Lisa Boyle vs. Patricia Ford by jjj 3/6/01

Lisa Boyle entered the ring wearing a pair of gray cotton shorts and a loose gray sweatshirt, her curly brown hair cascading over her shoulders. She looked around the ring, then the arena, seeing it filled with spectators of all ages. Not a seat to be had. She knew when she won the match she'd be crowned PMOY. She'd tied Patricia for the crown, so naturally they'd mutually agreed to settle the tie in the traditional Playmate fashion, in the ring. Lisa had never been fond of the black haired Playmate and now she had a chance to not only deprive her of PMOY, but show her up in front of Hugh and the other Playmates as well as hundreds of spectators.

When Patricia Ford came to the ring, again the fans went crazy. She was wearing a black thong and a white T-shirt with the Playboy bunny on it. Patricia played to the crowd, jutting out her large breasts and squeezing them together - it drew a huge pop from the crowd!

Lisa fumed! Not wanting to be out done, she began to dance seductively and to lower her cotton shorts reveling a pink thong of her own. Now it was Patricia's turn to get pissed - Lisa was stealing her thunder.

Patricia stormed up the steps into the ring and glared at Lisa. The only way to win the match was to make the other submit and Ford felt she had the upper hand in a match like this. Both women were in thongs, their bodies glistened with sweat as the stared at one another. There was no ref., only Hugh Hefner would determine who submitted.

Lisa made the first move and signaled for Patricia to meet her in the center of the ring for a test of strength. Patricia was more than happy to and they locked hands. Both were about equal, neither had an advantage til Lisa's knee shot up into Patricia's pussy, dropping her instantly to the mat. Lisa paused to play the crowd, slowly adjusting her thong, then seductively bending over the squirming Patricia to the audience's delight. She wrapped her hands in Patricia's hair and began to drag her around the ring by her long, black locks. Patricia screamed in protest but to no avail.

Lisa dropped a quick elbow into the middle of Patricia's back, sending pain shooting through her body. Lisa jumped up and down to celebrate, causing her boobs inside the gray sweatshirt to bounce up and down - again bringing the crowd to its feet. Lisa looked at Patricia and pulled her up by the hair. She tucked Patricia's head under her arm and gave her a snap DDT, stunning Patricia and leaving her staring up at the sky. This time, Lisa climbed the ropes and bent over grabbing both of her breasts and shook her lithe body. Lisa looked down at Patricia and saw her laying on the canvas. She climbed down to the second rope and sat her ass on the turnbuckle. Then she stood, placed both hands on her ass and adjusted her thong again, showing her perfect ass to the crowd. She then sprung....

... and crashed onto empty canvas hard when Patricia rolled out of the way!

Lisa was stunned and the wind was knocked out of her. She had spent far too much time showboating her body. Now, it was Patricia's turn to go on the offense. Patricia now returned the favor by locking her hands in Lisa's brown locks as Lisa screamed in protest. Patricia threw Lisa into the turnbuckle and followed up with a quick clothesline to her throat.

Patricia next lifted a viscous knee into Lisa's midsection and Lisa reacted instantly from the pain. As her head lowered, Patricia grabbed Lisa's head, putting it between her legs, then dropped to her knees, driving Lisa facefirst to the canvas. Lisa was so stunned she had no idea what had happened for a few seconds. When she looked up and her eyes focused, she saw Patricia climbing the ropes.

Reacting solely on her God-given Playmate instinct, Lisa rolled away and out of the ring under the bottom rope just as Patricia's elbow crashed to the mat right where Lisa's head had been moments before. Lisa landed hard on the floor and she stayed down. Patricia, on the other hand, had badly injured her elbow in the fall and was crawling around in the ring in a lot of pain. When she finally got slowly back to her feet, Patricia saw Lisa just starting to get up outside the ring.

Patricia slid out under the bottom rope only to be met by a ready and waiting Lisa. Patricia quickly fired a slap to Lisa's face but Lisa blocked it and returned fire with one of her own. Before Patricia could react, Lisa threw a quick left into Patricia's gut and another slap to her face.

More stunned from shock then pain, Patricia stood stock still for a second but Lisa kept her advantage. She grabbed Patricia's injured elbow and wrenched it behind her back, showing off Patricia's large chest when she arched her back trying to ease the pain in her arm.

Lisa had Patricia in a perfect chicken wing and paraded her around the outside of the ring showing her off to the crowd. Suddenly, Lisa stopped and rammed Patricia headfirst into the steel ring post! The black-haired beauty crumpled to the floor as Lisa stood over her laughing.

While Patricia lay stunned, Lisa reached down and pulled off Patricia's Playboy bunny shirt, revealing a jet-black bra match her thong. Then she started choking Patricia with her own shirt, banging her head on the concrete floor in the process. Patricia was losing consciousness from lack of air so she desperately shot a punch to Lisa's unprotected crotch. The punch landed flush and Lisa reeled away in pain, finally climbing back into the ring.

Patricia knew she couldn't pass up the chance to get Lisa before she recovered and tried to climb back into the ring despite the discomfort she was in. Patricia entered the ring and saw Lisa still writhing on the mat. She approached silently and yanked the pink thong deep into Lisa's perfectly shaped ass. Lisa screamed from the new pain in her ass and the intensified pain in her already bruised crotch.

