Angel Boris vs. Donna D'Errico by John J.

Donna D'Errico had not been very successful with her acting or modeling career since leaving Baywatch a few years ago. Yes, she had a few things here and there, like minor Playboy shoots and things of that sort, but nothing big like Playmate of the Month, or a major TV role like she had on Baywatch. On Baywatch, she hadn't been a major star and therefore didn't get into the fights like some of the other girls did. She had been in a few catfights though, over the years, and knew how to fight. She saw the notices about the "Playmate Catfights" and figured that might be a way to get noticed again and jump start her faltered acting career.

Donna saw an open challenge listed from Angel Boris on the notices. Angel's posting had requested a blonde opponent of approximately the same weight, height and strength, and roughly similar measurements. Donna did a quick comparison of the stats, and easily determined that they were equals in every category, height, weight, and measurements. The differences were in hair color and style and their looks, but in physical terms, they were equals. Donna decided to set it up.

She quickly called her agent and had him arrange the fight with Angel. Angel's agent got the word about the fight, and told her about it. Angel did the same comparison as Donna and came to the same conclusion that they were equals in physical terms.

Angel told her agent, "Tell the peroxide bimbo that she's got herself a fight!"

Donna responded, "That little redheaded bitch couldn't fight her way out of a bag! I'm gonna pound the crap out of her, and get myself noticed!"

Angel laughed, "If that airhead thinks she's gonna use me to get her her career going again, she had better think about retirement instead or she'll be in hospital!"

Angel Boris could definitely back that statement up. She'd been in a number of fights in her life, including a number of Playmate Catfights. She was a skilled and capable catfighter. The two agents stopped the verbal sparring there, and told the ladies to save their anger for the fight night.


A week and a half later, on Saturday night, the fight was scheduled at the Playboy mansion. The ladies were told to arrive by five o'clock in the afternoon to get prepared for the fight, and that the fight would begin at seven o'clock. All the people that Hugh Hefner had invited to witness the fight had figured that it would one nasty and brutal fight. They all noticed how close in size and strength the ladies were, and that it would be a tough call. Most though were predicting a long fight, with a victory going to Angel Boris because of her catfighting experience.

At quarter to five, Angel Boris arrived at the mansion, and her car was directed in one direction, towards one side of the mansion. Her attendants were there waiting. The entourage included a hair stylist, manicurist, makeup artist, fashion coordinator, and a fight trainer. Ten minutes later, at five minutes to five, Donna D'Errico arrived. Her car was sent to a different side of the mansion, where her entourage was waiting. She had the same type of entourage as Angel, there to prepare her for the upcoming fight.


Over the next hour and a half, both ladies had their hair and makeup fixed to perfection. They had their nails manicured and painted, and also sharpened for the fight. They had string bikinis selected for them to wear for the fight. Though both women knew that the bikinis, especially the tops, wouldn't last very long into the fight. Finally, their trainers offered suggestions about how to proceed against the other woman, and what weak spots to exploit and strengths to avoid. The main job of the trainers though was to explain how to fight in high heels. At twenty minutes to seven, the ladies were told to make their final preparations, and to get ready to come down to the arena. Ten minutes later, they were called down to the basement of the mansion to start the fight.

Things were set up purposely as they were so that the fighters wouldn't meet before the actual fight, and start brawling ahead of time. Each lady came out of her room and down the stairs by her room. Angel's stairwell brought her down on the left side of the arena, and Donna's stairwell brought her to the right side of the arena. The ladies stood at the doors for a few minutes. Finally both doors opened simultaneously. They ladies emerged into the arena, one on each side. Hugh Hefner stood there and introduced the ladies to the audience, first Angel and then Donna.

Angel was wearing a hot pink string bikini top and thong bottom, along with matching pink heels. Donna was wearing a black string bikini top, thong bottoms, and matching black heels. He took his front row seat.

"Ok, ladies. Fight!"

