Booty Queens #5 (Part 1): Charlize Theron vs. Jennifer Lopez by Freddy Roberts

Place: Malibu Beach, California.
Rules: Combatants choose garments. Submission match ending with the loser-nude. Face-sit to a knockout followed by a 20 minute post-match humiliation of the loser.

There will be a pre-match beauty contest judged by Cindy Crawford, Angelina Jolie, Janet Jackson, Halle Berry and Madonna.

With her lover Sunny McKay unable to attend due to pressing business at the Porn Star Fight Club, Theron had to scramble to find a second. After being turned down by Sharon Stone (who pleaded a ‘shooting schedule conflict) and Katherine Heigl (who had a match in the ‘Celebrity Tag Team Wrestling League’ the same evening, Charlize had to settle for Cameron Diaz.

Lopez’ girlfriend (and rumored lover) Britney Spears was on hand to stand in her corner - as usual.

The prefight beauty contest will be judged in the following areas:


1. Breasts: J-Lo’s are bigger, but Charlize’s boobs - while far smaller - are firmer and almost perfectly shaped. She wins this round by an overwhelming 4-1 with only Halle ‘supporting’ Lopez to her disgust.

2. Legs: One-time ballerina Charlize’ legs are longer and nearly perfect as she wins “in a walk” 5-0!

3. Mid-section: Lopez abs are hard and flat while Charlize is smooth and nicely curved. The judges prefer “hard” by 3-2 so Lopez takes this area although Crawford and Berry (neither of whom has “six pack abs”) admiring Char’s body.

4. Face: Lopez has an exotic, Latina beauty, but it’s Charlize’ “classic beauty” that prevails as she wins 4-1 with only Jolie liking J-Lo’s look better.

5. Overall shape: Charlize’ long, angular body, her‘dancers butt’ and a pair of impressive legs carry her to a 3-2 win with Madonna, Crawford and Berry all in her corner.

6. Ass: Surprisingly, this body part was no contest as Lopez won 4-1 although only Madonna took the time to carefully inspect Theron’s tush, running her fingers over the muscular derriere before casting her vote - in Char’s favor!

7. Sexiness: Lopez wins 3-2 as there were no criteria for this one, each judge casting their vote based on personal preference with (again) Crawford and Madonna solidly siding with “the other white meat” as Lopez sneered of Theron.

So when all is said and done, Charlize wins the pre-contest-4-3. The girls just stare at each other with no conversation. Everyone watching can see both realize this is a serious match! Both Lopez and Theron want that title shot at Serena.

For the fight, Charlize changes into tight leather pants, black leather vest and a black leather bra. The crowd loves it as she poses and stretches for them in the ring. Then Lopez appears in white stretch pants and a black see-thru shirt with a white bra beneath.

It is a warm sunny day as the girls go to their corners for final words of advice, then the bell sounds and Theron spins out of her corner and kicks the advancing Lopez low in the belly! Lopez is stunned and Charlize follows with a second kick, this one to the head, then an overhand right to the jaw that nearly puts Lopez on her ass. But Lopez fights back, backhanding Charlize with a ‘bitch slap’ and a quick punch to her left eye. Then the girls charge each other. As Theron slams into J-Lo, she trips her and both go down to the mat!

It's on and what a fight. The ladies now curse each other and Lopez quickly resorts to street tactics while Charlize uses her scientific technique to put J-Lo’s neck in a Leg Vice. Jen calls Char a, “White shitbag!” and Charlize calls Jen a, “Washed up Latina fat ass!” As Charlize tightens her leg lock, Jen spits in her face, then rakes her face and pokes her in the eye! Squealing in pain, Charlize lets her go after the fouls and with Charlize’s legs open, Jen leaves her with a punch in the pussy as a going away present!

Charlize groans and rolls around in pain for a few seconds while J-Lo takes the time to catch her breath. As they close once more, Charlize catches J-Lo in a Front Facelock and pulls her face to her chest. It's a tight hold, but Jen reaches up and yanks Theron's hair viciously, pulling her over backward to the mat where Lopez unloads belly punch after belly punch followed by another solid fist to Charlize's crotch that buckles her knees!

