Tracy Bingham/Alexandra Paul vs. Carmen Electra/Donna D'Errico by jjj

Carmen finished putting on her eye makeup, standing and glancing around her dressing room to make sure she wasn't forgetting anything. She and Donna D'Errico were going to a party, and even though she was tired from her day shooting an episode that required her to swim a lot, she stilled looked sexy in a skintight white spaghetti strap dress stopping well above her knees, hugged her body perfectly and displayed an ample amount of cleavage. She had a white choker at her neck that matched her white 2" heel chunky shoes and her long hair was done in huge cascading curls. As always, her make up was perfect as she studied herself one final time in the mirror, grabbed her purse and walked toward the door to go get Donna.

When she was within a few feet of her door, it suddenly slammed open, making her back up in shock. Alexandra Paul and Tracy Bingham filled the door as they burst in, both still in their Baywatch, one piece red swimsuits. Alexandra screamed at Carmen, "The producers told us you want us off the show; that WE'RE the cause of the problems going on behind the scenes." She stepped forward, getting inches away from Carmen's face, "If you have a problem with ME, let me know to my face, bitch!"

Carmen's face lost all color as her pulse quickened, "Guy's I never said that at all, I never had a problem with..."

Before she could get the words out, Alexandra slammed her fist into the brunette's tight stomach. Carmen gasped, the wind shooting out of her as her body hunched over. Alexandra screamed, "You fucking liar. They told us YOU and that blonde bitch, Donna went running to their office as soon as we got done filming and blamed US for everything!!"

Carmen struggled through the pain, and tried to upright her body, "Alex, please I never said that. Donna and I went straight to our dressing rooms right after the shoot today."

Carmen still had a hand on her throbbing stomach as Tracy advanced on her and jammed a finger deep into Carmen's breast, "They ALSO said you don't want any black women on the show either!"

Carmen was shocked as she scrambled for words, "Honest, we never said anything to anyone, ask Donna!"

Tracy fired a backhand slap across the brunette's face and Carmen's long hair shot outwards, her face spinning to the side, her cheek instantly reddening. She almost lost balance as her ankle almost gave out in her high heels.

"Tracy, you know I wouldn't say anything like that!" Carmen sputtered.

Alexandra got in Carmen's face, "They also said you thought my short hair makes me look like a dyke; that I'm a bad image for the show! You little bitch..." she said, grabbing Carmen's hair. "Well, we all can't have three feet of whore hair and spend all day doing it."

Carmen winced as pain shot through her scalp when Alexandra wrapped her hand tightly in the brunette's long brown locks. Carmen never saw Tracy step to the side but she felt the pain explode in her kidney from the punch Tracy drove home. Carmen dropped on all fours, gasping and staring down at the floor with tearing eyes through the disheveled hair that now covered her red face. Alexandra and Tracy laughed at the sight of the brazen brunette struggling for a breath. Carmen started to crawl toward the door, but she screamed as Alexandra caught her by two handfuls of her long hair and pulled Carmen up to her feet. Tracy walked over and locked the dressing room door as Carmen's heart pounded in her huge chest while she tried to fight back the tears.

"Please, I never said those thi....AAHAHHH!!!" Carmen screamed as Alexandra hauled back hard on her long hair from behind until Carmen's face was looking up at the ceiling; her huge breasts jutting up seductively and the thin white dress stretched tight around every luscious curve of her trembling body. Carmen's arms flailed wildly until they were secured from behind by Alexandra when she released her hair. Carmen soon was unable to move her arms as Alexandra pinned them behind her back. Tracy, satisfied the door couldn't be opened, walked back to the helpless beauty and silenced her protests with a vicious backhand across the face!

"Let me GOOOOO!!!!" Carmen groaned as her cheek throbbed from the pain.

