"Baywatch Punch Out" - Gena Lee Nolin vs. Yasmine Bleeth By John J.

There was a feature movie in the planning stages for Baywatch. Gossip was circulating about who'd get the feature roles. Rumors were indicating that one male and one female star would have the major action scenes and Gena Lee Nolin and Yasmine Bleeth both thought they deserved the female lead role. Both were annoyed that the other thought she deserved the role. Their annoyance was compounded by the well known dislike (if not outright hatred) between them. Their dislike of each other made the scripted dislike between their characters, Neely and Caroline, not only very easy to play on the show but also made it pale by comparison!

Over the following weeks both girls made digs and loaded comments at each other about the movie as the tension between the two beauties rose and fell on a daily, if not hourly, basis. Still, neither got too nasty until a Thursday afternoon on the beach when Gena caught her foot on something hard in the sand as she was running to the water during a scene. She tripped and went flat on her face into the sand, drawing a loud guffaw from Yasmine.

Gena glared at Yasmine and demanded, "What the hell are you laughing at?"

Yasmine smiled slyly and replied, "You silly. You're about as graceful as a bull in a china shop."

Then Yasmine then did a ballet style pirouette and laughed some more while Gena turned bright red with anger and embarrassment.

Gena fired back "I'd watch who you're calling a bull, you fat cow."

That ended Yasmine's laughing immediately as she bristled from the insult to her fulsome figure. While she was by no means fat, Yasmine was definitely sturdy and she looked heavier than the other females due to her being a lot shorter. Now, Yasmine was the one who was angered and she reacted as they traded barbed insults for nearly ten minutes, each getting angrier and angrier as time passed.

They insulted each other's hair, face, breasts, legs, ass and everything else. After the final, most vicious, round of insults, Yasmine appeared to have won the war of words because she was smiling while Gena was fuming. Then suddenly, without warning, Gena lunged at Yasmine tackling the brunette to the sand and started punching at her. The cast and crew had watched the word fight and catty insults with interest, but they were shocked when the girls started an actual fight.

After the moment, Yasmine got some leverage and kicked the bigger blonde off, then she turned to attack the now stunned Gena. Yasmine's attack didn't happen though. Seeing their chance, two crewmen restrained the two beauties, grabbing their arms and pulling them apart. That stopped the fight and fortunately, neither was hurt or even had any visible bruises.

After giving them time to cool down, both ladies were released and went off in opposite directions, occasionally looking back and glaring icily at each other. It barely took 20 minutes before they crossed paths again although neither spoke, they just stared each other down.

Yasmine finally said, "Look, we need to settle this. The loser gives up the movie part to the winner if she gets selected. Agreed?"

Gena quickly agreed it was the best solution. Neither wanted her face damaged and both knew they'd be fired if they showed up for filming bruised and battered all over their bodies. They decided that ruled out catfighting and kick boxing, so Gena suggested boxing. After thinking about it they both knew their faces could be injured if they boxed, so Yasmine suggested wrestling. They thought that had promise, but neither could think of anywhere private where they could wrestle safely, so they discarded that. Then Gena came up with a stomach-punching contest and neither had a major difficulty with the idea.

The rules had to be discussed and since Gena had picked the type of fight, Yasmine got to decide the rules. She thought about it for a few minutes and said they'd each get one punch, taking turns. Hits are allowed from the ribs to the waist, from either side or in the middle. The receiver must place her hands behind either her neck, head or back and cannot try to block the punch. If the blow knocks the receiver down, she gives up her next turn. And finally, the puncher must wait until the receiver says "Ready" or "Go" to throw her punch, after that she can punch whenever she wants to.

The next topic for discussion was the location of the fight. Gena got to pick the location. She decided they would meet on the following Saturday at 4 PM at the beach site used for filming. The area has some rock groupings where you could go and be undisturbed. With all the decisions made, the two ladies left.

As Gena turned away Yasmine called out cockily, "You better show up!"

Gena retorted, "Oh, I'll be there." Then quietly added, "I'm looking forward to this."

Yasmine muttered softly as she walked away, "Oh boy, is that bitch gonna be sorry."

The next week went by without any major altercations, but the level of animosity between the two was obviously growing. They'd stare daggers at the other each time they were within eyesight of each other. Both were spending significantly more time in the gym, though they were never in the gym at the same time. Both made sure they had plenty of excuses to go past the gym to check out her adversary's work out, seeing what she was doing.

All week, they hardly said a word to each other that wasn't necessary, but it was worse on Friday. They were openly hostile to each other and the producer and director finally got together and decided to give them some time to cool off. They canceled filming for the rest of the day and sent Gena and Yasmine home, hoping the weekend apart would cool their tempers. In reality of course, it only gave them a few more hours to work out and get ready for their fight on Saturday.

