Tylen John vs. Gillian Bonner by Kit<p>

Tylyn John was sitting on the love seat with Hugh Grant during one of Hef's famous pajama parties. Tylyn had been trying for some time to get Hugh to take her to bed, but Hugh, who had been drinking heavily, was just sober enough to keep his eyes open. Troubled by the fact that she was having a difficult time in getting a rise out of him, she decided that now was a good time to take a potty break. <p>

Upon returning, Tylyn found that Gillian Bonner had stolen her place next to Hugh. She had a leg draped across his, and she was rubbing his balls through his p.j.'s as they passionately French kissed. <p>

Tylyn's blood boiled instantly. Several times earlier that evening, Tylyn had caught Gillian eyeing, and sometimes flirting with him. Tylyn had invested too much time in him to give up, especially since he was now supporting a raging hard-on. <p>

Tylyn hated blondes. All her life, whenever she had lost a man, it had been to a blonde. Well, it wasn't going to happen thing out spurts of clear fluid over his cock. This was her secret weapon. When she came, she ejaculated. Few women on the planet could do that. Heather was one of them. <p>

This so excited Bochco that when Heather immediately began licking her own juices off of his rod, he forgot all about the tit-boffing. Heather licked, sucked, and jacked his root, until he couldn't hold back any longer. He came with his dick in her hand, with the tip pressed against her pursed lips. His jizz shot into the air like Old Faithful, landing all over Heather's hair, in her eyes, and on her nose. <p>

Heather had won the competition. <p>

So Heather won the role on LAPD BLEW, and also won an Emmie for her role. <p>

It seems that the Emmie voters also liked her ejaculations, which she performed for each and every one. <p>

Poor Victoria lost the role, but don't despair. She got the chance to star in MODELS PINK, in a competition with Emma Samms, Linda Carter, Markie Post, and Marilu Henner. But that's another stord blonde. <p>

"That's right, bitch. Hugh's with me," fired Tylyn. <p>

"You've had him all night, and haven't gotten anywhere," said Gillian. "He needs a real woman. Hell, bitch, he was a soft as a baby when I found him." <p>

Tylyn stood to her feet and went and grabbed Gillian by the wrist. Gillian twist out of it. "Let's go, bitch," said Tylyn grabbing her again. "Either back off, or be ready to fight. It's your choice, slut," said Tylyn. <p>

"Alright, bitch," said Gillian, "but I'm gonna give you the beatin' of your life." <p>

Both females were 5-6 and weighed right at 115 pounds. Tylyn measured 34c-23-34, and Gillian 34c-24-33. Tylyn looked lovely in her black three-piece, harem p.j. outfit. The top was cropped and tied at the breast. The flutter-kini was crotchless, but she wore a pair of pull-on pant, with a side slit, that tied at the ankles. Gillian wore a purple plunging stretch lace teddy, centered with sheer cleavage bows, and an ultra low back; snaps beneath.

Since Gillian still lived in the mansion, they marched upstairs and went into her room.

As soon as Gillian locked the door, she and Tylyn went right at it. There were no insults or threats thrown, or the usual b.s. before a fight. These girls were pissed, and ready to get it on with each other.

"He's mine, bitch!" shouted Tylyn as she uncocked a fist across Gillian's jaw.

Gillian returned fire with a punch that cut Tylyn's left cheek just under her eye. They each hit each other in the face once more before turning their attention on the other's boobs. <p>

They shouted curse words as they easily ripped each other topless. Both winced as their bare breasts came under attack. Gillian had her talons embedded into Tylyn's firm, white tits, as Tylyn had clamped her fingers around Gillian's big, round areolas and was twisting them like knobs on a radio. <p>

Gillian grabbed Tylyn by the back of the head and threw it downward to meet her rising kneecap. Tylyn was sent flying backwards, twisting around as Gillian had caught her just above the bridge of her nose. As Tylyn banged into the wall chest first, Gillian gave her a swift kick in the ass. Tylyn's tight buns giggled like Jell-O as they bounced up and down from the force of the blow. <p>

As Gillian spun Tylyn around, the sexy redhead grabbed the back of the blonde's head and returned the favor. Tylyn's kneecap smacked flush against Gillian's left eye, and sent her spinning around, where she too received a jolting kick to her sweet ass. <p>

As Gillian turned to fight back, Tylyn lifted her to her toes with a solid leg between her spread thighs. <p>

"UGH!!!" groaned Gillian as her eyes widened and her mouth dropped open. <p>

"That'll teach you," huffed Tylyn as Gillian fell into her. <p>

The force off Gillian's momentum sent Tylyn stumbling backwards until she landed against the wall, with Gillian leaning into her chest. <p>

"Fuckin' bit...NNNOOO!!!" shouted Tylyn as she felt Gillian's hand slide between the slit of her pants and against her crotchless panties. "EEEEEEOOO!!!" <p>

With one hand, Tylyn tried to free her pubic hairs, while with the other she unsnapped Gillian's crotch and pulled on her blond cunt hairs. Gillian screamed as loud as Tylyn had. Then they both screamed again. Both playmates tried like hell to free their pussy while fighting to inflict further damage on her rival's. <p>

Gillian felt her insides burn as soon as she realized that Tylyn had inserted a finger up her and was scratching it against her pink, tender clit. <p>

"AAAUUUGGHHH!!!" cried the blonde as she was brought to even more tears. <p>

Doubling up her right fist, Gillian sent a choppy punch across Tylyn's jaw. The blow wasn't enough to hurt her, but it did force her to duck her head down. Down right on top of Gillian's left tit. Gillian screamed to the gods of war as she felt Tylyn's teeth sink into the top of her tit. Her hand left Tylyn's pussy as it took both hands to pull Tylyn off.

While biting on her tit, Tylyn had continued to scratch and sometime pinch Gillian's pulsating clit. <p>

When Gillian pulled her from her tit, their teary eyes locked for just a second. But it was long enough for Tylyn to see the fear and defeatist attitude in the blonde's bloodshot eyes. Gillian's left eye was already turning purple and closing from the knee it had taken. <p>

"Bitch!" shouted Tylyn as she reared back and hit Gillian as hard as she could across the mouth. <p>

Gilllian's head spun like a top on her shoulders as she reeled sideways and then stumbled head first into her dresser and dropped. <p>

Slowly Tylyn walked over to her. She grabbed her by the hair and turned her over. Blood drooled from her mouth as her good eyelid fluttered back and forth between reality and la-la land. <p>

Tylyn then tried to make herself look decent as the pain in her breast and crotch made itself felt in full force. There was no way she could fuck now, even if she wanted too. She left the party without saying a word to anyone, much less even trying to find Hugh. <p>

Little did she know that at the very minute she and Gillian were tearing up each other's pussies, Hugh was tearing up Stacy Sanches' pussy. <p>

The End