Part One: Paris Hilton vs. Denise Richards by bocarat

Everything was beginning to flow for Denise Richards. She was celebrating her 35th birthday party at her home in Malibu, and she had begun to hook up with an “old flame” John Stamos. The party at her home was like a “do over” for her adult life. Her separation and divorce from her ex-husband was now behind her, she had two beautiful children and now she looked forward as a young, attractive, sexy woman of the world. Earlier in the week she got a private invitation to attend a birthday celebration at a new resort in Las Vegas. She would leave her home in Malibu tomorrow to continue the week-long celebration of her 35th birthday.

After a fulfilling birthday party, she woke up and prepared for the trip into the desert. The site of the party was the Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa in Las Vegas. The spa would provide amazing views of both the Las Vegas Valley and Red Rock Canyon. The site was like Denise’s life the past couple of year as it was like a lot of glitz and glamour with deep, dry valleys of despair and pain. She kissed her children good-bye and hugged and kissed her ever-faithful nanny who cautioned her to be “careful out there. “

Denise left in the early afternoon, and after a few stops arrived at the spa around 4PM. She was treated like a queen and escorted to her suite. Several attendants took care of her car, luggage and arrangements for her visit. Denise was dressed in a light colored knee-length skirt, heels and a dark blue sweater top. Her entrance stopped all movement at the Spa. As she was led to her suite, she passed several areas where the sound and smell of construction still persisted. She was told that the spa would not open until the middle of April. As she was shown to her room which offered a beautiful view of the Canyon and Valley she asked about the festivities, and was told that they would begin at 9PM. Denise thanked and tipped the young man who gave Denise a glance at her full, trim figure then shut the door. Denise walked over to the door to lock it securely, and decided to check the room out, sip some bottle water and watch some television. Quickly the pressure of her past year had caught up with her and soon she was napping.

Noise out in the hallway woke her up it was 7:38PM, she rubbed her eyes and quickly began to move about the room unpacking her clothes and assorted items to help a young, but maturing woman prepare for a night out. Denise wore an elegant green sequined evening gown, matching pumps with a seductive V-cut to display her full and firm breast. Her gown featured a slit along the right side to display her luscious leg. Before Denise left she posed in front of a full-length mirror in the room, struck a pose jetting out her visible leg and viewed her shapely ass and blew her self a kiss.

It was soon shortly after 9PM, and it was time for Denise to make her entrance and mingle with the other guests. She saw people she knew from Hollywood; actors, directors, producers and a few models and politicians and people from the business world. There were also people who were famous for being famous. Denise mingled around saying “hi!’ and confident that she looked like a “million dollars,” not make that a “billion dollars” in today’s market. She confidently sat down with a producer and his wife whom she met at other Hollywood parties, and ate and drank and shared gossip and views with the couple.

Soon the band started playing, and many couples were making their way to the large dance floor. Denise wished that John Stamos could attend, but sadly he could not. The two became a couple thanks to the pain that their “ex’s” had given them. The two shared their stories of grief and pain, and soon the two became commiserate with the shared experiences of lost love. The two told how they would each like to get revenge, and each talked about taking the other’s ex on in a fight. John wanted to hear details of what Denise would do to his ex, and of course his mind was flying with imagery of seeing Denise and his ex battle it out. Of course he told Denise that he would save Denise’s honor, and beat the hell out of her ex too. But John was not here, and she longed to stretch her legs and shake her fine ass out on the floor.

After a few songs, and young man, a very young man came up to her and asked her to dance. He was Hispanic, and his English was broken at best but he was gorgeous. Dark skin, dark hair, he reminded her of John her new flame. She eagerly agreed and soon the two were bopping and dancing on the floor along with the other guests. Denise was soon in a trance of rhythm and music, and lost on the dance floor. This was to be short-lived however when a screeching voice called out “get away from my man bitch!” Denise continued to dance thinking that the approaching blonde was yelling at someone else. “Hey slut! I mean you!” as she pointed at Denise. Denise just froze as the tall blonde made her way towards Denise and her dance partner. Denise stopped and watched as the blonde came right up to her and was soon in her face.

“What are you doin’ with my guy, you old skank!”

