Booty Queens #11: Jessica Alba vs. Jennifer Lopez (Beach Battle) by Freddy Roberts

Both gals are working out on the beach with their respective managers and staff. Lopez is accompanied by the same crew that has been with her for years led by Penelope Cruz and Cindy Crawford. They talk with Jen as she exercises in anticipation of the up-coming event which will take place on a secluded area of Muscle Beach.

Alba warms up with her staff that includes Lindsey Lohan and Cameron Diaz. They discuss strategy as the very special, invite-only crowd arrives. Dignitaries such as Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Eva Mendes, Halle Berry, Charlize Theron and other women in the running to face the young, talented Alba arrive.

Lopez, at 38, is looking to pull a major upset while Alba hopes to dispose of the former 'Booty Queen' before she can get her ass in gear. Oddsmakers, notoriously unconcerned with reputations, have Alba the heavy 3-1 favorite - but Jen has beaten the odds before in a long career which featured wins over such “top bottom” women as Beyonce, Serena Williams, Vida Guerra, Charlize Theron as well as many, many others.

Known for her awesome Ass Smother, Lopez hopes to trap Alba under her ass and smother her out the same way she has many others before her. The match will go to the person who first strips the other, but the winner will also spank and facesit the loser to claim total victory!

The hate between the girls is obvious as soon as they come within fifty yards of each other to decide what bikini's to wear. J-Lo decides on her skimpiest white bikini and Alba chooses her famous yellow number. They are instructed to cool off in the ocean before the start of the match whose gorgeous ass gets beaten in public.

The winner gets $250.000 dollars, so the stakes are high as they stare each other down in the ocean. Both girls are fit, trim and ready to go as they walk out of the surf onto the beach.

Lopez and Alba are instructed to begin and the stare down continues as Alba circles Lopez and calls her, "...a fat old pig!"

J-Lo tells Alba, "Your little bikini will be in the ocean and my ass on your face when we're done!"

Alba, a cagey young fighter with athletic ability is confident of the win and calls out, to her friends, "Watch close, when her ass is mine I want you to get it all on tape!"

Cruz and Diaz are both filming this private fight as Alba and Lopez start to exchange punches and kicks. With bare feet, Lopez and Alba connect with shots to the others exposed belly and ribs with no affect as these girls surge on. Alba grabs Lopez by the hair and yanks hard, twisting and jerking Jen's head to the side, then connects with a hard right to her belly.

Lopez responds with a left to Alba’s ear that jolts her, then with a solid Snap Kick to the thigh that has Jessica hobbling. The temperature is 95 degrees and the hot sun quickly puts a sheen of slick sweat on both bikini clad warriors. Alba realizes she’s in a battle and she no longer curses Lopez but saves her breath and concentrates on the fight.

Both girls fall to the sand entangled as the pull hair and grind against each other on the sand. Over they roll as Lopez is finally able to sit across Alba's chest and deliver a hard SLAP. Her face is slapped several times by Jen before Alba bucks her off and knees her to the head. Jen topples to the sand as Alba straddles her across her back, ending up over Jen and trapping her in a front face lock with her legs and arms immobilized.

Alba yanks on J-Lo’s bra and stretches it as she covers her back and applies pressure. Establishing a dominant straddle position, Jessica tells Lopez, "Sorry Jen; your top is mine!" She undoes Jen's bikini top and flings it away, letting Jen's tits sway free. She grabs them and tugs them down as she straddles her back laughing. "It's just like milking a cow," she giggles as she pinches Jen's pert nipples and squeezes her tits.

Jen is still trapped as Alba continues the tit torture and starts to ogle Jen's lush bottom. She pulls J-Lo's white bottom up into her butt crack, leaving Jen's cheeks exposed as Alba tries to snap the bikini off. But Lopez, in a great move, plows forward and knocks Alba off her and onto her side. Jen, topless, scrambles toward Alba and drops a knee to her belly, knocking the wind out of her.

