Booty Queen Battle: Mariah Carey vs. Jennifer "J-Lo" Lopez by Freddy Roberts

Everyone wanted to see it: J-Lo vs. Mariah in a no holds barred, submission, strip nude, match! There’s no love lost between them and after long and bitter negotiation, the respective camps finally agreed to meet in Las Vegas at the Sands Hotel for a special match in the ring. There will be specially five invited guests at ringside and the crowd will include many celebrities such as Ben Affleck (Jen's former lover and the husband of Jennifer Garner), record producer Tommy Mattola, P.Diddy and many more.

Negotiations took place between the girls cornerwomen (Britney Spears for J-Lo and Christina Aguilera for Mariah). There is much tension as they debate rules, outfits and other details. The result is as outlined below:

Outfits are dungaree cut-offs, halter tied tops and no bra!

Loser must be stripped.

Loser must submit either by signal or verbally.

Loser WILL end up nude.

There must be a knockout; the loser must lose consciousness.

Winner must utilize the finishing move they are famous for; facesit for J-Lo and the breast smother for Mariah.

There will be a 20 minute humiliation period after the match.

The loser must admit that the winner is the better woman.

The loser must pay the winner $50,000 in cash.

And finally, the match will be videotaped and sold to the highest bidder in the audience.


The crowd in the audience is buzzing as Mariah makes her way to the ring. She is looking very toned and her long legs look great in the cut-offs as she goes to her corner to discuss the situation with Christina. Next J-Lo comes to the ring with Britney and, like Mariah, she too appears to be in great shape.

Both ladies meet in the middle of the ring for instructions and rules. In the ring, they charge each other immediately and curse each other. Mariah calls Jen a cow and a whore and Jen calls Mariah a fat pig. They grab each others hair in a wild pulling match. They spit in each others faces and punches fly at each other. Hard punches connect and they continue to call each other whore, bitch, liar, and loser. Mariah lands a good left to Jen's jaw. Jen lands a good right to Mariah's eye. Punch after punch lands as the battle continues. It is a great match as the hair pulling and screaming continues. They kick at each other while they pull hair.

J-Lo finally pulls Mariah so hard by the hair that Mariah cries, "Get the fuck off!"

Jen is able to pull Mariah to the mat as Jen kicks her in the belly. Mariah is not hurt, gets up with Jen pulling her hair again.

Both girls are in the center of the ring with two hands full of hair. Mariah and Jen tug at each others hair. Jen lets one hand go and connects with an uppercut that sends Mariah backwards into the corner. It is a hard punch that catches Mariah directly in the jaw. She is stunned and is backed into the corner as Jen unloads combo into her belly and face. Mariah does not throw a punch back and Jen continues the assault with a series of hard punches, some landing on Mariah's face, belly and then Jen knees her in the groin as Mariah cannot escape the corner. Mariah’s arms are placed by Jen on the ropes as Jen knees her again and Mariah's face is showing pain and agony. Jen seizes the opportunity and uncorks a vicious right that snaps Mariah’s head back and bloodies her lip. Mariah is in trouble as Jen continues the assault and drops her to the mat. Mariah lands on her back and is writhing on the mat when Jen pounces on her and straddles her across her belly. Jen undoes her top, pulls it off and pins her arms under her strong legs. Mariah is pinned and her massive tits are exposed. It could be over soon for Mariah as Jen grabs her tits and Mariah screams. As Jen twists her nipples, Mariah raises her legs and somehow in a great move, gets Jen's head between her calves. She is then able to drag Jen to the side of her, her head trapped in Mariah's calves. Mariah pushes Jen's head up and now has Jen trapped in her thighs. A great head scissors as Jen is trapped between her legs. Mariah squeezes hard and Jen's head is in agony. Mariah with her free hand pinches Jen's nose to cut off oxygen with her head and neck trapped. Jen scratches at Mariah's thigh but the hold is secure.

J-Lo bucks wildly to escape, but is trapped in a powerful head scissors. Mariah twists her legs and tightens the hold. She then adjusts her position and now straddles J-Lo by sitting across her face and pinning her arms. Jen has the jean covered ass of Mariah on her face and her arms pinned by her knees. Well, well, Ms . Lopez says Mariah as she undoes her halter and pulls it off, tossing it to the crowd. It's a souvenir for P. Diddy who has both tops.

J-Lo's jugs are now exposed and she is topless. Her tits are grabbed by Mariah and Jen tries to get her face out from under her ass. Mariah pulls on her tits and pinches her nipples, twists and slaps Jen's ample tits, sending ripples through the soft sacks of flesh.

“P.Diddy wanted THESE lil’ things,” she taunts. “The boy musta been nuts. No wonder he loves my bigger, firmer, titties!”

Jen bridges with her legs and is able to twist around and get to her knees, breaking the hold. Mariah can’t keep her down as J-Lo gets up. Mariah scrambles to her feet while Jen looks down at her tortured red tits, then Mariah and Jen face off at center ring. Jen delivers a kick to Mariah's belly and Mariah responds with a punch to her jaw. It appears Jen is hurt by the punch and she’s reeling as Mariah uncorks a great left to Jen's nose that sends blood flowing down her body onto the mat.

