Booty Queens #7: Jennifer Lopez vs. Serena Williams by Freddy Roberts

Lopez after winning three straight matches and jumping Serena is once again the booty queen. Vida, who has a record of 2-1 versus Lopez is eager for another match. The location will MADISON SQUARE GARDEN IN NEW YORK. THE LADIES ARRIVE FOR A PRESS CONFERENCE AND TO SET THE RULES OF THE FIGHT. Guerra arrives with her back-up, Halle Berry while Jen arrives with her lover, Britney Spears. Guerra wears a two piece bikini that covers nothing for the press and JLO is dressed casual n tight jeans and a cut off top with no-bra. Her tight midriff shows.

As they proceed to the ring area, Serena Williams arrives with sister Venus and calls out JLO as she and Vida approach the ring. JLO is approached by Serena as she moves towards the ring. JLO is stunned as Serena calls her out and tells Vida, “Go back to the dressing room before I beat your ass, too!” She is clad in blue jeans and a short tee-shirt. She calls JLO a pig and a whore. She and JLO square off as Vida hustles back to the safety of the locker room. "Remember how you jumped me last time, you fat ass Puerto Rican? Well, I didn't forget!” Serena snarls.

"Too bad! You're going to get whacked again, bitch!"

JLO punches her - and Serena punches her back! They climb into the ring and pull hair and tops. Serena uppercuts JLO who catches Serena with a hard right to the head. Lopez uncorks a good left that hits Serena in the lip as Serena punches Jen is the face again and again. Both proud fighters unload slaps and punches with no clear advantage. Serena is able to tie up Lopez in the corner and attacks her with five or six unanswered belly shots. Lopez is able to uppercut Serena to the jaw, but not before Serena yanks at her shirt and pulls it over her head, baring Jen's torso and tits. She wasn’t wearing a bra. Jen pushes Serena away and pulls off her top, revealing a skimpy red bra. Serena pressed the action and cracks JLO to the face, knocking her to the ground and off her feet. Jen gets up quickly, but a firm kick to her ass, knocks her back on her belly. She gets up again and knees Serena in the groin, before Serena grabs her left tit and pulls on it, Lopez screaming and cursing.

Lopez, her tit in Serena's hand, cries to have it released and spits in Serena's face. Serena knees Lopez to her crotch. A look of despair comes over Jen and the blood rushes from her face as this knee smash knocks the wind out of Jen. She does not go down, but doubles over and Serena knees her to her backside into her crotch again and Jen hits the deck, sobbing in agony. Serena, not content to have Lopez merely crying, kicks her in the cunt and Lopez’s cries turn to screams of pain.

“How does it feel to be jumped, bitch!"

Lopez, crying on the mat tries to get up, but is met by a punch to her head and then a kick to her head, knocking her on her back and leaving her very nice tits exposed to the crowd at ringside. Serena sits on her belly and punches the screaming Lopez in the face. Her fists fly as Lopez is hit in the nose, lip and eyes with punch after punch. Lopez is so spirited, and moves her arm and jabs at Serena's tit, but it has no effect as Serena pins her arms and then saps Jen's tits, knocking them from side to side and then grabbing them and pulling on them. Lopez is in major trouble as Serena pinches her nipples and Lopez screams again. Her nipples are pinched so hard that tittie milk flows out.

“Yeah...” screams Serena. “I milked the big fat ass cow!”

Lopez tits ooze white cream as Serena flails away with more punches, but Lopez moves her head and knees Serena in the back with one hard kick, knocking her off her and onto her back. Lopez scrambles over to Serena and quickly jabs her in the eye with two fingers. Serena is blinded by the dirty trick as Lopez pokes her in the eye again, then SLAPS her face! A hard slap that echoes in the arena. A woozy Lopez then belts Serena in the jaw and Serena is on her back. Lopez yanks at her top, pulling off her bra and Serena's massive tits spill out to be seen (and enjoyed) by the crowd. Her bra is tossed to the side as Serena is momentarily hurt with Jen sitting on her chest with her jeans, crushing her tits as Lopez jumps up and down on her jugs.

