the pressure, racing ahead to pop her right fist down between blonde shoulder blades, doubling the white wearing woman over at the waist.

“I told you this is a new Traci Bingham you’re fighting. Now scream for me, you miserable little tramp!” the haughty black woman hissed as she yanked Jenn erect with a fistful of hair in her left hand.

Traci clamped her other paw firmly on Jenn’s bouncing right boob and closed her fist. Jenn’s flailing elbows hurtled through the air without result as Traci hipped tightly into Jenn’s butt and slid left knee over her foe’s firm thigh before leaning back to stretch the cream skinned vixen’s midsection while retaining her Breast Claw.

The white warrior squirmed as she shifted her weight to the right foot and hopped backwards in an attempt to trip the attacker and Splash down atop Traci. Jenn gasped as she felt her airborne body drawn from above to a new location under Traci’s body. Both women spasmed from the impact of the landing and Traci spun away from atop the white clad cutie who took the brunt of their collision with the carpet.

Jenn sat up and tried to face her rival as Traci slunk up from behind and gripped blonde hands with her own. the white girl snarled threats as Traci placed her chest on Jenn’s upper back and jerked upwards on captive hands.

“Shut up and face your mistress, bitch!” Traci bellowed before pressing full lips against the quivering left cheek of her compliant opponent. “This will make a nice knot around your wrists ... or throat! Just admit I’m more woman than you and I’ll show you delights of a rather carnal nature ... It’s got to do with sex - you bleached out bimbo.” Traci chuckled as she removed the fabric from her doubled over foe’s heaving bosom and waved it under the angry blonde’s eyes.

Traci rose and ground her left heel between Jenn’s shoulder blades as she triumphantly held the captured garment overhead to the delight of the lightning storm of cameras in the audience. The dark-haired woman ran the sturdy material through her fingers as she menacingly circled the slowly recovering woman on the floor.

Past defeats at the hands of ‘The Blond Bitch’ raced through Traci’s mind as her fingers burrowed into the squishy sacs atop her seated opponent’s chest. Jenn howled as right tit was distended by avenging digits then gasped as her left nipple crushed between thumb and index finger in retaliation for a matchbook pin years earlier. Jenn let out a pitiful moan as her bare boobs bore the burden of her attacker’s demand to rise to her feet.

Jenn’s brain flashed images of Traci toppling back before crashing to the mat in previous boxing matches as bullying brunette thumb drove into Jenn’s prominent nipple. The topless babe shot her left fist up at the face of her foe as Traci’s fist slammed home into Jenn’s chin sending Jenn swooning aimlessly ahead. Jenn’s knees bent as her waist buckled dropping her face into the glistening abs of the dominant black. Greedy bronze flesh smacked into Jenn’s face as Traci cupped hands behind blonde neck and swabbed her torso with the waning woman’s face.

Jenn raked nails across her tormentor’s tits, then freed herself with a sharp left Uppercut to the same point on the grinning black’s body. Traci cockily hopped forward with chest swinging up towards Jenn’s bosom as the fit blonde dropped a shoulder and rode her aggressor to a whacking encounter with the rug.

The white bottomed wench winched her chest off the brunette and delivered a nasty right to Traci’s left tit. Jenn pounced forward landing a right knee to her stunned rival’s sternum before rolling off and taking a knee while keeping an eye on the prostrate girl gulping air through her billowing lungs. Jenn crawled to the spot where Traci had tossed her bikini top and achingly replaced the garment before rising to lock up with the black vixen who was methodically drawing herself to her feet.

“Too bad for the ‘new Traci Bingham’ because I’m the same Jenn O’Dell! Let’s finish this. Or are you ready to quit like you always do? Go ahead, you chicken-shit coward!” Jenn huffed as she stalked to within inches of her foe. Their eyes locked, the women stood with their lush hooters brushing together as warm, damp, breath mist fell on opponent cheeks.

“I’m not afraid of you! Tits only? Or are you scared of how huge mine are compare to yours?” Traci taunted as she clasped hands overhead and pressed herself against Jenn’s body. Jenn lifted hands and locked them with her opponent’s as the combatants slowly ground boob against squishy sac. The she cats hurled curses as chins pressed against shoulders below the fight for control of hands. “Yeah!” Traci blurted as she jerked Jenn’s left hand down and whipped her hips to slap her left breast solidly against the white girl’s right chest.

