Triple Threat Match: Selma Blair, Erica Durance, Jennifer Love Hewitt by The Walkin’ Dude

It was the second weekend in August and the heat wave that had crippled the Midwest and West Coast over the last few weeks had finally snapped, but the lower temperatures didn’t stop the folks of Antonio Bay California from seeking out a cool, dark place to while away the heat of the night. And in The Bay, there was no place cooler or darker than Black 13, a rather odd mix of restaurant, bar and nightclub that was situated in the heart of downtown. And if the promise of air conditioning and flowing alcohol wasn’t enough of an enticement, Richard Fannin’s promotion was putting on a show tonight that was being headlined by a Triple Threat match with Championship Implications. At this point, I’d love to give you a little more back story but the Ring Announcer is getting into position and I wouldn’t want to spoil his fun, so I’ll let him take over.

Looking calmly out into the capacity crowd, the Announcer brought his microphone up and began, “Ladies and Gentleman it is time for our Main Event! The following contest will be a Triple Threat Match; all three participants will be in the ring at the same time and the first woman to secure either a pin-fall or submission on her opponent will win the match and be declared the NEW number one contender for Sarah Michelle Gellar’s World Title.”

Pausing a moment to let the audience digest this, the Announcer cleared his throat quietly and resumed his duties. “Introducing first, she stands 5’3”…ladies and gentlemen…I give you…Jennifer LOVE Hewitt!” ‘This Love’ comes through the speakers and the brunette presents herself to the fans in Black 13. For her match this evening, the curvy brunette was clad in a two-piece coffee colored bikini. Her pads and ring boots were of the same color, and the deep brown contrasted beautifully with her pale complexion and long dark hair. Moving quickly down the aisle, Jen flashed a brilliant smile before hopping up onto the apron and into the ring. Heading to her corner, she made a few circuits of the ring and then settled down in her corner.

Picking up where he’d left off, the Announcer brought out Jen’s biggest rival. “And her first opponent who stands 5’6” tall…ladies and gentleman…MISS…. Erica Durance!” ‘Let Me Out’ roars to life and the powerful brunette breezes through the curtain. Striding confidently to the ring, Erica is a sight to behold, clad for her battle in a blazing red bikini top and jet-black bottoms encircled by a belt the same color as her top. Her pads and boots are a simple matte black and it provides a striking counterpoint to her lightly bronzed physique and chestnut brown hair. Reaching the edge of the ring, Erica pauses for only a second before leaping onto the apron in one graceful, catlike motion. Entering the ring, she gives the roaring fans one more confidant pose before settling into her corner. (The astute fan will notice that Erica didn’t bother to spare Jennifer a second look; the pre-fight snub of old making a comeback!)

Ready to bring this thing home, the Announcer completed the proceedings by proclaiming, “And our final contestant stands at 5’3’…allow me to introduce, Selma Blair!” ‘Stricken’ rolled through the speakers and the fans went nuts, either cheering wildly or booing vehemently depending on their feelings for the brunette. The song crunched along for about twenty seconds and then Selma was there on stage, standing silhouetted in the entryway and watching everything with a calculated stare. Looking out at the audience, the slender brunette’s lips curved up in the tiniest of smiles and then she was moving down the ramp toward the ring. For her war against Jen and Erica, Selma was clad in a simple black bikini with blue accents that looked almost like gas lamps viewed through a heavy fog. Her shoulder length black hair fell loose on her shoulders and her boots and pads were a simple dark blue. Approaching the ring apron, Selma hopped up onto the ring in one feline motion and in the next instant she had vaulted over the top rope and landed in the center of the ring. Staring at the crowd and her opponent with stoic detachment, Selma went to her corner and waited for the match to get underway.

The announcer quickly left the ring when the speakers at the top of the ramp whined a little and the giant projection screen ran blurry with static. After that, there was nothing for a moment but when everyone was looking at the screen, the lights in the club faded only to be pierced by several different spotlights of red, yellow, blue, green, orange and pink. When the lights started swirling, the speakers let loose with a low guitar riff that continued for several seconds before kicking into a rousing drum roll and more guitars. As if this wasn’t enough, the video screen blazed into a swirl of kaleidoscopic insanity. Shortly thereafter, the first half of a rather famous couplet faded into view.


It sank into the colors only to be replaced by


Then that was gone and “NEXT WEEK” flashed briefly before the screens and speakers cut off and the lights returned to normal.

Jennifer and Selma remained fairly nonchalant through the interruption but Erica was nearly trembling with rage. Gripping the top rope with white-knuckled hands, Erica glared death at the blank screen and said, “Your ass is mine bitch!” She looked to be on the verge of snarling something else when it suddenly occurred to her that there was a match getting ready to start, so she pulled away from the screen and turned her attention to the squared circle.


The already redlining crowd in Black 13 roared even louder as the match began. Erica eyed the other two brunettes with a cold mixture of anger and disdain. For her, the match wasn’t just about the title shot; she had to get an untainted win over Jennifer and, perhaps even more importantly, she wanted to make Selma pay for ruining what should have been the biggest win of her career. Casting her glance between Selma and Jennifer, Erica rolled her shoulders and muttered, “I’m gonna run right through both of ya.”

One corner over, Jennifer fixed both of her opponents with a hateful glare. The curvy vixen had much to prove in this match; she wanted, no, she NEEDED to beat Erica again. She should have had two straight victories over the bigger girl; hell she’d had Erica sobbing and tapping out when Selma had interfered and dropped her with that damned Piledriver. And speaking of Selma… that slut had a beating coming. No one cost her a match and got away with it.

Giving her elbow pads a final adjustment, Jennifer settled her eyes on Selma and whispered, “You’ve got a beating coming Selma. And I’m the one who gets to deliver it.” Then she pushed out of the corner and headed for mid-ring.

Smiling slightly, Selma regarded her adversaries with open contempt. But for Selma, this fight wasn’t personal; in fact, none of her matches in Fannin’s organization had registered as nothing more than technical exercises, at least so far. But when she won this match, she’d have a shot at the title, correction, she’d have her shot at Sarah and that was damn sure personal.

Letting her grin get a little wider and a lot more predatory, Selma said, “Here I come Sarah.” The words were still leaving her mouth as she strode out of the corner and sauntered over to join the others.

Seconds later, all three brunettes met in the middle of the ring. Standing in a rough triangle, Erica, Jennifer and Selma regarded each other for several seconds before Erica broke the silence, “I’m gonna put you both on your backs and then I’ll do the same to Sarah. That belt is mine.”

Jennifer took exception to Erica’s statement. Chesting into an unflinching Erica, Love fired back, “There’s no way you’re winning this match. You couldn’t beat me without help, and as soon as I take out THIS meddlesome little troll (she jerked a thumb in Selma’s direction) I will finally prove that you never even deserved to share the ring with me.”

Erica was about to respond when Selma chuckled softly. Erica and Jen glared daggers at her, but it didn’t stop Selma from laughing; then when she got a grip, Selma said, “I’m sorry. You two are just pathetic. Neither of you has a chance against Sarah and seeing as how the Slayer’s not fit to lick MY boots, you chumps haven’t got a chance in hell!”

