Rosa Blasi vs. Jenna Von Oy by Mr Chris

“Ladies and Gentlemen, the next match in this night of FEMWAR action is a Bantam Division bout. Introducing, from Chicago…this actress is 5’3” tall and weighs 116 pounds…please welcome, ROSA BLASI!”

The audience loudly cheers Rosa who raises her arm with a smile of appreciation. Rosa wears a white-thong below and matching white string bikini-top over her well-rounded breasts. She is beautiful, with sharply intelligent eyes, light brown hair, a large chest and strong firm legs. Obviously someone who frequents workout gyms, her body is fantastic – lean but finely muscled, much like that of a champion swimmer. Not bulging muscle, more smooth with good definition. Her calf and thigh muscles in particular appear strong from either the weight room or running. And she does indeed possess big breasts - almost certainly she must wear a D-cup size bra. Interestingly, it was also obvious to those sitting near the ring that Rosa’s nipples seemed excited by the upcoming match, as her jug-nubs visibly poked outward through her skintight bikini top.

“And her opponent; born in Stamford, Connecticut, this petite actress stands 5’even and tips the scales at a solid 112 pounds; JENNA VON OY!”

Boo’s and hisses erupt from the crowd to greet the unpopular Von Oy. The red-haired Jenna wears a bright blue bikini, not as skimpy as Rosa’s but perfectly suited to displaying Jenna’s uniquely sensual body. All descriptions of Jenna start and end with her phenomenal ass and thighs; almost as if Michelangelo had taken the ass and thighs of an Amazon and - with a sculptor’s craft and art - grafted them onto the smaller woman’s body in place of what one would normally be there. And her body is every bit as toned and strong as Rosa’s. Possessor of a good pair of small firm breasts (size 36B), Jenna’s legs – especially the thighs - look very strong and her washboard abs are evident.

But it’s her ass that must be seen to be believed. An African-American man yelled out in amazement upon seeing Jenna in the ring, “Shit man, she got the ass of a sista!” Certainly one of the nicer compliments that can be received by any white girl proud of her mighty ass.

This should be an interesting match. Even though these are small bantamweights, few other celeb fighters of any weight class would relish stepping into the ring against either Rosa or Jenna. Rosa beat up the bigger Sofia Milos in a catfight while Jenna repeatedly pounded the crap out of the far larger and stronger Debbe Dunning in backstage catfights that occured whenever they appeared together in their trapeze act on “Circus of the Stars.”

And Jenna also displayed her incredible resiliency and guts in a come-from-behind win in a non-league match against of all people the formidable Jessica Biel, now the FEMWAR Lightweight Champion. It was her victory over Biel as much as anything that has made Jenna as the oddsmakers’ favorite tonight (although Rosa is the fan’s cheering favorite, since Jenna is disliked for the cruel way she handles opponents when she’s beating them.) Incidentally, there is no great age disparity between these two; Jenna is only four years younger than Rosa.

With a CLANG of the bell, the match begins! The two lovelies circle each other in crouched position, arms extended. Suddenly Rosa feinted a charge to her left then quickly reversed and rushing to her right nabbed Jenna in a headlock. The taller brunette bent the redhead down as she pressed Jenna’s skull into the side of one of her robust boobs. Rosa smiled as she looked down at Jenna’s trapped head, enjoying the feeling of it pressing hard against her breast, and she clamped it in tighter causing Jenna to moan.

Rosa walked slowly around the ring with the headlock in place, occasionally stopping to plant her feet and jerk Jenna’s head more tightly to her body. At length, Rosa released Jenna’s crushed cranium and wrapped her arms around the redhead’s waist. She easily lifted Jenna straight into the air and then brought her down, savagely smashing the smaller woman’s tailbone onto her outstretched knee. Jenna cried out as she bounced up and off and sprawled onto the mat.

The lithe brunette powerhouse reached down and grabbed Jenna under the armpits and lifted her to her feet. Then she placed one arm between the legs and hooked the other around Jenna’s neck and hoisted the redhead into the air in bodyslam position. Only rather than slam her immediately, Rosa slowly walked around the ring, effortlessly holding Jenna at shoulder level in a display of her dominance. The audience cheered enthusiastically, enjoying the sight of Jenna on the losing end. Then Rosa ran forward and brutally power-slammed Jenna to the mat.

Rosa slowly peeled herself off of Jenna. Then to the delight of the crowd, the delectable Rosa began to slowly remove her tiny bikini top in the manner of a strip club dancer, and then nonchalantly tossed it into the audience, which grabbed at it fervidly. Once more all were reminded that Rosa has a magnificent body – her large breasts seemed to defy gravity! She placed her hands over her nipples and fingered them as she smiled coyly to the audience.

This time Rosa pulled Jenna up off the mat by her long red hair. Then once more Rosa clamped a side headlock onto her younger foe.

“Remember this hold?” Rosa asked as Jenna moaned in dismay. “This time I get to feel your head against me without the bikini top in the way.” She tucked her hapless opponent’s head tight into her bare breast, and once more walked around the ring with Jenna in tow.

