Lara Flynn Boyle vs. Sarah Jessica Parker by Blizzard

Lara and Jack Nicholson may have gone their separate ways, but they say it was a helluva ride while it lasted. When Hollywood's most revered ladies man hooked up with the petite star of 'Twin Peaks' and more recently 'The Practice' - a woman young enough to be his daughter - people talked. It certainly wasn't unique, as far as Tinseltown was concerned - an older man with a young woman. However, Jack can still draw a crowd and the town was buzzing. The couple certainly left 'em buzzing after an incident in a quaint New England village best known for glorious fall foliage and a cozy inn featuring the best Yankee cuisine around.

It was a beautiful early October evening, the sunset shimmering across the brilliantly colored maple ridges, giving way to the crisp, clean evening air. The inn was a popular destination for vacationing high-brows and an occasional Hollywood couple. Casual, buffet-style dinners exemplified the charm of the region - exquisite food with a rural flair. More importantly, the guest's seemed to respect each other's privacy, including visiting celebrities. Schwarzenegger had recommended the place to Jack, his wife's family having spent many enjoyable weekends there.

Jack and Lara were immediately recognized as they were seated at a quiet table in the back of the dining room. Save for a few eager autograph hounds, they were unmolested. As it turned out, they weren't the only famous couple dining at the inn that evening. Matthew Broderick and wife Sarah Jessica Parker were also guests at the inn. The two couples acknowledged one another while seated at their tables, but aside from that they tried to blend in with the other patrons and enjoy dinner.

Jack was sipping a single malt Scotch when Lara went up to the buffet table to fill her plate. Sarah was there as well, picking at the variety of dishes available. She noticed Lara beside her and glanced at her out of the corner of her eye, surveying the brunette's slender frame in a red silk designer mini-dress.

"My husband raves about your show," Sarah Jessica said in a blasé tone.

Lara smiled and replied, "Why thank you."

The wafer thin, but busty blonde spooned a heap of mashed potatoes onto her plate and snidely said, "Don't thank me, I've never seen it."

Lara shot her a glance, a bit taken aback. She eyed the blonde's slender figure, her heavy breasts straining the plunging bodice of a cream colored flowing dress. Lara took a slab of roast beef and placed it on her plate. Sarah grabbed the tongs and placed an ear of steamed corn on the cob on her plate. She looked at Lara as the brunette dipped into a serving tray of sliced beets.

"Maybe I should have Matt take a picture of us at the buffet to dispel those eating disorder rumors."

Lara chuckled and said, "I don't let them bother me. They're ridiculous."

Sarah smirked as she helped herself to some jumbo black olives.

"In my case, yes," she said cattily. "But I see their point with you. You look like a stiff breeze could blow you over..."

Lara glared at the busty waif standing beside her.

"...if you don't mind my saying so," Sarah added with a little grin.

Lara gently sat her plate down on the buffet table, turned and smacked the back of Sarah's head with her open hand, rattling her golden tresses and forcing a surprised yelp. The few other patrons in line gasped and swiftly stepped back from the pair.

"Actually, I do mind!" hissed Lara.

Jack looked up at the sound of the head slap to see his girlfriend and Sarah Jessica already tearing into one another. The staff manning the table scrambled to get out of the line of fire as the fight erupted. Jack broke into a wide grin and jumped to his feet, moving toward them with a drink in his hand. Most of the diners verbally expressed their shock at the sudden scrap, buzzing as Lara and Sara Jessica stumbled along the front of the table with their hands buried in each others hair. They squealed as they struggled to gain the advantage, their high heels clattering on the wood floor. Back and forth they reeled, yanking and kicking shins as a crowd gathered around them.

Matthew Broderick ended up standing beside Jack looking as startled by the fracas as the rest of the guests.

"Sarah, honey, what the heck are you doing?!" he shouted.

"Snapping this fucking little twig!" snarled his wife as she yanked hard on Lara's mane to draw a pained yelp.

The Inn's manager and several waiters rushed into the room, heading for the battling women to break up the brawl. Jack swiftly cut them off, pulling out his wallet.

"Easy fella's, no need to interrupt the girls! Let 'em get it out of their systems!"

He pulled out $2000 in large bills and thrust it into the manager's trembling hand.

"This should cover any damage, but if not I assure you, you'll be handsomely compensated. A couple grand ought to buy us a few rounds, huh Chief?!" he asked smiling.

The manager sighed and retreated a few steps, fully aware of the influence his guest wielded in Tinseltown.

"There's more where that came from," said Jack, winking. "Let the ladies dance."

Most of the men in attendance were now raucously cheering for their favorites while their wives watched the two stars with bemused astonishment. The blonde gradually began to take control of the contest and stomped her sharp heel into Lara's instep, drawing an agonized scream from the busty brunette. Sarah Jessica pivoted in a circle, still clutching Lara's hair as she spun the stumbling woman around. She then hit the off-balance brunette with short, hard jab to the chin, stunning her.

