The Baywatch Brawl Gena Lee Nolin vs. Yasmine Bleeth by SamDog (06-Oct-99)

Gena Lee Nolin was ready for the fight of her life. Or at least, she was as ready as she ever would be. Warming up in her corner of a boxing ring, Gena watched as Yasmine Bleeth entered in the other corner and disrobed to a red baywatch suit. Gena knew this would be a tough fight. Meanwhile, Yasmine looked over Gena, who was wearing her own Baywatch swimsuit.

"I'll try to end this quickly," Yasmine thought to herself.

The brunette exuded extreme confidence, to the point of arrogance. She'd destroyed Angelica Bridges and Kelly Packard in a lopsided 2 on 1 fight, and would soon be the beach's undisputed queen.

Following Pamela Lee's leaving of Baywatch, there'd been lots of fighting as to who was queen of the beach. Newcomers tried to assert themselves, while cast members who'd been with the show longer tried to gain control. Erika Eleniak and Nicole Eggert even tried to rejoin the show. In the end, it was mainly a fight between Gena Lee Nolin and Yasmine Bleeth, as their battles see-sawed back and forth.

Having beaten Gena in a vicious catfight, Yasmine tried to assert her dominance by hurting her some more. They agreed to a boxing match with no time limit or rounds, winnable only by KO. They set up a time and place, and even got Pam to serve as referee.

Gena moved cautiously as the bell rang to start the fight. Blocking a right jab, Gena ripped a right to Yasmine's body, then stepping forward and hitting her with a left hook. Suddenly, Yasmine cocked her fist back and slammed it into Gena's face. As Gena stumbled backwards, Yasmine threw more and more punches, while the blonde tried to cover up. Suddenly, Yasmine stunned her with a devastating uppercut, shattering Gena's defense. Trapping her against the ropes, Yasmine slammed punch after punch into Gena's huge tits, as the blonde screamed in agony.

Desperate, Gena raised her fists and began punching, as the two women exchanged punches. Suddenly, Yasmine smashed her jaw with an uppercut, the ropes all that saved Gena from the mat. Yasmine charged forward and put her gloves up in front of her foe letting her own momentum from the ropes smack her face into her glove, a left hook to her belly sending Gena faster on her journey back into the ropes. Gena's mouthpiece came flying out of her mouth as Yasmine timed it perfectly and battered Gena with two hard left hooks then uppercuts her in the chin.

Gena draped her arms around Yasmine's shoulders trying to tie her up as the brunette drove her back into the ropes with another hard belly shot. Loud cries filled the room as Yasmine sent four successive stinging rights to her foe's chest, crushing the full tits painfully under her glove each time. A right hook to the head sent Gena to the canvas with another cry of pain.
Gena was hurt. Lying on her back in the center of the ring, Gena's head was reeling. As the count began, she struggled to turn over onto her side and slowly lifted herself off the canvas. Clearing the cobwebs, Gena raised her fists and moved forward to face Yasmine.

Yasmine's left jab flicked out, plowing into Gena's left tit, crushing it under her glove as Gena's face showed the pain of the blow! A combo to the head sent her hair flying as she staggered back with Yasmine hot on her heels. A right cross slammed past the blonde beauty's momentarily sagging guard, ramming into the side of her large, firm left breast, sending it flying painfully into the right one as Gena danced backwards out of range as she got her head straightened out. The tough brunette got impatient and charged forward, her right glove heading straight for Gena's nose.
Gena suddenly ducked under the right glove as it sailed where her head had been seconds ago. Yasmine was unprepared for the hook to her belly, as she bent in pain for the first time in the round. Gena landed her uppercut right in the face, instantly straightening her out! A left to the nose and a right hook to the left breast backed her into a corner as the blonde beauty watched for another opening patiently, as it was now it was the brunette's turn to take some punishment. As she blocked a wicked left cross, she realized too late left her wide open for a right hook that smashed into her jaw. A left jab slammed into Yasmine's right tit, followed by an uppercut to the chin that had her seeing stars as she swayed on her feet, refusing to go down.
Gena stepped forward and slammed her with a left right combo to her face which forced Yasmine to wrap her up in clinch, rocked by the force of the punches. Pushing Yasmine away, Gena hit her with a left jab that crushed Yasmine's left tit into her ribcage, eliciting a yelp of pain from the smaller lady as she backed up into the corner. Gena flew forward into Yasmine swinging a left into her gut and received a straight right to the nose that stopped her in her tracks. Capitalizing on her foe's momentary immobility, Yasmine sent a hard right cross to her left breast as Gena staggered back a step, cupping her wounded mammary. Yasmine started throwing roundhouses at Gena hoping for a lucky punch, then pounded her into a corner chest first, slamming her tits into the turnbuckle. Gena let loose a scream and slowly slid to the canvas as Yasmine landed more punches.