Snarling furiously at Selma, Jennifer turned to Erica and said tensely, “Hold on just a second!” Sinking into a deep crouch, Love curled her nails at Selma and spat, “I’m really gonna enjoy this!”

Jen lunged at Selma meaning to sink her claws into the smirking beauty’s scalp. But just as Jennifer’s fingers brushed against Selma’s face, the other brunette whirled to the side, causing Love to go stumbling through empty space.

Casting a wary glance over her shoulder at Erica, Selma returned her attention to a quickly recovered Jen and taunted, “You wanna try that again Jughead?”

Scowling in rage, Love sneered, “Smothering you is going to feel SO good.” She exploded forward a second time, but again Selma sidestepped her and stuck out her foot. Jennifer tripped over Selma’s outstretched ankle and plowed into Erica, nearly knocking them both off their feet.

Regaining her balance, Erica shoved Jennifer back a step and spat, “Watch where you’re going loser.”

Forgetting Selma for a moment, Jen shoved her right back and taunted, “Keep outta the way Erica, WRESTLERS are talking.”

At the end of her patience, Erica balled her hands into fists and came out swinging; she hit Love with at least three unprotected shots to the jaw before Love was able to get her hands up and start firing back. With a sibilant hiss, both vixens tore into each other, swinging wildly as they smashed fists off faces, breasts, abs, hips or any other region they could reach. Ignoring the pain of their fisticuffs, Jennifer and Erica stomped and staggered around the ring for a nearly a minute before a stiff right from Erica sent Love reeling back on her heels. Jennifer cleared her head quickly and was about to wade back into the fray when Erica held up a hand and said, “Cool it Love. Doesn’t something about this strike you as odd?”

Taking a deep breath, Jen ran both hands though her hair and replied, “Come to think of it; there’s a slimy little piece of shit that seems to be missing in action.”

They both looked to their left and saw Selma standing a few feet away, the same small, arrogant smile on her face. Putting her hands on her hips, she said, “Oh, don’t mind me, I can wait until you choads are finished.”

Erica and Jennifer glanced at one another and then returned their attention to Selma. On some unspoken signal, Erica and Love exploded forward with arms held out at shoulder level. Caught off guard by just how fast the other girls were moving, Selma hadn’t even gotten her hands up when Jen and Erica flattened her with the Tandem Clothesline. Grabbing Selma before Jen could beat her to it, Erica pulled Selma to her feet and immediately scooped her onto her shoulder in the stall position for a Body Slam.

Strutting around the ring with the wriggling beauty on her shoulder, Erica smiled vindictively and taunted, “You wanna run in on my matches bitch? Let’s see if you like running into the canvas.”

Then Erica rose onto her toes and tossed Selma down, bouncing the smaller girl off the mat with the sheer force behind the Body Slam.

Unwilling to let Erica have all the fun with Selma, Jennifer knelt to haul Selma back to her feet but Erica interrupted her with a hand on her shoulder. Glaring up at Erica, Love said, “What the fuck do you want?”

Her voice tense and quiet, Erica asked, “Do you trust me?”

Jen shook her head, “Hell no!”

Erica rolled her eyes. “OK, fair enough; but do you want to hurt Selma?”

Now it was Jen’s turn to sigh, “I think my fingers in her hair would answer that clear enough for you.”

Erica smiled. “Then you’ll like THIS!”

Moving like lightning Erica drove a fist into Jen’s gut, doubling her over. With Selma’s winded frame still lying between them, Erica grabbed Love in a tight Front Face-Lock, slung Love’s near arm over her shoulder and then used her free hand to grab a handful of Love’s tights. Bending her knees slightly, Erica lifted Jennifer off her feet and held her inverted overhead. Keeping her balance steady, Erica muttered, “Hold on tight Jen!”

Erica tossed Love down, sending the smaller brunette crashing down belly-first across Selma’s chest in a makeshift Body Splash. Selma jerked violently and Jennifer did too, but Love got up off the mat rather quickly, whereas her opponent stayed plastered to the canvas.

Rubbing her ribs, Jennifer glared at Erica and said, “Don’t EVER do that again.”

Erica just smirked and replied, “How about we hit her one more time, then you can TRY hitting me?”

Jennifer bit back a reply. As much as she wanted to smack Erica around, she wanted to smack Selma a little bit more. Responding with actions instead of words, Jennifer yanked Selma to her feet and grabbed her by the wrist. Looking towards the ropes, Jen said, “You gonna help or you wanna keep standing around lookin’ dumb?”

This time it Erica’s that held her tongue. Focusing her attention on Selma, she grabbed the brunette’s unclaimed wrist and helped Jennifer launch Selma into the ropes with a double Irish Whip. As Selma came sprinting back towards them, Erica and Jen went with what had worked before and smashed their arms out in another tandem Clothesline. But even on the receiving end of a two girl beating, Selma thought fast and she proved as much by ducking under her opponent’s outstretched arms and continuing on to the opposite side of the rings. Cursing under their breath, Jennifer and Erica whirled around on their heels and stalked after Selma. Unfortunately, she was already in the air at that point and she greeted her attackers with a flying boot to each of their chests, knocking both girls off their feet with a single Dropkick.

Rolling to her feet, Selma snorted derisively, “Morons.”

Watching her foes carefully to see which would recover first, Selma’s plan ran into a bit of a problem when Erica and Jennifer started getting to their feet at the same time. Deciding it was time for a little improvisation, Selma asked herself, “How many great wrestlers does it take to beat two crappy wrestlers? Lets find out.”

Putting her query into motion, the slender brunette stalked forward and grabbed Love by the hair, helping her to her feet with a quick little tug. Sparing Jennifer a verbal barb, Selma instead doubled her up with a Kneelift to the belly, then applied a quick Front Face-Lock. Holding Jennifer in place, Selma waited until Erica was nearly on her feet again before she dropped into a deep crouch and leapt straight up. At the apex of her momentum, Selma twisted hard to her left, swinging both legs out in a smooth, scything arc than ended with the tops of her feet slamming into Erica’s face with a muted THWAP! Taking just enough time to note that Erica had been sent sprawling by the makeshift Enziguiri, Selma continued her arc through til the end and then pulled back hard, yanking Jen off her feet and planting the top of her skull firmly against the canvas compliments of the Standing Tornado DDT.

Hopping to her feet as the crowd started to applaud, Selma gave her trunks a slight adjustment and answered her last question, “It just takes one kids; especially if the one is ME!”

Dividing her attention between Love and Erica, Selma was again torn about which one to punish first (they were both so deserving, she didn’t want to slight either of them) and luckily, Erica helped her decision by rolling over onto her belly and pushing slowly to her feet. Stalking around behind the groggy brunette, Selma laughed silently as Erica’s attention focused on the crumpled form of Jennifer.

Just as the bigger girl was bending down to drag Love up off the mat, Selma said softly, “Hey Cave Beast, you got worse problems than her.”

