Angel Boris vs. Stacy Sanches (2 stories by Ginny and Kim for Jeff's Celebrity Tournament)

Angel won her first match fairly easily over Tylyn Johns using a sneak attack to quickly render her opponent helpless. She beat Jen Lavoie using her powerful legs to scissor the former Playmate into submission. Now, Angel would be facing by far the biggest opponent yet.

Stacy Sanches had beaten Victoria Silvstedt, one of the biggest women in the tournament, in the first round and Gianna Amore, one of the bustiest, in the second. Both fights had taken a toll on the big brunette, however, leaving her breasts and belly covered with deep bruises. She hoped little Angel wouldn't give her any trouble and let her get a 'breather' before her semi-final match.

Angel appeared in a yellow mini bikini and Stacy wore a white thong. Stacy smiled down at Angel as the announcer introduced the former Playmates. "I'll make this quick," Stacy said, "I don't think you'd want me to prolong your agony any more than necessary. After all, you're so tiny I might accidentally snap you in two if I get careless. And then, there's your reputation to protect. I'll try to make you look good for as long as I can before I finish you off."

"Don't do me any favors Stacy. You're just another 'big titted bitch'," she said as she jabbed a fingernail into Stacy's impressive bosom, "and I know just where your weak points are, both of them. You need to be put in your place which is flat on your back underneath of me. Just be careful I don't hurt YOU because I'm definitely NOT going to take it easy on you."

They squared off and locked up, but Stacy immediately pulled Angel into a side headlock and slammed her fist into the little girl's face bloodying her nose. Angel kneed Stacy in the back of the leg and yanked her head free. Stacy spun around and slammed Angel in the chest with both hands, throwing her backward with so much force that she nearly fell and staggered back against the ropes. Angel caught herself on the ropes and wiped blood from her nose as Stacy waggled a finger at her, "I warned you, you might get hurt little girl."

Stacy followed Angel, ready to finish her off, but Angel drove a punch to Stacy's stomach trying to keep her away as she moved along the ropes. The punch didn't seem to hurt Stacy and just as Angel wound up to throw another, Stacy lunged and wrapped her in her arms, forcing Angel back into the corner. Angel pounded her fists into Stacy's hard abs as the big brunette wrapped her arms around Angel's head and pulled her out of the corner, then dropped and slammed Angel's face in the mat. Angel rolled over holding her nose which was bleeding more now as Stacy stood up and kicked her in the ribs. Angel grunted and rolled out of the ring under the ropes to catch her breath and collect herself.

Stacy leaned over the top rope and taunted Angel as she walked around the ring to the corner, slowly climbing the stairs to the corner as the referee pushed Stacy away to give Angel a chance to get through the ropes. As soon as Angel ducked her head, Stacy shoved the referee aside and ran to the corner. Angel saw her and she lunged, driving her head into the pit of Stacy's stomach, knocking her down and knocking the breath out of the former Playmate.

Angel hopped through the ropes as Stacy rolled over and scrambled to her feet. Just as she rose, she was met with a hard kick to the side of her knee from Angel. As Stacy staggered, Angel jumped up and kicked her again, this time in the ribs. The impact of the jump-kick, knocked Stacy off her feet and she went sprawling on her side as Angel started to circle around her. Stacy got to one knee, but Angel ran at her and drove her knee into Stacy's back, sending her flying across the ring and landing on her stomach under the far ropes.

Stacy reached up and used the top rope to pull herself to her feet, limping from Angel's kick to her knee which was beginning to swell. "You bitch," Stacy screamed, "stand still and fight fair!" Angel just backed off and grinned, motioning to Stacy with her hands to, "Come on." Enraged, Stacy hobbled across the ring, her hands up ready to choke the life out of the little redhead who had dared to make her look foolish with her kicks. As she reached her, however, Angel set herself and snapped a quick front kick to Stacy's stomach that doubled her over. Angel grabbed a handful of the brunette's hair, pulled her head down and brought her knee up hard to Stacy's face. Now it was the brunette's nose that was bleeding.

Angel pushed Stacy away and once more circled away, bouncing lightly on the balls of her feet and carefully sizing up Stacy, preparing for her next kick. Stacy leaned on the corner ropes, wiping blood from her face. This wasn't the kind of fight she wanted at all. With Angel being so quick, all of Stacy's size and strength was meaningless. She had to do something to corner the smaller girl so she could overpower her before Angel kicked the stuffing out of her.

