Fightin' For The Guy: Calista Flockhart vs. Lara Flynn Boyle by TNT

"I'll take another one Blondie. And please try not to spill it this time, OK hon?" Lara said with a condescending smirk that brought a mischievous smirk to her friend's face at the thinly veiled taunt.

"Yeah, clumsy. And be careful when you bend over, we're girls remember. Save your plastic for that guy over there you've been eyein' so hungrily although really IS cute," Calista said calmly as she deliberately took the drink from the busty blonde waitress's hand and gave a quick wink to her tall friend as she handed it to her. Then she suddenly grabbed the startled blonde's wrist and dug her sharp nails in, putting a wince on the pretty servers thick, painted lips.

"He's waaaaay too cute for YOU, sugar, better watch yourself - if you catch my drift," Lara added, her voice soft, low, full of woman to woman malice.

"Errrr...ummmmm," the waitress groaned, trying to pull her hand free. "Leggo a my wrist you smart-alec little bitch or I'll tell my boss and he'll throw both your asses outta here," the red-faced blonde blurted with a mixture of embarrassment, fear and intense feminine jealous rage.

"Thank you!" she huffed when Calista released her grip. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I've gotta do my job," she said as Calista released her hand and picked up her own drink, acting like nothing untoward had happened. Rubbing her hand and composing herself, declaring the conflict ended in her mind, the busty blonde tugged her low-cut, tight sexy dress down another millimeter in front, picked up the tray of empty glasses, swiveled her gorgeous hips and sashayed passed the handsome guy, flashed him a flirtatious wink and went back to her post.

"Gotta feelin' this is gonna be a REAL fun night," Calista whispered to Lara. The two beauties giggled, exchanged some rather nasty comments about the waitress, restarted their rather erotic game of "footsie" under the table and looked forward to the fireworks that were bound to start. All that was needed was one or two more little sparks.

"Gosh that guy's hot," Calista said as she took a sip of her drink and let her eyes wander. She could have sworn that the guy winked at her.

"Ouch, that hurt," the tall slender actress yelped as she reached under the table and grabbed for the sore spot on her leg, as well as her "friends" leg at the same time.

"Huhhh, you're way too slow, silly," Lara snipped as she snapped her foot out Calista's reach easily. Lara bit back the impulse to kick Calista again just for the fun of it. She was relishing the spicy conflict and rivalry they had.

"You got a guy already." "I want this guy, understand?" Lara whispered coolly as she stared daggers into Calista's beautiful eyes. She dropped her hand down and quickly slid it over her friends' short shirt, over her knees and scraped her nails quickly across the sexy fishnet stockings. One nail caught in the sheer fabric briefly. Lara smirked as she felt the sexy material pull then tear.

"Stop that you little witch," Calista snarled. Her face flushed with anger at the distraction which took her attention at the tall handsome stranger across the room.

"If you really want him, you'll have to deal with me, hon," Lara said her voice, sounding low, lusty and provocative. She stared deep into Calista's eyes, gave a slow painful squeeze to the sleek firm thigh that her fingers had found.

"You stupid broads want another drink?"

"That was a real big bad mistake, hon; calling us 'stupid broads'," Lara said coldly, her eyes meeting the blondes' beautiful deep baby blues. Both she and Calista snickered as they watched the busty waitress lean over, displaying her large full twin assets as she picked up their empty glasses.

"Oh shut up, and give me your order," she hissed. "Or have those two empty heads had their limit? Oh, and by the way; that guy and I have a date later on so, in words of one syllable you bimbos can understand, he's mine...he's ALL mine!"

"Just 'cause you're top heavy don't mean squat," Calista chirped. "I saw the way he looked at us, he knows true beauty when he sees it. He's what you call a LEG man," the cute actress continued, slowly crossing her pipe stems as she gave Lara a wink and watched the blondes' face redden.

"We'll take two more of the same...sweetie," Lara snipped. "And we'll take that guy too; because he never was yours! Oh, and take THIS to your boss," she added as she scribbled on a napkin, folded it and put it on the blonde's tray. "If you look at it and read it, I will personally strangle you with your own bra, you got it?" Lara added coolly while Calista flashed the irate woman a stifled smile.

"Just be careful with your smartass attitudes the both of you," the waitress retorted as she spun around and sashayed across the room before she disappeared into her bosses' office.

"I'd love to pound her silly!" Calista said as she watched the waitress flaunt her gorgeous body as she walked away.

Both Calista and Lara noted that the waitress had given the guy a long, lustful gaze and seemed to wiggle her lovely derriere a little more with each step as she passed his table. They also watched him ogle her and both grew more angry with the busty blonde and more lustful for the guy.

"So you really think you could take Miss big boobs, huh?" Lara asked. "I think she'd knock the stuffing out of you Calista, really!"

"Well, she'd try," the wiry actress conceded. "But I'd prevail in the end when I wrapped my killer legs around her and squeezed her to death," Calista said with a mischievous dreamy look in her eyes.

