Brandi Brandt vs. Nicole Wood by Kit

The arena was once again packed with catfighting fans who were eager to watch the quarter-finals of the Brunette division. After the three earlier fights, the place was hot and smoky for this battle between these two good looking and sexy playmates.

"In the red corner, weighing in at 105 pounds and standing 5-5, wearing the baby blue satin bikini, welcome Miss October, 1987, Brandi Brandt," said the ring announcer. The crowd cheered Brandi as she walked around the ring blowing kisses. "And in the blue corner, wearing the black and white checked bikini, and weighing 108 pounds at 5-6, give her a big hand, Miss April, 1993, Nicole Wood." Nicole walked to the center of the ring and waved a big hello to all her many fans in attendance.

Special referee, Miss May,, 1990, Tina Bockroth gave them her instructions. Brandi and Nicole stared each other down as they got ready to do battle.

"You call that a tanline, bitch," said Brandi. Brandi then pulled down the sides of her bikini bottom and said, "This is a tanline."

"I'll give you a tanline, slut," said Nicole with a hard shove in the shoulders that sent Brandi back a step or two.

"Girls!" said Tina as she stepped between them. Tina gave them both a push backwards and signaled for the bell.


Brandi and Nicole went right at it. Nicole led with a right hook, but Brandi ducked and came up firing with a left/right combo to Nicole's jaw, stopping her cold in her tracks. Brandi then ripped off Nicole's bikini top and threw her to the canvas. As Nicole tried to roll, Brandi was right on top of her and straddled her waist.

"Eeeeeoouuu!!!" cried out Nicole. Before she knew what was going on, Nicole's bare tits were being manhandled as Brandi was quickly on the offensive. Nicole tried to pry her tits free, but Brandi's fingers were too deeply embedded in them. "Aaaauugghh!!" shouted Nicole as she grabbed Brandi by the shoulders and pushed her off.

Brandi was cat-quick, and as Nicole tried to roll away, she found her head trapped between Brandi's creamy, tan thighs.

"Fuck," moaned Nicole as she found herself neatly locked under the chin.

Nicole huffed and puffed for several moments as she tried to break the vice-like grip. Brandi sensed that she had Nicole in trouble, and she decided that she'd try and end this quickly. Unhooking her legs, Brandi quickly positioned herself between Nicole's legs.

"UUGGHH!" groaned Nicole as she felt Brandi's fist pound against her spread open pussy.

Brandi then fell across Nicole's body, pinned her shoulders to the mat and hooked her legs around Nicole's legs. She pressed her breasts and hips into Nicole and began to roughly grind them back and forth as she called her several nasty names. Nicole moaned and groaned from the full body press, but did manage to break an arm free and send it smashing against the outer portion of Brandi's left tit.

"Umph!" bellowed Brandi as she rolled off clutching her tit.

Nicole was in great pain, but she also knew that she was in big trouble. She had no choice but to jump to her feet as soon as Brandi did. Once on their feet, Nicole slapped the shit out of Brandi's face a couple of times, as Brandi dug her hands into Nicole's kinky hair. Brandi blistered Nicole's cheek with a slap, and then forced her to bend over and catch a knee to the chest.

"UMPH!" groaned Nicole as her right tit absorbed most of the blow.

Nicole wrapped her arms around Brandi's waist and tripped them to the ground where she then gave Brandi a hard facial slap and straddled her across the back. Brandi bucked wildly and quickly threw Nicole off. As they jumped to their feet, Nicole lashed out at Brandi's face, and left four long marks across her left cheek. Brandi cried out, but gave Nicole a fist into the left tit. Nicole fought back the tears and grabbed Brandi by the hair. In a circle she slung her rival as Brandi yelled out in pain. Nicole released her, and Brandi fell back into the turnbuckle back first. Nicole rushed in with fire in her eyes. She buckled Miss October's knees with an uppercut to the chin and then ripped down her bikini top and tossed it over the ropes. The crowd went nuts as Nicole took Brandi's beautiful pink areolas and began twisting and pulling them.

"OOOOO!!!FFFUUUCCKKK!!!" screamed Brandi as she tried to free her pride and joy.

But the worst was yet to come. Just as she pried her tits free, Nicole leaned down and clamped her teeth into the left nipple. This brought another scream, however, Brandi's next scream nearly raised the roof.

"IIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEOOOUUUU!!!!" screamed Brandi as Nicole shoved her hand down her bikini and took her by the pubic hairs.

Nicole yanked out a nice patch of dark hairs just before she herself went blind with pain.

"UUUGGGHHH!!!" Nicole groaned deeply as her already throbbing cunt had just taken another shot. Only this time it was Brandi's knee doing the trick. Nicole dropped to her knees holding herself and Brandi shoved her onto her back and straddled her across the waist.

"BITCH!" yelled Brandi as she took Nicole by the hair and jerked out two wads of long, silky hair.

"AAAUUUGGHH!!!" screamed Nicole, bucking underneath Brandi's sweet ass.

Pulling her arms free, Nicole plastered Brandi's soft tummy with a pair of blows. Brandi grimaced with pain, but took another handful of hair and pulled as her other hand mauled at Nicole's right tittie. Tears rolled down Nicole's face as she gave Brandi's face a final slap before the bell sounded. Tina quickly jerked Brandi off by the shoulders, and saved Nicole from further pain. As Brandi crawled to her corner, Nicole lay curled up on the mat holding her pussy. The decision was now in the three judges hands. It had been a very close and physical fight, with both playmates giving as good as they got. The crowd was split as half chanted "Brandi" and the other half "Nicole".

After several minutes of deliberation, the decision was reached. The ring announcer entered the ring as Tina waved the two fighters to join her. The crowd gave both beauties a long standing ovation as the announcer prepared to deliver the results.

"One judge rules in favor of Brandi. One judge rules in favor of Nicole," he said as the crowd cheered. "And the winner, by split decision, and moving onto the semi-finals...Miss October! BRANDI BRANDT!"

Half of the crowd gave a long, loud boo, and several skirmishes erupted between the patrons before security could break them up.

Post-fight quotes:

Nicole: "I have no one to blame but myself...I started out way too slow and she didn't...I'm in great shape. I should've won, but Brandi is a tough bitch...I'd like to fight her again someday."

Brandi: "I think I surprised her. I jumped on her hard and fast...Nicole was favored by some, but now it should be me...I think I showed her a thing or two."