Cate Blanchett vs. Rachel Weisz: Uncle! by longtime lurker 4/3/01

Rachel Weisz took her time. This was a satisfying moment for her and she wanted to relish every moment. Cate Blanchett, the lanky Australian actress was on all fours in front of her, desperately trying to get up, or even lift her head, but she could not find the strength. In fact, it was all she could do to stay conscious.

Rachel bent down and grabbed Cate's chin lifting the blonde's face up, she then pulled back her arm, formed a tight little fist and got ready to finish Cate off...

It hadn't started this way. Cate was a good six inches taller than Rachel and her long, lean body was toned for an upcoming action movie she was slated to star in.

She had bumped into Rachel at a gym were both actresses worked out. Both women were avid swimmers and Cate was just coming back from the pool, her hair and skin dripping wet. She was in a one piece blue swimsuit. A cut out pattern exposed her taut belly. Rachel was just getting ready to go to the pool. She was in a one piece red swimsuit, cut high at the waist and with a plunging v-neck to highlight her ample breasts. Rachel and Cate had exchanged a few words in the past. The two women shared the same agent and both had been romantically involved with him so there was ample room for dislike, in addition to the natural jealousy that exists between actors.

They had exchanged a few snide words, a verbal duel that ended with a devastating insult by Cate about Rachel's deficiencies in bed, but Rachel hadn't let it go at that. She grabbed Cate by the elbow as the blonde was walking away, spun her around and fired a rocket like punch into the pit of Cate's stomach.

"Oooooooffff!" Cate exhaled, immediately wrapping her arms around her midsection.

Rachel had muscled the tall blonde up against a row of lockers, wrapping her hands around Cate's throat and slamming the back of her head against the metal locker doors.

The blows to her head immediately shocked Cate into the reality of her situation and, using some martial arts training she had recently been given, she grabbed one of Rachel's arms and slapped an arm bar on the brunette, dropping her down on all fours.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" Rachel cried out in surprise. Cate kneeled in front of her, facing Rachel's feet as she cranked on the arm bar, twisting Rachel's arm like you wring out a wet towel.

"You asked for this you little bitch," seethed Cate. "When I'm done with you. you'll be crying uncle and begging me to stop."

Rachel's pretty feet kicked uselessly against the locker room floor and her forehead came to rest against the cool concrete surface as she grimaced in pain.

"Ohhhhh...h-hurts...," she whispered through gritted teeth.

After a few minutes of this torture, Cate rose to her feet, bringing Rachel with her. The "Mummy" star had to stand on her tiptoes as Cate kept the arm bar locked on in order to maneuver the brunette around.

Cate then quickly converted her arm bar into a full nelson, slipping behind Rachel.

"Nnnn!" Rachel cried out as the tall blonde used the full nelson to press down sharply on Rachel's trapezoids, immobilizing the brunette.

"Let's go for a little walk," Cate said menacingly. She half walked-half dragged Rachel over to a nearby shower stall and pressed her into a corner.

Now that their space was confined Cate could use her greater strength. She wrapped her hands around Rachel's delicate throat and started savagely choking her British rival.

"Urrrkkk!" Rachel gurgled out.

Cate was grim, concentrating on her task methodically. Cate was pressed against Rachel so tightly that there was little the brunette could do, she had almost no room to move. Cate's grip was iron tight around Rachel's neck and after a few minutes, the brunette started feeling very lightheaded and weak. She was starting to go under.

Finally Rachel slipped one hand between her and Cate's stomachs and she was able to insert one finger sharply into Cate's bellybutton. She drove her finger into the blonde's bellybutton, grinding it back and forth.

"Oh! Unghhh!" cried out Cate in intense pain. 'What is this bitch doing to me?' she thought as pain radiated out from her belly.

Cate unclenched her choke hold and slowly fell down onto her knees. Rachel, smiling at her sudden change in fortune, followed her down keeping her improvisational belly assault firmly applied.

