Juliya Chernetsky vs. Toni Braxton: Pindown Match by Oberon

Juliya and Toni enter the picture at the same instant, casting glares across the spacious bedroom. The doors from where they emerged are on opposite sides of a king size bed situated against the wall. Wearing a tight black micro bikini leaving almost zero to the imagination, Juliya sizes up Toni from across the bedroom as her opponent to be does likewise. Toni's vestments are equally revealing, as she is wearing a tan string bikini with a thong. Both of them appear eager to get started as they head for the bed between them, crawling on the mattress on their knees and stopping a few feet apart from each other. The rules of the match were to be: they would begin with a test of strength, then they'd spend the bout pinning each other to the bed; flattening, squashing and grinding each other, and escaping by any means at their disposal, all to see who could crush the other into submission first. Both ladies were confident they would emerge from the contest victorious as they came together and extended their arms to begin the match.

Their fingers interlacing, Juliya and Toni engaged the test of strength, their muscles strained to overpower the other as they slammed chests, reared on their knees and shifted their arms to gain an advantage. The test of strength appeared relatively even between them until Toni managed to wrap a headlock around Juliya's throat, trying to force her down to the bed. Wrenching herself free and slipping out at the last instant, Juliya lunges at Toni, going for a matchbook pin. Her rival proves equally agile as she lowers her shoulders and headbutts Juliya in the chest, using her legs as leverage as she pushes her back. Waiting until Juliya is ready to reengage, Toni charges, straddling her opponent and planting her ass under Juliya's heaving breasts. Grabbing Juliya's ankles, Toni attempts to stretch her legs all the way back to her head; Juliya convulsively whips her lower body, wrapping her legs around Toni's upper chest to force her down.

Immediately climbing on top of her, Juliya wraps her legs behind Toni's thighs to execute a grapevine pin. Just as she is about to begin grinding her body into her opponent's, Toni manages to kick her legs free and slip out from under her. An expression of anticipation surfaces on Toni's face as she rams both shoulders into Juliya's midsection, knocking her to the bed and snaking her legs around Juliya's, establishing the position for the grapevine and preparing to squash Juliya into the mattress. Juliya quickly slips her legs free and slams them around Toni's waist to force her from her position of dominance. Going for yet another grapevine pin, she winces as Toni quickly slams her legs around Juliya's waist in an effort to get her off. Juliya struggles to remain on top, but Toni stretches her legs to push Juliya into the air, forcing her onto her back as she quickly moves upward, wrapping her legs around Juliya as she applies a headlift/facepin.

Her calves pinning Juliya's arms to the bed, Toni grabs hold of Juliya's hair in the back as she presses her crotch into Juliya's face, squeezing Juliya's head between her thighs. Feeling the beginning of lightheadedness coming on, Juliya kicks her legs around Toni's neck, pulsing her thighs as she forces her to the bed in a vicious movement. Shaking her head free of Toni's fingers, Juliya returns the favor, crawling along Toni's prone body and sitting down hard on Toni's upper chest, grinding up and down with her crotch rubbing Toni's face as she grabs Toni's legs behind the knees. A few more moments of this grinding and Toni kicks free with a sudden violent whip of her midsection and lower body; the inertia sends Juliya flipping over her head to the mattress. Juliya crawls to her hands and knees to face her opponent, Toni lunges for a full body pin, flattening Juliya to the bed as she begins some fervent grinding of her own.

Juliya rebels against the grinding, shoving Toni off of her and wasting no time launching a retaliation. Plowing her foe into the bed, she executes a schoolboy pin, bearing down with all her weight as she grinds herself into Toni's frame. Toni resists with as much defiance as Juliya had just demonstrated, shoving Juliya off her, determined to emerge the victor of the contest. Seizing Juliya's ankles and bearing down on her chest, Toni applies another matchbook pin, this time stretching Juliya's legs all the way back. Juliya squirms like a trapped lioness as Toni grinds her derriere into her opponent's breasts, grunting from the pressure as she kicks her legs in a series of harsh movements until she frees both her legs from Toni's clutches. Squirming her way out from under Toni's ass, Juliya quickly moves into a kneeling position, jumps Toni and executes a full body pin, lowering her breasts into Toni's face as she grinds up and down.

