Cady Cantrell vs. Angel Boris by Southgate (June 99)

South Hampton. It's dusk at a beach front villa owned by a friend of Hef's. Two days have been set aside to practice for a new Playmate Playoffs video to be filmed next month. In the course of the first day, there have been all kinds of contests, races and competitions. While many of the attendees have drifted back to the beach house for an impromptu party, a small number of die-hard playmates are involved in what was a spirited game of volley ball- that has turned into a small war.

Earlier, Diana Lee and Neriah Davis had challenged Cady Cantrell to put together a team to play against them. Lee and Davis have been ragging on Cady all day and finally goaded her into this game. While volleyball is not her strong suite, the self-confident Cady can't let a challenge go unanswered. Cady recruits Morena Corwin and Heather Kozar, hoping to gain a height advantage. To her surprise, Lee adds little Angel Boris to her team.

Cady and Angel had clashed during several of the day's events. Angel had edged Cady out to win a 500 meter race through the surf. To her dismay, the lighter Boris had beaten her in the one-on-one surf tug of war. Cady had maintained an advantage for more than two minutes as she slowly inched Angel forward but she grew tired battling both the surf and the tenacious Boris. Angel, with a sudden reserve of energy, spread her legs wide, gave a mighty tug and yanked the heavier Cady right off her feet. Cady had wrapped the rope around her waist for added leverage. Entangled, it held her tight as Angel dragged her through the surf, way beyond the win-point. Cady wound up looking rather silly as this smaller woman towed her down the beach, her body spinning awkwardly out of control. She had swallowed mouths full of ocean as her body banged around in the wet sand and surf. Worse yet, as Cady regained her composure and wiped the sand from her body, Diana Lee ran up to her laughing, flashing a set of Polaroid pictures that had captured the entire event, showing Cady's upended rear end breaking through the surf in less than flattering positions.

This volleyball match gets serious quickly. There is no referee. Cady plays aggressively at the net, trying to intimidate little Angel whenever they match up. Angel is by far the shortest woman in this game. But Boris grew up playing beach volleyball in Florida. Exceedingly competitive, she knows every trick in the book. Cady quickly realizes that Diana knew what she was doing-Angel will not be a push-over.

Cantrell's team takes an early lead. Corwin, a bit of a ringer, was captain of her state champion high school team. Heather turns out to have a strong serve, and the blonde plays well at the net, not easily intimidated. Winning back the serve, Lee huddles with Davis and Boris. As play resumes, Lee is at the net facing Corwin. Davis hits a high looping serve that seems to hang in the air. It descends slowly, close to the net. Corwin leaps high for a spike, her body right against the net. Lee launches a split second later. Corwin nails the spike, but Diana seeming to loose her balance mid-flight, twists off course, crashes into the net and 'accidentally' nails Corwin in the face with her elbow. Both fall to the sand.

Morena's eye is immediately puffy. Gamely she continues, but Lee has done her job and cut Morena's effectiveness. In the next volley, Lee starts a wicked verbal assault on Kozar. Heather takes the bait, exchanging insults with Diana. Neriah spikes the ball directly at Heathers's face, leaving her with a bloody nose. With Corwin and Kozar neutralized, Diana's team next targets Cady. Cantrell is soon flinging her body right and left into the sand as she tries to cover almost every return. The game at the net grows more physical. Cady, facing Angel, tries to use her height as she jumps high for a spike. Angel times her own move expertly, squatting low for power and vaulting up just after Cady. As Cantrell descends, her arm and upper body drift slightly over the net. Boris's juts up her right arm, her palm catches the fast descending Cady in the chin, snapping her head back. Cantrell crumbles to the sand. Her teeth have left a small gash in her bottom lip. Diana rushes over. Sitting beside the wounded player, she lifts Cady's head into her lap and strokes Cady's face in her hands.

"Get away from me," spits Cady, as she pulls away and shakily stands up.

Turning to Angel, Cady pokes her finger into her shoulder.

"You did that on purpose, you little bitch."

"If you're going play aggressively, your gonna get it right back," Angel retorts, holding her ground, "beside, you were way over on my side of the net. But I'm sorry you got cut"

Flared tempers seem to cool and the game finally continues. In the end, Diana's team pulls ahead and wins the match, leaving their opponents bruised and weary. Cady' chest is covered in a splattered mix of blood and sand. Much hooting and bragging from Lee and Davis leaves Cady fuming as the victors celebrate their win at her expense. Diana seems to have turned set her sights on Heather as the women head back to the house to join the party. Cady tells Morena that she will catch up with them. She walks to the surf to rinse off and try to regain her composure. Cady squats down in the gentle surf, unhooks her bikini top to clean the sand from her chest and the blood from her mouth and chin.