Denise stopped dead in her tracks, then so as not to be seen as intimidated, she moved closer to the blonde while her dance partner slithered out of the area as she spoke, “I’m sorry, but he asked ME to dance.”

Denise peered at the blonde and recognized her as Paris Hilton. Before Denise could say another word Paris moved in close to Denise and got in her face. “Don’t even think about ruining my party whore!”

Paris leaned in closer. She was wearing an black strapless evening gown with slits to display her long, lovely legs on both sides of her dress. Her hair was in a bun, and had an expensive necklace around her sensuous neck. Paris jutted out her chest and was pressing her chest into Denise’s. With both women having their hands on their hips and flashes of legs appearing on the sides of their gowns; a few of the dance crowd began to take notice of the hen-like posturing of the women.

Paris moved in close and whispered to Denise, “You wanna start something…skank!”

Denise smelled the alcohol and other “herb-like” aroma on her breath. She remained silent, but moved in close until both could feel the other’s bosom pressing into their own. Paris turned up her nose and chin in a show of superiority to the “elder actress.” Denise politely exclaimed, “Listen I don’t want any trouble, so please just back off!”

Paris instantly smelled blood and went for Denise thick mane of light brown hair and pulled Denise’s hair with her right hand, as Denise then reached out and grabbed Paris’ sensuous neck for balance and retaliation.

“Let go of me you bitch!” Denise screamed.

Now more and more of the partygoers and dancers were noticing the two women on the dance floor. Denise’s left hand was now on Paris’ waist and as Paris yanked her head by her hair, Denise’s right hand dropped to her left breast. Paris let go of Denise’s hair and instinctively went for Denise’s full and bountiful breasts. Denise leaned back away from Paris’ attack and was soon pulling at Paris’ gown top. Since they were being held up by Paris’ young breasts the fabric soon gave way, and soon came down like a curtain on a Vegas stage.

Paris screamed, “So that’s how you fight huh!”

She tried to cover up as Denise instantly took her hands off the cascading gown top. Paris then attacked Denise’s slit in her gown, and began to scratch and rip at the nylons Denise was wearing. Their heeled feet shuffled to retain their balance and leverage. They could feel the thighs of the other woman flex as their muscles strained. Denise again attacked Paris’ top and her exposed breasts. With her left hand she was able to scratch and squeeze Paris’ right breast.

Paris yelped in pain, “OWWW!” while Denise screeched from the sharp manicured nails Paris was digging into her right thigh. Denise and Paris were now fighting in very close quarters. Denise had both hands on Paris’ gown and breasts, as Paris had her left hand tearing at Denise’s right thigh, and her right arm around Denise’s thin waist. The two would bump and bounce into each other as each struggled in the other’s grasp.

Paris brought her right hand up around Denise’s sexy neck, and Denise mirrored the move. The two women each had the other in an arm lock around each other’s neck, as the other arm attacked thighs or breasts. Paris tore Denise’s slit on her gown up past her waist and now revealed her upper nylons and panties to all those viewing on the dance floor. Denise looking around and feeling the eyes on her then quickly pulled down the gown of Paris fully revealing her perky chest and nipples. Neither woman attempted to cover herself up, as they only fought on! Soon each woman was tied up in the arms of the other and their faces touched and eyes lined up. Each spewed out insults and cusses towards the other as each struggled to gain freedom from the other’s hold, without releasing their own grip on the other woman.

The two awkwardly danced in some simulated ballet of pain and anguish. Their attacks consisted entirely of tearing clothes and pulling hair. Denise’s hand reached the necklace around Paris’ neck and pulled and broke the expensive jewelry. As it jewels and diamonds broke to the floor, Paris pulled away and slapped Denise backwards. Denise stunned by the blow tumbled back, but despite being in heels she quickly gained her balance and counter-punched Paris and knocked her to the floor. Paris stayed down on the floor trying to recover from the left handed punch, and shrugging it off as an attempt to recover her broken necklace.

At this point Security, and other party patrons broke the two up, and pulled and escorted Denise from the dance floor and the party. Paris could be heard wailing that Denise had ruined her party. Denise stopped at the door of the club, and yelled back at Paris, “It was MY party you ruined bitch!” and jerked her hands away from the big burly security guards and went back to her room to sulk and cry.

