Thora Birch vs. Brittany Murphy - Part One: fistfight by Jackflash

From the very first blow, this was a brawl. There was little in the way of finesse between the two beauties as they engaged in a good old fashioned slugfest, throwing a flurry of fists at one another with the intent, simply enough, of battering the other into defeat. Thora had been here before, and it had been a very long time since she hadn't prevailed in a donnybrook such as this. Of course, she had rarely faced an opponent with the ruthless tenacity of Brittany before.

The blond seemed to thrive on the pain she suffered from her rival's punches, and seemed to draw strength from them for the punches she threw back. But that was just the kind of fighter that Birch was as well, and it was a talent which had allowed her to rise to the top in the elite world of celebrity fistfighting. And as far as the brunette was concerned, Murphy wasn't the woman to topple her from the mountain.

Going into a final all-out offensive, Thora demonstrated why she's nicknamed "The Hammer" as she throws powerful fist after powerful fist at her opponent, connecting with devastating power against Brittany's face, belly and breasts. Murphy returned the punishment with equal ferocity...for a time. But then she began to be forced backward, and only one of her punches landed for every two...then three, then four...of the brunette's. The end loomed for the blond battler as she was driven back until her back was up against the wall. Thora jabbed a few times with her right hand, then drew back her left for the killing blow. The fist moved with a blur of motion, all of Birch's power behind it.

And from some deep recess of Murphy's clouded mind, a voice told her to duck....

Brittany moved at the last instant, too late for Thora to halt her strike. Her fist slammed into the wall, denting the thick plaster with such force, a spider web of cracks instantly veined out. For several heartbeats, there was no sound but then the pain jolted its way into Thora's brain and she let out a long wail of agony. The brunette stumbled around the room, clutching her aching left hand with her right, tears rolling down her cherubic cheeks. She didn't know if it was broken, but the pain was electrifying!

The ombudsman asked Birch if she wanted to submit the fight, but through clenched teeth she hissed, "I'm not giving up to her!"

Which suited Brittany just fine! She'd used those precious few moments to gather her wits. She didn't want to win with a technical; she came to knock the Hammer out! From this point on, it was a fight in name only. The few times Thora tried to use her left hand, the pain it caused her was worse than anything Brittany dished out. Robbed of one hand, Thora could offer only a feeble attack against the rampaging blond, who pressed her advantage to the hilt, staggering Thora with punch after punch after punch.

In spite of the hailstorm of blows, however, Thora magnificently refused to fall. But her defeat was now inevitable. Pushing the brunette against the nearest wall...the imprint of Thora's earlier fatal punch just next to her...Murphy grabbed her opponent by the wrists and held her arms up over her head by pinning them to the wall. With her free hand, she then drove her fist into the lush body of her victim, burying it deep into a breast, then her abdomen, then the other breast, and on and on. Birch winced and groaned with each punch, but was too battered to pull free.

Finally tiring of this slaughter and opting to finish her foe off once and for all, Brittany grabbed Thora by the hair and dragged her over to the center of the room, Birch stumbling on legs that wanted desperately to crumple, but who's desire was denied by the brunette's iron will.

Maliciously, Murphy cupped her right hand around Birch's injured left fist, squeezing it tight and bringing forth an agonized howl from Thora as her knees began to buckle. Then, cocking her left fight and wearing as wicked a smile as possible, Brittany landed a haymaker to her rival's jaw. The sickening sound of flesh on flesh, bone on bone, echoed throughout the room as the spectators held their collective breath. All power instantly drained from Birch's body as she collapsed to the carpet. Murphy released her death grip on her foe's hand and let her fall completely to the floor, where she lay unmoving.

Planting her foot triumphantly atop her beaten rival's heaving chest, Brittany raised her right hand in a signal of victory as she announced to the crowd with a self-satisfied smile, "From now on, you're looking at the one and only 'Hammer!' This bitch...," the blond stomped her foot down harder on Thora's chest for punctuation, "...ain't nothing but a broken tool."
Part Two: Brittany Murphy vs. Thora Birch Rematch (w/referee Reese Witherspoon) by Oberon

Approximately one month later...Thora Birch waited in the catfight room wearing a long, red dress that allowed for a lot of cleavage with a bandage on the left hand she'd injured during her fistfight with Brittany Murphy who was scheduled to arrive any minute. Thora's bruises had long since faded and her supple body healed from the brutal exchange of blows she and her rival had shared that night and the bandage was to come off within the next few days.