"Possibly, but I seriously doubt it!" Lara said, her own voice low and raspy with undisguised lust. "But I WOULD love to help you take her down. While you squeeze her breathless, I'll pound those big boobs flat," she added, licking her lips as she gave Calista's thigh a firm squeeze that brought a pink flush to Calista's cheeks.

"But whatever happens, I still get the guy!" Calista and Lara chimed in unison. "Wanna bet?" they both said again at the same time; more a nasty, veiled threat than a question.

"Just to be clear, you wouldn't stand a chance against me, Calista dear," Lara said staring daggers into the tall actress's dream-boat eyes. Lara smiled inwardly as she watched Calista flash a look of fear, looked away and then returned the stare.

"Think so." "You'd better hope I never challenge you." "I'd love to snap your pretty little neck between my legs," Calista said as she suddenly grabbed Lara's wrist. Calista had barely got a good grip when the wily brunette executed a perfectly brilliant and painful move bringing excruciating pain into Calista's overconfident world.

"Oh gawwwwddd, please let go," Calista begged her eyes filling with tears.

"Okay, this time, I'll let you go! But next time, you'll think this part is the fun part," Lara warned. "Oh my look who's coming back," she exclaimed as she saw the blonde waitress making a beeline for them.

"Watch his eyes, those gorgeous eyes," Calista said as she duly noted her dream guys' eyes which were zeroed in on the blondes' legs. "See, I told you he's a leg man, and I've got the best legs," Calista trying once again to make her point. Lara just smiled because she too could tell he was a leg man and she thought SHE had the best legs. Indeed, she'd spotted him the second she and Calista walked in wearing their ultra-short, tight skirts had caught the guys' attention immediately.

"Don't push me lady," Lara snapped. "Unless you want to lose both your dignity and your man right now. And speaking of competition, I bet you couldn't even take Miss Tiny Tits here," Lara said with more than a bit of comeuppance in her voice as she jerked her thumb toward Calista whose spine stiffened in response to the remark.

"OK you two hussies, listen up! The boss says to tell you 'OK' to whatever the hell was in that note," the waitress said with a disgusted sigh. "Now as you may have noticed, its almost time for last call and I can't wait till you two haul your smart, tight little butts outta here because if you don't go quietly, I'll happily throw you both out myself, capiche?"

Lara gave Calista a playful pat under the table and Calista smiled. The firm squeeze of her thigh felt strangely good. She shot the blonde an angry sneer and snickered as the busty woman turned and walked away.

"I oughta go tear her hair out," Calista laughed.

"I dare ya!" Lara laughed. "No, I double dare ya! In fact, I'll give you first shot at Mr. Handsome if you pick a fight with her," Lara said her voice full of anticipation, then added, "...but only if you win!"

"Oh, I will! I really will, but I don't want any interference and I wanna wait till everybody else is gone," Calista replied.

Lara bit her lip trying to contain her excitement. She just knew her plans were going to turn out exactly as she wanted. She patiently watched and waited while the room cleared out until the only ones who remained were the waitress, the bartender, the handsome dude and, of course, she and Calista - aka her main competition.

"Hey blondie! We want another drink," Lara called out impatiently.

The blonde waitress fairly raced towards them, stopped and rudely sniffed, "Listen you; the bartender already announced last call. So, get the hell outta here so I can clean up, I've got a hot date!."

"Listen Miss...what's your name anyway?" Calista asked as she fought the impulse to bury her fingers in the blonde hair that was oh so close.

"Mona! My names' Mona cutie pie, satisfied? Now get the hell outta here!"

"Hear that Calista? What a sweet adorable name," Lara mocked sarcastically as she scribbled a note on a napkin.

"Well, Moaaanah; please take this note to your bartender. Oh wait, and take this one to that handsome guy; the one who wants US, NOT YOU! He's been waiting all night for some real beauty, not an old heifer."

"Why you smart ass little bitch!" Mona snarled as she doubled up her fist.

"Think carefully honey!" Lara warned her. "Start something now and its two against one; we'd knock you senseless. Why not wise up, back off and see if you can also manage to take a second note to Mr. Cool over there. Think your blond brain can handle two such complicated instructions at the same time?" Lara asked with an obnoxious smirk; just itching for the blonde to make an unwise and unhealthy movement toward her.

"Alright," Mona sighed. "I'll do as you request. After all it IS my job. When I have the guy and he has me, this crap'll be worth puttin' up with." She took both notes and turned away.

"And give Mr. Cool one more drink....on us!" Calista said, her voice taking on a tone of authority. Like Lara, she too was itching for a confrontation. Mona stopped in her tracks briefly, then continued to stalk angrily away.

"What exactly were you writing dear girl?" Calista asked as she studied Lara's face for clues to what she was up to.

"You'll find out soon enough!," Lara chuckled. "Lets' watch blondie and see if she follows orders."

The bartender cut lose with a raucous banter of laughter as he read Lara's note; laughing so hard his ample beer gut shook like a bowl of jelly. He shot Lara a seemingly appreciative wink and she smiled back sweetly. Calista watched Mona as she delivered the drink and the second note to Mr. handsome. Calista paid her much more attention than did Lara who seemed to be making unspoken communication with the bartender.