But Carmen soon found herself struggling for breath again as another dusky fist drove deep into her tightly drawn, exposed belly. Alexandra had all she could do just to hold Carmen up as Tracy reared back and fired an openhanded chop to Carmen's chest. Alexandra lost her grip on the brunette who toppled back down to her floor on her ass. Tracy reached down and pulled the shoulder straps off Carmen's shoulders, yanking the dress down around her waist. Carmen gasped when she felt the material slide down her curvy body until she looked down and realized she was down to her designer underwear.

Seeing Carmen's sexy ass in a skimpy white thong leaving nothing to the imagination, Alexandra laughed, "Figures it'd be in a thong!!!"

Tracy tossed Carmen's torn dress aside turned back to Carmen. But as she reached down to pull Carmen up by the hair, she was met with an uppercut to her crotch. Tracy's eyes opened wide in disbelief as she staggered back as Carmen started to get up. Tracy's hands clutched her aching crotch, trying to ease the stunning pain while Carmen scrambled to her feet; white lace bra bouncing and bare butt cheeks jiggling in her thong. Alexandra needed a second to get over the shock before she reacted and it gave Carmen a chance to get set. As Alexandra ran in to tackle her, Carmen hit Alexandra full in the nose with her elbow. Alexandra's vision blurred as tears filled her eyes but her momentum carried her into Carmen and they fell to the floor with Alexandra on top though too stunned to take advantage.

Carmen's hands found a grip in Alexandra's short hair and began to pull as she squirmed out from under her and got to her feet, shaking Alexandra wildly from side to side, holding her vice-like grip on the short brown hair. Alexandra was bent over but quickly regained her composure and lunged forward, pounding her head into Carmen's tight stomach. Just at same instant, Carmen's back exploded in pain as Tracy slammed a folding metal chair into her spine. Carmen dropped to her knees holding her damaged back as Tracy raised the chair again and slammed down, this time driving it into her exposed ribs. Carmen screamed fearing her ribs may have been broken. Tracy dropped the chair and reached to with a hand on Alexandra's shoulder, asking tenderly, "You OK hon?"

Alexandra stood up, a look of rage on her flushed face as she held her nose, "My fuckin' nodes is killin' me, this bitch is gonna pay!"

Carmen was holding her ribs and moaning when she suddenly felt her hair yanked violently from behind as Alexandra pulled her to her feet. She was just drawing back to punch her when there was a loud, insistent knocking at the door. Alexandra quickly clapped a hand over Carmen's mouth, the other still twisted in her hair.

"Carm, its me, are you ready to go to the party?" Donna D'Errico called from the hallway.

"Don't make a sound or you'll regret it even more!" Alexandra hissed in Carmen's ear as Tracy picked up the folding chair and ran to unlock the door.

"Come in!" Tracy said cheerily, flattening herself against the wall behind the door.

The door swung open and Donna walked in looking beautiful; her long blonde hair teased out and her make up perfect. Her tight body looked particularly hot in a sheer white, low-cut short sleeve blouse, short black skirt and knee high black boots. She gasped when she saw Alexandra holding Carmen bent forward by the hair and just as she opened her mouth, Tracy slammed the door shut behind her and quickly locked it. Donna turned to look back just as Tracy swung the metal chair and it narrowly missed the blonde's face as she leaped back gasping in shock.

Donna's mind raced as she saw Tracy advancing raising the metal chair while Alexandra pulled the bent over Carmen into a side headlock. Carmen was gasping for air as Alexandra had her forearm clamped around her throat, applying pressure. Donna backpedaled until her back met the wall, then Tracy reared back to slam the chair into the blonde. Thinking fast, Donna pushed off the wall and drove her shoulder into Tracy's chest, her momentum carrying both girls to the floor with Donna on top of Tracy who was gasping in pain from the unforeseen turn of events. Then Tracy yelped in pain as Donna grabbed her by the hair with both hands. Donna had some fighting experience and she began yanking Tracy's hair, trying to rip it from her scalp. Tracy was screaming and soon found herself being dragged to her feet, the metal chair left behind on the floor where it landed after her fall.