By some miracle, no bones in her hand were broken when she accidentally punched the wall behind Brittany's head, but her fingers were severely sprained and required a great deal of therapeutic treatment in the month that followed the fight. It wasn't so much that Brittany had taken advantage of her depleted condition by squeezing the damaged fingers, it was mostly that Brittany had the nerve to try usurping Thora's nickname, the Hammer, after she had won that fistfight by a wild stroke of luck. Thora resolved to take the name back tonight, and prove to Brittany that her career was far from over in the process.

Reese Witherspoon, a mutual acquaintance, had been called to serve as a referee for this fight. Her job, since there would be no rules once the match was underway, was to announce the two ladies, stand back and allow them to tear into each other however they chose, and finally to announce the winner. This was her official job, according to the promoters. Her unofficial job, suggested by Thora off-camera, would be to provide a bit of release for the Hammer after she beat Brittany tonight. Reese gave Thora a wicked smile at the thought, saying she'd let Thora remove her pink bikini top on condition she could take off the rest of it herself. Patting Reese's hip, Thora assured Reese, “You can count on that, hon.” Most important, however, was seeing that smug self-satisfaction disappear from Brittany's face once their rematch was underway.

Suddenly, the door to the catfight room opened and Brittany Murphy strode in wearing a long black dress cut at the side to reveal her legs and an expression of arrogant triumph, as if the match had already been won. Noticing Thora already there waiting for her, a sneer crossed her face as she changed step and approached within striking distance of Thora. But if Brittany expected to see backing down or an intimidated response from Thora, her face didn't register disappointment when it didn't come. Still, Brittany remained exactly where she stood, a look of superiority on her face as she allowed Thora to view her nipples through the sheer material that covered her chest. Thora looked Brittany in the eyes, then slowly moved her gaze to her breasts and down to her legs, seeing the improved muscle tone in her thighs. Responding to Brittany's attitude, Thora stepped back just enough to give her rival a better glimpse as she removed her dress, revealing a red thong; making sure the bitch would see her topless frame and know that she too had taken the opportunity to improve her muscle tone.

Not to be outdone after her sweeping victory against Thora, Brittany did likewise, showing her rival the skintight black bikini bottom she wore under her dress. Giving Thora a long look at her bare breasts and toned body, Brittany flexed as she closed the distance between them again.

Brittany asked, “So, what kind of match do you prefer tonight?”

Still appraising her rival's legs, Thora answered, “A scissors only match. It’ll end only when one of us verbally submits to the other.”

Giving her a wry smile, Brittany nodded in agreement, adding, “I look forward to squeezing you into submission almost as much as I enjoyed knocking you out the last time they met, even if this time people will be watching on TV, not live,” she added, noting the cameras mounted in the four corners of the room.

Reese stepped between them, then introduced Thora on her right and Brittany on her left before she retreated to one corner of the room and sat down to watch as the rivals begin circling, preparing to engage. Brittany was haughtily confident as she and Thora circled, feet padding along the carpet, staring each other down, seeking an opening.

"I'm gonna break you again whore, just like I did the last time!" Brittany sneered while she circled looking for an opening.

Without warning, she rushed Thora, grabbing her around the throat and making an effort to throw her to the carpet underneath them by slipping her leg in between her rival's so she could use the inertia to fling her head-over-heels across her side. Remaining on her feet, Thora balled her right hand into a fist, slugging Brittany in her unprotected stomach as she used her left hand to push Brittany's head back under her chin, then pushing it to the side so she could open a wide enough space in the headlock to escape Brittany's clutches. As the sudden blow to her stomach caught Brittany off guard, the move worked and Thora was able to wriggle her way out. The retaliation was swift as Thora abruptly jumped her foe, reaching her arm behind her neck and dropping to her knee, flipping Brittany over her shoulder and down to the carpet. Before Thora knew what was happening. Brittany grabbed the back of Thora's neck, flipping Thora along with her. As they fell, Brittany turned Thora's inertia around on her; Thora landed with a loud “UNNNH!”