Mariah follows up with another uppercut that sends Jen careening backward to the ropes. As Jen is backed against the ropes, Mariah presses the attack. She charges in to knee Jen but J-Lo catches her coming in with a snap kick to the groin. Mariah is stopped cold and crumples gasping and wheezing to her knees. Jen knees her to the face, knocking Mariah over onto her back where she rocks from side to side clutching her head as she writhes on the mat.

Mariah, topless on her back is quite a spectacle as Jen straddles her, sitting on her chest facing her legs. Then Jen raises her fists and WHAM, punches Mariah in the belly! All the air is driven out of Mariah who is helpless as she’s pinned under Jen’s world class ass as Jen slowly backs up onto her face. Wiggling her butt to get comfortable, Jen attacks Mariah's hulking tits again, WHAP, WHAP, slapping them back and forth until tears are streaming down Mariah's cheeks.

Jen then straddles her belly and is intent on stripping and embarrassing Mariah. She undoes her dungarees by unhooking the buckle. She then pulls the zipper down. Mariah's red thong can be seen. She pulls the shorts all the way off, leaving Mariah in her thong only. Jen then reaches under her thong and pulls out some cunt hairs and Mariah screams in pain. Now Jen tries to pull off her thong but Mariah brings her knee up and hits Jen in the forehead, knocking her off.


As Jen lays on her belly from the powerful knee to her head, Mariah seizes the advantage. She straddles Jen, sitting on her chest and putting pressure on Jen's chest. She then lays over Jen, trapping her head in her thighs and squeezing as she covers her body. Jen can only face Mariah's thighs as Mariah's face is near Jen's knees. Jen is in agony as Mariah now sits up on her chest again, pressing J-Lo’s boobies. She now has an opportunity to undo Jen's jeans, as she snaps the button loose and unzips her shorts. From here, she pulls them to her knees, calves and off. She throws them into the crowd where Ben Affleck, seated with Jen Garner catches them. Garner spits on them as she’s obviously rooting for Mariah to kick J-Lo’s ass.

“Fuck that slut!” screams Garner. Then turning to her hubby asks, “How’d you ever fuck that fat ass?”

Ben just quietly sits down sheepishly. Jen is also topless and wearing a black thong bikini only. Mariah turns around and faces Jen, her tits near Jen's face. She presses her tits onto Jen's face, smothering her face with tits. Jen can hardly breathe as Mariah's big chest covers her face. The breast smother by Mariah is her best move as Jen struggles under her and kicks hard to escape. The athletic Lopez, close to defeat shows her dancer's ability here and raises her legs and wraps them around Mariah's midsection and in one move pulls her to the side and off her.

Both gorgeous creatures are now on the mat as Jen punches Mariah in her face with a solid shot. Mariah counters with a kick to Jen's groin as they battle with punches and kicks on the ground. A titanic breast grabbing contest ensues as they grab at each others tits and squeeze. Mariah screams as Jen has her right tit nipple pulled so hard that Mariah has tears. Jen then gets on her feet before Mariah who is crying from the tit torture and kicks her in her twat. Another knee drop to her cunt has Mariah reeling and asking Jen to stop.

“No way you cow!” yells Jen as she has the advantage with Mariah spread on the mat on her back.

As Jen presses on, however, Mariah struggles to her knees, but Jen straddles her, holding her in the kneeling position as she pins her arms. Mariah on her knees has Jen over her back. Jen reaches under her and pulls on her massive tits, almost like milking a cow she yells to Mariah. Jen pulls and yanks on her vulnerable tits in this position as Mariah is helpless. Jen yanks and pulls on them and Mariah cannot escape. Give up, bitch. Mariah says no. From this position, Jen pulls Mariah's thong down to her knees exposing her ass, pussy and asshole. The embarrassed Carey struggles on as Jen works on her tits. Mariah then is able to push Jen forward with one hard move that pushes Jen off her and onto her back. Mariah kicks her thong off and again the girls both stand facing each other in the ring.

Mariah, totally nude wants Jen naked also. She unloads a great kick into Jen's twat, followed by a punch to Jen's face, catching her in the lip, and causing blood to stream from J-Lo. Jen is hurt now as this battle goes back and forth. Another punch to her face knocks Jen into the corner. A punch to the mid-section and several to the face has Jen groggy and covering up in the corner. Mariah drags her by the hair and holds her and punches her face. she then stands her up in the corner and throws an uppercut that rocks Jen's head, Jen stumbles and falls onto her belly in the middle of the ring. Jen laying flat on her belly, her body and Mariah's glistening with sweat. Mariah pushes Jen's legs apart as the woozy Lopez lays on the mat and kneels between her legs, facing her butt.

“I owe you something, bitch,” Mariah hisses. “I'm nude so you’ll be nude too!”

