The Warning: Brandi Brandt vs. Kym Malin by kit

"Guess who I've got a date with tomorrow (Friday) night..." said Kym to her friend. "...Brad," she then answered herself.

"Brad Daniels!" exclaimed her friend, Karen.

"Yep," nodded the blonde with a big smile as she backed her car out of the parking space at high school. "He asked me right after English...and I think he wants to take me to the prom"

"Oh, you're kiddin'! Does Brandi know?" Karen asked as Kym put the car in drive.

"Who cares!"

"Well, doh! Uh, Brandi?" stated Karen. "You told me last Tuesday she warned you to stay away from him."

"You think I'm scared of that bitch?" asked Kym as they pulled out onto the street. "She can make somethin' of it if she wants."

Karen sat silent. Why shouldn't the two hottest girls in the senior class fight. Hell, she'd fight Brandi if a date with Brad was at stake.

"Oooo, I'm sssooo excited. I can't wait to get my legs around him...mmm, we're gonna fuck like bunnies," purred Kym as they stopped at the red light.

"Yeah, well, you may fuck like a bunny Friday, but Saturday you better fight like a cat," said Karen, sounding more than a little jealous.

"Humph!" Kym grunted as the light turned green. "I just hope that bitch wants to fight. I've wanted a piece of her since the 8th grade."

In 8th grade Brandi had beaten out Kym for class president but Kym got revenge in the 9th grade when she was named captain of their jr. high cheer squad. In high school the blonde/brunette rivalry heated up since both were varsity cheerleaders and VERY popular with the boys. They'd both dated (and slept with) several of the same guys in the last three years as well as beating each other in various class and school elections. Now as seniors, Brandi was head cheerleader and student-body vice-president; Kym the senior class president and the Homecoming Queen. With the school year winding down, Prom Queen was the last thing they both wanted...that and Brad.

Brad and Brandi had been a hot item since the start of the school year. But two weeks ago they'd gotten into a major fight and Brandi made the mistake of breaking up with him. Regretting her decision almost instantly, Brandi was trying to get him back and warning the other girls that he was still her man.

"I saw you talkin' with Brad," Brandi had said to Kym last Tuesday in the girl's bathroom between classes.

"Yeah, so. What's it to ya," Kym answered in defiance.

"He's my man!" Brandi said, cocking her hands on her hips.

With eyes locked, Kym gave her hair a shake, saying, "You broke up."

"I don't care," snarled Brandi. "He's still MINE!"

The 5'5", 105 pound senior cheerleaders were now nose-to-nose and staring at each other. Their eyebrows fell over their squinting eyes as their 36C's were almost touching nipples

"You don't tell me what to do, bitch," Kym hissed as the other girls in the bathroom gathered around watching these two foxy felines square off and start to size each other up.

"I'd rather show you than tell you, s-l-u-t," spat Brandi, just as Mrs. Roberts entered.

"What's going on here?" asked the drama teacher, but knowing full well.

The other girls scattered like cock roaches as Brandi and Kym said, "Nothin'."

After dropping Karen off, Kym thought about how a catfight with Brandi might go. This wasn't the first time she'd dreamed of tangling with the brunette beauty. She could just see herself tearing out Brandi's hair and slapping her silly as they battled feveriously together. She knew Brandi would be tough, she'd seen her catfight before, but she also felt confident because she had been in three catfights and had always won.

Friday night as she sat straddled over Brad with his dick up her hot, blond pussy, Kym wondered if she was a better fuck than Brandi.

"Gawd, you're a fox," he said, looking up at her as he massaged her ripe, tan tits. "Fuck me."

Kym let out a little laugh as she threw back her head and rocked his world.

The next day the phone rang at Kym's house and her mother answered. "Kym! It's for you."

A familiar voice was on the other end. "I heard you went out with Brad last night."

"You heard right," said Kym, twirling the phone cord in her fingers.

"I warned you to stay away from him, bitch."

"Ya wanna fight me, bitch?" asked Kym.