Charlize is hurt and tries to buy time to recover when she grabs Lopez in an arm bar that stretches Jen's body. As she arches her back, J-Lo’s shirt rips open right down the front. A quick pull by Charlize gets the see-thru shirt off leaving Lopez stripped down to just bra, stretch pants and thong. But Lopez is pissed at her shirt coming off and resorts to another street move - she karate chops Charlize in the throat and as she gags she kicks her in the crotch!

Charlize is sick of J-Lo’s dirty tactics and after she recovers a bit, she uncorks a smashing right to Jen's jaw that twists Jen's head as blood pours from her lower lip. Lopez responds with a kick to Theron's thigh that has minimal effect but it’s enough for Charlize who takes a boxing stance and challenges Lopez to a bare knuckle fight.

Jen grunts, “OK” but then she tries to kick Charlize in the twat yet again.

But this time Charlize catches her foot in mid-air and lifts the leg into the air, dumping Lopez to the mat. Charlize tries to straddle her, but Lopez instead catches her with a punch to the ear, Charlize holding her head as Lopez pushes her to the corner and works her belly over with punches and slaps to her face. While Charlize is bent over the ropes, the upper part of her body cantilevered out over the ring apron, Cameron Diaz steps up onto the apron to plot strategy. But while Charlize’ back is turned, Jen grabs the back of her leather bra and pulls her back into the ring and flings her to the canvas. As she is thrown down, J-Lo yanks on her leather bra and the closure is ripped open as her bra comes loose. Lopez yanks again and the bra comes away in her hand - J-Lo has stripped Charlize of her bra! The audience stares at Theron's gorgeous (albeit small) tits and Lopez smiles when Charlize - embarassed to have her ‘shortcomings’ put on public display, covers her chest. Lopez troies to grab Charlize’ tits but Theron yells, “No way!”

She smacks J-Lo in the mouth, cutting her lip. then a punch to the face that opens a cut on her nose, sending blood running down her face. Lopez has a bloody face, but she gamely battles on against the now topless Theron who cracks Lopez with an open hand crack that rocks Lopez back into the ropes. Charlize moves in and unloads punch after bare knuckle punch to J-Lo’s face…then a few hard shots to her belly leaves Lopez gasping and wheezing!

Charlize shoves the woozy Latina backward into the corner where she smashes her with combinations and kicks to her body. Lopez tries to punch back but her blows are weak and Charlize deflects them and elbows Jen in the face. Lopez drops to her knees, then falls facedown on the mat. Charlize quickly unsnaps Jen’s bra, pulls it off and tosses it into the crowd. Jen on her tummy realizes her top is gone and tries to cover up, but a knee to her back and another knee to her head turns Jen over on her back, looking up at Theron.

Charlize pounces on Jen’s tummy, sits there and pins her arms with her knees as she goes to work on Lopez's full, sensuous jugs! More wrestler than streetfighter, Theron doesn’t claw and scratch, instead she squeezes Jen's tits until Jen cries, then pinches, pulls and stretches the large protruding nipples. J-Lo’s smooth, supple, tawny skin is stretched as Charlize works over her tits.

But Jen, though in big trouble, stubbornly fights on and when Charlize tries to move up and sit on her tits, Jen wriggles one hand free, swings and punches Charlize square in her exposed left tit! Theron - whose notoriously sensitive boobs have been her undoing in countless fights - cries out in agony as her tit is pancaked by J-Lo’s hammering punch. She tumbles over backward to the mat, rolls over and starts to get up…only to be slammed back down tits-first on the rough canvas when Jen leaps and lands with her butt on Charlize’s shoulders facing Theron’s feet. J-Lo pins Theron's arms, then reaches under her and starts to unbuckle her black leather pants. Lopez struggles to work the tight pants down to Charlize’s thrashing knees, then to her ankles and finally, off over her flailing feet.

Lopez keeps the struggling and kicking Theron's arms pinned as she strips her down to her black thong, then she curses Charlize, “This skanky, skinny white ass will never dominant ME, you bitch!”

