Selma Blair vs. Shakira by Oberon (fr CWC3)

"Buttermilk Biscuits" by Sir Mix-A-Lot thunders over the PA system as Selma enters the arena. The sexy actress is dressed to kill in a red ensemble revealing just the right amount of flesh to arouse interest from the audience in attendance while leaving the rest to the imagination. Beneath is a red bikini, barely visible through the sheer material. Her hair is tied back, hanging down between her shoulder blades as she heads to the ring; her cat's eyes narrowed provocatively as the song's lyrics echo in the vast hall.

"Transform scratchin', big beat matchin'/I can tell you're getting jealous by the look I'm catchin'"

Entering between the middle and top ropes, reaching in with one leg and following up with the rest of her body; she stands in ring as she awaits her chance to kick Shakira's ass. But first, she takes a mic, gripping it with suggestive tightness with her right hand as she calls out her opponent.

"Shakira honey, I'm really glad you accepted my challenge 'cause I'm itching to get these legs round your Barbie doll hard body and squeeze you 'til you start crying. And there's other things I wanna do to you too, so hurry your sweet blonde ass out here, I'm eager to get started."

"Whenever-Wherever" plays as Shakira struts to the ring in just a camo bikini. She smirks, looking Selma up and down and licking her lips as she studies the cute actress.

Shakira takes Selma's mic and says, "Selma, this is great; you and me wrestling. But I thought you said, a mud match, jello match, or hot oil match." She points to three pools that are being dragged in; one filled with jello, the next mud and the final one hot oil. "So, I'm going to let you choose which one you get drowned in."

Answering Shakira's smirk with one of her own, Selma brushes a strand of dark hair out of her face as she turns to the ring attendants with a slight nod. As soon as she does this, her back is to Shakira. The frilly material of her red dress swishes over her firm, pale thighs and smooth, round backside. After a few seconds, she turns back to face the slender blonde vixen who is still standing across the ring from her. Selma struts to within striking distance of Shakira; her head held high, her eyes narrowed in a seductive manner as if she is testing the singer's reaction. When she's closed the distance between them, the sexy brunette slowly pries the mic from Shakira's fingers and sensuously raises it to her full lips.

"Yeah, Shakira, that IS what I mentioned before we met, isn't it?" Selma intones coolly, her tone revealing just the slightest trace of annoyance. "Actually, I thought it'd be better if you and I showed up first and then let them..." she continued as she gestured to the audience with a dramatic sweep of her arm, "...decide what they'd most like to see us fight in."

Turning to face the crowd, Selma calls out, "Whadda y'all think? What should our bodies be covered in while we're fighting? Mud, Jello, mud or hot oil?"

The first choice garners the biggest reaction from the audience, even after she lists them once more to give them a chance to change their minds. Satisfied the crowd has made the decision, Selma waits as the mud pool is slid into the ring under the bottom rope. Then she turns her back on Shakira while still holding the microphone and slowly peels the red dress from her body to reveal the red string bikini under it. The pool fills about half the ring as Selma takes her position across from where Shakira is standing.

"It's just as well the fans want to see us fight in mud," Selma says. "If we wrestled in hot oil my legs might slip too much while they were wrapped around your waist. And if we were rolling around in Jell-o you may feel tempted to eat it off me. But this way, my gams will get a firm grip and you won't be distracted from how hard I'll be crushing your body."

Tossing Shakira the microphone in case she wants to answer, Selma circles a little in the mud, stirring it with her feet as her vibes and body language give the impression of a tigress stalking. Shakira watches, almost disbelieving, as Selma circles in the mud.

Finally, Shakira says, "Let the games begin."

She tosses the mic aside, surprised as she sees Selma heading straight for her through the mud. But as it turned out, the foxy brunette's sudden attack is simply a feint, despite what the fans outside expected to see happen. In rushing Shakira, Selma stopped just short, smiling at the songstress before backing up a bit.

"Just keeping you on your toes, honey," Selma says, returning to circling and stalking the blonde.

Shakira smirks as she steps into the mud and begins to circle with Selma. She smirked, and then did a quick roundhouse kick that slapped into Selma's face. Shakira pounced on the brunette, throwing her down in the mud. Despite her being dazed by Shakira's roundhouse kick, Selma managed to slip her calf between Shakira's legs, tripping the blonde facedown on top of her. Flipping over quickly, Selma slid up along Shakira's body until her crotch was ALMOST level with Shakira's face. As Shakira struggled, Selma slid off to the side, extended her legs and clamped a scissors around the blonde's throat. Locking her legs at the ankles, Selma leaned back and tightened them on Shakira's windpipe. She grabbed a handful of blonde hair to keep Shakira's head wedged between her thighs as her muscles flexed and squeezed.

