Lara Flynn Boyle vs. Nikki Cox and Molly Sims by TNT

"Argggggh. Aieeeee! Get her offa meeee…HELPPPP!" Nikki Cox screamed as she frantically clawed at the determined fingers sinking into her full breasts. Lara Flynn Boyle smirked with a most wicked sneer and laughed mischievously as she shifted her weight, leaned forward, hooked her thumbs under her rival's bra straps and pulled. "Leggo, please! Nooooooo. My boobs. YIEEEEEE!," Nikki bawled as Lara yanked her overstuffed bra open and latched onto the redhead's huge milky white breasts.

"She does need help. And I do wanna help her. But this *IS* fun to watch!" Molly Sims thought as she watched her costars going at it. "Gonna be kinda fun to have Miss Boyle around," she thought as she watched the dark haired wildcat continue her "fun" with Nikki.

"Yarrrggggh. Take this ya little bitch!" Lara's head snapped back as a powerful but seemingly quite lucky punch slammed into her face. Lara gasped as she flew backwards and sideways. Nikki groaned and rubbed her sore chest after giving her nasty little friend another quick hard buck.

"Need some assistance Nikki girl?" Molly finally roused herself to ask as she grabbed a handful of Lara's dark hair and jerking her to her feet. A hard backhand snapped Lara's head to the side and lightning fast fingers zipped out, grabbed the front of her tight sheer blouse and tore it open sending expensive buttons flying. "Nice bra. Pretty. Petite." Molly smiled as she found herself running out of words, but not action as she grabbed Lara's bra straps and jerked her forward. Raising her knee she introduced herself to the cursing brunette who was turning her normally lovely face into a most unattractive grimace.

"Why thanks Molly! I didn't know you cared," Nikki sneered derisively as she stepped up behind Lara.

"Whaaa…NuhUhhhhh," Lara shouted as she felt the back of her torn blouse being ripped clean off. She screamed as she felt Nikki's arm wrap around her neck.

"Lose the bra honey," the busty redhead whispered in Lara's ear as she unsnapped her bra. Molly snickered as she tore Lara's now loose bra clean off.

"Uhhhhhhh. Ungggggg," the petite now topless brunette groaned realizing she was in big trouble. Her beautiful legs kicked frantically as she felt herself being lifted up off the floor courtesy Nikki's angry strength. The sight could not have been more erotic, as the double-teamed once victorious snickering, sneering lovely brunette lost her heels and struggled frantically against the busty redhead and tall slender gorgeous model. Lara's face turned beet red as her arms flailed and clawed angrily but impotently at both Molly's fingers and Nikki's face and hair.

"Nice boobs. Nice skirt. Choices, choices."

"Stop. No. Don't. Pleaseeee," Lara screamed at Molly as she herself questioned her choice about picking a fight with Nikki and making catty remarks towards Molly throughout most of the day. Molly chuckled as she tormented the attractive nuisance before her, switching her tactics between tugging at Lara's tight short skirt, slapping her face and poking and pinching her full beautiful breasts.

"Hmmmmm. Nice nips," Molly snickered as she suddenly latched onto Lara's erect nipples and gave them a slow but firm, painful pinch.

"Ooooooooh. #@#@#$# you bitch," Lara hissed vowing silently to give Molly some much deserved payback.

"Let's take her down," Nikki snipped. Lara cursed at the thought and launched into a full body struggle for freedom. Nikki tightened her hold and pressed her chest against Lara's back. The feel of her captor's thick stiff nipples had caught Lara's attention early in the struggle and for some reason had made her feel strangely warm.

"Awwwwwck. What the hell? Uhhhhhhh." Molly gasped as she felt sudden pressure on either side. She sucked air as she felt the pain increase and saw the sneer engulf Lara's face. The unspoken "Gotcha honey," expression on the angry brunette's face intensified as Lara wrapped her legs tight around Molly's waist and squeezed with all her strength and willpower.



"Argggggh." A host of angry, erotic expressions filled the air as all three beauties went down in a lovely entanglement of legs, torn clothing, arms and total feminine lusciousness.

"Bitch! Whore! Cunt! Slut!" were just a few of the choice epithets hurled as all-out war seemed to break out, complete with pulling hair, slapping, punching, clawing, scratching, cursing, pinching, kicking and general catfight mayhem and malady.

"My blouse. My skirt. My pantyhose. My hair! Not my face…NOOOOOOOOOOO…not my boo-OOBS! Please noooo, not down there. Aieeeee. YIEEEEEE!" Molly's screams seemed to be the shrillest. Nikki's were the most frantic, most pained. Lara's the angriest.

"NOOOOO.. Stop it. OUCH!. Pleaseeeee." Lara's pleas were soon outnumbering Nikki's and Molly's. After all, it was more of a two against one attack.

"Pull her hair."

"Grab her arms, I'll get her legs!"

Once tempers seemed to fade and a clear strategy of feminine conquest emerged it was only a matter of time. Delicious, lovely time.

"Nooooooooo. Uhhhh…Uhhhhhh." Lara gasped as Molly's long legs scissored hers. The remains of her torn pantyhose yielded to the tall beauty’s fingers.

"Since you seemed to like these a lot; HERE…take a closer look!"

"Nooooooo…ummmppppfffh..." Lara's lovely eyes widened as Nikki pressed her ample chest closer, closer, closer. Up front and personal - times TWO!

"Noooooooo. Umppppppfh…"

"Isn't it nice to welcome a feisty little wildcat to ‘Vegas’?" Molly queried as her long sexy legs tightened their python-esque grip on her squirming captive and her eager fingers ripped the tattered remains of Lara's pantyhose from her upper thighs.

"Yes; soooo nice,” Nikki giggled. “Let's be sure she feels welcome and loved.”

Nikki winked at Molly and pressed her full breasts downward, mushrooming the supple flesh over Lara's whimpering face.

"Was this really a good career decision?" Lara wondered as Nikki pressed home her point(s). “I never had this problem on the old show…” Only time would tell!!