As Lara wavered appearing ready to go down, Sarah growled and grasped the slender brunette's dress by the spaghetti straps and yanked the top of her mini-dress down to her waist, revealing the bra-less Lara's well-rounded breasts. Catcalls echoed throughout the dining room as the men voiced their approval. A deep belly punch dropped the gasping brunette like a sack of potatoes to her ass on the floor, where she sat with her stockinged legs out in front of her, gasping and holding her agonized flat tummy with both hands.

"Look at her little boobies!" laughed Sarah Jessica as she kicked off her heels and shook her own bulging breasts with both hands while smiling sweetly at Nicholson. He gave her a mischievous grin and a nod, adding a subtle wink as well.

The wild-haired blonde placed a foot on the grimacing Lara's face and kicked her over onto her back, then straddled her petite foe and sat down on her chest, trapping her arms under her knees with a schoolgirl pin. The patron's continued their excited response to the impromptu catfight, amazed that they were actually witnessing a real life battle between two gorgeous actresses.

Sara's face had a Cheshire cat grin as she playfully smacked first one cheek, then the other of her squirming, cursing opponent. Lara's legs kicked in the air wildly as she struggled to extricate herself from beneath the blonde. Her high heels clattered to the floor during her helpless outburst and her flailing legs gave lucky viewers frequent flashes of her panties as well as her long, slim, nylon clad legs.

"You're lucky I don't strip your puny body bare, sweetie," said Sarah Jessica, giving Lara's red face another slap.

Matthew was smiling proudly as he watched his wife toy with her beaten opponent.

He looked at Jack and grinned proudly, "Looks like my wife got the best of your girl."

Jack watched his pinned girlfriend vainly struggling beneath the blonde's weight, then he reached out and gave Matthew's shoulder a firm squeeze.

"I don't hear the fat lady clearing her throat just yet, sonny boy. Lara's been in tougher spots and got out."

Sarah got to her feet, standing over Lara and placed a foot between the brunette's tits as she looked around the room proudly.

"You better have something to eat, small fry. Like I said, a stiff breeze could blow you over."

Sarah Jessica looked at Matthew and winked, then she turned and started walking toward him to the cheers of her fans.

"I guess that settles that, doesn't i..."

The blonde didn't get to finish her sentence. She suddenly dropped face down on the floor, with an enraged Lara holding her by the ankles. The brunette climbed up the squirming blonde's back and launched a barrage of windmilling punches that rocked Sarah's head back and forth as she squealed in outrage. Lara's supporters erupted in approval as their girl pummeled the overconfident blonde.

The brunette wildcat shrieked as she grabbed the back of Sarah's curly blond mane and viciously slammed her face on the hardwood floor - several times! Sarah lay groaning, her legs sweeping back and forth across the floor as Lara rolled her over and returned the favor, yanking the blonde's delicate dress down clear to her waist.

"Sarah darling!" called out Matthew nervously. "Stop her."

Jack gave him a soft jab in the ribs and said, "Now, now! Turnabout's fair play, sonny!"

Lara tugged at the clasp of Sara's white strapless brassiere, finally snapping it open. Then she yanked the dazed blonde to her knees and wrapped the bra around her neck, choking her from behind with it. A few of the male spectators, as well as several females, whistled as the blonde's glorious cleavage was exposed to view while she was held on her knees and shaken back and forth as Lara choked her.

But at least one woman, a redhead, watched with a troubled expression and finally called out, "C'mon Sarah, beat that bitch! I love your show!"

Lara got to her feet and pressed her knee in Sarah Jessica's back as she continued to strangle her with her own bra. She hauled the gagging blonde up to her feet and spun her around facing her.

"I love your show!" Lara mocked just before she delivered a brutal straight right hand punch to the point of the gagging blonde's chin. Sarah Jessica was out cold before her head hit the floor. Her body, bounced off the hard surface and finally coming to rest flat on her back, her huge tits rolling on her heaving chest. Her arms quivered involuntarily, her legs jerked briefly then dropped to the floor. She lay with her arms at her sides and the white's of her eyes visible as they rolled back in her head.

"That's enough!" protested Matthew, fearful of his wife's condition as she lay spread-eagled in front of the silent crowd. Jack put a hand on his shoulder and gently restrained him.

"Easy kid, your wife wasn't shy about dishing out a beating a few minutes ago. Now it's my gal's turn."

Jack watched with aroused pride as his girlfriend leaned over the blonde and savagely tore her dress down and then pulled off her lithe body, revealing a sheer white thong and a pair of patterned thigh-high nylons.

"I see blonde ain't her natural color!" laughed Jack as Lara's fans went crazy.