"There's not enough water in the ocean to make you look good." Angel has circled back down to the beach when she realized that Cady had remained behind.

Cady turns, flashes Angel the bird and tells Boris to shut up. Boris's quickly retorts, "make me" but Cady is too tired to deal with this challenge. Cantrell bends down as she continues to rinse herself off. Angel comes up behind her and kicks Cantrell squarely in the ass, sending her flying, head first into the surf.

"Damn it, bitch, you just don't know when to stop," threatens Cady.

"Make me stop, tough girl," challenges Angel. Looking down at Cady, Boris continues, "You haven't showed me anything today. You're just another set of great tits thinking that your chest is your meal ticket."

Cady stands, fire in her eyes. She can't believe that this little witch is foolish enough to get in her face like this. Boris bends down to pick up Cady's discarded bikini top. Scooping up several handfuls of wet sand, she fills each of the cups and holds it out in front of her.

"Do you get tired carrying those things around all day, or are yours the new light weight plastic variety," she sneers.

"Drop dead bitch! I guess you wouldn't know what real tits look like, cause you don't have any. Gimme my freakin' suit."

Boris holds one end of the bikini low, pulls back on the high end and slingshots the sand into Cady's face.

Livid, Cantrell charges forward, high stepping through the surf. Two bodies slap together. Though 3" shorter than Cady and giving up 10 pounds, Boris holds her ground. Their arms encircle one another. Cantrell locks her arms tight, just under Boris's armpits and lifts Angel up. Boris winces, but digs her fingers into both sides of Cady's neck. Cantrell yelps as her arms reach up to grab Angel's wrists. Angel wraps her right leg behind Cady's left. Shoving with her hips, her steel thigh presses against Cady's leg, toppling the blonde backward into the surf. Cady disappears momentarily under the water. Her head breaks the surface, gurgling and sputtering as she pushes herself up her knees.

As she rises, Angel charges and cracks her knee into Cady's chest. Cantrell reels backwards, Angel, moving in step with Cady, throws her arms around the blonde's back, catching her before she falls again. Angel draws Cady in close. Chest to chest, undaunted by Cady's size and strength, Boris wraps her arms tight. Cady grunts, as her ribs constrict. She is reminded that this small package is one strong and nasty bitch. Cady tugs at Angel's short hair, struggling to break free. Boris forces her left leg in between Cady's legs, twisting it around Cady's right leg. They tussle for a moment, but Boris is able to twist Cady off-balance.

Once more sent over Angel's hip, Cady is propelled into the surf. Cady catches herself with both arms extended behind her and arches up to avoid swallowing more salty water. Angel launches, hurtling her body forward. She crashes on top Cady with her full weight. Cady's arch collapses as she disappears under water. Angel straddles the blonde's chest, wraps one hand around Cady's neck and the other into Cady's hair, holding her head down under the surf. Cady thrashes, holding her breath, but Boris will not let her up, despite her violent struggling. Angel suddenly yanks the sputtering Cady's head up by her hair, letting the panicked Cantrell gasp in some air. Angel quickly shoves her head back down under the water. Angel again waits to the last moment before yanking Cady's head up. Cantrell is gasping for air and spitting up the ocean..

"Cady, you didn't thank me for rescuing you. Maybe I'd better throw you back." Cantrell is wide-eyed with fear.

"You freakin' lunatic. Are you trying to kill me?" coughs out Cady."

"Oh hell, Cady, I'm just having some fun. You'd be dead if I was trying."

Angel smiles through her threat. Boris stands. With two hands in Cady's locks, Angel twists Cantrell around and pulls her through the surf back to the beach. Cady is cursing and yelping, desperately clutching at Angel's wrists as her heels drag through the surf. Boris hair hauls Cady out the surf and leaves the exhausted woman flat on her back, coughing, tears streaming from her stinging eyes. Slowly and deliberately, Angel starts kicking sand at Cady's face.

"You've got 30 minutes to get yourself together, crybaby. Meet me on the back lawn and I'll feed you some dirt for desert. If you don't show, I'll come find you and drag you back here and drown your sloppy ass." Angel turns away and sprints back to the beach house to join the party.