Erica growled a curse and spun around to face her attacker only to be greeted with a stiff kick to her thigh. Erica moaned and cried out, staggering back to protect her legs even as Selma snapped off a few more kicks; attacking Erica‘s legs like a lumberjack going after a Redwood. After half a dozen well-placed strikes, Erica dropped to her knees.

Erica could only wince and try to catch her breath as Selma taunted, “You don’t even belong in this match Erica. At least Jugs over there has got the experience and the will to make this interesting. You’re just a gullible dope that doesn’t know when she’s being outclassed.”

The contempt in the other brunette’s words cut through the fog in Erica’s head and she looked up fast, glaring hatefully at the bitch that had the gall to speak to her that way. Unfortunately for Erica, she looked up at just about the time Selma was leaving her feet and driving them towards her face. Erica’s eyes widened a microsecond before the Low Dropkick connected and then her vision was nothing but stars as she was knocked off her knees and rolled head over heels by the force of the strike.

Very much enjoying her sudden domination of the proceedings, Selma got to her feet and glanced over at Jennifer. The diminutive brunette had just begun to shake off the effects of Selma’s DDT and was making an attempt to get back to her feet. Feeling no need to spoil Love’s fun (at least not yet) Selma picked out the set of turnbuckles nearest to Love and quickly sprinted over to them. With barely any hitch in her stride, Selma grabbed the top rope and hopped onto the highest buckle in one smooth motion. Maneuvering around so that she was facing towards the ring, Selma stood up straight and waited for Jennifer to do the same. A moment later Love obliged, but the grounded brunette turned her attention to Erica and not Selma.

Annoyed her opponents were constantly forgetting about her, Selma whistled shrilly and taunted, “Hey Jugs, don’t turn around too fast, yur tits might whiplash and you’d knock yourself out!”

Jen rose to the bait and whipped around fast. It didn’t really matter though; Selma had already leapt into the void and was soaring down towards her adversary with her whole body stretched parallel to the mat in a Flying Crossbody Press. Love saw what Selma had planned for her and did what any reasonable person in her situation would do. She ducked low and scooted to the side, leaving Selma to soar through her recently vacated space.

Now this miscalculation would have been bad enough in a straight up one-on-one match-up, but in a Triple Threat, the mistake was compounded, mainly thanks to the fact that Erica was back on her feet and standing directly in Selma’s path, with both arms spread wide. A second later, Erica plucked Selma out of the air and held her perpendicular across her chest just long enough to twist her hips in a tight half circle and drive Selma full force into the canvas, smashing her body between the canvas and Erica’s unforgiving torso. Feeling the ring shake as her impromptu Power Slam connected, Erica hooked Selma’s far leg and bore down on the pin. Seeing the cover, the official dropped down to make the count and made it just passed ’TWO’ when Jennifer grabbed Erica by the ankle and yanked her off Selma, breaking the count. Scrambling to her feet, Erica spun around in her heel and stalked over to Jennifer.

Chesting into the smaller vixen, Erica looked down her nose at Love and snarled, “Just because that meddlesome cunt over there decided to interfere in our business doesn’t mean I forgot about you for a second. As far as I’m concerned, you both deserve a beating.”

Responding to the barb with one of her own, Jennifer sneered, “As far as I’m concerned, you’re zero for two against me, so that really doesn’t put you in a position to make threats.”

Scowling fiercely, Erica answered, “Then I’ll just hit you.”

Not giving Jennifer a moment to get her hands up, Erica laced into the curvy brunette with a heartless series of rights and lefts to the belly. As Jennifer gasped for air, Erica moved the focus of her assault north by several degrees and treated herself to some vicious, uncontested jug mugging! She battered Love’s assets back and forth with reckless abandon, beating Love backward until she tried to stop the beating with a woozy clinch. Erica pulled away from her punch-drunk rival, putting all her weight behind a jaw-cracking Uppercut that caught Jen under the chin and sent her sprawling wobbly butt into the ropes. Keeping up the pressure, Erica prowled towards the ropes, grabbed Love’s hair and marched her back to mid-ring where she wrapped her arms around Love’s hips without a word of protest.

“I believe I owe you this from our last encounter,” Erica hissed. She rose up on her toes and stayed there just long enough for Jen to realize what was about to happen. Then Erica dropped to one knee and brought Jen down crotch first across the planted joint in an Inverted Atomic Drop. Jennifer’s jaw flew open in a silent scream as she started to collapse backward, but Erica caught her wrist and pulled her back up. Purring in Jen’s face, “You don’t fall until I say so; and when you do fall, I’ll decide just HOW and HOW HARD you hit the canvas.”

Erica Irish Whipped Jennifer into the ropes and waited tensely as Love rebounded back to her. When Jennifer came in range, Erica lowered her head, preparing to send Love up into the lights with a Back Body Drop, but she’d shown her hand a bit too soon and Jen made her pay for it. Seeing Erica bend down, Jennifer put on the brakes inches in front of Erica and grabbed a double handful of her hair. As Erica started to protest, Jennifer left her feet in a short hop and came down on one knee, driving her startled adversary’s forehead directly into the point of her bent knee. The Facebuster variation snapped Erica back up onto her toes for a few seconds and then she collapsed, landing face-first on the mat in a boneless sprawl.

Breathing hard, Jennifer ran a hand through her hair and asked, “How’d that feel Erica?”

A voice from her right answered, “Probably a lot like THIS!”

Jen’s eyes went wide and she instinctively ducked aside. It was a good thing she had too, because less than a second later, Selma’s left foot snapped through the air that had been occupied by her jaw. Regaining her wits, Jennifer capitalized on Selma’s misfire by shooting in low and scooping the startled brunette up onto her shoulders in a simple Fireman’s Carry. Holding her wriggling victim across her shoulders in position for the Heartbreaker, Jen said rather casually, “You really should stop telling people just what you’re going to do to them, it takes all the fun out of guessing. Like, I bet you can’t guess what I’m going to do to you right now.”

Never losing her cool, Selma fired back, “Bet I can,” as she raked her nails across Jen’s face.

Yanking free from her captor’s grip, Selma slid down Jennifer’s back and landed neatly behind her. Before the blinded brunette could pull away, Selma laced both of her hands across her foes’ chin and leapt into the air, tucking both knees tightly against Love’s back. In the next instant, gravity pulled Selma to the canvas and she landed lightly on her back while Jen was hauled off balance and bent painfully over the brunette’s well-placed knees. As Selma felt the Lung Blower connect, she pushed Love off her knees and got slowly to her feet.

Smirking down into Jennifer’s pain-etched face, Selma joked, “God I love seeing that stupid ‘wha hoppend?’ look on your face.”

“Hey, that’s my line!” a voice from behind her piped up and Selma was immediately in motion, whirling around to meet her other attacker. Unfortunately for the smaller brunette, Erica was in motion too - namely the sole of her right boot which was flying towards Selma’s face! Selma managed to turn her head to the side (if only to avoid a broken nose) but otherwise the boot hit home perfect, slamming into her face with a loud THWAP that echoed through the entire arena.

