July 4, 2002 "Independence Day Border War" by Doug

Shania Twain and Pam Anderson from north of the border had joined forces with Salma Hayek from south of the border to try and wreck Faith Hill's July 4th celebration. However, standing beside Faith on the American side were Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez. A catfight tournament was arranged to determine whether the Mexican-Canadian coalition could out-class the celebrating American ladies on this July 4, 2002.
Country Girls Battle: Shania Twain (Can-Mex) vs. Faith Hill (USA)

Shania Twain gulped with trepidation as she entered the ring area and saw the full height of her lanky blond rival. Both were wearing 3-inch stiletto heels so Faith Hill still had a 6-inch reach advantage over the Canadian, a helpful thing to have in any fight. Yet the cute Canadian country singer was eager to take on the beautiful blonde American and prove she deserved to be the one and only 'Country Music Queen of the Continent.'

Trying to hide her uncertainty, Shania sneered, "I'm gonna turn you into string-bean salad!"

"Just try it!" Faith countered. Adding with a giggle, "You little pip-squeak!"

In a flash, the small woman attacked the much taller Faith, hoping to catch her off guard. However, the tall blond singer from America refused to be taken by surprise. When Shania struck at her tits, Faith lurched forward and fired a knee up fast and hard into Shania's exposed midsection. The smaller Canadian's reckless advance was halted in her tracks as the cute brunette went stumbling back to her corner groaning and holding her aching gut.

But Shania bravely moved in once again, although more cautiously this time. When she came in range she fired a savate kick at Faith, knocking her backward. Faith spun out of range just avoiding Shania's second searing savate kick. Then Faith turned on her shorter brunette rival. The opposing fans cheered hotly for their respective fighters as they closed in on each other in the middle of the ring.

Fists raised, Faith tried boxing like a prize-fighter, while little Shania slashed back awkwardly with defensive blows. Faith seemed to have the upper hand until she missed the shorter singer with a hard swing that left her off balance. Shania ducked beneath the blonde's outstretched arm and lunged forward, driving her shoulder into Faith's midsection. The impact sent the blond string-bean flying.

However, the slender but rugged blonde rose quickly flashing her anger. As the spunky little singer from Canada charged forward, Faith was ready and waiting. She let fly with a roundhouse right and the punch connected, staggering Shania. July 4th celebrants cheered from the sidelines as Faith caught Shania up around the wrist and flung the hapless brunette into the ropes. Shania's body recoiled back to where Faith was waiting for her with a clothesline. Faith's sinewy forearm put the lovely Canadian singer horizontal, her dress flying up over her waist before she crashed down hard to the mat on her back.

Shania lay groaning for a few moments before Faith snatched her by the front of her dress and yanked her to her feet. The dominant blonde American put on a display of her wiry strength as she hoisted the writhing Canadian brunette straight up over her shoulder and then turned in a circle and drove her back down hard to the mat with a power-slam.

Shania really hated this part! Her delicate Canada flag design dress was torn from her body strand by strand until she was left in just her white underwear with a small maple leaf on each breast and a third one on her crotch. Over and over, Faith picked Shania up like she was as light as a feather only to smash her back down on the canvass with a series of power bombs.

The smaller Canadian could only groan and moan in agony as the tall blonde Yank tossed her from one turnbuckle to the other in only her bra and panties. Faith even scooped Shania up in a bearhug and lifted her completely off her feet. Squeezing with all her might, Faith scoop-slammed the flailing Canuck to the mat for one final time before she mounted her defeated opponent with a pancake pin.

What made Shania squeal even louder was when Faith slid her fingers inside her panties and grabbed a generous handful of her lush patch of dark pubic hair. With a stern grip on Shania's pelt, Faith gave a fierce yank that jerked Shania's hips into the air, uprooting a good handful. It worked perfectly for the clever American blonde!

Shania writhed in torment, screeching, ass over tea-kettle, pleading for mercy. Faith was proclaimed the undisputed North American Queen of Country Music as the crowd chanted, "USA! USA! USA!".

America took the lead in the best of three tournament; SCORE: USA -1; MEX-CAN - 0
Pop Stars Battle: Salma Hayek (Mex-Can) vs. Britney Spears (USA)

Salma entered the ring wearing a white, green and red "Miss Mexico" outfit and was greeted by wild, enthusiastic applause from her Mexican fans. But then American celebrity pop beauty Britney Spears entered the ring and the crowd REALLY went wild.

Then they went at it! These two women really knew how to fight and they effortlessly traded hard slaps, brutal kicks, and solid fist punches as each probed the other looking for her weaknesses. But there's only one way to settle things between two proud strong-willed ladies and the battle quickly grew more intense. The Americans in the crowd cheered Britney wildly and the Mexicans were equally vocal in their support in favor of the luscious Salma.

While the fight didn't evolve in young Britney's usual sweet female style, she fought rather well, considering. However, in the end, the fiery Mexican spitfire got under Britney and flipped her over onto her back, driving her shoulder down into the pop princesses belly, taking her breath away. Quickly, Salma pinned her opponent down and then the hot Latina really gave the young American celebrity loser her just punishment.