"Let's see the big bad Teen Queen NOW!" growls Lopez as she pins Jess's arms under her knees as she straddles Alba's belly. The weight of Lopez strains Alba as Lopez looks down at her and uncorks a solid punch to her jaw, rocking her head and dazing her. Jen wastes no time pulling off Alba's yellow bikini top which she throws to Diaz, telling her to, "Take the little cunt's top." Alba is topless, her firm tits with perfect brown nipples exposed. Jen grabs her tits and returns the tit grabbing that was done to her. Alba can only jiggle and buck as she is trapped under Lopez.

The battle swings back and forth as the combatants fight for their professional lives and to avoid embarrassment and humiliation at their opponents hands. Lopez is sitting on Alba's firm belly and has her trapped. Alba, her tits exposed for the first time in her last several fights, tries to buck the heavier Lopez off her to no avail as Jen slaps the younger girls face.

"Thought you’d have an easy time with me, bitch? No way. I'm gonna teach your ass a lesson!"

Lopez has had several battles in which her gorgeous ass has been exposed and she even suffered a severe spanking at the hands of Beyonce while the younger Alba has been on a winning streak and her ass hasn’t been exposed in photographs or video.

Lopez slams her head into the sand and grinds her pretty face into the hot beach as Alba twists violently. She somehow frees herself from under Lopez and both girls roll over, taking turns on top of each other, punching, kicking and pulling hair. Each attempts to grab the others bikini bottom trying to strip her and end the match since the first one stripped must submit to a public spanking then a facesit!

Alba and Lopez square off again and Alba charges Lopez, driving her backward and knocking her on her back to the sand where she punches Lopez in the jaw with a hard right that stuns her! Alba sits on J-Lo’s chest, pinning her arms while facing her feet. Lopez is now in trouble as Alba moves back to place her bikini covered ass on Jen's face.

"Good night, Jen,” says Alba as Lopez struggles under her shapely ass.

It looks like the end of the match and the crowd senses Alba’s imminent stripping of Lopez as she reaches down and pulls Jen's string bikini down from her pubic mound around her upper thighs. Jen's bush is put on display once more and Alba viciously yanks out several clumps of Jen's dense, dark, pussy hairs and makes a show of fluttering them on the sand. It's almost over as Alba has J-Lo’s bikini down around her knees!!

Suddenly, a loud scream from Alba rings out that shocks the crowd! Jen had been able to move her head and bit into Jessica’s exposed ass cheek, her teeth leaving a tell-tale ring of red marks on Alba's awesome ass. In pain, Jessica turns to see what is happening and her leg slips off Jen's arm. Lopez, using her free hand, punches up into Alba’s face, hitting her in the eye and stunning her. Jen pushes Jessica off of her chest, rolls over, pulls up her bikini and goes after Alba like an angry tiger...

Lopez has gotten her reprieve and Alba is in great pain from Jen's bites and solid punches. Again, Jessica squares off with Jen, but this time as Alba advances, Jen kicks her right between the legs, dropping Alba whimpering to her knees holding her pounded pussy with both hands. As she rolls around in pain on the sand clutching her tortured twat, Jen steps with her, kicking her in the back, the legs and even drops a knee to her forehead!

Alba is woozy but she struggles to get up, only to be dropped on her back with a hard knee to her face that bloodies her nose and lower lip. Alba is in major trouble as Lopez pounces! Alba sprawls on her belly with Lopez astride her shoulders, pinning her arms with her legs and pressing her weight down on the back of her neck. Alba screams as Jen bucks and forces her face into the sand; her gaping mouth filling with sand.

Lopez moves lower on Alba's back and spins around to face that famous Alba Ass. Jen pushes Jess’s bikini over her ass and down around her mid-thighs. The crowd watches intently as Lopez has exposed Alba's unreal, round and very gorgeous butt! Now the question becomes, can Alba recover in time to stop Lopez?

