Gena Lee Nolin vs. Yasmine Bleeth (wrestling) (c) by John J.

The producers at Baywatch knew about the hatred between Gena Nolin and Yasmine Bleeth. However, they turned a blind eye to their rivalry because it worked well for the show, and caused only minimal disruptions to filming. The producers found out about the fight that occurred between the two beauties, that it ended in a draw and that the two lovelies were gearing up for an all-out catfight. They decided to put a stop to things before the catfight occurred. They couldn't have two of their top actresses in the hospital; nor could they appear in their sexy swimsuits with cuts, scrapes and scratches all over their bodies.

The producers called Yasmine and Gena together for a meeting and David Hasselhoff took the lead, "Ladies, we know about the disagreements and the fight. Don't deny it, we know. We also know it ended in a draw and you both want to have an all-out catfight to settle things. We don't want to see that happen. We can't afford to have you both hospitalized or with messed up bodies and faces. Therefore, we are going to make you an offer which you should both think about. We'll set up a wrestling ring here in the Baywatch studio, and you two can have it out in a wrestling match. There will be a referee and there will be rules. This isn't going to degenerate into a catfight. If you both agree to our terms, we'll sweeten the deal and the winner of the wrestling match gets to star in the next movie after Pam's, which starts filming in a few months. But, if either of you violates the rules, you get disqualified and we give the movie role to the other woman."

David continued, "You both think about that. And call us within the week."

Both beauties left without saying a word to each other or to David but it didn't take them a week to decide. Within hours, they'd both called back and to accept. A few days later, the group got back together.

David said, "OK, ladies. I'm glad to hear that you accepted our offer. Erika Eleniak is going to be the referee for your fight. I just want to make sure that you both understand that she isn't going to allow you to turn this into a catfight. She will disqualify the first of you that starts a catfight, giving the other woman the role. We know that you two do have a grudge and we will give you some leeway for tactics like hairpulling, choking, breast squeezing and other questionable holds. However, you are not allowed to scratch or maul any part of the body, and no tearing off of the swimsuits either. Outside of that, you can fight as dirty as you want to. Are we agreed?"

Gena shook David's hand and said, "Agreed."

Yasmine also agreed, but said, "And can we make the fight either a submission or knock out with no pin counts."

David turned to Gena, and asked, "How does that sound to you?"

Gena smiled, "It's fine with me."

David said, "Fine. OK, ladies, you fight two weeks from Saturday."

On the designated night the cast and crew of "Baywatch" assembled around the ring. Neither beauty put on any type of show as they made their way to the ring. They were all business and just climbed into the ring and waited. Both Gena and Yasmine took their place in opposite corners of the ring wearing the red one-piece swimsuits they wore on the show. Erika was also in the ring, but wearing a black and white striped referees outfit.

Erika spoke loudly as she said, "Shake hands, ladies, and on the bell, come out fighting!"

Gena and Yasmine shook hands hesitantly and returned to their respective corners. Erika signaled for the bell and Gena and Yasmine sprang out of their corners and rushed toward each other. With a smack, they collided mid-ring and locked up. The two beauties struggled against each other in a test of strength, their lovely arms bulged as they tried to overpower the other woman's arms.

Gena suddenly dropped her arms and twisted her hands around. Yasmine showed a pained expression on her face as Gena twisted her arms into a very unnatural position. With a shove, Gena backed Yasmine up and forced her against the ropes. Gena released Yasmine's hands and attacked with two quick forearms to the tits. Yasmine coughed as the blows landed. Gena grabbed Yasmine by the arm and whipped her across the ring into the opposite corner. Her back hit solidly on the turnbuckle and Gena charged in after her, running at full speed across the ring. Yasmine rolled out of the corner at the last instant and Gena's body slammed into the turnbuckle at full speed.

Yasmine got up quickly and grabbed Gena by the hair, as the blonde was getting herself together after that hit. Yasmine smashed Gena's head into the top turnbuckle twice, leaving her blonde opponent dazed. A third head smash into the turnbuckle put Gena down on the canvas. Yasmine dropped a leg across Gena's throat. Yasmine got to her feet and hauled Gena up with her. Yasmine whipped Gena into the ropes and set herself. But Gena ducked under the clothesline Yasmine had intended and continued into, and bounced off of, the other ropes. Just as Yasmine turned, Gena nailed her with a clothesline of her own putting the brunette down on her back on the mat.

Gena pulled Yasmine to her feet by the hair, but put her right down again with a bodyslam. Gena continued to attack putting an elbow drop to Yasmine's boobs. Gena pulled herself partly up, just far enough to get a knee in position, then she hammered Yasmine with a knee into the pussy. Gena got up and pulled Yasmine up by her long dark hair and whipped the battered brunette off the ropes, then put her down hard with a powerful clothesline. Yasmine gasped as she grabbed at her throat and tried to get some air. She was still in a lot of pain from the crotch shot she'd taken.

