Imagine my shock - and delight - when I slipped down the stairs of my two-story luxury apartment one summer afternoon to find my recent girlfriend, Cady Cantrell (36-24-36, 5-7, 118) and my old squeeze, Angel Boris (34-22-34, 5-4, 110) rolling across the floor in a fully nude, no holds barred catfight! So engrossed were they in doing damage to each other that they didn't even see me (though truth be told, I was hiding behind the stairs and peeking out.)

I was a movie producer who had a weakness for Playmates. (Hey, what man doesn't?) Cady and I had started seeing each other a few months ago, a year after I had broken up with Angel, realizing that even though she was great-looking and all, she was not the one for me. But news travels fast in Hollywood, of course. Angel swore she'd get even with me for my cruelty and I would later learn that she'd found out I had been seeing Cady and challenged the blonde to a fight (even though Cady and I had stopped seeing each other a month ago). I guess Cady had accepted her challenge, nonetheless, and invited Angel over to my place (guess Cady had duplicated the keys) to settle affairs.

The two former Playmates were struggling in the middle of the living room, and sad to say "my girl" was losing. She was pinned under the redhead, Angel straddling Cady across the tanned blonde's ample chest, but that wasn't the worst of it. No, the worst was that Angel was cruelly smothering her opponent, one delicate hand clamped over my girlfriend's mouth and two red fingers on the other pinching the blonde's nostrils shut, suffocating the life out of her.

Cady bucked and struggled below, trying to throw Angel off her chest while grasping the redhead's wrists and trying to pull those suffocating hands free of her face. Angel held fast though, determination etched across her tight jaw as she clamped down even tighter on the blonde's face with both hands. I could see Cady starting to fade from lack of oxygen as she fought to keep her eyes open, eyelids fluttering madly in the process. I thought about intervening, but decided to let them settle things between themselves, even though I wanted to help my newer girlfriend out. Turns out I didn't need to.

Reaching up with both hands, Cady latched on to Angel's shapely pointed breasts and squeezed them ferociously. The redheaded beauty roared in agony and tried to smother Cady out cold, but after a few moments it was obvious the pain in her chest made it too difficult to continue. Releasing her smother holds, she clawed at Cady's greedy, clutching hands as "my girl" sucked back in some much-needed air.

"I'll kill you for this!" screamed Angel, even as agony was written across her pretty face, eyes shut tight in pain.

"Sure you will, sweetie," chided Cady from below, soft hands still twisting and mauling soft white flesh. "Sure you will!"

They grunted and groaned as they strained against one another angrily. Doubling her attack, Cady arched her back upwards and managed to thrust her long lovely legs up and over Angel's head; then she crisscrossed them in front of the smaller wrestler's face and pushed them down to snap Angel down to the floor and off the blonde's chest. Cady scrambled out from underneath Angel's ass and then reached forward and clamped down harder with her double-breast crush, even pinching Angel's thick nipples with her fingertips from time to time. Angel shook back and forth on the rug, trying to twist free, but in vain.

Cady grinned malevolently as she punished her foe, intent on crushing the redhead's sacks like water balloons; but that smile quickly faded as Angel reached up with both hands and squeezed them about Cady's exposed throat in a murderous stranglehold. Cady gagged and went wide-eyed, and reached up to try and pull Angel's hands loose, but the redhead was relentless. She was flat on her back, but still strong enough to shake Cady's head up and down as she tightened those alabaster hands about her opponent's tan throat.

"Bitch!" cursed Angel! "I'll choke the life from you!"

Now I was afraid. Angel may not have been as voluptuous as Cady, giving up maybe three inches and 10 pounds to her blonde opponent, but she was strong - strong enough to squeeze the breath from Cady forever if she could just maintain her upside-down stranglehold. Angel then began to pull Cady down towards her with those terrible hands, "my girl" coughing and sputtering all the while through her oppressed windpipe, her eyes now shut in agony as she suffered.

I started to get up from my vantage point as the redheaded beauty prepared to wring the life out of her blonde enemy with her bare hands ... That's when Cady saved herself by jamming a finger down Angel's throat until the redheaded babe was gagging and retching violently, her choke hold relinquished in the process. Cady again began to inhale deep lungfuls of air, her huge, pointed sweaty bust rising and collapsing repeatedly as she grabbed Angel by the hair and pulled her up to her knees. I sat back down again, out of sight once more, smiling as I saw Cady could take care of herself, even against such a spitfire like Angel.

Angel had recovered and started to mutter, "You lousy whor ..." but she never got to finish her sentence before Cady slammed a fist into her face, knocking Angel flat onto her bare back.

