Brandy vs. Monica by StoneRage (from his web page)

Brandy and Monica did not waste any time. Their fight had been brewing since both ladies began their careers. It was rumored after both of their debut albums, that a dislike and rivalry was growing between the girls. Marketing geniuses decided to let them battle musically on the hit single, "The Boy Is Mine." The two young women hammed it up for the cameras pretending to enjoy working with each other, until things broke down backstage at an awards show! They had to be separated to stop a raging catfight.

Brandy aligned herself tightly with Whitney Houston & Angela Bassett in our league. Monica came to Lauryn Hill's aid in her match against Whitney, holding Brandy and Angela at bay with a few whacks from a metal chair while Lauryn demolished Whitney in the ring.

Both wanted this match. In fact this was StoneRage's first boxing match. They stood in the center of the ring at the opening bell and traded punches blow for blow. Both young singers were adorned in jogging bra's and spandex shorts.

It was a furious battle, with each taking punches just to deliver her own back. Neither could establish herself as the dominator. As soon as one's knees would buckle, she would rally and bring the fight even again.

But Monica felt she was the better athlete and her plan was to keep the pressure on Brandy. Although she herself was constantly taking blows to her head, she would never take a step backward. She stayed in Brandy's face, confident she had more heart than her opponent.

Brandy had started her career very early in life, starring on the sit-com "Thea" as a pre-teen. Monica grew up in New York, and was not discovered till later. Monica felt Brandy, who never lacked for money in her life, couldn't stand up under the pressure she planned to apply during the fight. No matter how much she herself was hurt, Monica stayed in Brandy's face and whacked away at her tawny rival.

Eventually the strategy started working.

Brandy saw Monica was starting to weaken and changed her attack. She targeted her foe's breasts. Brandy sent several punches to the soft tits of Monica and was delighted by the cry of pain from her rival.

Monica's breast were throbbing in pain and each punch sapped her breath and her strength. Monica tried to retaliate with chest shots of her own, but Brandy's tits were obviously tougher. She took Monica's blows without apparent damage while Monica slowly faded under Brandy's two-fisted assault.

Brandy finally caught the tormented star with a right cross that knocked out Monica. She collapsed to the mat like a sack of potatoes and lay motionless, spread-eagle on the mat while the referee slowly counted to ten.

Brandy could barely contain her emotion as she looked down at her hated rival completely defeated on the mat at her feet.

There was no doubt who won this fight.

Brandy told ringsiders all about her victory, planting a foot on her hated rival's chest as she spoke into the microphones and claimed her victory.

Brandy won the vote, 216-119