Yasmine Bleeth vs. Jeri Ryan by SamDog

It'd been a long day for Jeri Ryan, and she just wanted to get back to her trailer and relax. She was starring in a movie with Yasmine Bleeth, but had to put up with her constantly screwing up her lines. Finally, Jeri simply told her to shape up or shut up! As Jeri walked in to her trailer, she saw Yasmine sitting in a chair. Standing, Yasmine walked over to her and jabbed her finger into Jeri's right tit.

"If you want me to shut up you can try to make me, but I promise I'll beat the crap out of you!" Jeri grabbed Yasmine's hand and pulling it away.

"Don't worry, I'll make you. Your tits will make a wonderful trophy after I've ripped them off your chest!"

Yasmine glared angrily and walked out of the trailer. Jeri wanted to settle their differences then and there, but lots of people were still around. They'd finish this later.

It was midnight, and at the studio there wasn't a living soul around. Suddenly, a light came on in an empty room as Jeri and Yasmine walked in. Jeri took off her coat, leaving a silver bikini top with a matching pair of lycra shorts. Yasmine did the same, stripping to a black bikini. Jeri couldn't help but stare as Yasmine's top struggled to contain her massive breasts, while a thong showed off her great ass. Yasmine donned a pair of opera gloves and Jeri did likewise, as neither woman wanted to mar their looks. The two of them stretched and warmed up, and soon they were ready to fight.

The two women came together, pulling each other's hair. Suddenly, Yasmine screamed in pain as Jeri slammed her knee into the brunette's cunt. Releasing her hold, Jeri began punching Yasmine's face and tits, pushing her back towards the wall as she struggled to defend herself. Ripping off her top, Jeri's gloved fingers sank deeply into Yasmine's firm tits as she began tugging her around by them before the dark-haired beauty could secure her own grip, her face twisting in pain as her rival whipped her against the wall by them, her face twisted in pain. Jeri pushed forward, her eyes blazing with fury as she locked her arms straight and used them to crush Yasmine's tits with her palms, driving her arms forward and grinding them against the tit flesh as Yasmine screamed in pain and tried desperately to pull Jeri's palms from her flattened tits. Pinned against the wall, she was getting crushed as Jeri pushed hard with all her weight and strength behind her arms! Jeri suddenly cried out as Yasmine tore off her top and grabbed Jeri's right nipple, crushing it between her fingers as Jeri moaned loudly with each painful squeeze!

Suddenly, Jeri slammed her knee into Yasmine's cunt, knocking her off her feet. As the brunette writhed on the floor in agony, Jeri rolled her on her back and straddled her. Jeri began slapping Yasmine's tits as hard as she could, leaving red handprints on her tits. Latching onto both tits, Jeri wrenched them around her chest with all of her strength as her foe cried out in utter pain!!! Yasmine's chest was on fire as her foe tore them all about, her fingers crushing the soft flesh between them, another moan escaping the brunette's lips as the blonde pushed her fingers down into the titflesh, adding her weight behind them! Yasmine's screams bounced off the walls as Jeri mauled her tits, the blonde adding to the torture by twisting the swollen breasts around with her hands with her fingers still dug in.

"What's wrong bitch, can't take it?" Jeri taunted. "Then I guess you won't like this!"

Reaching back, Jeri ripped off Yasmine's thong and clawed at Yasmine's pussy as she screamed hysterically.

"Your tits are pretty, small, compared to mine. I think I'll work them over until they swell up to the size of a real woman's tits."

Jeri mauled Yasmine's tits, tearing away at her perfect breasts while her left hand went back to work on Yasmine's crotch, ripping out pubic hair as Yasmine moaned and cried.

At the end of her rope, Yasmine desperately reached up and began twisting Jeri's nipples. Jeri grimaced in pain but retaliated by punching Yasmine's tits, as the brunette struggled to hold on. On the verge of passing out, Yasmine grabbed Jeri's tits and began slamming them together, as the blonde couldn't ignore the pain any longer and grabbed at Yasmine's wrists. Sinking her fingers in Yasmine threw Jeri off and began mauling her tits as the two of them rolled on the floor, trying to gain a dominant position. Suddenly, Jeri wrapped her legs around Yasmine's waist, crushing her as she moaned in pain. Yasmine bucked wildly between her foe's thighs, trying desperately to latch onto something as Jeri steadily thwarted her attempts at blindly grabbing her tits.

Desperate, Yasmine tore off Jeri's shorts and tore out a handful of pussy hair from her cunt as she screamed in pain. As the blonde reached down to grab at her foe's hand, Yasmine latched onto her right tit and gave it the hardest squeezing she could. Alternating between the tit and her foe's cunt hair, Yasmine soon had Jeri in trouble, a cry escaping from her lips as Yasmine punched her tit, the blonde's massive tit oozing out as it was crushed against her chest. Still trapped between her foe's powerful thighs, the brunette twisted Jeri's large breasts in front of her for all she was worth. She suddenly began smashing them together, grinding them together as she dug her nails into the sides. Jeri could tolerate no more as her legs snapped open. She pushed Yasmine away as she clutched at her swollen and pain filled breasts as she sobbed in pain.