"Fuck you, slut!" thundered Cady just before she dove into her opponent.

They grabbed each other in steel grips and rolled and wrestled on the carpeted floor, neither woman able to gain the advantage until Cady finally did. Pinning Angel to the floor with her greater weight, the blonde then seized Angel by the throat with both hands and began choking her lifeless, punctuating her efforts by slamming her foe's red head repeatedly against the rug as Angel cried out in anguish.

"Bitch!" screamed Cady at the woman suffering in her hands. "Now we'll see who chokes who! You're dead, you redheaded bitch!"

Cady began to slam Angel's head against the ground with greater force, fully intent upon choking the life from her opponent, who had tried to do the same to her moments before when the roles had been reversed. Angel groped frantically at Cady's wrists, trying to pull those strong hands loose as the blonde squeezed the breath from her, but her rival's grip was too strong. The redheaded babe was fading fast, her breath exhaled in harsh, ragged gasps as Cady prepared to finish her off.

"Drop dead, you slut!" shrieked Cady at her entrapped prey. She had only to hold on.

In a last-ditch effort to survive, though, Angel reached up and dug her clear fingernails into Cady's firm, hanging breasts, clawing long red scratches into her foe's soft white flesh with her short but sharp nails. The blonde wailed like a banshee as her enemy counterattacked her, and in a supreme fit of rage she dragged Angel upwards by the throat until they were standing face-to-face on their bare feet, Cady's hands still tightening about Angel's throat, Angel's hands still gouging Cady's tits. My more-current squeeze shook my older flame back-and-forth fiercely, trying to break the redheaded siren's neck, but in the end the pain in Cady's breasts was simply too great to continue holding on. She unfastened her hands from about the smaller beauty's neck and began slapping Angel's face wildly, palms smacking and cracking against Angel's soft cheeks until the other woman's breast-claw holds disintegrated.

They backed off, both badly injured. Cady sobbed as she rubbed her battered breasts, while Angel coughed hoarsely in regaining her breath as she rubbed her raw, ravaged throat. They glared at each other as they recovered, eager to inflict more damage upon one another, but still not quite ready to renew physical hostilities. Instead they spat insults at one another to pass the time until they could come to grips once more. "You'll pay for that, whore!" croaked Angel, still rubbing her wounded throat.

"I'm gonna mess you up but good!"

"Go to hell!" shot back Cady. "Another minute and I would have finished you off!"

"But you didn't, bitch - and now you're gonna pay the price!"

Suddenly Angel lunged at Cady and tackled her about her long legs, pulling the blonde to the ground. They slapped and cursed and swung and kicked at one another wildly, with Cady finally landing a punishing uppercut to Angel's chin that knocked the redhead flat onto her back. Cady waded over on her knees to her fallen foe, intent on softening up her small gut with her fists, when Angel lashed out with her bare feet, kicking Cady right in the chest. "My girl" yelled and fell onto her ass, as Angel quickly struck out again. The toes of her left foot gripped Cady's right nipple like a mini-vise, while her right foot plastered itself over Cady's face, toes pinching Cady's nostrils shut, sole sealing off her mouth. Cady uttered a muffled cry as Angel laughed out loud and poured on the pressure, trying to foot-smother her foe. The blonde gripped her tormentor's ankles, trying to pull her feet away, but no dice, even on slick and sweaty flesh.

Finally she resorted to pounding her opponent's shins with her balled-up fists, bone crashing against bone, harder and harder until finally Angel cried out and let go. Cady now rushed Angel from her knees, wrapping her arms about her enemy's waist before jerking her up to her feet and squeezing her in a backbreaking bearhug. Angel screeched as all the pain in the world collected in her spine, Cady's interlocked fists pressing like mad into the small of the redheaded beauty's bare back. The redhead cried out as the blonde crushed the fight from her in a bearhug. Angel's arms flailed wildly at her sides as Cady constricted her enemy even more and began to cave in her ribs.

Angel emitted one last scream before pounding away madly with her fists at Cady's collarbones. Cady shrieked at this new onslaught, but then snapped her pretty head forward to bash her skull against Angel's nose, stunning the red-haired siren and ending her escape attempt. Cady then continued squeezing Angel for all she was worth, arms winding tighter and tighter like pythons as the redhead moaned in agony, until suddenly Cady dropped her foe almost two feet straight down so that the redheaded beauty's face was level with Cady's heaving bust.

Without warning, Cady then seized Angel by the back of the head and plunged her victim face-first into her giant breasts, intent on suffocating her enemy unconscious. Angel bucked and squirmed in Cady's arms, but the blonde held her fast, soft flesh filling the redhead's breathing passages and smothering the life from her. Angel brought her sharp nails into the fray, but it was too late. She struggled briefly as she scratched Cady's ample chest, her struggles growing feebler and feebler, until finally she was still.