"I'm gonna enjoy taking her down soooooo much," Calista mused as she watched the blonde lean way over to serve her customer.

"Go ahead, I think the time's right for you to take her down," Lara said as she watched Mona turn on a dime and start back to the bar.

"OK, watch and learn," Calista said as she slid her legs out from under the table, her usual smiling cheerful cute face instantly turning to cold granite as she stealthily walked up behind the unwary waitress who was leaning on the bar giving the bartender an eyeful of her ample assets.

"You stupid blonde bimbo, take THIS!" Calista screamed as she jumped Mona from behind, her long angry fingers buried deep in silky blonde hair as she jerked the lovely waitresses head back.

"Arggggh....unnhhhhhh," Mona groaned, knocking over a stack of glasses the bartender had carefully stacked on the bar.

Lara watched intently taking in every bit of the erotic exciting scene as Calista seemed to take total control when she yanked the surprised blondes' head back. Mona's huge breasts bulged out of her low-cut bodice as Calista forced her to arch over backward as she put the older blonde in a choke hold and slammed her fist repeatedly into her lower back. Mona's arms were flailing wildly and Lara swallowed hard; feeling a sensual warmth and excitement growing in her loins. She knew Calista was experiencing the same excitement when she noted the erect nipples poking through her lace bra and blouse.

"Yeah get her; take her down," Lara shouted silently as she glanced toward the object of their desire who was staring intently at the action; his eyes focused on the two sets of beautiful legs shuffling back and forth as the women struggled.

The waitress's legs were moving defensively while Calista's short skirt rode high up on her thighs as she leaned back, pulling at her opponents hair. Calista's heels made maneuvering a challenge and Lara felt her heart racing excitedly at the sight.

"Get her! Get her!" Lara noted the shouts coming from Mr. Cool. Just who was he cheering for?

"You little bitch. Let go uh me now," Mona bawled as she struggled frantically throwing elbows every which way.

Two lovely feet barely touched the floor as they flew across the room.

WHAM! "AIEEEEEE!" The tall busty blonde shrieked in agony as a sharp stiletto heel slammed down hard into the top of her foot. Lara sneered as she stepped down hard rendering even more pain.

RIIIIPPPPPPPPP! "Noooooooo...HELP...somebody help!" Mona screamed as hungry, angry eager fingers grabbed the front of her dress and ripped it open exposing her overstuffed lace bra. Lara chuckled as she grabbed the blondes' bras' left shoulder strap, jerked it off her shoulder and down as she fired her fist up into the soft underside of the huge beautiful breast. "Arggggggh! My boob! Unggggggh."

Lara's beautiful excited eyes zeroed in on the waitresses big left breast that was now almost completely exposed. She smiled at Calista and yelled, "Hold her still will ya?". She then shot a knowing look to her special fan...the guy had to be staring and cheering for only her!

"Target number TWO!" she shouted and snapped a punch to the busty blondes' right breast. Mona screamed again and cut loose with a mighty full body squirm. Calista yelped and tightened her hold and fired a punch to the back of her neck with her free hand. Lara snarled and sunk a deep punch into the blondes' tummy just under her naval. "Unnnhhhhhhh..."

"Now about these big knockers; they deserve more attention, dontcha think, honey?" Lara rasped as she stepped back, licked her lips, reached up and suddenly grabbed both shoulder straps of the now nearly useless bra and pulled down. Mona groaned as her huge two breasts found complete freedom and the cool air tickled her stiff nipples


"Let's take her down now, Calista dear, okay?" Lara asked, the question being more of an order than an inquiry. She fired a punch into the blonde's flat but soft belly, reached up and grabbed the two thick stiff (and perfectly upturned) nipples and pinched as she started to pull downward.

"Oooooooh. Uhhhhhhhh. NOOOOOO...." the beautiful waitress moaned as she looked over at "her one and only" who was smiling broadly. "HELPPPPPP!" she screamed as Calista fired a punch to her neck, grabbed her torn dress and ripped it clean off. Then Calista grabbed her hair and, together, she and Lara wrestled her down.

"Yeah girl; kick, scream, squirm, beg!" Lara rasped. "Didn't we tell you that he was, I mean OUR guy?"

Lara heard the snarl and saw the angry flash in Calista's eyes when she'd mistakenly said "my guy" and knew Calista had the hots for the dude. Lara not only welcomed the thought of taking her girlfriend on; in fact, she couldn't wait! The beautiful, cunning petite brunette 'knew' she was the hottest woman in the bar the second she walked in wearing her tight low-cut blouse buttoned down the front and showing just enough of her fantastic cleavage and the top of the sexy black lace bra cups. Her tight, super-short skirt and ultra-sheer pantyhose and stiletto heels caught just about everyone's attention (both male and female) when she walked in with her friend.

Strangely enough, Lara had noticed the guy at the same instant as Calista when he raised his hand and signaled the busty blonde waitress for a bit of service. Instant turn-on; instant dislike for the nuisance and pure competition for both she and Calista! Both had one goal on their mind now...well, two really. The first one was kicking, screaming and struggling while the second was beaming with excitement and lust.

