CS(MINE): Miami - Sofia Milos versus Rosa Blasi by bocarat

It had been a long day and night for the cast and crew of CSI: Miami. They had just finished the interior shots of an episode called "Shootout." The fourteen hours on the set, and now a cross county flight from LA to Miami, to finish the exterior shots, Sofia Milos who plays Detective Yelina Salas on the show, was sitting next to Khandi Alexander, who also plays a character on the show. Khandi was warning Sofia that David and Rosa looked very "comfortable" with each other. Khandi, was explaining the history of David Caruso and his former costar Kim Delaney; how they hated working together and that air-time for the rest of the cast was minimal as it was.

"The network and the producers stated to the cast and crew that it was David's show; so, Kim was bounced," Kandi said. Sofia listened intently, as she looked at David and Rosa were talking and joking across the aisle. "After all," said Khandi. "She is truly Hispanic."

Sofia's anger grew, and grew at the conspiracy that was unfolding just a few feet away from her. Kandi stated that like Sofia, she was exhausted then stretched and looked behind her at another actress Emily Procter, and winked.

Sofia Milos is a mid-to-late 30's exotic beauty; 5'8" and of Greek/Italian heritage. She's fluent in numerous languages with the body of a Goddess; long, firm legs and an ample chest which, with her olive skin, gives her the ability to portray a Hispanic cop and single mother as called for by the part. Many on the cast, crew and audience believe Sofia replaced Kim Delaney in the series and she's certainly a "woman of interest" for Caruso in the show.

Sofia finally, relented and fell asleep on the long flight, and in several hours she would wake up in Miami, her new 2nd home. As the cast and crew, disembarked the plane, and entered the airport, Sofia examined the body of Rosa as she walked ahead of her toward the carousel to pick up her luggage. She was beautiful, shorter than herself about 5'3", with light brown hair, a large chest and strong firm legs. She was wearing an off-white, flowered skirt and tan knit top, with tan heels. Her calf, and thigh muscles appeared strong from either working out of running. She seemed to have a perpetual easy smile, despite the long flight.

As they walked, the passed a large mirrored glass, where Sofia caught a glimpse of herself passing by; her hair looked a bit tossed from the long flight, but her breasts and her legs looked sexier than the Hispanic bitch standing before her, and her face was her best feature with the smoky dark eyes, and thick dark hair. At the luggage carousel, the two women who so far in the episode shared very little air time together spent a lot of time chit chatting about the flight, and Miami. Sofia made a point to position her right leg out in front of her body toward the younger, smaller woman. Sofia was wearing a dark blue, knee length dress with a light sweater. Sofia would flip her hair, swivel her hips as Sofia was sending the woman all kinds of body language messages, and Rosa shot one back when she stretched on her toes stretching her back and legs muscles, jetting out her large chest towards Sofia (at least Sofia thought she was sending a message back). Sofia shot one back at Rosa, when she bent down displaying her large cleavage, as she pretended to adjust her shoes, and gave Rosa an eyeful of her own cleavage and chest.

The luggage arrived, and soon the cast was being whisked off to a hotel on South Beach. They would be staying at the Sagamore on Miami Beach, this was truly a treat for Sofia as she loved staying here. The view and hospitality of the employees was truly charming, and would instantly ease the pressure she had felt on the flight. Rosa and David Caruso were talking in the lobby as room keys were being handed out, and arrangements for meals, or trips to neighboring clubs were being arranged. Sofia was checking on the details, when she heard that Rosa just wanted to take a long, warm bath, and order room service. Sofia noted the room number, got her own key and plots her next move to show the little Hispanic bitch who is going to be the top bitch on this show.

The flight arrived late at night in Miami, and the cast and crew had the day off, for producers to make the final arrangements for exterior shots for the episode. They would all meet together at 2PM, to go over arrangements, transportation, and script changes. Then the cast and crew would be released for dinner, and an early call. They hope to finish the episode in two days in Miami. Sofia goes over the script, and Rosa and her have only one scene together, that is where she will arrest and handcuff Rosa at the end of the scene. Rosa plays a cheating girlfriend, whose behavior leads to a shootout in a hospital emergency room between rival gangs. Rosa Blasi plays a doctor on a show on Lifetime, this provides a little irony to the story and episode. The set for some of the shots in this episode is a house in South Miami-Dade, not far from the Hotel on South Beach.

