Camryn Manheim vs. Lara Flynn Boyle by TNT

"Still wanna be a lawyer, toots?" Wham! "Uhhhh." Wham! "Unnnnhhhhh." Ditto the same action, sounds of agonized reply over several times. "Gosh, thought you'd be tougher, toots!" the petite beautiful brunette snarled mockingly at her downed, dazed, hurting - and definitely shocked, opponent.

"Yieeeeee!" the dizzy and delirious sophisticated actress yelped as angry fingers grabbed her long brown hair, pulled up hard, perfectly positioning her lovely face before a hard tight fist slammed into her cheek. Camryn Manheim’s' beautiful eyes rolled as her head snapped back and she started to fall. Only a viciously hard hair pull kept her halfway upright.

"Always wanted to have this little talk, sweetie," Lara Flynn Boyle chirped as she looked into her costars glazed eyes. "You really are quite pretty, ya know? I mean for a ‘big gal’!"

Whapppp! The petite brunette's slap blistered the bigger woman’s face and brought an angry wail. Lara snickered and yanked Camryn’s' hair again hard. She was fulfilling both a dream and a fantasy. Having the beautiful bigger busty Camryn on her knees and at her mercy seemed to stick in her mind ever since a particular episode of “The Practice” got out of hand.

Kelli Williams had a verbal spat with Camryn and at a conference around the table, and the enraged beautiful little Kelli had literally scrambled across the table and tackled the seated Camryn, taking her over backwards onto the floor. After a brief scuffle, however, the actresses seemed to have thrown away the script as the two women’s tempers flared. Kelli had lost it and began to really slap and pummel the much bigger, buxom beauty.

"Stop it you stupid bitch!" Camryn finally screamed as she slammed her fist into the side of Kelli's face, grabbed her by the hair, snapped a punch to her chin and pulled her face down into her mammoth chest, squashing the dazed beauty’s face between her full breasts as Kelli's arms flapped helplessly. Camryn's round face broke into a grin as she felt Kelli's resistance fading fast. "This is what we call the Manheim Steamroller," she laughed as Kelli's body shook and shivered as it started dto go limp in Camryn's crushing embrace.

"Let her go, bitch!" someone shouted, interrupting the erotic tableau as it was about to reach its denoumont.

All eyes were rivited on the semi-erotic scene as Camryn released Kelli whose face was beet red. She could barely stand and was so discombobulated that although her blouse was torn wide open and her sexy lace bra was in full view, she wasn't even aware of it. As the cast cooled down and tried to get back into the script, Lara could barely contain her excitement. Both women fought viciously; long legs kicked wildly; hair was pulled without reservation. Lara remained transfixed for a while as she stared at the angry Camryn who seemed like a lioness deprived of a stolen meal. The busty woman's tight silky blouse was as disheveled as her long brown hair. Two huge thick erect nipples pushed against the clingy torn material threatening to drill holes through the ample modest bra and blouse.

"Ummmmmm, I'm gonna tangle with this babe sooner or later," Lara promised herself. Lovely Lara had a mean streak that was second only to her love of a good dominating nasty catfight. The time had come! "You do look quite at home on your knees, Camryn," Lara sneered as she yanked her rivals' head forward via her hair, reached up and tweaked her nose, relishing every angry frustrated curse Camryn was bellowing.

Lara's eyes dropped and looked down, taking in the huge twin breasts bulging out of the front of Camryn’s stretched tight blouse. Her overly ample cleavage was a temptation and the brunettes free hand had found the temptation. She hooked her fingers in the filmy material and with a sarcastic, "I gotcha!” (giggle) tore the blouse open exposing Camryn’s sturdy white bra.

"@#@#$#@ you bitch!" Camryn bawled, her cheeks reddening into a bright crimson glow.

Her reward for her ‘crude language’ was a well placed hard knee to her gut. Lara almost lost her balance executing the move and she angrily kicked off a heel with a slight bit of regret. It was the sharp high heels that had rendered Camryn into position. After exchanging words and aggravated insults, Camryn lost her temper, swung at the little "brat." The miss of her mighty swinging punch was all the opening Lara needed. She fired several kicks, toe first to the big woman’s knees and shins, then slammed her stiletto heel into the top of her foot. In two miserable painful seconds, the big woman was on her knees.

Lara's set-up had worked like a charm! She’d invited Camryn to the lawyers' office set early to "discuss some things.” In the back of her mind, Lara figured this might just be the beginning of something special. If it worked out, maybe she could "discuss" matters of such nature with all the other female cast members of the show.

