Booty Queens #17 Jennifer "J-Lo" Lopez vs. Kim Kardashian by Freddy Roberts

Lopez and Kardashian have each wanted to get their hands on the other for some time, but neither camp could work out an agreement until both women got themselves involved in the negotiations. Now that the pre-match arrangements have finally been agreed upon, what is already being called "biggest battle in booty history" can go forward. Here's where we stand:

The venue will be a secluded beach in Costa Rica where a special ring has been set up on the sand.
The match will be a facesit finale match!
The women may choose their own attire: either bikini’s or thongs.
All holds and actions are allowed - in effect, a No Holds Barred fight.
The loser must verbally submit to the winner.
The loser will be stripped completely.
The loser will be subject to a ten minute post-match humiliation of the winners choosing.
Before the match, both women will place in escrow a check for $250.000.00. The winner gets both checks afterward.
The loser will be spanked in front of the audience before the humiliation.
The loser will verbally admit that winner has the better ass.
* * *
The women arrive the day before the match with their entourages Lopez with close friend Penelope Cruz and her training partner Halle Berry; Kim Kardashian arrives accompanied by Denise Richards and Brooke Hogan who, like Kim, are TV reality stars. Lopez and Kardashian also have the support of their families who are in the audience, but none of them will be allowed at ringside until the after entire spectacle is concluded when they will be allowed to join in the post-fight humiliation of the loser.
* * *
The ladies arrive at the ring on a sultry afternoon at the secluded beach, then they retire to their dressing tents to change. Kim comes out of her dressing tent first and walks toward the ring in front of the crowd of 200 special, invited guests who are mainly celebrities and a few wealthy fans. She is first to enter and wears a sequined robe. She goes to the center of the ring, then leans over the ropes and taunts Lopez who she calls " old, fat, cow." Then she lets her robe fall to show a red string bikini; her ample tits barely covered and her massive ass very cheeky in the thin, red, cloth. She is 27 and mostly famous for her fabulous figure - plus the fact she's dated so many celebs. She certainly has an awesome ass so a booty match is fine with her. In fact, Kardashian was quoted, "I'll wipe the ring with that old cow, Lopez."

The crowd ooohs, and ahhhs as she prances around the ring, giving Lopez the "FU" sign when J-Lo comes out to begin her own stroll toward the ring. Lopez watches Kim prance around the ring which is outdoors and under the mid-day sun of the island resort where the temperature is already 95 degrees - and still climbing!

Lopez climbs into the ring, walks to the center and drops her black robe to show her black bikini, one that highlights her curvy figure. Her body, after running a triatholon, looks almost as good as before her recent childbirth. But her tanned body, while firm, still shows a bit of a tummy bulge while Kardashian's looks very firm. Lopez, after twins, is back in 'bikini shape' and in the black string looks simply marvelous! She's 38 years old and has been in many main event celebrity bouts with all the top stars including Charlize Theron, Jessica Biel, Beyonce and many more. J-Lo is known - perhaps infamous is a better term - for her suffocating ass smother!

Kim's breasts and butt are both larger and firmer than J-Lo's and while the ten year age difference favors Kim, the older Lopez has announced this is the start of her "comeback" and she intends to make it a "statement match."
* * * * * *
Jen and Kim stare each other down as they limber up awaiting the bell. A lot is on the line in this match which marks J-Lo's return to action. Her advisors wanted an easy tune-up for her comeback match; Kim is younger and very much in her prime, but Lopez realized fans and the media would accuse her of 'ducking' or trying to get a 'soft win' so she sagely chose to take on the fast-rising Kim K - perhaps hoping to squelch talk like that in 'People' pointing out "...the championship quality of the so-called 'Kardashian Kaboose'."
* * * * * *
As soon as the bell rings, they each attack each other with unrestrained fury. Lopez surprises the younger Kim, using a handful of hair to put her in a side headlock. "Not so easy, eh fat ass?" screams Jen as she hip-tosses Kim to the mat and J-Lo's fans applaud wildly when Kim bounces high off of her big butt.