It takes a shaky Cady some time to recover. Slowly she stands and walks back to the house. When Cady enters the room conversation momentarily stops. The blonde is still rather disheveled and obviously upset. Morena comes over quickly embrace her. Diana sits in a chair in the living room holding court. Heather sits on the floor next in front of her, cooing as Lee gives her a back-rub. Lee's hands stray from time to time as she gives Heather a front rub, too. Neriah sits besides the young blonde, fuming. Across the room, Angel sits cross-legged on the floor, leaning on Priscilla Taylor, who has arrived late. A number of other playmates and photographers fill the room.

"Oh Cady, are you still upset at loosing to my team? It was a fun game," Diana gibes, "too bad your team got creamed and too bad I didn't have my camera."

Cady's face turns red, as she considers her response. But Angel breaks the silence first.

"Her team needed a decent captain. You know, someone with a bit of grace and maybe some athletic skill," laughs Boris.

Cady's face is beat red. "Bitch," she spits.

Playing to the small crowd, Diana issues a public challenge to the wary Cantrell, "Cady's team lost big to my team, and she is so competitive, I'm afraid that our Cady's such a sore loser!

"She's sore, all right!" Angel chortles.

Diane shots a look at Angel, then continues. "Cady collided with little Angel and got hurt. Now she's challenged Angel to a fight, woman to woman. Do you all think that it's fair, I mean, she's so big and heavy, and Angel's just a petite little thing. Well, with honor at stake, Angel accepts your challenge."

"Hey," Angel hisses at Diana, "I speak for myself."

Neriah flashes Angel the finger. Priscilla returns the gesture. Cady fumes but says nothing. Morena can't understand why Cady isn't looking forward to kicking Angel's little ass-she, for one, is ready for some pay back.

"I'll be your second," Morena volunteers. "Heather, are you with us?" she demands.

Kozar, put on the spot, begins to rise. Diana digs her fingers into the blonde's shoulders and shoves her back down.

"Stay put, you want to be on a winning team," Diana counsels.

Corwin turns to Cady and whispers softly, "Angel's just a bitch. She's small, you can take her, easy."

"Bullshit. That woman is insane. She tried to drown me," Cady whispers, almost frantically.

Boris, watching, stands up, goading her on, "So Cady, do you want to play on the grass or on the beach?"

The tone of her voice changes, now harsh and threatening, "Look, we go out to the garden, I beat the crap out of you, feed you some dirt, and its over. It's that or I drag you're sorry fat ass back to the beach and drown you."

Changing back to her party voice, Angel continues, "I just love a good catfight."

Morena puts her hands on Cady's shoulders, talking softly but sternly to her.

"Get yourself together, girl. You run now and they'll own your sorry ass. You can take this little witch out. I'll be with you."

Cady looks hard into Corwin's face. She turns towards Angel and shrugs.

"Okay, Angel," Cady resolves, " let's get it on. But you're next on my list,

Diana Lee!

The crowd moves outside to a large lawn.

Cady and Morena move outside quickly and head to the far side of the lawn as the crowd assembles. The fresh sod is soft and damp. A newly cut garden is unplanted to the left of the lawn. A tall windscreen fence runs along the right side of the lawn.

"I hate the ocean, I almost drowned when I was a kid," Cady confides to Morena.

"Hey, get that out of your head, you're on solid ground here. Don't let her psyche you out," her second urges.

Diana has set up her chair on the patio. She is taking bets on the fight, making odds and supervising the situation. Heather begins to walk down towards her teammates, but Lee stands, grabs her arm and twists it hard.

"You're with us now, stay here," she commands.

"Oww! Diana, let me go. I should be supporting Cady.

"Nonsense." Diana coos. Snapping her fingers at Davis, Lee continues, "Neriah, hold on to my young friend, will you." Neriah grabs hold of Heather 's twisted arm and marches her back behind Diana's seat.

Angel walks onto the lawn, stretching and limbering up. Priscilla joins her, holds out her hands, palms out and Angel peppers them with her fast fists.

"Okay everyone, quiet down, quiet down," shouts Neriah, "listen to Diana."

Lee begins, "Well it's time to settle this, we can't have bad feelings tomorrow. Little Angel is very brave to fight Cady. I hope Cady doesn't bully her too much! Neriah will be Angel's second, in case the sneaky Korean tries something nasty."

Neriah trots out to stand beside Cady. Priscilla grabs her by the hair, jerks her head down and marches her back to Diana. Taylor gets right in Lee's face, still holding the yelping Davis by the hair.

