Tara Lipinski vs. Surya Bonaly by tiger 31-Jul-99

These two are meeting because of an altercation at a practice for the World Championships. Apparently, the practice times were messed up and both were scheduled at the same time. Tara arrived a little early and quickly changed into her skating gear and made her way to the rink. After warming up for about 2 minutes, Surya made her appearance and called out to Tara to hurry up and get off the ice because she was coming on. Tara slowly skated her way to the muscular black woman and started to explain that this was her practice time.

Surya wanted none of this. She just kept shaking her head and finger "No" and repeated that Tara get off the ice. Nervously, Tara said she was going to get the rink supervisor to settle the argument.

"I don't care where your going, as long as it's off the ice", replied Surya.

Just as Tara stepped off the ice, Surya pushed her from behind into the chairs. Tara broke her fall with her forearms.

She shouted, "What's your problem, bitch?"

"Don't nobody call me a bitch, white girl!", hollered Surya as she pounced on the smaller skater and delivered slap after slap to Tara's face.

Security soon broke up the fight, but the two agreed to meet the next night in a wrestling ring to settle the problem.

The next night Surya entered the arena first, wearing tight blue Jean shorts and a black tank top. Her biceps were bulging and her legs looked as strong as steel. She looked ready for a war, yet had a very confident if not cocky smile on her face.

Tara made her way to the ring a minute later. She wore a beautiful white skating dress with gold stars. The dress straps crossed in the back, but Tara's sexy back was exposed all the way down to her fine little ass. You could even see her panties because the fabric was so thin. You couldn't see her bra because she wasn't wearing any, but her perky breasts looked as plump as ever. Her muscled legs were covered with light brown nylon pantyhose, making them seemed more tanned than they actually were.

The match begins.

The women locked up and Surya quickly powered Tara to the ropes. Tara raised her arms for a clean break, but Surya saw her opponent's belly exposed and drove a short but effective jab to the mid-section. Tara doubled over a little as the ref warned Surya about breaking cleanly.

"Tell her to quit running into the ropes to get away from me," replied the bronzed skinned skater.

At that moment, Tara dipped her shoulder into Surya's belly and wrapped her arms around waist, trying some sort of bearhug. Surya backed up a little, looking a little confused that Tara would try this maneuver against her. She countered this by wrapping her stronger arms around Tara's ribs and picked her up off her feet. With Tara parallel to the canvas, Surya ran her over to the turnbuckle and caused Tara's legs to straddle the post just over the second rope! Tara let out a horrible scream as her young crotch bashed into the post without warning. Tara fell face first into the mat and quickly went into the fetal position.

Surya pulled her up to her knees by the hair and slapped her across the face. "You think you can put me in a bearhug, little girl? That's what you get", roared the black skater, as she slapped her across the face again. She then took a step back and lashed out with a brutal kick to Tara's slim belly, knocking the wind out of the white girl. Tara again fell face first into the mat as Surya pulled out some rope she had hidden in her pocket and wrapped it around Tara's neck as she mounted the smaller skater's back. She pulled back with all her might as the ref screamed at her to release the illegal hold or be disqualified. This back and forth between the ref and Surya went on for a good 40 seconds before she let the exhausted Tara fall to the mat. Surya rolled her over to her back and tried to pin her, but Tara courageously powered out at the count of two.

"OH, you want some more, huh?" said Surya.

She positioned herself on top of Tara, pinning the white girl on her back with her arms pinned high over her head in an exotic breast-to-breast and crotch-to-crotch pindown! Tara moaned in pain and humiliation as Surya's big tits swallowed her smaller globes. Not to mention Surya's pubic bush rubbing up and down Tara's pubic mound in their own personal battle, making the white girl's crotch area feel like a burning bush from the friction.

Each time the ref would count to two, Tara somehow managed to lift one shoulder to continue. Surya was becoming increasingly annoyed at not being able to finish off this smaller, suburban type girl and viciously bit Tara's exposed left underarm, sinking her teeth deep into the bunched muscles in that area. Tara's screams filled the arena as the ref tried desperately to pull Surya off the smaller athlete.

After about half a minute, Surya finally released the biting and got off the injured Tara. Tara sat up examined her hurt underarm, where a number of teeth marks could be made out on the smooth area. Surya continued her assault, she pulled the sitting girl's arms up over her head and applied what looked like a reverse full-nelson, causing Tara's arms to feel like they were going to get pulled out of their sockets. Tara's face was a mask of pain as perspiration dripped down her body mixing with the teeth marks on her closely shaved underarm to causing a tremendous burning sensation. Tara struggled to free herself as the ref continuously asked her if she wanted to quit.

"No, No, No", sobbed the white skater as she looked like she was about to pass out.

Fortunately for Tara, this hold took a lot out of Surya and she eventually released Tara's arms. Tara doubled over on her knees and was greeted with a kick to the ribs from Surya. Surya then went around Tara, lifted her head up by the hair , drove a karate thrust into the throat area, sending Tara on her back to the mat.

"This little bitch must like punishment", said a visible frustrated Surya, as she grabbed a hold of Tara's ankles and split them open a little. "If she wants it, I'll give it to her.

She jumped high in the air and came down, leg first, over Tara's wide-open pubic mound!

"AAGGHH, NO", squealed Tara, as she sat up in utter disbelief at the pain between her legs.

Again, Surya went for the pin, but just as the last time, Tara kicked out. Surya slammed her fist into the mat, not believing what is happening. Tara made it up to a sitting position, as Surya crept up behind her and reached around the white girl, taking hold of Tara's luscious breasts and began pulling them backwards with all her might.

At first Tara tried to grab Surya's wrist and pull them away from her private area, but she immediately gave up on that idea and instead frantically swung backwards with her arms hoping against hope that she could make contact with the black skater and the tit-torture would be over. But, this was not to be.

Surya just literally mauled Tara's lilly white tits, twisting, pinching, pulling, and squeezing them as she maneuvered her legs around Tara's mid-section, getting better leverage. Tears filled Tara's eyes and the ref again asked for a submission, as Surya managed to slide her heels between Tara's legs and evilly grinded Tara's pubic bush as hard as possible.

Tara knew she was taking the beating of her life, but still did not submit. For a second, the black skater released the breast mauling, but this was just to tear off Tara's dress. She immediately went back to the "puppy" punishment, this time Tara had not protection at all. It was Surya's strong black hands engulfing Tara's snow-white melons and it was not match.

Finally, Tara passed out from the pain she had endured. Surya slowly let go of her holds and made her way to her feet. She was about to leave, then decided to tear off the rest of Tara's dress and slid her foot inside Tara's panties as she raised her arms in a winner's pose while the ref took a Polaroid picture for her growing collection.