But Kim responds with a round kick to Lopez' thigh that has her limping in the first minute of the match. There is action all over the place as Kim uppercuts Jen and follows with open hand slaps to Jen's chest. Once more, Jen grabs Kim's hair and yanks it, pulling the squealing Kardashian around the ring bent over with thong disappearing into the crack of her ass!

Lopez drags Kim from post to post, slamming her head on the turnbuckles, then stuffing her butt in the ropes and pounding away at her suspect body. But then Kim K suddenly kunt kicks J-Lo right between the legs! Jen gasps, her hands opening to release Kim's hair as she slowly drops to her knees holding her private area.

Kim sees an opening with Jen on all fours trying to crawl to the ropes. Kim knees her in the side of the head, then grabs her hair and slams Jen's head on the mat. Jen is hurt and unresisting as Kim straddles her back, riding her like her own personal pony. Jen on all fours, buckles under the burden and falls facedown to the mat with Kim sitting on her back with her massive ass on the back of Jen's head.

Kim pulls Jen's arms back and traps them under her legs. J-Lo struggles to break the hold by Kim just bounces her beautiful booty up and down on the back of her head, slamming her face on the mat over and over.

Grinning at her supporters in the stands, Kim reaches back and WHAP, spanks Jen's exposed ass and then pulls, yanks and jerks her g-string hard against her cunt. Jen screams as her ass is spanked, but at least her suit stays on until she manages to twist her body around under Kim and gets onto her back. But now Kim is able to ride up onto Jen's face, her massive ass covering the Latina beauty's flushed face.

Jen tries to kick out, but Kim is in control as THUMP, she unloads a hard punch down into Jen's belly. THUD! Another! Jen's body looks to be in great shape but her belly isn't yet back to her 'pre-baby' tightness and her is getting red as Kim gives it a third hard punch. SPLAT!

With Kim's ass covering her face, the struggling J-Lo kicks and bucks, trying anything to free her arms so she can fight back as Kim continues to punish her belly - then CRUNK - Kim drives a hard right to Jen's cunt!

Jen is in difficulty with Kim butt smothering her and taking away her breath with her hard body-punching. Kim moves back off Jen's face and pins her arms more securely. Kim starts taunting Jen, telling her to get ready to "face defeat." She reaches down and unfastens Jen's bikini top, removing it and waving it in the air. Now that she's got Jen's tits exposed, Kim squeezes her tits and pulls the brown pointy nipples until Jen screams. Lopez bites her lip as her tits are tortured. Kim pinches the tits, pulls and stretches the supple flesh and SPLAT-WHAP, SMACK-THWAP slaps them from side to side while grinning maniacally.

Jen is in troouble but the old veteran is able to break away from Kim; bridging her back and slipping away to the side. Kim chases her and grabs her hair, yanking her backward but Jen elbows Kin in the face bloodying her nose. J-Lo slams Kim back into the corner and unloads on her belly with a flurry of power punches!

As Kim straightens up, Jen slaps her face over and over, bringing tears to her eyes as Kim crumples to her knees holding her belly. Jen hair hauls the weeping Kardashian back to her feet, bellies up to her and backs her against the ropes where she wraps Kim's unresisting arms backward over the top rope and pulls up the middle strand, trapping her in the tangled ropes.

With Kim's arms momentarily immobilized, J-Lo releases Kim's bikini top, spilling her bulbous boobs into the bright sunlight. Jen attacks with a vengeance and as Kim screams for her to stop, J-Lo cruelly crushes her tits in her fists, pulls and stretches her nipples until Kim's tits are bright red. Then Jen leans down, lifts Kim's left tit to her lips and BITES IT!

Kim sreams as Jen chews her tit but she manages to knee Jen to the groin to stop her agony. Jen backs off holding her groin, then as she drops to the mat massaging her mons, Kim frees her arms and steps to Jen, stands over her, then kicks her in the back, ribs and head. Jen writhes as Kim keeps kicking and then drops her knee onto Jen's back.