"Diana, you are very mistaken," she corrects, " I'm Angel's second. You'd better chain up your dog."

Taylor flings Neriah away. Davis trips to her knees. Turning, she glares at Priscilla as the crowd cackles.

"Ah, my silly mistake," growls a not too pleased Diana.

"Let's get it on," shouts Angel, strutting confidently to the center of the lawn, hands on hips.

Angel stops, extending first one leg, then the other. She stretches out, flexing her legs. This small woman with a killer set of legs has lost her party face--she's all business now. Corwin holds Cantrell's arms.

"Are you ready for this?" Morena asks her teammate.

"I guess I'd better be," a determined Cady replies.

Watching Angel finish stretching out, Morena frowns, "stay away from those legs," she cautions.

Cady steels herself and marches forward towards Angel.

As Cady approaches, Angel smiles a nasty, nasty smile. She extends her left arm, reaching up. Cady extends her right arm to meet Angel's challenge. But before their hands lock, Angel foot lashes out and slams into Cady's belly. The blonde doubles over as Angel spins and nails her in the chin with the heel of her foot. Cady is knocked ass, more angry than hurt. She scrambles to her feet as Boris waits, shifting her weight from leg to leg. Cantrell rushes the little redhead, but Angel's quick, quick hands blister both sides of her face as she slips out of reach. Cady raises her fists and circles cautiously. Angel dances wider circles around her, still shifting her weight from side to side. Cady wades in and throws a left into Angel's belly. Boris just laughs, her stomach muscles absorbing the blow. The little red-head returns the shot, sinking her fist deep into Cady's gut. The breathless blonde slumps to one knee, trying to catch her breath. Angel backs off, waiting.

Morena offers some encouragement to Cady, ".settle down, girl, she's got you psyched out."

Cady nods her head, she's listening, but her eyes are fixed on Angel as she pushes up to her feet. Boris spins in with another high kick that thuds into Cady's left side. Wincing, Cantrell absorbs the hit but responds with her shoulder behind a right cross that clips Angel's chin and staggers the smaller woman. As Angel twists sideways, Cantrell seizes her opportunity. She grabs Angel's left arm at the shoulder and wrist, twisting the arm roughly as she drives her left knee into Angel's ribs. Cady hammer-locks Angel's arm, pulling it high up her back, forcing Angel onto her toes. With two hands, Cady yanks up on the twisted arm. Lifting Angel off the ground, Cady holds her shorter foe suspended for a painful moment, then shoves her face down on the grass. Angel gets one knee up but Cady straddles her back. Retaining the painful hammerlock with her right hand, Cantrell's left fist beats into Angel's twisted shoulder, back and neck. Angel collapses to her belly as Cady pounds on her. Cady is in a rage.

"Pace yourself, girl! Take your time," Corwin counsels.

Cady twice blasts her elbow across the back of Angel's neck. She rolls the red-head onto her back and squats roughly on the lighter woman's belly. Cady clamps her hands around Angel's throat.

"Bully, no choking! She's such a cheater," shouts Diana Lee from the sidelines.

Boris presses up with her legs, trying to buck Cady off. She succeeds in lifting her butt off the grass, but Cady slides forward and bounces her butt heavily on Angel's chest. As Boris shutters, Cady grabs Angel's wrists, pinning her arms to the ground as she slips further forward. Kneeling on Angel's arms, Cady clamps her thighs around her head. Boris kicks her legs about, but can't break free. She pulls her knees up and drives them into Cady's back. Cantrell curses, reaches back and wraps her arms around Angels' legs, pulling them forward and folding Boris in half. Cady leans far forward, forcing Angel's legs down around her head. Cady shifts her butt forward, slamming it down heavily on Angel's nose and mouth.

"You little bitch," hisses Cady, "I'll smother the fight out of you."

Cady grinds her ass down on Angel's face. Boris struggles to breath as Cady' s full, muscular ass tightens around her nose. Angel stiffens her legs and tightens her gut. Suddenly, Cady finds herself struggling to maintain her matchbook hold as Angel's strains to pull her legs back. Leaning as far forward as she can, Cady doggedly tries to hold Angel down. They struggle for nearly twenty seconds. With the strain showing in her face, Cady slams her butt down on Angel's face and wins back some lost ground. Angel once more draws back her legs. Cady's whole body shakes as she tries to fight off the inevitable. With a yelp, Cady is suddenly slammed to her back, trapped under Angel's legs.