"YEOWWWW!" Lara yelped in pain as a hard fist smashed her full left breast flat! She snarled as she saw the smile on Mona's face even though she knew the waitress was going down and was in big trouble. Lara's anger doubled when she felt the blondes' fingers grab the front of her blouse and pull it down as she tumbled to the floor. "You bitch, you'll pay for that!" Lara promised as her blouse ripped wide open and she heard Calista's irritating snicker at the sight of her blouse being ripped apart, exposing her overstuffed lace bra.

Calista wished she could give a little attention to Lara and her 'friends' instead having to deal with her blonde enemy! "Soon," she promised herself. "Very soon!" Calista pictured herself hammering punches to Lara's pretty face before relieving her of her lovely bra and wrapping it around her throat. "That man WILL be mine," Calista thought as she pulled the blonde's hair viciously and drove her knee into the waitress's upper back. Dropping to her knees as Mona crashed to the floor, Calista reached around her, grabbed two handfuls of large jiggling breast meat and dug her nails in deep.

"AIEEEEEEE!!" CRACK! Mona's scream was interrupted by the loud sound of a slap.

"Those are mine!" Lara snapped angrily as she smacked Calista's hands away, grabbed Mona's breast in her squeezing fingers and started crushing the blondes' throbbing pleasure mounds. "I'll go up front; you go down under," Lara said with a cruel smile as her talons clamped down on Mona's twin peaks. Quick as could be, the petite brunette wrapped her wiry legs around the blonde's waist in a perfect scissors! Then leaning forward, Lara began to squeeze and twist Mona's breasts and whisper taunting, teasing, threats in her ear.

Calista heaved a resigned sigh, but she obeyed Lara's orders like an obedient schoolgirl and took control of the lovely southern hemisphere of the writhing blonde waitress! (RIIIIIIP! TEAR! RIIIIPPPPPPP!) Angry whimpering protests followed each erotic ripping sound as the double-teamed blonde beauty felt Calista slowly rip and tear her pantyhose to shreds; then claw and rake her beautiful, perfectly muscled calves and thighs. Calista grunted, struggling to hold her squirming, bucking, struggling lovely captive's lower body with a surprisingly strong leg scissors.

"Look; just look at me! Aren't you proud of me? I'm doing this for you and only you," Calista seemed to be saying with her dreamboat eyes as she craned her neck and gazed longingly at the leering mystery man.

"Get off of me! Lemme go, you two sluts!" Mona screamed as she struggled against the double leg scissors gripping her lovely body. Calista soon had Mona's pantyhose in tatters and as she reached for her waist, Mona began screaming!

"Shut up you blonde skank!" Lara snapped and slapped Mona hard, suddenly released her scissors. But before the waitress could breathe a sigh of relief the petite brunette was straddling her stomach. "I oughta strangle your pretty neck," she hissed as she leaned forward, grabbed Mona's throat and began throttling her.

"Go ahead, Calista sweetie, don't be bashful. Keep on strippin' her," Lara said.

Mona groaned, "Noooooo.....not that! Keep your HA...ands AH...way from THERE!"

Lara giggled as she heard Calista laughing as her long fingers did exactly the opposite of what her lovely captive wanted!

"See what happens when you want my ma....oops, excuse me, OUR man?" Lara taunted as she bounced Mona's head on the floor a couple of times, relished her dazed look. "You've got SUCH nice boobs blondie," Lara cackled as she cupped the blondes large full breasts in both hands and began a slow, painful, double-fist squeeze.

Mona groaned, whimpered and winced as her sneering tormentor turned her attention to her thick, erect, rock-hard nipples. Lara licked her lips, snickered and gave each stubby nub a painful twist, then bowed her head and took it in her mouth where she teased it with her flicking tongue and as it grew harder, gave it a long, loud suck before nipping it painfully. Mona's moans and groans, a combination of both of pleasure and pain were followed by a long, loud scream!

"She has nice legs, too doesn't she Calista? Isn't this a whole lotta fun?" (Silence; dead, puzzling, irritating silence) "Whatsa matter, too busy with nastiness to answer me?" Lara asked as she pulled Mona's tender, sore nipples, stretching the supple flesh out. Lara had enjoyed Calista's taunting and torturing of her rival's legs immensely and her failure to reply annoyed her. "Answer me girl, dammit; answer me NOW!" she demanded. Calista's rebellious silence irritating Lara to the max! The lovely brunette turned and when she looked back, her neck and face reddened instantly with anger. Rage overtook her; pure unadulterated jealous rage. "G'night, sweet Mona!" POW!

Lara grabbed a handful of blonde hair, jerked Mona's head up, held it in perfect position and fired a punch to her jaw that sent the now nearly nude waitress swooning off to dreamland. Before she disappeared Calista had stripped the lovely blonde, leaving only a few tattered remnants of her panties hanging by a thread from her elastic waistband.

