Booty Queens #6: Jennifer Aniston vs. Angelina Jolie by Freddy Roberts

This match has been talked about and is in the papers and tabloids everyday for months now. Jolie on the set of Mr. and Mrs Smith began a romance with Brad Pitt and he in turn left Jennifer Aniston. There has been talk of nasty e-mails and letters back and forth. The contestants through their lawyers have agreed on a match. It will be:
Winner gets $500.000 upon completion of match - paid by the losers second;
Loser will be stripped nude;
Winner has a 20 minute period after the match to humiliate the loser;
Brad Pitt must attend!
Fight is closed to the public with an invite-only audience of 200; no reporters and NO video;
Attire to be chosen by the fighters!
There will be NO rematch-the winner cannot give a rematch until two years pass!
There is a limit if ONE assistant for each contestant; Jolie selects Jessica Alba. They are friends and some suspect a secret romance (Jolie has admitted to relationships with women) while Aniston selects close "Friend" Courtney Cox.
And finally, both contestants must submit to a pre-fight beauty contest with five judges:
Halle Berry
Janet Jackson
Alyssa Milano
Cindy Crawford
Mariah Carey.

The areas to be judged are tits, legs, ass, overall body, sexiness, face, midsection(belly). Both girls wear the most slinky g-string bikini's for the contest. Aniston in red, Jolie is her standard black.

Category One, legs: Both parade the runway and their legs are great. In a close 3-2 vote Aniston wins and goes up 1-0

Category Two, belly: The women are in tremendous shape and the judges study thier firm mid-sections.3-2 vote for Aniston and she leads 2-0

Category Three, face: Jolie has a great face as does Aniston..Aniston wins 3-0

Category Four, tits: Jolie removes her top, Aniston sees this and takes hers off also. Brad loves to suck these, says Jolie. Aniston cups her tits and walks to the judges..These are pure, not like that whore, slut..Jolie. Jolie allows Janet Jackson, a possible former lover to touch hers..Jolie wins 3-2 and now trails 3-1

Category Five, sexiness: Jolie goes first and she does a dance for the judges, a slow sexy strip..She slowly pulls off her g-string and reveals a shaved pussy. Aniston doesn’t remove her bottom but does pull her thong up tight to give the judges a glimpse of her pussy hair. Jolie wins 4-1 and it's now 3-2 for Aniston

Category Six, overall shape: The judges take a long time with this but vote in Jolie 3-2 again..It's now a tie, 3-3!

Category Seven, ass: Jolie parades in front of the judges. Her ass is well formed and tight. She shakes it for the judges.
Aniston removes her bottoms also and her sweet ass is admired by the judges. The referee, current booty champ, Jennifer Lopez, asks the girls to complete their parade and asks for an open vote.

Halle Berry votes for Aniston,
Cindy Crawford votes for Jolie,
Janet Jackson votes for Jolie,
Alyssa Milano votes for Aniston.

It's a two to two tie with the entire pre-match beauty contest on the line! Mariah Carey asks to have the girls come in front of her. Aniston stands before her and Mariah checks her out. Next is Jolie. Jolie sticks her famous tongue out from her big lips and smiles at Mariah who leans over and quickly marks her score card. When she holds it up, it reveals Mariah has voted for Jolie, the winner!

The audience appauds as Jolie smiles and taunts Jennifer, calling her a sore loser and a little bitch! You see, little bitch, Brad likes the way I suck his dick. You were NOT good at it. Look at my sexy lips compared to yours, little Miss America. I can't wait to drop your boney ass right here!"

"Oh, really?" says Aniston who proceeds to call Jolie a whore and tramp. "Big, well, THIS will make them bigger!"

Aniston punches Jolie in her face before they even get into the ring. "I can't wait to destroy your dirty cunt. I hate your ass. I will destroy you!"

Jolie screams, stunned from the punch, "You WILL be mine, bitch…all mine!!"

As the girls enter the ring clad in skimpy bikinis , the curses begin. Jen calls Angelina a slut for stealing Brad. You can have him and his little prick. How does it go into your big twat!! Really says Jolie..he moans when he ####s me..he said you were a cold ass with no emotion. I can't wait to kick your little blonde ass and then have you eat my pussy. No way, skanky, your ass will be all mine and I want Brad to watch me stick a big dildo in your phony asshole. No wonder your own father does not talk to you!!. They charge each other with punches and kicks. The crowd cannot believe the hair pulling, slaps and punches.

Smack after smack as Jolie and Aniston exchange insults, punches and they spit on each other. As hair is pulled and Brad watches,Jennifer scores the first great punch, a right that knocks Jolie to the canvas. Jolie gets up, but Jen uncorks a left that smashes Jolies famous lip. Blood shoots from the lip and Jen hits her with a left to the eye. Jolie covers up as Aniston uncorks an uppercut that puts Jolie on her back. Jolie shakes her head as Aniston allows her to get up, and then Aniston knees her to the groin. Jolie is desperate and hurt, so she grabs Jen's bra and yanks it off her tits to her waist. Jen pulls it off. I'm not ashamed of my tits, smart ass, Jolie thinking that it would distract Jennifer. A solid right to the head puts Jolie on the mat again and this time Aniston sits across her tummy, pins her arms and proceeds to smack her face. The gorgeous face of Jolie is cracked with hard knuckle punches , her eyes are almost closed and her head snaps back with each punch. Aniston is like a wild woman as she stomps on Jolies face... Not interested in stripping Jolie, Aniston continues to pound her head up and down on the canvas. She grabs her hair and smashes her head on the mat. She then elbows her face..the elbow opening a gash on her cheek. Jolie is groggy as Aniston pours it on.