Yasmine quickly put Jeri in a schoolgirl pin and began punching her face, as the blonde's face slowly became a bloody mess. Scooting back, Yasmine began punching her tits and twisting the blonde's nipples. In total agony, Jeri desperately reached up and tried to pull the brunette's hands from her chest, but Yasmine easily knocked Jeri's hands away and began twisting her tits as Jeri screamed in agony. Reaching behind, Yasmine jammed her right hand down into Jeri's pussy and began digging with her fingers. Jeri's body quivered as Yasmine twisted her tit and violated her pussy at the same time. Rising to her feet, Yasmine easily lifted Jeri and crashed her down on her knee in a back breaker. Holding Jeri across her knee, Yasmine pounded her foe's tits relentlessly. The brunette then shoved Jeri to the floor, the blonde sprawled out on her back, too hurt to move. Yasmine grabbed the blonde's ankles, raising and spreading her legs apart. She then began stomping down to Jeri's crotch repeatedly as she cried in pain.

Rolling Jeri over, Yasmine straddled her facing her legs. Grinning, Yasmine began spanking her and jammed her gloved fingers past her foe's pussy and gouged her cunt walls with them as Jeri screamed in pain. Grabbing her legs, Yasmine put the blonde in a Boston crab as Jeri began sobbing uncontrollably.

"What's wrong, bitch?" Yasmine taunted, "got nothing to say?"

Frantic, Jeri bucked wildly until she managed to buck the brunette off. Weak, Jeri tried to crawl away from her tormentor but Yasmine jumped and brought her ass down on Jeri's back, dropping her to the floor.

Lowering her head, "I hope you're having as much fun as I am, cunt!" Yasmine purred into Jeri's ear.

With that, Yasmine began bouncing up and down on Jeri's back, flattening the blonde's tits as she screamed in agony.

Rolling the blonde over, Yasmine sank her talons deeply into both of Jeri's breasts and proceeded to tear them all around her chest as Jeri bellowed in pain. Grinning, Yasmine ripped both tits up towards Jeri's neck by the nipples, then tore them downwards as her rival cried out in pain! Yasmine rammed the big breasts together, Jeri's face showing how much it hurt. Jeri struggled to fight back, but Yasmine pounded her tits with punches. Jeri's pretty face was twisted in utter anguish from the pummeling her swollen tits were taking at Yasmine's hands, as she relished each and every blow as they crashed down and crushed each of the blonde's breasts over and over! Finally, Yasmine draped her tits over Jeri's face, grinding the blonde's face in until she was unconscious.

Rising off her beaten foe, Yasmine got some smell salts out of a pocket in her coat and straddled Jeri again. Two whiffs later Jeri came back from her little nap, cupping her blood streaked tits right away as she felt the pain again, crying out in utter agony. The brunette grabbed the swollen, blood stained nipples and ripped them upward. Tears flowing down Jeri's cheeks in waves, she sobbed uncontrollably, begging for mercy. To Jeri's horror, Yasmine pulled off her opera gloves and began clawing her tits.

Pushing her nails in, Yasmine basked in her glory and asked, "Who's the better woman, bitch?"

"Please stop… you are…" Jeri moaned softly.

Rising to her feet, Yasmine grinned and jammed Jeri's face in her pussy.

"Prove it, whore. Please me!"

Jeri didn't comply right away, so she reached down and grabbing the nipple, twisted her right tit savagely till she felt Jeri's tongue inside her licking on her clit. Spreading her legs, Yasmine enjoyed herself as she moaned in ecstasy, cumming all over Jeri's face.

Standing, Yasmine pulled Jeri to her feet by her hair and began ripping out her cunt hair. In agony, Jeri grabbed Yasmine's tits and began grinding her knuckles in, but the brunette slammed her knee into the blonde's cunt, as Jeri's body went limp. Yasmine wrapped Jeri up in a bear hug, lifting her off her feet as she twisted and bucked, trying to escape! Jeri's sore tits were getting poked painfully by Yasmine's rock hard nipples, bruised and swollen from her assault. "My tits are going to crush those poor excuses of yours, cunt," Yasmine purred as her tits overwhelmed Jeri's. Jeri tried to push back, hoping her own rock hard nipples were also hurting Yasmine's but if they were she wasn't showing it. Desperate, Jeri summoned all of her strength and slammed her knee repeatedly into Yasmine's cunt, holding on tight to make sure she could hurt her more before she finally let her slump to the floor.