"Hmmmmmmm. How’d you like to be stripped, my lovely big beauty?" Lara snickered as she cupped Camryn’s chin, lifted her head and stared down into her beautiful eyes.

"I'm gonna kill you, you little smart-ass pipsqueak," Camryn rasped as she felt herself pulled forward by another painful tenacious hair pull.

"Gotta be careful here, real realllll careful," Lara cautiously mused to herself.

She knew if she pulled Camryn’s' hair to hard, her rival could lose her balance, fall on her and she'd be toast. Gazing down at two large partially revealed tempting targets, the petite brunette warrior smiled and lifted her leg up hard and fast.

THWUNK! "Arrrrgggh…Uhhhhhh." The loud combination grunt and groan signaled the desired target had been found.

Camryn gasped in agony as Lara ground her hard knee into her huge left breast will full force. Lara kept a good grip on the long silky brown hair as she worked her knee into the mound, pushing, grinding. Her free hand snaked to the bras shoulder strap, captured it and slowly slid it down. Camryn’s angry protests only excited Lara all the more as the excited spitfire stared at the slowly emerging breast, the top of its' large areola and finally the thick nipple that made its appearance.

"#@$#@#$##@ you jerky little brat!" Camryn's responses were becoming more desperate, more pained and more furious with each passing second as Lara taunted her with as much verbal humiliation as is possible from one “lawyer” to another.

"Such a nice big hooter; I'm sooooo sorry I'm being nasty; I should be more tender, more caring," Lara snarled, hissed and giggled as Camryn’s entire gorgeous jug found complete freedom. She leaned forward and down staring into Camryn’s angry, flushed and desperate countenance.

"Isn't this fu….Aieeeeee!" Splat! The big fist seemed to blast out of thin air and snapped Lara's head back, the hard knuckles smacking into her chin.

One fast grab and yank and the busty brunettes' tight top and strapless bra left her luscious body. Reeling from the mind numbing blow she made a feeble attempt to retrieve her ripped clothes from the fist. Alas too late! Another punch, even more powerful, slammed into her exposed left breast driving her stiff nipple back against her breastbone. She squealed in agony as she toppled over backward, tripping over her own feet, bounced off a desk and crumpled to the floor; her legs kicking wildly, her heels flying off as she gasped for air as she shook her head trying to make the room stop spinning.

"Now, how about you smart-alec; are YOU having fun?" Camryn sneered as she waved Lara’s' destroyed top and bra in one hand as she rubbed her own sore breast with the other as she spewed nasty, threatening promises to destroy her rival.

"Uhhhhhhh. Gonna kill that old cow," Lara muttered to herself as she blinked her eyes trying to chase the cobwebs away.

Lara stared at the angry woman who was now standing above her. She noted Camryn’s' unsteadiness, her still dazed look and that huge breast that seemed to be the most tempting target on the face of the earth at present. The large thick nipple seemed to be stiffening a bit more with each angry word Camryn belted out; and just asking for some painful attention.

"C'mon, just a little closer, ya big dumb fatass," Lara thought.

"I'm gonna smack you senseless, then choke your scrawny little neck," Camryn snarled as she tossed Lara’s' top and bra aside and moved in amazingly fast for a “big gal.”

As Camryn leaned forward, reaching down to grab for Lara’s pretty dark hair…KERWUMPHH!

"Uhhhhhhhhhhh…" Camryn’s' big beautiful brown eyes rolled as she felt the double impact of two lightning fast petite feet slam into her stomach.

Lara had kicked her rival as hard as she could. Instantly she rolled to the side as Camryn dropped to her knees holding her midsection. In a flash the small brunette was standing behind her; with a snarl she wrapped her arms around the larger woman’s throat, squeezed hard and jerked back with all her might.

"Move fast!" The words shot through Lara's adrenalin pumped mind as she backpedaled allowing Camryn just enough room to go down with full force. She watched her rival drop hard, relishing the sound of the whooshing sound of precious air escaping lungs and the painful grunt and angry bellow. Before Camryn stopped moving and cursing Lara had grabbed her torn bra, unsnapped it and ripped it clean off.

"Hmmmmmm, twin peaks, or should I say twin mountains?" Lara chirped as she admired the newly revealed scenery.

"Gonna make you pay for this!" Camryn rasped as she struggled to catch her breath. Lara began to taunt her and dance around her. Angrily, Camryn tried to grab her legs but Lara was too fast for her and kicked at her hands and arms. Camryn soon was winded and gasping for air.

"Now its time for a little fun," Lara laughed. She darted in, fired a kick to Camryn’s ribs, then with a chuckle she suddenly moved in and straddled her rival. With a shout of glee she jumped straight up and landed hard on her downed opponents stomach.