THUNK! (Whooosssh) The sound of one hot jealous brunette leaping up and racing across the bar toward her rival followed by a nanosecond the sound of Mona's lovely head smacking the floor. It all happened in slow motion; Calista's bobbing head in the fella's lap and the big broad smile on his face told the entire story -at least most of it. It was quite clear, however, his pleasure was at fulllll throbbing measure!

"That bitch! That dirty, man-stealing, skanky witch!" Lara muttered as she ran toward the happy couple. "I'll kill her! No, I'm gonna do more than kill her, I'm gonna...."

"Whaaa...YEOWWWCH!" Calista yelped out a painful partially mouthed question as angry fingers dug deep into her silky brown hair and jerked her head back painfully. Poor guy; pleasureus interruptus!

"Get your hands, I mean your lips offa MY man, you ungrateful little bitch! He's mine, honey; ALL mine!" Lara screamed like a crazed woman as she yanked Calista's head backward, almost snapping her neck. Then she fired a punch down into her surprised, frustrated, pleasure-stolen face. Lara held her 'friends' lovely head in perfect position by her hair as she glared at her. "Nice; very, very nice!" she hissed, her voice low with both admiration and lust. With her free hand, Lara reached for the pleasure treasure, fondling the newly acquired 'fistful of treasure' with the skill of a six-gun packing cowgirl gunslinger as she maneuvered, pumped, aimed and then squeezed; sending sizzling hot, wet bullets blazing forth.

SPLAT! "Oh my!" Lara's two word commentary seemed filled with pleasure and delight; quite fitting for the silence...well, silence except for some quite satisfied groaning from the guy! "Nice shot fella!" Lara noted, again with a smile as she stared at the guys' face, then back down at Calista's dazed but strangely anticipatory countenance. "So sorry you man-stealin' loser," she snipped as she suddenly raised her index finger to Calista's lips, captured the spent "bullet fragments" and slipped her finger between her two perfectly puckered lips, moaned a delightful, "Ummmmmm," as she rolled the nectar on her tongue.

She winked at the object of their desire and chirped in a condescending, sarcastic tone as she tugged at Calista's hair, "Too bad! You lose again! Now, lets do it Calista honey; just you and me! C'mon, fight me for him, OK?" she said as she jerked Calista forward.

"YEAH, OK! LET'S!" Calista shouted. The blur of the last few moments' action seemed to suddenly register and she suddenly felt extremely calm, collected and thinking clearly. Well at least as calm and clearly as any woman can be when she fights for her man.

"AIEEEEEE!" Lara screamed as Calista’s fist came in hard and fast. She gasped as she felt her rivals' knuckles slam into her face and snap her head back. The petite brunette had no idea that her friend could pack such a wallop, nor how mad Calista truly was over missing out on a bit of highly anticipated fun. The thought of Lara taking "her man" away infuriated the pretty actress who had instantly transformed into one angry hot sexy hellcat.

"You stupid little bitch! How dare you mess with him," Calista snarled as she backhanded the stunned brunettes' face, then grabbed the front of her already ripped blouse and tore it further, exposing Lara's sexy over-stuffed bra. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Calista cut loose with three blistering hard slaps that sent Lara spinning away, arms flailing. Her short skirt rode up as her upper body floundered; she staggered, her stiletto heels becoming quite an erotic liability as she lost her balance. "I'm gonna kill you, but not before I strip you first," Calista hissed as she took a quick look toward the object of her desire, then turned back and fired a well placed punch to Lara's full left breast.

WHAM! " boob!" Lara shrieked out a pained response and when Calista looked back, she saw the guy grin.

She also noted another obvious 'sign of approval' before she reached in, grabbed Lara's now wildly disheveled hair, swung her around as she stuck her leg out, hooked Lara's, and spun her to the floor. THUMP! Four long sexy legs intertwined as angry fast flying fingers clawed and ripped. Silky hair was pulled and yanked, two blouses were torn to shreds, braclad breasts were squeezed and pinched as two short skirts rode higher still. Calista's sexy fishnets were ripped apart and Lara's sheer pantyhose were torn asunder.





"Man-stealing tramp!"

The two beauties screamed insults (between gasps and squeals of pain) as they rolled around like angry tigresses. But Lara had hit the floor hard and precious oxygen escaped her lungs as Calista attacked her with a vengeance. The petite brunette recovered quickly however; her rage growing to full boil as she felt her pantyhose and blouse being shredded. She knew what - or rather who - she wanted and she'd let no one stand in her way, especially the pretty, flirty, Calista.


Calista yelped as Lara snapped a punch to her jaw. In a flash she was sitting on top of her, straddling her and began slapping her face.

"Stop it. OUCH!! Nooooo-Yeowwww," Calista winced with each stinging slap. She reached up.

"Ahhhh. Uhhhhh. Argggggh," Lara moaned, grunted then bellowed in sheer agony as Calista's long fingers cupped the busty brunette's full braclad breasts and squeezed the firm mounds hard.

"Nice boobs. You did star in Twin Peaks right?" Calista sneered as she dug her talons in deep. She felt Lara's nipples stiffen against her palms, shifted her grip and poked a sharp nail into each rock hard nub.