As Yasmine lay on the floor clutching her pussy and sobbing in pain Jeri backed away, massaging the pain from her aching tits. Pulling off her opera gloves, Jeri grabbed Yasmine's hair and pulled her to her feet as the two began exchanging punches. Yasmine's punches were stronger, but Jeri managed to block many of her blows, outpunching her three to one. Bending Yasmine over with a punch to the belly, Jeri straightened her out with an uppercut to the jaw and nailed her with a left hook, splitting her lip. On a roll, Jeri landed more blows to Yasmine's face and tits, closing her left eye and giving her a nosebleed. Desperate, Yasmine pounded Jeri's raw tits, landing six unanswered blows. Driving the blonde backwards, Yasmine slammed a bone crushing fist into Jeri's face, just under her left eye.

Crashing her elbow across Jeri's chest, Yasmine slams three punches up into Jeri's belly, dropping her to one knee. As Yasmine moved in to finish her, Jeri slammed her fist up into Yasmine's pussy, stopping her in her tracks. The blonde delivered two more shots to the wounded pussy and got back on her feet, slamming an uppercut into Yasmine's chin. As Yasmine reeled forward, Jeri trapped her head under her left arm and drove her right repeatedly into Yasmine's ribs and belly.

"You're dead meat, bitch," taunted Jeri as she continued the beating.

Jeri slammed a powerful kick to Yasmine's stomach, knocking her into a corner. Holding her up by her hair, Jeri began pumping her knee into the brunette's body, torturing her mercilessly. Spreading her foe's legs, Jeri slammed her foot into Yasmine's pussy three times, knocking her off her feet the third time as the brunette screamed in agony. Winding up, Jeri let loose with forearm smashes to Yasmine's tits, crushing them against her chest before finally letting the brunette slump to the floor. Grabbing her tits, Jeri yanked Yasmine to her feet, the brunette howling the entire way up. Wrapping her arms around her waist, Jeri lifted her and dropped her on her outstretched knee, slamming it into Yasmine's pussy before letting her fall to the floor sobbing in pain. Jeri stomped repeatidly on Yasmine's tits, then rolled her on her back and stomped on her pussy and ground her heel in, unmoved by Yasmine's cries.

Straddling the brunette, Jeri began mauling Yasmine's tits as she did the same, desperate to free herself. Jeri jammed her fingers into the undersides of Yasmine's tits, her face twisted in agony as Jeri's nails dug into the tender flesh! Her death grip on Yasmine's orbs was utterly devastating as tears began to form around her eyelids, Jeri's thumbnails digging into her nipples painfully as Yasmine's grip on her breasts was becoming weaker. Yasmine tried twisting Jeri's tits left and right as she squeezed for all she was worth in a last ditched effort to get some relief, but Jeri ignored the pain, the utterly anguished look on Yasmine's face giving her an edge over her rival! Jeri taunted as she began punching each tit at will now, her knuckles slamming into each one hard and deep, Yasmine screaming with each successive blow as her swollen breasts soon turned black and blue from the multitude of blows!

"Maybe now your tits are almost as big as mine!" Jeri taunted as she brought her own breasts down and mashed them down on top of Yasmine's!

Her mauled tits extremely sensitive now, Yasmine cried out as the larger pair engulfed hers, Jeri's rock hard nipples dig in painfully! "I guess not yet... let me see if I can make them bigger!" Jeri said, beaming from ear to ear while she ripped her rival's tits every which way, tears flowing freely down her tormented face, her hands now clutching as Jeri's wrists to try and pry them from her aching boobs, her own tit attack now completely forgotten. Jeri's fingers oozed with Yasmine's swollen titflesh as she crushed each tit in her hands, ignoring Yasmine's pleas to stop!!!

Reaching back, Jeri ripped out every last strand of Yasmine's cunt hair and stuffed it all down her throat. Putting Yasmine in a grapevine, Jeri pushed down with her full weight until the girls were nipple to nipple, pussy to pussy and began to move her hips around. Yasmine couldn't move with the bigger girl on top of her. Suddenly Jeri reached down and began to finger Yasmine.

"Stop it, you cunt," she began to wail.

"No, I'm not going to stop. I'm going to humiliate you and prove I'm the better woman," Jeri hissed into Yasmine's ear.

Faster and faster Jeri's skilled fingers began to overwhelm Yasmine and the brunette gave in entirely to Jeri. Yasmine's orgasm shook her entire body, her moans developing into a full scream. Yasmine collapsed suddenly, the breath leaving her body in a throaty sigh. Sliding up, Jeri engulfed Yasmine's face in her tits and began smothering her. Weak, Yasmine was powerless and passed out quickly. Dragging her over to the stage where they were filming, Jeri hog-tied Yasmine with the remnants of her bikini and walked away, dreaming of the surprise the cast and crew would get when they returned in the morning.