Angel quickly charged at Donna. Donna stood her ground and waited for Angel to approach. Donna easily sidestepped the redhead as she charged past. Donna grabbed a leg and unbalanced Angel, adding insult to injury as she went head first into the carpet. Donna tried to put Angel into a toe hold, but didn't have the right angle to put any painful pressure on the leg, and Angel squirmed out of the hold. Both ladies got up quickly after the initial exchange.

Angel raised her hands into fists, and Donna matched her stance. The two women circled and watched each other, as each searched for a chance to strike. Angel saw her chance and fired a big right hook at Donna's head. Donna had faked her out to do that, and evaded the punch and countered with a solid right hook of her own into Angel's ribs.

The redhead gasped and backed off, as she held her fists up defensively. Donna saw her chance and followed in after Angel. She pounded a left-right combination through Angel's defense, right into the redhead's tits. She followed that up with a solid right to Angel's ribs again, and the redhead looked to be in some pain as she protected her left ribs. That move dropped her defenses and Donna clobbered her with a hook to the jaw, and Angel dropped hard to the floor. Donna taunted Angel, as the girl attempted to regain her balance and get up to continue the fight.

Donna yelled, "Come up. You're so tough with the talk. Let's see you back it up! Get up and fight!"

Angel moved slow, as she sought to regain her balance. In a sudden move, she sprang at Donna and caught the surprised blonde with a tackle across the waist. Donna went down on her back hard, and Angel came down on top of her. Angel wasted no time and went on the offensive. She quickly ripped Donna's top to shreds and grabbed onto her enemies full, round, breasts.

Angel squeezed and twisted Donna's breasts, and relished in the screams of pain that she created. Angel took it a step further and dug her ten hard, sharpened fingernails into the soft titflesh, like ten talons. Donna screamed out in pain, and knew she was in trouble unless she did something quickly. She raised her knee hard, and caught Angel in the gut. That was just enough to surprise Angel, and Donna was able to remove Angel's grip on her tits and roll the redhead over and gain the dominant position.

Donna hissed, "Your turn now, BITCH!"

As Donna tore off Angel's top, Angel sobbed out, "Please no, don't!"

But Donna could care less about Angel's pleas. She was out for revenge now! Donna roughly squeezed, twisted and pulled on Angel's tender tits, as Angel sobbed in pain. Donna laid into Angel, and made she that the redhead knew exactly how much it hurt. Donna temporarily released her tit grip and Angel thought it was over. Donna sadistically clamped her long, hard, sharp nails into Angel's feminine globes, and Angel shrieked in pain, while Donna smiled.

Blood began to trickle around Donna's hands as the welts that her nails made began to bleed, as she grinded her nails into the soft titflesh. Angel screamed and flailed around in pain, and she quickly snapped back, and realized that she was losing this fight. Angel kicked around with her legs, trying to get Donna off her. Angel got a very lucky break, as her knee impacted into Donna's pussy. Donna yelped, as waves of pain shot up her body, from her injured womanhood. Donna rolled away as she released Angel's tits.

The two women laid there motionless for a minute, as they sought to build their strength for the next attack. Both women got up slowly, but Donna was little faster. Donna was fully standing, as Angel just rose up off her knees. Donna moved in and battered Angel's jaw with a huge spinkick. Angel's head snapped to the side, and her whole body jerked as she twisted around and landed tits first on the floor yet again. A flow of blood was clearly visible from the corner of Angel's mouth. Donna straddled Angel's back and dug her high heel into Angel's lower Back as she grabbed Angel's arms and pulled them back in a surfboard hold. Angel twisted and rolled as she fought the pain and tried to get Donna off her.

Finally, she succeeded and Donna couldn't maintain the hold any longer. Angel was still on her knees as Donna approached again and grabbed her short red hair, to pull her up to her feet. Angel needed a big move to get back into this fight and she was ready for it. As Donna hauled her up to her feet, Angel pulled her fist back and slammed a solid right into Donna's crotch. Angel had already nailed Donna there, and this second blow added to the pain.