Brittany slipped behind her and roared, "No mercy!"

Brittany’s legs shot across Thora’s ribcage and clamped down tight around her waist. Leaning back on both hands, Brittany crossed her ankles, threw her head back and poured on the pressure, squeezing the breath from an astonished Thora. Not having expected her rival's thighs to be capable of the power they now demonstrated, Thora grunted at the intensity of the scissors as Brittany pressed her legs closer together, compressing her opponent's body between them. Thora twisted to the left and right, trying to open a wide enough space to wriggle free; Brittany leaned forward and slipped her arms under Thora's armpits, incapacitating Thora in case she tried using her hands to retaliate. As if obliging her movements, Brittany twisted Thora's torso from one side to the other in increasing arcs, keeping the tight scissors, which was growing progressively tighter, wrapped around her body at all times. Groaning, Thora lifted up off the carpet carrying Brittany with her and suddenly slammed back to the floor with Brittany beneath her! The impact jarred Brittany's arms and legs loose just enough to allow her to slip out of Brittany's clutches.

Flipping over so she was face to face with Brittany, Thora dragged her into a sitting position, planted herself down on her rival's thighs and extended her legs outward, wrapping them around Brittany's waist. Closing the scissors around Brittany's midriff and squeezing for all she was worth, Thora grabbed Brittany by the hair, pushing Brittany's face into her cleavage to prevent her from gasping for breath as the powerful legs around her pushed the air from her body. In a matter of seconds, Brittany was screaming to be released, the sound of her agonized cries were muffled by the big boobs pressing into her face. With an air of satisfaction, Thora ground her breasts into Brittany's screaming mouth as her thighs pressed remorselessly in, compressing her rival's sleek waist. Screaming louder, Brittany rained slaps onto the dominant Thora's arms and back, hoping to force Thora to release her, only to be rewarded with more grinding and squeezing as Thora pressed on, refusing to be distracted from crushing the caught woman between her thighs. Then came a piercing scream fro, Thora as Brittany's teeth sank into her right breast, demanding Thora release her from the scissors. Thora reflexively moved off, her legs springing open, when Brittany slapped her hard across the face.


As Thora reeled from the slap, Brittany moved in to trap her in a scissors from the left side, reaching for her bandaged hand so she might inflict more pain while applying the submission. Before she could complete the planned maneuver, a harder slap suddenly stung her cheek as Thora reached over and landed it with her right hand. Following up on this by twisting around and bringing her legs over Brittany's head and down to her midsection, Thora sought to trap Brittany in a bodyscissors, draping her right thigh across Brittany's stomach as her left leg pushed its way under her back. Thora managed to wrap her legs around Brittany's middle and lock the scissors by her ankles, only as soon as she started to apply pressure, Brittany drove an elbow into Thora's thigh, kicking her way out of the hold before Thora could prolong it. With the inertia of the kickout, Brittany pivoted and launched a foot at her opponent, kicking Thora square in the chest as she started to get up and knocking her to the floor. Seeing her chance, she moved in quickly and slammed both legs around Thora's head, holding her in place by the hair as she extended her limbs as far as they would possibly go.

Enraged, Thora took to a vicious session of clawing the thighs crushing her head, trying to pry them apart. Brittany had to suppress the clawing, and still wanted to take advantage of Thora's bandaged fingers, so she released Thora's hair and grabbed the hands that raked her legs. Thora let loose with a muffled scream as Brittany clamped a hold of her left hand and squeezed the fingers tightly, easing Thora's face into her crotch and kicking the scissors tighter to muffle the sound further. Thora screamed again as Brittany tightened her grasp on her healing fingers, working the digits with the calculating ferocity of a woman determined to break her rival even worse than before. The louder Thora screamed, the tighter Brittany’s grip on her fingers became. Then Brittany suddenly screamed loud enough to shatter glass as Thora sank her teeth deep into Brittany's pussy through her bikini.

“AIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!” Brittany let out a shriek of agony as Thora chewed on her engorged womanhood like a ravenous bear!

Brittany's legs sprang open as she forgot all about Thora's fingers, Rolling away, she massaged her throbbing, aching pussy as Thora lay on the floor, choking and fighting to regain her breath. Rising to their hands and knees almost simultaneously, Thora and Brittany crawled to each other, lunging together like two warring lionesses when they were close enough. Wrapping her arm around Brittany's throat and slamming her to the carpet, Thora slammed a neckscissors on her, suppressing her rival's attempts to kick out by lifting her ass off the floor and channeling energy through her legs, reveling at the choking noises coming from her downed opponent. Thora lifted her ass again, higher than before, as Brittany clawed her legs and twisted furiously to escape her, gagging and choking as Thora's meaty thighs almost entirely cut off her air flow. Kicking the scissors tighter as Brittany tried biting her way out of the leglock, Thora pushed her inner thighs into Brittany's windpipe, holding her rival in place by the hair as Brittany had done earlier, smiling into Brittany's eyes as she watched her face turning beet red from the loss of air. Screeching helplessly, Brittany slashed her fingernails on Thora's thighs, pinching the skin until she had enough room to pull herself out. Thora moved in again to apply another scissors, but Brittany knocked her down before she could.

Moving quickly, Brittany managed to get her legs around Thora's head and squeezed powerfully, glaring at her rival in her efforts to crush her opponent, glaring with naked hatred. Thora returned the glare even as she sputtered to catch her breath, immediately taking to clawing Brittany's pussy. Brittany shrieked again as Thora attacked her womanhood, still glaring with unabashed ire at her rival as she fought to maintain the headscissors. She had poured a great deal of energy into squeezing her adversary, and instinctively knew Thora was itching for payback after the brutal beating of the last match they fought. Both of them were throwing all the energy they could into scissoring each other, and there was the additional pain of being clawed and bitten to drain them of the stamina they began this rematch with. Brittany was aware that this fight would continue until one of them was drained completely, and she resolved that it wouldn't be her as she channeled more power through her legs, doing her best to shut out the pain of Thora's fingernails even as the caught hellcat redoubled her efforts to break the scissors that held her. Stubbornly, Brittany fought to maintain the headscissors as long as she could, until her legs quivered and the sensation of Thora's fingernails overtook her.

Releasing the scissors, she suddenly found her head caught between Thora's thighs as the squeezing pressure that Thora had been inflicting on her resumed with renewed vigor. Her face beginning to change hue sooner, Brittany was aware of the energy being sapped from her body as Thora loosened her legs at Brittany's attempts to break loose and kicked them closed again, squeezing harder. Fighting to keep her breathing steady, which was becoming increasingly more difficult to do with each passing second, Brittany wrenched at the meaty limbs compressing her head, punching savagely at them with her fists. In response Thora loosened the scissors and kicked it tighter still, fiercely determined to suppress her rival's feverish struggling. Her legs pulsed around Brittany's head and increased the pressure on her, as if they sought to separate her head from the rest of her body. Again Brittany made an effort to bite her way out of the crushing submission; Thora moved her thighs just out of the way, grabbed Brittany by the hair with her left hand and proceeded to demonstrate to Brittany firsthand why she was christened the Hammer by belting her repeatedly in the face with her right fist, occasionally kicking the scissors tighter to show Brittany there was no escape. Enjoying her position, Thora hammered Brittany's face with mounting force until Brittany was too dazed to try biting her again.