Donna twisted Tracy's head back with one hand and slammed her other fist into her kidney. Tracy gasped in pain but fought back, bringing an elbow up and ramming it to the side of the blonde's head. Donna's head rocked to the side, struggling to maintain her hair hold on Tracy as the black bitch slammed another elbow to her chest. Donna's breast throbbed and she fought back ignoring the pain, firing a punch that just missed connecting to Tracy's face.

Tracy was reviving somewhat and she grabbed Donna's long hair and began whip-lashing the blonde's head from side to side, returning the favor. Donna couldn't maintain her grip on Tracy's hair and suddenly found herself crashing backward over Tracy's outstretched leg. She hit the floor hard on her shapely ass and looked up, never seeing Tracy's kick that slammed into the side of her head. Donna's eyes rolled back in her head and her vision blurred, her head ringing from the kick. Tracy fired a second kick into the stunned blonde, this on to her side and Donna rolled over gasping and holding her ribs. Tracy picked up her metal chair again and swung it down on Donna's head. The blonde screamed as her hands shot to her throbbing head which gave Tracy another chance to use the chair, this time swinging it down on Donna's back sending her sprawling face down!

Carmen was almost out on her feet as Alexandra maintained her choke hold on the fading brunette. Then Carmen's crotch exploded in pain and she screamed as Alexandra was using both hands to pull up on the back of Carmen's thong, giving her a terrific wedgie! The thong buried itself deep in her ass crack, forcing Carmen up onto her tiptoes trying to alleviate the pain. Carmen's hands went to her backside to pick the material from her crack, which left her front completely exposed to Tracy who slammed the metal chair into her bouncing boobs.

Carmen's lace bra offered no protection to her bosom and the metal chair shot flattened her tits. Tears began streaming down the gorgeous girl's face, her makeup running as her hands tenderly cupped her aching breasts. Again, Alexandra reared up, jerking on the thong from behind and causing Carmen to gasp as pain shot through her pussy. Carmen was just about out on her feet and Alexandra had an easy time pulling her arms behind her.

Tracy stepped in front of the tightly trapped brunette and leered in Carmen's face as she slowly pulled down the fine lace bra. Carmen's huge melons sprang from their confinement, red welts already visible on the soft flesh from Tracy's chair shot.

"Plleeaaase....I...I...I can't take more," Carmen sobbed.

Carmen's pleas fell on deaf ears as Tracy grabbed Carmen's left breast in her right hand, cradled it on her open palm and then raked the nails of her right hand slowly downward, furrowing Carmen's flawless flesh. Carmen's head whipped back, her hair flying as a new set of parallel red welts now streaked her jiggling breast. Carmen futility tried to pull herself free from Alexandra's vice like grip but the big brunette was far too strong. Tracy continued to focus her attack on Carmen's tender left breast, this time using both hands to squeeze for all she was worth.

"AAAAAHHHHHHHH!" Carmen's screams filled the room as it felt like her implant was about to explode. "NNNNOOOO!" she bellowed as Tracy began to twist her tit left, then right; then back again; always crushing the soft flesh as hard as she could. It seemed to the helpless brunette the torture lasted for minutes, although in reality it was only a few agonizing seconds.

"Behind you, blondie's gettin' up watch out!" Alexandra shouted, warning Tracy who quickly turned to see Donna staggering to her feet.

As Donna rose and stood on rocky, unsteady legs, she reached up and gingerly touched the side of her head which was red where Tracy's chair had smacked it. Tracy didn't have time to grab her chair, but she stepped forward and drove a kick into Donna's thigh. Donna gasped and stumbled backward, then tripping as her high-heeled boot caught in the carpet and she went right back down on her ass again. The evil Tracy walked up behind Donna and kicked her in the back and the blonde gasped as the air was knocked out of her. The kick sent her lithe body forward, sprawling on all fours. Tracy leaped, spread her legs in mid-air and came down straddling Donna's back on her ass, driving Donna chest-first into the floor, stunning and pinning the blonde. Tracy began bouncing, her ass pounding down on Donna's lower back and making the shattered blonde moan and gasp in pain.