Aniston screams, "I hate you!! I hate you for stealing Brad..."

All emotion coming out as she elbows her again to the face. Awww!! screams Jolie as her face is a bloody mess and she is woozy. Aniston wants a knockout and she pulls Angelina to her feet and drags her to the ropes where Brad is sitting.

"See her face now!" screams Jen. "Look at it!!!"

The groggy Jolie cannot resist as Jen stands her up in the corner and lets go with a powerful right to her face. Ang stands up as Jen grabs her hair and pounds her face into the turnbuckle over and over..blood flying all over the canvas. One more smash into the buckle and Jolie falls backward, lands flat on her back, her head hitting the canvas...out cold...Jen runs around the ring , jumping for joy as she is hugged by Courtney Cox.

Jolie, unconscious, has to pay $500,000 and a grumpy Jessica Alba writes the check. Everyone leaves the ring, leaving Jolie behind for a stripping followed by a twenty minute humiliation session at the hands of Aniston.

Aniston walks around her falllen foe and spits in her face. She then kneels between her legs, pulls off her top, revealing Jolie's sweet chest. Large brown nips that Jen tweaks, pinches and pulls on. The knocked out Jolie twitches as Jen bites both tits hard, leaving teeth marks in the fleshy sides of each breast. Jolie screams in horror as her jugs are bitten.

"Now Brad, watch your girls tits get bitten!" Jen hisses as she bites down hard again and Jolie cries in pain. "Enough of your tits, they’re gonna take weeks to heal!!!"

Jen then slides off Jolies bottom, revealing her shaved pussy and the audience and Brad look on in excitement as her body is now naked. Jolie 's twat, the one Brad left Jen for, is there and waiting for Jen’s assault. Jolie looks at Jen in disbelief as Jen pulls on a long silver dildo!! Jolie is in major trouble for the next 20 minutes as Jennifer kneels behind her and rams the dildo in her asshole. Jolie screams as Aniston forces the entire length of the dildo into her; she pleads with her to stop but Jen is intent on hurting her and hurting her badly!

Jolie cries in agony as Jennifer forces the entire length of the dildo into her ass and Angelina screams in horror as the dildo protrudes up her ass. She begs Aniston to stop, but Jennifer just laughs as the ass torture continues. The crowd sits in stunned amazement as Jolie's supple, firm ass is put in agony.

"AHHHHHH!! Please!!! Stop!!! Unnnnnhhhhh…"

"Did Brad fuck you in the ass like this!!! I’ll make it so no one will EVER fuck your sorry ass again!"

Jolie squirms and shakes in pain as Angelina tortures her backside. She cries uncontrollably as her ass is tortured. Aniston finally pulls it out and kicks Jolie over on her back.

"Now, lick it off...suck on it, bitch!" Jolie licks and sucks the dildo that was just up her asshole and Jennifer laughs. Not so hot, now..are you..with that dildo in you mouth. ..Now for so much more fun!

As Angelina lies on her back, Jennifer straddles her chest, facing her feet. She delivers some hard belly shots that have Jloie in agony again. Jen's punches aare in the belly button area and then she punches Jolie directly into her twat. She makes sure she faces the audience as Jen pries her fingers and tears away at Jolie's cunt.

"Ahhhhh!!!! Nooooo!!! Please…" But Jen rakes her nails on Jolies inner thighs and then pinches her cunt lips tight , causing Jolie to jump in pain. My cunt, please , leave it alone, you can have Brad back.

"Fuck Brad! I want to fuck YOU up. You’re nothing but a worthless piece of shit!’

Jolie’s magnificent body is cruelly cracked over and over again on her cunt, then Jen backs up, placing her sweet slim ass on Jolie’s face. She pounds Jolies face with her ass and slides her pussy all over her face. She continues to sit across her face, finally posing with her arms in the air and enjoying having Angelina under her delectable behind.

"How’s it taste, sweetie? Better’n Brad's cum?"

"Hmmmm, oh Brad…."

Jennifer calls Brad to the ring as Jennifer turns to front face sit Jolie, jamming her twat into her face. Jolie tries to turn her head but Jen forces her pussy into her mouth. Brad enters the ring as Jen sits on Jolies face. She pulls Brad's zipper down, removes his cock and sucks him off in front of Angelina.

"NOOOO!! STOP!!" Jen sucks him , putting his long cock into her mouth as she sits on Jolies titties. Brad cums into Jen's mouth. Then Jen tells Angelina, "You’re supposedly soooo sexy, but Brad enjoys my mouth better’n yours!"

As Brad gets his cock sucked off, Jolie can only sob on the mat as she watches her lover with his former wife.

"Well, I guess I'm finished with your sorry ass, but there is one thing you can do, my little dyke friend. I want you to suck m asshole, then eat my sweet pussy and admit my twat is superior to your skanky twat!"

Jen gets on all fours and Jolie goes behind her and licks her asshole and is made to stick her tongue into Jen's ass. Now Jen gets on her back and Jolie leans down and rubs her tits and then licks her twat.

"Admit it!!! Bitch!!!" Jolie yells.

"Yuh...yur pussy is better than mine..."

"What else?"

"Yu…you have a better body, b…b…better tits and a better ah…ass!!"

"Very pleasure me!"

Jolie proceeds to lick Jen's cunt, probing her tongue in and out until Jen climaxes on her face...cum all over Jolie's beautiful face. Then Jen gets up and kicks Jolie HARD in the pussy ...then she turns and walks away, leaving the nude and beaten Jolie stretched out in the ring.