Taking a moment to savor the dull tingling sensation running through her kicking foot, Erica looked out into the audience with one hand shielding her eyes in a sort of ‘where the hell did it go’ gesture. Then she just grinned and said, “When it finally comes down, somebody needs to tell me where her head landed.”

Favoring the crowd with another knowing smile, Erica made a quick adjustment to her kneepads before pulling Selma to her feet. Quickly taking hold of Selma’s wrist, Erica looked over her shoulder and saw Jennifer just starting to get to her feet over on the opposite side of the ring. Smiling more to herself this time, Erica whispered, “This should be fun.”

Turning back to Selma, Erica backed the slender beauty into the ropes and held her there for a moment before taking a step back and Irish Whipped her to the other side of the ring and a collision course with Love. Erica was a split-second away from releasing her grip on Selma’s wrist when her intended victim clamped down tight and planted her feet, reversing their roles and sending Erica speeding toward Jen.

Cursing under her breath, Erica shot her right arm out and growled, “As long as one of us is hitting you…” That didn’t turn out to be a problem, Jennifer never saw Erica coming and the taller girl’s Clothesline caught her square across the chin and flipped her backward over the top rope, sending her to the outside in a pained, discombobulated, tangle of limbs. Glancing down at Jennifer’s landing, Erica said smugly, “One down! Now, let’s deal with that other dopey little bitc…UNNGH!”

Erica crumbled to her hands and knees, barely aware that she’d just taken the full force of Selma’s Super Kick right in the back of her skull. Satisfied that she’d paid Erica back for the Big Boot a moment ago, Selma rubbed her still aching jaw for a few seconds and surveyed the situation. Directly against the edge of the ring, Erica was down on her hands and knees, looking like she was trying to hold in her lunch while just outside the ring, Jennifer was getting to her feet and trying to shake of the effects of her unscheduled tumble to the floor.

Smiling wickedly, Selma took several steps back, looked out to the mob and exclaimed, “THIS is why you cheer for me!”

The words were still hanging in the air when she exploded forward in a blur of motion. When she was only a few steps from Erica, Selma hopped into the air and landed with both feet in the center of Erica’s back. Before her makeshift springboard even knew what was going on, Selma pushed off again, leaping over the top rope in the oddly modified front flip that wrestling fans knew as the Shooting Star Press. Cameras all over the club went off as Selma cleared the top rope and came crashing down across Jennifer, knocking her flat on the thin blue mat for the second time in as many minutes.

HOLY SHIT chants started the moment the move landed and didn’t end until several seconds later when Selma and Jennifer rolled slowly away from one another and started to get to their feet. After another few moments, they did exactly that and both brunettes regarded each other with grim, determined eyes. Finding her voice first. Jennifer said, “Fly around all you want Selma because the minute I get my hands on you, you won’t leave the canvas.”

Positively unimpressed with Love’s threat, Selma rolled her eyes and replied, “Jugs, that might be intimidating if you actually had a prayer of laying a finger on me.”

Words ended for the time being and they advanced on one another with claws at the ready. As this was going on, the pitch and volume of the crowd’s cheers went up by several decibels, but Selma and Jen paid it no heed. It was only when they noticed the shadow floating over them did they look towards the ring and by then it was already far too late. Even before her opponents turned toward her, Erica had leapt between the top and middle ropes in a Suicide Dive that would have been just that if there hadn’t been something in the way to break her fall. Erica was in luck though, she slammed a shoulder into the sternums of each of her adversaries and the smaller girls were knocked head over heels by the force of the impact.

Catching her breath as she got to her feet, Erica noted with no small pleasure that the “HOLY SHIT” chants had started up again, and she rewarded the faithful with a confident little flex of her biceps. Sauntering over to Selma and Jennifer, she pulled both of the other brunettes back to their feet and marched them towards the ring apron. Tossing Selma and then Love under the bottom rope, Erica brushed her hands together and said, “Looks like I have to bring the trash in before I can take it out.”

Slipping back into the ring, Erica stalked around to the far side of the squared circle, giving her opponents both the room and the time they needed to get their feet under them. The moment Selma and Jennifer were vertical again, Erica leaned into the ropes for leverage and then sprinted forward, making a beeline for the two woozy brunettes. This time, the shorter girls had a little more warning but it still wasn’t nearly enough and they were nearly knocked out of their boots when Erica extended both arms out to her sides and lashed them across the throat with a Double Clothesline. Enjoying the exhibition this match was becoming, Erica stopped by the edge of the ring and addressed the fans. “I’ll let you decide which of them gets it next. Her?” she asked, pointing to Jennifer. There was a pretty good loud reaction from the crowd. Erica nodded and continued, “Or her?” she said, pointing to Selma. This time the crowd reaction was nearly deafening. Apparently they liked to cheer for Miz. Blair regardless of whether or not she was on the giving or receiving end of a beating. Rolling her shoulders, Erica made a beeline for Selma and hauled her to her feet with a double fistful of hair. Glaring coldly into Selma’s eyes, Erica spat, “I hope you enjoy the view short-stuff. It’s probably the best you’ll ever get without aid of an airplane or mind-altering drugs.”

Erica grabbed Selma’s throat with one hand. Her grip the only thing keeping Selma vertical, Erica held her tightly and pulled her in close. Using her free hand, Erica slammed it up into Selma’s groin, closed her fist and lifted her high overhead, holding her prone in a textbook Military Press Slam. Holding Selma overhead, Erica began to walk around the ring, letting the mob soak up her helplessness.

A few feet away, Jennifer rolled to one knee and saw Erica was occupied with putting Selma on display for the audience. Flipping some loose strands of hair from her face, Love chuckled evilly and said softly, “Big mistake Erica.” Dropping into a 3-point stance, she waited until Erica begin turning toward her, then drove forward low and fast. Erica saw Jennifer rushing in but the impending attack hadn’t registered before Love’s shoulder slammed deep into the pit of her stomach, folding the stretched out brunette nearly in half. She was driven back several feet before she landed on her back in a heap. Selma just dropped straight down, smashing into the canvas from a height of nearly nine feet. Jennifer got to her feet with no complications and took a moment to survey the damage around her before going right back to Erica, pulling the taller girl up by the straps of her top until they were nose-to-nose.

“You forgot about me didn’t you Erica? Tell me, did you forget about this move too?”

Love reached forward and cupped both hands behind Erica’s neck, pulling her in close so that she couldn‘t collapse onto the mat. Still standing nose-to-nose, Jen smiled just a little as she bent her knees and then left her feet in a short hop. As she reached the end of her momentum, Jennifer brought both knees up and planted them against Erica’s chest. In the next instant, gravity brought Love down to the canvas where she landed on her back and Erica landed rack first across her rival’s knees. Erica’s breasts were nearly smashed flat against her torso as she experienced the vicious ‘Power of Love’ for the second time in her trials with Jennifer.