As Lopez jumps on Serena's bare chest, the crowd is amazed at JLO'S feisty battle. Serena, her tits under Jen's ass, then tries to squirm out, but now her arms are pined and Lopez unbuckles her jeans and pulls down the zipper, showing Serena's red thong top. Lopez cannot pull off the jeans and concentrates on Serena's face, kneeing her face viciously and punching her in the head. Punch after punch rocks Serena's head, but she also is a great fighter and she undoes her arm and hits Lopez in the chin with a good right. Lopez still atop Serena has her ass now front facesitting Serena. Serena has a very bloody mouth as Lopez slaps her face over and over and Serena is hurt. She heaves forward and Lopez cannot hold the move. Both girls stand and face each other. Serena has her pants unzipped, but on and Lope and Serena pull hair and curse each other. Serena unloads a great left that has Lopez on her butt again. As Jen tries to stand, she is met by a roundhouse right that puts Lopez on her backside. Jen struggles to get up, but a vicious knee to her head knocks her to the mat and on her tummy.

Lopez is flat on her back as Serena sits across her tummy. Jen kicks wildly, but Serena has her arms pinned down tight and Jen is straddled again by the bigger Serena. Serena uncorks a punch that shakes Jen's head and knocks her into dream land. It was a solid right that hammered Lopez. Lopez is almost out cold, her head barely moving as Serena, to make sure, stands over her and kicks her in the head as Lopez's lights go out and she stares blankly into space before nodding off. Serena has a very powerful right that has knocked many out, now including Lopez. Serena kneels between Lopez's legs and unbuckles Jen's pants, pulling down her zipper and then pulling her pants all the way off, leaving the gorgeous Lopez in a pair of white thin panties. Serena attempts to pull them off when the coy Lopez punches her to her face, and then punches her again. SERENA, STUNNED BACKS UP AS LOPEZ AND HER NOW STAND APART AGAIN AND LOPEZ UPPERCUTS HER, THEN ANOTHER PUNCH KNOCKS SERENA ON HER BACK.

The crowd is watching at this close battle as the ladies tear into one another. Both ladies are topless as Lopez is another comeback tries to grab at Serena's big tits and does so, grabbing both jugs and yanking on them, causing Serena to cry out loud. Serena drops to her knees as Lopez is determined to get her jeans off. Serena with her tits tortured falls to the canvas on her tummy. Lopez releases her aching tits and pins her across her shoulders, pinning her arms and facing her feet. Jen pulls Serena jeans to her knees, taking her panties with them and then switches to her feet quickly and yanks off the undies, leaving the proud Serena naked on the mat, her spectacular ass exposed to the crowd. Her muscular body is magnificent in the raw as Lopez tries to pin down her legs and attack her from the rear. Serena is too strong as she gets up and scrambles to the corner. Lopez runs to her corner and the women continue to fight with both hurting and ready to damage the other. Both have sore tits and faces that are bloody and beaten.

The match continues as Serena rushes Lopez and pulls her hair. Lopez tries to fight her off, but Serena drags her around the ring by her hair and yanks her to the canvas with a vicious hair pull. Some of Jen's hair comes out in her hand.

“Strip me, you bitch!? You’ll pay for this!” Serena knees Jen in the crotch and then has her in the corner, banging her head on the corner turnbuckle. Over and over until Lopez, woozy, falls to her back, hurt and woozy. Another kick to the head has Lopez spread on the canvas, face down and hurt. Serena yanks off her skimpy bottom, leaving JLO nude in the ring, her plump ass exposed. Lopez is clearly woozy as Serena sits across her back, facing her feet and pins her down. Jen's ass glistens with sweat as Serena plans her attack on the famous dancer's delicious booty.