When Denise arrived back at her room (escorted by security) she was heart broken. She slammed the door to the suite after saying “good night” to the security guards who walked her back to her suite. The door slammed but did not close or lock.

“Shit!” she muttered. What was supposed to be a great, glamorous week of birthday celebration turned into a brawl with a drunken blonde bitch. She was embarrassed at her behavior, but what else could she do. She cursed Paris Hilton and her drunken behavior, and it was all that bitch’s fault. She arrived in her room before midnight, and after some sobbing and a private pity party. Denise changed out of her torn, ripped and stretched gown into a slinky negligee for the night’s sleep. Almost as soon as she hit the bed she fell asleep.

Around 3AM, there was some banging on the door, and then the door flew open. It was Paris Hilton cussing and lurking around in the suite looking for Denise. Denise woke up shocked to hear someone in her suite.

Denise asked, “Who’s there?”

“It’s me bitch, I’ve come to finish our fight slut!”

Denise rubbed her eyes and asked, “How’d you get in here?”

“Well genius,” Paris answered. “It doesn’t take a nuclear scientist to lock a door bitch!”

Denise propped herself up in her bed and rubbed her eyes to see Paris move towards her and place one knee of her sexy leg on the large king sized bed as she was ready to bounce on the light haired actress. The only light in the room was the moonlight beaming into the room, and a light on in the entrance parlor to the suite. Paris was soon on all fours crawling towards the brunette actress stalking her like a jungle cat. Denise quickly kicked off the sheets to the bed. Denise was clad only in her negligee top and panties, Paris had slipped out of her gown when she spotted Denise in bed and was now topless and wearing only a thong and an evil smile bent on revenge.

Denise asked the enraged blonde, “What’s your problem? Why do you wanna get your ass kicked…again!”

Paris spewed, “You were lucky the guards broke us up or I woulda’ broke you slut!”

“Come on whore!” Denise fired back.

Denise sat up on her knees and was prepared to take on the angry blonde who was no longer drunk. Denise met Paris in the middle of the bed. Denise trying to shake off the effects of her once deep sleep. Instantly Denise went for Paris’ chest, as did Paris for Denise’s chest. Denise’s top was pulled and stretched until Paris had the fabric holding her top on off of her shoulder, thereby releasing Denise’s chest from its thin fabric shelter. The two women now tugged and pulled at each other breasts on the swaying bed. Screams of pain, and exalt with each infliction of pain, and receipt of pain.

“Take that you fucking cow!” Paris screamed while Denise writhed in pain.

Their sharp manicured nails dug into the soft flesh, Paris released her hold on Denise’s chest to protect her own cherished assets. Denise got her arms and hands between Paris’ and broke the hold. Paris then went after Denise’s hair and tried to choke the fight out of the older actress. Denise lowered her head into her shoulders giving Paris little to hold, but the blonde’s sharp talons scratched Denise along her once lovely neck. Paris shifted her hips and began to push Denise down on the bed. Paris now had her long, strong fingers around Denise’s neck, while Denise was losing her death grip on Paris’ smaller breasts.

Denise was now on her back, and Paris leapt towards her. Denise caught Paris in the chest with her strong right leg, as Paris got a firm hold on Denise’s left breast. Denise’s leg kicked out and kicked Paris backwards. As Paris was falling, Denise caught the blonde’s thong, and yanked on the slender fabric shooting pain into Paris’ love mound. Now it was Denise’s time to jump on Paris. Denise had a handful of Paris’ blonde trusses in her right hand, and a handful of breast in her left. Paris was reaching at Denise and found her right breast with her left hand. The women howled in pain and agony from the clawing and tearing each was suffering.

“You ruined my birthday party bitch, and you’re gonna pay now you fucking whore!” Denise said as she mounted the fighting blonde.