As Yasmine was driving home, she thought about her strategy and her plans for Gena. She felt she was stronger than Gena, but that Gena's stomach and abs were in much better condition than hers so she turned her thoughts to their individual weaknesses. Yasmine knew her stomach couldn't take as much punishment as Gena's, but that Gena's arms were weaker, so Gena wouldn't be able to punch as hard. Yasmine concluded she had the advantage and all she'd have to do is keep hitting Gena with her full power until Gena's muscles weakened and she started to do damage. Then, Gena would be ready to go down. Naturally, Yasmine's plan depended on her not letting Gena's punches hurt her as much but she didn't think that would be a problem at all since she didn't think Gena had the strength to be able to hurt her.

"A good plan," Yasmine thought to herself, smiling as she arrived home and started to do some weight lifting.

At the same time Yasmine was analyzing, so was Gena. She reached the same conclusions as Yasmine about their strengths and weaknesses, but that was the extent of their agreement. Gena knew she couldn't compete with Yasmine in a straight slugging match, so she decided she'd have to fight smarter and hit more effectively to win. Gena had learned how to aim her punches for maximum effect and damage and thought that would be enough to beat Yasmine. But she also knew Yasmine was strong and her abs had to withstand Yasmine's punches long enough for her to do damage of her own to the brunette. Gena thought it through and decided the plan could work. She smiled, pleased with her plan and upon arrived home, started her workout doing stomach crunches and sit-ups.

On Saturday, the day of the fight, Yasmine and Gena both spent the morning in a final workout preparing for the fight. They then used the afternoon to make themselves beautiful. Neither wanted to give the other any psychological advantage before the fight by showing up looking anything less than her best. Both carefully chose the bikini they'd wear for the confrontation. Gena choose a powder blue bikini with the tiniest triangle cups for the top which provided minimal coverage and allowed her breasts to swell out the sides of the cups. The bikini bottom was less flamboyant; a French cut with some, but not full, coverage for her derriere.

Yasmine's bikini was very different but equally sexy. She decided on a bright red bikini. The top was a full-cupped triangle top which dramatically pushed in her bosom creating a wonderful cleavage. The bottom was a thong, leaving nothing of her backside to the imagination. With the attire decided upon, each went to work fixing her hair and make-up.

Both women arrived on time at the chosen location ready to do battle. Neither spoke for several minutes, just stared each other down, checking out her adversaries' body, bikini, muscles and beauty; looking for a weak spot to exploit with a sly remark. Yasmine looked over Gena and felt good. She knew she had a strength advantage and seeing her she also felt she had a psychological advantage since her bikini was sexier than Gena's. For her part, Gena saw things as evenly matched. She felt she'd fixed herself up prettier than Yasmine which gave her the psychological advantage by looking sexier. Neither spoke as both concluded the time for talking was passed.

They into position to start the stomach punching contest in silence until Yasmine said, "Since you picked the place, I get the first punch."

Gena said, "Fine."

Both were smiling because each one's plan called for Yasmine to throw the first blow. Yasmine wanted it so she could start weakening Gena as quickly as possible while Gena wanted to test if Yasmine knew how to aim punches effectively. Gena's entire fight strategy was based on Yasmine not knowing how to aim punches as well as she could. She had to know early on if she were right. Gena tensed her stomach muscles and placed her hands behind her head.


Yasmine set herself to punch and drew her fist back. A few seconds later she jammed her fist into the middle of Gena's hard abs. Gena hardly moved as her stomach absorbed the impact of the punch. She smiled inwardly, knowing now that Yasmine didn't know how to aim her punch correctly. Gena resolved not to teach her the error of her technique, at least not while she was still so strong.

Yasmine readied herself with her arms behind her and calmly said, "Go."

Gena took a moment to gather her strength, then fired her first punch to the upper part of Yasmine's stomach, grazing the "sweet spot" that would soon become her primary target. The punch didn't hurt Yasmine, but she was surprised Gena hit as hard as she did. Yasmine was slightly concerned Gena might be able to hurt her after all so she decided she needed to go for full-power hits instead of "warm up" blows like her first one. Gena was also thinking, mentally calculating how many of Yasmine's punches she could take before being hurt. She decided she'd have to start aiming her punches soon or Yasmine might hurt her before her better aimed blows took their toll on the soft-bodied brunette.

Gena set herself and tensed her stomach with her hands behind her head, nodded and said "Ready."

