Britney Spears vs. Brandy by Jackflash on 12/2/00

It was an unscheduled match at the latest Pay Per View of the Hollywood Wrestling Alliance, the promotion which gave celebrity women the chance to battle. Even before the first match was to begin, the "Star Spangled Banner" was about to be sung by one of the HWA's own, Brandy. Wearing a purple micro-dress and matching pumps, she made her way to the center of the ring amid the cheers of the standing room only crowd at the AstroDome.

However, even as the first note of the song emanated from her throat, another voice blared out of the P.A. system. "Hold it!"

All eyes turned to the top of the ramp, where Britney Spears stood, holding her own wireless microphone. Garbed in a white tube top, black leather shorts, and sandals, she strode purposefully towards the ring. Brandy furiously glared at her, but Britney merely shot her a smug grin. Then the Pop Princess began to speak again after stepping into the ring.

"There seems to be some sort of mistake. Why would anyone want to hear you butcher the National Anthem when they can listent o my golden tones?"

Brandy started to respond, but Britney again cut her off, "Hush! Just hearing your voice is like listening to fingernails on a blackboard! Now, be a good girl and go backstage...I've got work to do."

Britney then began to belt out an acapella rendition of the anthem. She had barely gotten to, "Oh say can you see..." when she felt Brandy grab her shoulder, whirl her around, and lay a resounding slap across her face.

Clutching her reddened cheek, Britney seemed too stunned to do anything but stare at her rival with widened eyes. Brandy snapped her fingers at the blonde as a sign of disrespect, and then she raised her microphone to again begin singing the anthem.

But Britney was far from willing to concede this contest. Grabbing Brandy by the hair, she snapmared her to the canvas, then began stomping at her belly and head. Brandy attempted to protect herself with her arms, but the barrage of kicks soon overwhelmed her.

Not content with this, Britney then climbed up the turnbuckles and gave the signal to the cheering crowd for a top rope bodysplash. She wasted valuable time, however, by turning her attention to the spectators. Brandy jumped to her feet and grabbed one of the top ropes, giving it a tug. The blonde lost her footing and fell, with her crotch landing hard upon the steel bracket that held the turnbuckle.

Britney's eyes rolled up, and her mouth opened for a silent scream; her tears mixed with her heavy eyeliner, leaving black trails down her cheeks. She then fell forward off of the turnbuckle and hit the mat. Brandy pulled the agonized blonde to her feet and Irish whipped her into the opposite corner. After her back slammed into the turnbuckle, Britney slowly sank down until she was sitting up in the corner.

The ebony beauty charged at her dazed foe. When she was just a few feet away, she jumped feet first, so that she hit Britney with a Bronco Buster, grinding her crotch into the blonde's face.

Dismounting her foe, Brandy went back to the opposite corner to repeat the move. Again, she ran towards the blonde and leapt at her. However, at the last possible instant, Britney raised her foot, which caught the brunette square in the groin. Now it was Brandy's turn to know this harrowing agony. Clutching her crotch, she rolled across the mat, tears welling in her eyes.

Although still in great pain herself, Britney forced herself to rise and walk over towards her writhing opponent. She pulled Brandy up to her feet by her hair and pushed her back into a corner. Then, from the opposite end of the ring, Britney threw herself at the brunette for a splash. The blonde then jumped up on the middle ropes to deliver her traditional finishing move.

Burying Brandy's face in her ample cleavage, Britney smothered her. Brandy thrashed and gasped for air, but could not break free or fill her lungs with oxygen.

Within moments, she was too weak to resist.

Ordinarily, Britney would continue smothering until her opponent passed out, but this time, she let her victim go. Brandy fell to her hands and knees as Britney then went and retrieved her microphone. She knelt beside the dazed brunette and once again began to sing the National Anthem.

As she neared the end, singing "...o'er the land of the...," she suddenly went silent.

With her free hand, she reached under Brandy's skirt, grabbed her panties and gave them a sharp yank. The sudden and unexpected wedgie caused the brunette to squeal.

Brandy's "EEEEEEEEE!" had the effect of hitting the high note which the song required.

The blonde then finished up the bizarre duet with, "...and the home of BRIT-NEYYYYYYYY!"

Finished the song, Britney smashed the microphone against Brandy's forehead, leaving her bloody and unconscious as feedback echoed through the speakers. The blonde then strutted back up the runway, confident she had established just who the reigning diva of the FWA was.