Part One: Lara Flynn Boyle vs. Calista Flockhart by Bob

Lara Flynn Boyle and David Kelley were sitting in Lara's house having a few beers as they waited for Calista Flockhart. She had become difficult to work with as a result of her "Ally McBeal" success so David had planted a story to teach her that even a star like her was expendable. Calista finally arrived and immediately started screaming that she wanted out of her contract.

Finally, Kelley laughed and said, "You want out? OK, all you have to do is beat Lara in a fight."

Calista had been kickboxing for years and, despite being exceptionally thin, she was a physical fitness freak and really fairly muscular.

She took one look at Lara, who was also very thin, and said, "I'll kick the snotty bitch's bony ass."

Lara wasn't amused and sneered, "At least I HAVE an ass!"

Lara slapped Calista who quickly retaliated, grabbing Kelley's beer from the table and throwing it Lara's face. Lara wasn't expecting a fight and was wearing a long black dress with a scooped neck slit almost up to her waist plus 5" Navy heels. Her hairdresser had just coifed her black hair and she looked, in a word, ravishing!

Calista hadn't been expecting a fight either, and she was wearing a sleeveless pink blouse with spaghetti straps and matching pink pumps with 4 1/2 inch heels. Calista's long blond hair was pulled back on her head and that's where Lara went, grabbing Calista by her hair and pulling as hard as she could. In seconds, Calista's once neatl bun was loose and her hair down to her shoulders. She was so angry that she swung wildly and missed completely, but she kept spinning around and kicked out at Lara.

The slender brunette caught her foot and pulled her left shoe off, then let go of Calista's foot and grabbed her by the arm, throwing her to the floor! Calista was surprised and embarrassed at being beaten so easily by someone she felt was neither as athletic nor as strong as she. Angrily, Calista got up and called Lara a 'cheap slut', swearing she'd strip her naked! Lara couldn't help laughing for so far she'd been handling Calista as if it were child's play.

But Calista's next move took Lara by surprise, rushing forward and, as Lara raised her hands, tackling her around her tiny waist. They tumbled to the floor and rolled over and over until Lara, who'd lost her right shoe in the melee, finally managed to scramble on top of Calista whose spaghetti straps were already down over her shoulders below her biceps. That made it easy for Lara to grab the front of the blondes dress and yank it down around to her slim waist.

Calista responded immediately, however, by grabbing the front of Lara's dress and it tearing it down. Lara, ignoring that Calista had ripped her dress, slapped Calista in the mouth, then reached up and grabbed David's beer from the table top and poured it over Calista's head as she sat on her stomach laughing at her!

Calista planted her feet flat on the floor, then bucked upward with her hips as she grabbed a handful of Lara's hair and flipped her her over her head. She rolled over and dove on Lara who was just sitting up. Again, they began rolling across the carpet until once more Lara reestablished herself astride Calista. This time when Calista grabbed her hair to try the same tactic, Lara immediately kneed her in the crotch forcing Calista to let go of her hair. But after all the wrestling, Lara was winded and she needed a break to recover. Since she was on top, and seeing how much pain Calista was in, Lara decided to rest on Calista until she got her second wind, then she'd finish both Calista and the fight.

Calista writhed in pain with Lara seated on her for a couple of minutes, but then without any warning or sign of resistance, she suddenly started bucking and thrashing wildly. The unexpected heaving and bucking threw Lara off of Calista and as she started to get up, Lara threatened to give Calista the worst beating of her life, "...even worse than Lucy Liu gave you!"

Lara quickly scrambled to her feet and so did Calista just as Lara attacked, slapping Calista in the face. The blonde answered Lara's slap with an even harder one of her own and they traded slaps until Calista decided slapping wasn't getting it done and drove a hard punch to Lara's nose. Lara staggered back holding her nose, but quickly recovered and charged into Calista, putting her in a side headlock.

Calista screamed as Lara tightened her grip as she dragged Calista to the door, then pulled her through it into the front yard. Lara planned to strip the 'Ally McBeal' star naked right there on the lawn which had just been watered. When she stepped onto the grass, the water soaked Lara's stocking feet, forcing her to struggle to maintain her footing with Calista squirming and wriggling.

When Calista broke free, she spun around and raked her hands down Lara's chest, snagging Lara's bra between her full breasts and pulling it off! Lara's big tits bounced wildly as they grabbed each other's hair and struggled trying to gain the advantage. Lara's left heel sank into the soft earth and she lost her other shoe when Calista threw her on her ass. Lara screamed as she felt the cold water soak through her dress and panties.