Gena was in trouble as she rolled on the mat and tried to reach the ropes to pull herself up.

Fiercely determined to rise, her eyes blazing, she managed to pull herself to her feet at the count of nine after two failed attempts. Suddenly, she was sent reeling as Yasmine used all her weight and buried her left glove between Gena's cleavage and she collapses into the ropes. Gena was on only one leg when Yasmine's left crashed into her temple. A moment later her right cross again battered her right breast as she danced out of the blonde's range, watching her crash to the canvas, smiling at the damage she had inflicted so far and eager to dish out more. Gena wasn't coherent enough to figure out which way was up.

As Gena struggled to her feet, she was greeted with a left hook to her chin that put her down again. Gena rose wobbly to her feet, just ducking a roundhouse right from Yasmine and slamming a left jab into Yasmine's stomach followed by a right to Yasmine's left breast as she grimaced in pain and backpedaled out of Gena's range. Gena charged forward, taking a right to the face but connecting with a hard right to Yasmine's gut, bending her over. Gena smiled as she stepped back and straightened the brunette with a powerful right uppercut that crashed into her chin and sent her to the canvas seeing stars.
Yasmine's ears were ringing and her mouth was swollen with a small trickle of blood seeping out the right side as she struggled to rise only to collapse to the mat again. As Pam reached the count of eight, Yasmine pulled herself to her feet, she was wobbling on her feet unsteadily, but she was up.

Gena charged forward and landed haymakers on Yasmine's arms as they protected her head as the blonde tried for a knockout instead of strategically placing her punches were they would do the most damage. Even so she managed to clock her foe twice in the head before getting smart and battering Yasmine's right breast with a flurry of lefts and rights till she drove her to the mat cupping her right tit in her glove to protect it. Struggling, Yasmine grabbed the ropes and finally dragged herself to her corner. As Yasmine hung onto the ropes for support, things couldn't have been better for Gena as she came forward and knocked around Yasmine's swollen tits.

Gena brought her arm back for a match ending roundhouse. Before her punch was halfway there Yasmine summoned every iota of power she had left and drove her fist like a freight train straight into the blonde's pretty face.

Gena flew across the ring with Yasmine in hot pursuit, a left to her nose started a gusher of blood pouring down her face, a hook slammed into her already hurting side and the blonde grabbed at the ropes to stay on her feet. That was fine with Yasmine as she wound up and sent a roundhouse that slammed into Gena's cheek, rattling her teeth. While the dazed and confused blonde stood there with her hands at her sides, Yasmine tit punched her over and over till she held her gloves protectively over her chest. Yasmine punched Gena as she fell against the ropes in agony, the brunette continuing to lay waste to her chest.

A left right combo to the head followed by a right hook to the jaw and a left right to each breast had the blonde reeling as she vainly tried to stem the flow of the attack with short jabs to Yasmine's gut. Gena's head rocked back and forth from the many punches rattling her brain around in her head till Yasmine laid her out with a stiff right uppercut, flush on the chin that snapped her head back and had her hanging by her arms helpless on the turnbuckle. Yasmine smiled as she blasted away at her foe's undefended tits as they took the full brunt of each hard, well placed glove, as it walloped the huge globes into her ribcage over and over. Yasmine reached out with her right glove and wrapped Gena's blonde locks around her glove and raised her head, slamming her left glove into her pretty but undefended face. Gena was helpless as Yasmine smashed her fist into her swollen tits, screaming in agony as she was punched over and over before the brunette let her fall to the canvas.