Mariah pulls Jen's thong down and off, then flips it into the crowd where it’s caught by Derek Jeter. Jen’s signature famous ass is exposed and now Mariah is bent on winning the bout. She needs a submission now that both are naked and toward that end she kicks Jen in the side, rolling her over onto her back, exposing Jen's hairy muff for the first time. Mariah sits on Jen’s chest, pins her arms and goes for a twat submission hold. She pulls on Jen's cunt lips and bends her into a matchbook pin with Jen's wide ass jiggling in the air. Mariah has Jen’s arms pinned and Jen is stuck in the hold. She SPANKS Jen's ass for fun and embarrassment before she digs her fingers in and pries Jen's twat wide apart by forcing four fingers deep in her slit as Jen screams in horror. Still, Jen refusest o give up so Mariah pulls her ass cheeks apart as she continues to torture her pussy.

"Give or, I'll rip your twat apart!"

"Nooooo," wails Lopez.

As Mariah pries her nails into Jen who is in severe pain and humiliation as the invited crowd watches her pussy being probed and torn.

“I hate your fat ass,” snarls Mariah as SMACK, she spanks Jen's up-turned ass. The flurry of open-handed abuse quickly turning the tanned flesh deep red. SMACK after SMACK, but still no submission!

Jen, in a last desperate move, bucks her legs up hard and moves them forward, breaking the hold and pushing her forward, her pussy now on Mariah's face in a 360 degree change of positions. Jen is still aching and tearing as she is on Mariah's face. She quickly secures Mariah’s arms under her legs and has her in a front face sit, her pussy on Mariah's chin and face. Jen rubs her hairy bush into her face. Mariah can do nothing as she is pinned under Jen. Now Jen calls her a cow and a bitch. My turn ,now bitch. With that she reverses her position and face sits Mariah. Her huge ass on her face. Mariah can hardly move her head. Jen positions her nose under her ass cheeks and presses and wiggles her sweaty butt on Mariah’s face.

"Time to quit, bitch, give up!" But Mariah does NOT give and instead she attempts to bite Jen's ass. She gets a small bite in that does not hurt Jen as her ass is so close to Mariah's face and her bite is too small. After this attempted bite, Jen presses her face harder, and Mariah cannot open her mouth to bite her ass. Give up yet. No tap out from Mariah. Jen then reaches down and squeezes her huge tits. Mariah is trapped under Jen's ass, her arms are pinned and her tits are being mauled. "Give it up, bitch!" screams Jen.

Tears filling her eyes, Mariah frantically slaps the mat rapidly in submission. At first Jen doesn’t realize she’s won, then when it hits her, she leaps up and lets out a loud whoop of joy as she stands and claps over Mariah’s beaten body. Jen quickl returns to face sit Mariah. At first, Mariah bucks and squirms, but after a minute she lays still. J-Lo picks up Mariah's arm, lifts it and it lets it drop limp to the mat. She is out cold!

The winner is declared and Jen rises off Mariah’s face, leaving her on the mat, spread-eagled, nude, unconscious and beaten.

“Now the fun begins,” says Jen as she checks the timer. "I'm really gonna enjoy the next twenty minutes," J-Lo sighs as she splashes water on Mariah who comes to and realizes she's been beaten.

J-Lo looks down on the woozy Carey. “You know something pig, I don't want to torture your big tits or fat ass. I know I WOULD like a nice satisfying orgasm.” Jen lays down on the canvas. “Lick my pussy bitch. I want to cum in your ugly face.” Mariah kneels between Jen's legs and caresses her thighs with her tits as she rubs Jen's tits and licks her pussy. “Nice,” says Jen as Mariah kisses, licks and caresses her pussy. Jen starts to writhe on the mat as she climaxes; her body shaking as she cums all over Mariah's red face.

"LICK MY JUICES!" Jen demands and Mariah meekly tongues up all of Jen's sweet secretions. Although J-Lo is exhausted after her orgasm, she still wants to heap one final insult on Mariah who has called her a cow and a pig. Jen orders Mariah to lick her asshole and Jen gets on all fours, then leans forward and pushes her ass back in Mariah’s face as Mariah obediently sticks her tongue in her asshole.

“Keep going!” says Jen. “I want to feel your wet tongue all the way in!” Mariah licks all around Jen's asshole and sticks her tongue in it. “Nice,” says Jen. “It fells good. How’s it taste?” Mariah continues licking and kissing Jen's ass cheeks. “That’s it baby, kiss my ass!!” Mariah kisses it all over as Jen commands.

Then Jen tells Mariah to admit she has a better body, that she’s the better woman and that she’s damn sure a better fuck. Mariah sobs as she admits Jen has a better body, is more of a woman and then, her voice cracking with ragged sobs, she chokes out, “…and you’re a better fuck…”

It's over!!! Jen walks out of the ring to cheers as Mariah falls to the canvas in humiliation, Jen walks out proudly in the nude and Mariah is given a robe. Jen turns o her and says, “I hope that’s a lesson to you...Ms. Big Tits! Don't mess with the BOOTY QUEEN!!!!!”