"Yeoowwwwch. Oooooooh. My boobs, my boobs, you're killing my boobs," Lara bawled as her body writhed, her beautiful eyes rolled and her fingers frantically, desperately clawed at Calista's wrists.

"Gonna twist your tits off honey," Calista snarled.

"Please, please, ohhhh pleaseeeee-."THUNK! "Unnggggh."

Desperation, especially the painful kind is the mother of all inventions. Or so say those in the catfight arena. Lara, feeling desperate, angry, vengeful and so ready to get her man morphed her frantic impotent fingers into tight fists. With a satisfied snarl she slammed them into Calista's temples and felt instant relief. She heard the involuntary gasp from her rival's lips. She pried the limp fingers from her sore breasts, twisted the hands viciously, dug her nails deep into Calista's wrists.

"Aieeeee.Ohhhhhh." The weak squeals and groans seemed music to the lovely brunette's ears as she jumped to her feet, buried her fingers in Calista's silky hair and jerked her fully upright where an erotic concerto of slaps and light punches sent her dazed long legged rival staggering and reeling bouncing into tables.

"Such a pretty face. Such a nice flat tummy; and such a lovely chest…nice boobies."Each object of sarcastic description received it's own erotic and painful attention. Slaps to the face. Light but solid punches and a stomach claw to the stomach. Slaps and punches to the braclad breasts along with pinches, pokes and squeezes. Calista's pretty face was soon flushed with an embarrassed, angry reddish hue as her rival seemed to enjoy toying with her much as a cat toys with a mouse. "And to think, you were gonna take my man; whatcha think now girl?" Lara snickered as she suddenly grabbed Calista by the hair, bent her over backwards and put her in a most erotic reverse headlock.

"Nooooo. Uhhhhhh. Please, leggo uh me."

"You are so easy Calista honey," Lara taunted as she bent her struggling victim backwards, tightened her hold around her neck and walked her towards a large table only a few feet from the man that both were trying to impress.

"Let's show off your boobs, okay?" the brunette snickered as she reached around, unsnapped Calista's bra and slowly pulled it off revealing first the left breast, then the right. Two pink nipples stiffened instantly as they tasted freedom.

"Whatcha think fella?" Lara chirped as she paraded her now topless rival past the quite thrilled guy. Calista screamed and cursed as her long arms and hands flailed helplessly. Lara giggled and treated each full breast to a quick squeeze, then pinched each nipple hard teasing it to a most pleasing length and hardness.

"I'm gonna kill you…slowly," Calista rasped as her face and neck slowly turned an angry red.

"And I'm sooooo scared sweetie," Lara replied as she marched up to the table, gave an all out heave-ho and wrestled Calista down onto the cold hard surface. A brief struggle ensued and flailing arms and legs sent a couple of empty glasses, an ashtray and a few other items flying and crashing to the floor. Lara lost her heels just before jumping clean onto her fallen prey and straddling her waist.

"Uhhhhhh. Oooooooh. Aieeeeee," Calista screamed as she struggled mightily, her long legs kicking, her lithe body twisting, squirming. Amazingly her heels stayed in place. The fellow took in the most erotic sight with sheer delight. Two short skirted beauties going at it tooth and nail in an all out catfight. One was now topless and wearing only the shortest of short skirts that was in tatters as was her once perfect flawless fishnet stockings. The other seemed to be in control for the moment; she sported the sexy tatters of once sheer pantyhose, a less ripped skirt and a most lovely overstuffed lace bra that only had one useful shoulder strap remaining. To his delight the bountiful twin treasures seemed ready to find freedom very soon-hopefully.

"Gonna slap you senseless bitch," Lara hissed as she made good her threat by slapping Calista's beautiful snarling face with a flurry of solid backhands. "And strangle your skinny little neck," the angry brunette continued as she wrapped her long fingers around Calista's lovely vulnerable throat and squeezed. THUNK! THUNK! THUNK! The sound of some hard and fast headbanging filled the air as Lara sneered delighting in Calista's beautiful eyes glazing and bugging out as she discovered just how hard the table top was and how much Lara wanted her man. "Whooaaa," Lara yelled suddenly as she felt her rival's body tense suddenly, her weight shift and two long legs shoot straight up. The petite dark-haired beauty pitched forward realizing almost too late Calista's desperate move for freedom. "Oh no, you don't," Lara said as she quickly recovered, leaned back, reached both her arms backward, hooked Calista's long legs and jerked forward creating the classic matchbook hold.

"Uhhhhhh. Nooooooo," Calista grunted feeling the instant discomfort and the disappointment of a strategy gone bad.

"Those long sexy skinny legs-they'll get ya in trouble every time," Lara snipped as she tightened her hold. She smiled knowing both the painful predicament her rival was in as well as the delightful view she was treating her guy to. "Maybe ya shouldn't have worn such a short skirt, huh sweet stuff?" Lara cackled. She felt Calista squirm and relished her embarrassed groans. She looked across the room into a huge wall mirror and felt a bit of admiration for her rival's long legs that were pointing straight up. Amazingly the high heels had stayed on her feet the whole time. One of the straps had broken on one heel and was dangling half on, half off.

