Booty Queen: Jennifer Lopez vs. Vida Guerra by Freddy Roberts

There has been a long simmering feud between the Cuban heritage of Vida Guerra and New York Puerto Rican Jennifer Lopez. They’ve met on several occasions and once it nearly came to a catfight. Vida, finally sick of all the ‘Lopez Booty Queen’ bulllshit arranged for a meeting and asked for a site to be secured to settle this fair and square. Jen had no problem with this and directed her secretary and entourage to begin the negotiations. This could be one of the most viewed events ever. Could Lopez risk her career against the upstart Vida? If people saw it, it would be a disgrace so they agreed to fight at a secret location with no video, but with several reporters from a couple of magazines and some celebrity guests as an audience.

They agreed to a "submission only" match. There would not have to be a nude finale or a strip match but the loser must either submit or be knocked out and the referee would verify the result. The fight would be held in the private gym in the a ring at the home of a rich Hollywood executive. Each wanted to wear their own attire but eventually they agreed on sweat pants and bras.

J-Lo exchanged words with Vida as they left, “YOUR CUBAN CUNT WILL BE MINE, BITCH! YOU’LL TASTE MY ASS!”

Vida starts to walk away, then stops and calls Lopez out, “Come on you overrated cow, I'll kick your fat ass right here!”

“Let's make it a strip and humiliate fight,” J-Lo suggests as she charges Vida.

They start punching and kicking away. Jen has a firm grip on Vida’s hair and she grabs J-Lo’s hair and they get into a vicious hair pulling fight which is broken up after a great deal of work. They want to fight right then and now but cooler heads prevail and they agree to meet in one hour to begin their fight at the Hollywood mansion.

They make their way to a ring; J-Lo with several supporters - but NOT husband Marc Anthony. Of course all the reporters are present and several others demanding entry were turned away at the front gate by a beefed up security detail. There’s major security and everyone must leave cell phones - and cameras - at the front door. Inside, ten security guards will work at the event.

Vida arrives with her 'posse' and makes her way to the ring dressed in a black bra and black sweatpants. Lopez is wearing a red bra and a red sweats; her hair tied back as is Guerra’s. The referee is a celebrity, former WWE champ Trish Stratus who informs the ladies, "... basically anything goes, but a submission fight ends in a submission or KO, not a pin."

Lopez weighs in at 5'5" and 128 lb. while Guerra, at 5'3", is nearly the same weight After their last minute limbering up, the bell rings and the fight is on!


They circle each other for a minute or two as their supporters scream from the sidelines. J-Lo and Vida meet and the tactics appear to be more of wrestling than fistfighting. J-Lo drives a knee into Vida’s gut as she presses her into the corner. Vida smacks Jennifer to the head with two good punches but Jen keeps her pinned in the corner where Jen uncorks several punches to the flat belly of Vida. She answers with a head shot and a knee before they get tangled up and fall to the canvas where Jen applies a nice leg clamp as she straddles Vida back. Jen works her leg, pulling it up and Vida screams in pain. Jen keeps the pressure up, but Vida kicks out with her powerful legs and as soon as they get to their feet, they glare at each other.

“Thought it would be easy, Guerra? I've kicked better asses than yours. Really this!!”

Vida Drop Kicks J-Lo - a move nobody thought she could do! The flying two foot kick hits Lopez in the chest and knocks her onto her back. Stunned, Jen shakes her head as Vida puts J-Lo in a Face Vice, squeezing her head between her thighs. She pounds the mat in an attempt to escape as Vida applies pressure but then, in a nice move, Jen Bridges onto her back and flips over. When Vida has to release the hold, Lopez is free! Back on the attack, J-Lo Headbutts Vida’s gut, knocking her on her back with her head hitting the canvas hard.

“Isn't it tough to fight with these sweats on?” yells Lopez. She stands at Vida’s feet and pulls off her sweats, leaving her in a very sexy black thong. This wasn’t part of the rules, but there’s hatred between these two and they both know ‘anything goes.’ Stunned, Vida is on the mat in bra and panties as the audience is in for a major fight. Jen sits on Vida chest and pins her arms. She slaps her face and calls her a ‘whore’ and ‘Cuban pig.’

Vida’s legs bang on the mat as she attempts to break the hold . J-Lo bounces on her chest. Vida using great leg strength kicks out and knocks Lopez to the side. She rolls onto her tummy, but Vida grabs her and jerks J-Lo up by the hair and Irish Whips her to the corner where she slams headfirst into the turnbuckle and flops onto her back stunned.

"Well, well," says Vida. "Hurt are you?"

J-Lo is on the mat and is woozy as Vida returns the favor to J-Lo. She pulls off her sweats. Both ladies are now down to their bra's and thongs. J-Lo is flat on the mat as Vida straddles her chest and sits down hard, flattening her proud Puerto Rican puppies. Vida grabs J-Lo’s head and WHAM-WHAM-WHAM pounds it on the mat over and over until she is dizzy. But Jen fights back, kneeing Vida in the back and knocking her off of her!

The fight now becomes about submission and humiliation!

Vida faces J-Lo and boxes her. She slams several punches into J-Lo’s belly and a few to the head while J-Lo lands a few body shots. Vida then hits J-Lo with a knee that knocks her into the corner. She pins J-Lo’s arms in the ropes, leaving Jen stood up and an easy target.