"Cripes, your ass stinks," taunts Angel, "don't you hillbillies bath?

Cantrell manages to shove Angel off and both women spring to their feet. Angel charges forward. Cady wraps her arm around Angel's neck but Boris buries her right fist in Cady's gut. As Cady staggers back, Angel throws a combination of lefts and rights that thud into Cady's left tit and belly. Cady tries to spin away but Angel is right on her, grabbing the bigger woman by the shoulders, she cracks her knee up into Cantrell's breastbone. Cady straightens up from the force of the hit. Angel immediately beats a left, right, left combo into her belly. Cantrell reels forward, catches herself with her extended arm and straightens herself again. As Angel moves in for the kill, Cady's explodes a straight arm right to the left side of Angel's face, knocking her off her feet. As a stunned Boris tries to rise, Cady races over to trap her in a full nelson and hauls her to her feet. Cady shoves Angel near the wind screen fence and spins her head first into the fence. Slipping her left arm around Angel's neck, Cady's right hand pulls down Angel's jog bra. She sinks her fingernails into Angel's small left boob..

"You've got no tits at all, you little dyke," shouts Cady, as she claws away

on the howling Angel.

Boris shoves her right elbow backward and jabs it hard into Cady's belly. As Cady's arm loosens around her neck, Angel twists herself free and turns to face Cantrell. On the attack once more, Cady rocks a retreating Boris with a straight arm left that snaps Angel's head back. Though hurt, Boris returns fire, nailing the on-coming Cady's chin with a bone jarring uppercut. Angel wraps her left leg behind Cady's right and shoves her to the ground. Angel dives with both knees crunching into Cady's gut. Straddling Cantrell's chest, Angel wraps her left hand in Cady's hair and slams her head repeatedly into the ground.

"Cady, buck her off, buck her off," shouts a concerned Corwin.

Angel stops, flashes Morena the finger, and then goes back to working driving Cady's head into the ground. Cantrell is nearly out cold. Angel slips down to straddle her belly. Ripping off Cady's bikini top, Angel hisses, "Let's see if you can take as good as you give." Angel sinks her fingers into both of Cady's tits.

"These things are sure big and squishy," taunts Angel, as she twists and squeezes.

Paying Cantrell back in kind, Angel stops and shifts forward, sitting once more on Cady's chest. With a handful of hair, she yanks Cady's head off the ground. Boris starts to slap and backhand Cady's face with her right. The blistering attack reddens Cady' cheeks and bloodies her nose and lips as Diana Lee starts counting from the sidelines.

"Sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen'." chortles an excited Diana.

Morena rushes in behind Diana. Grabbing her by the hair and throat, the tall Korean spins her around and throws her to the ground. Neriah runs to her pals aid, and straight into Morena's head kick. Corwin shoves her way through the crowd and hair hauls Angel off of Cady, judo chops her in the neck and throws her to the ground. As Morena turns to attend to Cady, Priscilla Taylor tackles her around the waist. Corwin lands heavily on her belly with Taylor straddling her back. Taylor pulls Morena's left arm up into a hammerlock sinks her fingers of her right hand into the side of Morena's neck.

"Stay out of this, it's not your fight," the blonde hisses.

With Corwin neutralized and Diana and Neriah licking their wounds, Angel and Cady are back on their feet, taking a moment's rest.

"You need help, do you, a 20 pound weight advantage isn't enough?" challenges Angel, continuing, ".you know, you don't look so good."

Wiping the blood from her nose, Cady glares at Boris. Angel's left tit is covered in scratch marks and a large bruise covers the left side of her face.

"Come on, you ugly, tit-less little bitch, come on, let's finish this," retorts Cantrell.

Angel rushes at Cady and seizes her around the back, trying to throw her over. But Cady locks her arms around Angel's waist, locks her fingers together and hoists her off her feet. Cady growls as she bear-hugs and shakes little Angel's body. Angel slams the palm of her left hand into Cady 's face, shoving her head back. Cantrell curses but holds tight. She hoists Boris up high, then propels her down, crotch first into her knee. Dropping the wounded Angel to the ground, Cady kicks her wickedly in the crotch. As Boris tries to roll over to protect herself, Cady drops down with her elbow slamming across Angel's chest. Cady scissors Angel's left arm between her legs, wraps her own left arm around the red-head's neck and claws at her face and nose with her right hand.