Denise was now on top of the prone blonde whose head was now leaning off the bed. Denise had Paris’ hair in both hands, and Paris fighting to remain on the bed, and from falling to the floor had both her hands in Denise’s hair. Denise could feel her breasts mash and rub against Paris’ smaller but firmer pair. Paris wrapped her long, strong legs around Denise’s leg in an effort to anchor herself, but to also pressure Denise’s leg and sap up some of her strength. Both women were squinting as tears were rolling down their cheeks. As Denise pushed Paris further and further off the bed, Paris released her grip of Denise’s hair, and brought them to her side to hold onto the bed sheets. At this time, Denise opened wide and took a healthy bite into the flesh appetizer below her.

“Aauugggh!” Paris screamed as Denise munched and sampled what the paparazzi had shown so many times.

Denise leaned back and pulled hard on Paris thong to inflict more pain below the belt. Paris trying to stay on the bed managed to give a jerk and a yank to the light brown hair of Denise. Paris was able to maneuver her legs to topple the former “Wild Things” star, and was now on top. Paris immediately attacked Denise’s bouncing breasts with her strong hands, and then moved her hands to Denise’s throat. Denise continued to pull and stretch Paris’ thong and rubbed the fabric against the creases of Paris’ love mound. Denise started to choke, and was able to break the death h grip that the blonde was applying to her. Once broken Denise once again attacked Paris’ bouncing pair of targets. Paris was having difficulty controlling the wild brunette, and soon found herself once again below Denise.

Paris tried to scratch and gouge the eyes of Denise, but Denise used her elbows to deflect the attack, and concentrated on Paris’ breasts once again! Denise moved back down Paris’ body, and was soon caught in her long legs wrapped around her neck. Paris rolled Denise over and was on top of the brunette. Paris started to bounce on Denise’s stomach as she continued to claw at Denise’s chest. Denise also continued to scratch at Paris’ breasts and nipples. The stalemate of Paris on top, then Denise on top continued as they tore at each other’s tender flesh.

They found themselves on their sides approaching the edge of the bed. Paris landed a slap against Denise’s face, as Denise landed a forearm to Paris’s chin. Denise took a deep breath and rolled Paris over to her back, and then landed a left punch to Paris’ chin. The punch took a little out of the wind and fight out of the blonde, just as it had in the club on the dance floor. In throwing the punch and the weight behind it, Denise then toppled off of the bed and onto the floor pulling Paris down with her. In a tangle of legs they flopped. The fall took the air out of Denise’s lungs; Paris then stood up over Denise and caught a heel in her crotch. Paris doubled over, and as she began to sway over Denise the brunette caught some of the blonde’s hair and tried to flip her over and into the bedroom’s wall. Paris caught her balance and just fell on top of Denise.

In a test of strength, the two arm-wrestled with Denise on the floor, and Paris on the brunette’s stomach. Their hands were in each other’s grasp as each struggled to control the other. The veins in Denise’s neck were strained to control the long arms of her blonde attacker. Paris began to shift and gyrate her hips into Denise, first into her abs, then into her thighs and love mound. Denise pulled on the flimsy, sweaty thong and was able to pull Paris from her perch, but unfortunately for Denise towards her head and shoulders. Paris lost her balance momentarily, but was quick to catch herself with her arms. Denise continued to tear at Paris’ thong and thighs. She was also able to land a couple of left-handed punches into Paris sides and thigh. Denise also used her legs to force Paris off of her dominant e position. She kicked and kneed Paris in the back, and proceeded to bounce until Paris was off of her.

Paris rolled past Denise’s face and onto her back. Denise’s quick movements surprised her and “cat-like” reflexes to find Denise was now on top of her. Denise reached out towards Paris’ breasts, as the deep-breathing blonde was sucking in precious air into her pained lungs. Denise was also between the blonde long, lovely legs and used her own hips and love mound to hump the exhausted blonde.

“How’s that feel blondie! A taste of your own medicine slut!” Denise hissed as she rose up over the defenseless blonde.

As Paris grabbed a hold of Denise’s right breast, Denise nailed the blonde with a right-left combination. Neither punch had the force Denise was hoping for and her left missed entirely, causing Denise to lose her balance. Paris never lost grasp of Denise’s breast as she continued to squeeze the sweaty flesh. Paris with her right hand reached and began to claw and scratch Denise’s love mound with her long, sharp nails. Denise cried out in pain as Paris continued to inflict damage to Denise most treasured gifts.