Struggling to maintain her breathing as her face is trapped under Juliya's tits, Toni eventually manages to writhe from the pin, attempting to apply a cross body pin to catch her breath completely. Juliya shoves her opponent away, going for a matchbook pin. In a sudden burst of energy, Toni kicks out from under Juliya before she can grab hold of Toni's legs, jumping on Juliya and slithering her legs around her opponent's as she establishes a grapevine pin. Pressing her breasts into Juliya's breasts as she completes the leg snare, Toni takes to grinding their chests together in long, slow strokes while she grinds Juliya into the mattress. Meeting her breast grinding with vicious crotch thrusts, Juliya fights her way out of the pin, kicking her legs free as she pushes at Toni's chest, shoving her to the mattress. Attempting a schoolboy pin, Juliya is shoved off at the last instant as Toni regains her bearings and crawls on top of her.

Straddling Juliya, Toni makes another grab for her legs; drawing them in, she pushes Toni away with the heels of her feet, getting up and reaching for Toni's ankles. Kicking her legs out of Juliya's reach, she flips so that she is laying on top of Juliya and gives her a full body pin, grinding her breasts into Juliya's as she squashes her into the bed. Juliya's initial effort to escape is thwarted by Toni's incessant grinding movements as her boobs mash her opponent's boobs, straining to engulf them. Pushing back with her own breasts, Juliya flips so she is atop Toni, breasts pushing into her opponent's with increasing enthusiasm as she executes another full body pin. Toni flips again, mashing her tits into a surprised Juliya's even harder than the last time. With much effort Juliya is able to throw Toni across the bed, rearing on her knees and looking into Toni's eyes as she tears her own bikini top away, daring her opponent to do likewise.

With a wry smile, Toni strips off her own bikini top, tossing it aside as she anticipates Juliya's attack. Rushing her foe, she coils her arms around Toni's torso and hurls her into the mattress. Their bare chests slam together as Juliya lands directly on top, executing a full body pin and slamming her naked breasts into Toni's. Rolling and grinding them, she lets out a deep breath as Toni responds in kind, lifting up to ram her breasts into Juliya's as Juliya steeps up her assault, pressing her breasts harder into Toni's. Two pairs of tits mushroom and war for dominance as their movements intensify, growing more ardent in their owner's desire to outdo each other. As Juliya's focus is fixed on their breasts, Toni wrenches one hand free of Juliya's grasp, landing a slap to Juliya's face before an unexpected flip and roll sends her under. Smiling into Juliya's eyes, Toni grabs her wrists and grinds her rival into the bed with even more fervency.

Not to be outdone, Juliya meets Toni's breast grinding by ramming her tits up into her opponents with increasing force each time Toni's breasts comes down on hers. Pulling both her hands free after a time, she grabs double handfuls of Toni's hair, throwing her across the bed and rolling on top, legs sliding around Toni's in a grapevine as she suppresses her opponent's movements and slams her breasts into Toni's face, bumping and humping her tits all over her nose and mouth as she keeps Toni's legs from kicking themselves away. Feeling her breath hindered by the smother, Toni tries flexing her thigh muscles as her legs are still caught in Juliya's grapevine, making efforts to squeeze Juliya's legs with her own. Juliya responds by forcing Toni's legs farther apart while she continues her breast smother. In turn Toni has to buck her hips against Juliya's restraints, growing desperate to free herself, which she does after a long struggle.

Gathering her strength as Juliya prepares to jump her again, Toni lowers her shoulders again and charges Juliya like an enraged bull, now slamming her shoulders into Juliya's unsuspecting midriff. Wrapping her arms around Juliya, she lifts her off the mattress a few inches and slams her down again, quickly applying a grapevine pin as she returns the favor for Juliya's breast smother, first plowing and mashing Juliya's breasts with her own and sliding them slowly up along her chest and neck. Reaching Juliya's face, Toni's boobs mold themselves over Juliya's nose and mouth, grinding up and down, back and forth and pressing all the way into her, cutting off her breathing. Juliya squirms like a tigress caught in the grasp of a python as Toni smothers her face, spreading Juliya's legs as far apart as she can.