Cady's attack is brutal, the watching crowd grows uncomfortable. Someone shouts out, "finish her Cady, then let her go."

Cantrell is once more in a rage. Angel claws at Cady's thighs with her trapped hand, struggling to free herself.

"Bitch," hisses Cady.

Cantrell's right hand grabs Angel's wrist and bends her arm backwards at the elbow against her leg. Cantrell smiles as Angel screams.

Shifting her weight, Cady jams her knee into Angel's belly, spreads the red-heads legs wide and then slams her knee into Angel's crotch. Kneeling in between Angel's legs, Cady pounds a series of ax handles into Angel's belly.

"You're not so tough, are you, you little bitch? Cady shouts as she hammers her foe.

Angel has no response. Cady shoves her right hand into Angel's briefs and yanks on her pubic hair. Her left fist thumps repeatedly into Angel's bruised crotch.

Angel wails loudly, but has the presence of mind to lift her legs and lock her thighs around Cady's waist. Cady lurches forward. Still yanking on Angel's bush, she clutches Angel's throat with her free.

Diana Lee turns to Neriah, who is still counting the canaries circling her head. "I think we've created a monster here. We may need someone who can handle this wild woman." Lee makes eye contact with Stacy Sanches, who is standing with a small group on the other side of the lawn. Lee blows her a kiss.

Priscilla Taylor has had enough. Leaving Corwin, she springs to her feet, sprints across the lawn and dives into Cady, knocking her off of Angel. Taylor lands on Cady's back and starts to beat her fists into the back of Cady's neck. But Morena is up right behind her. She slams into Taylor, pulling her off of Cady. The two roll across the lawn, entangled. As they struggle and roll towards a group of on-lookers, Lee circles around and slips through the crowd with Neriah.

"Stop, ladies, no side-shows," admonishes Diana.

Davis sneaks in behind the kneeling Taylor and knees her in the back of the head. Neriah wraps a full nelson on Priscilla and hauls the struggling blonde to her feet. Diana grabs her by the hair and the two lead Taylor back into the house, leaving a bewildered Corwin lying on her back.

Back at the house, a furious Diana pokes her finger into Priscilla's chest.

"You and your witless little Angel are going to spoil my plans. I think I'll let Cady take care of Angel, and Neriah and I will teach you a little respect," Lee threatens.

While Davis holds her, Lee plows her fist deep into Taylor's gut. Davis pulls the blonde upright. Lee spins and kicks, driving her heel into Taylor's belly.

"My rules in this house. Do we have an understanding?" Lee asks.

"Drop dead," Taylor responds.

Lee wrap her left hand around Taylor's face, sinking her fingernails into her cheeks while Davis leans heavily into the full nelson.

"I just love a girl with spirit," Lee coos.

Diana steps back, then kicks and punches Taylor repeatedly in the belly. Lee finally stops, rips open Priscilla's shirt and grabs her tits.

"Nice boobs, really nice boobs, Neriah. Maybe I can use her. What do you think?" muses Lee.

Davis spins Taylor's body away and slams her head first into the wall, letting the poor blonde's body slump to the carpet.

"Damn it, Diana, you've got me. You don't need this slut or that overstuffed Alabama whore or that stuck-up Heather," Neriah whines. She stops as Stacy Sanches enters the room.

"Ah, Stacy, so glad you've joined us," Lee purrs. "Neriah, clean up in here and throw out the garbage while I chat with Stacy."

Out in the garden, meanwhile, several playmates help Morena to her feet and escort her to the side-lines. Cady and Angel stand just four feet apart, both are breathing hard, trying to catch their breath and recover their composure enough to continue.

"Well, you're one nasty bitch," Angel spits out at Cady.

"Don't start what you can't finish," hisses Cady as she glares at Angel.

Cady raises her fists and advances. Angel hunkers down low. With perfect timing, she pushes up with her powerful thighs, launching her attack as her left fist mashes into Cady's left tit. A quick right follows, slapping hard into Cady's ribs. Two short jabs' to the taller woman's gut have her backing up. Angel loops a left hand that glance off Cady's right cheek, but Cady thud's a straight left hand into the side of Angel's face. Angel's legs wobble, but she recovers. Cady plows another straight arm left into Angel's chest, mashing her right boob. Angel loops a left into the side of Cady's face, driving her back.