Between the scream of pain, and tear streaming down her cheeks, Denise was able to slam her palm into Paris’ face. Paris head shot backwards and she released her death grip on the two points of attack. Denise rolled off of Paris and curled up and rubbed her pained targets, Paris also rolled into a ball and massaged her chin and breasts. Both women were sucking in air, and crying from the pain. They exchanged curses and neither could gather the strength or will to continue their fight. Denise was feeling her age; the decade difference in years between Paris and her had manifested itself in extreme wariness and fatigue. Her only saving grace was that Paris was feeling the effects of the fight also.

As Denise curled up thinking that the fight was over, Paris rose up first and walked unsteady at first but quickly gained her “sea legs” and stood over Denise and pulled Denise up by her hair and dispatched her onto the bed face first. Denise resisted by could only mumble some grunts and a few groans when she hit the bed. The tossed pillows and ruffled sheets muffled her cries. Paris then jumped on her gaining control of her hair and head by twisting Denise’s hair in a knot in her left hand, and twisting the sweaty, damp fabric once called her lingerie panties. Paris pulled and twisted the panties so that they would rub raw the love mound of her elder foe. Paris would also shove her knee into the love mound to accentuate the point of her dominance over the fallen brunette.

While Denise squirmed about like a fish out of water beneath the younger actress, Paris spewed, “I like to win ALL the time. I’m a rich spoiled little snobby bitch who gets her way with everything she wants!"

She punctuated her remark with a yank on the brunette’s hair, and a bounce on Denise’s back as Denise growled, “Fuck you!”

Paris leaned in close to Denise’s ear and whispered, “The poor old skank, she still trying to show how tough she is. Well tough luck bitch! This is MY birthday and I’m gonna’ finish by kicking your skanky ass!”

The sweaty back of Denise and the lubrication of sweat around Paris’ body provided enough lubrication for Denise to spin around. As Paris recovered and reached towards Denise’s mammary glands, Denise reared back and kicked Paris in the gut and knocked her backwards and almost off the bed. Paris recovered and lunged for the brunette this time attacking her face with a palm shoved at Denise’s chin. Denise retaliated with a slap to the blonde’s face. Denise slap stunned by was nothing like the palm punch Paris had landed and soon Paris was straddling the brunette. As Paris balanced herself, Denise dug her right hand manicured nails into the blonde’s sweaty tit, and with her left hand pulled the stretched out thong and pulled until it was clearly no longer supportive.

Both women screamed out like feral cats in a catfight. Paris nailed Denise with a right hand slap as Denise squeezed the blonde’s breasts like an unwanted zit. Paris turned away hoping to break the stranglehold on her breast and took some of Denise’s hair with her twist. The thong fabric of Paris now torn off, Denise dug her thumbnail into the delicate folds of Paris’s shaven pussy. Paris cried out and now pulled Denise’s hair with both hands as she and Denise both screamed out in pain. Paris now sat up on Denise’s stomach and clasped with her left hand Denise’s full and sweaty tit. As the blonde squeezed, Denise moved in closer and with her pearly whites chomped on the tit flesh and nipple of her attacker. Paris now screamed out in “bloody murder” and released all holds on Denise and rolled away from the brunette’s dental attack.

Denise rolled over on top of the crying blonde and shoved her left hand palm into the chin of the blonde socialite. Paris was now gasping for air between cries. Paris had a hold of Denise’s right tit, but Denise ignored the move and slapped Paris several times across the face, and then scratched her sharp nails across the chest of Paris leaving tracks across her chest. Paris in an effort to escape the abuse accidentally brought her knee up and into Denise’s unprotected crotch. Denise doubled over in pain and clutched her own love mound. Paris relaxed and continued to cry, but neither woman would submit to the other. Denise mouthed, “ooohhhh!” as the pain dulled but clearly had its point.

Denise fell atop the blonde as Paris lashed out with her knee again and nailed Denise in the groin once again. This time Denise rolled away and Paris was now atop the brunette. She slapped Denise along the left side of her face as Denise tried to protect her crotch from another attack. As before Paris moved up and onto Denise’s stomach and instead of the tits and hair attack she put her hands around Denise’s neck. Denise hands moved up Paris’s body and found the blonde’s crotch unprotected and claw with all her strength the tender folds of the blonde’s pussy.