While Tracy dealt decisively with Donna, Carmen dropped to the floor when Alexandra released her arms. Carmen lay with one hand on her bruised breast and the other pulling the wedgie from her pussy. While Carmen attended to her problems, Alexandra positioned herself over the brunette and then slammed a kick squarely between Carmen's shoulder blades. Carmen’s body pancaked on the floor as Alexandra pushed down with her foot as she bent over and grabbed both of Carmen’s wrists and pulled up and back. When Alexandra hauled back on Carmen's arms and shoved down with her foot, she put the gasping brunette in a perfect surfboard. Carmen shrieked as pain filled her shoulders, while her naked chest was pushed forward. She frantically shook her head but Alexandra just laughed at her, glaring down at the helpless girl. As Alexandra forced her foot harder into Carmen's back, she increased the pressure on her arms.

Carmen was totally helpless by the time Tracy climbed off of Donna’s limp body and walking back to the trapped brunette. She stopped in front of Carmen, stared down at her and giggled as she extended her leg, captured Carmen’s nipple between her toes and used it to shake her big breast.

"Pull the bitch up and let's finish her off before we give blondie some more attention!" Tracy snapped at Alexandra.

Tracy picked up the metal chair again as Alexandra hauled back on Carmen's arms one last time, then released her and let her slump limp back down on the floor. Alexandra reached down and pulled Carmen back up to her feet, then slipped her arms under Carmen’s and put her into a full nelson. As Carmen hung limp in Alexandra's tight grip, Tracy walked stood in front of her and used her free hand to jerk up the front of her thong. Carmen's eyes widened as the material slipped up into her pussy. Tracy yanked again, showing no remorse, lifting Carmen up on her toes as tears filled her eyes. When Tracy released the thong, it was only to free her hand so she could dig her nails into Carmen's flawless face

"Look at me bitch,” Tracy screamed into Carmen’s pale face. “I wanna see the fear in your eyes for this!"

She raised the chair over her head and when Alexandra saw it she quickly jumped back letting go of Carmen just seconds before the metal chair slammed into her forehead. Carmen dropped straight down to the floor where she lay without moving.

Alexandra gasped, "Jesus be careful Trace! You could’a hit me with that damn chair!"

Tracy shot back, "Don't worry you big sissy. ‘Sides, the bitch had it comin'. I wasn't gonna hit’cha...calm down." Tracy looked at Carmen and kicked her in the ribs without getting any reaction except her bare breasts wobbling from the kick. She was completely out! Laughing, Tracy said, "OK, now let's finish with blondie and get changed!"

Alexandra and Tracy quickly advanced on Donna who was just starting to rise. The sadistic black girl again raised the chair and brought it down hard, smashing it over the back of Donna's head sending her sprawling on her belly across the carpet.

"I thought you wanted to have some fun?" Alexandra whined. "Now she's out cold too!"

Tracy dropped the chair and bent over Donna muttering, "Don't worry so damn much. We ain't done with 'er yet!"

Like a crazed animal, Tracy ripped Donna's shirt off her limp body exposing her bra-less back. Tracy raked her nails savagely down Donna's bare back, leaving ten parallel crimson tracks from her nails from Donna’s neck to her waist. The pain shocked Donna awake and she shrieked as pain engulfed her back. She was quickly silenced by Alexandra’s fist as it slammed into the side of her head. Her face slammed into the floor and she was once more hovering on the verge of going out.

Tracy kicked Donna's body over onto her back, her naked chest heaving with each pain-racked, sobbing breath she struggled to take. Tracy stood with her legs straddling the blonde, then jumped in the air and came down with both feet slamming into Donna's breasts. "EEEEEIIIIHHHHHHHH!! UUNNNNNNHHHH!"