Bringing a loud roar from her fans, Salma began to tear Britney's red, white and blue patriotic outfit apart. Pinning her gorgeous foe helpless under her, the hot Latina vixen breast tortured young Britney and forced her to lick her pussy. Perhaps not for the first time ever, the loser was given a ripe taste of sweet Mexican pussy salsa.

"Had enough of my special Mexican coffee yet bitch?" Salma barked.

"Yes!" the pretty victim gurgled, smacking her full lips as she submitted in a tasty capitulation.

Britney was helplessly and hopelessly trapped in a humiliating lesbian face straddle and all she could do was thrash her muscular legs while Salma finished her off in style; smearing the loser's make-up all over her red face in a virtual shower of ripe Latina cunt-juice.

"Mexico wins!" squealed the happy Latino crowd as Salma bounced up and down, her big udders bouncing like jumping beans on her chest as many of the American fans sat dejected and others covered their faces with their hands as they tried to sneak a peek at Britney without seeming to be enjoying the sight of the stripped princess too much.

The series was now tied, and all the hopes of both sides of the borders rested on the power of the elephantine ass of Jennifer Lopez and the massive mammaries of Pamela Anderson! SCORE: USA - 1; MEX-CAN -1
Sex Symbols Battle: Pam Anderson (Can-Mex) vs. Jennifer Lopez (USA)

It all came down to J-Lo and Pam to decide the first annual July 4th Independence Day Border War Tournament. Both women were elegantly attired in their national flag motif outfits, thigh-hi nylons and strappy high-heels.

A Canadian Mountie confidently led his magnificent big busted fighter out first. After playing to the crowd, proud blonde actress Pam Anderson waited impatiently in the ring for her brunette opponent, ready, willing and able to unleash the same awesome blonde fury that had overwhelmed so many previous women.

J-Lo was next to enter with her entourage. All attention focused on the pride of America who was simply stunning in a red white and blue outfit crop top and little micro skirt. She slowly circled the ring, doing a little dance number on each of the four sides to give all the paying customers their money's worth.


The two Amazons stood stoically glaring at each other as the referee explained that there really weren’t any rules and, as soon as one of them thought they might have heard a bell, the two wildcats went for each other like hungry jackels! Slapping, squealing, kicking and hissing, they began fighting with all they had to offer their respective teams. As they battled, big power-assed J-Lo corked buxom blonde beauty Pam with a short, hard jab to the jaw that Kid Rocked the buxom beauty back on her round heels!

Pamela countered with a feverish head-slap that sent J-Lo reeling around the ring in a daze. Clever maneuver after maneuver followed throughout until, finally, one lucky lady took control of both the match and her hot-blooded opponent. Down to the mat they went, rolling over and over, their lush bodies locked in an all-out, angry embrace like two wildcats in a sack tossed in a river.

As the battle progressed, Jennifer slowly gained the advantage out flanking her big-busted adversary and enveloping her. A gripping bear-hug was applied that squeezed Pamela's enormous tits until they were almost flattened. Then, as Pamela moaned in tit-pain, she threw her elbow back into Jennifer's hard, flat midsection. Now it was the Lusty Latina’s turn to groan!

Working her next move, Pamela’s eyes flashed as she tore into Jennifer's stars-and-stripes flag-design gown. The main seam split down the middle and J-Lo’s black lace bra was exposed to the cheers of (both actually) groups of fans as her dress slipped down around her fulsome hips.

Unable to contain the jiggling melon flesh inside, J-Lo’s left boob bounced into the fresh air of freedom. She crossed her arms over her bosom as she retreated to the ropes, desperately and unsuccessfully trying to return her bulbous boob to it’s lacy prison.

With her left tit bouncing free and exposed, J-Lo mounted her come-back, grabbing Pam's sparkling Canadian flag party dress in the heat of the tangle and pulling her to the mats. Pamela, still clutched J-Lo's tattered gown in desperation as both pulled and tugged . . .

oh my my . . .. mmm

How nice and big Pam's gleaming breasts looked, beaming back at J-Lo like a couple of twin full moons. Moreover, how nice and big the peaches and cream ass of J-Lo as Pammy ripped away the remnants of her tattered dress! As their garments gave up their bounty to freedom, the battling lusty ladies fell apart, their big floppy tits bursting free of both broken bras.

"Unleash those puppies!" one fan cried.

Ooooo nooo!" both girls gasped at once as their bounty was unleashed.

"Slap the bitch!”

“Get her!”

“Don't let her do that to you!"

Ardent fans cried out, supporting one or the other of the two combatants, their cries barely audible above the din. J-Lo had two vocal fans screaming at her to, "Rip her tits off!" as Faith Hill and Britney Spears bounced provocatively in the “friends and family” seats at ringside.