Calista jumped on Lara, climbing up her body until she sat straddling her face. Lara bucked wildly, trying to unseat her, but Calista pinned her arms under her knees, easily controlling the slender Lara who was having trouble breathing and growing desperate. Finally, Lara did the only thing she could do in her position, she bit Calista!.

Calista screamed and lurched forward, giving Lara a chance to roll free. Calista rose to her knees just in time to keep Lara from getting on top of her. Calista's eyes flashed, furious at getting bitten! She slapped Lara across her big tits, then grabbed her right breast with both hands and pulled her toward her. Screaming from the pain in her breast, Lara still grabbed a handful of Calista's hair in one hand as she tore at Calista's bra with the other, eventually getting Calista's bra off to expose a pair of small, firm, perky breasts with stifff, pink nipples.

Wrestling on their knees, Lara slowly forced Calista over backward and then dropped on top of her. Hoping to get some revenge, Lara quickly maneuvering herself around into a reverse facesit, planting her tight, curvy butt on Calista's face. Sure what was left of her wet dress would suffocate Calista, Lara wiggled her butt as she grinned up at Kelley who was watching entralled from the front door of Lara's cottege.

But Calista was a tough girl and game and she managed to swing her legs up, wrapping them round Lara's neck, then jerking them back down and rolling the shocked Lara off to the side. Both scrambled to their feet with water glistened on their bare breasts. Lara reached out and yanked Calista's dress down to her knees but couldn't get it off. But then Calista lost her right shoe when it stuck in the ground as Lara pulled her around by the dress and tripped her down. Lara managed to pull Calista's dress off over her kicking feet as Calista lay on her back.

Lara again dove on Calista and as they rolled over and over in the grass, Calista got a good grip on Lara's dress and pulled off what was left of it leaving both women in just their wet, muddy pantyhose. Enraged at losing her dress, Lara grabbed Calista's tiny tits with both hands and squeezed as hard as she could until Calista started screaming. As Lara kept squeezing, Calista grabbed Lara's tits, filling her small hands with the soft flesh, then dug her fingers in and squeezed for all she was worth. Both held the other's tits and squeezed as tight as they could, both cried and screamed in pain.

Between screams, Calista gasped, "Give up bitch or I'll rip your tiny little tits off!"

Lara ignored Calista and dug her nails into Calista's tits until Calista finally sobbed, "STOP! I give up! You win!"

Lara released her tits and slumped over, resting with her hands on her knees panting heavily. Both women's breasts were black and blue and had dark red welts from her opponents fingernails. Lara put one hand on Calista's shoulder and slowly pushed herself to he feet, stumbled over to her garden, picked up the hose and turned it on, soaking Calista who screamed and begged, "Please stop!"

When Lara looked up, she realized all of her neighbors had come out of their houses to watch the fight, and to ogle her breasts as they cheer her on. Lara had beaten one of the hottest celebrities in Hollywood and she felt great. While Calista had given Lara a tough fight, Lara had won and managed to humiliate her in the process.
Part Two: The Rematch Lara Flynn Boyle vs. Calista Flockhart by Bob

A few days after her fight with Calista, Lara was sitting by her pool having drinks before dinner. She was wearing a lilac wrap-around blouse that tied at her neck, a black skirt with a slit up to her thigh and black ankle strap sandals with 5" strappy heels. Her long dark hair was loose around her shoulders.

Suddenly, a car came into the driveway and Lara heard the click of high heels on the brick steps leading down to the pool. When the cabana door opened, in stepped an angry Calista Flockhart in a red and blue striped sweater dress and black high heel slingbacks with 5" heels. Her once long blonde hair was now short.

Calista looked at Lara and said, "Today on the set, Lucy Liu and Jane Krakowski were teasing me about getting my ass kicked. They thought it was pretty funny a trained kickboxer lost to a skinny wimp. You're a bitch and a whore and I'm going to get my revenge right now."

Calista swung wildly at Lara but her punch missed and Lara slapped her.

"You never learn FuckHard! I kicked your bony ass once and I'll do it again. You'd better leave now so I don't hurt you. Stay and I'll not only kick your ass again, but I'll do a better job of it."

