Toni Braxton vs. Jewel Kilcher (author unknown)

This match was originally scheduled *before* the previous one but Toni Braxton came out in a revealing thong with a sheer mesh top. You could see right through the cups of her top and it was obvious how excited she was about the chance to face Jewel. The crowd was still standing and cheering when Jewel appeared and the cheers instantly changed to jeers, catcalls and outright boos when they saw her *very* modes one-piece suit. By the time she reached the ring the little blonde was in tears. Finally, Toni went over to her, put her arm around her and took her back to the dressing room. The rumor from the back is that Jewel is *extremely* modest and refused to put on any of the two piece suits offered. Finally, Toni loaned the young girl a jogbra and pair of bike shorts to wear. It isn't pleasing the audience at all, but at least they've calmed down enough that she can go on. Toni is introduced and she is cheered by her *crew* at ringside, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson and the brains behind the bunch, the banker to the "Star Stable" herself, Oprah!

At the bell, Jewel moves out to face Toni. This farmer's daughter is slight of build but wiry from years of working on her parents farm. They lock up and Jewel forces the taller Toni back to the ropes, slaps her across the chest and then hip tosses her back to the middle of the mat. A smattering of cheers are heard in support of the newcomer. Toni's up quickly, that dance training she's had for her Broadway shows and music videos is paying off as she side slides away from a reckless charge by Jewel that ends with her tangled headfirst in the far ropes. Toni laughs as she kicks the young girl in the ass as she pulls her head out and spins around, red-faced at her failure. They lock up again and once more the smaller Jewel forces Toni backward. This time, however, Toni rolls back and kicks both feet up into Jewel's stomach, flipping her over her head and onto her back. Toni rolls over and is up and ready before Jewel catches her breath.

"Come on country girl, let a city grrrl show you how we fight where I come from." Angrily, Jewel lowers her head and charges, just as Toni wanted her to do. Toni steps aside at the last instant and spins around, driving her heel back into Jewel's mid-section. The blonde goes to her knees holding her belly as Toni smirks and walks around in front, grabs her hair and lifts her head up.

"Now...," she says as she opens her hand and chops Jewel across the larynx; <pr>

"you're..." she backhands her across the mouth splitting her lip and drawing first blood;

"going...," she raises her elbow and drives it straight down on Jewel's aquiline nose busting it and starting a flow of crimson running down her chin;

"to...," she pulls the gagging blonde up to her feet and drives a fist to her stomach;

"cry!" she scoops her up between the leg and bodyslams her down flat on her back.

Jewel holds her throat with both hands as she fights for air, her legs writhing on the mat as Toni looks down at her, appraising her opponent's body and picking her next target. Jewel rolls over and starts crawling on her hands and knees toward the ropes, hoping to escape the ring and get some time to recoup. Toni walks beside her until she's almost to the side of the ring, then kicks Jewel hard in the ribs. The blonde grunts and rolls onto her side holding her ribs. Toni bends over and pulls her to her feet, whips her around and sends her flying across the ring into the opposite ropes. Unable to break her momentum, Jewel rebounds straight back toward Toni.

Toni ducks and high lifts Jewel a good six feet into the air and sends her crashing down on her back. Jewel lays writhing in pain and holding her back with both hands as Toni bends over and grabs her by the ankles. She spreads Jewel's legs wide and then kicks the inside of both thighs hard enough to bring immediate cramping of the muscles. As Jewel clutches the insides of her thighs and rolls over and over on the mat, Toni waits for an opening and then drops, driving her elbow into the small of Jewel's slender back. The blonde's head snaps back and a perfectly pitched soprano scream escapes her pouty lips.

Toni sits on Jewel's back and starts tugging at the back of her jogbra, pulling it up and over Jewel's head before the surprised blonde realizes what's happening.

When she feels the bra slipping off of her firm young breasts, Jewel clutches at it and starts to scream, "No, no, no!!"

But Toni's got too good a grip and after a brief tug-of-war, she rips the jogbra over Jewel's head and tosses it to Oprah, "Save that, it's mine," she yells.

Toni starts to pull back on Jewel's chin, bending her slim figure back in some kind of camel clutch-ish hold. Jewel's hands clasp her bosom, covering her bare breasts to hide them from the crowd and the paparazzi who are at ringside snapping pictures from every conceivable angle.

Jewel's face is bright red from embarrassment at being 'topped' in front of everyone but she's too proud to quit and let Toni get away with it. She struggles against the awful pain in her back, trying to arch and lift her hips to ease the strain of Toni's grip. Toni feels her fingers slipping from the blood on Jewel's chin and reluctantly releases her grip. She stands up and kicks Jewel in the ribs, rolling her onto her back. Toni tries to stomp Jewel's stomach, but the young blonde gets her own foot up and kicks Toni in the knee, dropping her to the mat as Jewel rolls away still covering her breasts with her hands. She looks around frantically for her top, but can't find it anywhere.

While Jewel is fruitlessly looking for her top, Toni is up and limping around trying to get her leg to work properly. She's angry about what she considers a "foul" since she needs her good legs to keep her Broadway role going. Angrily, she charges across the ring and wraps her arms around Jewel from behind in a reverse bearhug, picks her up and drops her down on her outstretched knee in an Atomic Drop.

Jewel screams as she starts down, but her voice trails off to a strangled sob after her pussy impacts on Toni's knee. Jewel slowly topples over sideways and lays with both hands between her thighs, rocking back and forth...her now exposed breasts jiggling, her nipples hard and swollen. Toni is temporarily blinded by the flashes from the paparazzo's cameras at ringside and it takes a moment for her vision to clear.

Toni rolls Jewel onto her stomach and digs her fingers into the waist of the bike shorts she loaned Jewel for the match. They're a bit loose since Toni's butt is a little fleshier (although on her it looks awesome) and she starts to pull down the shorts, exposing the upper curve of Jewel's lily white ass cheeks. She yells in terror and desperately grabs her shorts with both hands, fighting against Toni's leverage as she has her knee planted between Jewel's thighs using the blonde's hips to help in the uneven contest. Slowly, but steadily, Toni works the shorts down over Jewel's bottom. When she's nearly halfway, and the audience (all of whom are standing and cheering) can see a good portion of Jewel's butt, the young singer realizes she is in a hopeless position.

Unwilling to be stripped in front of God and the entire world, she screams out to the referee, "OK, stop her. I give up. Oh God, I give up. Please....please...stop!"

The referee signals for the bell as Toni sits back with a big smile on her face. She hadn't expected it when it happened, but her simple act of kindness by offering to help Jewel find a better costume for the fight had revealed Jewel's innate modesty and given Toni the idea of using it to make her victory easier. As she suspected, as soon as Jewel was exposed, she lost her will to fight and gave up rather than have her "privates" exposed for everyone. Jewel was almost pathological in her fear of seeing herself plastered across the Internet on a bunch of "nude celebrity" web sites. Toni could only laugh as she remembered her own fear of it and how liberated she'd felt once those pictures of her started to show up.

"One day," she thought to herself, "I'll tell my little Jewel not to be so uptight. But not before I beat her once or twice more."