Sofia wakes up late the next morning, feeling the effects of the cross-county flight, and the feeling the effects of the long work days, dresses and goes down to the lobby for coffee. She scrounges for Danish to go with her coffee, and strolls outside to see the beach and the Atlantic Ocean. As she peers out onto the horizon, she sees some beach-goers, which is a mix of natives and tourists. She sees one woman stretched out on a chaise lounge with a fabulous body, and quickly recognizes it as Rosa. She is wearing a stunning light blue, two-piece bathing suit that is barley covering her large chest. She has on a large hat, and sunglasses, but Sofia notices that men and women are both stopping to look at the petite beauty. Rosa is reading some magazine, but it is only a distraction, as she just wants to enjoy the sunshine and warm ocean breezes. Sofia continues to stroll around the desk where the chaise lounge is located, as Rosa calls out, "Good morning!"

Sofia turns around, and gives Rosa a forced smile, then tips her coffee towards her. Sofia moves towards Rosa, and says, "Long flight huh!"

"Yeah!" Rosa agrees. "I just needed to recoup my energy level" she says, pointing out to the beach.

Sofia takes a seat on the chair next to her, and glances out towards the beach. "This is so nice," Rosa says, as she takes in a deep breath, which only enhances her large chest. Sofia notices Rosa tan lines, and her legs and arms and mentally compares them with her own assets. Rosa asks Sofia "do you have any plans this afternoon?" Sofia says, "yes, I got some calls to make, and one of the local rags wants to do an interview."

Rosa just nods, and says, "I think I'll do some shopping. Anyplace you recommend?"

Sofia says, "There's a lot of small shops downtown, but there are some nice boutiques just outside the Gables area."

'Thanks, I'll check them out," Rosa says.

The two women, then look at once again towards the beach, and the ocean, then Sofia gets up and says, "See ya' later."

Sofia went back to her room wondering why Rosa was so talkative. Sofia did have some calls to make, and a local magazine was interested in doing an article on the cosmopolitan beauty. The interview went well, with a few photos to accentuate the article. It was just before 2PM, and Sofia got a salad from room service, and then went down to the hotel conference room for the script update, and when they would be leaving in the morning for the trip to the shooting site. Sofia checked the script, and in a scenes tomorrow, Rosa would be wearing revealing lingerie, and simulated sex with her lover. Sofia paid close attention to the details, and when her scenes came, she would be wearing her standard light colored pants suit and "comfortable shoes." She wanted to show more skin in her scenes, but her character at this point didn't justify the change. In the arrest scene, Rosa would be wearing jeans and a tight fitting top, and Sofia would be in her "standard lady cop outfit."

The meeting was adjourned, and Rosa was asked by several of the cast to go out to dinner, and go 'clubbing" afterwards. Reluctantly Rosa agreed, she wanted to be "on" for tomorrow's scenes, but agreed knowing that she could pull it off without much of an effort. Sofia also joined the members of the cast for a night of dinner, drinking and dancing at the local clubs on South Beach. Rosa noticed that Sofia kept looking at her at one club and said something to one of the other female cast.

"Oh don't worry about her," said the female cast member. "She's always bitchy to guest stars!"

"Really, why?" Rosa asked.

"She doesn't like competition on the show."

"Competition?" Rosa said. "Why is she worried, she's gorgeous!"

"Yes, but she's also a back stabbing, snobby bitch," the female cast member said. "She's always trying to steal scenes. Hell, we're ALL fighting for more scenes and air time on this show, but she has to have more and more - and it's all at OUR expense," the female cast member concluded.

Rosa just looked back at her, and then turned away. Sofia saw Rosa talking to the blonde cast member, and just knew that they were talking about her. Sofia gave Rosa a look as she opened her eyes wider, and tilted her head back, as an act of defiance or saying with her body, 'fuck you!'

Sofia then turned to face Khandi and asked, "Whaddaya think they're talking about."

Khandi said, "Oh, I'm sure they're talking about YOU! Rosa said she wanted to move to network TV."

