Angel Boris vs. Holly Witt by Southgate

Michael Scott's fitness models have issued a challenge to Playboy counterparts. The first match is set between Holly Witt, a former playmate who now hangs with the MSA group and Angel Boris. Boris has a bone to pick with this MSA organization. A strong and very fit young woman, Boris, on Holly's initiation, had joined Holly on an interview to become an MSA fitness models. It quickly became apparent to Angel that these fitness models had at least as much plastic as muscle on their bodies. While the less fit Holly was immediately signed, Angel was told that she'd need a boob job before MSA could use her. Furious, Boris had stormed away from the interview, leaving a number of the MSA models, and Holly, laughing and hooting.

Angel jumped at the chance to face MSA, and especially Holly. Angel is confident that she can beat the 31 year old Witt. While Holly has spent some time in the gym with her new crew, Angel, eyeing her opponent across the ring, is unimpressed. Boris is sure that she is both stronger and more fight savvy than her too curvy blonde opponent.

As the bell rings to signal the start of the match, Angel walks slowly from her corner. Holly hangs back for a moment. When Angel is half was across the ring, Holly springs into action, strides two steps forward and nails Angel in the chest with a perfectly executed drop kick that propels Angel back across the ring. Witt springs to her feet first. As a wobbly Angel tries to stand, Holly rushes her with an arm extended and practically ends the fight with a devastating close-line. Boris is blown off her feet, flung backwards into the ropes. As she ricochets off, Holly trips her with a leg dive and Angel is sent sprawling on her face. Before Boris can recover, Holly drops an elbow across her the back of her neck and follows with a knee drop to her lower back.

Holly roughly drags Angel up off the mat. Twisting Angel's left arm into an armbar, Holly kicks her twice in the belly, swings Boris around in circles and throws her back into the ropes. Witt catches the hapless red-head on the rebound with a knee lift to her crotch that stands Angel bolt upright. Holly follows with an ax handle to the side of Angel's head. Shoving her hip against Angel, Holly throws her over and Boris lands flat on her back. Diving on top, Holly grabs Angel's short hair and slams her head into the mat. Boris, fighting on instinct, bucks her hips and pushes off the mat with her powerful thighs. Witt looses her balance and tips forward, lying chest-to-chest on top of Angel. Holly grabs the red-head's wrists and pins arms her to the mat. Holly smiles as she rubs her big boobs against Angel's modest chest.

"Wish you had a pair of these, darling," teases Holly, "then you could be on the winning side."

But her smile is short-lived. Boris grapevines the blonde's legs and rolls her hips, turning her as yet unscathed opponent over onto her back. Angel judo chops a surprised Holly in the throat, straddles her waist. Angel rips off Holly's bikini top, then sinks her long fingers into the Holly's boobs. Holly howls, thrashes her body, but she is unable to buck Angel off. Wisely changing tactics, Holly grabs Angel's hair and pulls her head down into her fist. Holding her head in close, Holly pummels Angel's face. Her nose bloody, Angel rolls to her side and pulls Holly into a waist scissors. Angel's vice clamps tight around Holly's waist-the red-head's thigh muscles bulge as she strains to crush the blonde's ribs. Holly, caught in the vice, screams until Angel reaches out with her hands and wraps them around the Witt's face and mouth, smothering her. Witt thrashes violently. Unable to free herself, she seizes the middle finger of Angel's left hand, pries it off her mouth and bends the finger backward. Boris yelps, bats the palm of her right hand in the side of Holly's face and shoves the nasty blonde away.

Both women are quickly on their feet. Holly holds up her hands, challenging Angel to a test of strength. Angel forces Witt to one knee, but Holly surprises Angel and fights her way back up, and slowly takes the momentum. Angel is on her toes, her hands bent painfully upward as Holly forces her backwards. Pressing Boris against the ropes, Holly yanks her left hand free and slams a series of punches into Angel's belly. The first punch, unexpected, beats the wind from Angel's sails, but Boris quickly tightens her gut to neutralize the effects of the next series of punches. Boris hangs on the ropes, catches her breath, then counter-attacks with a judo chop across Holly's throat. Angel grabs the blonde by the shoulders and spins her around and shoves her back against the ropes. Boris rams her knee into Holly's crotch and slams a double ax handle down on her chest. Holly hangs on the ropes as Angel unloads a series of elbows across her boobs. The red-head twists Holly around, presses her boobs just over the top rope and drags her several feet. The rope burns and chaffs the underside of Holly's tits.