Gena hit the canvas with a dull thud. Yasmine danced around the ring proclaiming her victory, not realizing she was giving Gena all the time she needed to get up. Flat on her face, Gena's head was humming, her eyes glassy, her head foggy. Her brain said move, but her body didn't respond. Yasmine finally went to the neutral corner, as Pam started the count.

Gena finally came to but could barely hear Pam count. Gena pulled herself to her knees at the count of 6, before finally reaching her just in time, thankful just to be on her feet. Yasmine couldn't believe her eyes. She'd thrown everything she had at Gena, and then some. But the blonde bitch was still fighting. She'd just have to hit her harder.

Gena was in terrible shape. As she raised her guard, Yasmine clocked her with a devastating left hook. Yasmine peppered her face with punch after punch, slowly closing her right eye as Gena desperately tried to hang on. Yasmine slashed through Gena's defense with a powerful uppercut. A left hook had Gena backing into the ropes, as Yasmine worked on her breasts with punch after punch. Confident, Yasmine slapped Gena with a right to the jaw. Gena's legs started to buckle, as she held onto the ropes for support. Gena was trapped and getting pounded as she tried to defend herself her tits on fire from Yasmine's fists as she was determined to get some payback. Cocking her left hand back, she left her left tit wide open for another nasty clouting by the brunette. But as Yasmine's glove crushed the tit Gena hooked over her arm and blasted her in the face with everything she had, snapping her head back and sending her flying backwards stumbling as she tried to keep from falling over her own feet. As Yasmine struggled to maintain her balance Gena charged forward and hit her undefended chin with another uppercut, snapping her head back but putting her down onto the canvas this time.

As Yasmine sat disoriented on the canvas, Gena used the respite to massage her bruised and battered breasts which were throbbing with pain every time she took a breathe which caused them to rise and fall on her chest. She taunted Yasmine to get up as she waited in a neutral corner, the brunette finally getting up at the count of eight. As Yasmine came to her feet Gena jabbed at her head and tits, finding an opening every other shot. Gena grimaced in pain as Yasmine connected with a right uppercut to her agonized left tit, but she returned the blow with another left jab to the face, hitting her square in the right eye. Dazed, Yasmine never saw the right uppercut to the chin that sent her to the canvas.

Gena raised her arms in victory as she made her way over to the neutral corner. As Pam started counting, Yasmine slowly began to recover. Yasmine finally grabbed the ropes and calling on all of her strength, lifted herself to her feet, barely beating the ten count. She couldn't believe what was happening to her. She was on top of the world, but was now helpless and on the verge of being knocked out. The two women came together, fighting violently. Yasmine landed, Gena landed. Yasmine landed another one, and another. Yasmine missed with a left hook, as Gena countered with a right to the body, and another, and another one. Gena hit Yasmine with a left to the jaw. Another right-left combination, as Yasmine was hurt again.

Gena was backing her up against the ropes with blow after painful blow. Yasmine tried to fight back, but her punches had to no effect as another left and another right landed on her face. Yasmine's hands were at her sides, as she was totally defenseless. A wicked right hook landed square on her jaw, and another. A third tremendous right hook landed right on her jaw. Yasmine was out on her feet, having no clue as to what was happening. Gena landed a fourth right hook in a row. Yasmine was being held up by the ropes. Her legs were gone, and she could not see. Closing in, Gena vengefully slammed punch after punch into Yasmine's swollen tits, using them as speed bags as Yasmine screamed aloud. Gena stepped back and winding up, smashed the most powerful uppercut she had ever thrown on her chin.

Yasmine's legs gave out instantly. Her arms went flying in the air and her head snapped back as she landed on the canvas. Gena waltzed over to the neutral corner, ecstatic at the turn of events. Pam could've counted to 100. Yasmine wasn't getting up. She wasn't getting up! It was unbelievable. Minutes before, she was dishing out the worst punishment in history, but now she was out, flat on her back. Despite the pain, Gena was jumping for joy as Pam raised her arm in victory.

As a final act of supremacy, Gena stripped the humiliated brunette of her red swimsuit, keeping it as a trophy. Gena left Yasmine to be attended to by Pam as she sauntered away triumphantly. Another day, another victory.