Shakira arches her back as she groans in agony, struggling against the power of Selma's legs as she claws and pulls, trying in vain to spread Selma's beautiful gorgeous legs apart. Unable to pry them open, Shakira maneuvers her own legs upward and clamps them around Selma's throat. At the unexpectedly sudden counterattack, Selma gasped as she felt the tight leg scissors on her throat but she wasn't about to let her adversary gain the upper hand. Raking her nails over Shakira's legs, Selma tightened her own scissors on the singer's windpipe.

With a burst of strength, Shakira YANKS Selma's legs open and, with a smirk, she releases her own hold and flings Selma into the mud. Before Selma can react, the blonde belly flops onto her. With a superior grin, Shakira tries to cover Selma who somehow manages to roll herself and Shakira both over so the cat-like brunette ends up straddling the blonde. Shoving the pop singer face down in the mud, Selma has one knee planted on either side of her waist as she grabs two handfuls of the blonde's mane and starts to grind her face in the mud.

Shakira moans as she writhes under Selma's weight until she gets her ankles under the starlet's armpits and flings her off into the mud. Gasping for air, Shakira gets to her hands and knees and pounces on Selma. Straddling her waist, she begins to rain punches down onto the brunette’s breasts. Gasping and gasping in pain from the sudden assault on her breasts, Selma reflexively reaches up to rake Shakira's face with one hand while the other seizes a generous portion of her long, blonde hair.

Selma's had enough of this punishment! During her counter attack she lifts her legs and slams them around the blonde's neck once again. Pulling her from her perch down into the mud, Selma rolls up and sits on Shakira's face as she applies a tight crotch claw with her firm butt covering Shakira’s red face to muffle her screams.

The trapped blonde moans, her mouth covered by Selma's ass. Trying anything she can think of to get away, Shakira bites down HARD on the ass suffocating her. With a startled cry, Selma lifts her ass a bit, then slithers forward along the blonde's mud-drenched body where she applies a tight leg scissors while keeping her fingers dug into Shakira’s pussy. Shakira yelps in pain, and moans in pleasure, as she lays flat on her back in the mud with Selma’s hand on her crotch. But Selma’s more interested in dominating Shakira than making love to her and as she tightens the crotch claw on Shakira, she extends her legs - tightening her scissors until Shakira screams in agony and begins bucking; trying to throw Selma off of her.

Somehow, Shakira gets her footing and stands up, holding Selma with her legs still wrapped around her neck. But Shakira now has Selma in a perfect piledriver position although she's still wailing from the crotch claw. Shakira drops to her knees and the impact with the bottom of the mud pit dazes Selma. She reflexively loosens her grip on Shakira's crotch, unprepared for the sudden compression around her throat as the blonde wraps her legs around her and executes a tight leg scissors.

Shakira smirks, tightening her hold as she flexes her cute, filthy toes as she tightens the head scissors. Choking and gagging horribly from the tight compression her throat is receiving from her opponent's legs, Selma flexes her fingers as she digs into the crotch claw, unwilling to give up the fight just yet. Shakira screams in pain, but tightens her own hold, hoping to overpower Selma before she succumbs to the crotch clawing.

Fearing she may pass out from the lack of oxygen, Selma reluctantly gives up her crotch claw and shifts the position of her hands to the thighs choking her as she starts trying to scratch and bite them. Shakira screams in pain until she has to release the scissors hold. She lays on top of Selma, moaning and groaning in agony as Selma gasps for air.

Releasing her claw of Shakira’s crotch, Selma repositions herself by rolling Shakira over face up in the mud and flops on top of the singer, sliding up her body while spinning around until they are face to face. Grabbing Shakira's right leg, Selma bents the singer's leg over the opposite calf, securing her in a figure four and squeezing down hard. Shakira moans, struggling in the mud pit, trying to sit up, but falling back each time Selma pulses the figure four.

Selma maintains the pressure of her legs on Shakira's, leaning back on her arms to balance herself so the blonde vocalist can't roll them over to reverse the hold. Their mud-drenched bodies squirm and undulate as Shakira bucks her hips and struggles frantically to free herself, moaning louder with each exertion.

Selma asks, "Are you ready to give up? If you do, I may stop the pain."

Shakira screams in agony, bouncing her ass in the mud as she strains to free herself. She's more covered in mud at this point than she is halfway through her video of “Whenever/Wherever.” Her bare toes wiggle, as she struggles.