Stacy limped toward Angel, then feinted to her right and quickly lunged left. The quick move fooled Angel who had begun to duck to her right when she saw Stacy's first move. Stacy wrapped her arms around Angel and slammed her to the mat on her back with Stacy on top. The petite redhead grunted with the impact as the air was driven from her lungs by the weight of the 130 pound Playmate on top of her. "Gotcha!" Stacy chortled as she wrapped her legs around Angel's, trapping the much smaller girl beneath her.

Angel squirmed and writhed, but to no avail. She was trapped! Angel reached up and, in a move born of desperation, shoved her fingers in Stacy's eyes. Stacy screamed and clawed at Angel's hands, falling backward in her eagerness to avoid blindness or disfiguring scarring. Angel got her foot up and planted it between Stacy's breasts, then kicked her backward, sending the brunette's body through the ropes and out onto the ring apron. Stacy nearly fell off the ring, but managed to somehow hook one arm on the ropes to leave herself dangling half off the apron as Angel got to her feet and walked over to where Stacy was laying on her side blinking back her tears.

Angel held the middle rope as she swung down and drove both knees into Stacy's back, sending her toppling over and headfirst down onto the floor. Angel climbed to the top rope in the corner and as Stacy struggled to her feet, Angel launched herself through the air and descended with her full 110 pounds on Stacy's back. The big brunette collapsed under the impact and lay face down on the floor as Angel rolled over, got slowly to her feet and climbed back in the ring. Stacy lay without moving for several moments, then rolled over on her back, holding her head and sat up, looking around for the truck she though had just run over her.

Stacy climbed slowly back up to the ring, her tears mingling with the blood from her nose as it ran down and dripped from her chin. She swung her leg through the ropes and stood up, no longer looking confident or cocky against the petite Playmate she had thought would be an easy victim for her. She waited in the corner as Angel bounced around the middle of the ring, taunting her and daring her to, "Come out and fight me." Finally, Stacy shuffled forward, dragging her wounded leg slightly. Angel knew she was now certainly quicker than Stacy, and that her kicks were having the desired effect on her adversary.

As Stacy moved forward, Angel rushed her, ducked and grabbed Stacy's leg. She lifted it and dumped the surprised Playmate flat on her back. Angel stepped between Stacy's legs and bent Stacy's already sore leg around her own in a step over toe hold. Stacy screamed in pain as her knee was twisted by the hold. She tried once to sit up to punch Angel, but collapsed under the pain and yelled out her submission to the referee before Angel could do serious damage to her already hurt leg. Angel dropped Stacy's leg, turned and raised her arms over her head in victory!

"So much for you being taller," she screamed.


Angel Boris (34B-22-34) 24 yrs 110# 5' 4" vs. Stacy Sanches (34C-24-36) 25 yrs, 130 # 5'10"

Angel won her first match beating Tylyn Johns with a sneak attack, and Jenny Lavoie by using her powerful legs to scissor the former Playmate into submission. Now, Angel was facing her biggest foe so far in Stacy Sanches who beat Victoria Silvstedt and Gianna Amore. Both fights left marks on the brunettes torso which was covered with bruises. She hoped for a 'breather' against Angel Boris to ease her way to the semi-finals.

Angel wore a yellow mini bikini and Stacy a white thong. Stacy smiled down at Angel as the announcer introduced the former Playmates.

"I'll make this fast," Stacy said, "I won't prolong your agony longer than necessary. You're so tiny I could accidentally break you in two if I'm not careful. I'll make you look good as long as I can, then finish you."

"Don't do me any favors Stacy. You're just another 'big titted bitch'," Angel said as she jabbed a fingernail into Stacy's impressive bosom, "and I know just where your weak points are, both of them. For all your good looks, it seems some of what you have is 'less than 100% natural. You need to be put in your place which is flat on your back underneath of me. Just be careful I don't hurt YOU because I'm definitely NOT going to take it easy on you."

Stacy shoves Angel, backs her up about 4 steps. Stacy comes towards her, Angel goes low and hits Stacy in her stomach with her fist but Stacy doesn't seem hurt. She wraps her arms around Angel and rams her back into the corner as Angel tries to resist. Stacy traps her in a "bear hug" as Angel tries to use her knees and struggles to break free. Angel uses a lot of energy, but finally breaks free of the bigger girls grip, when she lands a good knee to Stacy's thigh and moves her back... but Angel slides down the ropes trying to catch her breath rather than going on the attack.

Stacy starts after her, stalking. Angel looks nervous now as Stacy cuts off the ring. Stacy's strength surprised Angel who had a lot of trouble breathing in the bearhug cause her face was smothered in Stacy's big tits. Angel waits till Stacy is close and then charges, throwing fists into Stacy's belly with both hands. Stacy lands a punch to the side of Angels head that staggers her. Angel is backed up a step, but comes back at Stacy, who throws another that she ducks. Angel tries for Stacy's breasts and some land effectively, but Stacy grabs Angel by the hair and arm and throws her across the ring onto her tight little butt.