Paris let go of the brunette’s neck and instead moved up Denise’s chest, until Denise was trapped beneath the blonde’s thigh and ass. “Enough of this bitch! Paris said I am gonna’ finish this!” she then grabbed with both hands Denise’s hair and shoved her twat into Denise face. Denise screamed, “Nooo!”

Not wanting to have her mouth open, she closed her mouth and eyes and moved her face to the side against the pressure Paris had applied and bites down as hard as she could to the sexy, sweaty inside thigh of Paris who broke off the attack.

Denise freed her left hand and punched Paris in the gut and then in the face; knocking the blonde on to her back on the bed. Denise fell on the blonde like a fallen tree and reached out and pinned Paris’s arms to her side and applied her full weight to the blonde. Denise could feel Paris’ breathing being labored and her own muscles twitching; especially below her waist as the two love mounds one shaven, one neatly cut rub against each other. Denise would move against the blonde’s body to stimulate contact, as their legs were slowly stretching and moving against each other’s in an effort to remove the pain and tension built up in their lovely limbs. Denise rose up and shoved her thighs and pelvis into the blonde’s as each woman instantly went for the other’s chest. They squeezed but the strength and will to fight was quickly dissipating. The two woman’s motions were more like that of a maiden milking a cow.

Denise was tired and now she wanted to end this epic battle. She pinned the blonde beneath her and shoved her thighs and love mound into Paris’ lower body. She had Paris’ arms pinned to her side and her knees moving up to hold the blonde’s arms down on the bed. As they moved, they moved in unison and were soon coming close to the edge of the bed.

“Stop moving!” Denise demanded and pushed her fist into the side of Paris’ face. It wasn’t a punch so much as a show of intimidation and dominance by the brunette.

Paris continued to move beneath Denise who was losing her patience and her energy reserves. As the blonde struggled beneath the brunette the closer they got to the edge of the bed. The bed and its sheets now had a musty odor of sweat, sex and desperation. In a final attempt to snuff out the blonde, Denise was going to use her breasts to smother the blonde. However, Paris saw it as her last opportunity to change the outcome of the fight and prepared to clamp down on the full, bountiful, sweaty breast of the brunette. As Paris opened wide and exposed her play, Denise quickly rose up and kneed the blonde in her love mound. Paris mouth was now open to exchange gases in her lungs and scream out in pain.

The shock and the impact of the knee sent Paris closer to the edge of the bed. Denise pushed down with her left hand on Paris’ right breast to hold her in place as she maneuvered her long, yet tired right leg to the floor and then the left leg. All Paris could do was cup the sexy ass of Denise and dig her nails into the brunette’s sexy ass and hope for the best. Denise then grabbed a handful of blonde’ sweaty, disheveled hair and shoved Paris face into her waiting juicy, sweaty twat. With a devilish grin Denise rode the face of Paris Hilton until she came, and the lights went out in Paris.

When Denise was done she fell back into the bed, and kicked the semi-conscious body of Paris Hilton off the bed and onto the floor and fell to sleep. It was about 9AM, when the snoring of Paris woke up Denise. Denise crawled off the bed and got herself a bottle of water and kicked the blonde celebrity to wake her up. Paris didn’t move at first, then after subsequent kicks to her ass and thighs she moved, and eventually got up. Denise said to the beaten, defeated blonde “get out of here before I have security escort you out!”

Paris mumbled something like, “Fuck you slut!” but she wasn’t up for another fight and she slowly moved and went to the bathroom to splash her face before she left. After Paris left her alone, Denise threw the covers over her head and was going to go back to sleep.

Shortly after Paris left the room, she heard a thud and a thump as if something had hit the wall and then the floor of the resort’s hallway. Denise then looked up and saw a tall figure in her suite and moving towards her bedroom. Before Denise could say anything the tall female said, “That wasn’t your birthday party, it was MINE bitch! You ruined MY party whore!”