"What? What was that?" Selma asks from her back as she increases the pressure on Shakira's legs. "I didn't quite hear you. Did you say you give?"

"Y-YES! I give!!!" Shakira screams and then flops back down in the mud weakly; holding her head in both hands.

Satisfied with the blonde’s concession, Selma uncoils her legs and stands up above her victim with one leg planted in the mud on either side of Shakira’s chest as she poses with both arms raised over her head in victory. Shakira moans and rolls over, slowly crawling to her knees. She looks up at Selma, close to tears as she points to the actresses beautiful pale feet.

"May... may I kiss them?" she asks coyly.

Turning to Shakira with a semi-shocked look on her face, Selma suddenly breaks into a broad grin. Sitting down in the mud opposite the vocalist, Selma extends her legs into Shakira’s lap as she tells her, "Kiss away, hon. I earned it!"

Shakira smiles as she cradles the actress' right foot in her hands, "Thank you... thank you!"

She begins gently kissing up and down the sole, stopping short of the toes, wanting desperately to suck the toes. She continues kissing, massaging the feet, occasionally grazing her tongue against the sole. Leaning back on her hands in the mud, Selma pushes her foot a little deeper into Shakira's mouth and breathes one word; a command rather than a request, "More...."

Shakira moans in pleasure, seeing how she's turning Selma on. She sucks hard at the foot, actually wiggling her tongue around the toes as she feels Selma's other foot massage between her breasts. Shakira moans and drags her tongue down the underside of the actress's smooth, pale foot. Shakira, aroused just by the foot's smell, let's out a small, submissive moan of pleasure.

Becoming increasingly aroused by the manipulations of her opponent, Selma shifts her position in the mud, sliding under Shakira and wrapping her legs around her waist so she can put both feet in her face. Shakira moans as she licks between Selma's toes It's obvious that she herself is nearing orgasm as she swallows the mud.

Then, suddenly and accidentally, Shakira sets her foot on top of Selma's lips. Momentarily shocked, Selma takes Shakira's toes into her mouth, and begins sucking, working her tongue into the crevices between the blonde's toes. Shakira moans in pleasure, taking in the taste of Selma's muddy toes, as Selma pleasures HER feet!

Shakira lets out a scream of sheer ecstasy and, smiling a little at the sound, Selma intones, "You're not finished pleasuring me yet."

Smiling and breathing heavily, Shakira licks right under the toes of Selma's now clean feet. She spreads her tan, still muddy toes over Selma's face as she gently glides her index finger upward from Selma's belly button to her chest.

Selma continues to stimulate Shakira, feeling her body surrendering to the tongue and lips still caressing her own toes, imagining she may be pushed to the same place she brought the singer to. Shakira moans, as she dives her tongue between each of Selma's beautiful toes. Selma works Shakira's toes harder, feeling her orgasm approaching and wanting to bring her foe off again before it overtakes her.

Shakira begins working Selma's toes, like she's licking pussy. Her arousal growing with each passing second as Shakira manipulates her toes, Selma curls her fingers around Shakira's ankle and works harder at pleasing the blonde vocalist, slowing her movements as she continues pleasuring her with her lips and tongue; all the while she edging her other foot in between Shakira's legs to grind her heel on the singer's womanhood through her bikini bottom. Shakira moans, and suddenly stops pleasuring Selma's beautiful feet. She lays still, the heel of the foot now on Selma's lips, shivering in pleasure.

Extracting Shakira's toes from her mouth for an instant, Selma breathes, "Don't stop now, let's see who can bring who first."

Then Selma goes back to pleasuring Shakira's toes. The blonde singer smirks and begins pleasuring the foot again, licking into every crevice, and kissing the arch. She slides her other foot into Selma's crotch and begins gently rubbing. As the two rivals continue trying to outdo the other, Selma decides to take their contest to the next plateau.

Extracting the toes from her mouth, she grips tighter on both ankles, pulling her blonde opponent toward her. Shakira slides in the mud, unable to hinder her movements as she is dragged through the gunk, breathing heavily as Selma sits up, repositioning herself so that her legs are intertwined with those of the singer. In an instant she takes hold of Shakira's left leg, lifting it to her mouth and sucking hungrily, as her crotch grinds lightly against the blonde's.

Shakira shivers in pleasure and struggles to escape but, unfortunately, every move she makes causes her pussy to grind against Selma's, bringing her inches closer to climax. Suddenly, it happens! Shakira's body spasms and jerks with her orgasm and she cries out Selma's name!

Smiling at Shakira after the throes of her own orgasm have subsided, Selma offers, "Any time you want to try to get even, just let me know."