Cursing, Witt throws an elbow backwards that clips Angel in the belly, but Boris remains on the attack. Twisting Holly around again, Angel grabs the blonde by the hair, draws her forward, head first into her raised knee. Holly sags on the ropes. Angel snap mares her to the mat. Holding her legs apart, Boris stomps down rapidly into Holly's crotch. Angel turns her over to apply a Boston crab, but Holly kicks out with her left leg and catches Boris squarely in the belly, drawing a loud "Oooff." Both women take a moment to recover.

On the attack, Angel grabs Holly by her hair, attempting to pull her to her feet, but Holly, on one knee, drives her fist up deep into Angel's crotch, putting all her weight into the punch. Standing, Witt fires off a two-fisted series of low blow gut punches that leave Boris tottering. Holly slams a knee into Angel's belly, grabs a handful of hair and yanks Angel's head back. The angry blonde spits in Angel 's face, then slaps a judo chop across her the side of her neck. Angel seems to hang suspended in the air, unable to draw a breath. Holly hauls back her left fist, takes her measure and thunders a punch into Angel's chin. The punch spins Angel completely around. Holly's left foot lashes out and connects with Angel's beautiful butt, sending her flying into the mat. With a running leap, Holly lands with both knees driving into Angel's back. Turning her foe over, Witt straddles her waist. Holly rips off Angel's cut-off tee shirt, grabs Angel's nipples and corkscrews her small tits.

"Don't know why you bother to cover these little things up, Angle, you're built like a boy."

Holly laughs, clowning for her supporters. Boris thrashes wildly, but cannot unseat her tormentor. Holly hops forward, sitting high on Angel's chest. One hand clamps down around Angel's throat. The other reaches backwards pounds down into Angel's sore belly. As Boris seems to fade, Holly rolls to her side, wraps her legs around Angel's waist and pulls her head forward into the tits, intending to smother and humiliate Angel. Boris flails her arms, clawing at Holly's back. As Witt shifts her weight, Angel twists her body around. Witt is on her back with her legs still wrapped around Angel's waist. Angel extends her legs and lifts her butt off the mat. Wrapping her arms around Holly's head, Angel drives forward, slamming Holly's back into the mat. Still, Witt's legs are clamped tight around Angel's waist. Again Angel stretches out her legs and lifts herself up. In a battle of strength and wills, Angel tries to twist Holly over and break the scissors.

For nearly two minutes, the battle seesaws. Twice Witt's legs throw Angel back to the mat, but each time Boris fights her way back to her feet. Finally, Angel is able to step across Holly and twist her over onto her belly. As Holly's legs slip open, Angel falls on her. Boris snaps her thighs around Holly's head and neck. Reaching back with her left hand, Angel grabs the blonde's hair and yanks hard, securing Holly' s head between her legs. Witt is trapped. Angel's iron thighs bears down on neck. Witt struggles for 15 seconds, then screams out her submission. Angel stands up slowly, rubbing her belly.

The MSA crowd is booing loudly. Angel stoops, hauls the nearly unconscious Holly to her feet. Just for emphasis, Angel upends Holly and pile-drives her into the mat. The MSA women are on their feet, cursing and shouting. Angel stands, drags Witt to her feet. Slipping one hand between her legs and the other around her neck, Angel hoists the blonde up to her shoulders and holds her in a back breaker. Angel parades slowly around the ring, walking over to the left side where the playmate contingent is celebrating her victory. Then she marches over to the far side, glares at the MSA models and dumps Holly over the top rope.

"Here's the one you all picked, you bunch of losers," taunts Holly.

She flashes the outraged models the bird. Some of the MSA women seem ready to leap into the ring, but Angel's playmate allies are already streaming into the ring. Angel stands defiantly, hands on hips, watching the MSA crowd pick up the beaten warrior and slink away.

Vote Total: Boris 69; Witt 56