Denise, still trying to focus her eyes, saw the approaching female figure moving towards her. The shadowy form jumped on the bed and fell on top of her.
Part Two: Denise Richards vs. Cindy Crawford by bocarat

The shock and the impact of the knee sent Paris closer to the edge of the bed. Denise pushed down with her left hand on Paris’ right breast to hold her in place as she maneuvered her long, yet tired right leg to the floor and then the left leg. All Paris could do was cup the sexy ass of Denise and dig her nails into the brunette’s sexy ass and hoped for the best. Denise then grabbed a handful of blonde’ sweaty, disheveled hair and shoved Paris face into her waiting juicy, sweaty twat. With a devilish grin Denise rode the face of Paris Hilton until she came, and the lights went out in Paris.

When Denise was done she fell back into the bed, and kicked the semi-conscious body of Paris Hilton off the bed and onto the floor and fell to sleep. It was about 9AM, when the snoring of Paris woke up Denise. Denise crawled off the bed and got herself a bottle of water and kicked the blonde celebrity to wake her up. Paris didn’t move at first, then after subsequent kicks to her ass and thighs she moved, and eventually got up. Denise said to the beaten, defeated blonde “get out of here before I have security escort you out!” Paris mumbled something like, “Fuck you slut!” but wasn’t up to another fight.

She slowly moved and went towards the bathroom to splash her face and leave the room. Once Paris left, Denise threw the covers over her head and was going to go back to sleep. Shortly after Paris left, Denise heard THUD then THUMP as if something had hit the wall and then the floor of the resort’s hallway. Denise then looked up and saw a tall figure in her suite and moving towards her bedroom.

Before Denise could say anything the tall female said, “That wasn’t your birthday party it was mine bitch! You ruined my party whore!”

Denise still trying to focus her eyes saw the approaching female move towards her and jumped on the bed and then on her. Sunlight was streaming into the room, but the figure and with her vision still blurry from the exhaustion of the fight and lack of sleep appeared only as a shadow. The woman quickly pinned the half-naked Denise down on the bed. The woman’s voice and feel appeared familiar to Denise. Denise’s arms pinned to her sides, and the woman dressed in some sort of long gown had long hair that tickled Denise’s cheeks as the intruder leaned towards her.

“You fuckin’ bitch! How dare you ruin my party!” the attacker said.

The light from a nearby window caught the woman’s face, and Denise recognized it was Cindy Crawford on her and Cindy had Denise’s wrists pinned with her supermodel knees.

“Please Cindy, I didn’t mean to ruin anything. It was that blonde bitch Paris who started everything,” Denise pleaded.

Cindy responded, “I already took care of her! Now it’s your turn! Besides a little payback is due!” Denise moved beneath the taller, yet older brunette as the two women struggled, as Denise wondered what Cindy had in mind for her.

Slowly Cindy moved up the prone body of Denise until Denise’s face was caught between Cindy’s long and powerful thighs. Cindy was now jamming her pelvis into Denise chin and mouth.

“You missed my birthday cake Denise. Now I am going to let you have my cake and eat it too!”

Cindy grabbed the trapped Denise’s hair and pulled her gown over Denise’s head to expose her love mound to the trapped brunette. Cindy started to gyrate on Denise’s lovely, yet horrified face. Cindy and Denise’s eye locked in as Cindy instructed Denise to, “Make me cum bitch!”

Denise resisted, but Cindy was not to be denied. “Come on bitch! Make me cum!” Cindy demanded. She tightened her lock on Denise’s face and hair and continued to grind her twat into the trapped brunette’s mouth. “Eat me slut, eat me!” Cindy demanded. Denise’s resistance was only muffled moans, and tears flowing from her eyes down her cheeks. “Oh come on now! You made Paris satisfy you, I could tell from the skanky smell and stains on her face. Now you do me!” Cindy demanded.

Denise kicked her legs and tried to bounce and flip the “birthday girl” off of her. Cindy was losing her patience and twisted her torso and punched Denise in the gut to stop her resistance and movements. The blow only caused Denise to instinctively curl up like a roly-poly bug. Cindy started to release her pent up love juices, maybe it was from the contact of her love mound with Denise’s pretty mouth and face, or the dominating position she had on this woman in, but the sensation was intoxicating and sensual.