Donna immediately released Angel, and the redhead fell. Donna also went down hard, in a lot of pain, as she clutched her crotch. Angel was up first this time, as she had regained some strength, while Donna was hurt. Donna was on her knees, as she moved to get up. Angel moved in behind her and fired a big kick with her heel into Donna's crotch. The blonde screamed in pain and went down on the floor hard. A red spot was clearly visible on Donna's red thong panties, and blood was seeping out the sides of the thong as well. Angel straddled Donna's back and squatted down. She grabbed the blonde's legs and pulled back, while she arched herself back as well, creating a painful Boston Crab hold. Donna yelped in pain.

Angel demanded, "Give up, bitch!"

Donna yelled back, "Go to hell!"

Angel increased the pressure.

"I said, GIVE UP! Say it!"

Donna yelled, "Never!"

Angel increased the pressure a little more, and that's just what Donna had waited for. As Angel pulled back, Donna got a hold of her hair and wrenched her to the side, and the redhead toppled over to the side. Angel tried to keep a hold on Donna as she rolled. She quickly got in behind Donna and tried to lock in a double-toed leglock. Donna watched for the opportunity and lashed out with both high heeled feet, and nailed Angel in the tits with her heels!

Angel screamed out and toppled backwards as the mule kick nailed her in the tits. Donna's crotch was still hurt badly, and she got up slowly, but faster than Angel, who was now hurt more. Both women were clearly bruised and bloody, but neither was quitting, and neither would stop.

Donna moved in behind Angel, as Angel tried to get herself up. Donna aimed carefully and kicked Angel in the crotch with her high heeled shoe, just as Angel had done to her previously. Angel sobbed out in pain and went down hard, yet again. Donna grabbed Angel by her short red hair and hauled the girl to her feet. Angel wasn't resisting. Donna called upon her reverses of strength and hoisted Angel into the air and bodyslammed her down to the floor.

The crowd gasped and that amazing show of strength, so far into the fight. Angel was dazed and confused. She tried to get up, only to be met with a high heel to the face, that worsened the blood flow from her mouth. Donna held Angel by the hair and laid down and clamped her long, strong legs around Angel's midsection and squeezed. Donna wanted to keep the pressure on Angel, but also needed to rest and rebuild her own strength reverses in order to finish off Angel. Angel fought against Donna's legs and tried to push legs off, but she couldn't do it.

When Angel would try to take a breath, Donna would squeeze a bit more and force the air out of her lungs. Donna would lessen the pressure a bit, and Angel would try to take a good breath, only to have the air forced out yet again by Donna's squeezing. Angel summoned her will and surprised Donna with a couple quick elbows to the gut that forced the blonde to release her body scissors. Angel quickly rolled away and took several good, deep breaths to replenish her oxygen supply. She was weak though, and needed to rest, before she could take the fight back to Donna.

The elbows to the gut didn't hurt Donna much at all. They only caused her to release her hold. Donna got up and quickly followed, as Angel rolled away. Donna gave her a solid kick to the ribs, that send the redhead over onto her back. Donna grabbed Angel's leg and wrapped it around her own leg, and then fell back. Angel howled in pain, as the legbreaker move had it's desired effect. Angel felt like her leg had been broken in half, it hurt so bad. Donna got up again. She held both of Angel's legs in a split. She then jumped up and extended her knee. Angel realized what was about to happen, and cried out in pain as Donna's knee impacted into already sore and hurt crotch.

Angel nearly passed out from the pain, but she willed herself to continue. She refused to give her blonde adversary the satisfaction of a knockout. Donna was more than a little annoyed that Angel was not out cold, after that knee drop to the crotch. Donna extended her elbow and dropped her elbow twice into Angel's battered tits. Donna then backed up to get a good start, and jumped and leg dropped Angel across the tits. Donna backed up and got ready for that move again. Angel prepared herself and at the last minute, she raised her leg. Donna couldn't stop her own forward momentum and her crotch impacted squarely into Angel's waiting heel!