Cady held her victim upright for a few more moments, bare breasts squashing against Angel's mostly unseen countenance, before dropping Angel onto the floor in a curled-up ball of naked flesh. Cady then strided over to where I was, having spied me hiding there.

"Well," she smiled, "Well, you gonna hide there all day, or you gonna come out and congratulate me?"

We had parted amicably, anyway, and still liked each other.

"Apparently somebody found my hidey-hole," I replied.

"Apparently," she smiled again. I smiled back as I reached out to clutch her naked breasts, now tingling with sweat. She sighed softly and closed her eyes as I gave them a slight squeeze.

Next thing we knew Cady was being jerked backwards, her eyes wide open as she gagged and gasped for air, Angel's hands squeezing about the blonde's throat from behind. Apparently the redhead had only faked her defeat, and then attacked her foe again when Cady was confident that things were over. The tables had turned again, with Angel now standing on a sofa chair to give her greater leverage in her attack. Angel began to shake Cady back and forth like a rag doll, intent upon on strangling the life from her from behind. Even as she applied unyielding pressure to Cady's windpipe, she shot a hateful glance at me.

"Now you can watch me choke the life out of your blonde bitch, you bastard!" she spat.

I got up to move towards Angel, determined to free Cady even if I had to throttle that redheaded bitch with my own hands. Then I looked at my ex-girlfriend struggling to break free, her fingers intertwining with her attacker's, and the look in Cady's wide pretty eyes seemed to tell me, "Don't worry, I'll take care of this!"

A moment later she did, slamming an elbow back into Angel's unprepared gut, followed by another. Angel groaned as she was struck in the stomach twice. She still managed to keep her hands around Cady's neck, but her hold had been weakened. Sensing this, Cady managed to twist around violently, wrenched free of her foe's grasp, and pulled Angel off the chair as the two women came face-to-face. Cady then seized a surprised Angel by the shoulders and threw her sideways, the redheaded beauty's flight halting only when she crashed into the front door back first. Cady was immediately upon her enemy, sinking alternating rights and lefts into Angel's gut and breasts, even punching her twice across the face, before grabbing the little lovely by the hair and slamming the back of her red head hard against the door several times. Angel stood there motionless, battered and bruised beyond belief, unsure of who or where she was after the pounding she had just taken. As such, she offered no resistance as Cady reached down to clamp her hands over her enemy's nose and mouth and start suffocating her.

"You tried to smother me with your hands before, bitch," reminded Cady. "Well, now it's my turn to return the favor!"

She pressed down hard over Angel's face, hands forming a pair of airtight seals, as Angel twisted and turned her head in a vain effort to breathe. Cady simply held on, hands like industrial adhesive over her foe's pretty face, as Angel weakened in the blonde's grasp, deprived as she was of life-giving oxygen. Finally, when it looked like Angel was going to pass out, Cady released her, but only for a few, cruel moments so the redhead could suck some much-needed air into her lungs. Then Cady again lowered her hands and clenched them tightly about Angel's vulnerable neck, choking her mercilessly.

"Oh ... no ..." Angel sighed as she pulled at Cady's wrists to no avail.

Cady only clenched her teeth and poured on the pressure, hands like a vise, until Angel's wet tongue hung out of her mouth.

"Guuuhh ..." was the only word the small siren could mouth as Cady strangled her, harder and harder, until again, just before Angel's lights almost went out, Cady once more relinquished her grip, teasing her prey with the prospect of breath, however brief.

A few moments later, though, and Cady again plunged Angel's lovely face into her breasts, totally smothering her foe as she pressed Angel up against the door, finishing the fight as Angel ultimately collapsed unconscious - for real this time - just a few minutes later. Cady stood over her victim for the next minute or so, rubbing her bare feet over the redhead's face and breasts, breaking off only when I grabbed a hold of her and forced her up against the far wall, having already removed all my clothes. We hungrily devoured each other's mouths as we rubbed our hands all over each other, my hands squeezing her ample breasts as she fondled my aroused prick.

"Did you like that, hon?" she gasped in between kisses.

"Baby, you were beautiful!" I mouthed before our lips pressed together again.

Eventually I sucked both of Cady's beautiful big round boobs and chewed both her fleshy nipples for all they were worth while she was up against the wall, before lowering her to the floor and thrusting my tool repeatedly between her mammoth melons. Angel still lay unconscious at the foot of the door, but as to what happened to her next in my apartment ... well, that's another story.

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