The audience watches in awe as a very determined and underdog Lopez surges. Alba's bikini bottom is gently worked lower and lower, one side at a time until it’s below her knees! The crowd can’t believe Jennifer Lopez is about to beat Jessica Alba!! Alba, her face and mouth crushed into the sand; her arms trapped; kicks wildly and shakes her hips, vainly trying to unseat Jen, but the weight and Lopez’ clever move have her in a bad way!

The older J-Lo’s hard training is paying off as Alba 's body is being stressed to its limit. She’s about to strip the girl that has one of the highest ranked booties in the world.

"I worked out three months for this fight!" yells Lopez, the former Ass Queen.

Alba, can barely move her head, trapped under Lopez’ crushing weight pleads, "Don’t strip me Jen, please, I’ll double the money. Please…not here in front of everyone.....plea---se!!!"

It appears the workout routine of the older, but still firm and cagey Lopez, has worked as she finishes pulling the bikini off of Alba’s awesome ass, thus ending the fight! But Lopez stays on Alba and the now naked Alba is in for a very shocking and humiliating ‘end’ to her day!

J-Lo puts on her bra and stands up to receive a standing ovation from the beach-goers and celebrities. She has stripped Alba who has beaten a long string of younger - and supposed tougher - wmen. But now she’s naked, face down in the sand, weeping softly as Jen plants a foot on her ass and poses while the photogs snap away!

Alba is still a fantastic sight, even in defeat; her naked and firm ass there for all to see. Jen sits down across her naked back, facing her feet and proceeds to SMACK her nude ass with a flurry of hard spanks . The spanks are fierce and J-Lo really rears up on her knees to put everything she has into them. Alba can be heard crying even with her face buried in the sand between her crossed arms.


Crack after crack send ripples through Alba’s naked ass which quickly turns pink, then red hot under the broiling sun and the swift-spanking palm of the now dominant Lopez. Jen spanks Jessica for more than five minutes, pausing often to slowly and sensuously rub her hands over Alba's beaten backside as she poses for photos. This is redemption for J-Lo who had lost several recent fights, but now she has risen up and beaten the haughty younger starlet in convincing style!

The next part is what all in the crowd had come hoping to see! Jen roughly kicks Alba over, rolling her onto her back and putting her bush, tits and naked shape a sight to see!

Jen slowly walks over and says, "Well, well! We’ve all waited a long time for this!"

The ‘Booty Queen’s’ legendary Ass Smother is about to begin. Jen playfully shakes her booty for the audience as she stands with her muscular legs straddling Jessica’s waist as she slowly strips off her white string bikini…then slowly and tauntingly lowers her naked ass onto Alba’s flushed face.


“Here now Jess,” purrs J-Lo. “Lemme adjust that pretty face!" She pulls Alba's pert little nose directly under her asshole and then presses down.

Cameras flash as the prone Alba can do nothing but weakly sweep her legs left and right. Lopez well remembers the earlier insults by Alba and reaches down and curls her fingers in Jessica’s sweat-matted bush to RIP out a clump of pubic hair…shocking the crowd with her brutality and cruel spitefulness! Jen has her complete her victory as Alba no longer struggles, her legs and lower body falling still. J-Lo’s spectacular Ass Smother has knocked Alba out cold!!

Jen pinches Jessica’s nipples several times and when there’s no response, she stands up and poses with the body of the beaten and knocked out Alba. Her ‘support team’ rushes in to congratulate the ‘Boss Lady’ then the triumphant Lopez struts away; grinning and shaking her ass in the direction of Alba’s disappointed backers. It has been a grueling and tough match but, once again, Jennifer ‘J-Lo’ Lopez is victorious. To celebrate, Lopez puts her bikini back on and walks into the water to cool off while the shaken Alba is brought around and consoled by her entourage.

As Jessica struggles back into her bikini, she sends Lindsay Lohan over to Penelope Cruz with the message that she’d like to challenge J-Lo to a rematch. Cruz doesn’t pass the message along right away, preferring to let Lopez enjoy the moment while she poses for more photos, looking fine in her bikini as she dries off and begins to ponder the name of her next opponent.

NOTE: Lopez won by fan vote: 45-36