Shoving Erica off her knees, Jen got to her feet and glanced over her shoulder to make sure Selma wasn’t sneaking up behind her. Indeed, this fear proved to be groundless as Selma was curled into a tight ball still trying to shake off the effects of the Military Press of a few moments ago. Turning back to Erica, Love strutted over to the breathless brunette, grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her to her knees. With no visible anger on her face, Love smashed a knee into Erica’s belly, just above the line of her bottom. Letting the taller girl double over, Jen stepped forward and applied a tight Standing Headscissors. Wrapping her arms around Erica’s waist, Jennifer lifted Erica off her feet and brought her into position for a Piledriver. The mob cheered appreciatively, after all, what wrestling fan didn’t love a Piledriver? Holding Erica inverted and helpless, Jennifer stated loudly, “She should be 0-3 against me, but I’ll settle for 1-2.” She jumped up and sat out, driving the crown of Erica’s skill into the mat with a sadistic THUD.

Temporarily forgetting this was a Triple Threat match, Jen muscled Erica over onto her back and flung herself across Erica’s chest. Hooking the far leg, she bore down on the pin and implored the ref to do his job. Never one to shirk duty, the official swooped in and counted, “ONE… TWO… THR WHUMP!” The count was broken rather emphatically when a rested (and righteously pissed off) Selma leapt off the top rope and came down with her right leg landing across the back of Jennifer’s head in a Guillotine Leg Drop. Love’s face was driven into the canvas and for the next several seconds she was unable to do anything but clutch at her face and kick her legs erratically against the mat.

Smiling from her seat near Erica’s head, Selma glanced over at Erica and chided, “That loser’s already had a chance to beat your ass. This time I get that honor!”

Rolling to her feet, Selma continued, “But before we continue our little play date, I need to talk to Jugs for a sec. Don’t go anywhere, I’ll be right back.” Selma turned her back on Erica and stalked over to where Jen was moaning and trying to protect her head. Shaking her head in disgust, Selma grabbed Jennifer by the hair and pulled her to her feet. Immediately doubling the other brunette up with a Knee Lift, Selma laced each of her arms under Love’s arms and clasped her hands together across Love’s upper back.

Tightening her grip, Selma mused, “I was going to go after your tits, but then I realized it would be a useless endeavor, so I figured I’d go after the tit support system, namely your back.” Still sporting that infuriating grin, Selma bent her knees and lifted Jennifer straight off the canvas. When she could lift her foe no higher, Selma flipped Love over so that the trapped brunette’s back was pointing towards the canvas. Simultaneous with this move, Selma sank to one knee and dropped the small of Jennifer’s back directly across her bent knee. The Double-Underhook Backbreaker sent a nearly electric jolt of pain through Jennifer’s body as plainly evidenced by the loud scream and spasmodic twitching that ensued after the move connected. Resuming her vertical base, Selma was about to say something else when she heard a slight shifting behind her.

Whirling around in a defensive crouch, the slender vixen still wasn’t quick enough to stop Erica’s boot from smashing into her belly. As Selma gasped for breath, Erica taunted, “You were gone a long time, so I thought I’d come find ya.”

Taking hold of Selma’s left wrist, Erica planted her feet and whipped Selma across the ring. Watching the stagger towards the opposite ropes, Erica took several steps forward, already planning what terrible things she was going to do when Selma drew within range. Sadly, Erica didn’t get much say in what she was going to do because as Selma neared the ropes, she left her feet in a short hop that ended with both feet balanced carefully on the middle cable. In the next instant she propelled herself backwards and twisted her whole body around to face Erica before snapping out her right foot and smacked Erica flush across the jaw with a picture perfect Springboard Enziguiri. Erica’s eyes rolled back in her head and she hit the mat with a loud THUD that was pretty much swallowed up by the cheering of the crowd.

Popping back to her feet, Selma shook her head sadly and admonished, “See what happens when you get impatient? I just kick your face in that much faster.” Ignoring Erica’s low moans, Selma quickly pulled Erica to her feet and trapped her in a Front Face Lock. Setting the strong brunette up for a Vertical Suplex, Selma gazed into the crowd and asked, “Devastating Suplex or scintillating Neckbreaker? You make the call!“

Then she bent her knees and hoisted Erica overhead for what still looked like a run of the mill Vertical Suplex. It was only when she let Erica pass overhead and then land on her feet with her back to the smaller brunette that things began to get different. Erica’s feet had barely touched the ground when Selma sat out hard, slamming butt first into the canvas and taking Erica along for the ride, snapping the base of Erica’s neck backward across her shoulder in an ingenious application of a Reverse Neckbreaker.

Enjoying the groans of her opponents overlaying the ovation of the audience, Selma rolled to one knee and slowly got to her feet. Satisfied that Erica wasn’t going to be getting up any time soon, Selma let her gaze fall on Jennifer. The smile left her face as Selma growled, “I can’t believe you had the guts to fuckin’ slap me! You’re either totally fearless or your tits are getting better blood flow than your brain; it’s the only explanation I can think of.”

When Jen didn’t offer up support for either theory, Selma broke her reverie and hoisted the curvy brunette up with a generous handful of trunks. Seamlessly switching her grip to Love’s left wrist, Selma pointed her rival towards a corner on the opposite side of the ring and explained, “Slapping is really beneath me, so I’ll just pay you back with something more my style. Rest assured though, the spirit of malice and insult would be just as strong had I chosen to slap the eyes right outta your head.” Still getting nothing for her efforts, Selma slung Jen towards the buckles, waiting just long enough for Love to slam back first into the padded steel with a dull THUD.

Jennifer hadn’t even begun to slump when Selma exploded forward in a dead run that put her on a collision course with the stunned brunette. Selma passed mid-ring in the blink of an eye and with almost ten feet still separating her from the corner, Selma left her feet in a phenomenally high leap at the apex of which she pulled back her right arm to line up the shot she intended to deliver. As gravity started to pull her forward and down, Selma blasted her cocked arm forward and drove the full length of her forearm across the side of Jennifer’s face. The battered brunette let out a low grunt a second before her legs failed her and she collapsed onto her rump in a semi-coherent pile.

Massaging the arm that had nearly broken Love’s jaw, Selma looked down at her opponent and said, “It’s not time to sit down yet, there’s plenty of other fun things we can do in the corner. Like this for instance.”

Hair-hauling Jennifer up, Selma held her immobile while Selma slipped behind her and took a seat on the top rope. Sitting behind her, Selma pulled Love’s head back at a sharp angle, trapping her in an Inverted Face-Lock. Making sure her grip was secure, Selma pushed off the buckles and flipped forward over Jennifer’s head to administer a seldom seen Somersault Stunner more commonly known as the Diamond Dust.

Selma was less than two seconds away from completing her flip and possibly breaking Jen’s jaw, when her descent to the mat was stopped by Erica who rushed in and wrapped her arms around Selma’s thighs. Holding the smaller brunette off the canvas, Erica muscled her head between Selma’s legs and tightened her grip. Smiling evilly, Erica muttered, “This is gonna feel SO good.”