"Well, we're just going to have to keep her on that little cable show!" Sofia huffed.

Then she turned to face Rosa who was now getting up and moving towards the restroom. As she moved, she would pass between the two tables, and inches away from Sofia. Rosa said, "excuse me" as she rubbed against Sofia and her seat in the club. Sofia moved her arm as Rosa then grabbed the arm of the chair to get by and actually shoved the chair against the table. Sofia then turned around and said, "Excuse me!" back loudly at Rosa who marched on toward the restroom. Sofia quickly got up and followed her to the bathroom. The two co-conspirators flashed a smile back at each other, as they watched the two women march towards the restroom.

Rosa arrived first, and used the first stall to relieve herself of all the alcohol she had been drinking. Sofia arrived afterwards, and tried to be cool as there were other women in the restroom also. Sofia checked the stalls, and realized that Rosa was in one of the first stalls. After a few minutes, Rosa emerged and saw Sofia right away. She then, made her way to the sink to wash up. As she did, Sofia moved beside her checking her makeup and lipstick. Neither spoke a word to the other, Rosa looked in the mirror and saw Sofia look at her, and then Rosa whispered "what your problem," Sofia quickly responded and said "you."

"Why? What did I ever do to you?" Rosa said.

"You know, you want to be on this show really bad," Rosa replied. "I'm on the show!"

"You know what I mean, you want to be a permanent cast member, not a one episode slut!"

"What did you call me?" Rosa said. "I'm only PLAYING a slut! Are you delusional?"

"Fuck you!" Sofia said. "I don't know they are making such a fuss over you, it's only a small, worthless part."

Both women were now noticing that other women were watching them, as they looked around and Rosa then said, "excuse me" and bumped Sofia on the way out of the restroom. Sofia looked around, and made her exit also. Sofia saw that Rosa went back to her table, said something to the women, and then left the club. Sofia was still a little shaky after the exchange in the restroom, but took a deep breath and strolled back to her table and sat down and took a gulp of her drink.

She looked at Khandi and asked "Where'd the bitch go?"

Khandi looked at here with a puzzled look and said, "Who?"

"You know… Rosa?"

"Oh!" Khandi said, "Said she was going back to her hotel. Why do you ask?"

"No reason" Sofia said and promptly finished her drink, and excused herself and left the club, and caught a cab back to the hotel.

Both women slept off the alcohol and the events at the club's bathroom. Each woke up early the next morning to prepare for their makeup and scenes. The morning began, and each woman kept her distance from the other. Sofia wanted to follow up last night's confrontation with an "all out" catfight, but instead dreamed about it. She woke up refreshed and on a "high," feeling very confident from last night. Their scene together would be early in the afternoon. Sofia watched as Sofia filmed her scenes with David Caruso, and looked for subtle clues for some form of relationship, she also watched Rosa now dressed in a "teddy" perform the dream sequence, in which she and her lover is caught by her boyfriend. Sofia studied the voluptuous body of Rosa Blasi, and even day dreamed of wrestling and fighting with her in the same room and bed that they were filming the scene. After a lunch break, Sofia and Rosa met again in the buffet line as both women were going to be the next scene filmed after lunch. Sofia went through the line first, as Rosa was about five of the cast and crew behind her. Each woman shot glances of spite and hate at each other. Their contorted faces and bewitching eyes told volumes to onlookers that evil was brewing between the two women.

The two women sat away from each, but made sure to face each other. The looks continued through lunch, as they sat with other cast members as they ate lunch. The two conspirators sat together watching the unfolding of the events, and speculating on what would happen next. Lunch was finished and the two women and the rest of the cast and crew involved with the scene in which Sofia's character will arrest Rosa's character. Dialogue was exchanged between the characters, and then Sofia moved in to arrest Rosa. Sofia grabbed the upper arm of Rosa very tightly and dug her nails into the firm flesh of Rosa, this brought a grimace from Rosa, but the actress finished the scene anyway.

As Sofia led her off-camera, Rosa turned and said, "You're gonna pay for that bitch!"

She threw her hidden microphone off but of course the sound crew heard it, and were now awaiting Sofia's response. Sofia then took her microphone off and said, "Bring it on bitch!"