Lara was out of control with rage, not about to let her bitchy opponent off the hook just yet. She went over to a table, pausing briefly to lay a wet kiss on Jack's lips, and picked up a glass of red wine. She returned to the unconscious blonde and took a quick swig of the vino before she drizzled the remainder of it slowly over Sarah's blank face.

The wine-stained blonde sputtered as she was rudely awakened. She sluggishly struggled to sit up and when she looked down she screeched as she realized she was practically naked. Then Sarah Jessica yelped again because Lara cruelly grabbed a handful of her wine besotted blonde hair and pulled her to her feet. Lara dragged Sarah Jessica to the buffet table and launching her over the top of it. The crowd gasped in awe as the blondes slim body bounced off the table, taking several of the food items with her as she slid over it before crashing to the floor on the opposite side. Lara climbed across the messy table and dropped to her feet on the other side just as Sarah was clawing her way up the wall to her feet, her face and nearly naked body both smeared with food.

"My girl's a bundle of TNT!" boasted Jack. Adding with a note of professional objectivity, "By the way, your wife's got one helluva rack!"

Matthew glanced at him and mumbled, "Uh, thanks.....I think."

The battling brunette grabbed Sarah Jessica and turned her around to face her, pulling her off the wall by the shoulder. Lara drove her fist deep into Sarah's belly, forcing the air from the pained blonde's diaphragm accompanied by a loud grunt. She relentlessly continued her assault, pumping a knee to the blonde's crotch that left Sarah gasping and gurgling in pain.

"You're as thin as me, you loudmouth bitch!" hissed Lara as she held Sarah's head against the wall by the hair.

The trashed blonde, wine staining her face and hair and a variety of food sloughing off her torso, threw a punch at Lara that plopped weakly off the brunette's cheek. Lara retaliated with a powerful backhand slap that staggered the yelping Sarah and sent her reeling back unsteadily against the wall, dazed and whimpering as she raised her hand to her cheek.

Lara turned around, picked up a large aluminum serving tray of sliced beets, then spun back to face the wobbly Sarah Jessica with it and nastily tossed the beets on her, covering Sarah's body and the wall behind her with deep red juice. The manager groaned out loud and the brunette's supporters voiced their rowdy approval. Sarah just stood there, a dripping, stained mess, looking at Lara with pleading in her misting eyes. Lara's eyes flashed as she raised the empty serving tray and smashed it down over Sarah Jessica's head. The blondes body bounced off the wall and she pitched forward onto her hands and knees as Lara dropped the tray and it clattered to the floor.

Lara grabbed her groggy foe by the hair and an arm, hoisted her up and launched her back over the buffet table toward the dining room. She landed head first and rolled over, semi-conscious, flat on her back. Lara hopped up on the table, swung her legs around and scooted across the table on her butt, dropping nimbly to her feet by her fallen rival. Lara pulled her mini-dress off over her head and tossed it on the table, posing for the excited throng in just a pair of red silk, string bikini panties and black stockings.

"Work it, baby, work it!!!" cheered Jack with an expansive, devilish grin.

Lara straddled Sarah's prostrate body, then provocatively looked at the appalled Matthew and pursed her lips, blowing him a kiss before she slowly settled herself down onto Sarah Jessica's food-smeared face, covering her mouth and nose with the fragrant crotch of her brilliant red panties. Sarah's eyes blinked frantically as she slowly regained consciousness and made a muffled, inaudible protest, her mouth covered by Lara's damp pussy. Sarah Jessica's arms flailed and her legs kicked, her feet beat up and down on the floor as she made pitiful squeaking sounds while Lara's fan's screaming their horny approval.

"Here's your dinner, bitch!" Lara hissed as Sarah Jessica pawed at her hips and thighs, tugged at the waist of Lara's panties, and tried anything she could to dislodge her.

"Mmmmmfff......Mmnnnnnnoooooo!!!" whimpered the smothering blonde, her nose engulfed by the brunette's musky sex.

Lara rode Sarah hard, grinding her snatch with reckless abandon on the blondes face. She even cruelly reached back to pull, pinch and pluck at Sarah's aroused, hard nipples, tugging at them savagely until the blonde's struggling slowed to a few feeble kicks and slaps.

"Did you hear that, kid?!" asked Jack, poking Matthew.

Sarah's husband watched his wife's destruction with a shameful expression.

"Hear what?" he mumbled.

"If you listen real close, you can hear that ol' fat bitch warming up her vocal cords backstage!" beamed Jack.

Matthew flushed red with embarrassment and half-heartedly shouted encouragement to his outclassed wife. Sara's legs began to quiver and her arms go limp as her hands slowly slid down off of Lara's thighs to the floor.

"Iiimmm....soowweee......honnnneyy.....," Sarah Jessica mumbled from beneath Lara's dominant cunt.