Yasmine cocked her fist and pounded a much harder punch into the pit of Gena's stomach. She still hadn't used full power, fearful she may need an extra edge later. Gena had grimaced slightly from the blow. Yasmine wasn't hurting her, and wouldn't for a little while yet, but she was a bit worried about the extra strength Yasmine had just used.

Yasmine smiled inwardly, thinking she'd already started hurting her blonde adversary as she readied herself for Gena's next blow. She clasped her hands behind her back and said "Go." Gena wasted little time preparing this one, firing to upper right side of Yasmine's belly, partially hitting her 'sweet spot' and driving some air from Yasmine.

Yasmine grimaced at what she thought was a lucky punch. She was still unhurt, but didn't like the idea of having to catch her breath after two punches. Yasmine realized immediately she hadn't hurt Gena yet and had to make sure she did, soon!

The two beautiful combatants were on the third round and still neither had an advantage. Yasmine set herself set up for her punch while Gena prepared to receive it. Gena tensed her stomach muscles, then said "Ready."

Yasmine was already prepared when Gena said "Ready" and it took her no time at all to launch her punch. She wound up and buried her fist in the hard muscles of Gena's left abdominal muscle. The previously untouched muscle absorbed the shock easily and Gena was pleased Yasmine's third punch was no harder than her second. Still, Gena was worried Yasmine could begin hurting her if she didn't hurt Yasmine first to reduce her power.

Gena decided to use full aiming on this hit to try to take away some of Yasmine's strength. Yasmine was upset that her punches still weren't hurting Gena, but she felt if they kept trading punches like they were that eventually she'd wear Gena down. So, she was unconcerned and unprepared for Gena's next move. Yasmine set her stance and readied herself, trying to tense her stomach as much as she could before she said, "Go."

Gena did not fire her punch quickly this time, but set everything up slowly and deliberately. She picked out her spot right below Yasmine's ribcage, brought back her fist and fired like a marksman taking aim with a rifle. Her fist landed with a resounding THUMP and the majority of Yasmine's air supply was forced up and out of her by the hard impact. While Yasmine didn't go down, it was clear she was hurting. Gena accomplished one of her major goals of victory, she'd landed the first blow that really did damage. Yasmine bent over slightly trying to catch her breathe, clearly winded by Gena's punch, yet she didn't give in to the urge to hold her stomach and show how much she was hurting. She wouldn't give Gena that satisfaction.

Gena was getting her stomach ready while Yasmine was still catching her breathe. Placing her hands behind her head, Gena readied her stance and tightened her tummy before she said "Ready." Yasmine knew Gena wanted to get her to take her next shot quickly, but she wasn't falling for it. Instead, Yasmine gathered her strength, then set herself for her next punch. She realized she couldn't hold back with this one, she was going to hit Gena with her best shot, right in the solar plexus.

Yasmine set herself, pulled back her fist and let fly. Gena's expression told Yasmine all she needed to know about the effectiveness of her blow. Gena groaned in pain, her powerful abdominal muscles no longer providing protection. Despite her pain, Gena had the ability to will herself to stay standing and not fall over. Yasmine was proud of herself. She'd finally broken through Gena's tough abdominal muscles and was doing damage. All she had to do was withstand Gena's next punch and she could put Gena away and end the fight.

Yet, Gena could feel that Yasmine's punch was weaker than her early ones. The previous damage to Gena's stomach allowed some of the power of Yasmine's punch to leak through and Gena realized Yasmine probably had some reserve strength left so she needed to conserve some of her own muscle power to hold off that attack.

Yasmine readied herself for Gena's blow. Trying to rush Gena, Yasmine quickly got ready, set her hands behind her back and said "Go." But, Gena wasn't falling for it any more than Yasmine had. She deliberately took her time and set up her punch and picked out a spot. Gena was aiming for the same spot she'd struck the last time.

Gena waited a long time before punching, making sure to gather her strength. After getting as ready as she could, Gena cocked her fist and drove it squarely into the sweet spot beneath Yasmine's ribcage. Yasmine staggered but amazingly, didn't fall. As in the last blow, the breathe rushed out of Yasmine so the brunette was clearly winded and hurting. Yasmine protectively moved her arms to cover her bruised midriff, trying to catch her breathe and fight against the searing pain that flowed through her belly.

Concentrating on her will to win, Yasmine fought back the pain and caught her breathe. Gena was worried. She knew if her last blow didn't weaken Yasmine enough, Yasmine's next punch could well be last one thrown. The worried and scared look was evident on Gena's face for the first time during this fight. Looking past her fear, Gena set herself and tensed her stomach muscles and calling on her internal reserves to help her. Gena laced her fingers behind her head and whispered, "I'm Ready."