Cate's head was hanging down as she tried to hide her discomfort but Rachel made a point of bending down so she could see the look of agony on the blonde's pretty face.

" have a widdle tummy ache?" Rachel mocked.

"F-fuck you!" said Cate before lifting one arm suddenly and striking Rachel against the side of her head.

The brunette was not expecting the blow and fell heavily, striking her head against the shower floor.

Both women were down for several minutes. Cate was rolled up in a ball, her arms wrapped around her midsection trying to massage the stabbing pain in her abdomen. Rachel meanwhile was in a daze, one upturned hand on her brow, trying to gather her wits.

Cate was the first to recover and she managed to crawl over to the prone Rachel. Scooting behind the brunette, Cate lifted up Rachel's head before wrapping her long, toned legs around Weisz' head in a figure four headscissors.

"Gunghhh!" Rachel cried out. Cate's legs felt like steel as they crushed her head, making her almost instantly dizzy as her oxygen supply was cut sharply.

"G-got you now" Cate said wearily.

She periodically flexed her legs, Rachel's face instantly turning a deeper shade of red every time she did so. She kept the figure four on for six long minutes. Every second that went by felt like an eternity for Rachel. At first her feet kicked against the shower floor but eventually she was almost completely immobile in Cate's expertly applied hold.

"Say uncle little girl" Cate demanded.

Rachel, her face turning a pasty white now, refused. Her tongue felt heavy in her mouth, her throat parched.

"F-fuck you… n-never..," she managed to spit out.

"Say it! I can keep you wrapped up like this all night bitch. Every time you pass out, I'll wake you up and knock you out again! Say uncle and I'll let you breathe," Cate demanded.

Rachel started hyperventilating but still she refused to give in. Drool started running out of the corners of her pretty mouth, then her nose started bleeding as the pressure built. Cate was all business now, bearing down with the figure four determined to make Rachel beg for mercy.

The brunette however mercifully passed out, her body transformed into limp dough by Cate's vicious legs.

Cate was pissed. She unwrapped her long legs from around Rachel's throat and grabbing the brunette by the shoulders lifted her up on her haunches. Rachel unconscious form, her head bobbing up and down, was now kneeling in front of Cate who was also on her knees. The blonde grabbed her firmly by the cheeks, her fingers grabbing Rachel's face tightly.

"Wake up you little bitch! You didn't say uncle!"

Rachel however was too deeply passed out to respond to Cate's taunts. After a few minutes of shaking the brunette back and forth trying to revive her, Cate threw Rachel's limp form down onto the shower floor in frustration.


Cate got up and left, returning to the locker room area to get changed before she headed back home. It took Cate a few minutes to brush her hair and apply her makeup. She was just starting to strip off her swimsuit when she felt a hand grab her by the shoulder.

"W-we're not finished yet," said Rachel, just before plowing a fist into Cate's stomach.

"Unghhh!" gasped Cate.

Her stomach had already been softened up considerably by Rachel so this latest blow really winded her. Rachel took full advantage of the situation. She tucked Cate's head into a side-headlock and dragged her over so that the two women were positioned in front of a bench, where people could sit down while they changed clothes. Rachel, showing surprising skill, suddenly dropped down bulldogging Cate so the blonde hit the bench face first.

"Yes!" cried out a thrilled Rachel, pumping her fist.

Cate was badly dazed by the blow and lay spread-eagled on the locker room floor. Rachel, not wasting her advantage, grabbed her by the shoulders and flopped Cate over the bench, so that her taut belly was pressed up firmly against the cool surface of the wooden bench.

Rachel then leapfrogged on top of Cate, pressing her full weight on top of the blonde. The effect was instant and devastating. Cate's already injured stomach was pushed into the bench, hurting her badly and robbing her of breath.

Her face was a mask of pain. Her eyes closed tightly, her mouth frozen in the shape of a soundless "o" as Rachel increased the pain by hopping up and down on top of Cate, every hop serving to force further air out of her.