Gena rushed in and grabbed the top rope for extra leverage as she pressed her high-heeled foot down on Yasmine's throat choking the brunette. Yasmine gasped and gagged as Gena cut off her oxygen. Just before Erika was about to force Gena to release her foot, Yasmine grabbed at Gena's foot and twisted her leg, toppling the blonde slightly off balance. Gena didn't go down, but she was unsteadied enough that Yasmine had time to roll under the bottom ropes out of the ring.

Angered, Gena slid out under the ropes and chased Yasmine who stopped abruptly and turned around. She stood her ground with her fists raised as the blonde approached. Gena turned the ring corner thinking she was chasing Yasmine and ran into a solid left. Gena staggered as the blow smashed into her jaw, then Yasmine moved in and hammered a right to Gena's boobs. She fired a third punch, this time to Gena's head, but this one was blocked!

Gena countered with a hard right to Yasmine's cleavage that backed Yasmine up, protecting her sore tits. Gena followed up and snapped Yasmine's head to the side with a right hook, then continued her assault with a left to the jaw, snapping Yasmine's head the other direction. Then another right, snapping the brunette's head the other way again, leaving her somewhat wobbly and glassy-eyed.

Gena grabbed the dazed brunette by the hair and ran full speed to the ring corner where she rammed Yasmine's head into the steel ringpost. Yasmine staggered backward, clearly dazed. Gena grabbed her hair again and gave her another head smash to the ringpost. But when Gena went for a third head smash, Yasmine blocked it and sent Gena's forehead into the steel post.

Yasmine tossed the slightly dazed blonde at the steel guardrail, and she ran into the steel rail at high speed and slumped to the concrete floor, in pain. Yasmine tried to rush in, but could only wobble, still disoriented from the head shots she'd taken. She grabbed the blonde by the hair and positioned Gena's neck across the guardrail as she choked Gena on the rail. Gena gasped as Yasmine crushed her windpipe against the solid steel guardrail, pushing and adding as much leverage as she could. Yasmine pushed on Gena's neck with all her strength as she struggled to knock out her blonde opponent.

A solid elbow smash to the gut loosened Yasmine's grip slightly. A second and third elbow smash, this time to the brunette's sore tits, forced Yasmine to back away and give Gena some room to escape. Gena quickly locked up with Yasmine and the two beauties struggled for a few moments in a test of strength, before Gena took charge and forced Yasmine to her knees. The blonde put Yasmine on her back with a quick kick to the tits. Immediately, Gena scooped Yasmine up and put her right back down to the cold, concrete floor with a bodyslam. Gena roughly pulled Yasmine to her feet and knocked the brunette's head into the ring apron twice, then picked Yasmine up, rolled her into the ring, then climbed into the ring herself.

Gena continued her attack as she pulled Yasmine to her feet by the hair and then whipped her off ropes. Gena put the brunette right back down again with a clothesline. Gena followed up with a legdrop across the throat, but Yasmine rolled out of the way at the last second and Gena landed hard. Yasmine quickly got herself to her feet and took charge as she yanked Gena to her feet by the hair. Yasmine whipped Gena off the ropes and set herself. As Gena bounced off the far ropes, Yasmine nailed her with a dropkick to the tits. Gena dropped to the canvas in a heap.

Yasmine pulled Gena up by the hair and whipped her into the far corner. Yasmine charged in after the blonde and splashed her against the turnbuckles. Yasmine lifted up Gena and set her down on the top turnbuckle. Yasmine climbed the ropes and grabbed Gena's bikini, preparing to suplex the blonde off the top rope. Gena hammered two hard punches into Yasmine's midriff and the brunette fell off the ropes, down the canvas. Gena stood up and steadied herself. She launched herself off the top rope. As she flew toward Yasmine, she extended her knee. Yasmine couldn't move in time, and Gena's knee crashed into her tits.

Gena grabbed Yasmine's legs and rolled them over, flipping the brunette and putting her hated adversary into a Boston Crab hold. Gena leaned back as applied more pressure to the hold and tried to force a submission. Erika Eleniak moved in close and listened for the submission.

Gena hissed, "Give up, bitch! Before I break your damn back!"

Yasmine yelled back, "Never, slut!"

Gena kept up the pressure for a while, trying to force a submission from Yasmine. But, Yasmine managed to grab one of the ropes, and Erika forced Gena to break the hold. Gena had turned toward Erika, with an angry glare on her face. Gena thought about arguing, but then decided against it. She pivoted around and checked for Yasmine. She panicked a bit, when she didn't spot the brunette. She turned again, and then discovered Yasmine's whereabouts as the brunette's powerful spin kick hammered into the back of her head. Gena stumbled forward. Yasmine kicked again, but Gena ducked and rolled out of the way. Gena twisted around, and swept Yasmine's leg out from under her just as the brunette was twisting around after her missed kick. The brunette went down hard.