Sarah Jessica gave a high pitched squeak, her legs bucked a few more times, then her feet slid down as her legs extended full length and lay still and spread.

"Ohhhh...poor Sarah....," moaned the redhead who earlier had shouted encouragement to her.

"I love your show!" teased Lara, glaring at the disappointed woman. Then asked, "You want a piece of me too bitch?!"

The redhead looked down sheepishly at her feet, then gingerly stepped back and disappearing into the crowd without another word.

Lara rose to her knees straddling Sarah Jessica, then reached down and turning the blondes face to the side toward her husband. Lara locked eyes with the humbled man as she lowered her pussy onto Sarah's cheek, posing as she pinned her beaten rival.

Matthew took in the spectacle with pity. His destroyed, beautiful wife; the woman he had shared a passionate afternoon in bed with just before coming down to dinner, now lay unconscious with her conqueror's pantied crotch on her face. He clasped his hands in front of him self-consciously to hide the fact that his dick had begun to harden.

Lara stood up, pressing her foot into the mess of food in the blonde's ample cleavage.

"Yep, an exquisite rack!" whispered Jack into Matthew's ear, slapping him heartily on the back.

Lara stood up, briefly raised her hands over her head to acknowledge her cheering fans then went to the buffet table and got Sarah's plate. She came back to the unconscious blonde and squatted beside her.

"A skinny bitch like you needs her nourishment," Lara hissed coldly.

"C'mon!" whined Matthew, irritated about his hard-on as much as Sarah Jessica's self-induced predicament. "That's enough!"

"Oh, your little lady's fine," soothed Jack. "Seen Lara leave plenty of girls in a lot worse shape. You shoulda seen Kelli Williams after Lara finished with HER. Hell, let her enjoy her victory."

Lara scooped up a handful of mashed potatoes from the plate and smeared it over Sarah's face then she wiped her hands on the blonde's breasts. Then something caught her eye. Lara picked up one of the jumbo black olives from the floor where it had fallen, studied the hole carefully, then broke into a broad smile. Carefully, she worked the olive down onto Sarah Jessica's erect nipple, then repeated it with another olive on her other breast.

Dropping the plate, Lara laughed as she gazed down at her disheveled victim and gave Sarah Jessica's face a slap.

"You are sure one messy eater, sweet cheeks."

Then Lara moved back down Sarah's legs, grabbed the blonde's stained, transparent, thong and used it to lift her slim hips in the air. As she backed up, Lara slid the thong over Sarah Jessica's hips and down her long legs until it came off her feet.

"I think you need a fucking bib!" she giggled as she put the thong over Sarah's head with the panel draped over the unconscious blonde's food-encrusted chin.

Raucous laughter filled the room as Lara stood up, leaving her humiliated opponent on display flat on her back while she once more returned to the buffet table. She retrieved a gravy boat that hadn't been overturned came back and stood over the blonde as she slowly dribbling the gravy over Sarah's face, chin and the thong until the filmy material was thoroughly saturated.

"Bon appetite, bitch!" Lara said nastily.

"Oh fuck, those were brand new Dolce & Gabbana's!" whined Matthew. "$49 bucks!"

Jack looked him with disdain and said, "Why you cheap little bastard!" as he pulled a $50 dollar bill from his wallet and shoved it in Matthew's suit jacket pocket. "Here, buy her a new pair on me, for Christ's sake! Tell her she can wear 'em the next time she wants to tangle with Lara, 'cause I just love to watch her take 'em off women during a fight."

Meanwhile, Jack's brutal girlfriend was rolling the ear of corn on Sarah's plate in a pat of butter the blonde had earlier dropped on her plate. She stepped between the devastated blonde's limp legs and kicked them apart as far as they would go with her foot.

"No, please! I beg you!" pleaded Matthew, suddenly aware of the brunette's brutal plan.

Lara turned her head and blew him another mock kiss, then slowly bent over Sarah's crotch with her tight little ass facing Matthew. The crowd gasped as Lara slowly rotated the ear of corn from sided to side and worked it into Sarah's pussy until more than half the length was inside her.

"That's enough to turn me into a vegetarian!" joked Jack.

Lara stood up, retrieved her mini-dress from the table, pulled it on and then found and stepped into her high heels.

"Let's blow this joint, Jack," Lara snapped.

"You got it, Sugar." he responded.

He walked over to Sarah's body, looked down at her and shook his head sadly. Then looked over at the manager.

"Here ya are, Chief," he said as he dropped another $3000 dollars between the humiliated, unconscious, blonde's tits. "Best five grand I've ever blown - beats the hell out of a Lakers game!"

As he walked past Matthew, he slapped him on the back, "Hey, kid, it was nice bumping into you and your little rag doll. Enjoy you vacation!"

Jack slipped an arm around Lara's tiny waist and they both strode out the door laughing their heads off.