"How do YOU like it bitch?" said Rachel laughing.

Cate pounded her hands against the bench to express her pain and frustration. She tried to wiggle her way off the bench but Rachel's constant pounding effectively pinned her in place.

"Now, YOU say uncle, you bitch!" said Rachel.

"," Cate resisted.

Rachel grabbed a handful of hair and threw Cate off the bench and up against a row of lockers. She then fired a fist into Cate's bellybutton but instead of withdrawing it, she granddad the fist deeper and deeper into the Australian's stomach, relishing how Cate's limber body twisted in place, like a butterfly squirming after it had a pin pierce it's body.

"Unghhhh....OH GOD!...unghhhhhhhh," Cate gasped through clenched teeth.

Rachel leaned over so that her mouth was pressed up against Cate's ear and whispered, "Why are you still struggling cunt? I HAVE you. You're not going anywhere. Say uncle and I'll stop beating on you."

"No," Cate panted.

This only enraged Rachel and she now ground her tight little fist even further into Cate's guts, determined to make the blonde suffer like she had suffered in Cate's figure four.

"GAHHHHH!" Cate cried out.

"Say it bitch! Say it!" Rachel screamed.

"Oh! Oh God!....U-uncle...uncle...please...," Cate sobbed as she finally relented.

"Louder bitch! BEG ME!" Rachel demanded.

"UNCLE!!! P-please...UNCLE!" Cate begged.

Laughing, Rachel withdrew her devastating fist grind and let Cate flop forward onto the ground, her arms wrapped around her belly as she rocked back and forth, moaning in pain.

This is where we came in. Rachel took a seat on the bench that had proved so useful in torturing Cate. She relaxed for a few minutes, enjoying the sight of the Australian writhing in pain and trying desperately to get up onto her feet.

When Cate got up on all fours, Rachel strolled up to her, lifted up her chin and fired a straight right hand to Cate's pretty face.

"Unghh!' Cate cried out as she promptly fell onto her back, rocked by the surprisingly powerful punch.

Rachel climbed up on top of Cate and grabbed a handful of hair to keep her in place. Then she just started firing punch after punch into Blanchett's face, knocking her out cold after a few blows.

"Ha! I fucked you up good," Rachel crowed.

She stayed seated on Cate for a few more minutes, relishing her moment of triumph. Finally, she went to her locker and retrieved a pair of spandex leotards she usually wore in aerobics class. Taking them in one hand, she grabbed Cate's arm with the other and dragged the unconscious blonde's body into the same shower cubicle where Cate had knocked her out earlier.

Rachel held the blonde by the shoulders and lifted her to her feet, grunting with the effort. Leaning Cate's limp body on hers, Rachel used the leotard to tie Cate's hands above her head to the shower. Cate's long lean form dangled from the shower head as her feet barely touched the floor. Rachel turned on the cold water spigot and smiled as the shock of the ice cold water shocked the groggy blonde awake.

"W..w-what...?" Cate mumbled.

"I'm not finished with you yet," said Rachel ominously.

She sized up Cate's long, lean form before she wrapped her arms around Cate's waist in a bearhug.

"Unghh!" groaned Cate as Rachel tightened her grasp.

Even mild pressure badly hurt her bruised stomach. Rachel's head was pressed against Cate's chest and she could hear the blonde's heartbeat pounding wildly in fear. Then she slowly jabbed a thumb in Cate's bellybutton and started twisting it back and forth, working it in deeper and deeper.

"Oh! Oh!...I g-give, I give, UNCLE!" cried Cate.

"Oh, it's not gonna be that easy this time, Catie," Rachel said menacingly as she pushed her thumb deeper into Cate's bellybutton.

The blonde bit her lower lip as she squirmed like a worm on a hook.

"Gnngghhh!...P-please....oh! oh! Oh!" she whimpered.

It was going to be a long night for Cate Blanchett and an enjoyable one for Rachel Weisz.