PRISON HEAT by MARS Donna D'Errico vs. Angel Boris (a domination)

The world of a women's prison is one of dominance and submission. It is a world where brutality is queen and weakness and fear are her subjects. Into this humid, vicious bower Angel Boris was thrown. The guards led her past the rows of hungry eyes there were catcalls and blown kisses. They led her far back to where she would stay for the length of her term for a crime she claimed she didn't commit.

The cell door opened and she was face to face with her new cell mates' - the women with whom she would share most moments of the day. They were a trio of lean, mean blondes who didn't exactly look like they had a welcome mat ready. There was Cady Cantrell, gold ringlets, gold skin and a wicked smile. There was Priscilla Taylor, hair in a pony tail and eyebrows arched in permanent menace. And then there was the leader of the crew, Donna D'Errico, a living breathing cauldron of sexual brutality and sadism.

The guards pushed Angel inside roughly and turned away with a smile.

"Have fun, honey," one the guards said laughing as she walked off.

The cell door closed with a loud clang, then all was silent - too silent. The three women stared at her without saying a word. They looked at her like she was their last meal. Donna approached her.

"On your knees, bitch," she growled, "you're my property now."

Angel was confused and more than a little scared. She was a little rich girl and she wasn't used to being talked to like that.

"Forgive me, but, uh, I don't think that's appropriate," she answered as bravely as she could.

The three blondes looked at each other and burst out laughing. Donna moved in closer, her nose an inch from Angel's.

"I'm only gonna say this once more," she breathed, "on-your-knees-BITCH!"

Angel tried to maintain her resolve even as the butterflies began to flutter in her stomach.

"I-I don't think so," she said, the words trailing off.

Then she felt a thud and a saw a flash. Her head jerked to the side. The back of Donna's hand whizzed by in the follow through. She had experienced her first prison bitch-slap - it would not be her last.

"Kick her ass, Donna!" yelled Cady.

"Teach her to obey!" screamed Priscilla.

Donna followed with a brutal shot to Angel's ribs. Angel stumbled back against the bars of the prison cell. She clutched her side. She looked behind her through the bars. There was no where to run. Sound came from the other prison cells. The inmates knew a fight was on. The prisoners began to yell and laugh. They sensed the kill and called for it. Inside the cell Cady and Priscilla laughed and heckled. The air quickly filled with the thick scent of violence.

Donna reached back for another blow.

Angel saw it coming. She tried to defend herself. She lashed out with a weak frightened punch. Donna swatted it easily.

"You raisin' your hands to me, bitch?!" roared Donna.

She threw three vicious hooks dead to Angel's face. Angel squealed in pain, then tried to cover her face. The little redhead slid along the bars away from Donna, but the cell was small. She could run, but she couldn't hide. Donna grabbed her by the throat and slammed her against the bars. Then she kneed her hard to her pussy. Angel fell to the floor. Donna lifted her by her hair and kneed her again. Angel could barely stand, but donna held her up. She began to slap her several times across the face. The redhead sobbed pitifully. The blonde smiled heartlessly.

"Now," began Donna, "on your knees, bitch."

She loosened her grip around Angel's neck and Angel immediately dropped to her knees.

"Good bitch," taunted Donna, "now get up."

Angel stood up weakly on unsteady legs.

"What's your name, bitch," asked Donna.

Angel could barely muster a response.

"A-A-Angel," she said softly.

"Not anymore," said Donna, "your name is 'bitch.' Now say it!"

Angel was slow to respond. Donna blasted her in the stomach twice.

"Say it!" she commanded.

"M-My name is bitch," Angel said submissively while doubled over holding her stomach.

Cady and Priscilla hooted gleefully.

"Ooh, yeah!" screamed Cady.

"She learns fast!" taunted Priscilla.

Donna grabbed her by her short red bangs and forced her to look up at her. The blonde stared down at her imperiously.

"My rules are simple," began Donna, "and they are these: One, I own you. You are my property. Two, you do whatever I tell you to do. Three, you exist for my pleasure and the pleasure of my friends. Four, your are to address me and my friends as 'ma'am.' Clear?"

"Y-yes ma'am," responded Angel.

Donna smiled wickedly the dragged Angel over to the bunk bed by her hair. She threw her down roughly on the bed and straddled her. The powerful blonde began to tear off Angel's shirt. Angel made the mistake of resisting.