Lopez a gutsy fighter then yanks up on the thong, wedging the tough leather deep into Charlize’s pussy and ass. Sawing the painful wedgie back and forth, J-Lo tortures both Charlize's cunt and her ass as she yanks harder and harder while Theron tries in vain to crawl and squirm away. Finally, the leather thong has taken all it can and even this tough leather breaks under the stresses. J-Lo almost tumbles ovver backward with the thong in her hand, her arms flying upward. When she lets go, the thong goes sailing through the air into the crowd leaving Theron totally naked, flat on her belly, her smooth shapely ass a juicy bare target for Jen who rights herself and starts to punch Theron’s ass, the back of her thighs and her kidneys.

Theron slips her arm free and uppercuts Jen in the chin with a quick move and Lopez is again shaken by a hard punch. Jen's face has taken many blows and this one lands flush on her jaw! Lopez and Theron both stand, face each other and Theron lands punch after hard punch, driving Lopez back across the ring. Jen fights her off, but Theron’s harder punches are doing damage. Backing Lopez into the corner, Theron pumps away! Another uppercut and Lopez, eyes groggy, falls on her face to the canvas. She’s hurt, but as she tries to get up a drop knee to the back slams her back down on her tummy.

Theron, in control for the first time, goes to her feet and kneels by her feet as she goes up to Jen's waist and pulls her pants off. She wastes little time and then pulls off J-Lo’s bikini panties and throws them to the corner. Now Lopez is also naked, face down on the canvas. As she stands over her, Theron calls J-Lo a “cow” and a “slut.”

“How could you think to beat me with THAT?” she screams as she stomps on Lopez’ ass.

Charlize kicks Jen in the ass over and over, landing other shots to her rear and then kicking her in the twat as she opens her legs trying to get up! Lopez screams as Theron knees her in the head and her head bobs when Charlize unleashes kick after kick to her back, neck and head! Lopez’ dream of a return title shot seems over when Theron rolls her over and drops her ass on Jen's bloody face. But in a unreal move, Jen twists her head to the side at the last second and instead of being smothered, she bites Theron’s golden asscheek! Her teeth sink in deep and she viciously clenches her teeth tight in the smooth cheek.

Charlize has to stand up to break free and as she staggers away, looking over her shoulder at the damage inflicted, Lopez wearily hauls herself up too and they again face off in the middle of the ring. They crash together with wild animal screams as they each pull hair and slap until Charlize pulls Jen into a breast mashing Bearhug!

As Charlize tightens her grip and bends her knees to lift Jen, J-Lo head butts the blonde beauty and Charlize staggers as her arms drop, releasing the hold. Once more, Lopez goes ‘down and dirty’ as she steps forward and knees Charlize in the groin for the fourth or fifth time! Tears fill Charlize’ eyes as her mouth forms a tight ‘o’ of pain. Lopez winds up and ‘cunt punts’ her again and this one is so powerful Charlize crumples to her knees; her hands wedged between her squeezed thighs, slowly rocking back and forth with her eyes shut against the pain.

Lopez runs to the ropes, rebounds and Dropkicks Charlize flush in the tits, knocking her halfway across the rin on her back! Jen bounces up, leaps and straddles Charlize as she drops her booty on the blondes bare boobs! Smiling, J-Lo slithers up until her cunt is covering Theron’s face with Charlize’s nose wedged tight and deep in Jen’s bush as she front facesits her.

Charlize begins to kick her legs wildly, raising one after the other and trying to knee J-Lo who reaches back between the thrashing legs and grabs onto her battered twat. Jen claws the tenderized tissue as her fingers carve deep into her cunt. With Jen’s pussy clamped over her nose and mouth, Charlize is really having problems breathing between her muffled screams!

The crowd is amazed by the turn of events as Lopez is once more in control and Charlize can hardly breathe at all. J-Lo presses her advantage and calls out to the crowd, “The Latina bombshell is BACK!” She gets up and stands over Charlize’s stretched out body. Charlize blinks numbly as she opens her eyes and looks up, groggy and disoriented, as Jen turns around and then sits down hard, dropping her famous booty on the Oscar winner’s gorgeous face. The Booty Smother is locked on as J-Lo reaches back to grab two fistfuls of Charlize’s hair and pulls her face in as she twists her ass from side to side and up and down, scrubbing her face. Charlize struggles but with her arms pinned she’s nearly helpless…especially with her legs weakened by the extreme amount of pussy punishment her body has taken.

