Booty Queens #10: Cori Nadine vs. Beyonce Knowles by Freddy Roberts

Straight fight for the title tonight! No prefight ‘beauty contest’ as both beauties waive off the event, so eager are they to face-off in the ring. There are 200 special invited guests for this event held in the small venue at NYC’s Madison Square Garden.

The rules agreed upon were simple:

Winner facesits the loser unconscious;
Loser gets stripped nude either during or after the match;
Standard NHB catfight ring rules apply;
Winner takes $250,000 from the loser (both women’s money put in escrow the day before the fight)
Loser becomes the winners slave for 24 hours;
There can be no outside interference!

Finally, here is no referee since one won’t be needed; there are no rules and it’s to a KO. There will be no agents, assistants, managers, trainers or entourages at ringside. This contest will be strictly woman to woman!
Beyonce comes in first wearing a black string bikini with a skimpy thong and bra. She enters the ring to great applause although she is the decided underdog (as high as 8:1 in some betting circles!)

Cori comes in next and she’s wearing a white skimpy bikini that exposes most of her impressive tits and the cheeks of her great ass. This is gonna be a GREAT event.

They meet in the middle of the ring and Cori rocks Beyonce with a quick punch to the face, then a Knee to her groin. A Kick to the Belly follows and Beyonce is in trouble right from the start! She’s reeling and hasn’t thrown a punch! It's a one-sided beatdown as Beyonce reels back into the corner, crouching to protect herself as she desperately tries to regroup.

Cori chases her and lands punch after punch after punch! She’s targeting Beyonce’s bulging mid-section and while Beyonce takes the belly beating and tries to respond - she is swinging wildly and desperately. OH! Beyonce’s knees are buckled by an uppercut, then she’s dropped by a left to the chin.

Stunned and hurt, Beyonce falls to her knees where another Cori Knee to the Face flops Beyonce limp onto her back. Cori straddles her belly pinning her arms. RIIIPPP, Ziiiiip! Off comes Beyonce's top and her very nice tits are exposed. Cori unleashes a flurry of hard punches down onto Beyonce’s blank face, swelling her left eye almost closed and leaving her lower lip bloody!

It’s all one way as Cori straddles the hurt Beyonce and starts to pinch, pull and streeeeetch her nipples as she continue to punch her in the face with closed fists. Right, left, right, lefts! Both of Beyonce's eyes are swollen shut and her lip and nose are bleeding copiously. Beyonce is in major trouble as Cori pours it on…


Cori tee’s off with slaps by both hands, abusing the defenseless Beyonce's face and targeting her tits until she realizes Beyonce is no longer aware of what’s happening. With a big smile on her face, Cori stands up, towering over the groggy Beyonce. Slowly, she peels down her bikini bottom, then turns around and settles down on Beyonce's face. As Cori's muscular ass envelopes Beyonce’s face, Cori reaches back and grabs two handfuls of hair, positioning Beyonce's nose so it’s directly up the crack of her ass. When Cori clenches her glutes, Beyonce can’t breathe!

Beyonce is suffering as Cori squeezes her face as she smashes it under her ass. Cori rocks gently back and forth, rubbing her pussy on Beyonce's chin and mouth until her desperate, frantic, breathless, struggles subside and her legs stop pumping and lay still. Beyonce has been knocked out cold by Cori’s magnificent booty!

Cori is handed Beyonce’s check for $250,000 which she looks at, kisses and then tucks in her bra. She gets up and stares down at the beaten Beyonce. Bending over, Cori grabs Beyonce’s bottom at the hips and - with an audible grunt - lifts the Black Beauty’s booty off the mat, then starts to work the tight suit over Beyonce’s thick, muscular thighs. As she pulls the suit lower, Beyonce’s bottom settles back on the mat until Cori is holding the suit around Beyonce’s ankles with her legs straight up in the air.

Whipping the suit off, Cori lets Beyonce’s limp limbs crash to the mat. Beyonce is now totally naked; her thick, dark, crinkle-haired pussy exposed to the delight of the appreciative crowd. Cori kicks the beaten and bloodied Beyonce over onto her stomach and poses for photos with her gorgeous rotund booty under Cori’s foot which is planted firmly, her heel pressing down indenting the smooth, soft orb. The eager crowd stands to cheer Cori’s rapid destruction of the over-matched singer who has been whipped and stripped in a new record time for a “Booty Title” fight - a mere eight minutes!

When Beyonce wakes up she’s greeted by Cori holding handcuffs and a belt. “Now you get to be my sex slave for the next 24 hours,” Cori says. “Let's go......bitch!’

Cori handcuffs Beyonce, then whips her ass with the Booty Queen Title Belt as she chases her out of the ring, down the aisle and into the hallway. Cori beats Beyonce’s bouncing butt all the way past the dressing rooms out into the alley where the wailing Black Bootylicious Beauty is roughly grabbed and tossed in the back of her waiting limo by Cori’s entourage. Cori and her ‘posse’ climb in and as they drive off, the tele-screen goes dark.

When the screen comes back to life, the still stunned audience gets serenaded by a concert featuring Pink and Courtney Love, two entertainers heavily into the fight scene whom organizers invited to stand by “just in case” the match ended as swiftly and suddenly as it did!