At this point a pissed-off and frustrated Jenna could be heard uttering a muffled yell to Rosa, “Fuck you, you fucking bitch! I’m gonna fucking kill you!”

“Tsk-tsk!” said Rosa. “Such language. I’m going to have to wash your mouth out…with my fist.”

As she held Jenna’s head immobile in the crook of her right arm, Rosa smashed her left fist into Jenna’s jaw. Then another punch “splat” into Jenna’s facial features. Then once more Rosa blasted Jenna with a blow to the head. Then more repeated punches until Rosa finally stopped, releasing the headlock and letting Jenna crumple to the mat.

Her face battered, from down on the mat Jenna defiantly gasped, “Gonna…fuckin’…kill you…”

The redhead started climbing back up to her feet but Rosa grabbed her and lifted her the rest of the way, then with a little anger in her voice growled, “You’re not going to fuckin’ kill anyone, you understand me?”

Rosa lifted Jenna’s body clear off the mat and laid her across her shoulders facing upward. As Jenna stared dumbly at the stadium lights, Rosa pulled down on Jenna’s thighs and collarbone as she strove to break the redhead’s back over her shoulders. Rosa roared with effort and Jenna cried out in agony – but refused to submit! Rosa found it tricky to maintain the Over-the-Shoulder Backbreaker since Jenna’s weight was not distributed in the same way as most women Rosa had put in the same hold. Jenna’s lower body was so heavy compared to her upper body, that it caused Rosa’s shoulders to dip down unevenly where they supported those mighty thighs and ass. Still Rosa clamped downward as best she could but the lack of a submission combined with the awkwardness and difficulty of maintaining the hold finally caused Rosa to release it, and Jenna came tumbling down to the mat.

“Fuck this, I’m going to finish you off,” said Rosa more to herself than anyone in particular. And she reached down and grabbed Jenna around her abdomen and pulled her up off the mat so that the smaller woman was being held upside down facing outward up and down the front of Rosa’s body. It was the classic set-up for a pile driver. Jenna’s body was being held in such a way that Rosa unintentionally found her head facing directly into that steatopygic ass.

Rosa recoiled, “You fucking freak.” Then hopped up and hit the Piledriver, planting Jenna into the mat. She got down to the mat, put a forearm across the dazed Jenna’s shoulders and hooked a leg for the pin as the ref counted.

“ONE, TWO…” then, amazingly, Jenna kicked out! Rosa’s eyes widened in surprise. (Although she wouldn’t have been so surprised if she had witnessed Jenna’s miraculous comeback in the Jessica Biel match, which some called the greatest comeback since Lazarus. Jenna doesn’t go down easily!)

Jenna scrambles to her feet and the two wrestlers face each other once more. Rosa closes to dole out more punishment, but Jenna surprises her by stamping her wrestling boot hard down onto Rosa’s toes. The brunette screeches and begins hopping on her good foot. Jenna slams a Punch into Rosa’s gut doubling her over. Then Jenna grabs Rosa’s shoulders and administers a vicious Headbutt that sends a nearly KO’d Rosa stumbling backward. With a sneer on her face Jenna stalks her foe and then lashes out and Rakes her fingernails over Rosa’s eyeballs.

The brunette lets out a “AIEEEE!!” of panicked pain.

The audience starts loudly booing these tactics but Jenna just hurls an obscenity back at them. Approaching from the front, Jenna clamps a Reverse Headlock onto Rosa and proceeds to pound Kneelifts up into the brunette’s stomach, each blow from the powerful leg lifting Rosa’s feet up off of the canvas. After several Kneelifts, Jenna steps back and Rosa’s body begins to fall to the mat, but before it gets there Jenna grabs one of Rosa’s wrists and yanks her back up to her feet, only to twist the arm around Rosa’s back up into a painful Hammerlock.

“Aaaaarhhh!” gasps Rosa.

Jenna puts her head close to Rosa’s ear and says, “You didn’t actually think you could BEAT me, did you? I don’t like to lose, and I certainly won’t lose to a wimp like you.” The mean redhead shoved the Hammerlock up even higher and Rosa again whimpers in agony. Jenna shouts, “I’m gonna fuckin’ break off your arm and feed it to you!”

She cranks up the pressure on the Hammerlock even more and Rosa is forced up to her tip-toes, her face grimacing in a mask of pain. Then Jenna suddenly releases the Hammerlock but maintaining her grip on the injured arm which she uses it to Irish Whip Rosa into the ropes. Simultaneously, Jenna throws herself back into the ropes opposite, springing back to meet Rosa stumbling back to her. Jenna slammed Rosa with a devastating Clothesline that flipped the brunette around to land heavily on her back THUD! Rosa is staring at the stadium ceiling breathing hard, stunned at the turn-about in the match.

Meanwhile a triumphant Jenna rips off her bikini top, then removes her bottom as well, completely denuding herself for the final act. Jenna saunters over to Rosa’s supine figure and stands straddling her facing Rosa’s feet. Jenna smirks and WHAP slaps her meaty ass, then slowly she began to lower her amazing booty down onto Rosa’s face. She looks up at the descending mass of butt-flesh with alarm.