Still, she bravely kicks and bucks as J-Lo clenches her big butt cheeks on her face. Lopez grinds her ass on her until Charlize is almost out!!! The crowd falls silent sensing an upset. Theron, her face almost invisible under the broad expanse of Jen's ass, doesn’t move as Lopez rides her face. After several minutes, J-Lo lifts her knee off of one of Charlize’s arms, lifts it and let’s it flop back down on the mat. Charlize Theron has been face sit out cold! Lopez doesn’t get up, she just smiles and waves her arms in the air as she continues to rub and scrub her pussy and ass on her vanquished victim’s red face.

“Ms White Princess, the crowd favorite, is mine!!!” Jen exhaults. “Your ass is mine, baby. You’ll wish you never agreed to this fight.” Most saw this fight as a tuneup for the heavily favored Theron for a match with Serena Williams but now it will be the Latina Booty Queen going for the title. “I’ll leave you something to remember me by...Ms. Theron!” J-Lo laughs as she finally lifts her ass off of Charlize’s flushed, blank, face.

Britney Spears rushes into the ring and they kiss and hug over Theron’s body as she lays spread-eagled on the mat between them. Cameron Diaz - who truth be told never really cared that much for Charlize anyway - knows she can’t do anything and just trying to help Charlize could get her in as much (or more) trouble than Theron. After a quick glance at the embracing duo over her fighter, Cameron just shrugs, picks up her bag and turns to head up the aisle, leaving Charlize to her fate.

Lopez has twenty minutes to humiliate Charlize if she chooses but first she and Britney tongue kiss in front of the crowd for several minutes. Then Brtiney leaves the ring and Lopez tells the timekeeper, “Start the clock!” She sits between Charlize's legs and roughly spreads them wide open. “Now....the fun begins!!!”

Theron is laid out nude and unconscious and many in the crowd are still in disbelief at her loss. She was expected to move on to face the awesome Serena - who is sitting in the crowd with her sister Venus who have been laughing and pointing at the ring during the back and forth match. Now, like most of the rest, they lean forward in their seats to watch the sexy action to come. As J-Lo begins her preparations, Serena leans over and whispers to Venus, “Too bad really. I was sorta looking forward to getting a slice of that blonde for myself. Guess now I’ll have to do it at the PSFC or that Put Up Club.”

Lopez is also nude and battered, especially her face which was beaten pretty good by Charlize. Lopez ponders her next move carefully. She’s back in contention for the title she wore before losing it to Vida Guerra. She has now worked her way back to the top of the pecking order and wants to send a message to the champion and the other contenders. She calls to Britney for “shaving cream and a razor.” Once she has it, she wedges her knees against the insides of Charlize’s thighs to keep her legs spread in case she wakes up, then moves to Charlize's pussy. Jen lathers up that fantastic pussy with the shaving cream, then takes the straight razor and carefully scrapes her trim golden bush until it’s smooth as a baby’s bottom. She wipes the slick slit with a damp washrag, then sits back to admire her handiwork.

At the Porn Star Fight Club, Sunny McKay feels sick as she can only watch on TV as her lover is shaven. Back in Theron’s dressing room, Cameron Diaz glances up at the screen, smiles and mumbles, “Better her than me!” before she leaves for a late date with her new boyfriend.

Once Lopez has shaved Charlize she stands up and struts around the ring. J-Lo is a fabulous sight, her ass is in prime shape and now the audience cheers her. She’s been on a special workout program and is back dancing so her body has never looked trimmer and tighter. Theron, herself in unreal shape after ‘Aeon Flux’ has had a rough day. She’s been stripped nude and shaven clean, a terrible insult to a woman as proud of her bush as Charlize is.

But Lopez still isn’t done! She returns and sits on Theron’s belly with her knees drawn up against Charlize’s chest, squeezing her small, firm breasts together. Charlize slowly awakens and when she starts to stir, J-Lo grabs her tits and pinches those sensitive nipples, pulling up as she tells the crowd, “I think I want to see some milk from these little jugs!”