"Damn right I wanna fight you, bitch," answered Brandi.

"Good, cause I want you too, cunt!"

They agreed to meet at Brandi's house in an hour.

"You gonna be alone, or do I need to bring friends?" asked Kym.

"I don't need help to whip a man-stealin' slut like you," said Brandi. "Besides, you don't have any fuckin' friends, bitch."

"You're sure as hell not gonna have any after I claw you bald and bloody," replied Kym.

"Just get your ass over here, you fuckin' whore, and we'll see who's bald and bloody, bitch," snapped Brandi, fuming.

"I'll be there you bitch," said Kym, slamming down the phone. She slipped her hot 34" ass into a pair of tight faded cut-offs and tucked in a plum colored tank top around her trim 20" waist. Tying up her white Nikes, she headed out the door. "I'm goin' out!" she shouted to her mother, upstairs.

"OK, careful!"

Kym grinned at the comment. She knew her mother would be pissed with her for getting into another catfight. But what the hell. She didn't care. Kym found Brandi to be dressed equally sexy when she opened the door. The foxy hardbody had her 35" ass in a pair of fitting, white cotton shorts, and her tight 24" waist showed off beneath her white, tied-up short sleeve blouse.

"I was about to think you'd chickened out, bitch!" said Brandi, letting Kym in.

"No way, bitch. I've wanted this for a long time," said Kym, staring her in the eye as she entered.

"Good. I've wanted to get my nails in you too," said Brandi, closing the door.

Unlike their previous fights, this one was a first for both since it was more or less arranged. Not yet mad enough to get into it, both knew they needed to trash each other and work up a good, catfighting anger.

"Well, bitch, I'm here now, so where too?" said Kym.

"Out back, bitch," answered Brandi, then leading Kym thru the house.

Neither spoke, but Kym had to jealousy admire Brandi's fine, shapely ass as it swished back and forth. She couldn't wait to tear it up.

With Brandi's parents gone for the day, the girls were free to fight in peace and without interruptions.

Stepping outside, Brandi led Kym to the middle of the backyard. The warm, spring sun glistened against their tanned, toned bodies as they squared off a few feet from each other.

"Ready, bitch?" asked Brandi, stepping out of her sandals and kicking them to the side.

"I sure am, bitch," answered Kym, using her feet to take off her Nikes.

"Good, cause you better be, bitch," said Brandi, running her hands in her thick hair and pushing it behind her shoulders.

Kym feathered back her soft, blond tresses, saying, "Bitch, you're the one that better be ready 'cause you're in for the catfight of your life."

Brandi placed her hands on her hips, and together they started a slow, burning circle. "I'm sure you're a tough, little whore, but you're no match for me."

"That's funny, 'cause last night after I fucked Brad, he said you were no match for me," said Kym, cocking her hands on her hips and stopping.

"I'm not surprised you fucked him. You'll lay down for anyone," said Brandi as they glared.

"And guess what? He's takin' me to the prom. So how do you like that, bitch?" Kym flaunted with a sly smirk.

Brandi shrugged. "He didn't say anythin' 'bout it when he called and asked me out tonight."

"You're a fuckin' liar, bitch," growled Kym.

"And after I fuck him, he'll be takin' me to the prom, bitch," snarled Brandi.

"Let's just see 'bout that, you fuckin' cunt," said Kym, throwing up her fists in anger.

"Let's go, bitch," Brandi said, raising her defenses.

Lunging forward, Kym's wide, looping right hook was blocked by Brandi's left arm as the brunette stuck out a right jab and nailed her on the chin. Kym's head snapped back, and she was sent staggering sideways as Brandi's left hook caught her across the jaw. Righting her ship, Kym blocked Brandi's next punch and countered with a right hook of her own across the brunette's chin. Brandi's head spun, but she held her ground as her left jab poked under Kym's right eye. The blonde's eye fluttered, but she connected with a left cross that smashed against Brandi's right cheekbone. The brunette dug in and planted her right fist in Kym's left cheek as they both fell forward into each other. Now with their bodies joined, Kym and Brandi instinctively grabbed each other by the back of the hair and pulled.