Lopez tries to wiggle out, shaking her ass and legs and Serena can’t hold the position as both ladies tumble on the mat. Lopez and Serena exchange leg wraps. Lopez wraps her strong legs around Serena's middle and Serena has a tight leg lock on Lopez, around her waist. Pressure is applied on both sides as the ladies struggle with these tight holds and squeeze for all it's worth. Lopez with a free hand grabs Serena between her legs and pulls on her pussy lips…squeezing her pussy and snaking her fingers into her asshole.

Serena and Lopez, both nude are tangled on the floor, legs intertwined and in leg locks. Jen is raking Serena’s exposed pussy and Serena has a free hand punishing JLO'S hairy twat. Serena yanks out a handful of pussy hair and tosses it to the side as Jen screams. Serena's hand then penetrates Jen's ass, probing her asshole with four fingers and digging deep into Jen's ass cheeks. This pressure position goes on for about five minutes with neither lady giving in as Lopez and Serena both cry in agony as the pain is unbelievable but neither will give up.

Serena gets her head free and bites into Lopez's ass. Lopez her head free reaches across and bites Serena's left tit, torturing the thick, long, black nipple in the process. Both women, glorious in their nudity, are like animals; biting, scratching and clawing away. Lopez is in agony as is Serena! Since there are no rules for this fight, the conclusion must be a submission, or a knockout. As the girls fight, and claw at each others private area, they scream at each other.

JLO says, “Let’s make it a cum fight, whoever cums first loses and will have to submit and be humiliated.”

Serena screams back, “OK, bitch, you’re on!”

Jen says, “OK, Ms. Big Ass tennis star, let's see what you got!” Serena calls Jen a cow ass and says that she can't believe how fat an ass she has. “Really!” screams Jen. “When it's on your face, I will be laughing!”

The ladies decide to assume a 69 position . They toss a coin for who will go on their back and who will be on top. Serena wins the toss and says that she wants the bottom, a surprise move. Serena lays out on the canvas and Jen assumes the top position. Jen goes down on Serena, licking her pussy as Serena licks Jen's pussy from behind. Lopez opens Serena's pussy with her fingers and continues to suck and lick her twat. Serena, moves her long tongue into Jen's pussy and both girls begin to moan a bit. Whoever cums first loses and will be humiliated to the crowd. Lopez moves her big lips over Serena's twat, eating her pussy and sucking on the inner lips. Serena eats Jen's pussy, and as she does this she fingers her asshole in and out with her fingers. Jen didn’t finger Serena's asshole and it may cost her!

Jen, with Serena's soft caress in her ass and lips working on her pussy, screams, “Aahhhhhhhhh!!! ahhhhhhh!!! Oh, God, as she cries out loud...O, my God!”

Jen screams in Spanish as she climaxes; her body shivering as she unloads juices from her twat onto Serena's lips and face. Lopez, totally spent falls to the side in ecstasy as the post-orgasmic excitement subsides. Serena, able to withhold her own orgasm...wins! She slowly rises over Lopez who is nude, battered and beaten - forced to cum in public. Serena stands with her arms folded, looking not only smug and superior, but almost cocky!

“Now, my sweet Jen...I will take my revenge…you’ll never fight again after what I’m going to do!”

The beaten Lopez looks up as Serena begins to lower her ass onto Jen's face. Two massive cheeks, muscular and firm, envelop Jen's sweet face; Serena's ass, covering it completely as she positions Jen's face under her sweaty ass! Lopez squirms under Serena's ass, but the larger black girl gives her no pity as she grinds her ass into Jen's face. Jen 's legs kick wildly in an effort to get out, to no avail as Booty Queen Serena continues her ass grind.

Suddenly, Lopez goes still, exhausted and beaten from the fight and now deprived of oxygen, she passes out. Serena smiles as she realizes she has just facesat one of the all-time best ass smotherers into unconsciousness! Serena sits there for several more minutes, her arms folded and her ass firmly on Jen's face. She then gets up and Lopez is seen by the crowd. Her face a mess and her body beaten and bruised. Then she gets up and parades around he ring to a standing ovation with her fabulous body on lewd display. People comment that Serena is unbeatable or that she should be put in a special fight category after whipping the very game but obviously over-matched Lopez.