Charlize screams when she feels the cool air blowing between her parted legs and knows she’s been humiliated - then her heart sinks as she realizes there’s still more to come! Jen squeezes her tits, pulls them up and shakes them side to side. She pinches her nipples and kneads her titties, rolling the pliant flesh slowly from side to side. As she begins to work the perky mounds upward from the base, tiny droplets of white cream ooze out. Lopez leans over and suckles, flicking the erect, stiff nipples with her tongue as she squeezes, slowly working the milk up and out. Once she gets a steady flow going, she rubs her on tits over Charlize’s, coating her breasts with the blondes cream.

“Now,” she snaps at the helpless Theron. “Lick it off my titties!” She leans over her and swings her breasts in Charlize’s face and demands, “Kiss and lick them, bitch!! Show everybody who REALLY has the best tits!”

Unable to resist, Charlize is forced to lick her own milk from Lopez’ tits, then she’s forced to kiss and lick them until they’re sparkling clean. “Now, suck and lick and you better do a good job bitch!” Lopez snarls as she shoves her tits into Charlize mouth. “Make me believe you’re enjoying every minute, or I’ll have to hurt you some more. Ummmmm, yesssss, that’s the way my little tongue slut…very nice!!”

Lopez moves her ass over Charlize’s face and forces her to kiss her butt. After a brief hesitation, and after J-Lo grabs her tender tits and gives them a hard squeeze, she tearfully kisses it. Even before Charlize pulls her lips from Jen’s caboose, Lopez is already calling Britney back to the ring. While Jen kicks Charlize over on her stomach, then forces her up on all fours, Britney slides between the ropes behind her and shows a 12” long black dildo to the crowd. J-Lo puts her foot on the back of Charlize’s neck and holds her head down as Britney squats behind Charlize’s raised ass, then DRIVES all 12 inches deep into her pussy! Charlize lets out a bloodcurdling scream as her body SLAMS flat on the canvas, then Brit kneels with her knee in the small of Charlize’s back as she pumps the wicked shaft in and out several times. Charlize’s fingers claw the canvas and her hips bounce up and down until Brit’s arm gets tired and she stops, leaving the dark shaft halfway in, laying on the mat between Theron’s legs.

Lopez then orders Charlize back on all fours and sits down in front of her, spreading her legs on either side of the blondes bright red, tear-streaked face. She tells Theorn she wants her to lick her hairy Latina bush and, as Britney again starts to stroke with the dildo from behind, the weeping, once proud Oscar winning Charlize Theron meekly bows down and flicks out her tongue, slowly curling it up the puffy slit of Jennifers pussy. As Jen holds her hair, Charlize licks and kisses Jen's twat, making Lopez’ boody squirm with delight. Jen tells Britney she wants a duel climax - Charlize coming at the same time she cums on her face. Britney obediently pounds the dildo in and out, rotating her wrist one way, then the other as she corkscrews the black beauty deep in Theron's love hole. Soon, Theron begins to groan and her body shiver as she gobbles Jen's goodies! Then, with a loud groan, Charlize explodes in an orgasm, her body going rigid and her knees buckling under her. At almost the same moment, Jen leans back on her hands and lets out a loud cry as she SPURTS in the blondes face.

At both ends, juices flow…Charlize’s flowing down the shaft of the dildo onto Britney’s fingers while J-Lo 's rich, thick cream slathers Charlize's flushed face as her arms splay out and she collapses on her belly between Jen’s trembling thighs. Britney slowly pulls out the dildo and leaves the ring with it as Charlize moans and rolls onto her side, then turns on her back, staring up into the lights with one arm flung across her sticky face. Charlize Theron is one totally whipped, beaten and humiliated blonde, having been “taken” in front of not only the live crowd but also a world-wide PPV audience!!

“How does it feel? How did you like my ass on your pretty face? You like kicking my twat, don’t you Theron?” Charlize doesn’t answer her, she just lays there in agony, unable to stop the post-climax tremors rippling through her weakened, battered and lust sated body. The referee reminds Lopez she’s running out of time.

“Please, no more…” she whimpers as the Latina bombshell slides her foot under her hip and flips her back over onto her tummy. Theron’s gorgeous ass, so firm and tight, round like J-Lo’s, is exposed and ready for more abuse! Lopez sits on Charlize’s back facing her ass, bends down and bites each cheek…her teeth leaving round indentations which - for the next week or so - will be a constant reminder to Charlize of who has the better ass!