Donna screamed with the very real fear her breasts would burst as Tracy's full weight crashed onto them. But Tracy lost her footing on the sweaty flesh and her feet flew out from under her. Luckily for Tracy, she landed with her ass on Donna's tight stomach. All the remaining wind was forced from the blonde's lungs and she struggled to fight against the awful pain that raced through every fiber of her battered body. Tracy pulled Donna's sagging body to her feet with a handful of hair and a breast claw. She quickly pulled her arms up and put her in a full nelson, her hands holding handfuls of Donna’s hair at the back of her head.

Looking at Alexandra, Tracy planted her knee in Donna’s ass, arching her body and smirked, "Your turn! Have fun sweetheart!"

Alexandra slammed her fist deep into Donna's belly, causing her body to tighten even more. The next punch drove into Donna's perfect left breast, driving her nipple back into her huge mammary as the breast flattened on her chest. Donna couldn't take the pain any longer and picked up her feet, trying to drop down and slide out of Tracy's tight hold. Tracy grunted as her knees bent, but she had Donna’s arms so well secured that she was able to hold her up. There was no way Donna was getting out of this.

First, Alexandra slammed home a right to her left breast, than a right to her left one. Both of Donna's melons swung wildly from side to side as Alexandra unleashed a merciless flurry of punches. Within seconds, Donna’s breasts were turning a nasty shade of purple while all she could do was whimper, moan and cry. Donna’s long blonde hair hung down covering her face, as if it could offer protection from the onslaught that seemingly wouldn't end. Each punch hurt worse than the one before and it felt like her breasts were going to bust.


Donna and Tracy’s bodies both flew forward and Tracy's weight on Donna’s back added to the impact as they both bowled into Alexandra and they tumbled to the floor in a writhing heap of woman-flesh. Tracy's weight on top of the pile pinned both Donna and Alexandra under her as Carmen reared back and slammed the steel chair down on Tracy's back again THWACK! Carmen reared back and swung the chair a third time but this swing missed the entire pile of girls and she almost fell down as she spun around. But as Carmen brought the chair back to swing it again, she accidentally BONK slammed the chair into the side of Tracy's head. The black girl went down instantly, landing face down sprawled over Donna’s back, joining the blonde in the ranks of the unconscious.

Alexandra scrambled out of the pile just in time for Carmen to drive the chair into her shoulder, knocking her back down on her ass. She tried to scramble away from the rampaging brunette who, as she watched Alexandra crab backward to the corner, paused momentarily to BANG the chair off Tracy's head. No sound escaped as Tracy's limp body just bounced. Now it was Alexandra's turn to beg.

Holding out her hands pleading, Alexandra whined, "Carmen, let's call this off...please! It was a big mistake..."

Carmen swung Tracy’s chair and the metal THUD! hit Alexandra's forearm. The brunette wailed as the metal hit her arm and she quickly tried to pull her arm back to her body. Panic raced through Alexandra who couldn't move her hand after the hit. Carmen was grunting with each swing, some missing wildly but her efforts were rewarded as well when the chair again HIT Alexandra's already numb arm.

Alexandra curled in a fetal ball, her body curled around her arm trying to protect it. Big mistake!

Carmen, who hadn't said a word since awakening, screamed, "You damn short hair bitch!!!"

Slamming the chair up, down and all over Alexandra's quivering body Carmen kept beating Alexandra until she was limp. Then Carmen reared back and slammed the chair down over the back of Alexandra's head. Then, out of the corner of her eye, Carmen saw a movement and swung around, the chair already raised. She saw Donna staggering to her feet holding her head, wearing what was left of her black skirt and black knee high boots. Donna’s breasts were already swollen to twice their normal size. She tried to stand and almost fell, grabbing the wall to hold herself up as Carmen hurried over to put her arm around her friend’s waist in support.

"Lets get out of here,” Carmen hissed. “I need a fuckin' aspirin."

Donna was to weak to laugh, but with their arms around each other’s waists, Donna and Carmen hobbled out door leaving Alexandra and Tracy unconscious on the floor. When they came to, Alexandra and Tracy would argue about whose fault it was that Donna and Carmen had escaped their punishment. Rumors abounded that the resulting fight between them was one reason Alexandra left the show although neither would confirm or deny it.