The two beauties scrambled to get to their feet quickly. Gena was a little faster and grabbed Yasmine while she was still getting herself up. Gena hoisted Yasmine into the air and slammed her down to the canvas hard. Gena quickly secured a surfboard hold on the brunette.

Erika Eleniak again moved in quickly. She listened for a submission, but Yasmine refused to give in. Gena tried to apply more pressure to the hold, but Yasmine twisted Gena over at the last moment and toppled her. Yasmine quickly moved into a schoolgirl pin position, straddling Gena's boobs. Just as Yasmine was shifting herself forward into a facesitting position, Gena forcefully bridged the brunette off and ended the attempted submission move before it even got started.

Erika backed out of the way as the two gorgeous ladies scrambled to get up and continue the fight. They locked up in the middle of the ring once again. Yasmine got the advantage as she headbutted Gena. Yasmine whipped the blonde off the ropes and set herself. Yasmine dropped Gena with a clothesline.

Yasmine moved in behind Gena and went for a sleeper chokehold. Erika moved into position to check on the blonde. After several solid elbows to the gut, Gena dislodged the brunette and freed herself of the chokehold. Yasmine rolled away as Gena coughed and caught her breath. Yasmine moved back in and tried to secure a bodyscissors, but Gena kicked her away. Yasmine came back fast and yanked Gena to her feet with a hard pull on her blonde hair. She lifted the blonde up in the air and then slammed her down across her own knee with a nasty over-the-knee backbreaker.

Yasmine forced Gena's head down one way, and her leg down the other, as she worked over the blonde's back. Yasmine taunted, "Give up, slut! Or I'll break you in half!"

Gena refused to submit though, and she hissed back, "Go to hell!"

The blonde managed to kick and wiggle her way enough to slide off Yasmine's knee and get free.

As Gena scrambled to regroup, Yasmine came right after her again. She hauled Gena to her feet again and whipped the blonde into the corner. Yasmine charged after her to splash her, but Gena rolled away at the last instant and Yasmine slacked into the turnbuckles going full speed. Gena grabbed a fistful of brunette hair and whacked Yasmine's head against the top turnbuckle a couple times again, leaving the brunette dazed.

Gena whipped Yasmine off the far ropes and put her down with a clothesline. Gena moved in fast and dug her calf into Yasmine's throat as she leaned in and put all her weight into the choke. Gena grabbed the top rope and used it for leverage, as she leaned in and added more pressure but once again Erika forced her to break the hold.

Yasmine rolled away and gulped down air as she struggled to catch her breath. Gena moved in to watch. As Yasmine started to pull herself up again, the blonde nailed her with a brutal high-heeled kick to the pussy. Yasmine barely held in the scream of pain, not wanting to give Gena the satisfaction. Still, Yasmine went back down hard and Gena climbed to the top rope and set herself. Just as she launched herself at Yasmine, the brunette raised her knee and Gena's face had a look of fear when she realized what was about to happen. Gena crashed hard as her pussy slammed into Yasmine's raised knee. Gena just lay there for a moments, the flood of pain overwhelming her. Yasmine wasn't in much better condition after all the shots she'd taken.

Slowly, the two gorgeous battlers pulled themselves up. After getting themselves stable, the two beauties locked up again. Gena gained control again. She hoisted Yasmine into a jackknife powerbomb. Yasmine's back crashed to the canvas. Yasmine was dazed; and looked like she might be out.

Erika again moved in for the count, her palm slapping the canvas as she counted, "1... 2... 3...4... 5... 6...."

At the six count, Yasmine pulled herself up, but still appeared disoriented. Gena took full advantage of Yasmine's condition. She gathered her speed and leaped at the brunette, hammering her with a dropkick to her aching boobs. Yasmine tumbled back into the corner as Gena scrambled to her feet, charged in and splashed the brunette against the corner.

Gena grabbed Yasmine and clamped on a bearhug. She squeezed the brunette's ribs and guts, crushing her in the hold. Gena had the hold secured, with Yasmine's arms trapped at her sides. There was nothing for Yasmine to do. Gena moved slightly, positioning Yasmine in the middle of the ring as she hoisted Yasmine up a little higher and then planted her own knee. Gena drove Yasmine's pussy down onto her knee in a wicked atomic drop. Yasmine cried out in pain and nearly passed out.

Erika again moved in quickly for the count out as she called, "1... 2... 3...4... 5... 6... 7... 8... 9... 10! You're OUT!!"

Then Erika gave the signal that rang the bell to end the match.


Gena got up and let Erika raise her arm and announce, "The winner of this wrestling match is GENA LEE NOLIN!"

Gena strutted around the ring for several minutes, savoring her win, before she finally left the ring and went back to the dressing room. It was quite a while after Gena had left before Yasmine finally pulled herself up and staggered out of the ring in silence. She didn't even make eye contact with anyone and just went back to her dressing room, slammed the door behind her and locked it.