Another knee drop makes Jen start crying in pain, flat on her face and groggy. Kim goes to her knees between Jen's legs, using her knees to wedge J-Lo's legs apart as she bends down, reaches up and undoes the string of Jen's bottom. She slowly pulls off J-Lo's string bikini bottom - outing Jen's ass!

The crowd oooohs and ahhs at the sight of Jen's signature booty. Kim tosses the Lopez bikini aside and gets to her feet again, standing over Lopez and glaring menacingly down at the wounded warrior.

With Lopez laid out on her tummy, Kim ponders her next move. She straddles Jen's upper back and sits down, pinning her arms facing her feet. Jen tries to wiggle out from under her, but Kim's weight and the arm pin keeps Lopez between Kim's massive thighs. Looking up at her sisters and grinning devilishly, Kim starts to SPANK Jen's gelatinous gludes. The hard, hard, swats set Jen's sweaty, firm, fine, fanny ajiggle and the crowd loves the sight of a former booty queen getting a severe ass whipping!

Kim then lays down the length of Jen's back with her butt on the back of Jen's neck, her knees still trapping Jen's arms as she starts to humiliate her. Remembering Jen's tit bite, Kim lowers her mouth and BITES Jen's left butt cheek, leaving her 'mark' on Jen's ass!

"Something to remember me by, Ms. Big Ass," Kim cackles.

But then Kim is suddenly bucked off as Jen lunges and her sweaty body slithers out from between Kim's moist thighs. J-Lo scrambles away on hands and knees as sexy Kim gets to all fours to pursue the wounded Lopez - only to run right into a stunning, vicious Leg Whip to her thigh. Kim tumbles onto her back, her tits bouncing. Jen dives and knees Kim in the groin with a heavy Knee Drop, putting Kim momentarily in dreamland!

Jen kicks her in the ribs and Kim ends up on her tummy. Jen straddles Kim's back now, facing her ass and pinning her down as her fingers hurriedly untie Kim's string bottom and bare her fabulous ass for all to see and enjoy. Her glutes are massive, but very shapely - and soon to take on a rosy glow as Lopez begins CRACK, CRACK, WHAP, THWAP cracking it with a flurry of open hand slaps that soon have her huge heiny bright red!

The sharp spanks just sting Kim's ass but then she screams when Jen returns the favor - in spades - biting not one of her rotund butt cheeks, but BOTH! Kim screams each time Jen sinks her fangs into her glutes. She hadn't expect such a tough fight from 'old Jen' and she certainly never imagined she'd find herself stripped nude in front of the crowd...not to mention having her derriere become a feast for the fiesty Latina Booty Queen!

As Lopez spanks her ass, Kim is able to work her shoulders forward until she is able to use the power of her massive thighs to buck free of J-Lo's straddle. Both nude women scramble to their feet and continue to fight as they again pull hair, kick and punch each other in a vicious dispaly of fighting.

After several minutes of battle, Jen's face is puffy and swollen from Kim's punches but Kim doesn't escape unscathed as Jen uses her own strong legs to kick Kim's thighs and lower legs. After a steady diet of punching and kicking, Kim starts to wear J-Lo down with inside belly punches and shots to her ribs. Still, Jen fights stubbornly on - until a Kardashian uppercut followed by a hard left hook drop her flat on her back. She gets up, but a hard jab to the mouth dazes her and she goes reeling backward into the ropes and slumps against them with her butt supported by the middle strand.

The crowd rises to their feet as J-Lo is up and ready to fight but still dazed from the barrage of KK’s punches. Kim gives her a little room, then charges, lowering her shoulder and blasting Jen back into the corner ringpost. Jen is hurt but she stubbornly fights on.

Kim senses victory and it looks bleak for the former proud champion, knowing the loser must submit to the winner. Kim straightens Jen up in the center of the ring and then unloads a hard right squarely into Jen's nose. Blood flies all over the ring as Jen is knocked back on her ass dazed and unable to protect herself.

