Birthday Party Brawl by tommy d

Pam Anderson caused quite a stir when she walked into the restaurant. She looked the ultimate glamour girl with her long blonde hair, beautiful face and magnificent body. Everyone looked up as she strode confidently to her table wearing the sexiest of outfits; a long-sleeve white shirt, skin tight black suede hot pants that hugged her perfectly shaped bottom like they had been sprayed on and black thigh-high suede boots. Pam was there to meet a few friends but she'd arrived a little early and was ushered to her table by a waiter who couldn't take his eyes off her. The restaurant was quite full, the majority of the customers upper class snobs and celebs who gave Pam dirty looks and who were quite put off to have someone with 'her' background and reputation in their presence.

"How dare she come in here!"

"What's that tramp doing here?"

"Look at her! Who does she think she is!"

"I cant stand that woman!" were only a few comments the snobs whispered to each other behind her back.

Of course, Pam being very astute could sense the hostility toward her, but she didn't care! She'd become used to the jealousy and bitchy comments over the years and she frankly enjoyed the fact that while the men ogled her, their wives and girlfriends were furious and nagged them to stop looking her up and down. So just to be sure they got a good look, Pam crossed her legs, displaying her smooth golden brown thighs as she coolly lit cigarette as the waiter placed her wine on the table, almost spilling it as he tried to get a peek at her famous boobs.

But unknown to Pam, she would have a good half hour wait as her friends were in a taxi held up in traffic. So Pam ordered another drink just as the door opened and four very glamorous woman were ushered to their usual table in the corner. They were there for Cindy Crawford's birthday and three of her fellow supermodels were treating her to a meal; Molly Sims, Adriana Sklenarikova and Stephanie Seymour! All four stunning beauties looked magnificent, elegant and sexy and were welcomed with open arms by the management, staff and the snooty diners who were pleased to see four superstars of the model world and they succumbed and groveled to the spoiled, pampered beauties

"Ohhhh look at them; such beauty, style and elegance!"

"Yes, they're a credit to our country and the fashion industry, not like that filthy tramp Anderson. Just look at her over there!"

"I must get Cindy's autograph, Hi Cindy you look absolutely stunning as usual, the four of you are a credit," commented a group of snooty middle aged woman who were sipping there afternoon cocktails.

They were right about one thing - the four supermodels DID look incredible! Cindy was wearing a red mini-dress, tan stockings and red heels; Stephanie had on a skin-tight black jumper, black leather mini-, stockings and heels; Adriana had a black mini-dress, stockings and heels and Molly looked fabulous in skin-tight white slacks and matching blouse. The four of them sat down and were about to order drinks when Stephanie noticed Pam sitting across the room on her own.

"Who the hell let THAT in," hissed Stephanie.

"Who let the dogs in?" laughed Adriana.

"I thought there was an awful smell in here," commented Molly.

"Hey, what's going on Pammie," laughed Cindy. "You the new waitress?"

The whole place erupted with laughter as the four models burst into song, "Whoooooooo let the dogs out woof, woof, woof!"

All credit to Pam, she couldn't resist a giggle and took the jibe in good humor. The girls were in high spirits and having a laugh. still no sign of her friends. Pam was getting bored, so she turned to the supermodels and said, "Having a good time girls? Happy birthday by the way, Cindy....what is it, the big 4-0?"

"Mind your own business!" snapped Stephanie.

Next, Pam walked over to them, "Here Cindy. Have a glass of champagne for your birthday." Pam smiled placing it on the table.

"Hey Anderson do you mind? I'm eating and quite frankly you're putting me off my food," snapped Stephanie.

"Yes you smell. Get lost, stinky," snarled Adriana.

" bimbo bitch, don't you understand English? Go! Get lost! We don't like you," giggled Molly.

Cindy stood up, "Hey Pammieeeeee! Know what you can do with your drink?" she laughed as she threw it in Pam's face.

Pam stood there almost in tears. "I...I was only trying to be friendly," she sighed and walked back to her table with her shoulders slumping. A waiter brought her a towel he planned to sell later on E-Bay, "Here you are Miss Anderson. Dry yourself with this, don't let them get to you. You have as much right to be here as they do."

As Pam sat there glumly watching the festivities, a waitress brought out Cindy's birthday cake. The four models were getting quite loud by now, not surprising with all the champagne flowing. The birthday cake was set on the table and the four models looked at each other.