As Cady moves in again, Angel beats her to the punch and hammers her hard in the right side of her neck with a wicked left hand. Cantrell's head snaps around. Angel's left slugs into Cady's chin, spinning her head back around. Angel puts all of her weight into an uppercut that blasts into Cady's chin and snaps her head back. Cantrell's legs are rubber, she has a glazed look in her eyes. Boris hooks her once more in the jaw with a left hand. She beats left, right, left, right combination into Cady's boobs. Cady stumbles forward and wraps her arms around Angel, but Boris beats her ribs until Cady slumps to her knees. Angel back off, waiting as Cady slowly gets back on her feet.

Cantrell throws a wild punch that glances off the top of Angel's head as Angel hunkers down. Boris again launches herself. Her right fist crashes into Cady's jaw and knocks her off her feet. Surprisingly, Cady is rather quickly back up, though she looks disoriented. Angel wades in, slams an upper-cut into Cady's chin and hammers her belly with a devastating combination.

Cady stumbles forward, one knee hitting the ground. Angel moves closer. Cady suddenly jams her fist up and nails Boris in her bruised crotch. Angel drops to her knees in front of Cady, her mouth wide open. Cady grabs Angel by both ears and head-butts her.

Angel is on her back, her lights are dimmed. Cady drops a knee across her chest, then hauls her to her feet. Cantrell throws Angel backwards, up against the wind fence. Her fists pound Angel's clawed boobs. Cady steps back and launches a huge kick that slams into Angel's belly. As Boris drops to her knees, Cady wraps her left arm around her neck and once more claws Angel's nose and mouth with her right hand. Cantrell is tired. She's ready to put an end to this war. Slipping her right arm around Angel's neck, she bends Boris backwards. With Angel secured in a reverse headlock, Cady, again rakes her fingernails over Angel's not so perky boobs.

While Angel screams, Cady pulls Angel upright. With her right arm tight around Angel's throat, Cady's left hand scratches down Angel's belly and grabs a handful of bush, twisting and yanking viciously. Boris howls and jams her heel down into the top of Cady's foot. Free just for a moment, Cady is back on her in an instant, twisting her left arm backward into a hammerlock. Standing behind Angel, Cady clamps her right arm around Angel's neck. She wraps her left arm around Angel's waist and hefts her off the ground, throwing the lighter woman over her hip.

Angel lands with a loud thud on her back. Cady quickly straddles her waist. The blonde digs her fingers into Angel's neck muscles. Paralyzing pain shoots through Angel's neck as Cady expertly applies her neck claw. After a torturous minute, Cady shifts herself back. Grabbing Angel's right leg, Cady pulls it straight up and holds it with her left arm. Reaching down with her right hand, Cady beats her fist into Angel's crotch.

"Finish her off Cady, finish her off!" an excited Morena shouts.

Cady stops. She stands and hauls little Angel to her feet. She buries her left fist in Angel's belly, slips one hand between Angel's legs and the other around her throat. Cady hoists Angel off her feet and holds her mid air for a moment, then she cracks her down across her knee. Cady hair-hauls Angel to her feet and wraps her arms around her waist. Cady draws her in tight, then lifts Boris off the ground as she applies a bear hug. Boris groans as Cady squeezes her tight. Cady lifts her higher. But the tough little fighter pulls her arms free and wraps them around Cady's head. With a huge effort, Angel wraps her legs around Cady's waist. For just a moment, neither woman makes a sound, then Cady lets a loud wail as Angel's thighs crush her ribs. Cady topples backwards. Angel keeps her legs tight around her waist. Lying on her back across Angel's left leg, Cady moans as Angel tightens her vice.

Cady's right hand grabs Angel's left tit, but Angel, resting on her left elbow, sinks the fingernails of her left hand into Cady's wrist and pulls her hand away. Angel's right hand beings slapping Cady's boobs, leaving red hand prints all over the soft flesh. As Cady's trashing fades, Angel slips her legs open and reapplies the scissors around Cady's neck. Cady's eyes bug open wide as Angel's iron thighs cut off her air supply. Cady turns shades of blue. Angel snaps her legs open. Cady lies still, apparently out cold.

"Angel, you haven't really beat her if you don't make her submit," some shouts from the side. It's Diana Lee, who has returned to watch the end of the fight.

Angel shrugs her shoulders. She walks over to Neriah and grabs a tall drink out of her hand. Walking over to Cady, she pours out the drink on her face. As Cady sputters, Angel taunts her.

"So, you want to just, like, submit, or do I need to kick your ass some more?" Angel asks.