"ARGGGHHH!" Camryn grunted and moaned with unbridled and involuntary gusto as the petite woman began to bounce up and down on her midsection.

"Get… ungggggh offffff…uhhhhhh Me…Uhhhhhh ooooofffffff bitch! Ooopphhh!"

"Ohhhh, shut your mouth sweetie; you talk wayyyy to much - even for a TV lawyer," Lara mocked as she leaned forward and slapped Camryn hard. Camryn yelped, grabbed for Lara’s' hand and was rewarded with a solid punch to her jaw. "You'd be smart not to resist," Lara snarled as she looked into her rivals' eyes and reached for a most desirable target.

"Yeouwwwwch!" Camryn howled as Lara grabbed her huge left breast in both hands and squeezed the orb at the base.

A smile broke out on Lara’s' face as she felt Camryn’s' body tense and heard her gasp as she dug her fingers in deep. She squeezed and massaged the captured treasure as she watched with delight as the stiff erect nipple lengthened and grew in size and turned rock hard.

"Stop…Oh please let go….please," Camryn pleaded as she began to kick her thick legs and buck her broad hips and wide ass.

But Lara hung on, her wicked smile getting broader, turning into a most delicious nasty grin. She licked her lips as she gazed at the large tempting "cherry" topping the monstrous mound of "ice cream", demanding to be plucked.

"Nooooo…Don't you dare…Ooooooooh…." Camryn's pleas were totally ignored as Lara lowered her head, her lips, her pearly whites. She quickly captured the large sensitive nipple in her mouth; sucked, twirled it with her tongue, then clamped down. Camryn sucked air, held her breath as Lara squeezed her pleasure mound tenaciously with her talons, and held the nipple in a most perfectly painful and pleasurable, yet precarious grip with her beautiful teeth.

"Stop! Don't you dare bite me….please…I'll do anythingggggg…"

Magic words. Not too often heard in lawyering arenas. Lara smiled. Camryn barely breathed.

"Mmmmmmmmm." Ditto.

The dueling pleasure filled groans erupted from both victim and soon to be total victor as the petite beauty tweaked, teased and tantalized the erect pleasure nub she had captured.


"You really are a horny old broad," Lara taunted as she finished her nipple teasing appetizer and gave Camryn a much dreaded painful nipple nip. Before Camryn could heave a sigh of relief, Lara had released the sore breast and fired a punch into the neglected twin. A pained squeal brought a flurry of light but stinging backhands. With each slip came a curse from both women. "We should have this kind of discussion a bit more often shouldn't we, Manheim?" Lara taunted as she suddenly switched tactics and began to slap her rivals full breasts, treating each mound with alternating feather light pops, and blistering blows.

"Yeouwcch! Owwwwwie! Yaieeeee!" Camryn seemed to have a slightly different verbal response with each blow.

"Enough of your pleasure. Now its my turn! After all, you DID promise, right fat lady?" Lara queried as she cocked her arm, took aim and fired a rock solid punch to Camryn’s chin. The room spun out of control. "Hmmmmm. You ready? Now you’re gonna fulfill your promise!" Lara cooed.

The words barely registered. When reason returned, clear vision returned, Camryn winced. Though she had always admired Lara’s' incredible beauty, this was way too much.

"Noooooooo." Camryn blinked her eyes, then closed them. She heard the giggle. The chuckle. The wicked laugh.

"Better do it and do it well. Or should I say do ME and do ME well." Lara cooed as sexy frilly, soft, sheer fabric slid down from the luscious skin of her smooth, flat belly, past her sleek hips and firm thighs, down over perfect calves, lower until her ‘scanties’ lay in a pool around her ankles. Hips shifted. Two lovely legs and feet moved. As Lara smiled; Camryn grunted, groaned and struggled weakly. Lara laughed, then she giggled as she sensously slid her hands over her lower torso, reaching upward to cup her full breasts. She squeezed; she massaged; she teased her erect nipples until they were rock hard. Her hips swiveled and she groaned, then gasped as her hands dropped down and her fingers buried themselves in the rat’s nest that was Camryn’s brown hair. Lara jerked upward and Camryn groaned again; gasped; protested.

Smiles. Gasps. Groans. Happy Lara….VERY happy Lara.

"Noooooooo." Camryn moaned.

"Yessssss…ooooooh yessss!!" Lara sighed. "And just who will I cross-examine next?" Lara mused, her thoughts already turning to her next conquest as big Camryn paid her ‘dues’. "This lawyering stuff; it is sooooo funnnnn. Yessssss!"