"Uurghhh noooo way can I eat that," said Stephanie. "There must be a trillion calories in it!"

"Hey, maybe Pammy would like some," laughed Molly.

"Yesssssssssssssssss!" they all agreed, giggling like a bunch of schoolgirls.

"Hey Pam, come join us and have some birthday cake," smiled Cindy.

Pam was only to pleased to join them. She didn't want any trouble and just wanted to make friends. Adriana grabbed a chair and pulled it between she and Molly.

"Here sit down here Pam, no hard feelings," smiled Molly.

"Look at this cake Pam," purred Cindy. "Doesn't it look delicious?"

Pam leaned over to have a look. She loved cake and licked her lips at the sight of the huge cream frosted cake.

"Mmmmmmm look at that Pam. Want some?" smiled Molly.

Poor Pam must have been the only person in the place who didn't realize what was about to happen! Adriana grabbed Pam's hair and smashed her face-first down into the cake! The place was in uproar at the sight of Pam and her face covered in cake. Pam felt humiliated as everyone laughed at her as she ran to the washroom in tears.

"Come on girls lets really teach that stupid cow a lesson," smiled Cindy, and all four supermodels got up.

Pam was at the sink washing the cake out of her hair and from face when the four supermodels strutted in, walked over to her and surrounded her.

"Enjoy the cake Pammy?" laughed Molly.

"Get lost you cow!" cried Pam.

Stephanie then rammed her knee into Pam's thigh causing her to stumble. "That's no way to talk to a proper lady you little slut," growled the leggy brunette.

The models were full of booze and getting very aggressive. Pam could sense trouble brewing and knew she had to get out of there, so she started toward the door but Adriana jumped in front of her blocking her path.

"Where do you think you're going, you piece of trash," snarled the tall blonde.

"Yes, you bitch, we aren't finished with you yet," laughed Molly.

She sent Pam stumbling forward with hefty kick to Pam's firm bottom! Pam was met by Adriana's fist which slammed into Pam's firm stomach. When Pam doubled over gasping for air, Cindy grabbed her blonde hair, swung her around and threw her against the wall. Then they all pounced on Pam, Molly and Adriana holding her arms behind her back.

"Puh....leeze!" Pam whimpered. "Please leave me alone! What've I ever done to you," she cried.

Stephanie slapped her across the face several times, "Don't you dare question us, you pathetic little slut!" she shouted.

Cindy and Stephanie took turns punching Pam in the stomach while Molly tugged at her hair. When they finally let go, Pam crumpled to the floor in a heap at their feet where she lay curled up in agony while they took turns kicking her. Then the four models coolly combed there hair, checked their makeup, straightened their clothes and returned to their table for more champagne, leaving Pam crying on the floor. It took Pam five minutes before she pulled herself up off the floor, aching all over. She washed the tears from her face, cleaned herself up best she could and decided to go home since it was obvious her friends weren't coming.

Pam walked back out into the restaurant looking like she'd been dragged through a hedge; her golden hair disheveled, her clothing torn and her thighs and face bruised. Everyone was laughing and calling her names and Susan Lucci, who was with a few of her Tinseltown buddies, stood up and kicked Pam up the backside as she passed their table.

"Go on, get out and don't ever show your face here again," Susan laughed.

Everyone applauding the actress which enraged Pam who turned around and caught Susan square on the nose, sending her crashing back onto her table.

"Fuck off you midget!" screamed Pam.

Next thing Pam knew, she was surrounded by the four supermodels again!

"We're going to have to teach you another lesson, blondie," laughed Cindy.

Pam tried to make a run for the door but each time she tried, her way was blocked and she was met with a slap to the face or a kick to the butt! Next thing, there was a huge smile on Pam's face

"Yesssssssssss, come on in girls - join the fun," Pam shouted.

Everyone turned around and saw that Pam's friends had - finally - arrived. Standing in the door was Amber Smith dressed in gold satin vest, matching hot pants and gold high-heel ankle boots. She was flanked by a hefty Anna Nicole Smith in a black dress on one side and Pam's new 'best buddy' Liz Hurley on the other. Liz looked her usual stunningly gorgeous self in a red dress that was slit to her waist revealing her beautiful legs in flesh colored pantyhose.

"What's going on here Pam?" asked Amber, one eyebrow raised suspiciously.

"These four egotistical pieces of shit beat me up," grumbled the suddenly smiling - and thirsting for revenge - bimbo.