Cindy released and let out an “ooohhh” followed by an “aaahhhh!” from the mini-orgasm she just had. She rolled off the docile Denise, and wrapped her legs around the thin waist of her prey. Denise was able to take in much needed oxygen, and lay flat on her back on the tussled bed. Cindy propped herself on her left elbow and looked at the exhausted brunette. Denise tried to avoid eye contact with Cindy hoping that the battle was over. Cindy tightened her leg hold around Denise, and forced a squeal from the younger brunette. Denise dug her nails into Cindy’s thigh for a little retribution and caused Cindy to cry out in pain.

“You bitch!” Cindy screamed out as she reached with her right had to release the painful grip of her thigh.

Cindy rolled on top of Denise, and in the tight embrace the two brunette’s found themselves, Denise was pulling Cindy’s face into her chest. Cindy being more determined and stronger at the time jammed her legs and thighs under Denise’s, and spread her foe’s legs. Denise continued to trap Cindy’s lovely face between her breasts in an attempt to suffocate her. Cindy feeling trapped between the mammaries started to open her mouth and bite down on the tender flesh.

Denise realized the futility of the move now tried to remove Cindy face from her tits. Cindy did not bite down hard, but only pressed her teeth against Denise’ breasts, and it evolved into a suckling motion. The two brunette’s legs battled for control, and moved like snakes in some sort of battle to the death. The women’s hips and thighs flashed against each other’s periodically. The sensation excited both women and reminded each other of their earlier battle of the flesh. Denise reached out and pulled up the sweaty evening gown up Cindy’s body to expose her flexing leg and thigh, and to offer greater surface area of skin-to-skin contact with the older brunette.

As their battle waged on Cindy was tiring, and Denise was gaining her “second wind” or was it her third or forth. Denise now had Cindy trapped between her legs, as Cindy flopped between the lovely, yet quickly fatigued thighs. Cindy was on her stomach, and Denise had her legs wrapped around Cindy’s waist periodically squeezing and pressuring her foe’s torso.

Denise was too far gone to hold the trapped brunette between her legs, and soon her energy gave out. Cindy slowly flipped Denise over, and on to her back and performed a reverse face sit on the younger brunette. Cindy raised her gown to her waist and exposed her snatch for Denise to behold and planted it squarely on Denise’s face. Denise was in now in no position to resist. She tried to maneuver her face to bite the ass or thigh that was now perched on her face. Denise could tell from the scent that the fight now was all about sex and dominance. Denise grudgingly started to satisfy the “birthday girl. “ Denise was not accustomed to be in such a position, but she pretty much knew what she had to do. As Denise pleasured Cindy, Denise could feel Cindy hair gently touching and tease her own bare legs, thighs and her own love mound and soon Cindy was pleasuring Denise in the same fashion that Denise was pleasuring Cindy.

After both women exchanged “birthday gifts.” Cindy rolled off of Denise and both women took in much needed fresh air into their lungs. Cindy was sexually spent, and Denise was mentally, physically and sexually exhausted. No words were spoken between the two birthday women. The two did not look at the other, as the two just took in the moment and quietly reflected on what had just happened. As Cindy rose up to leave, some instinct inside Denise caused her to attack Cindy and wrap her arms around the neck and chest of Cindy. Denise forced Cindy down on the bed, and the two wrestled. They rolled on the tussled, musty sheets as their bodies were now intertwined like ropes used on ships and boats. Hair was being tossed as limbs were in tight embrace. Their slick skin slid and rubbed as Cindy’s matted evening gown stuck to the skin of Cindy and Denise.

It ended however just as quickly as it started as the energy reserves in Denise’s body were now spent, and like a dead car battery, she couldn’t turn Cindy over, and older brunette pinned Denise down. Cindy smiled at Denise and said, “I like that! Well have to do this again sometime. “ She then punctuated her dominant position over Denise by rubbing her beautiful breasts over Denise’s fuller pair and shoving her hips into Denise as well. Cindy’s well-manicured nails were digging into the palms of Denise’s pinned hands as her tormentor continued to grind away at the helpless beauty. Denise could see in Cindy’s eyes that another orgasm was brewing below her waist and decided to just relax and let Cindy have and unwrap her final birthday gift!