"Get the hell offa me you little slut," Calista growled. Lara simply smiled, jerked her captive's legs forward, nearly bent Calista in two and opened her hands to latch on to two perfectly pink long nipples.

"Now double the pain for a doubly dorky doofus!" Lara said with a quite pleased nasty snicker, feeling more than a little satisfaction over the witty insult. "Know what my favorite show was?" Lara asked wistfully, to which Calista cut loose with a flurry of angry curses and squeals. "Ally McBe....'scuse me, I meant Ally McSqueal."


"I've got special plans for you Calista," Lara whispered angrily. "...and so does somebody else," she added ominously as she glanced quickly across the room toward the large shaded office window and smiled wickedly at the two smiling faces peering out from behind thick curtains. Her devious, well thought out plan for a 'down and dirty' sensuous evenings entertainment was coming along nicely. A delightful excited squeal of anticipation passed Lara's lips as she suddenly released Calista's legs and let them drop. The loose heel flopped to the floor as Calista groaned, her jaw feeling the pain of her rival's quick snap punch.

"You really are quite pretty, ya know?" Lara noted as she slipped her hand onto a firm breast and began to tease the responsive nipple. The brunette suddenly leaned forward and gave her rival a hard passionate kiss. Calista groaned and tried to turn away. A painful nipple pinch brought a quick attitude change. Another softer half rebellious, half accepting groan followed as a warm hand reached around, slid over Calista's flat abs and under her skirt. Two beautiful long dangling legs began to quiver.

"Stop it. Please. Nooooo. Don't." The low raspy demands seemed more than half empty when it came to true feeling. Lara seemed as delighted as she was wicked as she went to work with both angry and lustful skill on her rival. Calista's words of protest and veiled threats fell on deaf ears as Lara began to play her like a violin.

"I'm gonna (Uhhhhhh) kill (Oooooooh) you(Ahhhhhh). Stop no more, deeper, faster, Nooooooo, stoppppp, Uhhhhhh."

"Hmmmmmmm, mixed messages. Stupid bitch can't make up her flaky mind," Lara mused as she played a most erotic all be it forced game of tongue tag with her slowly "melting into liquid heat" rival.

"Ouccccch. Leggo please..." The desperate low pain filled plea was barely whispered. Calista tried to beg and hold her lovely head still and not move her lip at the same time. In a surprise down and dirty but highly erotic move, Lara had suddenly broken off a passionate kiss and caught Calista's lower lip in her teeth. The sheer sensuality of the move was not lost on either three observers.

Lara's eyes met Calista's. Silent words seemed to be volleying through the air. "I'm the winner. You're the loser. I will get your man. Prepare for defeat." Calista broke the glance as she looked away. Lara smiled, released the painful grip, gave her a quick kiss, whispered a sarcastic, "Whooops, I'm soooo sorry," in her ear and resumed her nipple stimulation and southern territory conquering skills with renewed interest.

"Oooooooh, please stop…uhhhhhhmmmm..." Calista's anger, rebellion, jealous rivalry and sheer hatred for her competition seemed to slowly melt away as her groans and moans rose like the heat of a volcano.

With the spite and nastiness of the wicked witch of the West, Lara suddenly announced, "OK, time for a change of pace, er, uh, I mean sorry babe, no more."

"NO! Please don't stop, noooooo...." Calista gasped.

Lara chuckled as she treated her quivering rival to a stinging backhand and slid off of her prey, off the table, landing on her feet with the grace of a cat. "Upsey-daisy," she chirped as she grabbed a handful of hair in one hand and latched onto a rock hard, ultra sensitive nipple with the other. "Did I forget to tell you that you have a date?" Lara cackled as she pulled her reluctant rival across the room.

"OUCH! Leggo a me…wha...where....what's happening? HELP!" Calista was incredibly frustrated, feeling pain, totally embarrassed and feeling more than a bit anxious as her sneering rival jerked her towards the unknown. She looked back at her would be lover hoping he would be bounding towards her to rescue her. To have her. To enjoy her. She licked her lips imagining that his obvious "sign" of excitement was for her-not her rival. Not nasty evil wicked Lara.

"Quit struggling and fighting," Lara hissed; her angry demand followed by a vicious hair pull, a punch to the ribs, and a well-placed kick to Calista's tight derriere. Calista screamed as she started to stumble and topple forward.

"NOOOOOO. AIEEEEEE!" Calista shrieked in horror unable to comprehend that she could be even more humiliated. She heard Lara's snicker of delight as she heard the loud rippppppppppppp and realized that both her skirt and the last remains of her fishnets were history.

"Your fun is just beginning, honey!” Lara laughed.

“MONA! Mona, get up… me…please!" Calista yelled upon approaching the dazed and down waitress. The beautiful blonde was just coming to from her long dream or rather nightmare courtesy both her and Lara.