Molly Sims just about shit herself as she turned and ran like a scared rabbit for the door - only to be caught in a crushing bearhug by big-busted Anna Nicole who wrapped her arms around the slim supermodel waist and lifted her off the floor. Molly wriggled, kicked and struggled futilely in the grasp of the much stronger blonde.

“Put her down, you….you fat cow!" shouted Cindy.

Anna dropped Molly to the floor and snarled, "WHAT did you call me Crawford?"

Molly lay on the floor between Anna Nicole’s legs, whimpering, "OW! OWW…ouch my ribs hurt!"

Anna gritted her teeth and kicked Sims in the stomach, grumbling, "Shut the fuck up you whiny skinny bitch.” Then glaring at Cindy, Anna Nicole stepped over Molly and added, “OK, now its your turn Crawford!"

But before Anna Nicole could lumber into action, Amber stepped in front of her. “Whoa Anna, she's mine! I've waited a long time to put Miss High and Mighty Crawford in her place! Whaddaya say Cindy babe, think you can take me? smiled Amber.

While all this was going on, Susan Lucci managed to get up and tried to elbow her way through the throng of towering women. "Lemme drew you; I neet a doctor, I dink my node is bloke!"

Pam grabbed the front of Susan’s dress and pulled her forward. “Well midget, if it wasn't broken before, it is NOW!" She sent the actress flying backward onto, and over, a table with a right hook. As Susan landed on her head and sprawled unconscious, Cindy and Amber squared off and the room fell silent as the two big, tough beauties circled each other with their hands raised in front of them.

"Back off girls, you can have your fun after I've dealt with Crawford," smiled Amber.

"Oh I think not slut,” Cindy corrected her. “WHEN I beat the shit out of you, me and my girls are going to throw you and your scum friends back out into the gutter where you belong!"

“UGNNNNNH!” Molly Sims grunt broke the hushed silence as she had just struggled to her feet only to be dropped back down on her knees in agony when Pam kicked her in the crotch.

But when Amber looked around to see what happened behind her, Cindy drew back and drove her fist into the side of Amber’s face. Amber went crashing backward into the wall as Cindy following up with a barrage of hard punches targeting Amber's body. When she had pinned Amber in the corner, Cindy began trying to knee her in the groin. Amber kept twisting and turning, taking most of the knees on her thighs, but she realized she’d better recover quickly or the ultra fit model was going to destroy her! While Cindy was pummeling Amber, Susan Lucci rolled across the floor the threw her body against Amber’s legs, pinning her by pressing her thigh across Amber's shins.

"Did you really think you could take me?" Cindy laughed.

"Finish the slut off!" screamed Stephanie, glaring at Pam angrily.

"Yeah! Come on Cindy, then we can get started on Hurley and her friend fatso!" laughed Adriana.

Anna and Liz were blazing mad and itching to get at the other two models, but they’d given Amber their word and they waited. Meanwhile, Pam was sitting on top of Molly slapping her face and laughing as she rubbed a handful of mashed potato in the supermodels face. Anna and Liz were getting concerned for Amber as Cindy was well on top of her, holding Amber by the hair and now kneeing her between the legs hard enough that each time her knee thudded home, Amber rose up on her toes and cried out in pain.

Cindy couldn’t keep from grinning as she taunted, “Oh! And I thought you were sooooo tough! Hey Liz, I suggest you and fatso go now because if you’re still here when I’m done, you and your pathetic friend are next. Poor Amber here is just about to go to sleep!" But just then, Amber drew on every last bit of strength she had and gasped, “Hey….Crawford!"

"Huh?" said Cindy as she turned back toward Amber who pushed off the wall with her ass and head-butted Cindy SMACK between the eyes!

Cindy's legs wobbled as she staggered back and Amber pushed herself away from the wall, stepping over Susan as she lunged and got her weight into a driving fist to Cindy’s tight abs! Cindy hit the opposite wall and before she had time to drop, Amber slapped her across the face, sending the brunette flying over a table, scattering diners and dishes! Cindy was on her hands and knees, dazed and confused when Amber grabbed her by the hair and held her as she kicked her in the ribs. “UNNNH!” Cindy’s body lifted up, then collapsed flat on her belly where she lay groaning in agony,

Adriana and Courtney watched as Amber knelt beside Cindy and pulled her dress off, then straddled Cindy’s head, crushing it between her thighs. Cindy's legs thrashed about as she strained and struggled trying in vain to break free. Seeing her friend was in trouble, Adriana grabbed a handful of Amber’s hair from the back and pulled her off of Cindy. But this prompted Anna and Liz to spring into battle!