“Before I pound your body, I want the audience to see your Puerto Rican tits smashed flat!” Vida releases the tie of J-Lo’s bra and removes it, then tosses it into the audience leaving her topless; ample tits exposed as she hangs trapped in the ropes. Vida backs up and drives her shoulder into Jen's chest, then SMACK-SMACK slaps with backhands.

Next, Vida does a very nasty thing! She grabs J-Lo’s bare tits and pinches her nipples! J-Lo calls her a bitch and Vida charges her again but Jen drives a knee into Vida’s belly. While Guerra writhes in pain, J-Lo frees her arms and steps over the fallen Vida who is on all fours, crawling around the ring in pain. J-Lo straddles her back and leans over her to punch down into her back and kidneys; driving hard shots that make Vida scream in pain. The vengeful J-Lo then undoes Vida’s bra and flips it into the crowd. She pulls on her tits, milking her like a cow as she pulls and tugs her nipples.

“How’s it feel now?” Jennifer cackles as she gives Vida’s heavy hanging tits an especially hard yank. Each girl has now turned the tables on the other.

Vida gets yanked to her feet and spun into the corner. Here the crowd sees her large tits with their round brown areola and thick nipples. Jen grabs them and pulls, she also slaps Vida’s tits, turning them beet red. By this time, both are sweating and their bodies glisten with sweat. The bruised combatants again face off; both topless with only thongs.

Vida retakes the advantage, snapping a Straight Kick to J-Lo’s pussy. Her eyes widen in shock as the kick lifts her off her feet and she crashes to the mat in a heap, holding her pubic mound. Vida kicks her in the head, back, and legs several times, then spreads the prone J-Lo out on the mat and leaps in the air to land a vicious Knee Drop to her twat!. J-Lo bounces in the air, then flops flat on her back writhing in pain!

Vida immediately straddles the wounded J-Lo, sits on her chest and pins her arms under her shins. J-Lo is trapped!!. Vida unties Jen's thong and snatches her panties off, waves them in the air and then tosses them into the crowd where a fight breaks out over the fragrant trophy. With Jen's hairy bush exposed, Vida playfully brushes it back and forth, then makes a fist and punches down on Jen's already battered pussy.

“I will destroy you now, you bitch!” J-Lo is pinned and trapped with the full weight of Vida crushing her tits. Her reign as “Booty Queen” is in doubt as the confident Vida stands over her. “Here it comes, Jen!”

Vida shakes her hips and removes her thong...ready to ass sit J-Lo’s beaten face. But just as she starts to lower her ass, J-Lo raises her strong legs and drives her knee into Vida's cunt. Vida is shocked and has her own pain to deal with. She stumbles to the corner where she leans on the ropes, her bare breasts heaving with her rapid breathing.

J-Lo struggles to her feet - naked - her ass glistening with sweat. She pounces on Vida and drops her with two hard body punches. Jen pins Vida in the corner, looping her arms over the ropes and trapping them. Smiling, Jennifer smashes Vida's face until her head bobbles; she’s almost unconscious as she slumps down in the corner. Jen drags Vida face down across the mat out to the center of the ring where she kicks her over onto her back. Vida looks up, drowsy and hurting, and sees J-Lo spreading her legs to straddle her. Then Jen slowly backs her big ass down onto Vida’s face, then pinches her nose she rests her ass on Vida’s forehead.

Then J-Lo slowly begins to apply her famous ass smother; completely covering Vida’s red face. Jen clenches her cheeks as she presses down, her massive ass overwhelming Vida whose legs attempt to kick out - but the motions are weak. She cannot bite Jen's ass as her face is smothered.

“Give yet, bitch?” No answer. Jen hooks Vida's legs under her knees as she Facesits her, pulling them up and back, raising her hips until Vida’s cunt is positioned right in front of her as her legs are folded back in a Matchbook Pin. “GIVE!” screams J-Lo. Still no answer!

J-Lo decides to humiliate Vida and stabs three fingers straight down into her cunt. The brutal move shocks the startled crowd...then Vida's hand suddenly raises, waves frantically then slaps the mat several times rapidly…Vida submits!!!

But J-Lo doesn‘t leave her position although she releases Vida’s legs and lets them flop back to the mat. Then she turns around into a Front Facesit and rubs her cunt on Vida's face, riding her until she passes out. Jen leaves Vida spread-eagled on her back, unconscious - knocked out cold by the power of Jennifer Lopez’ amazing ass!

Jen stands up and poses for the cheering audience - but Vida also presents an awesome sight in defeat; nude; her shaved pussy on full display. J-Lo turns and calls for a bucket of water which she throws in Vida's face to wake her. Vida comes up sputtering and spitting.

"I've waited a long time to smother your sorry face..." J-Lo says. But then she compliments Vida. "You DO have an unreal ass, almost as nice as mine - but not quite as awesome! Your ass...hmmm...what to do about that?" Laughing, J-Lo kicks Vida in the side, rolling her onto her tummy, then straddles her lower back facing her great ass and drops down, knocking the air out of the petite Vida. "A little spanking to remember me by..."

The stunned audience cheers as the Latina Booty Queen delivers SPANK after SPANK to Vida’s rapidly reddening rump; chanting their count with each CRACK of flesh on flesh. “ONE...TWO...THREE...FOUR...FIVE...”

The count reaches thirty as the audience cheers J-Lo on. The humiliated Vida Guerra can do nothing! Finally, J-Lo, stands up in all her glory, a champ again. J-Lo leaves the ring to cheers while Vida is tended to by her friends. As soon as Vida catches her breath...announces she wants - no DEMANDS - a rematch!!