"Don't you fuckin' try to stop me, bitch!" screamed Donna, "I told you, you exist for my pleasure!"

Donna began to slap Angel viciously. Angels face was red, her lips her bleeding, her tearful eyes were swollen.

Donna showed no mercy. She tore into Angle like a crazed cat, her golden locks obscuring her malevolent face. She ripped Angels shirt open and the buttons flew on the mattress. Then she tore off her bra and began to paw at Angels perky, pale-pink breasts.

"Mmm, yeah, nice little titties," cooed Donna, "My girls and me are gonna have lots of fun with you."

Then she began to kiss Angel on the face and breasts, laughing while Angel cried. She grabbed Angel by the hair, lifted herself above her and roughly turned Angel onto her stomach.

"Cady, Priscilla, get the toys," commanded Donna of her two mates.

The two blondes looked at each other knowingly and smiled gleefully as they grabbed the strap-on dildos and the oils. Angel was sobbing face down in the mattress.

"Please, please, no, don't hurt me," she begged.

Donna snickered and stroked Angels back and reached under and cupped her breasts.

"Don't worry," she laughed, "we'll be gentle."

Cady and Priscilla approached the bed. Cady gave one strap-on to Donna and kept one for herself.. Priscilla handed Donna the oil. Donna then roughly stripped Angel of her prison jeans and then pulled down Angel's panties. She stroked Angel's beautiful creamy ass.

"What a pretty creamy little ass you have, bitch," taunted Donna before she began to slap Angel's ass brutally again and again, leaving it ripe and red.

The blondes stripped. Their bodies glistened gold from their special privileges in the prison sun. The flesh was hard and tight. Standing over their beaten and sobbing foe, they were like blonde beasts ready to devour their kill. Donna strapped on the dildo and positioned herself behind Angel's ass. She poured the oil over the waiting bud of her anus and then placed one hand around the back of Angel's neck. She moved the dildo in slowing and Angel screamed with fright and began to move.

"So help me, you move and I'll beat you unconscious," growled Donna menacingly.

Donna continued to enter the eight-inch dildo until it was half-way in - then she pounded it all the way. Angel screamed the horrible scream of a wounded animal. Donna forced her face down roughly and began slow and even strokes.

"Don't worry, baby," she taunted Angel, "you'll get used to it."

Stroke after slow stroke, Donna penetrated Angel, breaking her down. The dildo was like an extension of her power and she used it to fully dominate Angel. Slowly angles cries turned to moans and she began to love her submission.

"Oooh, ooh, y-yes," cooed Angel.

"That's right, bitch," said Donna between grunts, "now, thank me for taking your ass."

"Th-Thank you," moaned Angel in response.

After ravaging her ass for several minutes, Donna pulled out of Angel. She turned her over and then entered Angel's pussy from the front missionary-style. She pulled Angel to her as she fucked her tiny pink bud, and then began to kiss her passionately. The beautiful, brutal blonde took her conquest with the skill and power of a true mistress of sexual conquest. Before she pulled out, she commanded Angel to open her mouth and then she spit in it.

"The final ritual of ownership," said Donna, "drink up."

Donna pulled out and turned to Cady and Priscilla.

"Try out my bitch, girls," she said, "it's my gift to you."

Cady, dildo strapped on already, entered Angel's pussy. Priscilla sat on her face. For several minutes the two blondes used her as a toy of their pleasure. When they were done, Donna, naked and dildo-less, climbed into bed with Angel. Angels eyes were red. Her face was a mixture of satisfaction and humiliation. She had been taken. She had been used. Stripped of her pride she had been clothed in the role of bitch and enjoyed it.

Donna pulled Angel's head to her breast and began to stroke it.

"I know, I know," she began, "you're confused - don't be. Don't think. Thinking is not your role. Your role is to accept. In time you will find submission will come naturally and pleasurably. You will find you were born to it as I was born to rule. Don't think, my beautiful bitch, serve."

And with that, Donna forced Angel down between her legs and Angel, almost instinctively, began to pleasure the golden throne of Donna's womanhood. Donna looked at Angel eating her out and smiled, then she leaned her head back and closed her eyes. The blonde goddess had conquered yet another to serve her.

The End (but just the beginning for our littlest Angel)