The two women faced each other, until members from the sound crew and security arrived to stop any kind of disruption on the set. Rosa backed off first, and said everything was cool! Rosa was done for the day, it was now about 4Pm and she would be heading back to the hotel. She was catching a plane tomorrow morning back to LA. Sofia still had a couple of scenes to shoot before she was done for the episode.

After a long day of shooting, Sofia did have it back to the hotel. She was asked by the cast and crew what the problem was between Rosa and herself, she told all that it was, "Simply a misunderstanding" and that "Rosa is a fine actress and a very nice person."

When a male crew member laughed and added, "Sexy too!" Sofia just gave him an "eat shit" look, and moved on.

Sofia arrived at the hotel, later that night and had a couple of drinks at the bar, then went up to her room. She made a point to pass Rosa's room, and listened to see if she was still there. She had already checked with the front desk, who stated that she had not checked out, nor did anyone see her leave.

Sofia lightly knocked on Rosa's door (remembering the room number from the first night), Rosa answer the door and said, "What do you want."

Sofia said, "I hoped that we could talk and work this out."

Rosa stepped aside and said, "Sure, come on in."

Sofia examined the room and its contents; Rosa was packing for her trip back home tomorrow. It was a large room; much like Sofia's, Sofia turned towards Rosa and said, "there appears to be some unfinished business between us." Rosa standing and having her arms crossed across her chest, was expecting Sofia to apologize was stunned as the proposition of a fight between the two women.

"Well" Rosa said. "If that is what you want, lets do it."

Sofia proceeded to take off her 'lady cop jacket' and kicked off her heels, Rosa dressed in jeans and a tank top and barefoot got in a linebacker stance preparing to hit someone. Sofia crouched down to and the two women were approaching each other slowly and cautiously. Rosa grabbed Sofia first by her blouse and ripped it open, this brought a gasp from Sofia who was not expecting this type of move or aggression.

Rosa said, "What's wrong, having second thoughts about wanting to fight me?"

"No bitch!" Sofia screamed and tore after Rosa after her hair and her tank top.

The two women grappled on the shiny wood floor, Rosa was able to push Sofia and her nylon stocking feet across the floor, and against the opposite wall near the window. Rosa then thrust her hands holding Sofia's beautiful dark hair in her hands against the wall, knocking the cobwebs from Sofia's brain. Sofia could feel herself losing in, and then abruptly kneed Rosa in her groin. The two women separated, as Rosa was now twisting and agonizing in the middle of the room. Sofia, felt a little lightheaded but was able to regain her senses.

Rosa's tank top was stretched, exposing her braless chest. Sofia raised her arms and hands from the side of her body and attacked the defenseless mammaries. Sofia twisted and cut into the soft flesh with her strong manicured nails. Rosa tried to defend herself, as the two women were like dancing in the middle of the room. Still Rosa in her bare feet was able to use her leverage and traction to move Sofia away from her, and now back up against a tall eating area table. The impact hurt Sofia's back and she cried out in pain. Still Rosa poured on the pressure, attacking Sofia's large chest as she tore off Sofia's blouse, and began to tear at her lacy black bra. Rosa's efforts exposed Sofia's left nipple, which she tore into with the same might as Sofia had done to her earlier.

Sofia kicked her legs, and tried to serpentine them around Rosa's, but Rosa spread out her legs for better leverage, and soon the pressure from each woman's pelvic bone was in contact with her opponent's. Sofia was able to break Rosa's grip on her chest, as the two women now pulled and tugged at each other's full mane of hair. Sofia then wrapped her right leg around Rosa's strong left leg, and bent her locked leg at the knee. This caused the two women to separate, as Rosa tried to regain her balance. Rosa with her hands ready to attack, "ready for some more bitch!"

"Fuck you slut!" Sofia responded, the two women circled.

Sofia launched herself at Rosa, tackled her against the credenza that housed the large TV. Rosa hit with such force that the heavy piece of furniture actually rocked and almost toppled over on her. But Rosa grabbed Sofia under the arms, and twisted her away from her. Sofia knew that she had to get her nylon stocking off, and challenged Rosa to a fight in her bra and panties.