Taking a quick step back, she pulled Selma away from Jennifer and executed a quick 180-degree turn. In the same motion, she took off running across the ring at an angle, then leaped into the air and slammed Selma down spine first into the mat, nearly breaking her in two with a Running Sit Out Powerbomb. Howling her triumph as Selma shuddered in her clutches, Erica bore down on Selma’s legs and held her on the mat as the referee rushed over to make his count. He had just passed ‘TWO’ when Jennifer kicked Erica in the back of the head to break the count.

Hissing in pain, Erica shoved Selma away and got to her feet; turning to Jennifer, she snarled, “I’d rather beat you anyway!”

Regarding Erica with open disdain, Jennifer taunted, “And I’d rather you didn’t suck do much, but what’re you gonna do?”

Balling her hands into fists, Erica fired back, “I’m gonna bust your fuckin’ face UP; that’s what I’m gonna do.”

Erica stalked forward and lit into the smaller girl, banging away at Jen’s hips, abs, breasts and face. And even though she was giving up a good three inches to Erica, Jennifer gave as good as she got, driving pointed shots into the taller girl’s torso. The heartless slugging continued until Erica missed an Uppercut and Love capitalized by grabbing her by the wrist. Planting her feet on the mat, Jen tugged Erica forward in an attempt to whip her into the ropes. This tactic would have worked perfectly if Erica hadn’t put on the brakes and yanked Jennifer off balance. In the blink of an eye, Erica had wrapped her arms around the smaller girl’s waist, trapping her in a tight Bear Hug.

Placing her lips next to Jennifer’s war, Erica purred, “I wonder if you still sound as nice when you land. I certainly hope so.” She bent her knees and exploded up and back, tossing Love up and across the ring with an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex that made Love hit the canvas with a sweaty SPLAT. Getting to her knees, Erica smacked both fists against the mat and panted, “Time to put you down for good Jenny Love.” Pushing up to her full height, Erica sauntered over to Jennifer and pulled her up with a handful of hair. Holding the woozy girl at arms length, Erica drew a thumb across her throat and yelled, “I’m coming for ya Sarah!”

Erica reached through Jen’s legs, threw her other arm over Love’s shoulder and lifted the smaller girl up onto her shoulder. Holding her belly down across her shoulder, Erica wrapped one arm around Love’s waist and the other across the back of her neck. Biting her lip in a coy smile, Erica rose up on her toes and then sat out hard, drilling the back of Jennifer’s head into the mat with ‘The Test of En-Durance.’ Feeling Jennifer’s body go limp in her grasp, Erica floated over into the cover and hooked both legs. Knowing that Love was out cold, Erica bore down on the pin and nodded her head along with the count.

‘ONE… TWO… THRNO!’ Selma launched herself across the mat, smashing the heels of her boots into Erica’s temple with a Low Dropkick.

Shaking her ‘head ‘no’ as she got to her feet, Selma spat, “No one gets a shot at Sarah before me! That bitch is MINE!”

Ignoring Erica’s grunted reply, Selma grabbed the stunned vixen by the hair and savagely pulled her to her feet. With absolutely no wasted motion, Selma reached forward, grabbed a handful of Erica’s hair and bent her awkwardly backwards, nestling Erica’s chin in her armpit to trap the larger girl in a painful Inverted Face Lock. Holding Erica prone in this position, Selma took long enough to sneer, “Screw you Cave Beast.”

As the words were still leaving her mouth, Selma twisted her body around so that she was now standing in front of Erica with the gutshot brunette’s chin resting on her shoulder. Not holding this position for more than a second, Selma jumped and sat out, landing on her butt, while simultaneously jamming Erica’s chin into the point of her shoulder with a modified Stunner she called ‘The Whistler.’ Erica’s head snapped painfully backwards and the force of the landing actually stood her up on her feet for a second. The crowd held its collective breath as Erica stood on spaghetti legs and then simply fell face first to the mat, unmoving except for a slight quiver in her hips.

Slashing her arms out in an unmistakable ‘ENOUGH IS ENOUGH’ gesture, Selma didn’t even let Erica have three seconds peace before she yanked her to her feet and trapped her in a Standing Headscissors. Wrapping her arms around Erica’s waist, Selma bent her knees in a slight crouch, preparing for the flip that would initiate ‘The Blair Raid’ and spell Erica’s doom. Selma’s feet were just beginning to leave the mat when a voice from in front of her cooed, “Don’t sound the siren just yet.”

Selma had just enough time to raise her head and then Jennifer’s Clothesline caught her flush across the jaw. Selma’s grip on Erica was immediately broken and she shambled backwards only to get booted in the gut by a vindictive Jennifer.

Grabbing Selma’s hair, Jennifer chided, “You two always seem to be forgetting about me! No matter what it takes, I’m going to make sure you never make that mistake again.” Jennifer trapped the slender brunette’s head in her armpit while wrapping her arms under Selma’s arms before locking both of her hands on the small of Erica’s back. Before Selma had a chance to protest, Jennifer left her feet and fell toward the canvas, spiking Selma’s unprotected head into the canvas with a skull shattering Double Arm DDT. Getting to her feet, Jen kicked Selma onto her belly and straddled her back; each foot planted firmly on either side of Selma’s waist as she panted malevolently, “You better scream ‘I QUIT’ real loud, because otherwise I might not hear you.”

She bent down and grabbed both of Selma’s ankles, pulling her legs up and then tucking them into her armpits. Moving gingerly, she bent down a bit farther and grabbed her opponent’s wrists, one in each hand. Love took a deep breath and then pulled up, lifting Selma off the canvas by her feet and hands, bending the trapped brunette in a sadistic U shape. The Love Clutch had just been cinched on and Jennifer added the final touches by beginning to rock Selma gently back and forth, putting even more intense pressure on her captive’s captured limbs and bent back. The agonizing pain of the hold brought Selma back to reality, but it wasn‘t anything like an act of charity. Keeping up the steady rocking motion, Jennifer looked down at her screaming victim and demanded, “Submit.”

Shaking her head violently ‘no’ Selma roared, “FUCK YOU JUGS!”

Increasing the pace of her rocking, Jennifer snarled, “You’re the one who’s fucked Selma!”

“No, she was right the first time!” Jennifer looked towards the source of the interruption and almost got decapitated when Erica slammed a boot into her jaw. Sneering openly as Selma smacked into the ground and Jennifer reeled backward, Erica grabbed the stunned beauty by the wrist, sent Jennifer hurtling into the nearest corner and she followed less than second thereafter. As soon as the brunette’s back hit the turnbuckles, Erica hit her from the front, using her size and weight advantage to crush Love to pulp with a ferocious Avalanche Splash. Staying tightly pressed against the breathless brunette, Erica ground her chest back and forth for a moment before peeling off her prey and letting Love stumble slowly forward.

Booting Jennifer in the gut, Erica waited for the smaller girl to slump over before she said, “Selma already hit you with a move like this a little earlier, but I like my version a lot better.” Showing off her own version of Selma’s earlier move, Erica laced her arms under Love’s arms and locked her hands together across Love’s back. Tightening her grip, she bent her knees and hauled Jennifer up nearly five feet off the canvas. Then Erica flipped Love over so her back was parallel with the canvas and as Love started to descend, Erica shoved down hard, adding her own momentum to Jennifer’s. The curvaceous brunette hit the mat with a resounding THUD! Admiring the effects of the Tiger Driver on her opponent, Erica purred, “You’re about to go right through the ring Love-ly.”