Kim straddles Jen facing her and growls, "Ready to give, bitch? Your time is up!"

Jen says nothing but looks up at Kim and then she spits in her face! This enrages Kim who then belts Jen with seven or eight hard punches to the face and head. Jen is almost unconscious, her nude body pounded and pummeled by Kim who smashes her ribs and belly also.

"Time to say, nightie-night, Ms. Booty Queen Your ass is mine!!!" Kim chortles.

Jen doesn’t concede, so Kim switches positions and powers her huge ass onto Jen's sweaty, bleeding face, covering it competely with her massive glutes with Jen's pug nose stuffed directly up into her ass. Kim laughs as she twists and turns her ass on Jen's face as Jen's arm flail and her legs bicycle helplessly. But there’s no way out this time for the valiant Lopez.

Kim lifts her ass and asks Jen to submit..."Quit, you old bitch - or I'll suffocate you out."

But Jen is too proud to submit so Kim, having no choice, lowers her ass onto her face and this time she also crushes Jen's tits in her fists and then rips the hair from Jen's pussy. Jen continues to struggle, but her resistance rapidly fades without oxygen and soon there is no movement from her at all. Then Kim turns around into a front facesit, reaches down between her legs and spreads her labia, inching forward to cover Jen's mouth and nose with her wide open pussy.

Just as Kim settles in for a ‘last ride’ Jen is heard to gasp, "I…I…I QUIT!"

"GOOD!" exhaults Kim. "Now I have a few minutes to have my way with your sorry old ass…"

Kim stands over the bloody and beaten Lopez and kicks her in the ribs, stomps her chest and then kicks her in the head. Jen’s battered body bounces on the mat, her only sounds grunts with each punishing stomp or kick. Then Kim sits across Jen's chest and slowly moves up to her face, forcing Jen to submissively lick her pussy and then her asshole. The crowd, who had predominantly favored Lopez at the start, sits stunned and silent.
But Kim wants to force Jen to have an orgasm right there in front of the crowd, so she sits on her chest, facing her feet and slowly forces three fingers into Jen's warm, moist cunt. In and out she works her hand as she sits bouncing on Jen's chest, playing with her tits and tugging her nipples which are now rock hard and erect.

Suddenly, Jen arches her body, moans and lets out a loud groans…Kim had made her cum in front of the crowd; a large flow onto Kim’s hand. Kim holds her hand up to show the crowd the glistening discharge, then LICKS IT in delight as her sisters stand and cheeer her display of dominance.

"So that you don't try to get a rematch anytime soon…," Kim says. She puts Jen on all fours and takes a silver dildo her sister Khloe brings with her into the ring.

Jen begs, "Please NO, beat me…please!! I admit you have a better body…I’ll say anything…do anything you want!"

"Ha!!" Kim laughs as she forces the silver dildo into Jen's asshole, pumping it in and out, twirling it and working it in and out until all 10 inches are buried in Jen's booty! J-Lo’s embarassment is unbelievable as she is forced to endure a horrible situation.

"You fucking shit! I'll get you for this," J-Lo moans as Kim pulls out the dildo and Jen slumps to the mat; her face buried in her hands so the audience can’t see her tears. "Oh, you have a nice ass, Jen," says Kim as she puts her foot on Jen’s ass as she lays shuddering on her tummy.

But Kim wants still more! Khloe spreads Jen's legs, then Kim pins them in a wide V as she kneels between them and bares her teeth, bending over with her hands on Jen’s hips and BITES HER ASS - FIVE TIMES ON EACH CHEEK!

"Just leaving my mark," Kim purrs as Jen lets out loud cries and screams with each chomping bite! "Go hide your ass for a few months, bitch then bring it back and if it looks satisfactory, MAYBE I'll give you a rematch!"

Jen slowly gets up, crawls to her corner of the ring where Halle Berry hands her her robe to cover her naked, bitten and bruised body. As she is helped out of the ring, she turns and mutters, "I'll get you, I swear to God and my fans…I will…get…you!!