Thora loosened and then released the headscissors, moving to wrap a bodyscissors on her opponent, when Brittany moved with startling suddenness for a woman who was helplessly trapped just a few seconds ago. She moved fast, but Thora was quicker, as she thwarted Brittany's attempt to ensnare her in a bodyscissors by tackling her to the rug and deftly wrapping her legs around Brittany's head yet again. With a roar of vengeance, she crushed Brittany's skull as if her life depended on it, eliciting a groan from her opponent that eventually became a cry of pain and a scream of agony. This only encouraged Thora to squeeze tighter, sensing that victory was within her grasp, so to speak. Thora set her jaw in grim concentration as the headscissors tightened, planting her hands behind and lifting her lower body off the floor to apply more pressure on her victim's head. Slapping and punching at Thora's thighs to let her know she wasn't beaten just yet, Brittany kicked her legs in the air, determined to break out and turn the tables on her rival.

The enraged Thora was having none of this; she was dead set on keeping Brittany where she was, a point she made by lifting her ass higher off the floor and pulsing her thighs, tightening the headscissors a little more with every pulse of her legs. In mere seconds Brittany was gasping for air, her movements losing much of their spark as Thora persisted in repaying her for her treatment in last month's fistfight, remembering that event as if it had happened the previous night. A sadistic smile surfaced on Thora's angelic face as her legs maintained the pressure they poured on Brittany's head. Brittany writhed furiously, desperate to extricate herself from the scissors as she could feel her energy fade as Thora relentlessly punished her rival. Balling her hands, she whaled Thora's thick thighs even as she choked from the power they revealed in crushing her head, prompting Thora to slap and punch at the trapped face between her limbs. Brittany screamed profanities at Thora as the torment continued, demanding to be released; Thora responded by covering her adversary's nose and mouth with her left hand while her right curled into a claw, slashing Brittany's sensitive eyes. A scream sounded from under Thora's hand as even more air was cut off, then Thora released her breathing passages and returned to the brutal scissoring, not allowing Brittany too much of an opportunity to catch her breath. Her energy seemed boundless as she squeezed Brittany. Thora was in more control the longer she maintained the scissors.

"No mercy!" Thora exclaimed as she persisted in crushing her rival, mocking Brittany with her own words.

On the heels of that came a tighter compression from Thora that elicited yet another groan. Her face reddening, Brittany defiantly retaliated by raining blows on Thora's legs, wordlessly demanding to be freed from the devastating scissors. Thora responded to this demand by thrusting her lower body into Brittany's face, stretching her legs and pressing her thighs farther into the sides of Brittany's head, seeming to sense Brittany's strength being sapped the more she kept a strong hold on her. Brittany kicked her legs in an attempt to coil them around Thora's throat from behind, but Thora just leaned forward, shifting the scissors into a figure four and applied even greater pressure on her. The only sounds in the room were Thora's heavy breathing and the horrible choking sounds coming from Brittany's throat as the Hammer squeezed and squeezed and resolved to squeeze her for the next three hours if necessary, to get the submission.

Brittany eventually succeeded in escaping Thora's clutches, but not before Thora had drained even more strength. A fresh try to apply a bodyscissors was rewarded with a brutal blow to her head, followed by the sensation of Thora's legs wrapping around her and contracting, forcing a harsh expulsion of oxygen through Brittany's mouth. Letting out a long groan from the tight compressions around her body, Brittany launched a series of punches into Thora's breasts in her growing desperation to turn the fight around. Thora was able to block some of the punches, but other blows found their way home. Grunting each time Brittany's fist connected with her boobs, Thora blasted Brittany's tits with a series of brutal punches that grew in power and frequency each time Brittany landed a blow to Thora's breasts. Breaking the stalemate with an abrupt compression of her legs, Thora pressed on as Brittany groaned longer and louder than she'd done when Thora had established the scissors. But she had not diminished the force of her punches, but began hitting Thora harder the more Thora's legs tightened around her squirming body, pressuring her ribs to the breaking point.