“Oh my God!” Rosa cries as all visible light is slowly eclipsed by the full moon of Jenna’s mighty behind. When Jenna’s butt is inches a way, Rosa’s already buxom chest can be seen to enlarge even further as she takes a deep breath, filling her lungs so that she may endure the coming ordeal. Jenna’s amazing ass finds its perch atop the facial features of Rosa and begins to press down.

Rosa squirms and struggles underneath. Jenna rotates as she awaits Rosa’s loss of consciousness, but still Rosa’s thrashing and wriggling continues undiminished. Realizing that Rosa must have taken a deep breath, Jenna leans way forward and bites down hard onto Rosa’s stomach flesh. The brunette cries out in stunned surprise, expelling the stored air from her lungs.

Her struggles to escape take on a new urgency! As her movements grow weaker, Jenna gets another idea in her sadistic head. “Time to rip out some of her pubes,” she says to herself. (This form of torture happens to be in vogue at this time among the bad girls in the FEMWAR league.) She leans forward again and easily rips off Rosa’s white thong – basically a wide rubber band with a small patch of material in the middle. But Jenna is brought up short, her jaw drops, momentarily shocked by what she sees: Rosa’s pudendum had been completely shaved and waxed, with nary a hair or whisker visible.

Any disappointment Jenna may have felt about being denied the opportunity to yank out some of Rosa’s muff quickly faded as she gazed at the incredibly erotic sight of her victim’s shorn and shiny womanhood. Almost unconscious of her actions, Jenna opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue as she bent over to sample the nectar of Rosa’s love-blossom.

But Jenna moved too far forward! And the ever-astute Rosa immediately took advantage of the opportunity, catching her red-haired tormentress off-balance as she shoved a shocked Jenna off of her. Rosa scrambled to her feet as she breathed air back into her lungs.

Both women regain their feet, and then mindlessly charge into each other in anger. They latch onto each other’s hair and struggle back and forth. Rosa rams a Knee to the Crotch that does some damage to the smaller woman, one more Knee to the Crotch causes the younger actress to release her Hairhold and retreat.

Rosa reaches out and grabs Jenna’s right wrist and forearm and gives it a wrenching twist. Jenna grabs her right shoulder in response to the pain. Rosa works the Armbar some more, twisting the arm like she was trying to tear it out of the socket. Then once the brunette had Jenna bent over and incapacitated from the Armbar, she slammed a Kick into Jenna’s belly. Another Kick follows, then another Kick to Jenna’s gut. Rosa kicked Jenna’s belly relentlessly, jerking her to her feet with the Armbar whenever the wobbly-kneed redhead began to drop. After several more Kicks to the Stomach, Rosa released the armbar and let her opponent fall to the mat onto her battered stomach.

Jenna moaned, alarmed about the intense pain lingering in her right arm. Rosa crouches down over the middle of Jenna’s back, facing Jenna’s head, grabs Jenna’s arms and shoves them between Rosa’s calves and thighs, then sits down on them, rendering them immobile. Then Rosa reached forward and intertwined the fingers of her two hands beneath Jenna’s chin and began to pull upward. The Camel Clutch was executed to perfection, and Jenna soon felt the jolt of tortured nerves running down her spine. Wasting no time, Rosa pulled way back as hard as she could. Jenna moaned ever more loudly.

“Submit!” Rosa demanded. “Submit before I snap you in half.”

“Go fuck yourself!” Jenna managed to gasp through teeth clenched against the pain of the Camel Clutch.

Rosa pursed her lips and pulled back even harder, closing her eyes in the effort, the muscles of her arms becoming visible as they strained in exertion. Suddenly a keening cry was heard from out of Jenna.

“AAAAAAH! STOP! I GIVE – I GIVE – I geeeeeev!”

Rosa immediately released the Camel Clutch and stood up. The referee stepped over, helped the totally naked Rosa into a terrycloth robe, and announced, “The winner, by submission, ROSA BLASI!” He raised the hand of the triumphant brunette while The audience enthusiastically applauded her. In a sporting gesture, Rosa offered her hand to help Jenna up, but she angrily slapped away the offer of assistance.

A television crew soon reached Rosa and the sportscaster asked breathlessly, “Rosa, that was a BIG victory. And quite an upset. Just about everyone pegged you as a big underdog going up against Von Oy.”

“Well, it was a big win for me, sure,” responded Rosa, still panting after the physically demanding match. “And Jenna’s tough, the real thing – I know I wasn’t prepared for her to come back from that Piledriver. I hope I don’t have to face her again for a while”

“So who’s next Rosa?”

“Of course you know, I’d love to take on Bantam champ Jaime Pressly, but there’s too many other contenders in line ahead of me so they won’t set me up with that match. I dunno – maybe Carmen Electra or Yasmine Bleeth?”

“Well, that’s it folks. Again, your winner tonight: ROSA BLASI!”