Juliya fights the rising panic at being unable to breathe as Toni's breasts all but engulf her face, shaking and whipping her body back and forth to throw Toni off her. Constricting Toni's legs from inside the grapevine, Juliya bucks her hips as Toni continues to smother her face, trying to keep a clear head as Toni's boobs bump and grind and press into her. Finally bucking her hips high enough to loosen Toni's legs, Juliya grabs her round the waist to roll her over on the bed, sucking in air as Toni's tits leave her face. But Toni uses the inertia to flip Juliya to her back again. Spinning around to face in the other direction, Toni sits on her opponent's breasts, wrapping her arms around Juliya's legs, bending them into her again as she bounces up and down. Juliya grits her teeth against the pain as she is flattened into the bed. An involuntary gasp escapes Juliya's lips as Toni comes down on her, using more of her weight each time she does.

Holding Juliya in place for a while, Toni switches tactics, spinning to face Juliya as she plants her ass on the backs of Juliya's thighs, pressing and folding Juliya's body even more. Juliya utters a guttural groan as Toni bears down on her, timing Toni's downward bouncing as she gathers enough weight to force Toni off her. When she is least expecting it, Juliya kicks her legs in a sudden vicious jerk that sends Toni flying across the bed, right to the edge where she almost falls over. Fighting to keep balance, Toni eventually regains her equilibrium and fixes her eyes on Juliya who is looking over at her with an odd expression on her face suggesting something else may be on her mind in addition to their fight (lust? arousal?). Toni knew there was no time to consider that expression now as Juliya was coming for her again.

Meeting Toni's countercharge, Juliya twisted left, ramming her right shoulder into Toni's naked breasts. Grabbing hold of Toni's neck, she flipped her and jumped on her, bending Toni's legs toward her chest and sitting on the back of her thighs. Bearing down, Juliya forced Toni's shoulders deeper into the mattress, causing Toni to squirm left and right to break free as Juliya expertly worked the pin, paying the most attention to the backs of Toni's thighs, trying to see how much she could weaken them. Toni winced and grunted from the intensity of the hold, trying to unseat Juliya from her perch. With a supreme effort she managed to kick Juliya away from her, pursuing her opponent as she rolled across the bed. Toni executed a cross body pin that Juliya quickly countered, arching her body and flipping so she was laying across Toni. Toni likewise flipped Juliya into a cross body pin, crushing Juliya under her weight.

Once more Juliya flips Toni under her, grinding her into the bed with a brutal smash of her breasts into Toni's, followed by a full body pin. Slamming her crotch into Juliya's in retaliation, Toni pushed Juliya alongside her and attempts a schoolboy pin. Freeing one hand before Toni can complete the maneuver, Juliya slaps Toni across the face, quickly shifting position and preparing a matchbook pin. Kicking her legs around the throat of her opponent, Toni stretches and rolls Juliya under, pressing her crotch into Juliya's face in a facepin before she reaches around to the back of Juliya's neck, forcing Juliya's face deeper between her thighs as she bears down on Juliya's shoulders with her legs. Gasping for breath as Toni squeezes her head, Juliya rakes her nails along Toni's thighs in a wordless demand to be released. Toni squeezes tighter, grabbing Juliya's wrists to pull them away. Fitting Juliya's hands under her knees, Toni bears down harder, reaching her left hand behind her to claw Juliya's crotch.

Enraged, Juliya turned her head to the right and bit down into Toni's thigh, getting her legs around her opponent's hand to restrict the clawing of her womanhood through her bikini bottoms. Lifting up, Toni slammed her thonged ass onto her opponent's face, pushing her fingers deeper into Juliya's crotch as the muffled yells of pain vibrated between her legs. A few moments later Toni yelped in surprised pain as Juliya's teeth embedded into her left ass cheek. Slipping her head and shoulders out from under Toni's legs, she released Toni's hand, grabbing her wrist and yanking it from her crotch. Juliya suddenly dove for Toni's legs as they rose to their knees, wrapping her own legs around Toni's left thigh as her arms coiled around her right. Pushing Toni's shoulders into the bed as she rolled left to apply maximum pressure, Juliya used all her limbs to spread Toni's legs like a wishbone, teeth clenched in concentration as Toni bit back the screams.