Through sheer determination, Brittany was able to distract Thora from squeezing the scissor lock by her persistence in pounding Thora's thighs. She was finally able to wriggle free, but she knew too well her strength was waning fast and she had to attack with everything she had left before it was gone altogether. Meeting Thora's demonic charge, Brittany tackled her to the carpet, rolling alongside Thora and catching her in another bodyscissors. Roaring with desire to beat Thora despite her waning strength, Brittany stretched her legs around Thora's midsection, flattening her rival's stomach between her thighs and causing Thora to gasp for air as the pressure on her waist quickly grew unbearable. Brittany's legs stretched farther when Thora tried clawing her thighs; the pained gasps from Thora's lips grew louder as Brittany concentrated her fading energy into the bodyscissors. Lifting her ass from the floor, Brittany arched her back to exert greater force on her rival's generous waist, holding position for as long as she could hold out, then leaned on her side, arching her back toward Thora's head as she stretched her legs more. Thora's screams filled her with satisfaction as she squeezed her eyes closed and increased the pressure, slamming her available forearm across Thora's breasts.

Thora bucked and squirmed like a crazed bronco as Brittany increased the pressure, gasping louder as the deadly leg scissors crushed, threatening to rob her of her lead. Thora knew Brittany was approaching the end of her endurance, and was making her final attempts to squeeze a verbal submission from her before it was over. Grunting from another fierce compression of Brittany's legs, and grunting again as Brittany's forearm smashed into her heaving boobs, Thora tried bridging out of the leglock, only to have Brittany smash her forearm across her breasts again, raking them brutally with her nails before stretching the scissors tighter again. To capitalize on her torment, Brittany raked her nails across Thora's eyes, slamming her fist into Thora's face as she poured the pressure on her. In retaliation against the scissors and the punches, Thora reached around the thigh crossing her stomach with both hands, gripping the muscle in back of Brittany's thigh, pushing her fingers in deep as she could, doing her best to ignore Brittany's blows as she worked the muscle in the back of Brittany's thigh, fighting to loosen the bodyscissors as Brittany continued to pound her chest and face. After what seemed to be eternity of this torture, Thora finally made a wide enough space in the scissors to escape. Smashing her right fist into Brittany's nose to cause a distraction, she squirm her way out from the tight hold.

Dazed from the brutal blow to her nose, Brittany was unable to stop Thora as ‘The Hammer’ wrapped a Figure Four around her head. The pressure seemed unstoppable as Thora could now sense that Brittany was almost done, and a verbal submission from her was a distinct possibility, if not a certainty. Cruelly she applied all of her remaining strength toward getting that submission, her legs constricting Brittany's head like a vice. Brittany was howling in utter agony by now; she was almost flopping around like a fish out of water as Thora maintained the pressure, refusing to be denied. Thwarting an effort on Brittany's part to bite into the calf crossing her face, Thora retracted the figure four and closed it around her head again, muffling the earsplitting screams coming from her near-beaten rival. Thora was wholly in her element now as she pushed her legs farther and farther into Brittany's face and the sides of her head, it seemed as if Thora could go on squeezing Brittany like this until the end of time, but she wanted the satisfaction of hearing Brittany verbalize her submission before her strength was gone. Loosening the scissors a little, she looked down on her foe.

"You ready to concede me the match, 'Brittany the Hammer'?" Thora asked her.

"Fuck you!" Brittany spat, then screamed at the top of her lungs, "FUCK…YOU!"

"That wasn't one of the stipulations," Thora sneered, making no effort to conceal her sarcasm. "Maybe next time."

With that, Thora released the figure four and prepared to mount her final attack. Narrowly avoiding one last desperate attempt on Brittany's part to wrap a scissors around her neck, she repositioned so that Brittany was now lying on the floor, her face to the carpet, and Thora was sitting in front of her. Sliding forward, she wrapped a headscissors on a completely exhausted Brittany, pressing her face into her crotch so Brittany could get a whiff of her womanhood. The groans and louder screeches that came from Brittany fueled Thora's resolve to squeeze a submission from her. Thora stretched her legs around Brittany's head, crushing, squeezing her unmercifully, reducing the sounds that came from her throat to a series of pained whimpers. And still she poured on the pressure, unwilling to let Brittany recuperate and launch another attack on her now. Thora had her. Scissoring her indefinitely, she loosened her legs after a while, and asked for a submission from Brittany for the second time tonight, still; unsure of what Brittany's response would be.

"How about now, bitch?" she intoned softly.

