Booty Queen Jennifer Lopez vs. Britney Spears: The Comeback by Freddy Roberts

It's been quite a few years for Jen and Brit. They have fought before and now they both have had pregnancies and Brit was in rehab. Jen had twins and gained much weight. Recent photos reveal that both girls are trimmer, fitter and tighter.

Their managers are yearning for a big pay day with Jen doing a reality show and Brit in seclusion. The breakout battle will be held at an undisclosed location with both ‘strip match’ and ‘booty match’ stipulations in effect. The loser must be naked, then either submit or be knocked out.

In addition:
- Rules: No holds barred
- Attire: Jeans and tee-shirts.
- Prize: Winner - $500.000.00; Loser - $0!
- Penalty: The loser will be the sex slave of the winner for the rest of the weekend.
- Tale of the Tape: Lopez’ is 5'6" and 140#; Spears, 5'3" and 124#.

The Hollywood world is buzzing as high rollers pay between three and five thousand dollars for seats at an undisclosed gym. Marc Anthony, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, Shakira, Cindy Crawford and Charlize Theron are among the three dozen celebrities in attendance. The half million dollar prize (after a long payday drought) has both eager for a pitched battle!

Jen arrives in blue jeans and white t-shirt while Spears enters the ring in jeans and a red t-shirt. By agreement, both women will fight in bare feet. There is no ref so as soon as both are in the ring, the bell sounds. They charge each other and pull hair and kick for several minutes while trading open handed slaps and hard punches - not to mention insults! Brit calls Jen a "fat cow" and Lopez calls Brit a "little shit" as they each pound away at the others body.

Brit pushes Lopez to the corner and knees her to her groin. Jen's mouth opens wide in pain and she falls to her knees. Brit stands over her and bangs her head into the corner post and then again. Jen falls backward onto her back as Brit stands over her. Brit reaches down and pulls her shirt over her head and off, leaving Lopez with her jeans and now in a black bra. Brit sits across her chest and the groggy Lopez tries to get to her feet. Brit will have none of this and unloads a hard punch that splits Jen's lip and almost knocks her out.

"Time for those nice Latina titties to be seen!" Brit crows as she undoes Jen's bra and bares her tits to the appreciative crowd. Brit slaps them, backhands them and then pulls and stretches Jen's nipples as Lopez lays pinned under Spears as she lays across her bare, heaving chest.

Britney stands over Jen and hair-hauls her to her feet, dragging her toward the corner where she hangs her up on the ropes. Lopez twists her body and unloads a hard right into Brit's groin. She lets go of Jen's hair as she doubles over, wheezing. Jen stands up and pulls Brit’s head between her knees, then quickly pulls her t-shirt over her head then off, exposing a bright red bra. Brit is hurting as Jen drops to her knees and slams Brit’s breasts flat on the mat. Jen drops an elbow smash to her face. A knee drop on Brit’s belly and another knee to the groin leave Brit writhing and screaming in pain.

Jen sits on Britney’s belly to undo her bra which she tosses to Paris Hilton who is sitting in the front row. "There, you lesbian slut; your lover has your bra!" J-Lo excites the crowd further when she mauls Brit's ample tits; grabbing them and SPLAT slamming them together, then pressing hard with both hands in a painful Tittie Squeeze. "MY TURN NOW, BITCH!”

Jen pinches her nipples and then slaps each tit so hard that they jiggle before the stunned crowd. She then switches positions and pulls down Brit's jeans around her knees. She stands over her and pulls them off, leaving her just in a red thong. When Jen reaches down to pull off her thong, Brit knees her to the head - a hard shot that knocks Lopez back into the corner.

Lopez is holding her head from the hard knee while Brit gets up and then knees her the head again! Jen runs to the corner but Brit gets her and pounds her head into the turnbuckle over and over. Jen's face gets smashed into the corner bukle. Brit turns her around and pins her arms over the ropes as she punches her several times into her belly and then her face.

Brit again flies into Jen with an elbow smash and Jen's arm comes loose as she stumbles and falls flat on her face in the middle of the ring. As Jen writhes on the mat, Brit sits across her naked back, punches her, then stands and drops a hard knee to her back. Jen’s body bounces on the mat, groaning in pain as Brit straddles her waist, reaches under and undoes the front of her jeans. She then stands and pulls her jeans all the way down over J-Lo’s butt, her legs and off, leaving her only a white thong that can’t cover her ass.