“Your ass is sweet, but mine is better…SAY IT!” yells Jen as she bites her ass again. In all, she leaves six or seven bite marks on each sweet, round, smooth cheek. Watching in the bar of the Porn Star Fight Club, Sunny McKay slumps on the floor in front of the TV and holds her face in her hands, sobbing, as she watches Charlie's sweet ass being chewed until it’s red and raw!

After more abuse, Charlize has to sob aloud that J-Lo’s ass IS better and then without being prompted, she adds that she has the sweeter pussy as well! Britney can’t stop laughing. Lopez makes Charlize lay on her back, then she stands over her face and releases a stream of golden urine onto the face of Charlize and over her face then runs down to her tits and belly.

Charlize is crying as the pissing finally stops and J-Lo steps over her and walks back to embrace Britney. Charlize rolls over on her belly and buries her face in her crossed arms. Her naked body shudders as she cries uncontrollably and as she sobs, the crowd falls silent. Serena Williams is sitting at ringside and she climbs into the ring to console Theron. As she stands up after ducking through the ropes, she points at Lopez and says something. Lopez instantly challenges her to fight “…right here and now…” but Williams ignores her and she helps Charlize out of the ring and lowers her into Venus’ waiting arms.

Lopez watches the beaten Theron being carried out. Her own face is a bruised mess, but there’s absolutely no doubt who the winner is as she embraces Britney as they share a deep victory kiss and hug, rubbing and grabbing each others ass. Lopez was thought by many not to have a chance against the bigger Theron but once again she has emerged victorious. But just before Serena and Charlize pass through the curtain to the dressing room, Williams turns and flips Jen the finger.

Lopez sees it and screams, “YOUR FAT BLACK ASS IS MINE NEXT!”

The match is over, but Serena stops, hands Charlize off to the doctors, turns and walks back to the ring with Venus hurrying to catch up. They reach the apron and charge the ring where Venus punches Britney in the face as Serena grabs Lopez from behind. Of course, Britney is no help and Venus easily wraps her up in a bearhug, then throws the hapless Spears out of the ring. She lands on her head, knocked out cold - thankfully not injuring any of her “money making” equipment.

Then Venus joins Serena who has Lopez in a bearhug, her arms trapped at her sides. Venus slugs Lopez in the face, then another punch flattens her nose, starting the blood running! The crowd can’t believe what’s happening! Lopez is groggy and Serena lets her drop to the mat just as the police arrive at ringside to stop the mayhem. But before they leave, Venus helps Serena pull down her shorts and undies, then Serena takes a seat on Lopez' face! As her big black ass envelopes Jen's entire face, the Latina booty babe can’t move.

Serena wiggles her butt on J-Lo’s face several minutes before she gets up and tells her, “That is just a taste of what I will do to you! I’ll kick your fat Puerto Rican ass all over the ring and then I’ll have my way with you!! You’ll eat black pussy all day and all night!”

The cops break it up and the Williams sisters head back to Charlize’s dressing room to collect the dazed and disheartened blonde. They take Charlize back to their suite at the Porn Star Club where she (and her lover Sunny) will spend the night “repaying” them for saving her from Lopez…over and over and over…until both sisters are too “repaid” to stand. It turns out Serena didn’t have to fight Charlize to get what she wanted from the two blond bimbos talented tongues!

Meanwhile, in the ring, Lopez sits up shaking her head and slowly pulls herself to her feet, then she helps Britney to her feet trying to get the cobwebs out of her head. Lopez and Britney leave the ring and on their way back to the dressing room, Lopez tells Britney she must train hard for the fight with Williams. Britney has fear in her eyes as she tells Lopez to watch film of Willims to get ready.

Lopez just smiles, “Don't worry, Brit I have a plan!!”
Booty Queens #5 (Part 2): Jennifer Lopez vs. Serena Williams by Freddy Roberts

Latina Booty Queen Lopez had earned another title shot at champ Serena Williams with her win over popular Charlize Theron when she was jumped in the ring and facesat by Serena! A few days later, J-Lo’s manager, Britney Spears, called Pam Grier and asked her to consult and help train J-Lo while Serena was off winning tennis matches and being trained by sister Venus. Grier, a nasty catfighter and former invincible star, was brought in to work with the actress/singer who did some fight scenes in ‘Enough’ and suggested the best way to fight the bigger and more muscular Serena.