Jenn recoiled as Traci swung her right boob into Jenn’s other tit. The original move was repeated before Jenn shoved out of harm’s way and stepped back defensively to rest with back on wall with hands dropped atop thighs. Traci licked her lips as she strutted towards her humiliated rival.

The brunette hoisted her hands overhead again as she pressed plethoric cleavage against her slumped foe’s face. Jenn’s hands gripped brunette waist as the haughty hellcat’s chest forced her back to straighten. The white warrior’s digits dug into ass cheeks as she rocked hips and guided the overconfident brunette’s head towards the wall. Traci felt her legs wobble after the wall stopped her forehead’s progress forward. Jenn bumped right knee against dismayed bronze back twice before flopping down to her backside in exhaustion. Traci crept to the attack as she sent her hands to crush blonde breasts, Jenn patiently waited and hair pulled the yellow vixen’s back to the rug.

“I win again, you pathetic whore!” Jenn barked as her left fist clapped downward into Traci’s squishing tit flesh.

Jenn beamed as she clamped knees tight to Traci’s flank and slowly overpowered the black to secure a grasp on frantic throat. The white clad beauty grit her teeth as she felt the fighting spirit flee her prey as gagging sounds emitted from the sullen fighter. Jenn rose to crouch above the groaning girl and spun around to yank on yellow bottoms. Jenn tumbled to the carpet with trophy in hand after Traci’s left foot aided by shoving Jenn in the ass.

“Ewww! This smell is awful!” Jenn feigned gagging as she repaid Traci by waving the garment in front of the battered woman’s face. “It must take an entire cotton field to grow enough to make panties to cover your fat ass,” Jenn chuckled.

Jenn snapped the bottom tight between her hands. Traci bumped backwards on her side as her eyes were spellbound by the slowly approaching fighter who gleefully waved captured panties in front of her. Jenn dropped herself atop Traci and swiftly swung the panties towards rival head as her legs straddled flopping bronze flesh. Traci defiantly grit her teeth as Jenn swiped the garment back and forth between the black babe’s lips burning the tender pouters as she forced the cloth into her mouth.

Jenn withdrew the weight form her right leg as she allowed her opponent to roll to lay with shoulder blades pinned to the rug as the wide eyed woman gagged while her hands sought to remove the cotton cloth from her mouth. The cruel blonde’s thumbs dug into Traci’s cheeks as Jenn pressed the panties deeper down her foe’s oral cavity.

“And just for the record hon, I’m not a bimbo and I don’t bleach my hair,” Jenn grinned before pressing her nose down on that of her squirming opponent. Jenn heard soft, gagged sobbing as she heartlessly stuffed fabric down Traci’s throat. The white clad woman relaxed as she swished long golden tresses across Traci’s plaintive face. “I never want you challenge me again, you cheap slutty excuse of an over hyped boob job. Understand? Good girl.”

Jenn giggled as she saw Traci nod her agreement. Jenn hobbled to her feet and turned to face her straddled rival’s feet. Jenn bent down and scooped up the black beauty’s knees as Traci spit her bottom out. Placing a knee under each of her arms, Jenn twisted her neck around to see the look on Traci’s face.

“Just a little something to remember me bIIIIIIIIII…” Jenn screeched as Traci snapped knees downward sending the white clad babe tumbling head over heels to an inelegant landing on her chest.

Traci sighed and drew herself forward by her fingers as she admired the perfect pale orb dangling above it’s holder on the slowly stirring blonde’s chest. The brawlers crept together as hate filled eyes challenged weakening foe flesh. The white clad girl flipped left hand successfully at oncoming bosom drawing an angry howl from the now defensive woman’s lips. Traci squealed as her breasts were crushed together by hostile hands sent forth by the fuming blonde battler. White bikini ruled the roost as Jenn toppled Traci to her back and looped lean left leg over brunette tummy.

The dark woman bucked furiously to free herself - exactly what Jenn wanted!

Jenn released tit and pressed up on Traci’s left elbow while pushing on black chin at the same time her right leg slid under the flopping floozy’s torso. Jenn tucked her chin atop Traci’s massive left breast as she began to grind leg muscles against the screaming bitch’s midsection. The yellow clad fighter wept as she heard Jenn softly whispering a repeat of the demands for surrender into her ear. Jenn laughed as she gave her legs one last crank on beaten ribs then staggered to her feet to claim the acclaim of her adoring audience.