Yasmine decided to go 110% with her next punch to put Gena down. She knew trying it now would be at the risk of using up a lot of her reserve strength she might need later if her move failed.

Gena locked eyes with Yasmine; she saw the fire and contempt in the brunette's stare. Gena tensed her stomach just a tiny bit more out of sheer will as she awaited the punch. Yasmine pulled back as far as she could and let fly, landing just below Gena's ribcage. The only thing registering in Gena's mind was the awful, excruciating pain that surged through her abdomen. She realized her predicament as the pain slowly subsided and she regained her breath. She was laying flat on her back in the sand. It meant Yasmine got another punch.

Gena tried to get up, but her legs failed and she fell back. Yasmine laughed and taunted, "Just stay down blondie. If you stay down for 2 minutes, I'll accept that as a knock out and I won't hurt you any more."

Gena fired back, "No way," and tried to get up again.

This time Gena was successful. She caught her breathe and the majority of the pain had subsided, but her stomach was throbbing.

Yasmine offered, "Look Gena, just surrender and let's stop this. If I hit you again, I'm going to knock you out. Do you really want that?"

Yasmine was bluffing, she wasn't sure she had enough strength left to seriously hurt Gena after her last punch. She was trying to buy time.

Gena angrily fired back "I'm not giving up to you. If you want to stop me, you're going to have to put me out to do it."

Gena was still somewhat unsteady on her feet as she readied herself for the knockout blow. She knew that what she had done was foolish, but she preferred to be knocked out rather than admit defeat. She prepared her stomach as much as she could and placed her hands on the back of her head then nodded, "Ready."

Yasmine wound up slowly and deliberately. The previous damage done by Gena and her own exhaustion caused her to miss her target. The punch hit Gena's right abdominal muscle and although she was weakened, that particular muscle hadn't been hit at all. It absorbed the weak punch easily and Gena remained on her feet.

Gena was overjoyed and a big smile appeared on her face, while Yasmine turned white with fear. Now it was Yasmine who was worried, really worried. She tensed her muscles as tight as she could, put her hands behind her and softly said, "OK."

Gena gathered her strength, pulled back her fist and fired it straight into Yasmine's sweet spot for the second time, using up more of her reserve strength but the deadly impact produced a cry of pain as Yasmine collapsed in a heap, hurting and out of breathe. Gena watched Yasmine carefully, taking the time she'd gained to gather her own strength. Yasmine just lay there, catching her breathe and trying to control the pain. Despite the heavy blow, Yasmine hadn't been knocked out and, after a minute or so, she tried to rise.

Now it was Gena's turn to taunt Yasmine, "Come on! Get up! I want to put your lights out. Move!"

Yasmine rose slowly and painfully and prepared herself for Gena's next punch. She put her hands behind her back and gasped out, "Go."

Gena prepared her punch and set up her aim. She was getting exhausted too and her punch missed it's target and pounded into the very middle of Yasmine's stomach. The punch definitely hurt Yasmine, but it wasn't the knockout blow Gena needed.

Both girls were nearly exhausted and moving very slowly but they both still wanted to win and their need to dominate the other drove them onward. Gena readied herself, and tried to tense her stomach, then called, "Ready."

Yasmine wound up and pounded her fist into the lower portion of Gena's abdominal region in a sweeping uppercut. It wasn't the punch Yasmine planned, she'd aimed higher, but it was as high as she could reach. Though it wasn't a very powerful or even a well aimed punch, but it was good enough. The blow knocked Gena down although Yasmine had spent so much of her own energy that she hardly realized that Gena was down before she collapsed herself from a combination of pain and exhaustion.

Both women lay about 6 feet apart for almost 20 minutes before they started to stir. Both finally started to get up, but when they looked at each other, neither saw the hatred or fire that had been there when they began.

Yasmine offered her hand in peace and Gena accepted it, saying, "Draw?"

Yasmine nodded, "Draw."

They shook hands ending the fight, then they helped each other back to their cars and drove off in separate directions.

For the next month the Baywatch set was surprising calm. No one on the show understood why, but Gena and Yasmine were no longer fighting as they usually did. Finally, the long-awaited announcement about the movie came up as everyone stood around in anticipation. When the female lead was announced, the part went to Pamela Anderson Lee.

That announcement nearly set off an immediate fight. But Gena and Yasmine weren't angry at Pamela, instead they were each mad at each other for not withdrawing which allowed Pam to get the contract that should have been theirs.

Once the movie was completed and that season of Baywatch had concluded filming, Gena and Yasmine both wanted to have it out. Only this time there would be no draws and no rules. A no holds barred catfight until one of them was satisfied.

The End?