Donna fell over in pain, as her already severely damaged pussy took even more abuse. Angel rose slowly and went over to the equally slow moving Donna. As Donna partially rose, Angel pulled back her fist and plowed a right hook into Donna's jaw. The blonde tumbled over to the side. Angel went over to the downed blonde, and grabbed her hair. Angel sat down and pulled Donna in close. She wrapped her legs around Donna's neck and started to apply a brutal figure-4 headlock. Donna squirmed as she tried to escape. Neither woman had the energy left for a big escape move any longer. Donna rested for a few minutes and allowed Angel to keep her hold in place.

Angel's legs had been weakened from that leg breaker earlier and she wasn't hurting Donna that much. Donna reached out and grabbed Angel's leg. She gut her nails in and left a set of long, deep, bleeding scratches up Angel's legs. Angel pulled away in shock. She released Donna and checked her legs, only to see what she feared, blood, from deep bloody scratches up her entire leg and thigh. While Angel checked her legs, Donna got to her feet.

A quick kick to the tits, sent Angel over onto her stomach. Donna grabbed hold of both of Angel's legs and crossed them and applied a very painful double-toed leg lock. Angel cried out in pain. Donna demanded her surrender several times, but Angel adamantly refused. Donna released the hold in frustration. Angel started to get up and Donna went around and clamped her legs around Angel's neck in a standing neck scissors. Angel yelped in pain, but Donna kept the hold solid.

Once again, Donna showed amazing strength. She summoned her energy reserves yet again and grabbed Angel's legs. She lifted the girls legs up in the air and then Released her own legs. Angel's head went crashing into the floor, as Donna nailed her with a fairly good piledriver late in the match. Donna's technique was less than ideal and she didn't have Angel fully elevated for maximum effect, but it was more than enough to do the job. Angel was already in a lot of pain and had taken tremendous abuse. That piledriver pushed everything over the edge and it took everything Angel had left, not to pass out and give Donna that satisfaction of a knockout. Angel couldn't resist any further attacks by Donna, and Donna was barely capable of continuing the fight herself.

Donna sensed victory at hand, and she willed herself on. Donna was clearly annoyed that Angel wasn't out. She didn't have the strength for anything else, so she sat down on Angel's chest in a schoolgirl pin position. She inched her way forward until she had achieved nearly a face-sitting position.

Donna demanded, "Give up, or I'll knock you out?"

Angel weakly replied, "Never! You've got to knock me out, bitch!"

Donna sneared, "I'll do it! Give up now, or I will sit on your damn face!"

Donna moved forward, almost sitting on Angel's face. Angel still didn't say anything, and was still very defiant about giving up. Donna moved forward and dropped her ass down on Angel's face. She ground her ass into Angel's face for several minutes. She deprived her adversary of oxygen, and humiliated her in the worst way, at the same time.

After two minutes of facesitting, Donna backed away.

She snarled, "This is your last chance, bitch! I'm not going to ask again. Give up now, or I'll fucking knock you out with my ass."

Angel sensed it coming, and didn't want that final humiliation.

Angel said softly, "Ok, I give up! You win. Please stop."

At that Donna got off Angel and collapsed on the floor next to Angel. It took twenty minutes of rest before Donna was strong enough to get up and talk to Hef, after her win.

Hef told Donna, "Donna, there were several producers here. They liked what they saw. They said that there might be some contracts for you in the future. But you've got to have a more convincing win next time."

Donna was too weak to be angered by that.

She thought, "What the hell do they want? I beat Angel really good?"

Angel rested much longer than that. She began to move long after Donna had already left. She knew that her acting/modeling career was now in shambles after devastating defeat. She decided that all she could do was train better and harder and schedule more fights, to get herself back on track again.

Donna thought a little longer as she rested at home, "Well, I guess I have to play the game. And I did get a win. Guess I have to train hard for my next fight."

Donna pondered who she would challenge next, or who might challenge her.

The end