"You can kiss my sweet ass," Cady retorts.

"Feisty," Angel, comments, "not smart, but certainly feisty. Hey, I almost forgot. Your gonna eat some dirt for me, right?"

Cantrell, holding her neck, slowly struggles to get up. Angel shrugs again, waiting. Once Cady is on her feet, Boris lunges forward. She slams a fist into Cady's belly, spins her around. Angel twists Cady's left arm into a hammerlock. Wrenching up on the arm Angel shove Cady to the side of the lawn, near the garden. Snaking her left leg around Cady's, Angel shoves Cady to the ground.

"This is the part where you eat dirt, then you submit, okay," Boris taunts.

"Leave her alone, you've beat her," shouts Morena from the far side of the lawn.

Lee and Davis step on both sides of Corwin and take her arms.

"Morena, Cady wants Angel to finish what she starts, so we will let her be," Diana pronounces. Corwin pulls free but Stacy Sanches steps into her path.

"Let it be," Stacy warns. Davis and Sanches take Corwin by her arms and move her away.

Angel straddles Cady's back. She has her hammer-locked arm twisted and bent way up her back. Boris grabs a handful of soil and offers it to Cady, who turns her head the other way. Angel cranks up the pressure on her arm.

"Eat this Cady, its good for you."

Her arm near the breaking point, Cady wails loudly. Angel shoves the dirt into her mouth, but Cady spits it out.

"Okay, we'll do it the hard way," Angel threatens.

Pulling Cantrell onto her side Angel again scissors her legs around Cady's waist. She clamps her right hand on Cady's nose. Cady finally opens her mouth to gasp for a breath. Angel, scopes another handful of dirt and shoves it into Cady's mouth. Boris wraps her hand tight around Cady's mouth and squeezes her thighs as tight as she can.

"Let me know when you're ready to submit," laughs Boris. But the laughing suddenly stops.

"Damn you, you bitch!" Angel screams, as Cady has managed to sink her teeth into Angel's fingers.

Cady twists around, rolls on top of the smaller woman and slams a fist into Angel's nose. Boris's legs snap open. Cady locks her fingers together, raises her arms above her head and slams an ax handle down into Angel's chest. Cady stands quickly and then drops knees first into Angel's belly. On her feet, Cantrell bends to grab a handful of Angel's hair. As Cady jerks Angel up off the ground, she slams her knee into Angel's head as she comes up. Angel's legs are rubber. Cady holds her up. Twisting Angels arm into an armbar, Cady kicks her in the belly repeatedly.

"You've got her Cady, you've got her!" screams Corwin from the sidelines.

Corwin, can't contain her enthusiasm. She yanks her arm free from Neriah, spins to around and clocks Stacy in the chin. Sanches, caught off guard reaches out and grabs Corwin by the hair. The two women tussle, knocking over chairs and drinks. Neriah picks up a wooden folding chair that someone has brought out to the garden. She swings it up and crashes it down on Stacy 's back. Sanches crumbles.

"Stay put," Davis threatens. Corwin shrugs and turns back to watch Cady.

Cady kicks Angel's belly one last time, leaving Angel double over. Cady wraps her arms around Angel's back and upends her. Cady tightens her arms around Angel's waist. She snarls as she shakes Angel's little body. Cady walks slowly to the center of the lawn. And then she pile drives Angel into the grass. Boris is flat on her back, her body barely twitching.

"I should drown you, you little bitch, but smothering will have to do." Cantrell squats down on Angel's face.

She settles in, grinding her butt down on Angel's face and catching Angel's nose in her ass cheeks.

"Excellent, excellent. And that is enough, Cady." Diana shouts out, clapping her hands. "You certainly have left poor little Angel breathless."

Morena rushes out to help a shaky but elated Cady to her feet. As she hugs her teammate, Heather approaches self-consciously.

"Go away, Judas," Corwin snaps. "You've made your bed, now lie in it."

"Neriah, Heather, collect Angel and bring her to my room," Diana commands.

Lee walks up to Cady, extends her hand to congratulate her. Too tired to fight, Cady extends her hand. Diana takes her hand and pulls her close. Lee wraps her left hand around Cady's head, pulls her close and kisses Cady full on the lips.

Laughing, Lee turns abruptly, leaving Cady sputtering.

Lee walks over to Stacy, who is still rubbing her back. "Come back to my room with me, dear, will you. I need to explain to Angel and Priscilla how much money they cost me. I hate it when one of my girls lets me down."