Liz went for Stephanie but the leggy model was ready for her and snap-kicked Liz in the stomach, Liz staggered as Stephanie came at her again but this time Liz was ready for her! The two beauties each grabbed the other by the hair and began swinging each other around screaming and cursing like a couple of sailors! Anna pounced on the long legged blond Adriana, grabbing her around the waist from behind. Adriana struggled frantically as Anna's strong arms crushed her slim waist like a vice. One of the waitresses was filming the amazing scenes with her video camera. A journalist, there to interview another celeb, madly scribbled everything down as fast as he could. The rest of the diners, aside from Susan who had her face in an ice bucket trying to keep down the swelling in her nose, changed from a snooty pack of snobs to a crowd more associated with a back street brawl. Some were even placing bets on the different match-ups! It was an incredible scene; involving four of the worlds most famous supermodels and actresses beating the snot out of each other!

Cindy and Amber were rolling on the floor pulling hair, slapping, kicking, scratching and, more or less punching the hell out of each other! Liz and Stephanie were trading punches like a couple of prize fighters while Adriana’s face was bright red as she was still trapped in Anna Nicole’s bearhug as Anna slammed her repeatedly against the wall. Poor Molly was still lying crying on the floor as Pam tried to pull off her slacks. Of the actresses, only Liz was in real trouble! Stephanie had her bent over the bar, holding her by the throat and choking the life out of her. But once Pam removed Molly's slacks, she turned around and when she saw Stephanie throttling Liz, she pulled the leather belt from Molly's slacks.

"I'm not finished with you Sims,” Pam growled. “Don’t go away, I'll be right back!"

She punched the supermodel in the nose, then walked up behind Stephanie and swung! CRACK!! She sexy brunette shot straight up into the air squealing in agony as the thin leather belt sliced through the seat of her dress and left a red welt across her firm butt! Liz stood up, reached out and tore the dress off Stephanie to reveal her perfect body clad in sexy black ‘Victoria’s Secret’ underwear.

Across the room, Amber had finally worn down Cindy who lay curled in a ball, her resistance shattered and her lush body well beaten. Stephanie was writhing on the floor, her hands squeezed between her thighs cupping her pussy after Liz had cunt-punted her! Molly was still sobbing, holding her bleeding nose. Only Adriana was still upright, but she was taking a beating as Anna had her pinned in the corner and was pounding the tall blondes body with both fists until, finally, Adriana too crumpled to the floor in a heap at her feet!

Anna tore off Adriana's dress, leaving all four supermodels stripped down to their underthings - and well and truly beaten! The four friends were all smiles as they stood over their defeated counterparts, delighted with the victory as they huddled together, hugging and kissing each other in a joyous celebration. The male diners cheered and clapped while their wives, girlfriends and mistresses shook their heads in disappointment. One man asked Pam if he could take some pictures of the victorious four and they all agreed; quickly running their combs through their hair and straightening their clothing before posing happily, each with a beaten supermodel kneeling at their feet, her face being held up by the hair for the camera. Then the waiter who’d been kind to Pam wheeled in several crates of rotten tomatoes and spoiled eggs from the kitchen.

"Miss Anderson,” he grinned. “I was just wondering if you’d have use for these?"

The four girls looked at each other, then they broke out in huge grins. They made the models stand in the corner and invited any of the diners who wanted to participate, to join them. Several men and woman accepted and the next five minutes was total humiliation for the four supermodels as eggs and rotten tomatoes rained down on them.

As the customers continued to pelt the supermodels with garbage, Amber turned to Pam, Liz and Anna and said, “Come on girls, I'm not eating here! It’s too rough and too noisy. Let’s go someplace a bit quieter!"

A woman’s voice called out, “Yeah, go back to the gutter, you scum!"

All four turned to see Susan Lucci wagging her middle finger in their direction.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh shit!" yelped Susan as they started to pelt her with eggs and tomatoes.

The four left in a fit of giggles and less than a minute after they left by the side door, the front door opened and in strode Heidi Klum, Helena Christensen, Karen Mulder and Claudia Schiffer.

"OK, where's the party? Where's our birthday gi…. Ooooooooo my gawd! What the hell happened?" gasped Heidi as the other three took a long look at the disheveled supermodels and burst into gales of laughter!.