"Lets see who has the best body; you fucking whore!" Sofia said.

"You really think that you are woman enough to handle me slut?" Rosa responded as she moved to the bedroom where she removed all her clothes except her panties, then walked out just as Sofia was finishing changing.

Sofia noticed that Rosa didn't have a bra on as she had upped the ante, so she confidently took off her bra and threw it at Rosa. The two women rushed after each other, as they met their hands locked into each other's, and the two began to twist and sway as their bodies and breasts came in contact. Each could feel the warm breath of her rival on their neck and cheek, smell the other's perfume which brought a sweet heavenly scent to a viciously hell-fight.

Rosa being slightly stronger of the two, and she was able to push Sofia backwards again, but Sofia quickly mounted a stance and the two vixens struggled to a stalemate. Their legs would stand firm and strong, then try to python around the other woman's legs. After a few minutes of a fighting stalemate, Rosa was able to trip Sofia and force her down on the wood flooring, and soon able to pin her down. Sofia's legs were outstretched as Rosa attacked Sofia's chest and nipples. She tore with her nails, and even reached down with her mouth and bit Sofia's left breast and nipple. Sofia brought her legs up in response, and wrapped them around Rosa's slim waist. Rosa rose up on her knees, as Sofia bit into Rosa's right thigh. Rosa lifted herself up on her knees, as Sofia wrapped her right arm around Rosa's right thigh. Rosa responded with a left handed slap across Sofia's face, and as Sofia rolled on to her stomach, Rosa wrapped her right arm around Sofia's neck. Sofia reached up with her right arm, and grabbed Rosa's hair, and pulled her off of her over her shoulder. The two women were on the floor facing each other.

Rosa said, "I am gonna kick you fucking ass bitch!"

Sofia threw herself on top of Rosa, as each woman grabbed the hair of the other. Sofia now clawed and scratched the chest of her rival, and humped her pelvis and thigh into Rosa's. With each bounce or hop on Rosa's love mound brought a gasp or moan. Sofia now had the petite actress in a vulnerable position. Sofia then positioned her pussy on top of Rosa's and bounced and humped Rosa. Sofia had her right thigh forcing Rosa's left leg to spread, and her right thigh as leverage for each movement, and gyration.

Sofia said, "Do you really think you're more woman than me slut!"

Rosa gritted her teeth, and said, "This is far from over bitch; lets see what you got."

Sofia then reached out with her right hand the pulled Rosa's hair, as her left hand pinned Rosa right hand and arm. Sofia continued the pressure of the love mounds, as the two struggled and struggled for what seemed like eternity. Sofia was tiring, and Rosa was able to break her grip, and then rose up, and now the two women battled in a sitting position which each woman's legs wrapped around the waist of the other. They battled, cursing as their breasts became their weapon of choice!

Sofia rubbed her chest into that of Rosa, as their nipples flicked each other, and the breast flesh knocked and hammered against the other's chest. With their foreheads against each other's, the two women cursed and spit out insults as their assets did battle. Neither woman was prepared to surrender to the other, but the arousal and tension building in their body was tempering the hate and viciousness. They started leaning back and ramming their chest into their rival's, the splat and groans the followed filled the room. The build up of perspiration built up during the fight made the skin slick, and each woman slid past the other as they each lost their balance. The two were now on all fours, and Rosa seeing an opportunity to inflict pain and embarrassment began to spank the wet and slick behind of Sofia.

The loud crack and cry of anguish accentuated the conflict. Sofia soon joined in, as now both women were now punishing the other's ass. Sofia then wrapped her hands around Rosa's waist and bit into the shapely ass of Rosa. Rosa screamed, and then bit into Sofia's ass. The two squirmed to get away, and landed in a sixty-nine position, as they were now on their sides. Sofia grabbed Rosa, and soon the two were in a position where their love mounds were grinding away at each other's in a fighting sexual act of stamina and dominance. The two women had their hands locked on each other's thigh, as they continued to pump away at each other. Sofia reached up and locked her hands on Rosa's chest. Rosa then rose up, and leapt and landed on top of Sofia. She was now grinding her love mound against Sofia's.