Patricia grew more confident in her actions, climbing again to the second rope. This time she sprung using her uninjured elbow and it connected squarely on Lisa's ribs. Lisa's eyes shot open as pain shot through her. Patricia stopped to rip off Lisa's sweatshirt and the crowd gasped. Her large breasts were barely contained in a sheer see-through bra and her large visible nipples immediately sprang to attention.

Not making any effort to stop Patricia from disrobing her, Lisa just lay clutching her crotch until she was yanked up by her long hair. Patricia threw her into the turnbuckle and followed her into the corner, crashing into her and knocking the wind out of Lisa.

Now it was Patricia's turn to choke. She wrapped Lisa's shirt tight around her neck and began to squeeze. Lisa, however, was recovering and fired a huge right hand to Patricia's right breast. Patricia dropped the shirt and grabbed her injured breast. At the same instant, Lisa smacked her again - this time across the top of her chest.

Patricia went reeling as Lisa quickly punched Patricia in her exposed stomach. The breath went out of Patricia and she stumbled back across the ring. Lisa tackled Patricia to the mat and began too fire shots at her head and stomach as Patricia tried weakly to protect herself.

Lisa took Patricia by the hair and dragged her over to the ropes, placed her neck over the bottom rope. As Patricia lay gasping, Lisa walked to the center of the ring, then ran and leaped on Patricia's back causing her neck to bend over the rope and choking her into semi-consciousness.

Realizing Patricia was nearly finished, Lisa pranced around the ring displaying her magnificent body for the crowd. She shook her breasts and the crowd went wild as her nipples stood proudly erect. Lisa went back over to Patricia and grabbed her by both ankles, then started to drag her to the center of the ring. Patricia desperately gapped onto the rope and hung on, refusing to allow herself to be dragged.

Lisa tugged again and Patricia couldn't hold on. As her hands slipped off the rope, she landed hard on her breasts. Lisa walked up behind Patricia and released the clasp on her bra, leaving Patricia in just her black thong. Lisa tried to pull the bra out from under Patricia's body, but Patricia rolled over and slapped Lisa in the face.

Lisa screamed and immediately held her right eye, dropping to her knees. Patricia tried to adjust her bra, but realized it had been unhooked and tossed it out of the ring. At the sight of Patricia's breasts swinging free, the crowd went wild.

Patricia ignored the fans and kicked Lisa in the side of the head but Lisa seemed not to pay any attention to the attack as she cared more about her injured eye. Patricia sensed Lisa's injury may be severe, so instead of allowing her to seek medical assistance, she took advantage, coming up from behind Lisa and putting her in a full nelson. Lisa struggled to prevent the hold valiantly but Patricia got her fingers locked behind Lisa's head and kept the hold in place.

Since Lisa was already on her knees, it was impossible for her to break the hold so Patricia violently shook the brunette as she stood behind her. Lisa's long locks were thrown about her face and her boobs bounced with each shake. Patricia began trying to force over onto her face, knowing if she accomplished it there was no way Lisa could escape. She maintained the pressure as Lisa's struggles became weaker and less frequent. Soon, Patricia had forced Lisa's face down on the mat and the brunette had stopped her struggling.

Patricia released the full nelson and yanked Lisa's pink thong deep into her ass again, causing Lisa to show signs of life by letting out an ear-piercing scream. Patricia leaped on Lisa's lower back and began to pull her hair violently. All Lisa could do was slap the mat and kick her feet as Patricia continued to yank her long brown hair. Lisa realized she was in trouble but she was also determined not to give up.

Patricia the grabbed Lisa's thong and yanked while her other hand was entwined into Lisa's hair. Lisa shrieked as pain engulfed her from both ends. Patricia kept up the pressure and before long she was holding a hank of Lisa's hair as tears welled in Lisa's eyes. Patricia threw the clump of hair aside and grabbed another handful, still stretching the thong which had long before disappeared between Lisa's ass cheeks.

Patricia finally released both thong and hair and climbed off of Lisa, who just lay on the mat sobbing. Patricia unhooked Lisa's bra and pulled it from her. Lisa put up no resistance so Patricia rolled Lisa onto her back and gave herself and everyone else a good close, first hand look as Lisa's large nipples.

It was a brief look, however, because Patricia quickly positioned her prefect ass right n the middle of Lisa's face, then pinned Lisa's arms with her legs as she threw her hands in the air and waved as the crowd roared its approval.

Just as fast as Patricia's hands went up, they smashed back down - right into Lisa's unprotected stomach, causing the woman to thrash violently beneath her. Patricia put both index fingers in her mouth, then reached down and started to work on Lisa's big brown nipples. Patricia didn't have to wait long for both nipples to perk up. When she was satisfied, she grabbed both and twisted but with her butt on Lisa's face her muffled screams could barely be heard. Patricia ravaged Lisa's nipples, pinching, twisting and stretching them as far as she could. Lisa's nipples were being stretched inches from her breasts and Patricia could only laugh as the crowd cheered her on.

Patricia let go of the damaged breasts, but only to grab Lisa's thong and yank it up, sending the tough material wedging deep into her pussy. This was more than Lisa could stand and she immediately screamed out her submission though no one heard it from under Patricia's ass over the noise of the screaming crowd. Patricia kept working, pressuring Lisa's pussy until Hefner rushed into the ring and separated the two Playmates.

Patricia basked in the applause she received as she stood over Lisa and raised her hands victoriously; her trim body glistening with the sweat that cascaded down over her breasts, belly and thighs.

Lisa, on the other hand, wasn't so fortunate. As Patricia left arm-in-arm with Hef, Lisa was left curled up and crying in the ring.