The strain was almost too much for Toni to bear as Juliya stretched and pulled and spread her legs wider, rolling farther to the left and squeezing her arms and legs tighter when Toni attempted to lift her shoulder or squirm her way out. Holding her in that position until she decided to try another pin, Juliya withdrew her arms and legs from Toni's thighs, moving in for a cross body pin. Toni reversed the move, wincing from the strain in her thighs as she pinned her opponent's shoulders. Juliya reversed this, but her tenacious opponent reversed it in kind, rolling away and massage her legs as Juliya got to her hands and knees, crawling slowly around her opponent. Going for another grapevine pin, Juliya felt a stinging slap from Toni's hand before she could get her legs around Toni's thighs. Grabbing Juliya's thighs, Toni knocked Juliya to her back, pinning her shoulders with her knees, pulling Juliya's arms by the ankles and working her abdomen.

Groaning, Juliya eventually drags her arms free to land a few punches to Toni's kidneys. Kicking her legs round Toni's upper chest, Juliya pulls her down and sits on her bare breasts, grabbing her opponent's ankles and preparing to hoist them as she slides upward. Toni kicks Juliya just above the breasts, and grabs Juliya's ankles as her back hits the mattress. Having worked most of the kinks out of her legs, she folds Juliya's right leg over her left calf, securing them in that position with her legs. Leaning into the hold to keep Juliya's shoulders pinned to the bed, Toni works Juliya's legs with the figure four. Maintaining this for a while, she follows it with another matchbook pin, to which Juliya responds by slamming her fists into Toni's kidneys a second time. Kicking out of it, she goes for a cross body pin, keeping it on for a few moments before Toni reverses it. Juliya attacks Toni's kidneys again, reversing and going for a schoolboy pin until Toni rakes her nails across her eyes. A vicious slap to Toni's face stops her in her tracks as she moves to pursue the retreating Juliya.

As their energy was waning, Juliya and Toni were steeping up the intensity of their contest, struggling for dominance with hotter fire with each passing second. Slapping Juliya back as she regains her bearings, Toni moves in to apply a matchbook pin, but Juliya again uses her legs to thwart her, leaping onto Toni with a reverberating slap of skin on skin as she grinds her breasts into Toni's again, grapevining her legs as she alternates between grinding and ramming her tits into her opponent's. Toni reverses again, giving Juliya the same treatment and moving to smother her between her cleavage as she secures Juliya's thighs with her legs. Slashing her nails along Toni's eyes, Juliya tries a full body pin but is meant with a sharp slap to the side of her head that knocks her to the side. Nailing Juliya in a schoolboy pin, Toni suppresses her struggling, only to have Juliya's crotch repeatedly slam her own. Bucking Toni high enough, Juliya catches her in a body scissors, squeezing Toni's waist while rolling to the side. Shifting the scissors to a thrust kick, Juliya hurls Toni across the bed.

Quickly, Juliya grabs Toni's legs, pulling them inward as she gets behind her, sliding her legs over Toni's shoulders as she pins Toni's arms under her own knees, allowing her opponent no escape. The hold secured, Juliya leans back as far as possible, pulling Toni's legs farther as she stretches her own legs to hinder her struggling rival's movements. In seconds Toni is groaning in pain as Juliya stretches the hold for what seems like an eternity, lifting Toni's thonged ass in the air. Rocking back and forth to cause more strain to her shoulders, chest, thighs and abdomen, Juliya chuckles a malevolent chuckle as she watches Toni writhing fruitlessly to escape. Keeping the hold locked on until Toni's squirms diminish to the point where there is no movement, Juliya moves down to her chest as she keeps hold of Toni's ankles, flattening her tits under her ass. Juliya stretches the matchbook pin to extreme limits, demanding a submission.

Toni expends the last ounce of her energy to free herself, but to no avail. Feeling her opponent go limp, Juliya executes a grapevine pin, again demanding a submission as her boobs grind into Toni's. Glaring defiantly at Juliya, Toni notices the excited expression on Juliya's face again. At that moment, Toni realizes the excitement that had been rising inside her from the constant rubbing and grinding of their bodies, excitement that took shape the moment she first saw that look. Her own expression changing, Toni gazes into Juliya's eyes; there is no verbal submission, but there is no mistaking her meaning as Juliya catches the state of arousal behind Toni's eyes. At that moment Juliya knows Toni has submitted but the bout is almost completely forgotten as she and her opponent share their first French kiss of the evening. This gravitates to a hasty stripping off of their bikini bottoms and a wild sexual encounter that leaves both sprawled across the bed; naked, bodies slicked with sweat, gasping for breath... and deciding to head into the shower to see which of them could win a sexfight!