Enraged by the tearing of clothes and baring of breasts, Pam charged recklessly at J-Lo in a flurry of flashing fists and flying feet. For the most part J-Lo dodged Pam’s wild blows, but in due course she got caught a time or two and as Pam took control of the fight, she definitely put J-Lo on the defensive.

Then, suddenly and inexplicably, Pam changed tactics, catching J-Lo completely and totally by surprise. She set up and got ready, waiting for J-Lo to commit and then landing a delicious backhand slap that stopped the big-ass singer-actress in her tracks.

A sudden smack it was.

A sharp slap across the face.

Yes indeed, Pam delivered a deluxe, snapping J-Lo like a sheath! It all happened so fast. The sound was worse than the damage, but with a loud CRACK J-Lo was sent flying in one direction, blood spurting from her nose flew in the other.

J-Lo could only flail her lovely black pantyhose clad legs in defiance as Pam took charge of the contest, pinning her flat to the canvas, her full, firm tits bouncing free and on full display; her hard, erect, pink rosebud nipples at the point.

Catching the American with a wrist pin, Pamela inched into position while the whimpering, bleeding American sex symbol squirmed helpless beneath her as Pam brought her full, firm breasts into the contest - ready and willing to do their bit for Queen and Empire!

The big breasted Canadian sex symbol was positioning herself to unload her lethal weapons. Once in range, Pam began to twist her torso, setting her mammoth bottom-heavy breasts swinging like a pair brutal bashing bags. Pam smacked J-Lo's tawny head back and forth with the power of her ten pound bags. Pam treated the American queen to a special, patented facial make-over . . .

Smackity smack, smack . . .

smackity smack, smack . . .

It was a fight to the finish. Seated astride the wincing brunette American, the blonde Canadian tit queen showed no mercy. A lesser woman would surely have been knocked cold, but the tough American sex symbol withstood the terrible titty bashing.

J-Lo was dazed, but not out and she began firing back with her lovely black nylon legs, bringing her knees up hard and fast to the small of Pam's back. The super-busty sex symbol began to twitch, spasm, then she tumbled forward. J-Lo aided her in her fall, twisting her body at the opportune moment to unseat the boob-bashing blonde.

The two battered brawlers staggered to their feet and raised their fists like two pretty prize-fighters and bravely closed in, meeting in the center of the ring for a furious exchange. They beat and battered each other, the advantage swinging back and forth. But in the end, the big-assed American sex symbol's blows were heavier and scored more often than those of the big busted Canadian sex symbol.

J-Lo continued to pound Pam, wearing her down with a flurry of solid punches, first to her belly and then to her tits. Desperately, Pam threw her body forward, tangling with the thrusting big-assed sex symbol from the USA. They wrestled in a tight clinch as they tumbled to the padded carpet.

It appeared that once again the busty blonde sex symbol had weathered the storm as she wrested the momentum from the tough, big-assed American sex symbol. Until…..

J-Lo cleverly worked her hands inside and got at Pam's massive, unprotected mammaries. It started with a pinch that brought a yowl of pain; then a grab that brought a yelp; followed by a cruel twist forcing a moan from the blonde. Finally, J-Lo’s cruel talons sunk deep into Canadian tit flesh and refused to relinquish their grip. Pam thrashed and writhed, kicked and bucked. She howled in pain as J-Lo gave her huge tits a powerful melon squeeze that nearly made them pop and rupture. J-Lo raked her nails over Pamela's tits until dark red welts appeared, then she released one tit and started to throw punches into the blonde sex symbol's other tit - then a couple to her head.

With one hand firmly buried in Pamela's tit flesh, J-Lo grabbed her nipple and pulled, dug her nails in and continued to beat every lovin’ inch of Pam’s precious puppies. Pam was delirious with pain but Jennifer's brutal boob-bash-fest continued without let up.

Pam was a mess; bleeding from her lips and nose, her tits covered with red welts and a little blood, one of her eyes starting to swell closed and blacken. J-Lo felt great as she beat her Canadian foe into oblivion. Before the stunned blonde tit queen knew what had happened to her, the USA brunette was astride her and riding her in domination.

As Canada's blonde sex symbol thrashed wildly in unsuccessful attempts to free herself, J-Lo, inadvertently or not, inched forward until her plump pussy was pressing down directly on Pam’s pretty face. Pam could barely mumble anything as J-Lo continued forward until her huge ass was covering her face, lusty muff crushed upon her visage, soaking through her big-ass black panties and pantyhose.

Then, as J-Lo climaxed on Pam’s face came her savage pussy attack! J-Lo tore open Pam's pantyhose and relieving her of her panties with a loud rip. J-Lo was soon spreading Pam’s cunt lips for her fan's viewing and fucking pleasure . . .almost as if to say, "okay, who wants to be first?"

Suddenly, it was all over! Pam shuddered and her body went limp. American fans went wild. "USA! USA! USA!" the crowd cheered before they headed back to the July 4th celebration.


[NOTE: Watch this space for more special events. Cinco de Mayo and Canada Day come to mind. Others as suggested!]