Again came the defiant scream, "FUCK YOU!"

The last syllable degenerated into an agonized wail as Thora returned to squeezing her head in the scissors, tightening it with a series of vicious kicks, keeping it locked on her despite the muffled screams escaping her. Several times Thora had to stop short of squeezing her unconscious, knowing she would only achieve victory if Brittany verbally submitted. Even as Brittany struggled to free herself, punching at Thora's breasts and stomach, her strength was leaving her fast as Thora crushed her head. Any attempts to weaken Thora's legs would prove fruitless at this point, and even Brittany seemed to know this now, although she wouldn't be willing to admit defeat just yet. If she refused to yield, Thora knew, she would need just a little more persuasion to give her the verbal submission she was after. She loosened her legs.

"How about now, bitch?" Thora intoned again, smiling sweetly at Brittany as she did.

"GET FUCKED!" Brittany screamed as loud as she could, which wasn't much by now.

Releasing the headscissors and knocking Brittany to the carpet, Thora dragged her into a sitting position again, and she quickly wrapped her legs around Brittany's waist. Brittany could not even hope to escape now as Thora squeezed her between her meaty thighs, preventing any movement from her drained rival now. And the bodyscissors persisted. The rematch was almost over, but wouldn't be until Brittany admitted defeat. Kicking her legs tighter to show Brittany there was no escape, Thora leaned over Brittany's shoulder and asked again, "Are you ready to submit to me now, whore?"

"Fuck... you..." Brittany returned, still defiant, prompting Thora to increase the force of her bodyscissors.

"I can wait all night, and you're going nowhere," Thora warned. "Say you submit." Emphasizing her point, she tightened the vice grip around Brittany's waist, exerting more pressure on her belly and ribs to suppress Brittany's movements. A long, agonized wail emanated from Brittany's lungs as Thora squeezed her body almost beyond her endurance. Thora smiled at her rival's predicament, and squeezed tighter. "Say I am the stronger woman, the better woman. Say it, bitch!"

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....." Brittany wailed again as Thora's legs compressed her without letting up.

"Say it!" Thora demanded again, squeezing harder. "Say you admit defeat! Say I'm the stronger woman! GIVE!"

As before, this went on for what seemed an eternity. Thora demanded submission, Brittany defiantly refused, and the Hammer continued the squeezing of her body. Finally, though, Brittany realized that a submission was the only way to make the torture cease as the pain washing over her body eclipsed her pride; softly, she said, "I... give..."

"it's a start," Thora returned. "Now, what about the rest of it?"

Although this went on for a while longer, same strategy as before, Thora eventually persuaded Brittany to tell her what else she had wanted to hear since Brittany brutally thrashed her and tried to steal her name in the fistfight. Each time, it took less time than it had taken previously. But when the admissions came, all the blows Thora took were worth it.

"I... admit defeat...You're... the stronger woman... the better woman..the better wrestler...the young lioness..."

And finally, "I... give it... back... You are... the Hammer..."

Triumphant, Thora released the bodyscissors, dragging Brittany back to her feet. As if getting in one last demonstration of her victory, she spun her near-unconscious opponent face to face with her, wrapping a bearhug around her pained body, lifting her off her feet as she squeezed down hard and her breasts ballooned and engulfed Brittany's smaller tits. Brittany's mouth unhinged and hung open in a silent scream as Thora crushed her, her legs reflexively coiled round the elated Hammer's thighs as Brittany lost to the bearhug, struggling just to stay awake. As Thora squeezed out the last of her energy, Brittany collapsed and slumped against her victorious rival, beaten, drained and completely unconscious.

Dropping her to the floor, she waited as Reese approached them and grabbed hold of Thora's bandaged hand, raising it over their heads to announce the Hammer's win until the cameras clicked off. Turning to Reese, Thora noticed for the first time how excited her acquaintance had become watching the match, a fact obvious by the damp spot on her bikini. Smiling at Reese invitingly, Thora squeezed the hand that still held her fingers as they left for a more private setting; one where they stripped naked, showered together and enjoyed one another's bodies until the next morning.........