Lopez, with Spears and Grier, visit a tennis match to observe Williams and chart her movements and size. Serena, clad in leather shorts and a leather button top, is winning the match with Venus on the sidelines. It is in New York in the summer, a warm sunny day. Williams match is the first of the day and she looks great, returning shots on defense and dominating with her ground strokes on offense. As the match ends, Grier and Spears corner Venus and while Grier holds her arms, Spears punches her in the face. Then Grier bearhugs Venus and as the air comes out of her, Spears sucker punches her, knocking Venus out cold!

Before Serena even notices what’s happening and runs to her aid, Venus is down and out! The crowd watches security police try to move the crowd back and break it up but just then Lopez, in dungarees and a cut off tee-shirt, comes out of the crowd, runs up behind Williams and challenges her to fight. Serena, worried about Venus, hesitates and that’s when Lopez hauls off with a punch to her jaw. Williams is stunned and Lopez, using her training as a boxer under Grier, punches her in the face! Serena is hurt and she desperately covers up but Lopez unleashes a knee to her pussy! Serena doubles up in pain which makes it easy for J-Lo who drop-kicks her in the chest, sprawling Serena on the court flat on her back.

Lopez kicks her between her legs and then knees her groin again (it worked on Theron, so why not?) Lopez moves quickly and pounces on Serena's chest and pins her arms as she straddles her tummy. J-Lo is a wild woman who lets fly with punch after punch, her knuckles turning Williams’ face into a bloody mask! Serena’s eyes are swollen shut and her lower lip is bleeding badly. (It seems Lopez has a metal bar in her fist which make the power of her punches tremendously effective!)

One shot opens a gash on her cheek and the impact has the crowd in disbelief. Serena Williams is in real trouble while sister Venus is already out cold, spread-eagled on the court under the bouncy, giggly Spears. But J-Lo isn’t interested in stripping Williams, at least not yet, but in knocking her out!! Serena struggles to get up - and appears to wriggle free momentarily - only to have Pam Grier kick her in the head knocking her back down!

Grier sits across Serena’s thighs, holding her legs down for Lopez who, with the crowd watching in shock, uncorks six straight punches to William's bloody face, then finishes her off with an elbow to the mouth. Lopez grabs two handfuls of her hair, pulls her head up and then slams her head on the court until Serena passes out! This is unreal! Both Williams sisters are out cold!

At last, Lopez starts to strips Serena in front of the crowd right at center court. First her sneakers, then socks, then her leather shorts and finally her top. The last are her panties and bra. Jen leaves Serena sprawled face up and stark naked in front of the appreciative crowd. Williams can’t move as she’s totally out. Lopez wants to end the match for the booty crown, so she stands over Serena and takes off her dungarees and thong. She has to make this fast as the crowd expects it to be interrupted by other celebs or the police. Serena starts to move a little and when J-Lo sees this, she jumps in the air and drops her ass on Serena's face!

“This is payback, bitch for that little stunt you played on me!” Lopez snarls as she grinds her ass into Serena's face.

Serena is gasping for air as Lopez twists and grinds her ass on her face. Serena is in agony as Lopez rips out clumps of pubic hair, then face sits her her some more! Several of the crowd start to applaud Jen as she reaches back to adjust Serena's head, positioning her nose in the crack of her ass, wedging the cute little nose deep in her sweaty ass as she rides Serena until she passes out again!

After Lopez gets off of Serena and poses for pictures, for good measure she pinches and squeezes Serena's titties. Good thing Serena is still out cold from the facesit because Lopez kicks the prone and naked “champion” over onto her tummy, giving the audience a chance to observe Serena’s fabulous fanny - which Lopez then SPANKS!

When she’s done, J-Lo pulls on her thong and jeans, then leaves the court (with Serena still laid out, nude and beaten next to Venus who is also still out cold.) Grier, Spears and Lopez walk out with arms linked wearing big grins. Under official ‘Booty Rules’ this qualifies as a ‘fight’ so Lopez reclaims her booty title. But Williams, jumped and cheated, demands a rematch with ‘official rules’ and a referee!