Falling silent, Erica pulled the other brunette to her knees and locked her up in a Standing Headscissors. Wrapping her arms around Jen’s sweat soaked waist, Erica lifted her up high, until the small of Love’s back came to rest on the point of Erica’s shoulder. With her hands clasped firmly just below Jennifer’s rack, Erica had started to turn around when a voice to her left said, “You really need to stop leaving yourself wide open.”

Then Erica’s eyes went wide and her vision exploded in a swirl of blinding colors as Selma’s Super Kick crashing off her jaw. Erica dropped Jen but managed to stay on her feet - at least until Selma leaped in the air and wrapped her thighs around her head! Then with a quick torque of her hips, Selma jerked Erica off her feet and tossed the big girl across the ring with a lightning fast Hurricanrana.

Springing to her feet, Selma took just long enough to make sure Erica was sprawled out flat on her back (she was) before turning her attention to Jennifer. Walking over to the diminutive brunette, Selma said, “Well, now that Lurch has been dealt with, I think it’s time to have some more fun with Jughead!” Smiling at her joke, Selma pulled Love to her feet and easily secured her in a Front Face-Lock. Slinging Jen’s near arm over her shoulder, Erica used her free hand to snag a generous helping of Love’s tights. Using her grip on the slick material, she jerked up in a Hard Wedgie.

Selma bent her knees and muttered, “I hope your head’s just as flabby as your tits Jen. Otherwise this isn’t going to feel very good.”

She lifted Jennifer off the canvas and held her inverted directly over her head. In most cases, Selma would have held this position for several more seconds, but given that Erica could very likely blindside her from this angle, Selma only held Jennifer aloft for two seconds, then she sat out and splattered Love’s forehead all over the canvas courtesy of the Brainbuster. Allowing herself a moment to rest, Selma saw Erica was just starting to roll over onto her side; that meant she’d be back on her feet and hassling Selma in the next ten seconds or so. Luckily, the small brunette only needed about eight seconds to win the match.

As she was getting to her feet, Selma sank her claws into Jennifer’s locks and hair-hauled her up as well. Trapping her in a Standing Headscissors, Selma completed preparations for ‘The Blair Raid’, locking her arms around Love’s waist and bending into a low crouch. But before she could execute the flip that would make Jennifer’s head a permanent addition to the ring, her rival dropped down to one knee, breaking Selma’s grip around her midsection. Selma cursed and leaned down to pull Jen back up but unfortunately Love responded to this attempt by hammering her fist straight up into Selma’s groin! The formerly aggressive brunette let out an ear-shattering shriek as she slowly inched away from a reenergized Jennifer Love Hewitt who’d escaped with that evergreen golden oldie, The Low Blow!

A bright, burning hatred shown in Jennifer’s dark eyes as she panted, “Just breaks your heart doesn’t it?” Not letting Selma answer, Jen stalked forward and muscled the crippled brunette up onto her shoulders in a Fireman’s Carry. Holding a furiously wriggling Erica on her shoulders, Jennifer stalked forward a few steps and was just starting to bend her knees when a voice to her right snarled, “Oh no you don’t.”

Jen glanced in the direction of the threat and saw Erica charging in at top speed. Keeping her cool, Love muttered back, “Oh yes I do!”

Moving to meet Erica’s attack, Jennifer lowered her left shoulder and drove it forward, catching the bigger girl in the gut with the crown of Selma’s skull. As Erica started to collapse forward, Jen straightened up fast an in an incredible display of power for someone so small, she tossed Erica up and into the lights, treating the girl to a jury-rigged Back Body Drop even while Selma was still on her shoulders. With Erica taken care of for the moment, Love took a few steps toward the center and whirled around on her heel several times to make sure Selma wasn‘t clear-headed enough to escape. Stopping suddenly, she sank into that deep crouch once again and said, “Now where were we? Oh yes, I was about to pin your sorry ass.” Refusing to waste another second, she shoved Selma’s lower half up and off her shoulders as she fell down and to the side, driving the back of Selma’s head and neck into the canvas with the Death Valley Driver Hewitt called, ‘The Heartbreaker.’

Knowing the move had connected perfectly, Jennifer immediately went for the cover, hooking both legs to be sure. Seeing the pin, the ref dropped in to make the count, ‘ONE… TWO… THRNO!’

Selma shot a shoulder off the mat a heartbeat before ‘THREE’ guaranteeing that the match would continue for at least a few more minutes. Shaking her head in disgusted disbelief, Love snarled, “Fine, I hope you’re still cogent enough to scream a submission for me Selma.”

Kicking Selma over onto her belly, Jen scrambled onto her back, facing her head with her rump resting on the small of Selma’s back. Jen reached forward, gripped Selma under the armpits and pulled back in a move that yanked her foe’s upper body off the mat and allowed Jen to drape Selma’s arms over Love’s knees in one well practiced motion. With the Camel Clutch nearly complete, Love shifted her grip Selma’s chin, threading both hands under her captive’s jaw. With her hold cinched in, Jen waited just long enough to smile wickedly before she pulled back as hard as she could, wrenching Selma’s spine into a hideous contortion. Adding to her opponent’s already substantial misery, Jen slipped two fingers in either side of Selma’s mouth and yanked back.

Savoring the garbled screams bubbling up from Selma’s throat, Jennifer cooed, “You wanna give it up bitch?”

“Not yet she doesn’t!” Erica growled from over her shoulder.

Love groaned as she tried to vacate her position but Erica was too quick for her! The bigger brunette clipped Love behind the left ear with a hard Soccer Kick. Furious that Jen had managed to hit that Back Drop on her a few minutes ago, Erica hauled the shorter girl to her feet and whirled her around so that they were face to face. With her lips only inches from Jen’s, Erica asked softly, “So you want to show of against me do you Love? Well I’ve been working on a new move that I’d be thrilled to show off against you. Tell me what you think.”

She pulled Jennifer in close, and then slipped an arm across Jen’s chest. Holding her victim tight Erica bent her knees slightly and then pushed up fast, hoisting Jennifer up in what looked like the beginnings of a Rock Bottom but things got interesting when, at the highest point of the lift, Erica violently twisted to the left and dropped to one knee, bringing Jen’s back down across the posted joint in a brilliant applied modification of the Backbreaker.

Love let out a low, clipped scream and then she rolled bonelessly off Erica’s knees and into a boneless sprawl on the mat. Quickly noting the rapid, shallow state of Jen’s breathing Erica threw herself across the gutted brunette’s well upholstered chest, hooked the far leg and waited for the ref to drop in and count off, ‘ONE… TWO… THRNO!’

Selma’s foot shot forward, drilling Erica in the side of the head. She grunted as she rolled off of Love, breaking the cover. Her upper lip curling in a vicious sneer, Selma panted, “You don’t get to win this match bitch. You don’t even deserve to BE in this match.”