The two combatants were feeling the effect each woman's fight and attention had on their erotic zones. Rosa slowed down her gyrations and grinding on Sofia, as she felt the urge to come. She fought the desire, but Sofia sensed the impending orgasm, as she too wanted to fuck this woman in the worst way. Sofia then wrapped her arms around Rosa's back, and her legs around Rosa's waist, and continued the humping and grinding motions. The women's head and chin were now resting on each other's shoulder as they continued to hump and grind their pussies into each other; their breathing became quicker and more excited. The actress's could hear the low moans, and gasps of the other.

Suddenly, Rosa's body stiffened and Sofia could hear her gasp, "Oooooooohhhhhhh!"

Sofia felt Rosa's orgasmic release on her, and heard her exclaim, "Aaaaaahhhh."

Sofia wanted to come also, but the feeling of Rosa orgasm in her arms broke her concentration, and soon she picked up the tempo, and rolled Rosa over and finished herself off, and came also. Both women took a moment to relish in their sexual satisfaction and their love juices. Then remembering why they were there fighting, Sofia then wrestled Rosa's arms to her sides, as their slippery, juicy bodies continued to slip, and rub against each other. The look of sexual satisfaction was now replaced by determination and grit, as they struggled for dominance and the ability to inflict pain of their rival.

Sofia was able to claw and tear at Rosa's breasts, as Rosa tore into Sofia's hair. Rosa also wrapped her legs around Sofia's waist, and began to squeeze her vise-like grip attempting to drain the remaining strength from her taller rival. The two actresses rocked and rolled on the wood floor, as puddles of sweat and female love juices were beading up on the waxed floor. Rosa rolled on top of Sofia, and began punching Sofia in the stomach and chest. Rosa rose up on her knees, as Sofia laid on her back with her knees pulled up. Rosa's torso was positioned between Sofia legs. Rosa continued to rain down punches to Sofia's stomach and chest; this was taking the fight out of Sofia, but all taking a lot of energy out of Rosa.

Sofia reached up and pulled Rosa towards her, and eventually on top of her chest. The two women were once again in close body-to-body contact. They could feel their slimy breasts rub against each other's, and their wet panties come in contact with their foes. Rosa moved her love mound again against Sofia, and rose up on her knees. She then pulled up the left leg of Sofia, and moved up to be on top of her stomach. Rosa was becoming fatigued, and soon Sofia was able to flip Rosa on to her side, and then landed on top of her. Sofia now laid out on top of Rosa, and began to grind her pussy into Rosa's. Sofia wanted this to be a fight of one woman's sex against another's. Rosa was proud of her sexual prowess, and continued to fight with her body and sex.

Sofia flattened herself against Rosa's prone body, and continued to hump and grind, she also bounced her chest on top of Rosa's. Sofia sat up, and then pulled back on the feet, and legs on her trapped victim. Rosa cried out in pain, and slammed her fist against the wood floor, and cursed and screamed again. Sofia continued the pressure. Rosa then latched on to Sofia's chest with her small hands and vicious manicured nails and raked then down Sofia's chest. Rosa took her time to scratch and claw at her nipples also. Sofia yelped in pain, as both women were in tears from pain administered by their fellow actress. Sofia rolled off of Rosa and tended to her painful chest, as Rosa moved to a corner of the room.

Sofia stood up and then moved towards Rosa full of venom and hate with her claws out to gain revenge for the battering her chest had just suffered, when Rosa shot out a kick with her right leg and nail Sofia in her left knee. Sofia clutched her knee, and toppled back when Rosa rushed her and tackled her to the floor. The two punched, scratched and pulled undefended body parts, and hair. The two warriors rolled around on the floor, when the slammed into the wall with Rosa on top. Rosa then slipped a punch to Sofia's stomach, and then Sofia's knees came up by reflex and hit Rosa in her stomach. Both women were curled up in each other's grasp against the wall of the hotel room. Rosa continued to punch Sofia up against the wall, and resumed attacking her well-endowed chest. Rosa then jumped up on Sofia once again; pounding her chest with slaps, and pinches to her nipples.