She gets up as Stacy rubs her boobs and glares at Angel who is pleased to see that Stacy has been hurt. They circle, and Stacy says, "Next time I get you trapped, it's all over for you sweetie." Angel is careful, wary as she slowly backpedals, looking for an opening to attack. Stacy comes at her again and Angel kicks her in her stomach, doubling her up. Stacy seems hurt, Angel tries another, but Stacy catches her foot this time and dumps her on her ass again. Angel lands hard and Stacy has the leg still, steps over the prone Angel and twists the leg in a figure four. Angel screams and is in great pain, trying to get loose but having a hard time. She pulling at her hair and pounding the mat as she absorbs the punishment. Stacy has her like that for a minute or so seeming to enjoy dishing out the pain. The little redhead is crying now and it looks like she may have to give up.

Suddenly, with another scream and a huge effort she manages to roll over and kick free! Stacy falls away off balance as Angel rolls to her hands and knees with her head down low. Stacy gets to her feet comes over to Angel, grabs her red hair and pulls her head up. She tells her to get up and get ready for some more pain. Angel gets to her feet, but it's a struggle for her. Her leg is hurt, she's limping, breathing hard and looks like she wants a break, but the brunette is not about to give her one.

Stacy gets close again and Angel starts throwing fists, fast and furious...desperately. Stacy tries to dodge and block but doesn't get them all, some land. She lands to the big girls stomach, chest and face and moves Stacy back with blood coming form her nose. But all of that stops when Stacy lands a strong forearm to Angels boobs that knocks her back into the ropes. She clutches her chest and bounces straight into an uppercut to her chin that drops her on the mat again.

Stacy is rather mad having taken some tough shots from Angel, her lip is bleeding too. She screams for Angel to get her little ass up so that she can make her pay and end the fight. Angel starts to rise, but Stacy grabs her hair again and yanks her up to her feet. Angel yelps at the pain in her scalp. Angel is near exhaustion, and unsteady but gets her hands wrapped in Stacy's and they struggle, twisting and turning towards the middle of the ring but Stacy is clearly stronger and wraps Angels arms up, twisting them so that she is now behind the little redhead. As they grunt, groan and struggle, their thighs press together.

Stacy is able to tie Angel up in a full nelson. Angel sets her feet as Stacy takes a deep breath and starts to apply pressure. The pain Angel feels is soon evident on her face as Stacy tightens her grip and starts pour on the pressure. Stacy's talking to Angel, telling her she won't get out of this hold. In her desperation, Angel tries to kick Stacy's shins but they either miss or have no effect, she's trapped. Sanches stops taunting her, using all of her energy to press ever harder. She shakes the redhead from side to side, making her small firm breasts 'dance' on her chest.

Angel's strong legs start shaking, as Stacy wrings the strength out of her, and forces her to the mat on her knees. Stacy goes down with her maintaining her vicious hold , forcing Angel's head lower. Angel looks desperate, almost hopeless, as she collapses forward with Stacy still on her, back straddling her waist and powering her face down into the mat. When Stacy feels Angel go limp, and she releases the hold but before the weakened Angel can move, Stacy takes Angel's arms and pulls them up behind her back, twisting her flat on the mat. Angel cries, "Oh, No" as she realizes Stacy has her in a new terrible hold, a surfboard. Stacy uses Angel's arms as handles as she leans back and pulls Angel's beautiful torso off of the mat, shaking it so her small breasts bounce again for the appreciative crowd.

She holds both of Angel's wrists in one hand, showing how much control she has as she uses the other to yank Angels head around by the hair, telling her to give up, cause she is finished. The redhead chokes out a weak, but defiant "no", and Sanches continues her torture. She gives Angel a minute of this treatment while the crowd goes wild realizing that the fight is really over. Finally, Stacy lets go and Angel drops to the mat on her tits laying still again. Stacy gets to her feet, looks at the crowd with her arms triumphantly over her head and tells them it's time to end the show now. Some start to boo the idea, wanting to see more.

She lazily reaches down, since Angel is not resisting, takes her arm and leg and puts her in a bow and arrow submission hold. She easily squeezes out a submission after she slams her foot into Angels waist and applies so much pressure Angel fears she's going to break in two. "I give, I give," she begged, "please don't hurt me anymore". The dominate brunette let the beaten redhead limbs drop, kicked her round bottom, and turned with a huge smile and stepped out of the ring as the crowd gave a standing ovation for her impressive performance.