"Wha-what the hell? Oh, its you. I'm gonna kill you." The blonde looked up, stared at the two lovelies approaching her, shook her head and quickly rose to her feet. Her eyes blazed with ferocious anger. She curled her fingers into fists. With a loud growl she charged. WHAM! "Uhhhhhh."

Lara smiled as she saw the surprised anguished look on her would-be attackers face. Her well placed, perfectly timed kick to the crotch brought instant excruciation to the ticked off waitress. Lara released her hold on Calista, fired a perfect uppercut to the blonde's jaw and watched with satisfaction as Mona dropped to her knees. "In a minute blondie, you'll get yours. And believe me, you're gonna get it real good," Lara whispered in the dazed woman's ear. Lara giggled as she reached out and pinched a thick stiff nipple hard and heard Mona's yelp. "Bye, bye girl," Lara hissed as she snapped a punch that sent Mona falling backwards.

"Oh no, my prize is getting away. Whatever shall I do?" Watching Calista run away brought an instant chuckle to Lara. Beautiful bouncing breasts, those long legs, the desperate look on her face. All contributed to an exciting erotic spectacle. Thinking smart as well as fast, Lara reached out for help. She grabbed, made ready, took aim and cut loose. A whirl of tumbling motion slid rapidly across the floor.

"Bingo!" Lara cheered with delight as two long legs, two fleeing bare feet found dismay. Like watching a long tall sexy bowling pin fall, Lara felt a sense of pride. The empty liquor bottle had found its mark and moved with uncanny precision into the fleeing lovelies' target zone. Calista fairly sprawled out in a most erotic position once her tumble was complete. Lunging forth like a jungle cat, the petite brunette was on her in a flash.

"So nice that we meet again, Calista darling," Lara taunted her voice full of mischief. She buried her fingers in brown silk, jerked her rival to her feet, treated her to several nasty backhands, fired a stunning punch to her jaw snapping Calista's head back. Calista grunted and staggered backwards. Lara rushed in, grabbed her by the hair and held her somewhat steady.

"Last call for alco…I mean time to celebra…aw hell, I mean COME AND GET IT!" Lara's surprising yell was loud enough to wake up even the dazed Mona.

"Well finally, its about time." The unfamiliar voice was low, a bit raspy and full of a most lustful erotic tone. Lara smiled as she watched Calista turn her dazed head towards the voice. "Well, I'll be..., I've been waitin' for years for this special treat." The voice was low, slow, husky, and seemed chock full of anticipation. Mona groaned as she looked up to see the approaching figure. She shook her head in disbelief.

"Go ahead, enjoy. She's been specially prepared, just for you babe." Lara chuckled wickedly as she grabbed Calista by the hair and pulled her towards the tall, beautiful redhead that was approaching fast. "Calista, meet the lovely manager. She wants to have a little conversation and a drink with you. In her office of course. Seems we have quite a big bill for the drinks, the fun, the damage. I told her that you would settle up. And sweetie, just FYI, she's a fantastic kisser."

The redhead was instantly next to Calista, grabbed her hand, pulled her close and clapped Calista's hand to her full breast. Calista struggled to pull her hand away and step back, but Lara moved in behind her and pushed her against the leering redhead. Calista gasped as she felt her new "friends" hand on her tight derriere give her a firm squeeze. "We're going to have a wonderful evening. Don't worry about the bill dear. I'm sure we can work that out!"

Lara smiled with sheer delight as she watched her rival squirm and her face flush like never before.

"Oh, Mona, how much fun are we gonna have baby? Bet you've been dreamin' of this night too, huh sweetheart?"

"Hank, no, please. Noooo, I've never imagined." Mona tried to be firm, as firm as she thought her longtime bartender boss was about this very moment. His warm hands were at her sides and moving fast. The blonde looked around.

"Betcha wanna be rescued by your man, don’t ya blondie, huh?" Lara chirped as she slipped behind Mona to make sure no escape was possible. "Sorry Miss big boobs. But didn't I tell you that Mr. handsome is my man, not yours. I'm really not a sore loser. That's why you're gonna have a man. Just not MY man, got it?" Lara grinned and licked her lips. She slipped behind Mona and cupped her full breasts. "Mr Hank dude, she has quite a bit to offer. She's been wantin' you for a longggg, longgggg time. Treat her real nice, ya hear me?" Lara's imitation slow Southern drawl matched Hank's perfectly. She tweaked Mona's erect nipples with well-honed and long practiced skill, bringing low moans from the blonde's full lips.

"I hear Mr Hank is really skilled in some things," she laughed. "...a few even more than me Mona. And he just LOVES puppies, so enjoy yourself tonight, OK hon?" Lara rasped as she nibbled on her captive's earlobe. Mona groaned as Lara roughly shoved her into Hanks arms. "Now, I'm sorry folks, but I have a date that's, I mean READY!" Lara announced as she confidently stepped back, turned on a dime and pranced proudly over to her man. "Are you ready dude? I wanted you; I fought for you and I earned you!" Then she reached out and suddenly she gasped, "Oh are realllllly READY!!"