Sofia was failing in defending her beloved assets, but still trying to mount an offensive and attack Rosa's precious assets. The two women were becoming more and more fatigued, and soon Rosa just couldn't finish Sofia off. The fighting between Rosa and Sofia slowed down to just insults, and an occasional slap or punch. Their bruised, beaten bodies were fatigued, and running out of gas. Finally, Rosa laid on top of Sofia, using her weight to hold the rival actress down. The women took this time to suck in much needed air into their lungs, as both could see and feel the heaving of their lungs, and the breasts of their foe's rise up and down with each breath.

Rosa finally leaned in close to Sofia's face and said, "Admit it bitch, I won and you lost."

Sofia muttered, "Screw you, cunt!"

The two women could feel each other's body move and flex in response to the movement of the other. Sofia was tired, as was Rosa but neither would give up. Rosa then lowered her chest on top of Sofia to block her attempts to fill her lungs with air, she even swayed them from side to side to hit Sofia's cheeks with her chest, and ad insult to injury. "Suck 'em or be smothered by them" Rosa said. Sofia moved her head from side to side to avoid such an embarrassing act of dominance. Rosa continued to try to get Sofia to comply, but she resisted with all her remaining might.

"Oh well, then we'll do it the hard way," Rosa said as she moved up Sofia's body and planted her love mound on Sofia's face, then ground away.

Rosa was feeling sensual all over her body once again, and soon came over Sofia's face. Rosa was in ecstasy, having dominated the taller actress and beating her sexually. Rosa collected herself, and stood up over the prone Sofia. She looked at her handiwork, and made sure that she was conscious which she was. Sofia was disgusted at the act, and was recovering from the battle. Rosa moved to the couch in the room, and just looked at Sofia as she moved about. Rosa had picked up a bottle of water, and began to drink from it to replenish some of the lost fluids. Sofia got to one knee, and with help from a nearby table get up on her two feet.

Rosa yelled, "Get out bitch."

Sofia seeing a bottle of water, opened it and drained it, and then took a deep breath. Rosa still on the couch had her head resting on her knees and her arms wrapped around her thighs. Sofia walked like a mummy over to where Rosa was, and slapped her and grabbed her hair. She was on top of Rosa on the couch, stretched out face-to-face, chest-to-chest and love mound to love mound. In a surge of energy and strength, Sofia began to fuck Rosa on the couch, each grunting and groaning like animals. Sofia was going to give it her all and force Rosa to orgasm. Sofia and Rosa were struggling on the couch trying to maintain her balance, and keep herself from coming to her hated rival.

The two actresses were now playing their most demanding part; sexfighter, catfighter and warrior princess. The two continued wrestling on the couch, Rosa had her left leg on the wood flooring barely touching the floor, and Sofia was using her right leg to keep her balance and the pressure on the lovely body of her attractive rival. The two women screamed and yelled insults and cusses at each other slut, whore, bitch were being spread about like paint on a wall. Exhaustion and adrenaline were counter acting each other, as both women were on the verge of passing out and orgasm. Sofia could feel Rosa's body become rigid from the continuing pressure and contact to her most intimate parts, Sofia slowed down the movement to get the most out of every hump and grind.

Sofia couldn't hold on much longer, but Rosa couldn't hold out any longer either and she released the pressure and tension in her lovely body as she just gave in to her desire. Sofia continued at a more deliberate pace, until she too came. Their bodies were stuck together from the sweat, and juices the two had exchanged. Sofia felt the tingly sensation of her orgasm and the satisfaction of getting even, if not the upper hand with the petite, Hispanic actress.

Reveling in her victory, Sofia relaxed and began to nuzzle, and kiss Rosa, and enjoy the sensation of feeling her warm, soft body against hers. As Sofia became more aroused by the situation, she could feel Rosa move beneath her, when all of a sudden Rosa had bucked her off of her and the couch, and soon Sofia was on the floor with Rosa on top of her slapping and punching her. It was like a dream to Sofia that turned into a vicious nightmare.

Rosa grabbed Sofia by the hair, lifted her face to hers and said, "Remember; there are no small parts, just small actors!"

Then she let loose with a right hand punch to her jaw! Sofia was out! Rosa rested a moment to enjoy the handiwork of her craft, got up off of Sofia and went to clean up and massage her aching body, stroking her ego as she glanced back at the beaten rival actress and grinned.