Erica heard Selma’s voice and her hate for the smarmy brunette gave her enough energy to get back to her feet. Glaring first-degree murder at Selma, Erica hissed back, “That is the LAST time you’ll ever cost me a match.”

Selma started to reply, but Erica cut her off with a vicious Cunt Punt that doubled her over in pain. Stepping forward, Erica scooped Selma onto her shoulder like a sweating, bawling sack of potatoes; then shifted her grip and wrapped her left arm across the bare expanse of Selma’s back, right above her dangling arms. Erica used her right arm to cup the back of Selma’s neck, positioning her so that her head about even with Erica’s hip. Preparations complete, Erica rose up on one foot and then dropped straight down, driving the back of Selma’s head and neck into the canvas with the second ‘Test of En-Durance’ administered that evening.

Much as she had done with Jennifer a moment before, Erica pounced on Selma’s defenseless middle and hooked the far leg, going for the pin. And much like before, the ref knelt to make the count, slapping the mat, ‘ONE… TWO…THRNO!’

Just as before, the count had been broken up from the outside by a bleary eyed, pale Jennifer Love Hewitt! Stepping over Selma’s erratically twitching body, Jennifer pulled Erica to her knees and cupped her head in both hands. Looking down into Erica’s pain-glazed face, Jennifer stated, “I’m better’n you Durance! I’m going to make you accept that if it’s the last thing I do.”

Jennifer pulled Erica to her feet and muscled her into the Fireman’s Carry one more time. This time she didn’t hesitate a second and she fell to the side, driving the back of Erica’s head and shoulders hard into the canvas. The audience roared when the Heartbreaker connected again and Jennifer hooked both of Erica’s legs, putting as much pressure on the pin as she could. Grimacing at the pain in is counting hand, the ref hoped the end was in sight as he dropped down to count, “ONE… TWO… THRNO!’ Erica bucked her legs hard, breaking free of Jen’s cradle and the pin in one violent motion.

Rising to her knees, Jen slapped the mat in frustration and hissed, “Why won’t you stay DOWN?”

Not getting anything like an answer, Love got to her feet and helped Erica back to hers. They’d been vertical for less than a second when Jen hoisted Erica up onto her shoulders in yet another Fireman’s Carry, apparently the Heartbreaker was pulling triple duty tonight. Holding Erica’s dead weight draped across her shoulders, Love took a moment to shift her grip and this proved to be a huge mistake. Acting more on instinct than anything else, Erica raked her claws across Jen’s face and managed to wriggle down her tormentors back.

Getting back to her feet, Erica growled, “I survived your finisher Jen, let’s see you survive mine.”

Whirling Jennifer around to face her, Erica booted Love in the gut and then locked her up in a Standing Headscissors. Circling her arms around Jen’s sweat soaked belly, Erica lifted her up high, until the small of Love’s back came to rest on the point of Erica’s shoulder. With her hands clasped firmly just below Love’s breasts, Erica started to spin in a circle, picking up speed until her rotations were of a dizzying speed. Just when she was nearing the point of nausea, she did two things: first, she flipped Jennifer forward and off her shoulder while still gripping her around the chest; then she sat out, landing hard on her butt. The effect of this devastating move was to smash the full length of her victim’s face, chest, stomach and legs into the mat with mind numbing force. The impact of the ‘Durance Driver’ actually knocked Jennifer back up into the air just high enough to flip her over onto her back.

Erica saw her nemesis starfished and helpless on the mat and she knew this match was over. Getting to her feet, she roared, “YOU’RE LOOKING AT THE NEXT WORLD CHAARRRGH!”

Erica never saw the boot slam into her crotch, but she sure as hell felt it. As she sank to the mat with tears in her eyes, she heard Selma say, “Well, if you’d get out of the fucking way, these people COULD see the next world champ!” Yanking a kneeling Erica around to face her, Selma trapped the bigger girl in a Standing Headscissors and wrapped her arms around Erica’s midsection. Squeezing down as tight as she could, Selma added, “I told you I could wait until you idiots were finished.”

Selma bent her knees slightly and then executed a tight front flip that ended in her drilling the top of Erica’s head into the mat with the Flipping Pile-Driver everyone now called ’The Blair Raid.’ The sheer force of this viciously brilliant maneuver was able to stand Erica up onto her feet for a second before she collapsed face first on the canvas in a graceless, beaten pile. Getting to her feet, Selma figured the match was over, but she wanted to make a point. To Jennifer, to Erica, to the fans, but most importantly, to Sarah.

Kicking Erica over onto her back, Selma grinned down at her and said, “Stay there for a second will ya?” She sauntered over to Jennifer, grabbed the smaller brunette by the wrists and proceeded to drag her across the canvas, not stopping to rest until the top of Jen’s head was resting lightly against the top of Erica’s head. Tossing Jennifer’s wrists aside, Selma straddled Erica’s head and muttered, “I’m about to make a statement ladies; I’ll let you decide just what it is after you’ve woken up.”

With a mischievous smile, Selma sank down onto her knees, letting the full weight of her butt come to rest on Erica’s features. Knowing the ref would start to count soon, Selma added a final domineering touch by planting both hands firmly on Jennifer’s defenseless chest, pinning both other brunette’s simultaneously Giving her foes something to remember her by, Selma ground her hips and clenched her fingers in time to the official’s count of ‘ONE… TWO… THREE!’

The bell rang then and a second later her theme began to play, but Selma didn’t relinquish her perch until she hear the Announcer proclaim, “LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, YOUR WINNER AND THE NEW NUMBER ONE CONTENDER FOR THE WORLD TITLE… SELMA BLAIR!”

Throwing back her head, Selma closed her eyes and savored the moment; the feel of the lights on her face, the feel of her enemies beaten beneath her. All she needed now was the unmistakable feel of gold and leather around her waist. Opening her eyes, she got to her feet and raised both hands high overhead, saluting those who cheered and those who booed her.

After a few moments of this, she muttered, “Let’s send the champ a message, I know she’s watching.” Limping over to the corner of the ring nearest the timekeepers table, Selma gestured for a microphone and seconds later, she had one in her possession. Wheeling around to face the entryway, Selma brought the mic up and said calmly, “You see that Sarah? I just took out two of the best wrestlers on this roster and if my math is correct, that keeps me undefeated AND makes me the number one contender for your precious title. Lemme tell you something Slayer, I’m not going to wait long to cash in my shot. From the first day I got here I’ve been coming for ya and now I’m finally at your door. After six years I’ve finally earned the chance to make you suffer for what you did to me and I mean to see to it that you suffer exquisitely. That I get to take the title from you is just a bonus, the real joy is going to be dropping you on your head over and over again. Tick tock Slayer, your time is almost up.”

Selma tossed the mic down, THONK, slipped out of the ring and made her way up the ramp. If the wreckage she’d left behind didn’t make it clear enough, the promo removed all doubt. Selma and Sarah were going to settle a debt sometime soon and it wasn’t going to be anything as trivial as a wrestling match, this was going to be a full-fledged vendetta!