Calista's only reply was to spit in her face! Lara shoved Calista who lost her balance as she stepped back into the shallow end of the pool with her right foot. As she pulled her foot out of the pool, water oozed from her shoe and Lara started to laugh. That stopped abruptly when Calista charged her like a wild bull.

Lara sidestepped Calista's charge and grabbed her dress, pulling it over her head much the way a matador uses his cape on a bull.

While Calista struggled tangled in her dress, Lara pulled it off over her head and and tossed it aside. Calista spun around and threw herself on Lara, grabbing her around the shoulders and slamming her back against a wall. As they struggled, Calista untied the top of Lara's blouse behind her neck, then stepped back and tried to rip the blouse off. But Calista was forced to let go when Lara grabbed her hair and forced her head down.

Calista reached up and dug her fingers into Lara's bra, pulling it down around her waist, then off and once more, Calista got to see the luscious sight of Lara's big tits flopping and bouncing as she slapped them back and forth. Lara had to let go of Calista's hair when Calista swung wildly, hitting her in the side of the head knocking her on her butt.

As Lara sat there shaking her ringing head, Calista picked up Lara's drink and slowly poured it over her head, soaking her hair and matting it to her face. Lara flashed out her leg at Calista, but the blonde caught her by the ankle and started to drag Lara across the lawn on her ass. She kicked at Lara as she dragged her, but Lara blocked the kick and pulled off Calista's left heel in the process.

Calista kept hold of Lara's leg and used it to drag her onto the cement pool deck, scratching and tearing the soft flesh of her ass as her skirt worked up around her waist. Calista pulled Lara's right sandal off as she kept dragging her toward the pool. Lara struggled even harder as she saw where she was headed, plus the cement ripped away the seat of her pantyhose and Calista managed to pull off Lara's other shoe before she finally broke free. But before Lara got up, Calista pounced on her, put her in a headlock, rolled her over onto her stomach on the pool apron where she used a handful of hair to force her face into the pool. Lara thrashed and kicked until Calista lifted her head briefly, let her gulp a mouthful of air, then plunged her face back into the pool. She held her under as Lara's struggling slowed, and when Calista lifted Lara's head again, the brunette coughed, sputtered and pleaded for mercy.

Calista let her go, got up and put her left shoe back on, then collected her torn dress and told Lara, "Give me your key so I can go upstairs and fix my hair and makeup before I leave. I don't want your neighbors seeing me leave looking like I've been in a fight and call the tabloids again like last time!" Lara sullenly crawled over to her pocketbook, took out her keys and threw them to Calista. "That was easy. How the hell did I lose to you the first time?" Calista mused as she turned and started to walk to Lara's house.

Lara was still dazed as she looked up at Calista's contemptuously wiggling ass as she strutted toward her back door. Lara became furious and she jumped to her feet and chased Calista, her big tits jiggling as she sprinted across the cement in her bare feet. Calista never heard Lara coming and Lara tackled the blonde from behind, sending them both crashing to the lawn near the stairs. Lara landed on top but Calista elbowed her in the ribs, then quickly threw her off and scrambled to her knees. Lara grabbed Calista's hair and pulled her back down and they rolled on the grass until Calista came up on top of Lara and sat down hard on her tits, pancaking them under her tight butt as she grabbed a handful of hair.

Reaching up, Lara pulled off Calista's bra off and sank the fingers of both hands into Calista's right tit. Calista screamed, but despite her pain, Calista was able to think clearly enough to reach around behind her and grab a handful of Lara's thick patch of pubic hair. When Calista yanked as hard as she could, Lara let out a scream and released her tit, bouncing her butt on the ground as she thrashed wildly, kicking her legs in the air as she pummeled the blondes hips and ribs with her fists.

Lara's wild bucking proved too much and she eventually broke free and scrambled to her feet, still confident she could win because her stocking feet should give her better mobility. But as Calista struggled to her feet, she kicked off her left heel to even things up. .

Lara grabbed Calista's hair and pulled her forward, but Calista brought her knee up into Lara's already aching pussy and Lara forgot about Calista's hair to grab her womanhood.

Calista broke away and they kept fighting even though at that moment Lara's automatic sprinklers came on and soaked both of them to the skin. Water soaked through Lara's skirt and stockings as they struggled on the wet grass but then Calista grabbed Lara's skirt and pulled it down around her ankles. Lara's legs got tangled in her dress and she tripped, sprawling facedwon on the soaking wet grass where the water soaked through her pantyhose. Lara wrapped her arms around Calista's knees and pulled, dumping her on her ass with a loud SPLUT!