"So this is the famous Lopez ass!" Brit proclaims as Jen sprawls on the canvas at her feet. She looks to end it by stripping Lopez as she straddles Jen's shoulders and pins her arms. Eager to end, Brit reaches for Jen’s thong and pulls, jerking it hard up into Jen's pussy and exposing her ass to the crowd as she strains to snap the tough cloth.

Lopez spins her shoulders and thrusts her legs in a desperate move that gets her free as Brit goes after her. Jen is still hurt but both gals are on their feet as they again pull hair and punch away. This time Jen lands an uppercut that bnearly knocks Brit off her feet. Jen , the better boxer so far, uncorks a solid punch to Brit's nose that has her bleeding. Brit is hurt as she covers her face and Jen kicks her directly into her twat, knocking Brit onto her back.

Brit gets up but to her knees as Jen grabs her and smashes her into the mat. Brit is now face down on the mat and nearly out.Jen seizes the chance, , sits across her back and unties her thong , pulling it off, exposing Brit's very gorgeous ass that even Lopez admires. She has stripped Brit, but now needs to have her submit. She kicks Bit over onto her back and stands over her. Jen undoes her own thong and wiggles her ass over the woozy Spears.

"You know what's coming now!" J-Lo tells the crowd.

Naked, Jen squats over Spears and places her ass over her face. She turns and makes sure that Brit's nose is directly under her cheeks and her face is covered. Jen then grinds her ass into Brit's face as Brit's legs kick a bit and she struggles but her arms are pinned and she is nearly unconscious. The crowd loves it as Jen Facesits Brit. She then embarrasses her more by putting two fingers into Brit's shaven cunt. Jen continues to mash Brit's pretty face and the site of Lopez's large ass over her face excites the crowd who wants more. Jen lifts Brit's arm and it falls to the canvas. The match is over, Jen has smothered out a naked Britney Spears.

But just winning the half million dollars isn’t enough for Jen! She lifts her ass off Brit, stands up, then uses her foot to nudge Brit over onto her belly. J-Lo stands straddling Britney’s hips, plants a foot on her bare bottom and announces to the crowd, "You told everyone you’d spank *my* naked ass? Well now missy, it’s YOUR bare butt that’s gonna be spanked!"

Brit moaned, “NO!!” but she can’t do anything to stop Jen who sits down on the small of her back facing her ass and proceeds to SPANK Brit's shapely big round bare butt as the crowd counts. Twenty open-handed spanks leave Britney’s naked rump bright red - and seen by everyone! Jen stands up and again presses her foot on Brit’s bottom - this time as she strikes a victorious double bicep pose for the cameras.

Last thing - since this IS a booty match - Jen orders Britney to, "Massage my back and shoulders." She lays down on the mat as Brit meekly massages her neck, shoulders and back. "Now, come over and kiss my ass!" Brit turns on all fours and bows her head as she puckers up and kisses both of Jen's rippling butt cheeks. "AND FINALLY, GO WAIT FOR ME IN MY LOCKER ROOM!”

The naked Spears covers herself with a towel as she’s lead staggering away to her locker room, defeated and humbled. Jen put on her robe and hung around to take questions from the crowd. "After my babies and a long layoff,” Jen boasts. “I still can beat anyone," the cocky Latina tells the crowd. Suddenly, a woman in the crowd stands up and gives Jen the "finger!" Shakira laughs as she turns and walks away, leaving Jen open-mouthed, red-faced - and steaming mad.

After the confrontation with Shakira, J-Lo took a few minutes to calm down, then went back to her dressing room to collect Spears. Then Jen, Rosario Dawson, Michelle Rodriquez and Rosie Perez took Britney back to ‘Casa Lopez’ where they put the busty blonde through her ‘slave paces’ the rest of that night, all day Saturday and right up to the crack of dawn on Monday morning. Britney was an exhausted, drained and traumatized wreck by the time the four ‘Hispanic Hotties’ threw her into the back of a limo and sent her home.