"Oooowww!" cried Kym as her blond head was jerked back.

"Fuuuuck!" Brandi screamed as her dark head was yanked sideways.

Spinning around in a tight, hair-tugging circle, their young, ripe breasts slapped and bounced around on each other as they screamed and shouted in each other's face.

"You fuckin' slut!" shouted Kym as she slapped Brandi's cheek with one hand and pulled hair with the other.

"Oooww! Whore!" Brandi yelled, popping Kym's face with a slap and yanking on a fist of hair.

Kym and Brandi slapped each other once more before refilling their hands with hair and taking each other down to the ground. Once on the grass, their legs quickly snaked up as they went into a series of rolls. Back and forth their breasts rolled across each other as they stretched and jerked each other by the back of the hair.

"Ooowwww! Le' go, bitch!" cried Kym, yanking Brandi off by the hair and rolling on top.

"Oouuucchh! Slut...le' go!" Brandi screamed in the blonde's face as she jerked her off and rolled on top.

"Get off, you fuckin' bitch!" yelled Kym, throwing her knee between Brandi's legs.

"Uuunnggg!!" groaned Brandi from the pit of her gut as Kym's knee cracked between her asshole and cunt.

Brandi rolled over on her back, clutching her pussy as Kym rolled to her knees and went for her crotch. Brandi grunted and doubled up as Kym's hand fought it's way thru and squeezed her pussy lips.

"I'm gonna rip your pussy out!" shouted Kym, both her hands now fumbling with the snap and zipper.

"Oh no you don't!" Brandi yelled, grabbing Kym's cunt and squeezing.

"Yeeeooowww!" wailed Kym as her pussy lips were pinched thru her tight cut-offs.

Brandi rolled to her knees with Kym and unbuttoned her jeans as the blonde struggled to get the brunette's zipper down. Realizing that Brandi's hand was just about to dive into her cut-offs, Kym pinched Brandi's pussy lips.

"Ooouuucchh!" cried Brandi, immediately returning fire as she pinched Kym's pussy lips thru her jeans.

"Sssshhhhit!" Kym cried, her hands now going for Brandi's tits.

"Fuuuuuck!" Brandi screamed as her tits were squeezed and her blouse getting torn open.

Brandi fell backwards and Kym fell forward, still squeezing her tits as her face landed in the brunette's snatch.

"Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrggggggggg!!!" bucked and cried Brandi as her pussy had Kym's teeth buried in it.

Doubling over forward, Brandi grabbed the back of Kym's tank top and jerked it up her body. The sudden bucking made Kym lose her bite, and as she raised up on her knees with her tank top rising past her breasts, she screamed as her left tit was bitten thru her bra.

"Aaaaarrrgggg! Aaaaarrrrrgggg!" cried the blonde as not only her tit was bitten, but Brandi was now squeezing her cunt with her left hand.

Kym grabbed a handful of Brandi's hair and ripped it out as she fell over sideways on her back. Brandi screamed, and fell forward into Kym, her face landing between the blonde's spread legs.

"Aaaaarrrrrrgggg!!" screamed Kym as her pussy was bitten thru her cut-offs.

Kym threw a knee, busting Brandi in the ribs, and tore out another chunk of her hair as she pulled her off her pussy. Brandi screamed hoarsely as she was yanked to her knees, and slapped hard across the face. The brunette now fell on top of the blonde, and they both dug into each other's hair and pulled. Hooking up their legs, the two foxy seniors rolled over each other three slow times before coming to a stop on their sides. With deep laboring breathes, Kym and Brandi relaxed their legs, but kept their chests pressed together as they looked into each other's teary, glazed eyes.

"Had...enough?" huffed Kym.

"" puffed Brandi.

Their legs slowly shifted. Their smooth tan thighs flexing and starting to squeeze together as they readjusted their fingers in each other's hair.