“I need to torture that ass!” Serena pushes Jen over on her tummy, her ass a sight to be seen. It has redness from the fight and some discoloration from the mat, but she has one of catfighting's finest asses. Serena lays across her back, squeezing her head into a vice like hold and then her face over Jen's buttocks, she bites her ass viciously, deep hard bites that awaken Lopez in horror. She is face down in a vice hold with her ass being bitten and clawed by Serena. Lopez cries in agony as Serena bites it about twenty times, leaving teeth marks and drawing blood from the bites.

“Best ass…hah! Now your ass will need a month to heal!” Lopez cries and covers her face. Oh, yes, a few more things says Serena. “Get on all fours you slimy bitch!” Serena stands behind her facing her perfect ass. Dildo time!!!! Serena gets a 12 inch black dildo and kicks Lopez in the ass. Lopez falls on her tummy. “Get up, bitch!” Jen does and she gets the long dildo driven into her asshole by Serena.

“Stop…stop...MY ASS, STOP!!” Serena drives the dildo into Jen's asshole, in about 8 inches with no lubrication. Tears flow from Jen's face as permanent damage may be done to her anus.

“Your asshole will be as big as your slutty cunt now,” yells Serena as she forces the dildo all the way in to Jen's ass. The dildo..12 inches long is deep in Jen's ass. “Makes your lovers Marc Anthony and Ben look little, hey fat ass!”

Serena pulls out the dildo and Lopez collapses to the mat. She then kicks Jen on to her back, gets tweezers and scissors out and with the tweezers, she pulls out cunt hairs. Lopez again cries as Serena pulls out hairs and then cuts her cunt hairs down to the nub. Jen's cunt is trimmed down to a thin covering, then Serena lathers it up and shaves her bald, leaving Jen with a clean-shaved twat as a sign of disrespect.

“You know Jen, I was so excited before, but you came first and lost. Now I need to cum, so lick my black bush,” Serena says as she front facesits Jen and forces her to lick her hairy pussy.

Serena grinds and bumps her pussy in Jen's face as then cums in a great climax , her whole body shaking and twisting. Jen 's face is smattered with love juice from the tennis star as the crowd watches the complete destruction of the once proud Lopez. Lopez is crushed by the defeat and has been totally humiliated and beaten. Serena grabs her by the hair, pulls her around the ring and props her into the corner where she backslaps the nude warrior with slap after slap. She stands up, but Serena just backslaps her to the face, chest and tummy. Her bruises are all over her body.

“I want you to quit, bitch or next time I will kill you, get it, bitch?” Serena lets Lopez fall to the mat. In one of the most humiliating endings ever, Serena then makes Lopez lay on her back, she stands on her arms, causing unreal pain to Jen. She then grabs her legs and pulls them back, leaving Lopez doubled over in excruciating agony. Here it comes. Serena then pisses onto Jen's ass and into her pussy and asshole. “Open your mouth, now, bitch!”

Lopez , doubled over, her back about to snap and her ass in agony, opens her mouth and Lopez gets the piss into her mouth. Her arms tortured as a steady stream of piss goes into Jen's mouth. Serena finishes her piss and lets Lopez flop to the canvas. Serena gets her robe, covers up and leaves the ring. She leaves instructions that Lopez must lie there for five minutes as the crowd rushes the ring to see the dethroned champ, beaten, bruised, pissed on and thoroughly defeated.

After five minutes Lopez is dried off and gets a robe. Her lips and face are swollen and she has two black eyes and several face cuts. Her ass is totally wrecked and her tits are in very bad shape. In one of the worst beatings in booty queen title history Lopez finally leaves the ring. She is asked questions by the press. She admits that Serena beat her fair and square and that she is retiring from the world of booty fighting.