Lara threw herself on Calista who quickly recovered and rolled Lara over. They wrestled briefly, then Calista ended up on Lara's back, grabbed two handfuls of hair and pounded her face down into the soft, wet grass. Calista leaned forward, using her weight to force pressing Lara's soft, pale tits and her red face into the wet grass. But with the sprinklers on, both women were wet and slippery and Lara managed to wriggle free and as they squirmed, water dripping from their bare breasts thanks to the sprinklers.

Calista grabbed Lara's hair to bring her down, but Lara wrapped her long, wiry legs around Calista's neck and wrenched her to the side, flinging her off. As they rolled on the grass, Calista got her legs locked around Lara's neck and while Lara’s thrashing legs cost her her other shoe, they enabled her to slip out of Calista's hold, in part because her body was now so slippery. Trying to get up too quickly, Calista’s feet slipped in the wet grass and Lara slammed her down on her back, climbed on top of her and sat on her face with her wet ass pressing flattening Calista's cute nose.

In desperation, Calista bit Lara’s ass and when she jumped up grabbing her butt cheek, Calista rolled away. But she didn’t get far before Lara caught the back of her blouse and tore it wide open. Calista struggled to her feet, turned and grabbed Lara's pantyhose at the waist, then jerked them down around her knees. As Lara’s arms windmilled trying to keep her balance, Calista shoved her and Lara tripped, landing back on her back. Calista gave a happy shout as she dropped a knee into Lara's throbbing pussy again. Lara lay writhing in pain, rocking from side to side and holding her wounded pussy.

Calista tried to sit on Lara's face but Lara got one leg up and tried to kick her her off, but Calista grabbed Lara's full tits, twistng and squeezing as she elbowed aside Lara's leg and fell on her face to face. With little else available, Lara started pulling Calista's tits, but it wasn't enough to get her off of her. But Calista got off of Lara on her own, scrambling to her feet and dragging Lara up by the hair. She pulled Lara into a side headlock and again started to pull her toward the pool. Lara's tits and cunt both hurt, but she wasn't about to give in - not to Calista!

Lara reached up between Calista's legs from behind and grabbed a handful of her lush pubic hair which forced her to release her headlock. Lara kept ripping at her cunt hair as Calista dropped to the wet cement sitting on her ass which allowed Calista to grab Lara's hand and twist her fingers until she pried them loose. Calista got to her feet quickly while the heavily breathing Lara was still on her knees. Calista grabbed Lara's head with both hands and smashed her face down on the cement; then she straddled Lara's' back and started grinding her tits into the rough concrete until Lara screamed her surrender.

"I give up. STOP! STOP, pleeeeeeeeeese? We're even, that's enough."

Calista stood up and straddled her beaten foe, hands on hips, bare breasts heaving and said, "You're right, we're one and one, but I gave you a far worse beating then you gave me. Now if you have the guts, let’sbreak the tie here and now; see who the better women is. Or you can call me anytime; just let me know where and when you want it and I'll be there."

Lara shook her head as she weakly replied, "I don't want to fight again...ever. You won, it's over."

Calista wiggled her tight little butt again, hoping to get a rise out of Lara but when the brunette just sobbed softly as she lowered her red face into her hands and refused to even look at her, Calista knew she'd broken her spirit! Calista gave Lara’s tight ass a hard kick, then dragged her to her feet by the hair and walked her to the pool's edge. Calista laughed as Lara stood meekly with her hands cupping her aching pussy, staring down at the water while Calista pulled off the last of her clothes and allowed herself to be turned around facing her. Calista slowly raised her hands and closed her fingers on Lara's full breasts as if enviously assessing their quality. Lara winced, and her blush deepened, but she never moved her hands or tried to prevent it. With a laugh, Calista shoved her bloody and bruised foe backward.

As Lara's lithe body toppled into the pool, Calista wondered, "How in hell did she ever beat me the first time?"

It had been rough fight, and Calista had beaten a woman who'd beaten her once before, yet despite the two very difficult fights, Calista still kept her fingers crossed, hoping that once Lara rested and her wounds healed, she'd change her mind and try for one last fight. If not, Calista still wanted to find a way to force Lara to fight her again....but events would play out in ways neither could foresee as you'll find if you click the link below

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