"Bitch," breathed Kym, jerking on Brandi's hair.

"Oouuch. Slut," moaned Brandi, yanking back on Kym's golden tresses.

"Oooww. Fuck you!" Kym grunted, twisting Brandi's hair and trying to roll on top.

"Shit! Fuck YOU!" Brandi swore, stretching back Kym's hair and stopping her.

"Oouuch," winced Kym.

Keeping their breasts pressed together, Kym and Brandi poured it on with their legs. Thigh to thigh and calve to calve they strained to break the other's limbs as they stretched straight back on each other's hair.

"Uuuunnngggg...fuckin'...bitch," groaned Kym, giving it her all.

"Ooooowwww...gggaaawwddd," Brandi echoed with all her strength.

"Ssshhit...le'...gggooo,'' moaned Kym as Brandi twisted her head.

"Gaaaawwdd...le'...gggooo," Brandi bellowed as her head was on fire.

Letting go of Brandi's hair, Kym drilled her in the ribs with a fist, and as Brandi grunted from impact, Kym rolled clear as Brandi doubled up wheezing. For the next five minutes the girls lay apart drying their tears and catching their breathes while checking for damage. Both were sore, sweaty and tired, but not yet finished as each asked if the other was ready to give. Kym got to her feet first, and as Brandi stood up, the blonde lunged in with a hook that busted her across the right tit. Brandi grunted, and was then dropped to her knees with a punch that entered her belly and left her back.

"Get fuckin' cunt...I to catfight," said Kym, bent over resting her hands on her knees as Brandi gulped for air.

"'...bitch," gasped Brandi, looking up at her and holding her tummy.

"Then get up, slut," said Kym, backing away. "Let's fight."

Warily, Brandi started to get up, but just as she expected, Kym lunged in at her. Blocking Kym's attack, Brandi nailed her with a slap across the cheek that caused snot to fly from the blonde's nose. Kym staggered sideways, but turned and threw herself into Brandi just as the brunette lunged for her. Slamming together at the tits, both girls grunted as they threw their arms around each other neck. Tearing at a fist of hair apiece, they doubled over in a dual headlock.

"You cunt!" shouted Kym, letting go of Brandi's hair and replacing it with her left tit. Brandi cried out, but did the same as both quickly jerked down each other's bra and squeezed. Flaying up and down, Brandi and Kym scratched with their nails and pinched with their fingers. The pain was excruciating, but not as great as their hatred and determination. "Aaaaaarrrggggg!!" cried Kym as her pink nipple was stretched and pinched.

"Yeeeooowwww!!" Brandi screamed as her tit was scratched raw.

They let go and traded fists to the face. Kym bloodied Brandi's nose as the brunette gave the blonde a black eye. Still locked up, Kym ran her fingernails over Brandi's belly. The smooth, tan flesh was sliced open as Kym's sharp, painted talons overfilled. Brandi busted Kym in the jaw with a fist, and then backed up. The two girls looked at each other for a second before Brandi stepped forward and slapped Kym across the cheek. Kym's blond head spun, but she answered right back with a backhand that peeled the skin off Brandi's lips. Brandi's knees buckled, but she popped Kym across the cheek again with a blistering slap. Now Kym was on loose legs, but she braced her knees and slapped Brandi so hard that the brunette went to both knees and then all-fours holding her face and crying.

Kym staggered back, breathing very deeply. "You.......give?" There was no answer. Only the soft crying of the doubled over brunette. " give?" Kym asked again, resting on her knees. This time Brandi's head bobbed up and down. " it!" Kym demanded.

With her face still buried in her hands, Brandi nodded again. " win. Just...stop."

Kym stood up and shook back her hair. Her hands resting on her hips as her breasts heaved up and down. "And prom?"

Brandi slowly rolled over on her back, holding her chest and belly. "Yours...just go now."

Kym nodded and said, "OK!" She looked down at the sobbing, beaten brunette who had given her way more than she wanted and smiled!